50 Days Of Dragon Con 2017 - Day 50 - That Oldtime Dragon Con Role

2017, The Unique Geek
50 Days Of Dragon Con


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[0:34] Welcome to another edition of.
Days of DragonCon you're very last one for the 2017 Edition until we do a supposed to wrap up on at the end but that's not it,
and joining me as always is the never lately,
when I'm trying to get out of work and then come home this is awesome we are so for me technically my DragonCon is packing and everything else is supposed to start.
Tomorrow around 8 p.m. that I am now off of work but I just found out that nope I'm still on work until I have to go to meetings on Wednesday but I shall be fine and I shall be doing it so I'm really looking forward to it,
I can't believe it's not far away the app is being updated constantly folks Whataburger is breathing into his mic and needs to fix that.
But aren't they updated constantly.
So are out of being updated constantly had a couple of people had to drop whether they were Pro attendees or guests or other things so please check your app.
It'll keep updating it will update while you get their guys everyday as things happen it update so start it do it.
Figure out a schedule to do your updates do it do it do it so let's get this out of the way.

[2:11] OK Google early morning email today.
From an absolutely lovely listener and I'll just read it word for word readings father and Lee.
I would like to point out the brine used to 10 toy,
as a Pixar movie I believe this you're not qualified because the topic specifically stated movies well tin toy is an animated short this would cause a tie for the round.
For the round score which I think would result in a winning round due to Brian's cheating as a result.
There were doing over all other be at I overall congratulations Lee please.
Exercise your right to gloat you're welcome lady I mean William,
William and I'm so William as I said I am gloating and he brought it up which I've done very funny because he knew I was Grandma.
He knew it's so funny so so I tied John is a Times review you cannot file a.
Craven's grievance a grievance.
That would be my rates are reasonable research mediator when I beat him but that.

[3:44] But yeah I know so my son my son your son.

[3:54] Yours yes well at least he was at one point.
Well that's fine we'll adopt him my team that has always wanted a baby brother so it will work out fine so that's great I just want to say.
As a nice way to start off the day today have you looked at our mail recently and you said and I went and I will owe this is the best male I've ever seen love.

[4:29] The bed my butt at 7:30 why she was going to bed now.

[4:35] Anyway I'm so so we're doing a listener request episode tonight,
you know there's a boo cool stuff for all these damn newbies that come to DragonCon right well guess what we made some for us old timers,
where is something for us oldies.
So guess what we got what are we got two people with us and I think one or two more joining in a few minutes who have been to DragonCon for at least 10 years.
1919 really so introduce rocks who is been here 19 Hollow and then we're going to introduce Andrew who has been on for how long.
How many times have you done I don't remember at least 20.
Is at least 20 yet so there we got so we got to people we've been here forever so why in the world do you still do this.
My new boyfriend wonders wasn't wonders of the hippest dear God in heaven what damage do you have.
That keeps you wanting to beat yourself up every year.
You know it's part of it is meeting everybody since since we do have the unique position on the unique geek to meet the people who listen to the shows.
Oh my love it when people say oh my God you're nothing like you are on the show it's it's great.

[6:09] And you're right it it beads us,
I had gotten conquered last year so bad it was really it was it was awful and the older you get it takes longer to recover,
you know for me it's becoming not so much let you know Less on the guests and stuff but,
are you know it's it's running into more excited people it's it's it's like Disneyland for adults it is Disneyland for adults what else.

[6:44] The ability to learn new things,
that you are challenged of you know going to a panel that you've you would not have thought of going to and I've been doing that,
and you know you're you're open to new ideas and stuff and it's just the guests love it too and that's the cool thing.
That I think that is I think one of the things I liked you saying to you is that you know it's like you doing something that you're enjoying what does things I always say it's like that family reunion.
We want to go to tell Andrew I have to ask you why do you keep going.

[7:24] Well I have I have yet to see everything.
For a couple of reasons because number one you can never see everything at any particular DragonCon and number 2 is that,
changing every year there's new stuff there's new fandoms there's new shows that new gas you know so it's it's never the same.
So it's always something new do you do you find that you said it's always something new but do try to do something different every year.

[7:58] Or get another like I try to end up doing something different I mean there's some things that I do pretty routinely every year but they're you know I don't.
They're also just things that's like hey that looks like a really interesting thing I'm going to go to that it's something new that you knows maybe never been there before.
And that's one of the question I have to because both of y'all have gone for years you've probably been somewhere we are like I'm going to go to this panel this was my number one panel and you get there.
And it doesn't matter whether it's a guest panel or a phantom panel or whatever or maybe even signed up for game and it got full before you got there.

[8:38] What then do you do what do you got you just go well crap I'll just stand around here till somebody leaves or what how do you handle those kind of things cuz I think that's something that the newbies.
I've got to figure out how to do I alright so.
Because the popularity of certain guests and stuff I have said panels before podcast before use the streaming,
if you know because I'll tell you one of the panels I so wanted to go to was the,
Carrie Fisher everybody else on the panel,
I knew I knew there was no way in hell I could get you know to get in there.
So I just watched it mine in my hotel room that is the way of doing it.
In it and it's fine and like a hero me I bike everywhere in through the con so you'll see me and the thing is as you see the lines around the Hyatt in stock.
And I always that's one of my my first questions like what line is and you know it's something big and crazy I'm still amazed Lee that I got into your panel.
When you interviewed Leonard.
Leonard Nimoy not getting caught a little bit of you like my God this is awesome.

[10:14] Yeah but as far as if you give you are intended to go to a panel and stuff I make a new friend.
And it's like hey let's go do something else I do do that and you guys know that's pretty mildly know I don't like lines.
I don't stand in line so if something is has a long line then I will either go,
watch it on dragoncontv which is been a game-changer or,
I will just see if there space after the room fills and you know cuz,
yeah I'm sitting in the back they got big video screens and you probably got as good a few is anybody else experience have you ever been a case where there is actually no room left in the big room.

[11:12] I mean another happens in the panel it did with please.
Okay the Leonard Nimoy William Shatner want it it was fall.
Again I've never said I've never actually seen that it happens but I think it's relatively rare okay the smaller panels that happens to.
The costuming does oh my God that people get turned away puppetry I think does because the rooms are smaller and the thing is is,
their interest around the rise well I mean I guess what I'm asking you is this in your experience have you seen.
Have you seen the the biggest rooms at the centennials in and what not fill up to the point that no one else's isn't allowed in there.

[12:09] I mean I think I honestly think it's fairly rare so the waiting in line thing will get you closer to the front but it won't necessarily preclude you if you didn't wait in line one that's early preclude you from going,
to the actual panel,
I think it depends because I think it's very it depends on who it is and if people are going to leave there are some panels that people will say okay I got my 15 minutes.
Watching it now I'm okay go there are other panels like I don't think you could have sandblasted people out of.
The first time let her know and William Shatner on stage together Dragon away and so I think it's I do think it depends on what the panel is I think it's the panelists I don't think.
I will agree with you John I think it's less but I also know and you and I've hurt you've hurt you've heard about it I've heard about it when people are like.
Yeah you know I had to the party on Alderaan people will wait like 6 hours in Long Beach on my party to go to a party.
That happened going back yesterday now we're all jogging our memories,
I had to wait in line for the first time I'll tell you the first time when steampunk really hit and there was a fashion show we were we were freaking waiting in line to get in,
spaghetti small a room I guess what I'm asking is a big medium and also they had one of the largest rooms at the at the Westin for the when they had the.

[13:49] And I have one other for not referring to their Museum thing referring to that you know crowd control in general.
We have at we have another guest join us by the way the under deuce.
I did ask a question,
now called you rise for like 3 or this is Kevin he is an oldie now now Kevin Yuma living what about Thursday.
Hey everyone and yes I started in 2012 I think so I still didn't a lot of lines on my first time.
Dallas pretty pack back then.
I am going to talk about that too because this is a this is one of the mentees of Zan who that's how I got to him and things like that so he's he's awesome,
so let's talk about that so what have you seen like you've seen a line and you went.
I can't believe everybody standing there and then align you've been like yep I'm waiting right here I ain't going nowhere.

[15:03] I guess my first time too was here in Orlando and it was that at.

[15:14] Megacon showed up it was smaller cells like this is cool so and I always heard about this Con and.
Elena I'm alright and I go and it was just like it was awesome but the line site ipreo.
Ordered my badge and it was literally from the from the Sheraton all the way around the block down the block down the sun I was like you know I don't even care to be off but yeah I mean.
I said that was a party.
And I heard you guys talking about the Star Wars one the Alderaan and it's fun and I have stood in line for like a couple hours to go to that sounds totally okay.
Yeah it's totally okay because it's also.

[16:12] A party in line so those of us that are old and Kevin I think you will be old enough to remember,
you used to have to stand in line a really long time to get you back and dear God we love our registration people and now you don't which is great but that was one of those things that you got to meet a lot of people in a lot of lines are like that.
So you know I think Rob's you still kind of create that,
I do I do because I actually try to get out early enough and I tailgate you know breakfast tailgating and there are a group of people that show,
For registration even though the line goes really fast the minute they open it up you're going zipping back and forth and you sort of say hey great shirt like at least 20 times,
for 20 minutes and yeah I met some really cool people tailgating,
in our own Dickie kind of but yeah yeah no problem with lines and it is really quick now like I'm trying to like,
I like 2 years ago you know a year ago I get flew by so,
now as as an old-timer if you will as an experienced Congo rid of DragonCon is there something that you've learned along the way that maybe some other.

[17:45] Even even season bets might not know is there a particular I don't know event that you go to that is not.

[17:56] Image of Full Moon bye bye newbies against it from the Westin all the hotels to the Hilton in 5 minutes I'm not asking you to share that shortcut we're saying some other stuff.
I can tell you my shirt cuz you just go down a hill.
Hey you have a bike though you know the funny thing is is my boyfriend's like why do you need to take the bike what is the purpose I like because if I don't take the pike people ask me where's the bike.
Okay you just need something to say that is right back at the hotel what was the question again.
What would you tell another seasoned vet is a tip that maybe they don't know.

[18:54] Oh well I mean they use for an event that you go to that that you don't really see you only see Newby's there but maybe it's something that even a season that might not know about.
Some of the science panels are really the war College stuff is really cool go to those,
because here's the thing they start early Friday so you can go to a panel and there's one on pandemics,
that's Friday and that's like at 9 a.m. and its really cool she can get your convention going on early and their panels these guys they love coming and I'll tell you there.
They're all in there they're you know they're the get off my lawn people because I am I get off the lawn person and these guys know their stuff,
so he'll go to the war College stuff it's amazing like one time they had a whole panel on dirigible and they have slideshows and stuff and it's really cool,
and they also run the National Security game,
bang you know I don't know if they've ever figured out you know how how many times do you know United States blows up I don't know,
she's been pretty big so that's always the topic of discussion.
So on the panel discover the science stuff is really good also you know what hit up the people over at the Hilton that have the telescope.

[20:31] They always seem lonely so go oh yeah yeah you can even see it when eclipse.
This is just one of those things I always want to go to and just never managed to get there I know but you know.
Try try everybody try and go see them they think in there out there all four days so.
The other thing that shouldn't be a secret but.
I think sometimes kind of is is the art show because you know that's another thing where it's like I kind of.
Try and make time to get there I don't always get there.
You know there's a lot of cool stuff there's just you know you can kill a little bit of time wandering around and it's usually relatively.
Cool in there yeah so here's the big secret then if you're going to if you're,
somebody who wants to if your autograph collector or art show Person,
go during the parade that is not a secret but it is a secret.
Sprained as it as a seasoned person you probably have seen the parade,
a few times at this point in the reality is not that there's always something cool in something new that's in there but at some point as it again is it as someone who's been.

[22:05] Multiple years that would be a good time that would be one of those things you could probably miss as a.
As I wouldn't tell a newbie to miss it but I would tell maybe an old me to miss it right well here's the thing is,
what we're looking for in in the convention changing from,
are you so I'm sorry new guy name again way so.
Even though if I need roofers in G just really nguc.
You know the stuff that you want you know we were just saying the stuff we like to see all the time has that changed even off of 5 years because I've been doing this for like 19 well.
I mean there's only like one person that I have to see it every year and it's my favorite,
author Anna Jim Butcher books I love them all so I make a point to always go to see him and then after that I try something new I'm totally going to.
Going to go.
And check out the science track now but yeah I try to just to experience more stuff a tip that.

[23:36] I had because my first like 2 years I was kind of intimidated but just to go down and.
And hop in the game and you'll meet some people it's fun everyone school and I was going to scared to go down I think I start it it was at the Hilton,
the Helton dungeon yes,
and I finally went there and I met some cool guys and we now talk all the time and game and stuff it's a good time so it's a good tip. I would say.

[24:11] That's a great.
You know a lot of a lot of the Conchords are our Gamers anyway but but as again as is a seasoned person seeing every single panel is necessarily because you let that game is going to take up time.
You know an inch you've seen a lot of the same panels it's a different opinion but spend some time as in the gaming room which is something that you know even I have not I've not done.
That's because you can't find it.
You can afford to spend a little bit of time down there because you know it's it is is Conn's probably actually.
Short of going back to your hotel room is probably the most relaxing thing you can do at conwright.

[25:03] What an I also think what is the things you were saying there too is you know I also think a lot of people.
In-N-Out this has been my experience throughout Khan and it 22ish years at some point.
Is everybody when I'm not everybody the majority of people are ecstatic to be there.
They are ecstatic that other people love or enjoy or even are interested in talking about maybe they don't even know about it but hey we'll talk about it tell me why I should be watching Gravity Falls.
The cartoon tell you love it tell me why you don't love being able to do that and find any people this is this is this is where we going to kick out folks.
I don't feel guilty about it and that's you shouldn't either so yeah.
But that's where we are and it's wonderful it's so much fun and and you're going to find you going to meet new people as you said Kevin met people now you game with.
Can't tell us a little bit about so we even though we're talking about really season folks you're one of those Anne's mentees ta.
Oh alright well I started kind of I was interested about about.
Dragon Con and I found your podcast is great you know and I heard her episode and I heard about her and.

[26:36] And Kevin bachelder and Kim who's empress and about this new beat or thing and I was like cool when I got.
Eye contact is an I talked to her and she's like yeah you know stop it at or and I went and it was really cool because.
You know when I when I got there I had no idea where like the other two.
The other two hotels are so I needed like tour we had all five hotels and hey this is Ray this is aware that that is and it helped that a lot and now whenever I,
hot people tell people to come and stuff like I make it a point to always try to stop at the tour it.
Even now play I'll stop I'll say hi to Pete people and then I'll.

[27:36] Go off but I make it a point now to always go to help out me and you guys,
I need the podcast man until I found her that's great that's a great story Andrew is there anything I would.
The you would say a newbie shouldn't do that you would expel you tell somebody that is experienced should do another words newbie shouldn't try this but hey old guys.

[28:08] Wow look at question that's why they pay me the new dollars.
They spend so well in the dealers room.
Go to the dealer going to the dealers room on a Saturday in the middle of the day that's something I would not suggest any new person.

[28:33] I I don't know maybe it's it's my own personal bias because.
Don't really cosplay at all but I think if you're just starting out at DragonCon you probably want to limit your cosplay just because there's so much else going on I think you'll get.

[28:53] Wrap your ear your ear you're going to miss either the convention or you're going to.
You know miss your cosplay so I don't I don't know if that makes sense but oh no it certainly does it's it's sort of the thing of well I know that people go to cosplay butts.
If it's your first time.
You probably want to spend some time come and getting to know the the con but as an older again it goes back to the same thing with it as the game room where.
You can afford to spend the time.
Not being in a panel not being seeing guests because we're not being in the dealers room because you kind of seen it all and you're kind of going to know what your what your your Vibes going to be in General Tso.
Or Richard what your interests are going to be in general the ethicon so spending time and in Cosplay you know honestly that the probably is not a bad idea from from just I don't want to ever discourage a May from nakas playing but.
But being going out your first time in in Cosplay especially.
If you aren't geared towards what the level of Cosplay is at DragonCon cuz it is.
It is next level stuff in in most cases.
Intense about it and I think it's great that we have both of those you know but.

[30:25] Yeah yeah again I mean it's it's finding your level and what works for you,
and it is hard to do that if you've decided I'm going to do to costumes a day for 4 days and,
you know that's gas oh my gosh yes I would agree because on something like that because then you're changing and when do you change,
hopefully you're showering in between yeah yeah yeah like I would say.
Stress yourself out I can come with a plan you have to do something like that like enjoy it take it in I mean you only get your first time of DragonCon ones.
And it's it's an experience than just my Wanda likes soak it in so I couldn't could imagine somebody coming for the first time and having my.
Five different.
Yeah yeah I posted the meme about you one just doesn't pack for DragonCon that's on the I just posted that but,
yeah I mean I've scaled mine way back cuz it's like I would steampunk it up and now that we've had a Peter Capaldi I can pull that off now so I don't have to,
is there something rocks that you would say a newbie shouldn't try but if you're if you're season give this,
you know what give give give some of the DJs a chance it's there are some really good rave DJs.

[32:02] Show up late late to try it I mean I know people like all the sound and stuff like that won't get ear plugs.
You know you can still hear it the sound systems,
in Dragon Con Africa so really if you're older you know give some of the concerts at Rhino everyone's like all it's past my bedtime all this is your last hurrah,
ditto for the summer Summer's ending now all sudden winter is coming holidays stuff like that so.
ASL so.
Rocks I think on that too I think a lot of people like I would never be interested in the Rave I have no idea if I would be or not I am asleep I am not going to feel right.
I said you think I said something else so what.
The drum circle yeah I mean I'm Circle.
I don't know the Hyatt no no it's the Hyatt yeah that's always covered.
Subway's covered I know it's always covered but is that where the drums are cleanses and I,
warehouses are the smoking areas and they do that in some of them are inside especially where the very lower level like when you would get into the parking garage now where the it sounds like the.

[33:47] And 4 years is the hacky sack after hours has not been what okay people we need to bring those back if I need to bring a hacky sack.
I would put I'm not kidding we would play for once all the little you know Concourse concerts are done hacky sackers would be yet.
And the coolest thing is there's a picture of me as a hobbit hacky sacking it was awesome.

[34:14] Stayed up but that's just mean you know somebody thinks too and another thing is people always ask me I will so where do you find the parties and I'm like.
I'm a I'm asleep I don't know where the parties are but there are lots of them just one that I would not say to do that as a newbie don't wonder by yourself.
You don't know where you going so that would be one thing I would say don't do if you are a newbie because I think.
You got to be careful you know unfortunately if you're a newbie to I saw this on the DragonCon over 40 is.
Really careful on your drinking.
Because here's the thing if you're if this is going to be your first time that you're going to get totally blitzed you're going to do it wrong.
And I posted how you're going to get it wrong you're going to buy crap alcohol,
I stuff that's too fruity and stuff like that you're going to drink too fast and then you're going to get sick and then your neighbor lady,
who says get off my lawn after she had a drink she's going to go buy you a case of Gatorade don't want to spend that money this year so be careful on your drinking,
Rockside that's a really good example though exactly of God this learn from the people who have been there on this one but you know.
That is something in the end it is kind of like oh my god really no don't do that.

[35:48] I actually missed the whole fun fast because I was helping someone who was.
Gill let's just ask.
Yeah I think the other thing too I would ever say an end is don't just kind of wander around not knowing where you going to go totally at 2 a.m. in the morning if your new be.
Find a friend to go with that is.
So your mother will sleep at night or whatever but yeah don't don't do that and if you're wondering and you find,
I ate a photo know who's all in who has a ginger beard and everything he could be your friend and just ask him which way to where your hotel is.
He's up all the time I'm amazed you guys no no no.
And the staff members to I mean if you're lost and hammered if you find a staff member like to help you out.
Yeah and we will tell you what color are Landers are as soon as we know that we don't know them yet so but as soon as we do you guys will know.

[37:08] How will they know,
because it'll be all over the dragons hindsight saying the same color window staff okay,
I mean yeah it's not always like no it's just yeah you know.
Here's the thing I think so let me ask you guys this if you.

[37:39] What is something you think you know it's okay let's let's put it this way it is.
2 p.m. on Sunday you are.

[37:51] Tired okay you've been going strong Thursday Friday Saturday your little tired now.
What are where would you go other than like a hotel room or somewhere like that where would you go to people-watch or find a place to be like.
I just I don't want to tell you this cuz cuz Cosette and I found this last year.
Role do it anyway we will anyway and it was this it was the exact pointed out so it was it was a Sunday.
No one goes to the Ritz-Carlton if you want somewhere quiet.
To talk but that little front bar is perfect.
You know what that's actually that's exactly example that is a perfect example yet maybe.
You know there won't be the crowd of of of Dragon Con that's near the con I never really gone off.

[39:01] Site but I love the Hilton at a light on it every other or every light Baba blah bateria.
That's cool that's cool it's always not too crowded how to adjust,
hi Julie just Retreat to my hotel room,
not the hotel room I will say that there's a,
pretty good restaurant across the street from the highest on Peachtree Street,
my wife doesn't want me to give away.
No no it is this is it this is an upscale nice restaurant I mean you will spend some money but it is quiet and it is very nice.
Oh is it oh when it raises also good as well neither a lot really good rest.
That's the other thing too is also do walk outside sometime don't just stay in those hotels,
their Atlanta has amazing restaurants and amazing other things that are around and if you have time to home.
You know where where are great people place to watch you no place to people-watch is couple places one is the smoking area right out of the Hyatt.

[40:34] Next to the closed pool.

[40:37] Yeah but the thing is is actors go out you know I guess go there and they.
Take a smoke and stuff so so the you know what those weird lying that lion sculpture heading into the back end of the Marriott,
yeah Jeff Rock the ER front whatever that is that's dad is an awesome place to sit and just people-watch.
And yet in a night I've done that I've done that it's fun you know for like an hour or so and if the weather holds up looks like probably being nice.
They probably pretty nice.
There's there's a potential of of rain several days but but it looks like I didn't exactly.
Looks like a hive 85 I think it's the highest against over the four days if you go outside bring umbrella,
you going to try to go back and forth in a couple of places I'd bring a poncho and takes up less space and doesn't poke people in the eye but that's just me.
What is okay so that's another good thing what is in your bag that you wouldn't think would be in a newbie's bag.
What are you what are you carrying with you that normally a first-time Congo doesn't carry.

[42:06] Extra charger I know I didn't like what I was going to say fingernail clippers.
Those are reducer handy.
Why it's really weird the minute you get a hangnail all sudden that catches on everything.

[42:28] Okay Droid crazy and and it seems like that happens to me and the thing is if you have a stray hey you know a straight you know thread and it's in it's good to help if you're cosplaying the house.
You know that you can cut fabric I thought you were going to bring it up and saying that if you are like you know you can make a cosplayer friend for life by just having that,
well there's that yeah that's not a bad reason people that hangnail you don't want to try and buy it off with your,
especially at Khan cuz again there's a lot of people there if they've touched on a things you can't you can't know what you have touched.
Yes now that I'm a germaphobe or anything but again that's the last several podcast but the dual pack of them.
What's it called Lee help me out here.

[43:33] Even though would you say.
I'll get you flounder a minute or two and then I was going to help but you decide to go you decide to go down the hallway in and talk to us from there.
What are your other thing I think it's helpful to carry sometimes as a cup because while there's water available they usually put out a little teeny tiny cups,
it's good to have something that you can fill up.
Bring bring your own yet bring your own silk up guys you're going to see it all around please hydrate please hydrate.

[44:15] Yeah even like a Tervis or you know one of those cuz those cups that you can have a cap on.
With you know the store or whatever and then later can be used for other things besides water.
What else would that be.
Poor adult beverage pouring water into other people's eyes as they get burned by the the brightness of my charm.
I don't know.
That when I turn your back.
Alright so I carry like.
Trail mix snack something small something really unobtrusive some chocolate for instant energy I do carry a water bottle of some sort.
That's refillable let's see what else do I care nope.
I do and I carry paint pens and of course your phone let's see if you have a business card bring business cards just in case let's see.

[45:46] Send it again if you could grab some.
Paper towels so you have those because if it's not if it's not like a thousand degrees you know then you know it's raining and you can buy Poff,
you know so because not everyone is a common Hotel some of us are often Hotel so there is some walking involved,
oh okay if your new if you're for whatever reason and you decide to where you no shoes you haven't broken into or you haven't broken in,
Even if you're wearing shoes you have broken and might need them.
Cuz they'll be like yet.
Socks change in time cuz it's it's hot and it's wet and it's whatever and it would have been one of my yeah not going that down that's for you right now.
But no I mean I think that's a lot of stuff to I mean I think I was thinking of something and then it went away call.
Got chapstick or whatever whatever moisturizing ChapStick and little a little tube of the hand lotion.

[47:19] If you're in a hotel there's lotion right there grab it I'm not trying to say use lotion instead of showering but some of these rooms you can start feeling a little dry and that's not a bad thing either.
And then hairspray and I always have that in my hotel room I mean there's lots of little things that business card.
I would say even if you are non fandom ish and I know this sounds crazy bring some business cards if you have them,
even if what I do something that is totally non fandom,
I am actually met people who do other things like I do and we've exchanged business cards you don't know who you're going to meet I have one person who actually has a gas said oh you can't work there and I did not hear it is here's my car.
And she was just like,
absolutely ecstatic about it so yeah I mean it's just kind of fun and and do that it's it you might meet somebody who actually have a great job have a great opportunity you never know.
Yeah went to one of the things,
it's too probably too late now but just to print of course rocks rocks and probably shoot me in the head and second visits cheap cards if you're if you're doing taking over good,
taking pictures,
my buddy is Shag who used to coming to DragonCon he's taking a couple years off but he's taking unique ecards,
and back we're doing a lot of posting of of cosplayers and what not he would hand out the cars that people that you took pictures of Tiffany into the Handler so they knew where to get the.

[48:59] To see the photos in the future even though you know we weren't doing professional photos or anything the these cosplayers do like to see,
you know their work and where they can find it so even if even if you have your own you know website you're talking to somebody about it,
ditto having a little car there's a hey yeah this is where you can you can find more info yeah that's a great networking tool,
postcard the start of Pasay for most things these days but but here when you're talking about massive amounts of people and there's no way you're going to sit there and exchange telephone numbers and what not it's it's.
It's really cool it's really cool idea can I have a you know I got to get dark hearts are still have the same.
I don't know 500 I think we ordered several years ago so I've still got a few left.
No I didn't know I've been saying you are those that don't know rocks is a is a imprinting snob,
well you know I used the company I was going to buy but I went over today cuz I'm like I have I need handouts for tomorrow.
They're like DragonCon yes let's get to the towards the end of this we're not going to do the game Lee just so you know,
just because this a lot of people here can you take a long time but Kevin can you tell us if there is there anything you're going to be attending this year that.

[50:35] That you're really excited about against.
The mechanical masquerade always a good time.
And a new career I'm now a web developer some go to,
I need the techy stuff like is it a new track actually cuz I saw it on the app let me see what the name of the trick yes really,
enterocytes not new.
From Audi of advice from rocks I'm going to.
Go to the science stuff now or I'm going to try to and I think that's a probably impact.
Con right there you know that's a lot of Steven grenade doctor.
Who is in who is in charge that is is is pretty awesome and he has a lot of fun stuff in the science crack.
That goes beyond just in a regular boring old science boo I mean yay.

[52:04] Scientific name I am interested in the.
Also the height fantasy track to doing the night I love that party I got it.
That's awesome what about you.

[52:36] I was actually you know what I'm done.
It's running.
I will be running a diplomacy game on Saturday night so if you want to come have your friends in the back.
I know you don't I've met you you don't like diplomacy at all rocks monsters theater sir I am a floor I County mediator oh my God help us all.
I know the Japanese a whole lot about Florida food.
That's why I'm good you know they think.
Yeah sorry but yes diplomacy and none of you did anything you want none of you do this is true.

[53:34] Sorry nobody gets anything sorry wrong wrong rocks you're trying to get everybody everything.

[53:45] No no no Mai tari here's the thing I always have to withhold the idea of problem-solving so I've actually found a workaround about,
so I just ask questions all the time and all the sudden people like.
Yeah if we did this you're there you go so anyway so.
Surrender what is so besides the palomacy is there anything else that you're looking forward to this year.

[54:15] I don't know that I would have to look at the app I think I'm double and triple schedule myself for just about every hour of the convention says that pull up that I'm sure that will work itself out.

[54:30] Because you know one thing falls through door all of a sudden I decide hey this is the thing I want to do right now then I'm said to ask you this too because I forgot to meant to mention this,
you raised a child through DragonCon.
And how is it changed from the time that you you know this is he was a little munchkin to now is it how was your experience changed mean is it.
Obviously you've got more free time but.
It was the things that you were doing originally that you would suggest for parents of of of Geeks to do that you know versus what you're doing now is an s,
as a free adult well you know it was it was it was interesting because.

[55:20] When he was very small we just.
And told him around where I went and then they were number of years when he was young where he didn't come he went.
And spent time with his aunt and they went camping and then there are a number of years where.

[55:45] He spent time with other people and I was volunteering so.
It's yeah it's it's it's always been kind of you know.
It's only the last five or so years that I've really done the convention with him and not been volunteering and.
So it's.
Is there anything is there anything as as a parent that you would suggest.
They keep an eye out for I guess as.
Dragon Con that that you either to avoid or that you know they should go to.

[56:37] I think you know obviously the parade is a big draw because that's you know that's very visually.
You know that's that's really good for the kids and I think they enjoy that a lot you know I think.
Gaming gaming is good there you know I've definitely some games that are good for kids of all ages.

[57:06] You know what just mostly find out what your child is interested in being alive I would spend time every morning saying hey these are some of the things that.
I'm interested in or that I think you might be interested in and what.
What do they want to go see and then plan your day like that cuz there's you know stuff on the Kaleidoscope track than in.
Kids are interested in their stuff on the science track that he was interested in you know it's as well as different fandoms I mean we.
We raised him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer so he was at least somewhat familiar with that one that was.
And got me theirs.
Goodly interesting is.
This is where you have to decide who is the parent in charge because I.
One of the two of us could no longer volunteer and that became a big thing so yeah.
Probably Regina's listening to this Andrew and you're in trouble cuz she going to find you and you don't.
Jennifer around anymore,
you want somebody else to be here because I think a part of him is like it was always fun to see it through their eyes it was fun to do it that way.

[58:46] To be there that can be your excuse,
and okay so early.
I'll just to say I know you'll be busy so yeah somebody to show them around or anything that you're really excited about this year.

[59:12] Rodger that you're looking forward to seeing you.
Well I moderating with moderating Derek on The Warehouse 13 panel,
cuz it was so cool couple years ago Lee and I were able to he just showed up at one of the panels and I was able to,
you know interview I'm a little bit while she had to sort something out for him so that was really cool I doubt he'll remember me but you know,
that's okay you know what I just remembered and I took this a couple years ago Erin Gray is back and she does a Tai Chi class.
And I took it a couple years ago it was a lot of fun so I'm going to see about getting into that if I have time and I have yet to hear anyone who either went to that Tai Chi class or Virginia Hayes I think she does meditation.
That did not think that was it was time and money cuz those are things that cost a little extra money.
Well spent yes that was actually a really good class at age of all my life.
Let's go.

[1:00:28] Yes go ahead rating go to the people that come see you on.
Let me guess I have let's see so we have make the bad man stop.
Research you got to do it I was added to that so it's authors and she was really kind enough to say yes she's like oh my God we need somebody like you solve this.
We're on that boiled fables I am moderating that so it's the changes of fairy tales over the during the Victorian era.
So that is Friday Saturday is a moderating mr. robot and Scorpion ethical hacking lost Worlds the science fiction of armor,
Conan Doyle that is Saturday Sunday is our lost the wake,
classic Doctor Who series on Warehouse 13 at 4,
and I'm on a panel spiritualism and the Occult in the Victorian times and we have our need coffee fun fast and I'm not sure if I'm on the 10.
Prisoner 50th Anniversary panel I might be and then we end it all with big band stop.

[1:01:59] Yeah and that's a fair amount of failing you're doing it is I know it's a love.
But I think marocs one of the things you and I've talked about before and.

[1:02:15] And another people will say this is that,
if you've been going to DragonCon for a couple of years and you enjoy maybe moderating or being on panels or volunteering or whatever you do I know some people who say they really don't feel like driving on started until they've actually done the blood drive.
That's one of the things they schedule if they can't on Thursday or Friday and because that makes them feel like I've I did a little bit of my part.
So I think when you start getting into those kind of routines it's also kind of awesome as an oldie as an to get off my lawn person to moderating and blue point of this one's out when we were doing.
What makes a villain you actually turn to me and she goes to show us up.
So am I like it so it's it's gets me off the streets before DragonCon.

[1:03:13] And I do I sneeze because I do love her but yeah I was like dude you just like so much work on this oh my God.

[1:03:23] Stop alright so Lee do you want to add anything to this oval.
Me know that's that's on my next step you know I'm real nervous about it but yet the next step I guess you just show up and,
August enough that's how I got into it,
hey Lee what's up John yeah well and when I don't remember your name it's not you it's honest to God it is not you it's my stupid but yeah and now I have a picture that that'll help me a lot,
but yeah I know I think there is some stuff like that and you want to get involved and help,
dude if you can if you can moderate a panel if you can actually I love it when I look at in an audience,
if I'm like the even doing the Q&A for a big panel when I can look at and see a face I know it makes me feel like oh okay we're alright we're good that person came to this panel it's going to go well we're all okay.
It it helps to me see familiar faces.

[1:04:33] Cool well um I do want to I did forget to include my Kaleidoscope tracks when I was I am doing to Kaleidoscope tracks this year look for it on the app if they're both.
I was doing three now I'm just.

[1:04:53] Yeah yeah no no I'm doing so so the yeah so check out the classic of track as well. I will be there one of them is on keeping your kids safe on the.
In the internet's so there's that which is an adult's,
done that more mature it's an adult themed but it's more mature topic is Jim,
there will be discussions of bad things that happened on the internet that you probably don't want your kids know about just yet but anybody else conversation.
Have fun have fun that's great now organized but flexible.
Yes what.
Are we sitting and there's ratings and comments so when you go to an as an old be especially we want to hear this but is a Nuvi 200.
Remember I don't care how long you been at the panel's understand that there are certain things that I li or any track director or any panelist or any moderator doesn't have control over.
I cannot make people that put you in line do their job that would be an email that would be something you send to somebody.
Or if you want you think they should be doing with their job but yes no please rate and review give us constructive.

[1:06:25] Let me say that again please give us constructive criticism let us know what was wrong let us know how it could have been fixed.
Last night as well I don't care if it was a phantom or a guest panel,
or I think there's even a way to do some ratings and review Wings in the game room or at least send some feedback to them.
If you love something in the game room let them know if you love something in one of the dance parties I know the dance parties will have it because they're all on the app.
So put them down this that's what's awesome and it's so great and please please please do that because we want we want to make it better I will give you a lot of examples of when I listened and done it but one of the most.
Like boom This was oh my God why didn't I think of this earlier when I'm doing a fandom panel and we're asking questions and people couldn't hear the question.
And it's somebody said please have a handheld mics we can just pass around and ask questions and and you know it'll help with the dialogue.
Dear Lord in heaven I have no idea why I didn't think of that you know 15 years ago and it was brilliant and I'm now done it I think this will be the third or fourth year.
And it really does help and yeah so we do listen I see all your comments yes.

[1:07:48] All your comments the track directors Who You Are.
What does we have been but we do we really want your rate and review right in her view and just remember that sometimes.
I might not have any control over it but I will share that information I shared it repeated late so let me know.
Bright if it guests can't remember where she's been their mind.
I did not what did I do know it wasn't has nothing to do with you has done don't bad-mouth anybody,
that sure is anyway.

[1:08:39] Sorry Andrew you're saying something.

[1:08:44] I was just going to put in my final advice would be to get some sleep there and there's no,
there's no way that you will see everything at DragonCon that's why they have one every year and you'll enjoy it a lot more if you get.
You know at least four or five or six hours of sleep a night not during the entire Khan night.
Actually don't we haven't talked about that but that's kind of the rule 4 to 6 hours of sleep.

[1:09:18] Chew meals and buy meals I am talking real food people okay John you going to need to put that up at some point I can't believe you haven't already but to me.

[1:09:28] Taco Bell is not a meal stop it but like something that one at least you sit down and do not eat as you're running to the next panel.
And then one shower with soap where day per day,
heard a one shower so you know you know DragonCon sometime called that the three to one rule I'm not going to call it 3 I'm going to say 4 to 6 I'm actually going to say 8 cuz I'm old but yeah you sleep.
Eat two decent meals guys really and honestly a decent meal can be a PB&J sandwich and an apple I'm not I'm not trying to say like go and sit down and restaurant it doesn't have to be that but tray real meal.
What was that Checkers Checkers is not a real meal we have this discussion every year and that's why you go and I'm not there but those.
Welcome to 25 years of marriage fixed right there but yeah so those are the kind of things and seriously guys Axe Body Spray.

[1:10:38] Does not equal shower.

[1:10:42] Standing outside and letting you're letting the sun warm your beautiful body in the winds Breeze over it does not equal a shower.
Please you going to be naked with swim so.

[1:11:00] Okay so Lisa is Lisa stand outside in the rain with with naked with so I want to make sure that we get back on I don't think they'll let you get away with that one.

[1:11:17] Me I would have to say.

[1:11:21] Just do not get stressed or in like a hurry and just enjoy the event.
Pack it's crazy it's crazy awesome this and just take it in and enjoy it because I mean.
It's not sometime alright well thank you all for joining us another one.
Got stuff to do I've got to I got to tear down this whole entire set here to carry it over to DragonCon with me at least parts of it as a timely.
Can you think that they were going to schedule somewhere I've got a hole in it.
Okay keep doing this over the podcast,
until next time.
For I got you a list here rocks Andrew Kevin and Lee this is John saying peace.

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