Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 15 - Pew Pew Pew

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] No
hey portal put on your face.

[0:36] Welcome together.
Dragon con with all the people take it anywhere we say reading.
Is really for reading.
Oh john love you hello how is trying to hey portal realized through my mind not.
Clicking sorry about that but.

[1:17] I'm hearing you promise speaker is at what's going on not nearing me in the.
No will echo cancellation echo cancellations working really well constellation.
Song don't call the pirates back we will we will it some point wonderful very happy i got,
can i see that it was broadcasting timothy youtube and facebook.

[1:56] Hey portal not trump another very scary,
lower the disappointed the whole thing i just got today internet i think they are we supposed to be again,
i told the millers supposed to be a game in the i said but it's alright play a game sorry ok i'm scared,
well going on right now the biggest thing is a few indie band.
Search performers because whole lot got it added over the couple of days last couple of days villain thursday fifty.
Rock group that's their i can't remember their name and it's gonna be awesome so yeah,
awesome and yung bans you know what they are there the bottom in america.

[3:07] Stand because sabaton so there's also again.
Trying to get everybody excited for it we haven't heard yet how to do it if we're gonna be able to do touchables giving,
three like a q tip whatever but you can still go to,
take brothers big sisters of metroid lanta and look at their programs that's gonna be on charity the defenders absentia which i just really hope somebody comes around with the shield,
play talk about early on awesome but yeah so excited i think that's gonna be a great one,
no not everybody dragon con is from atlanta for the for those of us.
Which spotify playing smaller groups that are in our area big brothers big sisters started in atlanta.

[4:11] That is very very cool so good play the whole program.
That's that's very very cool because it was she the gentleman he started it one eight something for.
The way that didn't have fathers after the war.
Insert started it kind of in the metro atlanta area and i really hope on right on that but not emails figure it out because,
are you young site thats true.
That is not is very true blood i was wrong to say something about tradition can i said about transition look at me like.

[5:05] I wanna those turns.
What grupo with ok and then yeah i just got very confusing so is broken.
Never broke home body is broken yes yes,
i know people might be thinking lee is no longer doing your hair for this wonderful podcasts that people are also seeing you poor poor,
for people i have my hair in a ponytail which is what i call a hot i called the high and tight cause that's what we called it,
end agnes scott new order really really really really love you have any sororities because i put it back.
I can't help here on my face when i'm with you i know you know i love you there so that doesn't thought of you.
Take a cat i am getting it will i mean ok.

[6:06] Is there traffic it is very attractive everything now,
yes no but i've been doing today reading the ingredients fundamental.
Is any news there's a new movie coming out within and i have watch all versions of deam lewis remember lake in the book so i am reading.
turn the volume tomorrow friends the director of psycho literature at dragon,
hey portal can't remember so many versions ok i know,
staying was not in the mood nine how many hours.

[7:16] What time i don't know who i don't know if anyone have your version the other versions,
sting and kamelot mclaughlin club by the way he was ready,
the very very strong person.
Yes oops so good how are you.
I'm not just i've got to see you again to see you that jinjer now and it was so wonderful because.

[8:07] You're not bring mask i got that hug people and not so.
Yes it was going to see you soon yeah actually it was a meeting so,
when we were basically just fantasy person.

[8:39] Right bullets and so what exactly do you have under what would be under sci-fi live and not fantasy.

[8:49] I have any other than vampires like that sparkle.
Add werewolf books and things to believe in sparkly vampires in new mexico amazing did you know how many now sub genres.
Romance books are about werewolves and vampires and when they talking,
right i'm just absolutely amazed when i found that out about a month ago,
basically cover anything that space in actual science or extrapolating from what's real now has the might be in the future,
i also to military science fiction.
Hey pretty much love weather things to which king into a grey area sometimes,
love a lot of the tracks are sometimes living in gray areas and yeah yeah that
ok i'm not gonna say it.

[10:15] Yes so would be yes.

[10:26] Will you think so by lil tracy ten years absolutely.
The year zero you're talking about when will it rain,
what did someone for two thousand ten both in,
years and books so,
the recent i have a problem is because anneke cafe was adam at the her dragons are scientific.

[11:13] Basically if you read the whole lot of the perm books you find out the babel channel engineered,
to help fight the red way back in the history perm it was.
Handled under fantasy for a long time because the former director of the fantasy lit used to run the parent trap.

[11:41] How we let her have that since she's not there any water that's the reason but,
currently i have fun yeah yeah yeah
happy to do it it's really cool this year,
reduce reduce jazz cartier literally guest of honor if you know him from old man's work which i think is a brilliant,
power ranger.
Red shirts yes i saw his a song his facebook today by the weather tourist give it away copies of red shots if i think you go to the page,
i'm not sure but,
is it possible on his page on facebook so they look at dragon con.

[12:56] Photograph three copies are greek god interesting book for me.
Zoom in was it had it's time vermilion cheap and yaz yesterday not.

[13:12] Stop tire really fun,
when is labor available is star trek star trek like fun lines you're talking about yeah yeah.
Stop understanding because of somebody comes and goes hey i wanna talk about the star trek movie star wars books actually tracks cracks star wars and,
start track both heather on track so,
show or a new year whenever we're alone i don't have any track because i don't really.

[14:05] Medium relaxation.

[14:07] Add blood family series of red shirts the case anybody i would be need that netflix needs yes here we go.

[14:19] Does it say how we can sign up.
We got a lot of our usual david weber will be there again this year,
also calvin anderson i'm going down panel with kevin something because he did yes.
Because the new movie is coming out in kevin and bryan herbert continue to stories after frankfurt past so i don't think brian is going to make it,
how was the panama no hey it's working have a great no matter what,
add yeah exactly
we are about to go live dungeons and dragons game dmt by jonn hart nasa falstaff books which will include number of writers including orchestra.

[15:40] Add charles gannon and a couple of martin a thank a couple of.
What i am there any chantel smith it will work we have we're supposed to have a way for people to donate to charity and for each dollar two dollars and they donate they get to influence the game,
i not a game so i'm not sure the exact the canucks of it,
but john smith work.

[16:15] Are there will work and by the way people stranger things fan make sure to give some money so i give me gorgon coming.
What pressure.
How is the weather richards getaway it's a,
it's over it's over good reads they did giveaway the pdf version of tour directly,
give me the pdf version back in twenty twenty twenty twenty,
also from the movie frozen sings a couple of publishing companies did they said what did i just give away some books right now.

[17:09] Very cool.
Add dungeons and dragons
what can you an idiot earlier but neither one of us played indeed by now
play john christian alive again with various other conventions so i can be done,
what's wrong.
What are we doing want to get going my first contact improv late night
first cut is the first contact cenario add eat shit participants is given a role anything shepherd on the planet and their play and then they go from there,
How do you get people to do this improvise it currently it'z just what we do so far is just the hamptons,
add created for me features back.

[18:27] We have keep the canada who is a lot of fun,
put alicia hunter zahn i haven't seen her and project pat figure she can chicken hamlet and charles gannon is also,
that sounds really awesome.

[18:47] Start a daily is on friday night plans playing truly plan for friday at ten pm,
ok folks and as we talk about before it's ten pm so mitchell.
Right close should be warm jets not.
I don't sistar my people after ten pm if they were not enough market is so i can see it when you get from,
turn sounds awesome the apps not out yet jonas don't know it's not no it's not that's what you get your name.
Hey portal what is really cold too,
the very first far away different.

[20:00] Where can i explore superheroes the silence,
no when there's a whole kind of sunshine i think of people riding super hero.
Any science fiction like in a futuristic world or something but they have some sort of power or they have some sort of.

[20:23] Mechanical assistance something that helps you do things that people can't do and i got dan jolly who has written a great.
Super hero novels science fiction album but he was also i believe you was one of the coasters firestorm the dc character firestorm.

[20:47] Add anaheim convention little ballgown he's a great guy,
star over your body thrilled no that's happening this year yeah that jessie reyez firestorm fame on fire.

[21:04] I didn't know that that's cool and firestorm themed podcasts you do the talkin' john legend to the level.
Who is interesting combination yet again john what do we talk about that,
yes hey i start radio on the unique his first podcast,
weekly podcasts they want going outside i guess,
yes into you also have military sci fi military futureweapons,
which is basically current weapons that might in,
mike morph into something else in the future things that are being considered or things that people have created for their you know novels that my work,
set a light potato could become a stoner i am really tired,
that would be something more along the lines of big pun but.

[22:26] What headlock quite well.
Yes durango can be there unfortunate canceled for this year at five put on that panel where he attend.
I need before i got mexico that's ok est not as not coming back.

[23:00] No you gotta first how's gonna make it again it's it's it's good reminder to always check the updates on the guests and it's also good remind me that this year,
is dragon con in general.
Is controlled chaos this year it will be probably more than.
Turn the bass just given up when i talk about their legs guests in in panels and things like that because things are gonna be in flux.

[23:35] Open til the tuesday after dragon so it will be,
interesting year and we just all we got a custom ted two adjusting in on the web of the last year in half anything that we learn to do so we just continue,
years before to just juice facebook and adjust as needed get get from the hype to the marriott well then just.
Flexible advance on you wanna look at it the hit
turn on the webpage earthquake go to the featured guest area and all the way bombs away the bottom.
Cancel national playlist hey lester.

[24:37] I don't know what to say but so and also just a reminder,
you might wanna wear a mask any you do you find your favorite,
can't you see the best route there he go that's the question,
bookmark ask about that i'm going to my appointment,
play my favorite liters are so that is fun,
for authority zero step by step track yaz it's not just me take place in my room,
also people if you're wondering if i,
where at degrees maria believe downstairs app,
show you can stop this married but that is always right and i just i'm so excited about skull i can't.

[25:49] Show me hits stop it's gotta be you i need to say that were doing up i'm doing too kind of memorial panels
one for cherry brunell because our last impressing convention was jerry's last convention before he passed his son conventions so
we're gonna do a remembering joe pronounce panel and also we're doing a microsoft from orion,
how is michael is a great french the convention and he passed in january last year i believe yeah so.
I have an happy about that because i'm in time fan and i remember hanging out literary conventions with mike and injury reserve years and years ghost so excited about those.
That is very awesome ok so that we get there any other panels.
What topic wide you talk about military weapons talk about some other stuff science fiction call my pamela spin doctors.

[27:06] Check perform realize this week.
Not josh a have one a space opera.

[27:28] Clean up explain no not six after space offer like it is genre,
is the soundtrack open space home space,
what would you make plans menu and stuff like that i love you do a call five space opera.
Include suppose require their heads no no.
Go back kind of opera john.
No i supposed could be but not in the sky.

[28:11] Clean however will be west virginia clean will be another truck in the start of pat barrett about that one,
why do not doing it at one past twenty star trek track to clean karaoke so,
never did this so i don't really know how that works.

[28:33] There's got it because a part of me is like just.
Is there really into it you know throwing people around in the blood wine and oil ok yeah.
Waterworld and active,
crickets for crunchy i don't think i can do i will boiled peanuts.
Who will peanuts look like that it's like some sort of alien food to me i mean it's a soft eighty percent.
Set the alarm song yesterdays berry.
Not sure do you do any like dances anything like that anything big special event like that i do not but i do have a,
three really good games i do i do starship showdown which is basically brackets for the very starships and go up against each other in the audience skitzo to decide who wins.

[29:50] It's a little i just said,
no i didn't have you repeat weather one year we are in the final bracket with the board versus the replicator.
For stargate.
Add merged,
set a timer during actually would it would terrified,
set shepherd every year jeopardy still game based on silence fiction of all kinds books movies comics,
tv john you love to read you should go and do that yes i read all the time.
record time in ready go with campaign the one hundred.
Add i have nothing now.

[31:11] Replay starting over seventies password should we also have a win win lose or draw i can cut it.

[31:22] Which is hangover draw for dragon tonight,
will it take me take things from dragon county the from the program book or masquerade might be working so we have our people trying to get divided room and a half each team
this one of the room and they get to try and guess,
whatever the person was doing all of the answers have to do with dragon.
Incorrect repeat the guest it's something that happens there in the carpet maybe.

[32:00] I want to call this in my bag over here near me because i have the dragon camera
sorry when you said when i think of the good place.
Try again,
i would like to know the time had i'm sorry that's what you get.

[32:35] I think about fun this side ok just mind mischief.
He likes to yellowman my computer to learn about about it.
I'm gonna work blasters a message that's ok take it easy flexible john.
Ok i really cool i like that and then you know of course you already said that will be rather.
Find chua actually believe it well i'll believe in anything participation and throw out you know.
Your wizard is dead and now you're replaced with child from stargate i don't know but something i have to do talk to john.
Tell them not march into the sea where's the best place john michael montgomery carpet must be involved.

[33:57] What is a bit migraine en definitiva wow glasses that if you wanna find out more about you,
which media other information about we have we are on facebook at dragon con,
reset five literature and.
We have a youtube channel that we don't use by class year so i don't know when it.

[34:33] Set up a call right now john are we ready wreck,
i guess so we play any before we play games this year we take advantage of the technology that we have,
cancel were playing umm to play a game of quick lash with you and if i anybody on our audience wants to join us after i have,
your private chat i'll go and send the the room code there and then open it up to the rest of ok go i'm a little river,
for jr jr go to jack fox tv.
When is leap year the contemporary.

[35:29] Play hold on hold on really love close to.
No sorry i guess i shouldn't cats ok i'm ready learn there waiting for sue.

[35:49] Play argo there we go ahead and let me go show the rest of the room if they want to join will allow for just a couple of minutes.
I would like to phone,
are there any for dozen plus that maybe don't read that much are there any what i would call easy reeds that you would suggest in your in your genre.
Easy reeds trying by ray bradbury robert haigh line.
Juveniles well we call them juveniles.
They were really written for young people i don't think but they their called june they have young prodigy mostly,
turn on my favorite spaceboss starbucks.

[36:52] I would also think anything by philip k dick,
easy reeds i'm not sure about that lady gaga now that i think that it yeah no yeah yeah weird not the same things that movie,
no no they're not the movie makeup filipino stories are not exactly.
I think about azaad is there so many sports i need it exactly magazine,
what are there starts short stories short stories,
find jerry reed actually they are good shortbread.
What time is good maybe i will maybe i will take on one of those and actually actually haven't read a little more than light the night have in the past more time,
i want to watch used to do something else she don't know why don't we get drunk,
i think we got the people in the room now so i'm going to start the game ok.

[38:14] Yes,
the name of this game is quick last three the quips of our fathers if you play this game before you know my name basically harmless,
end if you're not in the game the next best thing is the audience enter the room code to get in there and vote,
this is round one you're going to see two princes on your device answer each one with a brilliant response soon you'll go up against another players answers while everyone else is fruit,
breaking the point space on the percentage of people who did response,
hey portal what's the part where i tell you to audien listening in home i'll see you in forty,
there we go.

[39:15] Things off one the one thing green lantern isn't allowed to create with this ring.
Is it new costume or a cup of coffee my aunt my votes for ryan.

[39:34] A good movie with sorry.
Before beautiful lasers made the sound or poo poo poo.

[39:58] Before pure lasers made husband earlier made this sound.
What grown man don't you have a pet sale.

[40:21] Hello police is about crime sue or people who talk.
That was easy so there's songs about to commit either not a crime.
For people who talk what she's reading yep yep let's see the next one.

[41:01] You take a special pill if it allowed you too blank for five minutes see through clothes or fly let's see how do i wanna be known on the internet.

[41:16] Creepy guy.

[41:19] Apply one.
Add order for john wick picard fazers to blank fabulous or disco.

[41:38] I'd like both of us answers by the white house road wild wild son facebook fabulous
start a disco.
The formula alien would take make a the format alien will take to make you comfortable well communicating as a giraffe or a book.
Giraffe or book did you know giraffe purple.
I did not know that but now i do i didn't say anything at school a book wins that was a total stand being my answer giraffe.

[42:26] Question why do i aliens avoid video cameras answer mirrors or there in ten i always get cut off in the pics.
Why do aliens avoid cameras because of their antonio getting cozy lost in the static lee.
I got all these boots not sorry.
Ok end the lead we have launch steve is a leap wave right behind him.
Who i hope you should go for nervo is because it gets real in round two the props or more demanding so i've double the points,
no podcast so of those watching enjoy the silence grabbitz.

[43:32] A good time to remind folks you can always email u said fifty days at the unique dot com.
And also call her come in line at eight one three three two one zero two eight one three three two one zero eight eight four.

[43:47] Share want to know that she did misery the question earlier.
Share pandora yeah.

[44:05] Scroll play that i have the same jobs agony riverhead galaxy quest which is just repeating the computer.
What is everybody let's break the ice with.
What humanity vol two after a million years energy.
Companion suellen.

[44:33] I got my answer what we were revolve to after a million years what you made will be vol two energy or companions to eli,
what energy spelling the room almost.
John answer the same yellowcard i will say we're not as bad as as kevin and phildel.
No we are not answering literally this not picking up besides a fly what's the worst thing a teleported could combined with you or jeff goldblum.

[45:16] Resides fly what's the worst thing in teleported could combine with you or jeff goldblum just gold blue one actually roll tonight.
Let's get off the land ok redshirt.

[45:40] Ok richard crime members usually die what happens to be dazzled shirt come baby come fabulous or they have to clean up the holiday filters.

[45:55] John one more the other but i like both of them alexa math.
Play baby come fabolous.
What about alien on earth around everywhere,
twitter the weather like to do with the last person run around make it will everywhere could vote for bones,
check twitter wins and that is steve being out lee.

[46:39] How do you know your smartphone is playing against you several mistakes or it is on.

[46:55] I don't want to see the comments but the end of survivor every episode of doctor who.
I want yeah so how how do i get my smart phone is a lot of against me it's on turned on.

[47:12] A good way to tell if you spouses been replaced by shape-shifting alien.
She loves at my jokes or puts up put up this clothes duffy.
How is the traffic best place by jokes.
I'm not available.
Is there a cabinet or wooden door the only thing is sonic screwdriver can't open a cabinet or wooden door and john.
You know deleon is fox and fox dot bought by the mouse.

[48:05] Start the wifi show now the alien queen is actually a disney princess.
Hey portal hang up,
find around three responses,
anything how we having a number game julie going against me how about that,
ricky is going up against the wall ok automation a robot.
Turn the family friendly.

[49:02] It's not too bad sorry i'm not happy about my anniversary.

[49:10] Happy when i just,
answer not happy about my answers but i have an happy with all ok i want to experience jurassic world olympus disney world or,
renaissance fair actor lockerroom fungus and hot yoga i'm going to bed.
I'm going to bed this was a automated.
Yes you and whose army i would like it doesn't do not drastic world.

[50:01] Ok three most common holiday programs.
Sex on ressa sex with spot or sex with me card and and other ones are reason sherlock holmes and jane ways porn.
Oh john next friday.
I said i didn't say rise up lil wyte because it supposed to different ways to no idea which one is right.

[50:38] I don't know,
what are three other volcano techniques brain bleed meditation.

[50:57] Add another lessons want to be sheila set up training the animals it's a cat.
How people i browse the people i bought one oh three other volcano techniques franklin.
Replay remind people of of a happy with my there.
ok three shopping a batman three shakin' utilities things found a batman's reality bill rubber hose clamp makeup and plastic toy sonic screwdriver spiderwebs shooters hammer.

[51:47] Three shopping things from the batman tully built this month.
Almost down the middle understand why was hard for me dancer the way to the answer.

[52:09] Finally answered the final results.
Steve davis seconds i missed a recipe i think sam was third fourth.

[52:28] I need to get the top answers alright so.
We will back down ok so ok.
Will thank you for joining us again remind people where they can find more information about your track and also where you track.
Is physical located as far as we know right now right now we are in the high international.
You can go to syfy dragon kansas leonard church on facebook or contacts email dc dragon.

[53:17] Sweet sweet dragon pandora yeah so.
Thank you again super junior appreciated and amg having me.
I mean it is not it's always a pleasure to have you too so please especially reminder this year,
if are there in person not of virtual riot virtual riot count me out please be nice to the volunteers please please please please please send as reminder hola directors,
volunteer they do this because i love it and this year especially let's let's add be respectful each other do our best to not be stupid,
yes the background of yebba human being just tell me appreciate.
So until next time for sue lee in the friends of watching in the stream this is john saying.

[54:27] Can find birthdays.

[54:31] Music.

[54:39] Production of the unique eight one three three two one zero zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.
Facebook twitter this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution share.

[55:06] Music.