Where'S Thor'S Copter?

2017, William And Spencer
Simply Comics


[0:00] Any games on here what about here's a very special production of the niki my son has stolen my comcast equipment and conspired with.
His body is spencer to produce a comedy about a podcast series called simply comics.
And yeah there you go so is there episode zero i should point out that the facts and information are at as accurate as possible from two teenage boys after the.
Release of for red rock so this was recorded belts about three or four days after the first weekend of four.
So sit back enjoy in one meter driving goes too far back you won't be able to see the cars and from you but enjoy the episode zero of simply comics.
Please bitch.
Caution many spoilers away to head proceed at your own risk don't say we didn't warn you.

[1:06] Music.

[1:15] When spencer something comic go go go go go go.

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[1:25] Hello and welcome to exudes zero i think is of course the same account starcast in your host william and this is.
Spencer do we simply complex so the red box thing all that movie was awesome i will do that so much we like opening night enjoyed it.
That was just a great movie saying the first thing that a few violations a just cause i just.
Is that cordless drill my favorite character that everything.
Do you record was horrible areas on my garage like you like the thing is mixed with like rocket right to the heart like i just wanted to watch my guys seen him before i.
Can a where exactly like you don't have credit hulk storyline okay and that's where it but i never really pay much attention.
And this is was amazing yeah yeah guarantee of them how nj.
In i'm going work because like.
The other than the nightly ton of lines for the fuel line the did have were all amazing if.
I mean every time the shoes on screen he just have not like being on my so just like kill we i want that so much and are they that.
And his girlfriend what was the nyse niece or something.

[3:02] I can remember but it services and and he get no wide tire you but like you just so hilarious like the white guy that had like this brutal hot cute that have like it so yeah.
Is he was hilarious and then on hella she was put on her hits your eye color dangerous.
When we with the pony air so all i.
Buy a branch and the woman who played her was just.
Absolutely terrified make for car cubic antler years were just like actually terrifying like.
I feel like i should feel like funny moments yes there is actually the.
The thing hell is in the first original for me they showed a shot of old in the room or trophy room and.
As the head of christ is in me got late sitting on the nearby table and everyone was like freaked out there like hey what's going on with the second video cuz will feel sorry happy when so.
As a hello was walking through and she said pushed over the commented fake it like really like,
it was like a funny moment but still let the time was like clearing up what details which is a marble does really well it seemed like a bit of a cop out but he was done really well.

[4:32] Yeah yeah i just world you a great thing and like i gotta say it like.
What were the dark world that was a flop like,
i know a few people that my nose lately but i gotta say that was not my favorite movie salon spoiler for the right not to get taxes if price via at them regain their for their,
so cute late at night and the people who so i would have a surgery.
What time are you okay like third or the fire dvd in i can.
Okay i thought personal starting off the movie where on stores cheetah has been around talking to in it that whole scene was just hilarious and it's weird cuz like.
The guy seems like super powerful and so and your like there gonna start with this guy like what can be more terrifying dude that would really had a bunch of demons just like around like.
Attacking the lower and then he just wasn't being after all power to the ground.
And she just wanted her from which i thought was weird because i thought that you was good like that mean intact going to the.
I do feel like these to the main plot line was a pic a cliche and like start off with the hero that is just doing some i'm really freaking awesome.

[6:05] And then and there is a new threat that is a lot more dangerous and strip yeah hero of all.
And the whole family radius world receive is that.
Like i show that was a lot like the first or the which i really do way to but um.
Even though i did like actually they had took the first and the end like.
Normalize it which made it like ten thousand times better than when i don't they just like they up the ante they have like.
A bunch of character development plot lines and like a bunch of,
branching out please affect the whole and you would total part that there isn't the changes as far as the yeah,
from space in the nco yes on i know that the train to think toward what is real and.
Twenty three yeah sure it and i can put them okay what that desire is other trustees of.
I believe that were in a three right now and um i think either of worry he's breathing he's were or for a place for face five is going to be on.
The training out words like the latch deeply betrayed me like coffee the national where the train bridge out is like the river some were incensed having pretty sure was.
Which i mean door it was like a perfect example that you can serve as proof that there are.

[7:40] More sentient civilizations even in more than anything like there is a galaxy.
Yeah i mean you thing is that on.
Eight there right now really feel like fell like he was like a garden of gas in the me to make the music the poppy colors like that you were was just like.
Be insane it was like it is almost like a like incorporated a lot of the teams that they talk.
From garnet hill incorporate that and where i am not which.
I think that's great like for sure i'll let you but i have four was probably my least favorite avenger and no hot guys.
What people was deleted and your play c primate lee's surrender.
As in the current movie reviews is iron man because he just got camp no i just got boring to me,
what i think of the train go for that lol not boring i have to go to the button to turn your for more responsible hero is if you go all the way back to arm and one,
and actually i meant to,
he did a lot of stuff that was just like really on in your responsible you reveal like daddy am i the first of the and now it greater like he was a cool area split.
I just think that he's really trying to become a better man.

[9:13] I knew that is beverage engineers contractors were yup so i mean they're china cannot claim off like screen and they can like not forget or more like,
like on the left important character paul.
I have a friend that played enough strength find a way to bring him out so he he they problem had i meant invite a new member to the vendors,
Where yeah as it just recently we watch eternal going and like and like in one of em like extra stuff like this url on the great things about having was is out on.
Or is it not come home and yeah.
Is that like finding the chasm because of jan just the right to provide personality foreign goes off even remember spider man but any thing they've found out that.
Against her tummy just you like gymnastics and was or a crate of beer and stuff so like humanly pop it uses as spam and that person can humanly be.
I am i could not imagine like he.
Is actually spider man like i can't imagine anyone fitting room better than him just like robert downey jr filling the will arnett which i mean.
It's like perfect yes he was the one that introduced binary and in the end you i want em producers of handling this and um all the scene they were planned and is doing all xe gi stuff but didn't they realize.

[10:49] Yeah over his head to come in he would you roll better lately like he.
Um i heard about this like get the favorite don't.
I actually didn't making a movie like apparently actually like super dangerous like running on the metal rod to get jump off of it and something.
I cleaned it why could do that can i'm like terrified of it self and you have no chill you want to work but this is like the perfect size and.
Back to regular like i really tele case an explanation on why he kind isn't just my health center is losing control because like an angel tron since last time we saw.
It seems like it is why is religion control of when he turned all your but he's always angry that which it wasn't like i notice even when.
Can the right wing is better way too much everything will seniors and there's always at least a little green in saints.
Yeah he the thing is is that on in the first round usually when the first introduced in like an black widow went to the house he was like.
In control use condoms you use like i don't even know where it was but you berkman dr you like perfectly fine use it all the black he hasn't been the whole for i think they said a year or two or something.

[12:25] They avenger is.
He turns the whole to time and out one with an accident and next always on purpose but um which day yet so you probably fine like what you with a perfectly fine.
You like it was like a one and done thing is like okay after that that using never have you back in.
But as you can see the avengers age culture.
Has like struggles like returning to his normal their better self can you like hurting people and he doesn't want to.
And like the year after that he turned into the hulk he like on the green jacket headphones in listening classical music concert down which like it really shows you how much like.
Like he just doesn't have a handle on it powers anymore and an end in this movie.
Every single thing you just be walking down the street to the car and you just be like.
Oh my gosh i can't i can't get stressed out use like a total wreck yeah which.
Yeah i mean he been holding for two years like imagine that yeah that would be awful.
I'm wondering on his like he had no control like a whole just have to raise the and do whatever which you know is probably won't either months in iraq was when he uses like.
You wanna do i am in and it is joseph playing and thinks interval yeah and his dislike for flux the whole put on.

[14:05] I really enjoyed held doctorate have had this like relationship would find is in the comments they also have the.
Sorbonne here and the both like what won the warriors in each he's a hoke who they both like.
They are extremely good in battle situations but did you have this like.
Like connection which really shows drug store right now and i just can't wait like what they do a better future ps you know she's probably gonna come like a more prominent character and she's like.
Actually from a coworker friend the one thousand yen one thing that i really like is how the um revenge or is as a column those like with each other.
Yes as a rule i have for my treated banner as well as how you treat hulk.
Yes just yeah i would like to which on i definitely like you better than the other guy to like four for gas even though you're going.
Thank you like we have been there is all about in what's bad about it is like you like it hold about national dog what about snacks so it's really funny how you it.
Who all flesh eating it but he really liked it all that which i thought was really late on.
Yeah gonna is barely hold they don't like each other they really don't.

[15:37] Lol definitely not on which i thought was really cool because like that such an unlikely pair up like it seem really anything about it in like the american civil war like obviously.
I mean it happens there happens like.
Like sort of feud going on the honeymoon yet at home that chilling and the very beginning you've been using me on but hoping for.
Like you've really never seen me work together like in is the capacity cuz i think they would always be fighting but like not working on battlefield.
But not necessarily together like yell like in the games individual tron were there in like the snow area for our was will it.

[16:28] Play store and can't have like this senior moment were like floor like the owner on is like on the shield shield and it is james shock wave and you're the album.

[16:43] Black widow is trying to keep talking from el killing everyone as we're.
There are two um that's really think when we.
When were it just kept on saying something real quick i hate it trying to copy down he knew that wasn't gonna work i don't know why he would try that.
Can i legally black widow try better eight and you have like what is that was he going to do.
It's it true he ain't.
Like i really like how they had with him when you called actually gets movies but this is a really like the one in the well wish to like.
I feel like you hood like just enjoy it on its own without being a part of like it beat up or i mean obviously like how the hole get there how did for get there like who is loading but like.
I was just is really enjoyable on its own totally held up yeah yeah i feel genesis or hole in the movies.
It doesn't need it when i have needed to be part of the stage is working story.
And we would have it like in like you things like how it will be like why the to where think low-keyed take alive or dead and why is.
The whole guy i can't have to hold her clinically that like is really good and will only isolate hell to deal as lights that had.

[18:18] Three the parents is the really important or dr strange and odin.

[18:25] Oh yeah i mean who wouldn't like you had no ideal really wish you was like talking bad feeling again like towards the end.
One it seems that all was lost the war was like.
You know how much everyone to go into this like totally and i mean does he have small them we did use weather warning okay on spoiler alert,
four where is and why yeah on and like i love has had to cancel circle dislike that going eyepatch.
Is it open on games two hundred is not my score one thing that was.
Probably the doesn't make a plate and i am gonna climax was well the thing of it as a um.
Only one week moment were here where i'm sure is just like facing possibly def.
And overwhelming odds and an situation where he can really see is the solution to.
And go incomes and and and get a little flash drives like user for now i mean if.
It's not the as dies and replace it it will go off.
I mean i want that say so watch is it just like a really please until like the end of the movie.
What time of the words power in all like yeah i actually and that movie he was a bad guy had yeah i was the god of thunder invisible things was on his angle is is.

[20:04] Like sore technically moral and he's a god and he is so easy it is that was a real wrestler from.
No the thing is that what i need you wash my but the thing is is that he.
Is it really a god like your hero didn't say that the other two new that the that they are not god they are just people and i need,
these are people but they are pretty awesome people feeling like powerful beans thing so that we got like.
They're not immortal but did not.
Where do you know what kind of place in the twenty four point of course you punch them they're not like.
Die because lately the only like the only seen.
That only going north gods that we see guy is a spoiler oden and that's because of old age so it long enough.

[21:11] He the weird thing about that is that like i understand how he dies like how warm is in his.
Did you like die right then and there but was like always like seeing his like how do they each have you noticed like.
And in the first or maybe they have a flash back to when door is like a little kid anything like the trophy room with a little and.
And some years later he's like twenty something years old and he's like about to be crowned kinsella.
Is like how do they actually go to only each to our new yeah i want one thing that i know of nursing to buy it and no quibble about greek mythology and her because she is that.
The gods can age whatever they like so l you baby insect know what i feel like drinking i'm twenty one now if.
I mean it i don't know it got four stars or retail say anything which is why you're machine and why you know i could i have no idea but on.
Like it's kind of on it actually on marvels part to our building is like you such a prominent part of the other two tv's.
But you can see why the dick plate he had come to an end for hella to come.
So that they could john craig right rock that short please st between king so that anne yet cuz people could do.

[22:50] It is a pretty reason hell is there in the first place is because she believes.
Oh that i'm the rifle rifle and from right and for fun movie to his wife.
His wife are the only thing that is holding her back.
The reason why on all but to reveal that only was it just a piece fourteen would like in saying because you always thought of him as being like pizza for old man doesn't hurt my.
He does he go battle but he's always prepared for one on it and he just like.

[23:31] You will always be given as like the perfect key cuz he's like always there by.
Like the fact that he wasn't always like this is kind of like how people were is like was the first to the us like you know when today um.
Yo did i'm a pressure humming noise all this time but is june get as research and get.
Not yet so he went to the ice place don't.
And you like all those on frost giants and like he on a bunch of trouble for that but it's like ot was just trying to protect him that he didn't become like od.
Yeah would like you can understand why.
Come and what would be the new trend wrap up the section yeah has a question for you.
What does he do now for the and or tall but the credit scene.
The jane ship background it gave look what exactly was it okay to.
But they come out with david saying that that shit in me and thank you very which if you recall the comics is on.
And the movie a pressure plate mean that like groaning as he sits on its own fantasies shit yeah which is in new zealand or thousand shipped or raptors it.

[25:06] Yeah i used to walk better than the sales copter which is an actual thing is to just the helicopter that flies around his ankles is.
Like yeah you got a hotel sometimes it's it worth google only now.
Yeah owned it it's literally just a helicopter that's yellow and has the words sandoz on the side of it and that's it has no special powers.
Just a helicopter so it's going to that's like i would like to purchase the helicopter and a few min it is for against.

[25:49] How many co captain america here and say you can't run everywhere like i mean you can see why she eats it but come on the house just in there the on.
But i see that is there a ship and.
I love you guys heard about this but the will be twenty three on the thing is like a whole big meeting.
On where a bunch of people got to see the first trailer for in the work.
My and this girl i'm.
It's kind of like least how old horses people like videos on till someone to a few people took videos that and push on the internet and printer was gone wash but now.
But i am in some reviews of people that have it.
They said that you were in first the crashing into the windshield of the car is galaxy in which i mean if this is more toward being at the.
Like the kind of like children to be like this could be how forgot their yeah does feelings of thing.
My suv that thousand ship is going take basically the crew hostage and brunch at all of with them in that sanctuary is there for asgard.
That's kind of consist of people in the third quarter of the pizza people.

[27:25] Are you on the thing is that will please like you give the final speed he goes by and he's the test track.
On what he's in the truck hearing aid in milwaukee trying to get like grab it which if you recall the first avenger the.
My family gave will be the month down which was buried in chapter to find the test at.
Which is what led to the vendors for me in the first.
So um for her like little balls in their room will be crowded probably having dinner show it.
Eating you can call grab it but this is the real conflict is that him and will be adorable guy.
Had a sort of bones movie kind of like how they have the other movies like it never really clear if they like actually um since i do not now so.
Does this mean that will give your hand over the heart cataracts what does this mean that you can like stand fight with his brother yeah sound like a dentist and having one hand he.
Will you get to the state has are from self the other hand he is taking desert away from what's his face to join fire team and.
So that thirty can't except yeah that is so that he can't remove it from self when i get up in is that he.

[29:00] I mean that was your job in the first place to bring on santa tester act like.
It's been ballad movie billy didn't do all that great of a job or does that happened was cookie had the tester at the end.
And i can't remember the dst did get the spear.
But mine still inside which means he could've bought the pull back up savannah but instead you formal trying to take over the world and me i get that was the plan all along but like.
With the key have really if his plan has gone to he had to go over all the world would you like have given up but you baby don't.
In that pussy gotta ask yourself that would be rich mobile between them you could have on the world if he had toothpaste.

[29:59] Which passing move it weird that would give me a film that he can they don't cash it like you this person to watch on the yeah,
what kind of sale when a whistle that's right itself does out of a sign right yet is in the sun okay so.

[30:19] What type of it in the test track is very cute the wound will but you got much but just don't have the.
It's dr stay still okay because i know why the wells washing and the movie.
I thought i was the mind soon so everyone having was he would someone the junk even do whose name i can't remember five minutes ago and is using back on him and then hell look retro staying with.
Yeah the home of mine is with my,
fishing vision in that which by by vision side place,
if i'mma hectic for all in the what we live in separate division from zone and like the seagal is that has vision like hanging off of it.
In the story vision in that horrible bitch no honestly but they it is who think is that.
I feel like the my own itself.
It's kind of the most expose and the on one of them is the test right.
Don't be in inside of you but like it kinda part of it but like yes kindly get down like it and how to go.
Me and the word birthday tom purple power stone inside of the order but.
Would you like and it's kinda hard to open and they shouldn't pm.

[31:52] What is he after they shouldn't what do and he like just like he had to sleep eat machine that open it to the end of the heat like recording but um.
Okay dog grooming just recouping the casing and like got in either but now it with no luck or believe in five hundred four insane hope.
It's gonna be all that weird thing how can i retrieve all the yeah my understanding is that um.
You if you don't know bread carefully just try rip it open then the crushing part of these.
Wake me.
He i heard that the first in the war movies going to be like i do not want it said that a man was good i'm much larger scale now and go on,
and yeah so.
It can be like to stand going around your knowledge on doing today in the city like she is saying that they haven't come out and said what the fourth of anchovy is,
we that is leaking help with the reunion the words right me on the new vanilla latte is what is.
He was he is and what he was saying speaker wires which makes perfect sense the squirrels who are like me that getting bigger wars.
Are actually appear in the captain marvel movie would you like to try an have to you reveal at the end of a kid eighty where would go and rpm like a bunch of heroes are actually aliens on.

[33:35] Are green have long years on end of praline give a lot more background who the scroll bar inside captain marvel the place to ninety.
Yeah one of.
Is only a squirrels in the grey area where since it's mostly on a fantastic four and its sort of under foxes in maine and.

[34:00] The model is cheaper here thing is that i'm not exactly sure where.
Like the and you stand with me can not deal with box apparently collier happened with like to try and get back.
The fantastic four in the property has to much but they're probably lately with the weather doesn't like the entirety of twenty first century fox right yeah.
Date on their probably going to.
To like get dot be fantastic four because i mean if you have seen the recently i'm sorry for you have what's really bad on that is playing at wilson.
You know my i wish i could like actually at the back on so.
Yeah they have on that the stuff on the surprise so that they don't hurry and you marble.
Yeah not a bomb dot com is just a button on a two.
Can see in that i think the scrolls are under captain marvel territory is.
Like in the comics is this big black dick war that goes on between schools in the cream which the creator like.
Like to the people that are really neat you scrub or create um and a bunch of like people in parties calling people chri and the screen and i think the only was to create the,
three where the ones who are the people that invades new york and vendors on.

[35:35] I don't know cuz which hari in to charge the judge the car is on the creamy beige but the cream or the blue people on they were in the war with scrolls and.
The reason i have tomorrow get your powers which he hit me the have to do it in q sa and like there's a bunch of stuff but.
Hey me the craig a bunch of human powers,
i kind of want to get some ass and drink if you have been keeping up with marvels agents of shield which i have a is in which you haven't are they in humans have all.
Like ours like there bunch of humans and have the generic powers.
Due to the creamy piss on they have like a when i want it early on in like.
What kind of like the pyramids being built or something and the create.
I don't know how the game's played the dna in like regular humans and then down the line like a bunch of people inherited the straight.
I would really to the carriage inn crystal like crazy thing like it crashed into a smoke when inhaled or like whatever it is like.
Can also happen to go contact the light powers prosper and like become but no one.
And desert these people are hands because of this called being human and i'm not exactly an expert on captain marvel.

[37:12] What i'm not exactly sure she is not working she just person that like had some.
Interaction creek using is i know she was a part of the word would you be like shield putting baby you is the use.
On but the guy.
Somehow she had a run-in with a creamy increase and have greater powers deny that is sure she considered him in but yeah so.
That's not that ugly and he is under the property of mark or i think like the schools are under the property of marco.
I do for that the fucks your go through with him and because is so there can be some pretty awesome timeouts.
Oh my gosh you do not like the thing with the whole.
Hope greg brock we this the hook smash is covered here oh my gosh i would be like filing answering that matter for.
Like five it just hope nash is coming to crash into overtime hold that she clocked in.
Who do you wanna moving to one of our games night yes let's go into an actual schedule of.
Segment the moon on that for a while his.
Welcome to our goal don't like god left can you add it stays on line so i.

[38:51] Does list that actually hurt me get on your head basically i will rolled in and then i was categories and.
Will go back and forth creating with this categories.
Training so i tried what you can do i always we go to make it higher to step up i only wind up but go ahead of us.
Yeah we've totally done this before and we're dot net devil nine experiencing an error in every way to.
Okay go ahead did that by the way i did i create all these will be some know you might not be able to new what they,
and all lot with each year but not okay cover the some of the ones i really in my favor okay on the meter that we're going to japanese animating right now what are you are you have acess.
I write that nigga right now okay now now all of them are simply account with two counts related to their on there or will that we really the journey stick simply.
General stuff up everything for one thing in orlando as i give you two options.
And you get in side angle taking sign.
So okay okay that's fair so that is either shows on cartoon network or i was thirteen season real vents.
What are the plastic for something that those to the ones that we still do the thing i can do cartoon network thing be any cartoon network in the history pressure is at her.

[40:34] Okay cool he has heard hey guys but i haven't been keeping up on current yeah or hell ontario okay i'm gonna go to current number one okay so universe.
It's my fourth okay templeton covers girls.
Wait don't know depends on next week we celebrate amazon you can take our it was not one of them it.
Do you consider satanic i'll give you the point okay to print from teen titans.
Young justice blank or darker yeah yeah can take the girl we've embarrassed.
The amazing world of gumball and ten steven universe painting on reverse.
Can you tell us on you you.
As a c diet what's the scooby doo with the remote.
No no they yesterday's news to me till i swear nobody got hope to reboot but he is just asking you asshole.
Her name is doing on where are you where do you where are you right because it is windows house.

[42:06] Oh i now okay when you get me and has yeah.
Okay okay so hundred rounds of the sight of you it's okay cool.
Get myself something appears to trust me that does these often think about looking at guardian.
Lower the stuff does he owns half it's lonely while you're gone didn't you would now like i wonder what does.
If i am the one that the effect can text the way let's just f busy ounce okay that's all here yeah go ahead the markets.
Can i offer celica marble set this that's what i use the mickey mouse and friends universe.
Okay did he princes so i was again hp on.

[43:09] Meet where we forgot to grab the.

[43:14] Her sweet today for me dale's think i'm silly answers.
Dang it dies with you try again i'll give you that day room applecare remember stuff okay on.
Get me a room.

[43:33] I use glass or in the county jail in my decisions is est eight on.

[43:43] Does the owner today at work i can i don't know why not and there is one c radio there.

[43:52] Why there's one that is on the open.
I'm enjoying mean like what does one of these to the junior yeah that is easier i wish to hear six.
We got tomorrow property that's part of disney.
Is there and marble we can only goes up in category well what does no that's why is is doing the marvel universe.
What was you kind of is.
Lily marble i said marveling that you did that but don't everything marvel related the only and see you.

[44:35] No its own marvel.

[44:41] What mean they own everything is referred to see busy all of em seal is model as the most complex is on summer coming right.
The cover looks publishing ipad-only everything okay don't know extend as of now.
Oh true cell plate wait no i'm on.
Wait so okay i'll just have her on it more often make you curse and in you go ahead and speak your say six.

[45:17] Get to pick up.
Okay i am out i can leave anything in a while was i supposed to hot order will probably be his any day is a very broad category.
What time is still like um cuz does nothing was going and returning so.
Oh true dude yeah the cells are gone forever take ahead so you chose our tv sitcoms i swear there's a model seven year.
Or a few seconds again of perks fictional animal species.
Six no pc you that's where you're gonna go will freeze you work and what a case which tv sitcom that okay yeah.
Find friends how i met your mother cheers.

[46:20] The oral is not connected is is account levels so that it.
Will you have the iphone five c calm game plan eligible has told this girl annabelle article greek black it.
The middle and her family got me weak like to animated well if.
Is it going to find um okay but give to get.
First husband into a pretty for that work with the other one in each measure the night i think.
I know the shit like one tell me that there's a show called suits that is sick on arabic size acting to prove that cost you you want me to buy with that to anyone to share.
It's probably don't think i am but okay.

[47:26] Modern family full house where have high the whole.
Parks recreation the office.

[47:37] I'm not gonna god please no wait wait wait.
Did the open show where the george lopez show not really funny but i'm going to number ten like that's a thing from one hundred while the does your child.
But when the conversation took a little to don't of.
I mean when does a wonderful cut cleveland.
Yeah it's alright it from its like its not him that if.

[48:22] Set.
Yes part time.

[48:35] Who is lee i can personally as on the verge of something but yeah i can they are.
Okay on your way can you do laser hunting that was the one around lol ideal smell the internet thing might as is something that i think will be funny.

[48:55] Okay is it take a look at williams who has a little.

[49:03] Get on.
Yeah so you and so it's easier elements on the periodic table of i really should we should finish it after the concert or as a vehicle in what is with this.
Shit really want to store stuff or fantasy books allowance in detail.
Why you so why hydrants up the hill in oxygen helium.

[49:38] From podium carbon healing okay.

[49:52] I know something i cash out like it actually i know nothing okay on the greatly.

[50:03] What's your hydrogen yeah.
Okay day it never mind of the giver how that was really sure.
Boy i really am is in california if.
I'm pretty sure you're looking on know i was i have actually knew about the same right now why you on.
Yeah cool doing what on digest you see random things.

[50:38] Hey so how was your day stay here to one of the chicken farmer and the egg.
Yeah need ii knock knock.
Who's there do foo no need to cry about it man just go.

[50:58] Okay well i think it's time they today didn't person work inside but the sensor scan it.
So i just like long.
What beach you know like hyundai like to terminate growing okay cell have like okay so what i did was i put the right angles translate and split a ton of.

[51:25] I thought their counter random languages and it came out as true ranch i can do not what turtle ray which.
Purple wrench in okay he loves,
just edited it to make it to the to get her to get you home when i get there at your who'll turtle with the word that.
Slowly coming this early turn over and push her in all what were you the god of again.
Who is there that it would be like it back and correct her waffle at ugly by law to seek it for.
Or between internal just gets stuck by lightning is like a hundred god of the river nile,
remember that time i change your attitude or and chief her only got the banter between loki and on for when he's tired all the things that was done to make.
I think it turned into a cat and the cat had hot dogs and it seemed the end and beat him.
Turn it low key contact is would you the actual like thing in comics is kind of like changed up a few things.
What is a weird usa which date i have that movie called die like in sound in the war cuz the light.

[53:04] Every villain but the vendors that going up against has started like not far except for loki.
I'm not even uses whole really like i'm in one.
The dealer did i'm pretty sure our name to do died and i have pictures and i don't know that would be much aldrich killian he dead on.
As far as we know the rental said he live if your trying to come back during the war there is no peace old.
I'm sure the died catch america which soldier but not good soldier but like the government used on the att just wondering died but monkey has been in like that.
I can you know how many movie is for yeah for vendors door to the worst one i'm.
Does the lord really because late can i feel like for both of the iron man trilogy and the floor trilogy and also getting our children as much the second one is always elise memorable one for me.
At least yeah i mean i guess since you for like all the cool except for probably catch america is.
Oh yeah like yeah was greatly taking gonna think we take impressions back which is.
What you say is there for everyone with scott eleven thousand for me out the jewelry it's my least favorite drink there anyone out of the original trilogy it's family's favorite.

[54:43] Okay three hundred printer and i do not want it returned and can they get.
Yes i would get but i get it on.
Good morning you want a man okay good in glad but but there's an explosion in the third one set and the first one that true that true or.
You know who cares if it was in there is the lake for summer is all my own of that i of my fair one's all and with the fit with the giant explosions the and.
Wow what do you need to see who it is what is the cost,
all my friends would it take for two of those leaks in public school using is because of storage and the saying that happens to be explosions.

[55:46] Ask f okay well then why do you wanna move on to the next will segment.

[55:55] I think that's me always being the time where um.

[56:00] If i actually is a this wasn't the first thing and be back is that up anymore down everywhere we read anything else we had.

[56:10] Set for your fan when it is.
Why x this that yet or heat up to bat and we probably don't.
Yeah let's in the q guys for for the email nothing to inappropriate go that's what i filter out the stuff.
Yeah it's trillium is there some weirdos out there saying it up for.
It really wasn't like some icon like that insert was a here.

[56:49] I think this could be it for us saying okay okay of this is william coming up and there.
Does ca drought was dr would away and nothing will work with us.

[57:07] And the tenants copter where the news of its.
This has been a production of william spencer teenage detective agency in conjunction with the heat to leave a comment or question email us at some of the comments of the unit keep dot com or call us at eight one three.
Three two one zero zero eight four.