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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No never mind.
Yes on your face.

[0:33] Music.

[0:43] And join me.
Is ever musical leave no not ever musical john and switch flix that i don't know what you were trying to do there,
leave you been doing this now we can do this now four ever,
yes forever and years.
Well that's it was like dragon i don't know what's happening until actually happened,
nothing special until tuesday afternoon i think phil was the best thing that.
So i don't look at dragon con today and i did look at the moon.

[1:41] Answer i look at his cooking special design.
Which baseball phone is actually anyone.
Right it's unwell a hat i married rocket scientist.

[2:01] Yes most chefs are we have the fuck you.
New people and got some artists for,
add joe rubinstein and we got drew macy who i am gonna have to go see this on nickelodeon it's called the the beat the barbarians and the truth.
End so i can't hear public tear yeah i don't know what that is but.
So i was like puppets and you know we got some this is the one i saw,
jeffrey b wilkerson is a live performer with the most amazing punk rock puppet show welcome to.
Add jidenna i hope i pronounce it right im sorry punk rock.

[2:54] That is not a must see some point i don't know who you are but yeah so it's really good want to talk about big brothers and sisters again charity
yes so show me what you can
can wear con and hopefully will have some more information we get charity on here very soon about how their hopefully there gonna have codes or something on the big brothers big sisters,

[3:27] That will let you give and they know you're with dragon and again defenders of these,
it's amazing numbers ninety-eight percent finish high school no a hundred percent finish high school really yeah ninety-eight percent go to college.
For a trade school kinda thing.
Community college or whatever yeah but numbers they were giving kind of amazing.
Put john dee see what i got my hair on today i got a little bun b you do i have a little bit.
I don't want none unless you got a little bunny.

[4:15] I don't know what that is and i'm very is a song never mind so i have any fun because i was thinking about,
harry potter today.
From the hardware universal studios place my hermione's wop it so pretty so switch.

[4:46] But you know what i want to talk it swish and flick somebody to be at your door really really hearts swish and flick and switch.
Set a timer favorite authors.
I don't understand actually people that are volunteers without track writers myself and not i'm just a good.
Cancel thursday there you go just before johnny pull up your screen because one of the biggest things.
Oh i did andrew what are the basic sorry phone call coming in i have dance so.
What did during twenty nineteen twenty twenty because twenty nineteen was a problem when i was having some very.

[5:51] Health issues i like watching movies where the bag at guys lost.
Repeat where the bag at guys was talking about this what album was the hunger games which is always fun to watch.
Because i'm like that the marriott got married tenth floor that's highest really.
That's the swan house i mean it's just really fun to do that and so.

[6:22] I just want to know that you're in atlanta right i am how are you doing of the hunger games did you read the prequel,
i have not yet i have i need to before connor gonna talk about it on monday i might do that and my son i am also read.
Reading stupid of the harry potter because my son sometime in twenty twenty decided that
no i got it for my husband in two thousand twenty which was all seven of the harry potter books on kindle and cause i had sale,
so that was reading something more the hunger games divergent.

[7:05] Harry potter.
Give her maybe baby universe's.
Yes so probably the biggest one that we have right now that name most people are talking about our the grasshoppers books by legarda go six of crows of or you might be more from my shadow and bone
when is there was call yet so we cover the book series without fantasy is actually that covering the show,
but those books are huge.
I'm other books that are really popular that you might have heard of a well are on the shadow hunter books there was a time and a tv show for us city of bones
add we talk a lot about cassandra clare shadowhunters books as well
the river cooke and so that really awesome two and i love that so are there new properties this year that you're really looking forward to or anything.
The something new you're gonna be talking about that this year learn a lot of people saying that is gonna be so cool,
oh richard we actually have a pretty.

[8:29] Interesting i think we're very interesting scheduled we are taking our schedule this year is sort of mishmash things about writing
why and then concepcion why is overdoing a panel on
sorry we calling reimagined and it's this idea of doing retailing so retailing soft kamelot series or,
we talk a lot about fairy tales things like that how those stories gets sort of cycles right you know their and also
trups right what are your favorite troopers you know how i do
right because we love those,
can you never sure if you're going one way with the proper another way with the truth because they might just throw that trouble on top of their head.
Yeah that happens all the time which is fun.

[9:36] Yes we also are great vegan red eye flight penitentiary new for us so,
we have never done person a programming before but we are this year we have such a love in the track
costuming and cosplay at every bowie costume parade across the stage so that anyone can cook show off their cosplay.

[10:00] Set this year thursday on seven pm,
and arcade fire first time do and thursday i know how it ends gonna be
set seven pm in our track room which is married a seven oh seven we are gonna do a yg cosplay social hour so we are inviting people to come to the track room in their yg cosplay,
i just hang out talk to other calls player's talk
show your costumes just talk why things and why you love the cosplay or the book that your cost playing off of it but i think it's gonna be,
no that does sound like a lot of good omens a great way to start come to me now other like we belong lines anymore,
friends in lines but you can make friends here and that's always a great way to do that but you don't have to be on cosplay,
no of course not if you are just a lover of cosplay i just wanna see amazing costumes come hang out absolutely,
connect a great time to get pictures when you're small group with that when you just want oh my goodness i want a picture with.

[11:14] I have no idea but yeah yeah some people who have these
big grandiose amazing cost please and they do on you friday and saturday and sunday that no but they might also really have a really good,
gonna be awesome because now you set it in your track room where is track remaining marriott seven seven.
Marriott seven seven show folks that's not that hard to find but if you're arty in the marriott.

[11:56] Go up two tenth floor as you are run up technician for dean you know that looks a lot like something from the capital from catching fire,
angela baka not nice recognizer.
It was awesome to see that now it's like every time,
add glory time diver time is on screen highlights tracking for so long but the marriott literally feels like home
will you know if you just take the elevator because when you're talking to
i forget which one was if you just take the elevator up there from chuck wicks you could you could be the tv two seconds,
hallways because i was like.

[12:55] Because of ramones things like that was like that looks like the western normally the marriott i just know really really.
How do you get to a.

[13:15] Set a seven seven seven seven oh seven i have no idea i wanted three i know it's ok but most people,
can figure out really easily so you go to the hmmm level of america accept john john i promise,
everyone pictures off on the hmmm level i can't make it in america that's my first first marietta,
m information right,
john this is the adrian level is the one that if you really wanna only be in the habit trails from the highest to the marriott to the food court at peachtree center,
that's the hmmm level that you are on as you walk over the sky bridge to yes so you know those happy trails you know when you approach the had to trails and the marriott you can go right go left,
orange actually can't keep going straight which way blood drive used to be keep going forward pass the masses and have a trail we were are right down there on the right next to star wars,
yes you are you were here to puppetry i don't know but still gonna be there i'm not sure if there in the same spot,
how for master kato wild things i love awesome so so so loud and crazy but it is just to me like.

[14:44] The energy that i love about con el like you can feel it even if you're on your floor up high you could feel.
The energy i just i love it marriott all the way now that i remember where you remix when you walked through the roundabout,
what goes after the,
try to get where we're going when you go through that and then you go like you going to young dolph a whole new world.
I don't know it still all the energy of dragon con put it becomes all your life how many people.
Find out what something about the big dope my think that's right there in the center and echos really well in the elf choir comes in sings under there,
yeah never seen that amazing love to sing their because it the echo.
I know i don't sign artist struggles a real i walked through it so thats so i see you again is there a blood drive this year.

[16:01] No i want john handy dandy dragon website,
so you're gonna ask me a question of spose,
i have no idea what was but i was gonna take i know what it was
will you wanted to know what i guess we have this year did it quieter.
What video games do you have this year i am super excited that we have a guest again this year we had a couple years were we haven't had anyone but this year we have
two amazing guests we have matt lewis
who plays neverland bottom in harry potter and we have bonnie raitt who plays jimmy wesley so we are super excited bonus new to dragon con but matt we had before he is just,
amazing i am so looking for having him back and welcoming bonnie to the dragon family.
Will not what i like about neville five is fat.
Add somebody who went one of the first time he came and then they came back to the room in here like vibrations.
What's wrong did i get to see the pounder like now no.
Really cute like the definition of gorilla.

[17:25] I'm not to tell you was it was somebody very very excited and then what years ago was not not namely now,
no no no sorry suran saying that other blood drive this year.

[17:41] I'm trying bonded i love you so hey portal.
There is.
It is listening on here it's gonna be in the highest on the conference room level and sharon thank you very much but if you are looking for go to the charity part of dragons website,
can dot org slash about slash charity message,
that's one of those areas that that you know suffered a lot over the last year in half or south because of you please.
Hey being afraid to go but you know it's not.

[18:26] That one of those things you think about endless love like for me it was always always good blood work i'm going to work so.
Who is my dragon is huge for the blood supply.

[18:43] Remind sharon is sharon starting out that they do still need a volunteers.
Forward the blood drive add some also just a reminder cuz john king name-drop that were much cooler than cc we would just like to also say that every year are blood drive kicks,
yes dc's not.
End the really big big big kinda cuz this is young adult lit and i am really working at being good about it is the big shot and let me tell you,
young adult is not the same as the kids track just keep that in thank you for smoking it's important you know you lit
i know a lot of young adult consumers are also people in their twenties older you know,
cancel teenagers twenty twenty strangers through adults that like to see these stories,
no do you have any after ten o'clock programing.

[19:43] We do we have so we normally have an a couple of things this year we actually moved on our trivia up,
turn the slap before so that i'll be available for more people so what we have it.
Set at ten o'clock on fridays are we do it actually starts at eight thirty but it takes up two full poundz sluts and it's the game are you in
set theaters so if you ever play mafia it's basically a harry potter themed mafia and it is something that is so fun.

[20:18] Turn on sunday obviously we have the usb yes.
Right the u ball is our annual harry potter theme area it's fun we have an amazing dj and we have the last couple of years did jp and it's,
just so much fun,
we started at eight thirty so that those with kids you know that are you know maybe want to have a little bit of a taste of,
you know some parties get a chance of palm at nine thirty we do a big custom showcase kids and adults life is short their costumes across the stage and then at ten o'clock,
that is the dragon collins rule the world dragon con adults only after dark starting at ten o'clock so we decided to come on up to their rooms for sleep and then we stay.
Has weather we like spencer last night of con man with us if you usually.

[21:23] Its not right in the room it is very near the room that there's a place for beverages,
yes open the way you are seven in the room.
For the last couple of years so yes adult if we gonna bring your kids just be aware that yes there is a the marriott will be offering beth adult beverages for sale.

[21:46] End now.
Yes i did you just great for a parent king combs and drop the kids off for an hour so right no no no no not.
is it like it like that sounds like something that somebody in joy
any track can say the same thing we are we just don't have the people to be in charge of a kids.
Sweet i wish that we have the ability to do something like that but also which which i don't have the people for that,
that means you know you lit is not the same thing as the kids hits track yes.
Give me the kids track you do not drop off youtube dot com kid go see the things enjoy those moments,
Yes my husband for years to sign and my nephew or nephew around dragon and they loved it from.

[23:10] Early early on so it's always fun with kids but again after ten o'clock.
Yes whatchu gon do and i'll be very honest on saturday night on sunday night after sidewalk.
Yes some probably.
If we are worried about what you kids may or may not see you should probably leave before.
Ten o'clock is specially that yes so just bring up yes is always great i love costumes,
i love seeing the mechanical and dumbledore's everything else and it's just so cool,
play something really fun about saying like stay and madonna gal and dumbledore like his jamming out tonight days pop music.

[24:07] Learn something very very cool about that because i never mind,
remove this,
doing a harry potter themed party with decorate you know as much as we can decorate the marriott imperial ballroom because it is a huge space harry potter themed put it is in fact a dance party does not a ball,
you don't have to come in fancy dress it will you were playing,
you know ballroom music it is a party its i would say eighties nineties two thousand eighteen.
I'm sorry you just said music was the old and that's it i'm that look anything
yes verse eighties music eighties music
alright thank you remember that the eighties was forty years ago,
yeah i know well that was something about pat benatar up facebook the guy who played the heartthrob in sixteen candles was sixty i'm like.

[25:23] Find your big fat lion that is not.
Remind my favorite things i've heard about twenty twenty one is that now when you show your id for
drinks that are they have to do is look at the first number,
people that were born in two thousand dollars give recording two thousand kendrick nelson any of esperanza spalding two thousand
my daughter just my daughter just turned twenty one who we want their last last weekend for twenty first birthdays,
twenty one ok we also know there are a lot of people who their children have grown up.
Add dragon and i'm sure i mean we want to a lot of ygtut stuff my son red play harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

[26:22] Where are growing up and it's so awesome because this is
i know it's so amazing how about you know about
the young adult let track in general when i was a boy fan before i become a volunteer and volunteer before i second and a second alarm the director,
what i love is that we offer such a variety of topics because that something right young adult,
you know i think about the characters right teenagers go you know going to the teenagers into college years of not.
Always sweetener happy and tidy with a boy which is why i think it's important that a lot of why discusses topics that are in a sometimes hard and it.
They were talking about.
What are things were talking about is love right we have a pain alright called young love ridin' romance and why what is that line what is new year.

[27:26] Stop fury young adult new adult and adult books like how far can you push that line and they're gonna be talking about that which is great probably,
biggest panel that like closes the zoom out every single year and start a lgbtq hip hop,
yes so that piano we actually moved up earlier in the day i'm a couple of years ago because we got feedback that people
that were there earlier wanted to be able to go to this panel you know it because it was like a seven o'clock at night panel so it'll be saturday at one pm track room you know it we got some great
right panelist for this.
Where is really excited it's called quest ring yourself and so if that is interesting please,
because love alarm there is always and that's actually one of those places where people will come and be like.
I made a list of twenty books you see him back.
Undrinkable other places after canon their like i've got twenty lgbt q plus twenty new fantasy and.

[28:45] Sometimes.
Holder stuff even old stuff and just haven't heard about it so it's always great and that's a great you guys amazing you recommendations
every single panel monday at eleven thirty actually have a panel called what were reading and it is a whole hour field of young dolph book rex.

[29:11] That is great and you also have author talks as well don't you.
Will we have you know we are actually,
i am very sad to say that one of our favorite why authors that is a big staples a dragon has had to cancel for this year
we hate it she hates it we are still going to have as
play in the hall with the knife by dana peter friend who normally would be there to answer your questions but you know we can absence talk about that book.
In holiday night if it sounds like why didn't i think of that because it's.
What something that we are talking about this year website a panoramic friday at two thirty is about high enough
that's quite a few young adult authors that right tired novels and various different properties and so we are going to talk to the afters about what it's like to be paid right in somebody else is world and contributing to the candice of these worlds
initiate sounds like sometimes the coolest job honestly kinam reserve properties people love up on.

[30:31] Can i got it baby and the family because of you now i didn't really know what family was
until x-files anything there that was ninety-six even then it was changing so yeah i mean it's kind of amazing this year so yes so you're authors there and then you also,
don't you do something about how to get published wire or am i
set alarm will we talk about we talk about publishing before,
wanting to be authors i highly recommended go check out the writer's track and see what their stuff is too,
what we specifically just talk about riding my because you know it's nice and we say it's not it's really not it's huge,
separate category that you know the writer's track cannot you know if they always have some but the cannot stop me focus on that because it so many things that cover so we covering romance,
where also doing a piano cat riding in rewriting so i'm how to survive right revising,
number rosalĂ­a piano that's kind of writing panel as well but it's called favorite yg tropes and how to use them.

[31:56] Any weather gonna say also about the publishing in yes that's in prior the brain.
Yesterday we talked with suzuka from fantasy and they are doing on how to get published so panel with authors and publishers agents so go.
Yeah absolutely fantasy land has an amazing schedule tuesday what you want with us i only recommended go check them out because they are amazing the last three days.
Then ny patrick henry.
The hot outside rob roy headache question,
can i chat their which was how do you convince adult to explore young adult lit they dismiss kids books.

[32:57] Oh man that is really good question because you know he brings up a good point there are people that automatically assume that young adult books are gonna be like.
Read my biggest suggestion honestly is just give them a book not necessarily tell him this fire you know what i mean granted.
The police figure out based on age of the protectionist but you know.
Everything so screen's why either right so look at us side by neil she's so good.

[33:35] I think.
Play adult effect the coworker mientes read that book because he sun reddit and told her that it was amazing and so she's like well i guess this book you know i think the best way that we can get these boots in the hands of the potter is by,
give it to them but also if you have reddit telling them why is good you know,
unfortunately there's always gonna be people that are just gonna be like that kid stuff in you know its their loss
so much to gain and turn joy in all types of little richard you know my kids are nine seven so i
get a lot of hillsong kids jr now i know it's all over can't do it but you know so my son is actually reading.
Is at nine hundred and his head seeds reading middle grade type stuff chapter books like higher love chapter brooks and dunn.

[34:29] You know there's just so much fun to hear he loves to read out loud that something i have to do discovery read those books to be
i mean thirty so fun,
honestly just so much fun and you know my daughter is it is a seven hundred two she's reading a little bit lower but,
also great stories yes why it is my focus flow also something to gain,
is there are authors that right across everything,
yes stop the fan favorite jonathan mayberry it will nephew young adult author also
actually have bread that it is the first two.
Play arrival the rest of the it was a great zombie.

[35:32] I mean yes their with some of the really honestly i got their parts of it is good as the book not the movie,
no rock save the people that will also often say to you the book was better.
Yes the book was better no i'm gonna ask you for a recommendation just the fly baby someone who's older and doesn't read off.

[36:01] Needs books but he can read small bits at a time i mean they ready smallville time.
We're not ring a panoramic this year what we have in the past and panama on election readers and
you know what we have found is the hu ghosting for that population tennessee graphic novels which are just as amazing and valley a type a little access
yes recognizer amazing my son loves them first love chapter books he loves graphic novels ig girls graphic novels and comic
the stories you can get through there and the extra excitement the pictures,
i would highly recommended graphic novel,
does that very good idea for that somebody that you do that i would say start with saga saga,
whatever you want to call on iphone six,
fairy actually which is a lot of library's.
Have a digital component your public library's have to deal component and mine happens to you two plus too to alive to check out books.

[37:26] Make it something i am a huge proponent of saving the environment but i have to tell you i personally struggle so much,
is reading books digitally i like.
Can i want to know what do i do think that part of me tactile having a book in my hand.
Is a thing i just struggle so much with reading digitally i do not know how people read on kindles and can just read and re-read i have to have left in my hand have to be able to smell it,
love in the title and i think that's there's also sounds.
Play a holding a book third when you get with paige pages alfa mist killing strangers.
Character but the other thing is with my own copies of books i can take note.

[38:29] I can't handle it some people like die if i saw some of us
people that like think that like tapping page folding pages and putting any no turning your book is like sacrilege but not is that is who i am i am defiant,
i am done that patient the corners fall did you know i am
i want to know weeks this is why we lose got it alone the other thing i wanna say is,
for when you go to a panel as we said gotta have you not just gonna drop the kids off you're gonna be there with them adult is appropriate.
Add x y z her parents and their are.

[39:20] Kids i don't like to calm kids twins younger adult who will say to you.
I really when i was this but it bother me i actually when mockingjay.
Came out i actually talk to dev the prior director i said my kids this old can you read it and she said wait one more year,
yes we can ask those questions very frequently on panels and we are more than happy both,
the director volunteers and oliver painless are always so
happy to get book recommendations for any age because you know there are a lot of people who come in at say my kid just loves to read my kids ahead and my kid wants to read this can my kid read this you know end.
I said right young adult is not the same as kids,
there are a lot of adult themes at weather at the dark themes such as like suicide or you know,
level of that i mean young adult really doe span a wide range i think that it starts.

[40:34] The just like us learning about the book and asking
right the oscars work here to help you ask on facebook page i mean we are always happy to talk books with anyone that wants talking about left facebook is probably here we are most active year round and then you know instagram instead of ghetts
open when it's contact by what's the time on facebook send us a message dragon young adult track there's a message
you know fairly quick i think i respond either i will or one of my volunteers will and,
where i look at home is perfect the perfect picture to stop on because ok you're talking about
charity and we feel super super strong about supporting charities and young nut especially
so what we do every year to raise money for charity is we have a house cup competition any harry potter fans will know that through the book is the,
you know that years they will go ahead and put.

[41:47] Household earn points right in at the end of the year they say who wants the house cup that's what we do except for we,
collector money and your money is your money is your point for your house vote for your house and at the end of the costume parade at u also right,
set before ten o'clock when we send everyone but you send the kids of the bed we announce the winner is so you know if you really really really feel strongly that help up deserves do in this year donate
all the money that we raising the track room ghost to an art charity and dragon con let you know how much is it that they will match,
up to a hundred thousand dollars up to a hundred thousand dollars amazing so dollar makes.

[42:36] You're dollar makes two dollars yeah and so that goes that goes through the entire starting thursday night until the youbad we collect that money
we have foxes in the background track room wrabel tell you more about it but basically at every panel that you see that we will be there,
hoping that you will be able to share just a little bit with us and f x.
Gryffindor does not win.
Every year they do not do not well now is back to being now because of.
In the background tastic please you're ready for somebody who's raven claud be like awesome.

[43:23] I wanna series with that now you got gryffin door you got slithering now.
What are there you go disconnect you're gonna have to do it gonna be.
For maybe i don't know.
Happy if i do i don't wanna say i don't want to this so i know i know i give.

[43:50] I gotta keep this persona going of me not being a reader but i did i want to look accept because i actually have red a couple of books over the scoring teen.
Period i don't need another related here but i just remind me i did read news of the world.
And the queens gambit before i watched the series the one of rainbow series.

[44:16] And the dick is well before watching the the movie so,
yes tina's bennett of away for a lot of people think to catch up on some books at they have if i know me working and healthcare myself i actually of headless time to read which is sad but yeah but.
You are awesome ungrateful and thankful to get to your point of the graphic novels it was doing saga and also read time actually reading all of the.
I want to call them not black pearl with amazon.
Ok ok ok i always here from paris like i don't want my kids reading reading,
what understood that i want somebody would explain never understood,
no right zach farache literature quote unquote go for it really really stories.

[45:28] Hey portal say you know i don't wanna captain underpants.

[45:36] Start the henrique captain underpants that did not right.
Add there's supposed to get stories in their fun stories for kids they related to fun stories that's why diary of a wimpy kid in minneapolis so where they start.
Play love reading the keep going so strong something,
yes so i meant as you know if we used to play a game with our guest at the end of our episodes and add this year been doing a jack box.
we also encourage will get a couple people who believe from our audience we're gonna couple of joining to play with us.
It is a custom being with you themed.

[46:24] Here we go oh no i get something she's about answering,
make up at makeup answer to it so and because i wrote most of a questions,
i will tell you that most of the time harry potter theme causes for the easiest wants to band of skulls accessible so.
Yes you're right it's mostly ghostly harry potter i will not be playing if i got to read the same time.

[47:08] I'm ready got it good our guest a few more minutes to to join peckham go ahead.
Show me as redoing them.
For jack back but also so you are in the marriott room,
seven seven that's the trial level from seven oh seven am also what we've can be on facebook.
Some facebook they can find us if they search for dragon con young adult literature track.
I know it's admit it wordy but that's who we are well
i don't know if you do instagram or twitter anything like that but just said active on facebook instagram
the kon queso the best that is at dc let and i will tell you.
Come contact both on our facebook and inna track room we have a whole list of all of our social media channels,
set very very again so that is very very good and again the adrian level.

[48:37] The highs to the marriott sun go down the trail and then start walking down that hallway.

[48:45] Take a tornado break your heart big dope disco,
is is it down by it's glasgow and verzache sun actually see sun without being.
Actually under the table it's nice to our pale and the demon burns us yes there you go.

[49:12] I gonna run time i'm gonna go ahead and start.

[49:22] Yes.
Where is quicklist three quip song parade i'm smitty but my friends call me and then hang up it's very annoying,
and if you're not in the game the next best thing is the audience enter the room code to get in there and vote,
time for round one i'm gonna flash two proms on your device type something in genius that will stand up against another players response boost,
yes points use score points based on the percentage of voter help so let's go.
You're almost time don't forget your very sorry i did not realize that.
no no no more time.

[50:34] The second one i don't know why you for such a loop well yeah the second night of summer like i was trying to be together.
Leading off.
Ok let's watch harry potter cosplay crossover guide or ron carter.

[50:59] I didn't mean.

[51:06] I don't think about separating end up mellow fellow know yourself if it wasn't for you supposed to the other i did ok.
Rodney carrottop one that was much better than my answer san.

[51:23] Blank is my patronum a slap or trash panda.

[51:31] Sorry brother.

[51:38] Play is my patronum a slot as loud as my pictures.

[51:45] Yeah josh pan the lego movie don't show love.

[51:55] Sorry richard.

[51:59] A by jack dine hug me chuck name movies or books that but you.

[52:12] Rejected hug me shop name hogs shop name moose for brooks that by you.

[52:20] I think i'm really terrified of what would be in a mood shop.
Yes superfruit.

[52:42] Rejected the projected the hunger bird hunger games book title favorite kids get away with murder.

[52:55] What is susan call rachel is out.

[53:02] Hey portal where did else the hunger games seemed paradise puddles real the hunger games themed party is titled blank and song to the tune of blank.
Highway to the capitol song to the tune of highway to the danger zone or two much hair gel.

[53:33] What was the safetysuit doesn't work at two partner for tyler braden sorry rana.
Thanks that was round one reminder those all going on your permanent record let's see the scores.
Who's winning now is winning yeah,
round two has arrived the points are doubled but so are the expectations.
Ok let's see him and the first prompt is.
Where is job in the harry potter universe care of magic beast coast sodium or house bathroom attendant.

[54:28] Care a horse travel harry potter university care of magic biscuits custodian or house bathroom attendant,
listen here i am thinking i won't fight it being the magical beast like caretakers.

[54:51] Gotcha attended is a winner.

[54:59] Most wanted harry potter cosplay crossover dumbledore back from the dead or very harry.

[55:09] Does rebel's really good i guess who.
Back from the dead it you did it is a vampire izombie.
Can we get the alligator arion.

[55:33] Play the one that was buried harry.

[55:42] By blanke rings all the cozz players to the yard by light savings all the costlier set the yard for my fitness in the outfit.
What are my fitness in the outfit brings all the cause players to the end.

[56:03] Yes.

[56:07] Play i have to say that is really good if i had not been playing against you probably whatever for your their thank you.
I think i don't want someone that last justice league threatening dragon breeze the dragon from woodland or sleepy sleep green.

[56:34] List threatening dragon breed the dragon from mulan or the sleeping spiky green.
I have to get to san on that one too that's pretty sleeping bag.
Where is patronized to have pittsburgh for cockroach.

[57:09] What's the worst of the best because i don't think survive the apocalypse base survived anything.
Armpits double one.
Orbits double wisteria to view it's time.
Add melissa steel winning of the turtles and is catch-up,
remove step right up to ripe flash hold a final round to end all rounds you're each get a prompt that needs three separate responses
remember big points being big pressure,
i see we have an odd number so.
Hey portal i think someone mentioned sound of a gun and it was back on it what happened suddenly just.

[58:09] Designates.

[58:11] Yes that would be the time where i should have remember to do the back up recording the things i was saying we're gonna be there but no.

[58:24] Time is running out add falling autumn adonai.
What day of the night.

[58:41] Play just a few more seconds from moderation and it is back to business.

[58:47] No might as well get this over with.

[58:53] Three rejected alternate names for the u ball the non denominational ball nothing bad ever happens ball,
yo have a ball or detroit dog shampoo going back in time and getting eaten by a dinosaur i'm gonna magine that is the.
Set automatic answer.
You'll have a bottle of the three rejected ultimate names for the ult ball.

[59:30] Who.

[59:36] Hey portal end redman gipsy super quite lash.

[59:43] What is the online trolls that's a lot three previous jobs found on a resume.
Never made gm and postman or fired squib jail gard.

[1:00:03] I catch your wesley's wizard.
Weather shop wesley fix you live in buenos aires.
Fired script rejected harry potter book titles harry potter and the sorcerer's stone end royal family or an american invader.

[1:00:34] For folk the spirit potter and the fault in our stars hurts scar time i got play bones.
Hey portal.
No time i got married to bonn playing quit call it are scars north star today.

[1:01:08] What is the temperature outside.

[1:01:12] Restart weddings great job.
Important zoom in to spend spell american invader zim.

[1:01:27] Alright yes so mel again thank you for joining us one more time where,
they can find you and on the internet and in the actual physical location that is dragon,
thank you so much for having me again i melt and i in the tractor for young adult literature you can find us on facebook app dragon kanye track,
where you can find us in person at the con marriott seven seven that's the hdmi level room seven seven.
Thank you so much for having me lee john you guys are amazing enjoy the show much every year it's yeah.
Is really great redbone i actually wrote some of the books down that you said so i ask you show red.
I need to share renard something else.

[1:02:21] What date is there profile pic i wish you would see my kid apparently my camera's broken so sad so sad
yes my camera is broken and i really literally found out right before this so that is sad can't see on my phone john is that my pop socket has
the rebel alliance signal symbol and rainbow going underneath it all.
Arthur from case.

[1:02:54] Ok so so yes those places that we can find so until next time for bill lee and friends and over on the street that played her games with us today until next time.
Please switch please.

[1:03:16] Music.

[1:03:23] This was a production of the unique colour command line eight one three three two one zero zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female the unique dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.

[1:03:41] Distributed creative commons attribution.

[1:03:50] Music.