50 Days Of Dragon Con 2017 - Day 48 - Carol Vs.Teenage Vampire Werewolves

2017, The Unique Geek
50 Days Of Dragon Con


[0:00] Music.

[0:08] Room looks like that's true comfort you wouldn't like me when I'm angry,
Google now drinking Muppet,
this is the Heat.

[0:33] Welcome to another edition of 50 days of DragonCon the podcast that.
Has sexy vampires,
and joining me is over at least not here so not joining me is not Lee Lee was in the middle of her staff meeting and serving lasagna to folks hopefully she's she's,
still around because she did cook it so who knows really highly love you so we're just going to get right to our guests cuz you know,
we don't want to leave our guests waiting and I have no one to Banter back and forth with without having a gift so joining me today is Carol from.
The urban fantasy track hey girl hi John how are you.
Thank you for joining us first of all in and we really appreciate it taking time out we're just talking beforehand that.
They were in the crunch right now as we were cordless we are on the last weekend day before DragonCon and how are you holding up.

[1:44] Most of the time just fine it's you know it's exciting and it is interesting though and I'm sure that,
you know you with your preparations and if we were here and not,
eating lasagna she would never be able to get yeah she would be able to verify that sometimes when you get caught up in all of the preparation you have to remind you to stop.
And step back a little bit and say man I'm excited.
You know I mean it excite your excited about it while you're planning it but that one is starts getting this close and you're worried about it but it's yeah it's going to be great.
We have a really big year coming up this year so you know it's I'm very excited who do you have for gifts this year.
Well we have a number of different people we have now we,
were lucky enough to be the track who that when the Windhurst track was disbanded that we did inherit both Buffy and Angel coverage given that those are in fact urban fantasy and sucks yeah there you go,

[2:58] We we do have three Buffy and Angel guess coming this year we have Julie Benz and Charisma Carpenter and Clare Kramer so we're very excited to have them with us,
and then I also have three people coming from Lucifer yes lesley-ann Brandt who plays maze,
and Tricia Helfer who played well what do you want to call her mom goddess yeah you know there is she had a variety of names,
yeah when I'm taking my notes on the show I would call her something different and then I'll go back and look at him to Charlotte but anyway then and also Kevin Alejandro so that's going to be a lot of fun to have them.
And then we have,
we are very very fortunate to have the whole cast now since Melanie scrofano was added just last week the whole cast of Wynonna Earp join us yet and that's very exciting and that,
Actually gained us a lot of extra a lot of new people who've never been to DragonCon before so as far as media get on and I do also have one panel coming up with,
which Rick worthy from The Magicians and he's he is there,
primarily doing BSG stuff he came in as part of that group but,
he is going to be I'm going to be doing a panel with him and he also you never played the alpha vampire on Supernatural so that's exciting and.

[4:34] As far as author guest go again.
Extremely blessed and fortunate to have so many great people to choose from and we we have.
For the very first time ever we have Kim Harrison coming who has never has never been to DragonCon before and,
eggs you know her,
her fans are excited at as excited as I think we are too to have her with us and Jim Butcher returns who of course is always one of the very most popular people we have on hand and,
then we have pressure Briggs coming back who was there for the first time last year and,
I guess had such a good time she decided she was going to come back so I'm I'm thrilled about that,
and then we have veterans or okay Hamilton and sherrilyn Kenyon coming and in addition to them I have about 40 other authors on program and that's not an exaggeration,
Wow Let's so yeah and they're they're just too many to name,
by due to name each one of them off but although they are listed on our website the,
strike website but we're very fortunate this year.
Schoolnet now you mentioned was a Patricia that said the issues last year in the decide to come back and had a great time.
Yes so so I mean pretty much once.

[6:07] And they will come back with the old I'm horrible with with guests names but the old story from even character names from the.

[6:21] BSG the lead mechanic Aaron Douglas thank you yeah the story with Aaron Douglas and getting James James James Olmos.
Edward James Olmos,
coming to get,
basically all BSG to start showing up because he you know he fell in love with it and then in the other sister the classic Dragon Conway you come once you'll never go if you'll ever stop coming so.
It's it's awesome now it real quick because we've we,
start a cover this with with Derek earlier but urban fantasy what is this actual will say Charter as far as what is it what does it cover what is the difference between urban fantasy and horror and and maybe some other tracks out there.
Well usually,
the the easiest distinction between urban fantasy and more traditional fantasy or high fantasy Epic Fantasy is that urban fantasy takes place in a recognizable world,
you could be the very you know it's just that it has this edition of either magic or some sort of supernatural creatures or you know there there's,
something going on behind the scenes and sometimes it's an open world where everybody knows about it and then other times it's a closed world where only a select few.

[8:00] Humans may know that there are living that there are other supernatural beings living amongst them and you know where as other types of fantasy tend to have.
They have different completely different worlds or you know that are there differently conceived and aren't supposed to actually be a reflection of.
The real world at all and is that the biggest distinction there when it comes to between urban fantasy and horror,
Dirk and I have discussed this I've actually had panels about this in the past because there was a question that always intrigued me but one of the major differences as far as both of us are concerned is that it has a lot to do with tone,
it has a lot to do with.
Wow you know what is sort of the premise of of what's going on in the you know that I horror.
May typically will be a tad more violent I guess you could say then then urban fantasy although there is plenty of urban fantasy that is that is very,
in a very violent whether it's visual Media or you know written word they both have plenty of it but there's still there's that it it has it has something to do with the intent,
to is the intent really to scare you which.
Horror seems to be going for whereas with urban fantasy to me it covers more of the mystery of what's behind all of these.

[9:41] You know all of these Supernatural.
Goings-on are they going to what is there you know their endgame what what are they really here for that that kind of thing.

[9:54] Okay well yeah that that sort of makes sense and you know as we discussed with other directors and sometimes it just comes down to talking to your other directors and saying okay where,
where can we where does this really fit in and there's sort of a negotiation that goes on at times at that on those because.
Are the genres of sort of in a lot of cases of sort of melted together too so you'll have this weird,
amalgamation in the one that that that Lee likes to point out of course is Supernatural literally the word you know that we use for her urban fantasy one of them is Supernatural,
is that at the beginning it was more sort of the Scooby gang sort of mystery sort of Fino,
fighting things then it melted over the years into more of a.
Supernatural literally.
World if you will that's in the modern world.
Do you have any big events going on like at like dances or anything this year.
We actually have three different events going on this year that are they're all very different from one another on Friday night we have a party,
for the very first time this is the fifth year of the track,
and we are having a party to celebrate that fact we have a DJ and then we're going to have a take a short intermission at which time we will do a trivia contest.

[11:34] And there will be a prize for that and it's it's very it's it's going to just take maybe 15 minutes or so and it's it's basically people getting two guests,
first lines from books and quotes from shows.
You have to name an episode but it's like which character and what show you know that kind of thing so it's going to be fun to to do that and then we have the band Valentine Wolfe playing which were very excited about they'll be,
finishing out the evening for us and that's Friday that's going to be in the savannah Ballroom in the Westin,
okay hey by the way tentative everyone can soldier from the bands involved it's probably not going because you got to.
You got to set up the band and everything but still verify location.
Yeah since it's since as you pointed out things are so close I have forgotten to add the tentative to just about everything I say which I have been doing for months now on Saturday at both we have two showings at 7,
and at 8:30 in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton we have the return of the Buffy Horror Picture Show yes and,
you know people are very excited about that and we are as well so that that will be a lot of fun and we're hoping the,
people will turn out for in 04 both showings.

[13:11] Horror Picture Show what that what that entails is that the,
the very unique and amazing episode of Once More with feeling and their musical episode gets gets run they play it on the screens,
in the in the ballroom and.
Meanwhile on the stage right next to it there are actors who are acting it out as I go along I mean you know what kind of mining but it's a.
It's very Nick and these people work hard at that this and we're very excited to to be.
You know involved in the return of that now and then I'm on the.
Sunday evening at 10 back in the savannah Ballroom again we are going to be showing the image in his debut in for the full-length feature film of red of Red Sun,
which is a dressed address of the universe fan film,
yeah and what this is is these folks and we've we've been showing every year,
bits and pieces of it and they did another they had they had an earlier.

[14:35] Shorter found that they did and what they what they have done is they're not trying to retell anything what they do is they take.
A period of time between the books.
And they say you know in between two of the books and the series and they'll take this time.
That isn't covered by the books and they.
Do something with it and they come up with a storyline or you know to to use those characters in that world and it's been very effective that the first one was called night light and that was.
I honestly can't remember which books it was set between but this this recent one is set between small favor and.
I can't remember I should have looked that up first but in any case it's.
That's how they do it is they take the the times that.

[15:38] You know they're not remaking anything they're using the existing characters and you know just a time frame that wasn't covered in the books,
so so that's yeah that's how that works and I'm I'm checking right here just to make sure I get that straight about.
Which way is okay in between small favor and turncoat had the first one right but so that's where it's at so the end those are not the most recent.
Books in the series but they're going to go further along it is mature audience only.
Yes and that's mainly because of some language concerns.
Swelling and is it 10 o'clock too so let's let's remind in on Sunday anyway so really the kids are going to be tired to begin with but yeah let's her mind after.
8:39 o'clock I think 10 is the official Watershed but but after 8:30 things start to get weird at DragonCon anyway so just,
just be aware of that as a parent in general.
That's what other what other panels are you running maybe they're fan panels are or what what not that you're really excited about this year I mean I'm sure you're excited about all of them but either you want to highlight,
well there a couple of things.

[17:09] I mentioned the one panel with Rick worthy that's going to be a lot of fun we also have a former cast member from Teen Wolf and this will be no this is the last season of Teen Wolf and even though the show will have a few more episodes left.
After Khan because I didn't come back with the second half of the Season until,
very end of July this will be our last year covering it you know more than likely but Edie Mae's is coming to do a little bit of home.
Kind of a no-host sort of gathering question-and-answer session and that's going to be 5:30 on Friday and the Hyatt.

[17:51] And she said she is it hasn't has been a huge supporter of the show even though she never actually appeared in it.
You know it in though in recent years but she's still involved,
with Anna with the show itself and and doing all kinds of things to help support it so that's going to be a lot of fun and we have that going on and then on Sunday evening at 7 in the Peachtree Ballroom,
I have a panel on that I've called the.
Evolution of the urban fantasy protagonist and what I've done is I've taken.
Five of the authors that we have that are the you know some of the biggest names in the field who have been writing in this general for a while and just discussing how.
The jonra has evolved how their characters have evolved to so that should be very interesting and I'm hoping.
It will be for others as well so we have those and we have,
fan panels on 15 different shows I do fan panels on all of the shows that,
my truck covers so and you mentioned Supernatural earlier and there will be one for Supernatural and you know just,
every everything we cover in addition to Buffy and Angel and we've got American Gods iZombie and.

[19:22] I mentioned the magician's earlier and Sleepy Hollow and Shadowhunters,
do we have any iZombie guest coming this year now we do not this year we had them last year you had a huge slate last year yeah that was a lot of fun and I hope we will get them back in the future.
I would be great yeah that's it that's a great show that do I assume you watch,
set theme,
just a little taken aback by that where are you.
Yes and we've actually moved so thank you for bringing that up will used to be where on the same floor then that we were on before but now we're at the very back of that.
Of that 6:40 it's called the 6 floor but it's really the where the main entrance is it's that floor that you come in on if you come in the front doors but we instead of being in that main hallway we are all the way at the back,
behind the elevators were in Chastain 1 and 2 not elevators,
beyond the escalators be on the elevators but it's also behind the escalators and they the good thing about that.
Is that if you want to avoid going through the main hall of the Westin.

[20:54] It's not pouring rain outside which will keep our fingers crossed then you can come in the side entrance,
of the West in which comes in on the lobby level and take the escalator up one floor.
And you. You don't even have to go through that main hallway so.

[21:19] Other convention hotels the Westin seems to have the one that has the least of the easiest,
flow if you will I don't know if it's because of the long halls or or what but it seems to have the easiest flow to get to get through that thing as opposed to obviously the,
Marriott is insane,
the whole thing up but but even the other other two it's getting around in those those rooms a sort of crazy but getting through stuff in the westons actually fairly easy so,
it is but there are periods of time where it does get kind of,
clogged up in that hallway and it's you know especially if I'm,
I've noticed this one and that's so it's true for me is certainly going to be true for the attendees if that you've been upstairs.
And something in the ballroom but I'm trying to get back downstairs to the track room they what they do is they divided off the the hallway into them,
time to do it I don't think until probably Friday evening they'll put up these dividers so that they keep people separated so that they're not,
you know everybody going in One Direction stays on one side and those coming down have to come from the other way so that you have to figure out when's a good time to cut across you know where can I go and now we don't have to worry about that so.
We're excited that it said it's a bigger room and it was actually last year was used for gaming but prior to that for a few years was the apocalypse Rising room.

[22:53] Yes yes and they've they've moved as well obviously because you're there now they moved into the one that was the former wind verse room.

[23:07] Is witanhurst moved to Sheridan last year.
Yeah so okay cool is there anywhere on the web where people can get more info on the urban fantasy track.
Yes probably the best place to look for the most up-to-date information is our Facebook page and it's very easy to find because if you just type in DragonCon urban fantasy it will take you,
directly there and that page does stay active all year long,
now of course you know right now and the few months leading up to Khan It's the busiest I mean that's when there are you no more post per day and everything but that is where,
things get updated,
all the time and it is something that I do keep up with all year long so I really going to recommend to people that they go there for those people who prefer Twitter.
We do have a Twitter page which is just at urban fantasy DC.
And there's a link to that also on the on the Facebook page and that that tends to be more active right now you know during during the.
No just the almost gone and you know that kind of thing but when it comes to.
The changes getting made most quickly the Facebook page is definitely the place to go and we do have our website which is linked into the main DragonCon website as well.

[24:43] Sweet,
yeah and for those that are getting this podcast the links will also be available directly to them through the post that this is associated with and also in the description,
if any pain you're podcatcher it's also in it'll be a link inside of your description as well so you can get that information.
It also you know Google works as well Google urban fantasy DragonCon you can probably find it on their different ways to he has joined us.
How do you say that it's over right it's all good we love Carol.
But then you say well you know we can't do the game because least not here.
But Lee has joined us lee How's your how's your lasagna everyone still safe it was great I had a lot of over here sorry.

[25:41] Hello she's choosing thank you we were both kinda like stopping what is really funny is for some unknown reason.

[25:51] You know we can do it through you been doing this for a while either as a volunteer director now I've been doing this for a while,
volunteer director and for some reason I forget that the weekend before Khan is kind of busy.
Just a tad jet I do,
I do I do one of the things I do the director cuz most of my staff it will all of my stuff right now is in Atlanta as I feed them I make homemade lasagna and they came over here and they ate it was really great and we talked about the schedules and done today.
Can I forget that oh wait I'm also scheduling.
Panels I'm also scheduling 50 days I also have grad school papers I got to read today so this will be very interesting yeah Welcome to my life tonight I'll be up till midnight.
Mostly because I got that. Set this after all this time don't do anything the weekend before DragonCon.
Well well I just like to see well you know I mean I think that.
It's sometimes it's a matter of when people are actually available to do things to just not as though you have had free weekends up until now right you're right,
it's just funny so people have everything like all these Dragon, people ain't got nothing to do okay thank you for thinking that you're wrong but that's okay.
We got Lobster and my style for like you didn't send me some an email forever I thought I was fired on my yeah sorry I suck.

[27:26] No you are fat nobody fired I can't know I need all my stuff is no fat no fire no fire.
I love you all so yeah it's all fine sorry there's a little bit of Lee craziness while I'm late,
and now we get to play the game really I hate you because I was about ready to,
say our goodbyes to Carol before before we leave,
and I were going to pick you against Lee and basically basically what happens is is I'm going to give you 3,
the topics to choose from you pick one of them and I'm going to go back and forth naming things from that topic so my classic example is I should actually use this as a real one at some point Batman villain so how to say Batman Billingsley you would say.

[28:20] Joker and then Carol Carol what would you say would be another one.
Riddler in the bounce back and forth until someone can't name something.

[28:37] Because John has stacked the deck isn't that you are starting to go get that against me however they love it cuz you know that's kind of funny.
Okay so the choices are randomly generated and so here they are Game of Thrones Game of Thrones characters.

[28:58] Comic book millionaires four shows found on the urban fantasy track.
Well I think I'll go with number 3 please okay.
Oh you may not supposed to name them name one name one in then we go to Lee Lee Lee will they one of them go back and forth.
Okay Buffy the Vampire Slayer I will say Supernatural Lucifer.
Okay sorry oh my God I love that shit so much that man that whole show I love them all okay after Lucifer would another Supernatural weird-ass show was pretty much the CW lineup right.

[29:53] If it's not wearing Spandex yes,
no actually it's not hold on hold on,
so I would say if you're if you're doing that then you're also probably doing Angel yes that is our angel.
Yes the magician's thank you have the Librarians as well that is correct iZombie.
CW Reign.

[30:33] IZombie let's see okay so let's see you got the buffies got the vampire show Vampire Diaries.
That is correct and their friends The Originals.
But I'm trying to think to you also then she got the vampires.
The little bit of the zombies with iZombie you got God and other religions with Supernatural and Lucifer.
Let's see you probably let's all so you know I think no maybe not but do you know kids been off 10 years you wouldn't have Smallville.
But you might have something no Battlestar in that would be that.
I'm looking at my things here and I should probably just look at what I've pulled out on my DVR but you already said Lucifer I am out crap.
Oh yes why I do Sleepy Hollow how can I go that one I'm going to forget that the show that was great for a season.
Carol you're doing it you're doing it you're doing a Monday I believe is a.
Gone Too Soon Sleepy Hollow?
Good job good job who got to love that shit too I did I absolutely adored that shit what else you got on there just because I forgot.

[32:09] Okay Wynonna Earp,
yeah and we have the whole cast coming so we're very excited that is amazing that we have a whole cast of one show that's so freaking awesome oh gotta love that idea.
Yeah it's going to be great and we have Shadowhunters.
And Teen Wolf which I mentioned a little bit earlier that and it's in its final year yeah I like I like about it is there in the radiant's like we're right in the show,
we got a really great let final season set and we're going to go have that because that way you know they're actually really planning it I love things like that.
Right that they do get a chance to finish it the way they want yeah yeah you're leaving us correctly for want of a better term this is how I like Smallville they like it's Tom.
When I get it yeah.
Sorry and that Novi I agree with you I think it's nice when they get that opportunity and we do have American Gods.
Oh that's right we were talking about that with somebody else okay I have tried to read that book.
I've tried I know a lot of people.
That tried to read the simmer Ilion or whatever it's called with Tolkien I have try I want to say at least four or five times and I have tried and I've Loved a lot of Neil Gaiman stuff so this is not.

[33:44] Not this is not an anti Neil Gaiman I have some other stuff I love wanting print out recently actually went to a.
He read from it at Agnes Scott College a couple years ago or friends need coffee help post it.
I love Neil Gaiman some of his stuff is great my son's a huge I cannot get understand this book what am I missing in my head.

[34:07] That I don't I don't get it will if you go to her panel you can find out.
Easy Living working so give me your email the the panel is actually going to be on the show only and I've been trying to make a point about this because they gave the the show.
Has gotten a second season yet people wanted to discuss the book.
The books you know in addition to the show they can things could be seen as potential spoilers for the book for the show so I wouldn't when we're whenever we cover a show.
We've got several that are based on book series other one in my last one for my list is actually midnight Texas the new the new one that is fine yeah it's like,
anything that's based on in that that's based on a series of books I don't cover the books I covered just a show if,
you know sometime in the future and I did do something,
several years ago back before back when I was still working as part of the Dark Fantasy track comparing comparing some of the,
the Sookie Stackhouse Stackhouse books to True Blood the series Ray called it from page to screen and all that but that was,
you know but it was identified that way and I may do something like that.
In the future but that way people are walking in knowing that they would be getting you know potential spoilers for The Fan panels on the show or only about the shows but I think I think maybe.

[35:48] With American Gods I think what puts a lot of people off about the book is just.
Perhaps the way it's structured but then again be the did you see the show at all,
I have no I do not have is it was it was on Hulu right he's a Seahawks,
I do actually have stars at some point I will watch it I mean it I have it I have stars so I will be watching it I just have not yet I'm so many things I haven't watch please do not talk to me about the Defenders I haven't watched it either cuz I love.
Okay so sorry but yeah no I haven't watched it so I'm listening to you very intently I said I think that that is probably part of it because even the show comes off as.

[36:34] Kind of you know it's different things are not necessarily linear.
In other words I mean we were used to things like flashbacks and stuff like that but I think part of it with American Gods is at the show's surreal in many and in many ways book is as well,
yeah that is that maybe the difficulty that some people have,
maybe that is it I just you know I think you know we've talked we talked to years ago about something about I can suspend disbelief up until.
And maybe that's where I was on that too I think maybe it was like,
I can believe their gods I can leave this guy has been hired to go and drive the Skyrim which I don't think I'm spoiling anything for you the movie of the right now and I got it.

[37:23] But now you're asking me to spend some disabilities when we start talking about things that they're doing out in our world I just can't we are at the suspense Tapas suspension I can't I suck.
That's great thank you you may have helped me understand why.
It's just confusing to me it's not bad it's just going to say that I'm going to say the wrong author if I say it so.
Which author is that sherlyn or who is that the show is based on that that's written by Cassandra Clare,
thank you okay and it was somebody I did it was on a series I didn't see I did I did I swear okay very cool okay.
So awesome yay I'm glad you're doing it I think it says awesome and I know we just probably talk for 10 minutes about stuff you guys already talked about but I was laying in.
So round to round to the I know you're trying to avoid this no no around 2.
Sorry here's your choices leave fictional bars fictional bars or pubs,
the thing will keep coming up until someone fix it for.
Mad Max characters again coming up until 3 like any of those really going to pick one.

[38:57] I don't like them.
New pubs develops the Winchester.

[39:09] Carol The Brew.
It's not on the show it's from a book series I'll look at it so I can use books from The Dark Tower lud lud.
Where does a lot of colon she may have stumped me on this one because I don't.
I can't think of it right I can't think of another one right off the bat on her vagina vertices.
Shorty's it from Wynonna Earp okay I will also save the Cheers bar.

[39:56] Cheers technically yes I mean there is a real one but.

[40:07] Oh my how about the doll from Lost Girl.

[40:14] Okay I think it was called I'm thinking about the first one that was in Smokey Hollow a Smokey Hollow bar and I think that one was called.
It was because they were supposed to be in that I think it was called the bay or no the bay bar or something like that.
I will give it to you Carol rocks from Lucifer.
Dog unless I want to go to Lux.
A bright another bar ohgod another bar what the hell is that bar called in Firefly why can't I think of that bar.
Hold on don't need to go Tony Stark's bar cuz Tony has a hell of a bar in every fictional thing of Tony Stark.
Tony Stark's house by his house bar.
How about the bronze from Buffy.
She wants I'm I'm I'm really trying not to cheat I'm just standing and looking at my movies and I said the Winchester.
He always got to go down to the pub the Cantina from the MOs Eisley Cantina in Star Wars.
Oh oh yeah yeah well she may have gotten me because I don't know that I can.

[41:47] Well it's.
But I was kind of a combination bar.
I watch the show to completion yes it does.

[42:09] Fisher whiskey are boxer blood there a bar come to my house I'll serve your whiskey I don't really want to be a bar,
the The Muppets The One what was that called it was so bad it was the guy who owned it it was Terrace from the Muppets as early on its where fazzi's playing,
the Casablanca I think what is it I think it's called that is it cold Casablanca.
It's the one it's called something like this it's a terrible bar and it I can't.

[42:49] How about is not I don't know that they actually sell anything there but the physical kids house at brakebills on them on the magician's they sure make a lot of alcohol and drink a lot of it,
I gave Tony Stark to her nicely.

[43:09] Hindu the bar where Kurt gets beat up in new track but I don't know the name I'm out I am seriously out I can't I'm sitting here.
Oh no way Marion's bar from from Indiana Jones Day Spa.
Why that's what I was going to say I would never even I would I would not have thought of that one well there is one.
Who is there's one in Shadowhunters.
That is that is run by nah I can't think of the name of it and there's.
I don't want to something to do with the muto there's the Jade it's the Jade Dragon as a restaurant and they have a bar in the restaurant Battle Hill County.
Oh oh oh Agents of Shield the actual The Shield bar which is basically you go in there and then it takes you down into Shield headquarters.

[44:09] Okay I have I actually haven't seen that in here yet you have to sit in the corner Booth you have to know cool sinkholes and gives a little heads up sign which is all my God so adorable he done by Greg and then you get to go down into.
The bowels of Shield girl.
Yeah I think I may be I may be stumped at this point I know there are all kinds of bars but.

[44:37] Thank you for that one I know that one yeah I do not remember the name of it to be honest.
Okay alright see you in that round.
The heck out of me on the other one that's okay.

[44:59] Giant monster films elements from the periodic table or arcade racing games sorry.
Do you want to check that again Johnny you sure those the categories that elements from the periodic table or giant or arcade racing games.

[45:23] Hellboy these are just a bunch of lovely choices and the off the best things ever,
I love you done love you John now my husband and my oldest son would laugh to know that I was picking this but I think I'm going to go with elements.
I like the elements one good go with that one gay iron oxygen.
Carol Lee hydrogen.
Gold potassium calcium zinc girl.

[46:09] Oh I'm running out of I guess well if I die already did silver and gold how about bronze.

[46:19] Is it normal think that's an element is not okay.

[46:29] Yeah beats me I'm not actually looking at a table at my house for being too of really big science Geeks I do not have an periodic table.

[46:41] Platinum or carbon well yeah I guess carbon would work yay.
I go nitrogen much drama Carol G.

[46:58] And.

[47:02] I don't know I think about that you know Carol cuz you and I are about the same age I would say nothing about that woman's once-a-day thing you take there's a lot of things listed on that right.
Does women's vitamins with the vitamins work right.

[47:19] Yeah well I think we've covered the number of the number of the things that are usually included there.
Others also things that make giant monsters yeah and what not.

[47:35] Oh oh yeah okay well I'm sorry I'm I am drawing a complete blank.
Alright I got to give it to you I never get to leave there and let's,
tell me the scores well I tally up the scores we are going to ask you to go ahead and tell us where you're located again Carol and where they can find more information on the.
Interwebs for DragonCon.
Yes we are located in Chastain one and two in the Westin in yep and.
Firehead sub mentioned before that it's the good thing about it is we're on the same floor that we were on before but we're at the very back behind the escalators so that.
People can actually access the room without having to come through the main hallway if they choose they can come in the side entrance of the Westin which comes in at the lobby level and go take the escalators up one floor and we're right there.
I mean literally in front of the door I mean the escalator is right in front of the door so that's how you will find us physically in terms of on the web.
We do have our website which is also connected to the main DragonCon website but the best place to find up-to-date information on the track is always going to be the.
The track Facebook page and if people just type in DragonCon urban fantasy they'll go directly there.

[49:08] That page is active all your long but it's especially so at this time of year and that's what I tend to make updates to.

[49:16] You know constantly especially this time of year and we do have it also a Twitter account which is at urban fantasy DC.

[49:26] Alright that's awesome and so again though that makes me either found by Googling or by looking at the looking at the post of this particular podcast is listed on.
Okay so we got the numbers back Lee you got 19 points very good.
And Carol you got 20 congratulations how did that have run it up at the very beginning which is probably what.
Did that for you so.
Until next time at least mute herself because she's yelling and cursing at me over everything also really doesn't do math,
next time for Carol and Lee this is John saying.
Goodbye everyone thank you this has been a production of the unique he.
To leave a comment or suggestion pull us at 813-3210 or e-mail us at.
Lucky.com Twitter.
At sign the unique this podcast is distributed under a Creative Commons share like noncommercial license.

[50:44] Music.