50 Days Of Dragon Con 2017 - Day 49 - Tommy Keeps The Signal Live

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50 Days Of Dragon Con


[0:00] Music.

[0:08] Smells like your comfort you wouldn't like me when I'm angry,
Google Now trigger Muppet,
this is the unique Heat.

[0:33] Welcome to the addition of 50 days of DragonCon the podcast that well.
We do audio things is the beautiful sounding Lili how are you doing.
I am great I am great so John how many of these have we recorded so far how many of you put we're in the 30s.
The 30s I believe I don't know I haven't really done account.
I'm going to get people to help me with you know what's funny specially given the topic of today's podcast is that as I was doing that and I accidentally hit the spacebar which pause the record.
A million positive but you know things happen so,
things happen guys welcome to real life so things happen number one that's good number to keyboard,
but we are going to the end we really just love each and every one of y'all and got at least two more that we have a recording.
And then after Dragon probably try to record some but what.

[2:06] I try later okay so there are rules of behavior and conduct at DragonCon you'll see them I'm back you back.
You'll see them a lot of our sheets that you sign if you sign up for membership Yeti idea you will also see them on the DragonCon website.
Rule number 7 is Don't Be a Jerk for a lot of time we thought Don't Be a Jerk with enough of its not it we we would hope it would be but it's not and DragonCon and it's.
Intelligence and thought Maids moral so you know we got our cosplay rules cosplay is not consent we've got rules of behavior don't do this don't do that don't do that but 7 is a big one.
Gator so if you are a drunk on and someone is doing something and today's.

[2:57] In what you're thinking or something like that and you think this is a problem you need to contact DragonCon security please don't do it yourself please don't contact Dragon Con security.
Most people are really really smart but don't be a jerk and if somebody is a jerk,
Woodland Pond security know if you can't but the numbers are on there there's emails there,
text messaging there is a if you're at the Marriott there's a line straight there I think they're going to try to get other numbers up soon for the other Hotel so if you got a problem call me okay don't don't take it on yourself.
You are there to have fun you are one of our members just like this other person let security handle it.

[3:38] And just be for you just let him know what's going on and just tell him and then they will handle it I just want everybody to have a fun con on everybody have the bestest compossible.
And that was really a just don't be a jerk have fun.

[3:54] Please don't be to do facetious and I am so excited.
More and more as I talk to my staff as I talk to other directors as I talked to a whole lot of people more and more I am really tired of it so I think you need a great time.

[4:11] That's just it I just that's it I'm done your turn.
Yeah when you're right there are no literally number seven says we reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention and refused to refund your membership money if you are behaving and Technical terms like a jerk,
for details click here don't don't care cuz here is on the thing I'm reading.
Literally here doesn't make any sense and by the way to the the no-weapons policy.
There's been a lot of questions about whether whether weapons are allowed at DragonCon the deal is there's a couple deals.
Item for security would correct me if if I get this wrong but and and Regina real weapons.
Zero none nada not even if you have a carry license it's a private event you are not allowed to have a have a real weapon at the,
Dragon Con,
the convention site and that that includes I believe that even clued the things you might say while these are no longer functioning that doesn't matter if it's always it was at one point.
It again I could be wrong not a real weapon or wasn't 1.0 real weapon and it's not allowed.

[5:23] The only exception to that is is the Armory but they have that's a whole different thing altogether and that's run by the convention so that is a that's a separate Simple Thing altogether.
Run by the convention and also have separate permits so they have some great things than you might think you had they have it's all different guys but into a.
I don't know did some sort of weapon some sort of looking out,
real looking weapon in general it's okay as long as it's peace bound you need to check in with security there's a couple places where you can get that done piece Mountain cannot be functioning to fire projectiles.
So that's you know that's the deal there it is even if they're just Nerf darts and still no no so.
In general that's that's the rule not a real weapon and hasn't been a real weapon and.
Specifically Firearms cuz I think there's a slightly different rules on the the swords but don't quote me on that they can't have an edge along those lines.
And even if they are even if they don't have any J have to be peace about meeting with her space coast rap to your sheet and they can't they can't come out and the guns.
Be fake basically so those are the general rules and no camping in hallways or Lobby or anything like that get your own own room.

[7:01] And people will get out of rooms that are,
supposed to be like viewing rooms or what not if you fall asleep so don't understand you fall asleep you're tired it's okay that you sat down for the first time in the maybe like 4 hours.
What are you just going to track RAM and nothing's going on and you try to just sleep in it no no you can't do that.
Yeah there's lots of things that you can be watching too,
that that this is my ham fisted attempting to getting into our thing like that in one of those folks to come here and talk to us about,
what what let him know what let him say Tommy Tommy is joining us from Rod he's a director of broadcasting is that correct.
Yeah director broadcast for basically like the videography department at DragonCon I'm the director of the people who make sure all the stuff in the panel rooms make it to,
the DragonCon like Hotel TVs and that kind of thing.
The broadcasting department and DC TV.
So that the general and Brian may discover a little differently but like in my head that the difference is,
Dragon Con TV is the parody stuff is that's the comedy soda speak it's the brand that we've created that's like all the parody content.

[8:37] All the commercials bumpers that kind of stuff I think of it as like the creative arm of the of the what what is up on the channel director of broadcast what I do and actually it's not like they're not,
completely unique do help with the parity content throughout the year but at con the broadcast Harmon is the ones responsible they're the ones like,
you're standing on the camera platforms sitting over on the side making sure that the cameras are making it to the screens I'm in the rooms but also,
the ones recording it to make it to the broadcast either in the hotel rooms and then as of last year and then this year we're expanding that like making it onto the the the live stream,
okay before I go too far give us a little bit of background for you how you got involved in trying kind of what you how you got involved the broadcasting aspect to this and in what you do normally.
Yeah sure so how I got involved in the consing and Generals actually used to work for a convention up in Nashville called the Middle Tennessee anime convention in tack,
and I work with some some guys there,
I'm actually went to a school for audio engineering and they brought me in like Mission probably like a year or two after I finished.
And I was looking for something to do you know in that,
in that realm could you as I found out after I graduated didn't really pay that well unless you know you know at the highest levels anyway I got involved at the anime convention and we,
start doing a lot of audio stuff like make some they brought me in because they they wanted to do more music programming.

[10:12] And they brought in a singer named Lisa Furukawa who I work with and and make slime made,
they didn't at kind of what we eventually build the music City's anime convention would you try to make music of Center Centerpoint so that was a big part of what I did and then.
One of the guys who was the lead them Tech also work for.
Forgotten he was volunteer and actually still as he's actually now no longer my boss at that track and he's actually one of my volunteers he's on my staff but basically he commits me to come down to Atlanta and try out,
DragonCon is well and I basically just tell him up immediately it's like this is a very cool event and met.
Brian who's my senior director silver other people and started doing the you know kind of parody content throughout the year,
if you know the music video that has Dina Last Dragon Con,
it's kind of my sins and become the theme of of DragonCon I was actually something to Dina and I Dina Dina came to me and said let's do this this is when we're still living in Nashville.
And that's like kind of kind of started me down the process of becoming way more involved with DragonCon TVs we did do the Last Dragon Con parody and several others after that,
and so yeah basically I've been in move down to Atlanta from Nashville about 5 years ago I think.
And a big part of it was.

[11:45] You know I want to move down here and become more part of the convention and also found a good job down here that kind of stuff so that's cool and yeah yeah.
Tommy I want to go back to this because one of these you said is this is the one to make sure that you know the audio the visual that you're hearing it well,
yes well you're hearing it well if you know if you've been to DragonCon before it especially if you're in those big Maine ballrooms that we do you will actually see their screens about in the middle,
so if you are not liking that first 20 rows whatever we got screens you're going to see so you're all good so you're also helping with that as well to make sure all of that sound goes right,
audio and video yeah so I mean the sound is really more like in the room to sound does more cover by Tech Ops.
But basically when it leaves the room and has to come out to the hotel TVs and go out to the internet stream that's that at that point it becomes my my domain,
good luck we can make so we work with tech Ops to make sure we're getting a different audio he cuz if your,
prisoners have like working broadcast before a lot of times audio in the room the live audio that's coming out of speakers is not the same audio that's,
it's necessarily mechanic to television so we're we're actually have a I have a big Focus personally this year to make sure that we're kind of interfacing with tech Ops.

[13:17] Make sure that when it leaves their board and comes to,
comes to the televisions in the end in people's hotel rooms into the internet stream kind of putting up Priority on that.
And one sings the reason I was bringing that up is that this is something that we've talked a couple of times about.
Especially in fandom tracks bringing things together under one Banner urban fantasy High fantasy literature and things of that nature this is an example of you guys told us.
When I listen to DragonCon TV in the Marriott it sounds I cannot always understand it or whatever.
And what DragonCon is done is listened to those responses and said,
okay we need somebody who is just going to manage this and that's breaking down stuff and that. That's making a smaller department and that's really really cool,
because I've just been like you guys too I've been like I don't like this buzzing sound so I want to say and in the reason I'm bringing this up is if you.
Buzzing the buzzing sound. It was at the Marriott know what I'm talking about John you don't get to put anything on Twitter like things you don't get to say that,
yeah yeah yeah even talking about the buzzing sound coming out of mind stop.
So but what I'm saying is guys we do listen Okay this is an example of it so if you have any constructive criticism if you have.

[14:50] Something you can say that can help please put it down I was listening to X panel in this hotel and had this problem.
In the truck director might not be able to do that you can probably put it in Maine depending on where the app is on that or where the schedule is put please put it in as a constructive criticism give us some info tell us what you try to do you know I'm not trying to make you right,
a 200-word I'm just saying try to fix this this and this didn't work still had X noise or whatever because we want to do this when I fix it and want to know,
so let her know and where I'm sorry I keep going sorry,
Father's Day I can just like people do this already but just in case you don't know that you can just tweet that dragon on TV during during the weekend and we're pretty we're monitoring that pretty heavily cuz it's very difficult to monitor,
all did all the hotels and which ones are working which ones aren't there's there's a level up that we just.
We just don't have enough control and dealership over over everything so we kind of depend on the viewers in the hotel room sickness like a something going on in in the end well in the Hyatt we have a pretty good idea up in the Sheraton or something,
alarm or in the Hilton it's a little harder for us to kind of see that from our.
Urbana joint issues.
Sorry that is dragoncontv as the the Twitter Handle by the way not DCTV which apparently.

[16:24] Someone took in his now under suspension so yeah.
Say I was talking about the app you're right this is real time stuff tell him real time on the app.
If you've got to if they have a problem so if they're doing their streaming membership in there having a problem is there like I know that wouldn't come to you but is there somebody they should do you have that or can you know I would like to contact.
Yeah so it actually is a little bit under me so there's like if if you've paid with your membership like if you're on site and like got a membership card or some and something's wrong with the card you know or like you have questions about.
You know like just general like,
like more I guess I'm more like the commercials I like buying and selling and you know activating the card not going to thank you can always just contact the regular Dragon Con,
help desk I forget that I think it's like,
Major League contact at DragonCon that or something like that we can find it out but basically if it does come down to like an actual streaming problem so I actually am in I'm like the last stop for the Dragon Con TV,
internet stream so if if it is natural problem with the website.
Then that's that's that's leaking come to me and they're actually is going to deploy this it's not live right now and maybe it probably will be live by the time his podcast goes up but on DragonCon TV there will be help.

[17:55] Channel help page it'll be just dragoncontv / help and there's a there will be a form there you can just fill out a for having any problems now come straight to my team.
Cool for the,
the the nerds in the group which is probably most of how do you do the the,
the streaming from the rooms out to the L to the internet and bulb just in general terms I was at work,
yeah so its own general terms we actually have what we call our Master Control if they might work at broadcast it's kind of a similar term and actually,
we have several members of our team who are master control operator to Turner,
and I actually used to work in that control a long time ago back in my early twenties up in Nashville so that's kind of where I've worked where I know headed to broadcast stuff so we actually set up on Wednesday.
We go down to the Hyatt and we set up a a match control room and we tie into everything there so like all the feeds that are in the Hyatt,
they come into that room and then we broadcast it out from Hyatt and then from there the the Hyatt has.
Analog feeds that go out all the all the hotels actually actually goes over fiber but it's still analog that's like standard standard def,
but last year will be added in or do the internet stream is the high just gave us a nice you know dedicated internet connection.

[19:27] And we send that out to a baseless CDN provider come 10 delivery Network that takes that one feed from match control and the distributed out.
Globally essentially so we use our provider there that basically like just takes our internet feed over rtmp and then broadcast it out to the world so we wait.
information where this sounds like seriously proprietary we're not come get you don't don't mess with our stuff stuff.
I don't know I don't know enough about this,
Rosary Wales technical I'm not saying that I'm just saying wow this and basically.
If your,
wondering how you did this and they already kind of know this is what you're saying OK Google which streaming YouTube streaming is literally the same technology,
just wait we don't we don't go to YouTube because we have contracts with are like some of the actors and and guess that we can't just put,
I'm on public to YouTube or twitch or something like that so instead of instead of going to YouTuber twitch were using exact same technology we just go to a private server that,
bet you can't just like Cher around on on social media that kind of thing yeah.
So if somebody has bought the streaming membership right at the already already, and he bought the ten bucks right so I'm not getting it because I'm already in a con ring you lucky duck you won the golden ticket.

[21:08] After Khan it's going to have some of the stuff I know it has some right now of if you bought it but it's got also have some after con so instead of having to go to YouTube and watch somebody shaky video cam of a Karl Urban panel,
I may be able to go here and see Carl Irwin so there are some.
Like the vast majority of the stuff that's in the major Ballroom so do you think bike Hyatt Centennial Marriott Atrium Regency Hilton Salon routing this year the new Ballroom Hilton so any of the major panels where there's like the account for bigger guests.
Yeah those definitely get recorded and will be available on the site if it if it broadcasts like if it happened.
At like we lie broadcasted which rate we're going to live broadcast several of the panels and I think Carla Byrd is one of the ones makes ever broadcast schedule on our website.

[22:00] If it live broadcast you'll be able to watch it back immediately and then there are some things that like it if it can't make it to the live stream or we don't rebroadcast it throughout the weekend will be uploading that content,
I'm over the course of a few weeks after the convention so yeah you'll be able to go to DragonCon. And you know,
see the stuff that we broadcast but also there's going to additional content put up there afterwards.

[22:27] Cool so so there are just a limited number of ones that you get the feed directly from the correct,
yeah so the only ones we have we can we can get a live feed from or in Centennial Heights Centennial 6-3 and Marriott Atrium everything else will you record and rebroadcast later.

[22:45] Local that's interesting to actually get the one that's in the Marriott because even though you are right next to it still that sort of.
Cool that you're actually able to reach out over there even though even if that's not where you're asking trolls in the high right.
Yes yeah and that's actually one of the things that we like being able to add last year and we want to be able to expand that over the course of his you know the next few years,
basically that any any anywhere we can get an internet connection from a ballroom we could theoretically live stream from Smash control operation can actually,
not only broadcast Feeds out but can also bring feeds in distribute those out to the feed and we're doing some beta tests on more than the Marriott Atrium this year actually going to.
I can I can say that's cuz it's my department but we're going to we're going to beta test getting a feed from the Hilton salon.
We're not going to broadcast it because we don't know yet if it's going to be Easter enough cuz the brand new ballroom and the internet connection so and they were talking about doing that for you know maybe the.
The aquarium later on anywhere we can get internet feed out.
We could directly bring that back in the mash control re broadcast it but we're kind do one thing at a time that's really cool,
vs broadcasting I was just thinking about this is to that the DC TVs the on-air personalities to write it's more.

[24:17] Even though they Brian does work with you even on some of the technical aspects of it it's it's really the interviewing and that kind of stuff to that,
the DC covers,
yeah I mean pretty pretty much any of the original content right you can consider that that's all the dragoncontv we're put our little bug up I mean it's all kind of there's there's a bit of a gray area there to gallons,
even even we can't really figure out where the line struts sometimes but yeah I mean definitely if it's only until there's a problem then someone will find a way.
Yeah but yeah General like the host that are out there interviewing people that's all,
it was our original content that then we're calling it it's dragoncontv you know like we're interviewing people it's like it's like this is Tommy from Dragnet TV we say on TV but yeah that gets.
But that's weird like I guess the difference is there is a crew of people that's not my department that is going out interviewing,
so like crispy interviews a lot of the guests and we have a whole another crew people that are going around interviewing,
difference difference that kind of stuff and then yes I would like that's that's a whole separate Crew That's that also producing content that makes it to our broadcast,
but yeah that's like more the best like the drag on TV there's a news crew.
And I think it be may have said this but I may have missed it how long has your department been in existence is the second year or third or fourth or.
I mean we've always had like the crew of people who go around and.

[25:50] Go to panel rooms and stuff like that was around before dragoncontv was even a thing but it was really just last year that we decided to formalize it and say the crew that's going out and interviewing people needs to be a separate team from the ones that are gory on the power of what is basically just stale right like we get we get large enough where,
got more panel rooms to cover but we still want to get you know new original content we going to interview other things at other people and things that are going on,
I'm at the convention besides just the panels.
And so we decided last year to go ahead and split those departments up and say broadcast okay all you're responsible for is is panel room stuff.
And then the other crew is a production then they go out and produce the new content and you know even even though we split it.
Within the department there are some there's some overlap like,
I like somebody that's an odd bits of all your broadcast maze but their time with production just depending on if they want actually go do something how long do you think till you get a whole big truck,
all to yourself that's the big question we always want that I mean,
you know I think that's pretty far out cuz I so we actually thought about doing something like that for for MomoCon you're thinking about trying to bring in some people and I was Consulting them about those trucks.
I've been hundreds of thousands of dollars to get one truck so yeah okay so everybody.
Everybody convention Pence it pictures in one or two dollars we might be able to rent a truck for a day.

[27:30] Yeah yeah I've been Chillin I hope you heard him say the truck is $100,000 a day.
Yeah we just need to buy a round 4 days 5 days.
Who might be able split that in the two times a day.
Okay if he gets in trouble for this by guess I just wasn't now me I don't even know but I'm joking is though.
What hell no I'm not thinking about no stop just park it right there and then it'll be fine,
that would give us advertising all your long we put DCTV we do it drank on and then Momo con together on their we get somebody some really good artist to help us check the board on board and really it's this all your idea so I'm blaming you.
Like I know what the heck I'm talking about you I'm not joking I'm not being sarcastic this is really fascinating to listen to how you're able to do all of this and,
I'm also curious how you're going to be able to stream two panels at the same time cuz that's my understanding.
Yeah so and we don't necessarily stream them at the same time like there's only one fee that streaming live.

[29:05] So what what what we do is we basically choose you know we would look at the schedule and we say you know there this panels penalize and Centennial panel B is an Atrium which one do we think is going to be no.

[29:19] Which which one do you think is going to be better live event and then,
but a lot of times there's overlap and what will what will actually do is some of that feeds cut like the feed from the atrium is coming into Master Control 24 well 24,
five essential we have that make that Atrium if you can come in the whole time and we can,
basically recorded directly in match control and immediately broadcasted as soon as it's over and there are some place in the scheduler were like it's it's rebroadcast but literally it's like you know,
the panel have an hour half ago and we were just recording it immediately rebroadcast it's oh so we're not really like it's not two simultaneous streams going out to,
you know the viewers but but,
we got both of those coming in the mashed potato can select them depending on what we want to air.
And I'm not I'm not trying to give you more work Tommy I know all of us got our so do you have a schedule on the app or somewhere else if somebody's like I'm wondering okay so I'm wondering when they're going to rebroadcast this Karl Urban been or is it just I go to this streaming site,
and I'm able to go somewhere and like gel at all I want to watch this Karl Urban I'm just curious.
So we do have a schedule on DragonCon tv.org like this is our like public website.
So Brian posted a spreadsheet so it's not any app for say but I think I think they haven't double check this sorry I have been able to.

[30:49] To pay attention the out past couple days but will probably just put a link to that broadcast schedule in the in the app itself and will just take you out to the the spreadsheet but on DragonCon TV.
Only actual streaming site itself there will be a schedule there that you can watch and browse through.

[31:11] Atami is okay but that app thing between you and me I haven't downloaded like I haven't even downloaded but I didn't,
what Isaac download it and then I open and look I've downloaded it I mean it's update I am if I look between you may okay.
What I should do because I already started doing this I have on the app I went ahead and started creating a broadcast schedule for me so I got went and created my own schedule and said this is where I need to be because I'm I'm fixing to try to be at most of the panels that are being broadcast.
So what I should do is just tell everybody my friend code and say you can just follow my events that they're going to be broadcast cuz I'll be out there.
That is brilliant actually if you go to the site there's a Google. And I thought I had seen this on Facebook and yeah in fact I did it's actually a link to a Google doc.
That is easily updated I imagine by your crew.
In the event that something changes or whatever but yeah you can just pull up the Google Doc and view it from there with the actual schedule.

[32:25] That'll be that'll be there and will update that real time schedules on the website probably be like that.
You have to move in because of you know,
sweet who knows the rock man else right now for all we know Tommy this last year he needs. Do something,
things are still tentative okay this isn't a done deal everything Tommy is talking about is so amazing,
and planned and it is planned but we are also the biggest man think they look for his directors,
Tommy I swear it's half how flexible can you be when everything goes whoops and you're sending very flexible so I mean there's a lot of stuff that'll be going on and so don't if something changes don't get mad don't get angry,
yeah they will probably tweet about it they will update it they will tell you whatever is going on but just remember everything's tentative until what John,
until the Tuesday after DragonCon yes exactly,
one thing I'll say about the rebroadcast maybe not even this maybe even several months after one thing I can say that like,
the schedule itself like where things are placed will probably not change like you know like 10 to 11 on Friday is going to be a panel of some sort you know like,
may not be Nathan Fillion if they changes but there will be a panel in either be live from the Hyatt or live from Atrium or rebroadcast of a panel.

[34:00] Previously it will be a panel on at least at least I can tell you definitively that much but if a panel moves from like I know what the content of the panel is who knows.
Yeah just watch it's fine.
Which is the fun of DragonCon anyway because you know you may be going to Nathan Fillion panel but somehow Wharf sent on Firefly but somehow morphs into a karaoke sing-along of some yes.
Or John Barrowman comes out in heels,
and leader in you know Nathan Fillion wants to lead karaoke and call his friends on the phone we're going to go with that I mean.
That it's all good it's all good fun of my first time was when I was out there,
recording a nose like this is very hard to put on the air but it's hilarious,
I think it was the first time John Barrowman was there I was helping run the Cuban a because that was when kind of Torchwood was shared between a Brit and a extra,
and so I was there helping and I was backstage just very quietly standing there waiting on my little assignment from wherever and he's holding a pair of underwear in his hand and says okay I have to change into my really cool Khan underwear where can I go and I'm like.
I can make so much money.
No I'm an ethical good person set yeah I know I mean it's hysterical it was so darn funny and.

[35:36] Dolphin it doesn't matter no matter who you go to something is going to happen that you're like I didn't expect that and it's awesome.
Hold themselves when something like that happens.

[35:50] Knows word knows where to find that stuff to it right so you got it especially if your cameraman you have to know when to stay on a particular thing that they.
Might be happening and went to pull away rights exactly before we go,
we like to play a game with our guests and we put you against Lee so I'm going to play against comics,
so what we do is I'll go get my cat and blind dog will do better than I do about a v,
saying that it's General topic knowledge stuff so give me a choice.
Set the buzzer no no no chose the topic Batman Batman enemies.
Okay you would say name of that man out of me Joker Joker in I go to Lee Lee name one.
Thriller and I go back to you again tell me we go back and forth until one of you forgets,
one of you either can't name one or we get to 10 because 10 each because then it just becomes like well,
this is gone on long enough what will do three rounds of this and so I have a spreadsheet and it's got stuff on it that's randomly-generated,
okay just completely and utterly random Okay so.

[37:25] On the topic of Av that would understand,
anything to do with that or David Bowie.
And I just say I'm really bad at trivia so I'm probably just going to like stumble over myself but.
Great scientist.

[38:02] Terms heard in the master control room okay for.
Hanna-Barbera cartoons which we actually did do so let me get a different one.
Fictional space stations would be one of those three topics which one would you like.

[38:21] So this is a family-friendly show right cuz the yes yes,
sound a bit different but this is actually the real way of saying that is a Technicolor,
it's been up several times no one is ever picked it really it's been at least,
yeah alright picture.

[38:53] Oh gosh ready camera one Lee.

[38:59] Ready camera to I actually have heard that in a couple of movies I'll go with that one,
especially driving rules for some time,
okay coming back from break in 3 2 and Lee.

[39:25] I would not something like going to Green Screen in three two.
Right here talking to a meteorologist when you say something like that.
Maybe I'll let you have it Lee just forget I'm interested in seeing with him yes.

[39:44] I will also I will do another one you want me to another one,
yeah I'm keeping I'm keeping it family-friendly please mega guns,
I'll do nothing like that oh my God go to black ugly,
Okay master control room I'm trying to think of the movies at let's see us on network news I've seen a couple of I tried to watch The Newsroom that man desperately desperately needs to have a woman help,
that's a personal opinion I'm just going to say for somebody.
Steadicam now,
steadicams in newsroom.

[40:51] Do I have another one yes.
I want to rub it in.

[41:04] What's the traffic one.

[41:11] Caesar I'm terrible like I'm really bad on spot a trust me you're not the only one in this is this happens every time we do this game people as soon as we're done with this what is the like ready graphics.
Alright so you get your bonus points for also surviving the round.

[41:40] I can't think of one right now I totally hear your choice of three topics young adult books.
Fictional sports or horror film villains.

[42:01] Dragon with a or do I go see a was young adult books.
Books Okay like this before and a previous by guess why do they put books after lit who knows.
Because you don't read all them.
I know what I think I'm going to go with young adult lit books cuz I think I can get like four out maybe five.

[42:35] Harry Potter let's be more specific there.
Lost on Hunger Games 2.
I was thinking of the movie The Hunger Games over all of the.
The Sorcerer's Stone that's the one you said Chamber of Secrets.

[43:07] Stomach Divergent that one that's one.
Okay I will go then to Mockingjay.

[43:19] Weather imagine.
Laughing all the way,
Lincoln go to I think it's the I don't know if it's the second or last one but Eclipse which was a part of the Twilight series.
Sure we naming individual yeah yeah oh I don't know.
For basketball or something if you are from Maze Runner.
The Hardy Boys.
Oh I was going to give me a specific because this book will be in the extract available for pickup if you have a young adult that would like to read it this would be called.
The Hardy Boys Terror at high tide number 145 I will take your word for it.
I feel like I should throw in the towel after that like I don't think I can get something better than Hardy Boys specific.
Can I can I go back to like my childhood was one where was one called Another Side of the Mountain,
literally anybody could name anything.

[44:53] It's not like John checks any of this stuff timing I'm going to actually go with a Rick Riordan I'm going to say that wrong but it is called the 39 clues that the book The did that and this is the one he did first was the Maze of bone.
Yeah I think I'm at my Wit's End on this one.
Yeah I got enough stuff yeah.
Just saying not saying just saying.
Tommy alright so let's go to the last round tummy you get to pick and your choices are.
Help horror film villains came up again female world leaders or.
Actors from Spider-Man movies.

[46:04] Actors from Spider-Man movies Tobey Maguire.
Tom Holland Tom Holland telephone he's playing Peter yeah I got it thank you.

[46:21] What's an Kirsten Dunst.

[46:27] Okay Marisa Tomei.
Yeah oh yeah oh I mean yeah Tommy.
I'm trying to remember just kidding JK.
Oh yeah yeah.

[46:54] Days giving birth name is terrible I'm on the same Robert Downey jr.
Chris Evans because you know.
Freight little Captain America things,
put those awesome at all,
in a group that has a lot of information on STDs and HIV and other things like that if you really do want some info,
what's funny is we actually have weed way she did some PSA is of like Tony Stark and Captain America 4 years ago people are already seen some of ours so when I saw that in the movie I was like oh wow we should redo these.
What was the.
What is your name girl and the other Spider-Mans I didn't like Emma Stone Emma Stone was one yes.

[47:53] Okay I see his face.
He's been in so many things and he's any any any any kind of scares me he's the one who played the Green Goblin he William Dafoe.
Don't give her that one.
Willem Willem.
So mr. J. Jonah Jameson himself JK Simmons there you go Lee.
That man was awesomest that he was born to play Jay Jenna okay.

[48:39] Okay let's see.
Who is the bad guy in The Last Word Michael Michael Michael Michael Keaton.

[48:53] Now I'm trying to give people that are going to.

[48:59] We named I'm blanking guy who there's also guy who played venom in.
The sector one third one guy who played Sandman honestly blinking terrible.
Sam and you go to you go to the thing on Sunday sometimes.
Nothing on Sundays yeah yeah Church Thoth.
Thomas Haden Church yeah yeah that's right.

[49:41] Okay somebody else it was there and and I'm thinking just hold I'm trying to think I'm trying to remember.
Who played Harry Osborn in the first ones with Tobey Maguire who we've already said oh Sally Field I'm just going to go with that one but Sally Field was in the,
Asia is a cop-out to say Stanley since he's in all of its not in there.
The acting might be a stretch but no he was in there I mean he's bills an actor,
so my son is now here can you think of anybody that was in a Spider-Man movies and then we might not have mentioned cuz he came in right as we were talking about this.

[50:27] Really what you want you really want to go there.
We're all good now we are all good with that we are all good with that,
because you know what we said Tobey Maguire but we did not say nasty douchey Tobey Maguire that was in the third movie but I'm not going together with you that would be wrong I was turning over the other who played.
It was in that 70 show and bread he played the he played the main character for most of the seasons and I can see his little tiny face in my head and it actually starts with the t is I remember.
But I do I can't remember do you remember I do not sorry.
Can I get the Venom right yes he did he turns into Venom Peter finally pushes it all off of him and I.

[51:26] I see him isn't that 70 show it was that 70 show with many many people and I don't know I'm done I'm out.

[51:36] Alright wait Topher Grace is who you're thinking over Grace over Grace.
You giving that one you giving that one to Tommy right actually called around so there we go.
To give us their info on how to to get a hold of their track information bobob it you don't really have that track information so when I what I will ask you during this very time like tally up the score,
give her one information how to get a streaming membership if you as much information as you know of how to do that.
Yet so cool basically if you're a member.
Like you're going to be at the convention at this point you to stop online sales but if you're at the convention.
Basically go to the DragonCon store so either at like when you when you go through registration that'll be a place there or if you just go to americasmart to the actual DragonCon store you can buy the string pass for $10 basically it's just a little.
Gift card looking thing and you'll just have a little scratch off code that it's on that so unique code can only activate at once.
And then you just go DragonCon. TV so DragonCon. TV not dark on TV.
Stop that's like WordPress blog.
Then you can sign in and enter that code if you're not going to be at the convention or otherwise like you don't have a membership.
You can just go directly to that site just wreck on. TV and then click the continue button and then there will be a option to pay directly.

[53:14] I'm on the site for $30 just been on your credit card that hit purchase send.
You'll have access until we cut it off in December so basically you in order for you to get the $10 price you're at this point now you have to do it on site.
Correct and let me ask you because I don't think I ever got any clarification if I buy a Saturday only is it still $10 or is it going to be more expensive.
No it still $10 new basically it's just it's just whoever has a membership and that includes like volunteers.
A lot of the directors are getting some will not allow the directors getting,
access if you're a volunteer you can also show up with your volunteer badge and get it for $10 is that cool.
Alright so the scores are back and leave scored 15 she's on mute probably cursing at me.
And Tommy you can scored 17 so congratulations so until next time the leaves on I think she talking to her son until next time this is John for Lee and Tommy.
Saying peace lean on Lexus.
This has been a production of the unique heat to leave a comment or suggestion poll us at 813-3210 too.

[54:46] 40 milazzo.
At sign the unique this podcast is distributed under Creative Commons share alike noncommercial license.

[55:01] Music.