Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 18 - Tingling Ha!

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No never mind,
yes on your face.

[0:34] Music.

[0:41] Fifty dragon the thing that comes at you like some dragon thing earlier.
Play hi roller i'm trying actually.
Play the guest is it should be knocking anytime soon but,
idle the i don't think so we recorded last night so there's not a lot of information,
set talk about that i did i am showing people might might what myself i collection is because you can see it in the layers but,
i also have joyce from stranger things completely.
No seven go with more justice personage should be driving up to the driveway anytime now but no.
Yes no i would like to be thinking if i ever needed someone.

[1:55] Probably get those clothes in my closet supreme court just like you,
you're so nice could you do any prep.
Periodically track working,
yeah two twenty two seconds,
light is not what i got i got loaded christmas lights probably,
add a costume so into you in last week four hours,
the last twenty four hours even less than twenty four hours on assistance last time recorded no not really really,
i haven't hooked the chicago code website to see if any guests event else well we have that you will do that while in the first gastonia awake.
Set a voice.

[3:05] I said folks look behind the curtain this is not what you want for showing up prep,
podcasting the fly i don't use us as a dick,
bad idea bars are my spirit animal arms say that you tell you something from no sleep yesterday.
Hey portal reading a lot of banks and i read usually for five things that i know i know that's a lot.
I really like reading what are the things i realized is the i'm writing a novel,
balt the fourteenth amendment and voting right all that scrapbook i will recommend if somebody else did you check email email.

[4:09] Should i would be enough i look at all the time i can't i can't get away from the voice mail so much i do it again tomorrow,
twenty four hours but i got a paper koffee,
i'm reading a the stand because it's one of the things i love dread every summer which i know a little have a lot of fantasy.
Who on my kindle or on my bookshelf started,
what who's there hello who is the director of fantasy,
john it's so awesome,
how do more prep for this venue do trying to think of a way to leave in but whatever she's got.

[5:18] I want to play treat myself so i get it ain't like that amazing fake happy,
that's true how could he do that i do absolutely love your screen,
very very pretty wall and half a chair hurricane.
How do i copy here's my little taskmaster,
uranus oh wait hold on sailors ohana.
Yes that one sailor's each planet three of the asteroids.

[6:20] End the name which is just a project and the moon is there one for i o cause that's what i like to talk about,
no not for i o not yet not yet so being born on i one than arizona,
initiate in the show in the mangoes that are us from the aspiration from thirty century,
ok well yes i am huge please,
which that's why we gotta have diversity track on this podcast to i'm gonna get jarvis at some point which is not what we made,
yes now i like to i like to mention is many tracks.

[7:12] Ok now let's start a book club programming convention of itzy
yes actually even more so than world cup does help,
that we have eighty five thousand crazy fan two lovers to show up every year,
what let em know new year at three pm tracks hall of the highest,
any international tours i know what i am good for you,
insert early sci-fi let who i think it's already talk with sue nancy who runs out writer's track in myself and then we have,
how much mixed media that also cover letter after life urban fantasy y ahora fantasy they all cover.
Oh the gaming ok so right now i need this help again because i know you said this a two thousand nineteen or maybe last year two thousand twenty.

[8:20] And then track track track is she does media properties as well.
Can we would you say sailor your rain is go should be in the video game so.
Set a this is kevin gates a video game a sailor moon.
Have you play some music jacket the maccabees kevin will steely dan watch out kevin,

[9:07] Remember my discover that i'm a chemical that's right that is your day job no that's,
add we need to talk later because he knows feeling kevin and i got from you see what you did,

[9:31] Show been helping saying.
I want to the doctor over you actually had,
reaction high school that actually exploder in my face and i have to get under the shower and then what to be emergency,
how windy weather report,
i think i love the post picture is online especially the things like.
Where too close the con no fires no fires nobody,
no five in the hood in the hood have a fire in the mood not supposed to be closed could you put something on enough he.
What the north with carbon it something with carbonate and hidden citizens viral it will spontaneously combusted fireballs really fun actually got it good dance not over it going to dennis dj,
actually early on in my high school group will not really high school but i took a.

[10:58] Add you to shower and call the fire in the hood when i was supposed to so,
i decided the scientist.

[11:10] Will i hate chemistry into when i got my first degree wasn't second degree and i love it health insurance,
oh wow i am double stuffed on be yes.
No user libel watching is it has ever gotten to that case where we used to live.
That would be,
no just just like that got sand in their eyes has fallen stand by you we were talking about you no no no no emergency,
are you talking about we are talking about lets like to know who cares talking about fantasy when you gonna drop dragon ball super,
the last jessica about her worst her worst lab problem,
if you really nice i will tell you about yg and maybe i heart my eyes.
Yes authored yes we have a lot of authors we have only girl gonna still be there some people have had to cancel we told you to love you have a few people who just decided that virtual is really the way for them this year.

[12:39] Turn it cases i've reached out to them i'm going hey just make sure the circle back with me for next time because will make sure it is get you,
i need to be next time because you have to do with right for you.

[12:51] I don't know everything going on in their lives no ana,
what happened people have to do what is best for them and that is self care first i mean that you tell you to put that oxygen mask on yourself.

[13:11] Yes the weather director,
john yes and powers a dragon con understand working as well,
we did someone virtual panels had to time and then what we're gonna do as set up,
where was one of my volunteers for,
recording some over panels around the con because i'm being as loud as we are we don't get great bandwith so we're probably not the stream anything this yeah yeah but we will record it and then i have somebody who will
play some edit make it beautiful for conception on youtube awesome,
i would i was really hoping they were gonna do some without wifi there so maybe you can do it convention but we haven't heard that
no there's no rose maybe you know the first townhall,
where it would be great i did point out that you know before wifi was hardline cables things at work.

[14:25] Pause.
Ok show,
the first two hours,
we were courage the temp to do that yes i want to figure it out of my truck in which still trying to do it in other tracks.

[14:57] Play watching,
what good news is two things number one,
i'm in this shirt where are good to get the wifi at number two somebody who's husband is really big it personal,
so we are some facebook lives while u here and that's gonna be,
yes you are working to try but i'm not gonna get into anything yeah i can't cuz the moon could be in your since saturday i o in san francisco,
i want orange ok you got some on all the time and you talking about,
what else i meant authors and i want to talk about.

[15:56] So weird doing a brand new costume contest,
yes thursday night at eight thirty we're going to have the page to stage costume contest,
ok which people may recognize the name we have brought back,
i'm working with somebody named a wonderful lady name mirrors is very involved with the costuming track in she's been around dragon con helping with costuming for so long as it should be a great name,
play device let's do i read that lebo m. reborn to rebel,
no in bringing it back which means all over costumes are going to be themed towards literature if it came from a page weather that page be in english,
or not i don't care it has to come from a page it doesn't have to be delivered it does not have to be fantasy could be signified you could be a mango we actually have one woman who's already submitted,
add for an is a beautiful chip i didn't recognize the title so i want to look it up beautiful chinese annabelle yes so we have some amazing people coming for that we have,
that is going to be a prejudge construction focus convention things i brought so there's not gonna be a skits.

[17:25] Why we're so it's gonna be like a runway walk ok ok so i wrote down the name of our judges we,
judy lennon's agree the judge she's amazing jodie knight pause holy water,
holly west to judge mandy personaly who just won,
judge's pick at the san diego comic con masquerade yes as loud snow white,
wow what is sparkler it was,
absolutely amazing we have ronald seaman and cassie renee cosby and there's another person i'm not trying to producer name so it looks like a screen name it looked at three.
Go back and robin williams judges.
Yes that we have amazing judges coming and we have a website for people were listen on the main page under control contests if you wanna find and so we have,
ok you know we have.
Scroll the johnson is our get literally guest of honor.

[18:55] Sign books i do it sign book from the library get honor ok and then there is going to be.

[19:04] Another prize that were working out the details of,
as well as for the overall best in show we're gonna give them two vip tickets to our event friday night call the fantasy gaither.
What is the southern nights game friday night,
no thursday night come see us new costume beautiful beautiful,
mute costuming hold on a second for friday,
fantasy book doesn't have to be a fantasy but look pulled up the contacts look at.
Add so i have a wonderful volunteer to help me kill the website awesome very nice,
i just wanna say anybody does the gunslinger from stephen king i want you a coat,
please see you as roland cuz that's well if they do it will be on thursday,
how long having a history of fandom and then we're doing,
this one and we're gonna film both of them so it will be up on youtube for everybody in the world to see i can't wait.

[20:25] Yes,
if not i will be recording it will go up on youtube and breakfast,
i know what i can say on some youtube stuff from last year just a watching make me smile when i'm not feeling so great this year,
ok so friday night which is the fantasy which is a.

[20:54] Party basicly.
So we get one of a kind over ballroom and we have a bunch of authors committed to come and they.
If you are gaston attending professional willow you to cell some of your books signed,
set midnight,
i have we have like the likes of john martin us who's committed to come rice o'connor boys marissa wolf james horner steve south pole.
Pause what some names three highland yeah set up a facebook event so that people can rsvp do it and i have i did not couple hours ago when we already over forty authors committed to get me,
no nice forty authors that's also we had over three hundred and fifty people through their last in two thousand nineteen really,
yes no it's a lot of fun could you get to see you can talk you can meet somebody,
sign some books christopher woods is the favorite my favorite story because he got totally embarrassed because i realized sold his buckcherry even and he goes i would just give it to learn.

[22:13] Hey portal go larry given has my book i won't give in into it doesn't one of those that's so sweet i mean authors fan,
play orphan girl or just fan so so much fun and we have a few surprises for that too,
yes mark allen edelweiss comes and he wants to come out some books every year happens like that tablespoon,
john john do you know if a book is the thing that you do with hotels.
This is a book there's an example is april march really a dragon award winner.
Three any birthdays tree yes and maybe goodbye group.
It's not great good fine ok actually actually would be great if it is great,
go back please don't put that on the sound board john.

[23:19] Check amc thing that man i guess who anaheim right so that is really cool friday night and people as she said money,
no you know bring someone along with those twenty five and ten mostly because the authors williams.
Who are self assured you're going with that i got it was like to know that were trying their also.
I don't know about the bar but.
Yeah yeah what are you doing how do you get authors to go anywhere you dingle the promises boots in front of them or fans,
line up,
that is really cool too so and tell people were hanover is because i don't know which john hiatt so if you are in the highest lobby you take the elevate the escalator down,
what are there,
not today not today international park in the middle island name lobby got it down the stairs or escalators.

[24:37] Add video watch right in it's literally adore right in front of it you that says hanover.

[24:51] And passes guys passes today be together that's a lot really really awesome and then you're doing some,
saturday night yes saturday night we are bringing back the fantasy dating game.

[25:14] I am learn anything shelly and,
who this is not a film piano not what goes on a the pulse bar,
no no this isn't official panel with all there's a lot of them come and so we have them get dressed up in the past.
Has characters from their books.

[25:40] It is great cause i there they are acting as their characters going on a dana game show.

[25:49] Start the very world collide and i liked it so much fun,
i hope you like take that to cuz i would love to watch it on youtube application yet,
we didn't virtually on youtube channel last year for ritual dragon harris cole,
add it was belanova it when we did it in two thousand nineteen it was standing room only.
Who emoji living without little baby have people leaving some of the panels around us
could you probably were laughing so hard and yelling and screaming and being excited much fun were ballroom.

[26:37] Which international love fourth and south right next week today recording.
Yes i'm some help echo i don't know what to do about that.

[26:55] I want to watch ok that's what i did something images of the fixx something.
Things who yeah yeah no i did magic over here things technologies like no problem for mc magic is just wait just magic with science,
sufficiently advanced technology appears magic thank you.
Pause show my question yeah so,
i guess i was thinking it was like a dating game that you were setting up people today no their playing their caracter,
ok end when you said hi is it like the old match game there's like a wall and three others on the other side,
i'm going out dating game can you thinking of the dating game i'm going to see about trying to get that but that would involve some construction on my part and while i'm very good at building chemicals.
End panels i'm not so always good with the construction.

[28:12] I actually have an idea for you on that depending on where you are international will talk podcast actually.
No that's what i want to talk to right after this podcast i know better who is not you know it's not have anything to do,
play the sinner around watch the panels all day that's all they do not have heard before.
We both a drink yes that's it is not so john i like pellegrino.
I like pellegrino more than period just saying and lil' troy is.
No i have friends i love you too much thank you next i like this one.
Yes that is very good spender is very nice yes i would like cases when was on sale costco
i want red dragon and look and it doesn't have caffeine naturally.

[29:30] Ok so that's saturday that sounds really awesome and then.
I think hartford crazy.
What is four days in a row will speaking of crazy p we have bonking beasties on sunday what comes after the date.

[29:52] When was boykin busy now i believe you did this one at least two years ago right.
Is the last track.
Yes after ten pm ok that means don't bring the kitties.
The breathe in breathe out ten pm panels chicken what.
Cancel john bolton many chuck tingle references but no cats.

[30:34] I don't know what i don't have the next song,
shut up.
You can find the morning amazon,
i now i gotta go looks so what is sanders.
I think we just broke so it is exactly what it sounds like.

[31:16] Things go bump in the night monsters are going about not good at not all things go bump in the night are monsters going about furious.
Great for this one.
That's cozy rain sound what does your panel description for the app say.
Not old things that go bump in the night are monsters becoming about their,
help me it's not because it supposed to rain,
it's cold winking peaches that's all american read because you name it that just like to ten o'clock.

[32:11] Yes reading isn't necessary after that no it's not you cover things about,
particular urban fantasy romance subplots are very popular romance in urban fantasy and,
a lot of medieval fantasy stories two so we do talk about some of that how do you bring your monsters.
Oh john has a link that you should probably pull up and show her private,
ok so i go private chat ok i'm going so we have discussed.

[32:53] I can't we do always talk a little bit about,
yes shoes up jinsang watching hold on please really big right now,
turn on anime please add these books,
no there you go.

[33:22] Cancel references pose references shoes talking about earlier there you go.

[33:29] Strangely enough you,
this is paige and omar linx and hugar world domination.
Show multiple times now i'm sorry that's not a bitch ok.

[33:50] Sorry go back to breaking beasties i'm good enough.

[33:59] What happens party in twenty twenty this is awesome ok.
Will be humid ninety-nine.

[34:19] What dinosaur rodriguez is a category on amazon and how much money these boots make always makes every other to look set up very upset for why they right.
One night rodeo around about that.
What time is it is written by like seventh graders title hurting my heart,
who is querida get help but i must pass.

[35:10] Hey portal stop ok,
you should go watch the youtube from last year no thank you will it was filmed during the day.
No i did not on youtube ten o'clock.
What o'clock on a sunday at i think we one of the panelist was drunk already the funny is if you watched the blueberry hill why i hate college student editing my panels last year.
Add concerto pandora he goes you must go to confession when you're done with.

[36:06] Hey portal wade saint john and i look up air,
i would love where i will share public,
how is on your it's on youtube is on youtube nowhere to go but up pause the song,
fantasy literature a dragon scott.

[36:48] I don't like these names for our panel's point we have property.
That one i do not.

[37:07] Next song people of your curious fanfiction has been describe,
it is actually the intellectual property of the fantasia author that's been proved and number two it is not in frenchman.
Add laundry don't make money off of it yeah there you really should get some point.
How they do they do.

[37:38] Alright whatever this is gonna be thanks it's insanity which means probably,
yes no you could go to the where is it gonna be,
international towers internacionales turn off all of the glitch mob one four up for where i am.
There we go to go down like elevator instead of international,
ever battling to get on that slayer and go to very easy line and it's awesome and,
yes very friendly and the good news is that if you wanna turn the light beef rap screen crowd a little earlier watch the masquerade is gonna be on those big screen,
hi and then.
What point point tell you white point point down to banking beasties saturday night.

[38:50] That's campanella is well fried,
no friday wednesday ok friday goes from at midnight ep big chungus from fight inside four four hours right ok thursday by prep judging for page to stage at six thirty and then we have the show at eight thirty,
the very cool this is awesome so we talk just said.
What are some of your other panthers,
is it going to rain john king happens for me if we need to talk about that guy.
Robert help we have some great panels each day we have girlfriend oracle which is a classic which is.
We have a pet our panel and then they get asked questions and they must answer them one word at a time is the microphone gets passed down.

[39:57] What ifyb is on spotify david weber on it this year and if i can do anything about david weber,
he may have an epileptic fit trying to lumineers of the one word yeah that's gonna be on saturday,
is it snowing window heavy that it is so much fun.

[40:26] That's always great anyone really little they have no idea ghost rider their look at my watch the nanny.
Add an adult watching the nanny on my how did not request paul and storm song about me,
adjust my son and get it for years and then all the sunny dead and i'm like i didn't.
Set it off thank you do that i'm so we have a pitching panel we try to do a few on the craft writing we have a pitching panel which is called pitching one oh one saturday morning.
Add i have editors alice one active acquisition editor on their staff apple so there going to talk to her audience about how to go about pitching a book and submit,
because that is just a really hard thing to leave passed yes and so.

[41:30] We do redoing an hour with the lady van tony wisconsin nice to hear her's music,
so she's been in fandom group and finish you're going to conventions.
No that's actually something that we're not now authors were seeing it the guest stars talk about it.
Connect example of somebody who grew up with fan with loving what these kind of things a ambient you know.

[42:18] Yes i grew up wet edm my house we don't do conventions goes off my family doesn't do large crowds,
stop playing good to go one time i don't weird out about being a large crowd and i have a friend when time i checked or dragon con and she looked at me.
Start saturday afternoon in chicago figure out with the problem is and i want what you could you don't see people and i'm like i'm not walking in anybody else that i am seeing them no you don't see them as a crowd here.

[42:52] Because every mecano.
Rebuilding of an every florida every building i walked in somebody recognize me in newby mike by vinai without looking at my batch i was back before i was a director,
what are going it going to dragon con john and talking about this actually i'm going to dragon con since the very first grade i was in the first three parades,
what where you at in the fridge.
I think i was as a character from the terror in the high series by mccafferty harry potter and he was.
Record potter yet so before harry potter,
what's the yankee was not in the first three so that yet,
what is a humidity is the big bang community in the family and happy to be a person i think this year i'm looking at my family last year i love you guys,
i don't think you like me which is it was like that.
Play like me put there's a butt after that i like you but sometimes you drive me nuts with your wedding to play important.
I like you but i don't want to talk to you about your books.

[44:16] Because we are all around you time john isn't the rock rock play the indie.

[44:24] Talk about that is someone i know i'm not sure that elvy the god who played the werewolf on true blood true blood as well as the world.
Is married to aviva whenever amazingly beautiful hollywood married.
What's the end of henry jackman gravel pit warhammer models i did not working out learn we can talk
hey build is eminem easy go i didn't know this until john said what you know
put the last item volume a little more time with building a computer with john by he did it wasn't.

[45:16] Pause.
Repeat one to get richer because i played with you,
that's why i know we actually have a panel called every witch way which of this year.
I'm gonna give a little charity.
Play straight like that but big brothers big sisters passed coin them not to the this time yes we're going to be,
is there a charity color at on look up with the night we do you have a charity.

[45:54] I got listen to talk to you guys and i've been a little crazy so.
Put it in the apple of the app before they came one of them nights were doing a charity color drop in.

[46:08] I don't think charity wild cherry color so we have an author who is donated crowns in colorado and so people are going to have and i'm not gonna be like a dollar.

[46:22] Just something in general gonna have some some print out some paper from people live free draw in color so.
Cancel pretty lights to color yes fifty-one years old will it rain actually is very nearly logically coming.
I don't even explain the normality behind it strangely.
Elizabeth harry potter call how to build a supreme.

[47:00] Hey portal go.

[47:11] Is this one married he's not no she's getting somebody,
i'm really love to see them happy but at the same time only.

[47:23] Invite realizer breakfast today is yesterdays if i did not know what to say,
will you can ask you can ask for broccoli please andy when it comes to drink on this year i heard you come to dragon con this year you know what we talked to rachel,
i want to talk to regina and i hope they get you can confirm that is not coming a dragon you don't know,
need coat camas separadas the camera privacy the gap band correct i can confirm as a young boy johnson.
I can confirm as of today seven twenty eight,
he is not on the guest list that's all i can confirm any never said how do you know same guy,
exactly put i'm just talk i'm talking about the one who sings jungle cruise coming out this weekend in which one are you talking about,
add brad probably terrible movie but he's probably still fun to watch that'll be the day i thought i really don't think what was the one that they first it not honey mansion.

[48:35] Tomorrow at actually they,
I gotta right now.
Play but anyway diagrams has usual somebody who owns.

[49:02] Right before him by barry white,
i was wondering what you were you're going without i know somebody can i was not what happened to that boy,
i want to know it,
it would thirty years ago so don't no.

[49:31] Play when i think about it wouldn't alright so we are all we are all in it.

[49:44] Sometimes you don't need to give me caffeine or sugar.
No sleep today,
add a friday funday dragon can't tell if you're drunk dragonaut,
Ok john i can't find ok.
Will i get chad about now what is going on monday or what are we doing on monday so monday talk about it cable.
Are you accepting please i can't take.
Let me would you have king arthur dakota in witcher magical mighty mighty magical.

[50:48] Leave gone off camera that's that's never good side hear i'm trying to find my device for what we do this,
i love you have a this afternoon o'clock why not is in the fantasy,
big birthday like edging and kyla gonna get lee too we have a science fantasy panel were doing.
No we have timothy zones on it channel still.
Because there are some books that.
Play flirt with both and have both not just the trip set actually room,
play that magic incorporated into their universe like the main chick chronicles by chris botti.

[51:36] Yes i spent a lot of time reading books last year migos ways to go through twenty book twenty new authors any year.
I think so the pandemic hit that violin march.
No i didn't have by march because i spent january and february going through all of the expanse tv.
I only tv can we audiobooks two songs,
what is not a during the height of the pandemic my stress relief was listening to audiobooks while i work,
so i was going through eight hours audiobook addict ok,
no you don't ever you don't ever listen to set it to country books what you're doing that next daily mix anything you want supposed to make audio book for chemistry.
Hey boring.

[52:33] So i over there is one that's a good that i read that was on.

[52:40] Disappearing spoon is really good.

[52:44] I honestly did nothing but that there would be anything other than.
How to connect other textbooks what events really got it stories about different things on the periodic table has an entire section about.
Murray current marina marie curie,
thank you you're welcome to the drunken boneless has a great audio book so i have read that or it's very interesting it actually really about,
play a lot about i listen to the history of burbank.
Will there you go yeah so so i did all of the expanse months.
Wow yeah yeah what are you talking show books books yes.
Yes really upset about the white keeps screwing things up and,
i really like the short story on mars really really getting the chemistry network straight like that one and also like the one about how the general.

[54:01] Las vegas roland became a part of the resistance yes.
When i go through read all of acdc christmas starbucks series again.
Which is really good incredibly good.
Siri absolute love that bread you're asking me what we're doing on monday yes we have one on where readers turn when the world is too much books it's all about me comfort books and comfort reads,
We have a military fantasy which is panel witches is more than just marching and sports swingin' so we're gonna talk about.
What how do some research but also what you need to do we have a mix group of panama so we have some horse billions on some who are not,
what did you actually get it right so i as a veteran i read some of these things that i'm like.
Set a now that works yeah i have a friend who i was reading iron prince by bryce o'connor recently in every time i got to be like what did i do now.
I'm not calling you like i was watching something recently aliens and it's.
Stop sargent is the person in the keep calling hm surf urgent work for a living you don't call them.

[55:24] Yes i know that one point like the sun major was looking at drop change going officer why did you do that down to the bottom.
I need like i don't even understand what you're talking about el benny need to talk to people
what like your wedding yourself million show let me explain this year one of my favorites and it's actually by john lennon and darius,
end she has that military sings human and tini down perfectly ok so.
She's a master of the craft it's not love reading a chuck tingle going he knows absolutely nothing about the military or no no it is well done it is the human is on point.
There's a scene where i'm sure shot tangled love in a bar away cause it was very funny probably have a button bulbs.

[56:31] Hey portal pressure soon involved no yeah,
no it's only a matter of type o negative natural light space pressure suit suit.

[56:48] You know its only better in time yes not have happened in nobody selling it family so i don't need to know.
Read thirty four we are family but we don't do that,
please don't i can find you can't lee at.
Fifty days.
So this is awesome i love them.
Hello there a lot of comfortable,
play other niggas psych study showing that it is because it's like comfort of you know it's gonna happen
gotta feel like your waiting for the other shoe to drop so it let's down and you get different neurotransmitters released,
because of traffic and also thank for me from a public health perspective really doe show people won't.

[57:56] Oh from a public health perspective the black died rising.
Ok i don't know that one but what is by john ringo isn't coming this year for health reasons.
By relax by kygo,
no religious he's got the epidemiology of the disease spread it's.
Serving life after you twenty in someways very accurate to help before reactive things hits bury readings.
Yeah that's kind of event fortunately what would happened something right so tell everybody i can find you really quick.
Cancel moderatto adrenaline condor facebook group of a.
I'm sorry that's our page we have an online group very creatively name attached to it fantasy literature online track room.

[58:57] What's the best fantasy little church at home,
so that you can find pretty much all over a dragon concert we do have a twitter but never use it so everything else,
sorry not for twitter find what are and it's twitter pretty much all put lake.
Updates on audiobooks that i'm running or stuff if i remember to do it.
When does where you can find everything that i'm doing also if you have any questions you can always suzuka small that's my facebook profile that your welcome,
that is a public profile you're welcome to.
Message me or anything on that if i can't handle it at that point and probably not on it or i'll tell you i can't hit boy and then i only castelli everything,
blasters and blades please yes where on both youtube as well as we go through anchor,
end so we can be found up prettymuch any place you find podcasts.

[1:00:17] Skip we would like to play a game with our guest the universe show this year playing games.
Add this event using a the jukebox series to sort of the.
Add that extra interactively so put over and over in the chat that the site to go to open a separate tab for that this problem easiest thing to do.
No that's what hard to find my little prayer was considered sibling.
Royal chuck tangled needs c'mon girl email jack box,
check box dot tv and in the room code their and soon as well for audien if they want to play along with us,
i had a jonn hart noah's ark amc for the thing for the are page to stage costume contest over who moderates are going,
where have a tunafish.
Yes pressure astron wild things like chuck tangle the hero we need now we deserve.

[1:01:32] Play in there we deserve alright i mean i have a little.
What give me your when a couple of minutes and want to join we made it wants to join their the room code is my.
It sounds like dragon coffee bumper music.
Is there any rain playing for canada replay so he won't break the canadian army said he was in the used to it.
Hello how long has it i don't know.

[1:02:22] No around that long will you please call.
What is the authors were much younger than silver more seasoned authors.

[1:02:35] I will give it a couple of minutes so i'm gonna mentioned stevens in a foreign country so replay addiction area i'm not sure you understand,
i can't stop using canada.

[1:02:52] Is it you can't wonderful wonderful country,
end the wonderful prime minister has opened for vaccinated people to come to the us and go back and forth as i think it's.
Which which wildflowers art buddies media trying to get yes yes yes,
michael chapel taiwan just you that i can remember off the top of my head.
I need to give it a ten more seconds nine eight seven seven twenty nine fourteen.

[1:03:35] What u2 do this to you which is anti everything.
I'm sorry i really want to see what chuck tingle would do with the flying doctors wonderful world.
What an intelligent crew in the dictionary uma collectively create a dictionary entry for a fictitious word made the funniest answers win,
if we're just watching right now join the aliens enter the room code and play along lets begin,
first things first i'm sending a phrase to your device.
Now you're going to write a definition for this line on your device.

[1:04:26] Hey portal i say it's listening at home two seconds the rest of you bring the volume down.

[1:04:42] I believe that you can do this of course i believe in love rocky things like a dog who can do irish dance.
Take me as i can do realize that why device was the other window.

[1:04:58] Right,
what's going to rain out something now it's funny it doesn't have the you know on this.

[1:05:18] Let's do we have.

[1:05:23] Ok slang is national purring the options are mr.

[1:05:33] Play felt by canadian kittens was number four.
Set national national anthem forecast day which cats at arkansas time.
Excuse you give when you can't get up because of cat is sitting on your laptop.
So national anthem for cats national parade the day in which cats at six murat national pride felt by canadian kittens and let's see excuse give it up because.

[1:06:11] Play my favorite.

[1:06:16] End the winning definition is,
hey portal play jonathan coulton look what i got morals.

[1:06:41] Yes long is burning morales another chance to go possible answers are when you feel like quitting motivational.
Tingler english and the feeling you get after anything.
Sorry burning morales is the slaves the impossible definitions are the burning sermons the feeling you get after any ten pm dragon.
Tangles or when you feel warm by doing something wrong.

[1:07:27] End the winner is.

[1:07:30] Open the feeling again after any ten pm thank on pandora.
Yes burning morales thank you because of this thing.

[1:07:46] Play currently winning is lee.
Right now come up with the new frase that matches the definition device,
listen to t twenty one looking for a sign for,
either wrong prideful play canyon city feeling great i can be a new frames.

[1:08:25] Let's check out these items.

[1:08:32] Choose the slank frase the best fixed the definition for the feeling again after any dragon con panel is tingling hot.
After dark how weird can possibly get or chuck tingling hey portal hands up.

[1:08:52] Music.

[1:09:01] Reset timer freeze right now.

[1:09:10] Tingling after dark help weird can this could this possibly get or chuck tingling send them for burning marvel's the feeling again after anything goes now.
What is the time.

[1:09:31] Yep.

[1:09:36] You know what today.
Set for national perrine or.
Perfections beaverton tastic.
Maple carnivore fears loyalty it's not like i like you.
Perfection listen international previous fiction.

[1:10:17] Open beeper tastic or maple carnivores bears loyalty.

[1:10:31] So i just favorite record orpheus loyalty winz,
the time between that beaver tastic weird ferret the scores now is lee still in the lead.
Add miranda to splurge raspberry the last one that's where it's at painting the new slank phrase,
if you can't remember what the sentences,
like beats on the string or carson the train.
Actually none of those where is that where is your panel again,
so my track is lovely in the high,
how many the high life and ced q going to the elevators turn right go down past the gift story in your on the international there u go down two levels so wrestling in the pass.
Follow where reselling normally is on thursday.
Show for mabel carnivore affairs loyalty the pride filthy canadian kittens.

[1:12:00] Music.

[1:12:11] I have a feeling of naples carnivore fears loyalty when i drink the gallon of.
That means syrup something.
I want to make sure my new kitten head multiple maple carnival refused loyalty so we visited edmonton canadian make continue katie server contains maple loyalty.
Can take it to myself.
Devotes are in and the winning sentences the carnivore loyalty inspired me to be a better cat.
Ok so for tingling hot the feeling again after ten pm dragon battle.

[1:13:10] Is it possible chances are.
The fantasy fantasy track is so tingling hear you should get your tingling hot looked at by a doctor or gotta get to the highest sisqo running a tingling hot.

[1:13:33] Jessica i keep mispronouncing it in spanish but i don't look at spanish as i am because i look at my dad.

[1:13:45] I'm third generation everybody does pronounces my name.

[1:13:47] Music.

[1:13:55] Use we listen the winning sentences.

[1:14:08] What your heart work paid off thank you.
The new entry tingling hard to believe get after the ten pm drug companies derived from burning morales usually history dogs
turn on pandora.

[1:14:35] End nine daily being out steve from canada.
Yes so the final the final order was lee steve john miranda and,
add marvel's jessica jones ok because i had a shit on the phone guys that was a now i really do i go and make sure it's still having.
Just remember if it's still going on by wednesday after dragon you need to go to your doctor get that check yes,
probably which one of those ten pm suspend old news everybody clean twelve things are and were not gonna talk about.

[1:15:40] I'm a chemists i know how to make it myself as i would rather have yours probably anybody else,
when you're cabin singer ordering chemicals to be sent your house people start thinking set talk about working from home they like,
ignore this images of breaking bad come to my right well you don't have,
i don't have the right glasses where's my money the company i work for we were working the entire time,
because of what we made over twenty thousand gallons of sanitizer.

[1:16:21] Awesome.
Oh us borders not opening until at least august twenty first by the way bare in limbo in canada and la kritika for fingers crossed you should come totally hang out with me and my tingling pop animals
Does it do any ten pm panels cuz people like.
When will it looks like to mother's a given as books to get out this year.
Will do so he's gonna come and see if he will you please too busy list.
Doing direct running for sufjan stevens.

[1:17:16] Likely i know i'm not ready talking about jonathan,
jonathan so what's next time i have a question how many times do you leave your hotel during the con because i stay in the high and my rooms at my tracks in the night.
So i am i have to work at it to leave the hotel i think i leave maybe once.
Ok well it depends because i have large panels and i'm in this shirt pause on the side i'm gonna leave the hotel for that i usually do go to at least hilton,
and the marriott a couple of times a two thousand nineteen aparentas smaller ballroom and so we didn't.
Yes we been in the grand at the high the biggest ones at the highest in the marriott and we didn't in the sharon pennsylvania,
yes no will we have a wonderful time no matter what because people show me love yes i mean.

[1:18:34] Is not my other than quiet.
So a tell next effect our friendship player game with a today this is john saying peace.
Invite bye bye.

[1:18:58] Music.

[1:19:06] Eight one three three two one zero zero.
Start say one three three two one zero eight eight four email gangsta fever dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.
Facebook twitter podcast is distributed creative commons attribution noncommercial share license.

[1:19:33] Music.

[1:19:46] Pause goodbye.