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[0:08] Teleflex that's true comfort you wouldn't like me when I'm angry,
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[0:41] And welcome to another edition of dragon God the podcast that is infecting people left and right and joining me as always is the never infectious always in a hazmat suit Lee.
Yes you know what I've been in a hazmat suit.
I've been in the level for one with the air that has no let me ask you this so so if you do a tour at the CDC they actually do have hazmat suits there for you to try on.
Isn't it sort of counterproductive because it seems like a lot of people put their heads and bodies inside of those things.
That now it's the the the really the people outside the Hazmat suit or safer than the people that are inside of.
We'll see that's only though see understand that one that you got to be in that was only for you.
Only like the pretend one in it yes yeah yeah yeah.
Cry but you understand what my point is there's other people that got it got into that thing after I didn't I'm sure there's a hundred of people that got into it before me.
It was it was actually more dangerous to be inside the Hazmat suit than not being it.

[1:50] Any answer on that topic yes people will tell you that the the sand hand sanitizers are.
Not great for the society in general but you know when you're a dragon can you do with what you got.
And it's not a bad idea as I said in the previous podcast think of all the people who touch that railing before you just that weekend maybe you might want to.
As we talked I am making lasagna right now and my husband is kind of a stickler about making sure that I'm not going to kill somebody while I cook.
Much does a good thing cuz you know he's Asha and I'm washing my hands a lot as we're doing and all that but I would tell you as John said during the last podcast think about it this way.
How many people are such a trailing how many people that doorknob how many people does that it doesn't matter who gross nasty washing hands.
And then when you can't wash your hands or something happens and you needed help.
Go by the little dollar sanitizer you can get it at Dollar Store and get it it it it it it where are you do you know like this you could put like a,
some sort of of design over the top of them and then they could be they could really be integrated into your costume.
There you go you can make it you can make it really pretty you can make it you know if you whatever your cosplay Tas figure out decoration for it you can do that so there's that,
I want to talk just real briefly cuz at some point I will probably have to call in today my own podcast because I don't want to I don't want to have a game against myself or I lose butt.

[3:28] Show Dragon extract and paranormal track or doing an 80s dance it's going to be Thursday night.
Look in the app where it is I'm pretty sure is going to be in the Sheraton.
I'm sorry in the Hilton and the Crystal Ballroom John you look that up for me and it's going to be 80 Dance I got myself most 80s outfit ever I cannot wait to wear it.
I got a shirt for John he's wearing it here what you better find.
No it's not no it's not.
If you went karaoke over some we will have Micro Mini phone in that room you can do it have a DJ it's going to be very 80s this is think stranger things 80s so have fun with that and we're going to be doing that so yay.
Thursday night then after our party is over cuz we go to bed early go to the 8bitmmo which is done by Gaming and have fun over there.
That's out that's all Thursday night right.
Yeah probably the two that I would like to Weldon III that I'd like to mention one.
The probably the first one to believe is Friday night is the solve this Improv.
Problem solving panel I'm on I usually do horribly if you like Dad jokes well basically if you can listen as by guess you for nothing but Dad jokes yeah then then not but Dad jokes but.

[5:09] Never mind the that's it that's it that's the place to go.
That's Friday night then Sunday during the day I believe it is is the Lost final lost panel.
I think that is correct you so so you know as it as it is and directors have to make these decisions sometimes.
Lee is going to at least until we get gas going to retire the the long-running Lost pant which by the way is always been standing room only.
But it's it's now been where we had almost 15 years since the first.
Episode of some errands right now I'll do the math in a minute and.
Yeah I coming up on the 10th anniversary of the final episode in a year or two what we do I'm only got about 30 ish hours.
She said make decisions so we're going to do a special send-off for it we're going to have a wake.
Where we're going to ask the audience members and if you been errands or my.
Running of that panel of the last couple years is how we've gone with it we're going to ask the audience members the fans to come up and say a special word or two about their favorite character.

[6:48] As though they've they've passed on and we are saying goodbye to them for the last time which is probably not the last time but it is the last time for now.
Hopefully never any out on the floor though.
No no no I don't dump or any out for your early or your homie.
You want to do that anyway DragonCon we are better than that and probably the last thing that was that I'm at which by the way if you know we do like 40 of these and see what I'm doing Sunday night need coffee Fun Fest.
That's something I'm going to pair every year it's about 2 hours of Mayhem and prizes and they're just various different games that we play up on stage you get to have fun and watching.
Standings members are you no sign up for the games and they get prizes then just audience members for being audience members will get prizes.
At random into candy.
You just get presents for showing up but not like you know like like a truck and also what other place if you want to find me and.
In the Hyatt Sunday night it's in I think Regency.
R34 next door has a gunnzo show going out the same time so as well but you know whatever.
Will people go back and forth and that's right we like that that's why I'm DragonCon is about choice but the other thing is I will be at the parade I will be at the parade I held her the cats Saturday morning.

[8:25] And if you're a if you're Deadpool I will have a version of Careless Whisper on my phone and we can dance if you want or.
You know whatever you want to do but that's a lot of fun should I get to help her two cats with Jan and all the parade people so I will also be there along with doing all the other stuff but that's something I do that's outside of my room and I'm really excited,
it's always fun to work but it's always fun at the end of that everyone all that heat and everything and it's like they're just.
They're just a dragging their feet behind them and shambling like it's almost as though the world has ended for them.
It really is it is they are so so exhausted and you know then they just kind of shambles through the Marriott.
Through the Hilton and then they end up called what.
Apocalypse Rising I believe no.
No I guess we're done.

[9:33] We really got to work on this next order but Shannon is the director of Apocalypse Rising which you know you would think it's just about zombies but it's not always she also has the 100 in a lot of other shows she's going to talk about so shut up.
What you going to be doing this year girl,
it's probably a shorter answer to like I said we do most definitely we cover The Walking Dead and we're talking,
zombies and are they able to survive this like massive pop culture boom that they've been going on the last couple years.
I'm going to talk about survivalism kind of take it to a real level and we talked about bug out bags and how you need to get yourself prepared for that local natural disaster.
And then you know we have a lot of great television shows to that we talked about like into the Badlands in the 100 and colony and.
I just got all over the place but it's great yeah so you have what went to the Badlands OK Google currently anything that's in.
Post-apocalyptic world that isn't so I don't think I'd like Hunger Games and fall into the falls in young adult lit right just because of.
Yeah yeah it does it is the father young adult little touch on it probably in some of our lit panels but I think it mainly is there their property.
Yeah I mean it you guys have a lot of things of crossover and I absolutely adore the show The 100 my son got me hooked and I cannot miss it now it is one of my absolute must sees all the time.

[11:13] I love that I completely agree and it just keeps getting better and better which is super excited.
So so before we get too far into the into the track actually cuz his we are all talking before we started recording,
something interesting is that Shannon actually isn't local to Atlanta and actually been League correct me into the a lot of the records aren't local to Atlanta but but but you're actually all the way over on the other over in San Diego the side of that other thing.
I am I am indeed all the way in San Diego I'm a native California and then I've lived here all my life so how did you get involved with DragonCon how'd you hear about DragonCon when did you start coming to DragonCon.
Everything about you tell us tell us your life story.
It'll be my 15th you're coming to DragonCon.
And I know I can't believe it's been that long but I actually came the first year because of a little tiny show called The Tribe.
It was a poker pot a parking is hard sometimes show that was filmed in New Zealand that was on Starz back when the stars Channel Spurs getting it start.
And I was really into it and I was on all the message boards and everything and then Starz Encore decided to bring some of the cast members to DragonCon.
So I did what you always do when you're going to your first major convention outside of your own state is I got a room with seven other girls off the internet that I had never met before and we all came from Barbarian.

[12:55] And had a blast it really was kind of like a a coming home experience like I had found my people.
And it was great and I've been going every year since even though the drive has long since gone and actually that track.
Turned into what is now the apocalypse Rising track so I'm headed into being a director.

[13:17] I actually wanted to be a director mainly cuz I didn't know then know then what I know now how much work it is.
I actually love being a director for all for all its challenges it's got so many more rewards and I wanted to make.
I want to put my stamp on DragonCon and I love the genre of zombie tzampoc elliptic and all of it.
And I you know as openings became available I kind of works my wake up the ladder and a couple years ago I think it's been 5 years now I got my shots become a director and haven't looked back.
Nice nice.
So you you have very talkative about that the the show's you cover and the the the practicality W that you covered you also do some stuff some big events like a like a dance and what not right.
We do we do Friday night is our party night so we start off usually around 4 p.m. with complimentary zombie makeovers.
Got ya yeah they are free although we do strongly encourage tipping to help our effects artist cover the cost of their makeup and everything.
But their professional FFX artist and they set up in the 6 floor overlooking the Westin and they will do your zombie makeup for free.
And I kind of get you ready for our Zombie Walk which starts at 8:30.

[14:46] Echoes from the West End all the way to the Hilton Grand salon which is where are zombie promise and that's our big dance that goes from 10 to 2.

[14:56] So there's literally in a I've never been outside to see that there's literally a Cavalcade of zombies going from the Westin over to the Hyatt right now.
It's a moving shambling horde of zombies.
And you go through the Hyatt although do you do the the trails or do you.
Walk around we do not we used to but now with security check it really kind of slows your horn down even further if everybody's got to stop and find their badge and show their badge to get into the hotel.
Outside plus a lot more freedom to interact with people.
Like it's not so confined and like people can come up and take photos and you know we've had tons of people over the years that come up cuz it's about 300 participants that we have every year as group of zombies shambling through the street.
That is that is officially a horn to the streets.
Yeah yeah I've never felt more than being at the DragonCon parade when you're with zombie shambling and having to say zombies you look great shamble a little faster and they all listen.
But they sampled a little faster.
Dakota take it everybody in the in the spirit of of how to shamble crackly cuz zombies do obey traffic laws.

[16:31] It will not let me ask you cuz it says because yeah I have to ask the the of the director of Apocalypse Rising this this question 28 day zombies or Romero zombies.
I like Romero zombie.
I like them all but my preference.
Takes a zombie to reserve it literally raise the village just spelled the other way.
Circumflex fun with words so what kind of tracks backup second who do you have for gifts this year.
I forget this year we have for cast members from the 100 coming so we got Christopher Larkin and Richard Harmon Zach McGowan and I'm going to put your name but it,
Tay Tay.
Yeah yeah super easy but they're all all characters that were pivotal to this past season so it's like ice Nation if you watch the show that's exciting for you.
And all that kind of stuff there's going to be some really really great conversations that were going to be able to have,
a big panel with they're all on the same time.
They do they have panel Friday Saturday and Sunday we're all four of them are present and then yeah that's got to leave so it'll just be three of them on Monday but we have big panels every single day in the Peachtree Ballroom in the Westin.

[18:05] Yeah check the app books.
We have Michael Rooker we're stealing him away from Main programming for a panel so it'll be him and will actually get him talking about his time on The Walking Dead.
And that'll be the main focus he's doing other panels for Guardians of the Galaxy but we're going to try and and,
Hunan and give our Walking Dead fans what they've been craving for the last several years which is which is someone talking about The Walking Dead.
How many guests have you actually had from The Walking Dead over the years.
Hen of the actors over time none recently but yeah back in the first couple years when they were we're coming every year yeah we would have worn 5 come.
It's just hard cuz they're filming right now and they live in Atlanta and it just got to be too challenging with their schedule.

[19:02] Right will you think it'd be easier with them living in Atlanta but but really the fact is that they are still shooting and.
And if this time of the time of the year because it's time of the years even though it's 9000 degrees outside in Atlanta it's also a good time for as far as Sun in light and all of the nonsense.
Yeah exactly exactly so yeah it was nice cuz they were right here but then also trying to tell somebody that they have to get out of there warm comfy bed,
does it in front of 4,000 people when they just went to bed 2 hours ago like yeah I get it I wouldn't want to do it either.

[19:37] So what kind of what are the tracks do you have that the Duke of herbicides on the ones we talked about already.
Really we do like survival of them a lot of stuff for survival in them like we actually have local paramedic come in and teach a first aid course,
yeah so he does Hands-On first aid demos or both you know like how you broke your finger what are you do to more disaster triage type thing,
kind of walk you through.
So we try to do a lot of practical stuff in and amongst all of our media and television stuff that we do so then all kinds of government to do in the event of radiation poisoning.

[20:24] Oh wow yes he has in past years I don't know that we're going to get to it this year but.
You want me not to sleep tonight this year this year you might want to talk anyway.
I try not to think about it you are out in California anyway.
So who are the heavy subjects how about zombies.
Zombies are so happy we are super excited cuz Jonathan Maberry is coming.
He's amazing The Amazing and he's had a couple your Hiatus so he coming back and we're going to do.
We're giving him his own panel that will just be a conversation on him in his work.
But he's going to stick around and do a panel for us on Surviving zombies surviving the Modern Age so like you know zombies as a metaphor.
Are very common and in this political climate is even more common so we're just going to sit down with a bunch of experts and talk about that stuff we're going to talk about the impact The Walking Dead has had on the moderns on a zombie genre.
Making our has that changed the landscape of that genre.
Walking Dead fan panels on Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead and all that stuff.

[21:54] Are you going to be doing anything on blood drive blood blood.

[21:59] The one with you have to have cars power for blood yes we are not that's actually the horror trap.
But that one go with her.
Because I love the main actor on that he used to be on Falling Skies which was the property that we had and he is phenomenal one as an actor and two probably one of the nicest human beings I have ever met.
He did for us while we were waiting for their panels to start.
Okay I'm sorry who is the actor cuz I watch Falling Skies so which one is it that plays Pope on Falling Skies.
The boy who also played Major Davis and Stargate yeah exactly and he's I don't want.
Yeah exactly so I am forgetting his name right now but he is one of the nicest human beings ever and I really hope that now that he's got a.
Hit new show on Syfy that will be bringing him back to DragonCon for Derek track I can't remember.
Will I I noticed that I was perusing your schedule and I noticed there's a there's one I caught trying to caught my eye a lady's Guide to the Apocalypse.
I'm actually one that I particularly love we get a bunch of female authors together and we talked about,
apocalypse from basically the ladies perspective because in John Wright you've got two very different sides you got kind of.

[23:38] Your Heroes that are always finally quaffed always wearing the lipstick as they save the world and then you got like these great characters coming out more recently like furiosa and Katniss. Are you know ladies who Kick-Ass.
I need you saving the world so we're going to talk about kind of stories from their perspective you know how it differs from typical apocalyptic.
Stories and of having a female protagonist in a post-apocalyptic story changes the story at all.

[24:09] That's a good point too also get a handmaid's tale.
The lady's got to see if,
I will note looking at it it does immediately follow that particular.
It does and I am super excited for that I've been a Margaret Atwood fan for years and years and years I was actually an English Lit major.
And I am,
nothing short of thrilled as to how Hulu adapted handmaid's tale so I think that's going to be a really great panel we've got a couple Pros on there that are you know big fans and then some fan panel is that are,
super excited to sit down and kind of take a look at it that's a that's really cool that's it.

[25:01] This is a it was a I never read the book in my my wife my daughter have butt.
I don't need a freak with you I don't read.
Audio books oh okay.
Shopping for someone coming from the outside who who who knew you know roughly what the story was about its really will don't you.
Yeah it had all the feels as I like to put like I was there was one of the few dramas where I'm like screaming and throwing things at my TV.
I usually reserve. For Game of Thrones but this show had me doing the exact same thing cuz it was just it was so well done.

[25:51] This is not a spoiler but speaking of Game of Thrones did you see the picture with the the truck in the background on the other side of the wall.

[25:59] Oh no I did not get it was in the spit again in their in their to their credit it was in the.
Special edition peace you know the stuff that's after then the making of or whatever but they were they were shooting in there is it there's literally in the background there was a truck up on a up on a Ledge not too far back on the north side of the wall,
so the speculation of horses that's how everybody actually getting around is never show that part that's how everyone get from one place to the other like insanely fast season anyway.
Johnson to the combustion engine.
So yeah so other other things to talk about what other Trentwood other tracks what other panels do you have that are of interest to you that you that you're really excited about this year.
I'm really excited that we are talking about into the Badlands which is a fantastic show with well and we're going to be talking about colony which is.
I'm trying I have not seen season 2.
And I love it because it's an alien invasion show that doesn't really talk about the alien.
Right right so it's just so interesting cuz.
Study of human nature where the aliens are just kind of like this off screen Catalyst like getting away from apocalypse track I'm just saying that.

[27:38] It's just a different way of living will there to be the new two bunch of the world right now,
Auto again I've only seen season one so I'm not sure when they're they're everyone's where to cut off so no one I don't really know what what what happened but.
Can I think that's kind of like post-apocalypse like the apocalyptic event happened.
And now it's kind of the Rebuilder the you know dealing stage of things.
Will a plus the other thing is that I've been for the last panel I've been watching some episodes of lost and falling back in love with Josh again,
I mean I mean no no I mean straight bill but you know hey hey he's you know take the shirt off and you know I know he does that and season 2,
the only does he finally get to taking off his shirt,
now you got John interested in season 2,
maybe was on Netflix for. Time,
and so that we we watched it but then just never dvr'd and son is on USA right of all places so that's where they have suits,
good then again I guess they also do have mr. mr. robot over there as well so I think should I mean USA.

[29:16] Net wear whatever they're called now they're doing amazing stuff and yeah so and I think you can actually see a lot of it on the USA app if you got that.
11 episodes of the TV.
Okay because I was actually moving when all of my TV shows came back on.
Like everything is over winter replacement pretty much that might racked up the 100 into the Badlands Colony all of it and I had to move House suddenly in February,
so I missed the first like half of all the seasons and I was like well there's nothing for it.
Can't DVR it I'm just going to have to buy the pizza.
Any other any other track attracts keep saying tracks any of the tracks take care of them you're really looking forward to it too sitting in on.
I am excited about our craft of dystopia panel which is one of our our literature panels.
And it's going to be talking about dystopian stories and dystopian World building and importantly how it differs from post-apocalyptic world.
Having a lot of people get confused and think that they're the same thing and there are two very different things so.

[30:47] We got like a comic book writer and some authors that are going to come in and kind of talk about that.
Have I am a dystopian junkie I've always loved those stories from 1984 to you know what's coming out more recently and so I think it's going to be a really fun interesting panel.
Well yeah I'm I'm kind of a dystopian junkie to me and I think the first one I really read as a.
Younger person was the stand so yeah I've always that kind of idea of what happens after is so interesting to me and it being that kind of a junkie off so cool.
Yeah there's so many ways it can go cuz there's so many ways to build a dystopian world.
Wait there's one of our authors that has a story about how corporations have taken over credit cards and basically if you had a debt on your credit card they now own your soul.
And can like make you go out and kill people otherwise they will like kill your family and that's how you pay off your debt on your credit card.

[31:45] Which I would like that that is terrifying,
what is we got to talk about the race on that I mean am I okay but do I get to go after a bad people or is it just like.
Yeah I have to talk about you have to talk about the terms and conditions on that one and the whole thing whole promises in the fine print and nobody ever reads when they sign up for credit card.
Benzo like you know people have no negotiating power in these stories.
Which is really interesting take on it but and that's why I love just opiates because they can go a million different directions often that you would not even think about.

[32:29] Alright so where are you located on anything we mention that you where are you located at for DragonCon.
We are in the Westin on the 6th floor Chastain F through h.
So is that new room for you or is that the one you've been in for the last couple years,
not this will be our second year in this room yeah we were formerly located at the end of that for but we've been moved up where in the Weeden tracks over.
Yeah Okay cool so before we sign off.
There's a game you like to play with our guests and Lady what is to get out of I don't know why.
She does wonderfully that's what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you a choice of three topping to play 3 Rounds and we be choice at three topics you pick one of them.
And we going to go back and forth naming stuff out of the topic so for example the example I always like to give if I was to say Batman villains if you're with your play the get the the the the topic of Batman villains you would say what channel.
Riddler Riddler and Lee you would say.

[33:43] The Joker server we go back and forth until someone can't name something or we get to 10 each because of that point we're just like well.
I don't know what you talking about me there's no such thing as this you just keep her you keep thinking there is,
oh you know what else are there is a question I do like to ask the the the guest to before you get to that part is if you were to associate yourself with any other,
genre besides apocalypse what would you think is what would you say is your honor that you most associate with.
That was on the track at DragonCon based on.
Anyway so we will have to put that up there so now I can't wait to see what the categories are.
We've already played this one but I guess we can play it again okay so post-post-apocalyptic.
Apocalyptic television shows.
We've already played that one no go to forgot to films.
Or Steven Universe karaoke did Steven Universe games.
Apocalyptic cuz I have no knowledge of the other two okay what's the movie when disaster movie that's why you go first name a post-apocalyptic.

[35:21] Into the Badlands.
Fear The Walking Dead colony.
The Walking Dead last man on Earth.
We're not unfortunately there's just so many shows and I only have so many hours.
Cuz I need my sleep on my mother track directors so not this year but I'm hoping to squeeze it in for next year.

[36:06] Oh God we just did this one today I I I I I.

[36:16] Wish you already said calling it we said the try we said the 100 we said all the both The Walking Dead sorry.
I know I said Fear The Walking Dead can you fold it up on next from Walking Dead.
She said calling me already right.

[36:40] Sarah Connor Chronicles.
I have a question I am not sure that is how is that posed apocalyptic the apocalypse hasn't happened Skynet didn't take over in the Sarah Connor.
Realistic very true it is usually tagged post-apocalyptic because they're trying to prevent the possible but that would be free apocalyptic travel back in time to on that day.
They do they do see the apocalypse but I think it's one of those that didn't really have a genre so they're like let's put it over here.

[37:19] Okay.
It's not you it's John I'm not upset about you you can really need someone to understand think of one all though I do like the idea of Adventure Time being potentially post-apocalyptic talk about that with Brian.
Play I guess it was last night.
Okay characters from The Simpsons or young adult lit books.
Yes lookbooks I don't know what the young adult literature.
Somehow I will screw it up but I'm going to go Simpsons instead of books.

[38:09] Louisa Mak.

[38:17] Homer mr. Burns Ned Flanders.
Know the bartender thanks for the impression to Shannon.
A poop but yeah yeah.
Con out I've reached my the end of my knowledge of other than Grandpa Grandpa.
Grandpa Simpson Winstead Smithers right.
Oh the cat the cat number 7 muffins or whatever it is the cat is it literally has a name though.
It does which one no it's not whiskers not muffins It's.

[39:19] The Reverend let's just go with the Reverend instead that it was up session.
What is the Millhouse Larry said Ned Flanders.

[39:39] I know how snow house was good who's the kid that eat space and he's got his finger up his nose and he falls in love with the sure.

[39:53] Going to have to give me his last name.
Chin right now I am definitely completely out of character I think I may be watched 5 episodes of The Simpsons by entire life.

[40:11] The name you're looking for early early football number 7.
Okay Troy McClure Phil Hartman.
The great game the great man and now we are back to last round and Shannon you get to pick in here are your topics.
We also could have Thelma Thelma the sisters but I totally forgot.
And I forgot crusty and I forgot what the heck during the game everyone forgets.
What's after the game that everyone remembers okay so let's see characters from Firefly.
Green Lantern enemies or superhero teams.

[41:09] Let's do characters from Firefly.
They say I was going to call him Captain type aunt that doesn't suck you suck wash.

[41:29] Leigh Zoe Haley.
Sleep forever Shannon Badger very good for you.
Region back in there the little black dress.
I'm Jelly.

[42:05] Jane Vera James Gunn.

[42:09] Alright I think we had this before but I will allow it again.
Oh man I can't believe I forgot your book to cuz I'm huge Ron Glass fan fan rest in peace who.

[42:28] I can't just talk about the ship the Serenity and I already gave you.

[42:38] Oh the guy that they can't start you can't stop the signal you can't I can't remember his name though cuz he's played by David K who was in numbers David I can't say his last name right climb climb Colts something but.
And can't stop the signal now thank you can never stop they kill me now you can't stop the signal and I don't know them.

[42:59] Signal guy that was his name I'm sure he had a name but I'd like.
Some like that yeah yeah,
I can't remember the name of the Assassin the guy who was beating the crap out all of them either but he might have had a name I could also say mrs. Malcolm Reynolds cuz he was married to her for listening.
Alright so Stevens that room.
And I will tell you the scores Welsh and you tell us again where people can find you a dragon and where they get more information about the apocalypse Rising track on the interweb.
Sure thing at DragonCon we will be in the Westin on the six-floor Chastain F through h.
Add our schedule is in the app and it's also up on our website apocalypse Rising. Dragoncon.org.
And we have a Facebook page apoc rising or are Twitter AR underscore track underscore DC.

[44:06] Cool okay so the scores are back and.
Lee you got 18 points congratulations and Shane you got 21 points.
Shannon when you see me a dragon call and maybe we'll see each other as we're running by each other at some point.
Just let me know if you think that game in any way shape or form,
how to build a little bit you know by as fires or the meeting that way.

[44:47] So until next time.

[44:53] Danielle it's a question I ask most of the other directors next time this is John.
Please don't kill me leave piece.

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