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2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No
yes put on your face.

[0:34] Music.

[0:47] The podcast losing your memory like a cat annoying little things that you just can't quite.
Can you remember that you don't really enjoying is always is my.
Memory enable i don't know anything.
Is pretty much anybody did right now so but honey name of sports i am unable i am unable of mine other things but you are a memory is not want to,
set hi i am it's been a heck of a couple of days this week left on there's been a lot.

[1:42] There has been lots and lots of stuff we don't die schuss whether i wanna talk about the august first announcements or do we wanna leave that for some other time with her.
What is the time this is the current destin tonight's getting over you are we don't know who you are,
it's not that so i would tell everyone that were you really need to go and look,
because a very very important announcement came out on h. one burning a big update and so there's a lot of things street in here.

[2:27] Wow wow.
Reduce memberships at nine reduce memberships a membership.
Saturday is just you know there are no saturday only membership sales before or during the convention.

[2:54] Set only one day badges for thursday friday sunday and monday and legarda given a little bit of a reason on the official dragon con face.
Which is,
thats saturday always is a big day that brain that football game there's a lot going on in atlanta that day so,
we get a lot of skillet traffic from that and that's great in a,
no more normal your eyes dislike using the term normal with directions there's nothing normal right now.
Right there's nothing but there's so that there is gonna be a membership.
No we're not telling people because of health and safety and many many other issues so there's that.

[3:50] When thing you know is that panama rooms on fire programming and use or reduced it two thousand maximum capacity and the last thing i'm going to talk about is the parade,
the only people who be able to watch the parade on the street from in person members that's it,
how bad is gonna be done not my or yours to manage that is in with powers be a dragon con and the city of atlanta so someone point out it's not the first time,
set it well it's the first time train constantly but,
the city of atlanta has had to do something similar to this so many people,
it's does matter,
will you name of the day ball drop in time square,
what people are they limit people there they they know they have control so that's so it's not like please in cities don't know how to handle this kind of thing its,
yes that i mean laporte that the addams family getting these questions more.

[5:15] Later when we have the same dragonfly.

[5:27] Yeah that the maine the main take away is that.

[5:32] Max required.
No saturday single tickets and only ticket to people be able to see the parade in person,
what are the things to do i know some people their country has still not said they can fly over here if you can turn out of the country you need to contact dragon con.
Offices i would contact dragon con dot org be able to talk to the office because they are you wanna talk to you they understand you not being able to be here has to do with travel restrictions not just.
Not being able to be here is a little difference between where they are in the us and decide not come or other one.
I'd like a sandwich diamond eyes quit dive in these questions more later in factors even one that the pogues an interesting question was sent into us which was the football games effect.
Dragon con this year which is interesting question when it comes to.

[6:42] Play the parade things like that if there's all the people inside the hotels in the things,
no that person that doesn't ask a question that is we don't know,
dress it was somebody else that will not because the only those people,
because sometimes people like it saturday morning i don't wanna go back up the elevator to whatever floor and get my bad just to watch pray this year,
yes shut make sure you got to bed before you walk out of that hotel room.
Yes but it but also so many guest announcements start looking at that no,
play some really wanted to talk about william shatner has now been officially confirmed episode,
yes diamond dallas page please.

[7:49] What's up pillar somebody else somebody is very excited about that,
haha i am very sorry if i'm doing that incorrectly but i know i'm ass drop pershing in the mandolin rain anberlin,
no learn landlord,
set a lot of people still on this wonderful list on house so,
i go to sort by date added but it's not be we got a lot to get.
You know that i was looking at the.
What guest list guest list one of my dick voice actor i think was best lex luthor hands down is on the list.
How really who is the lead michael rosenbaum who was lex in the shows mobile,
hello how long ago was that ages ago ages and ages ago really hurts high heart.

[9:07] How many account imdb that's not fucking how long ago was long ago,
yes my heard someone walking to wait time at the door.
Hello it's joe,
how are you doing okay favorite record the hit together as much as weekend.

[9:46] Which is one where we hired retire joe i was just talking about smallville.

[9:55] Is smallville week now because i don't know what now that this year has.
Not now now that it's not believe past ten years that album has been off the air technically speaker until,
play speaking now or the american southlake classics is in charge of so we are delain smallville guess panels and,
i need smallville guest talk about michael rosenbaum,
who i honestly dutifully was the best gene hackman.

[10:36] Yes i agree by volume certainly he the best lipstick,
also working self tom welling is coming.

[10:55] Do we want to know what year smallville started no.
What were play jazz smart as well it ended thousand eleven it was on for ten years.

[11:10] There we go ended in two thousand eleven but there's so it started hurting two thousand saying.

[11:25] Yes a possible as possible that starts twenty years ago is it possible.

[11:35] Will my eighteen year old was negative.
Yes yes wow wow wow wow.

[11:51] Play and also the.
Awesome actors who played supergirl louis lane on smallville aircon rants play lois and laura van der valk play supergirl on only the second person to ever play supergirl and lauv action
add hello was the first that's correct song back on my head when i cannot remember,
sometimes what the pit number is from my debit card at this point that's right
by the smallville cast of course our bodies an american family media done smallville panels for years and years and years but now because apparently new things keep coming out they transferred
somethings over to us namely
smallville what's the biggest one of this year and so we will we got a gaggle of smallville guests and weird panels with them for,
what everyday everyday of the every day dragon con starting from i love it gaggle of death.

[13:07] Add statler neutron i think we i think you have not sure trademark that one again,
i always love you try because you bring out things that i have forgotten they even name.
First volume always help me with the minimal steps also columbo is on youtube well i don't know what is on but,
we recorded on youtube tv and whethan watch it all the old columbus which are.
What what what should i do you have this year and you have guests from again guess maybe,
that will diamante forgotten was a show it's a saturday morning show live action and it was land of the lost,
add we got.
Turn members of the marshall family are gonna be here and also a.
K boy a kane creature i'm honestly not positive what chuck a was and.

[14:32] So but the wesley your and philip bailey play chaka and them.

[14:42] I regret to say that i'm blanking on holly,
how is name at the moment but all three of them gonna be there and ben on our track before number of years ago and they were the,
best if you get a chance to come see him if you get a chat too.
Talk to america table they are so kind so funny they just absolutely love,
talking about their careers and their lives and their time on this show so many bazillion years ago,
ok add holly,
holy marshall is the actress was cathy coleman thank you i am d for that jerry goldsmith wayfinding think everyone please direct your,
increase wait to me right there mcntm.
Put that it's two thousand twenty one.
Increase brightness universal stuff for you to remember say it that's the thing.
For example you are buddies at the star wars track and at the truck track very tightly focus.

[16:03] Play american soul classics track has everything else yeah you guys do it,
everything else is still doing this year,
we are doing that this year we discovered a made in mexico director miles second gary mitchell discovered that
we don't have time to put on all the panels for all the movies in tv shows that we want it so first of all we subdivided it
between lake anniversary years so twentieth anniversary thirtieth anniversary that can i think and then we still didn't have enough time to do pals for every so we came up with,
things we called the rolla panel where a body of ours made up a giant twenty sided die and we get audience members two roll
the die die die and zack knight little giant.

[17:05] End if you doesn't excuse my ass pressure have one lang around if i could.
What are the headlines put it down talk about yourself looking for a twenty sided die,
twenty seconds early one hundred have the this is what we didn't want a during virtual drink kongos virtual last year in here she is.
Look at that pretty create wow are better see if i only see it from a distance and never actually seen this close up that's pretty cool,
yeah that's compared to my skull this is not that's how big it was always you really really cool i'm so every year we do two of these on different topics with two different dies and.

[18:00] Add take end of dragon con we auction off the detour four charity whatever dragons charity is and because we were,
at home last year i didn't auction house it is what it is my options.
Either we do it after the panel or at the on monday we have it we can a dumbass.
But yeah it's someone like you on the weekend we will auction it all from maybe rafael it off or something like that.
Play we were there we love doing that kinda thing and that panel the roller panel is such.
Will engineered to be s k magic as possible more so than you know any other regular panel we have,
yes many panelists as we can get from whoever you know the guests the attending professionals we get them all up there,
leave figure we figure that at some somebody if we get a bunch of people has seen one of the movies on the detour,
so will be able to speak on it and so weird there's a time limit at three five minutes on each topic and we try desperately to get through all twenty and sometimes we make it.

[19:30] Sometimes i have the day comes up twice late did you get thirteen reasons why complicated process,
give me another three minutes so they can talk more about a movie no that movie,
pause no say numbers on it is it rolling a one still critical failure on there is it is last year was last year was movies of,
not teen eighty five nineteen ninety five i think number one last year if i can find a number twenty,
yes i will be your critical success number one was.
Return to oz show because it was terrified.

[20:29] It was terrible thing and it was really.
No so.
This year one of a panels were doing if i can finish the list on is,
all of them,
all of the times all the numbers of the ones we put a donk getting i got it yeah yeah almost famous over my keyboard there u go movies that we put it number one in our previous die,
minutes columbo roll a blunt.
Steve harvey steve wants to know is it too late to add maniac columbo or the love boat the royal family mike will made it.
Connect willie cute the eagle dog they had.

[21:33] That's my husband's over here thank god and greyhound with big ears and his wife was the captain voyager wait that might be wrong,
that is right in the we never saw until we saw.
The mis disculpas series the spinners yeah ok good i was did i didn't have to.
I didn't columbo,
hey this is columbo can you get no seven years,
yes twenty years before that you did three episodes of cisco adler want to spend the next next three hours talking about that,
every half this audience that will do it.

[22:39] Robinson of this could be cannon ball combination william conrad tribute panel where we go,
canon jenkins fatman,
add and also the nereyda veneration for manimal and book rogers see it all comes back to me,
hey portal compatriots which is right behind john game animal john how did you find that,
play just a little bit of your heart it's all things all the time.

[23:26] Yes that's pretty.
So much william conrad tribute panel on wednesday because it's wrong drink on it instead talking.
Quinn martin panel i just wanna say all of you guys talking about wednesday being first day of dragon.

[23:49] Turn off wild find you listen learn episode they'll find you and young dro,
we we by clairo error new years ago we did it thursday night panel,
because of the year of the dragon king iso inside baseball for everybody but there's a dragon schedule,
website put our calls and one year there was an opening for thursday night and i thought.
Ok i'll put something in there and then i found out later we went supposed to do that but we did thursday night panels anyway since then waves kind of now now,
yes you and john rutter blank that got it on it got it already there let's give him something to do,
yes stupid forensic files me who needs the sea friends now i mean,
set like you don't see it all the slave owner friends you don't need you need to come.

[25:04] I said option of the beach twenty years what are you doing anything else,
we are thank you on every year we also feature what some people not calling
add movie or an infamous movie perhaps and we in the past week done the star wars holiday special and we don't kiss meets the phantom of the park me two years ago.
What will the weather below terrible in her own words what we do is we.

[25:48] We should a movie and if you want to leave you have to donate to the dragon con charity,
technically speaking if we lock the doors that's called kidnapping and aparently,
yes i will try to be we try to be friends with a pdf we really do like the nineties,
technically speaking i can't say that i actually for real and we are going to lock the doors but.

[26:22] If you would if you going you have to leave if you can't stand it like in the first five minutes that's twenty bucks the longer you stay that less than jake to donate so,
play yeah that's a really i like that idea i agree with you there are no such thing as bad movies are movies that.
Are not the best,
but as well as the track learn actors i'm always very happy for but i recently was rewatching the blog the original.

[26:56] I forgot how absolutely.
Very bad that was that is it a lot of painful acting in that queen not steve mcqueen you remember later in life,
Skip back on amazon yadbad hot rides and calboy at,
add the call and we don't speak of highlander the widow highlander there's a little one hundred s saying highlander,
there's only one.

[27:48] Only want ended tv show and then a movie after the movie show but that's it there's nothing tv show the tv show the original movie,
that's the wrong stop stop there yeah,
set two beach channel the app oh my gosh free and they have the best,
i'm glad you mentioned it because i feel like that channel shit sponsor the american stop by classics track they have so many things and so many things that,
start very good and send a also pretty good,
the mystery science theater about you their movies are on the on the thing and also.

[28:45] I watched return to savage beach which i do not recommend add a three way,
there was a there was a conan gray series,
hey conan the barbarian tv series brazille noir and it is on tv and it is a delight let me too.
Are there a lot of good movies on there and then there was you the flintstones.
Kyoto ugly at a favorite would be the jackie chan karate kid but also jones for good gas i'm surprised the joneses on there,
start the drawing transition one,
goodwin bravery three badlands fifteen years looking at life new orleans jazz classic.

[29:48] Where the classic movies in st louis battlestar galactica is on there i just watched the growlers into the trees the last,
go original the first one more man the movie is amazing.
No aftermash rob us both disappointed about that are the classic battlestar galactica yeah,
i miss a lot a lot of the shark movies like you to scroll past damn sharks pitch the baby dinoshark.

[30:26] Oh they have also their there's one i watched a lot of sharpe movies on their to there's freshwater shark.
There's like shark by shrk virus shark.
When is a documentary about today update.

[30:49] Reply yeah so it could always be worse focus you can be by your shirt no and then there's one about a shark actually can like get on land to get you,
the near the water.
Launch arc north not even that good.
Turn up just adolphus.
How do i know you're acantilado kids.
Where mediating grandparents.

[31:37] Did this song what other shows are you so we talked about smallville atlanta the last are there any other shows that you really.
Yes in addition to arturo pounds and end of those things are you know i didn't say what are one of our locker movies is the first one is howard the duck,
hey that's too yeah it's the first the first cinematic marvel movie is considered canon,
is it is guardian i'm saying.
Find fahrenheit i cannot canon actually it's not it's not no.
The thing is it's it's it's infamous than.

[32:40] What you might called bad i meant to know that we have a panel for that too because we have we are we do pelican classic sci fi court,
where fans of things that people have made fun of historically come in defend those movies for example of we we.
i just started where we were just come in chad about those movies but then a couple of our panelist dibiase elaborate powerpoint defences of
not that bad of yeah and so now everybody's doing powerpoints of movies like leave extraordinary gentlemen and.
One of the latest star trek s and the,
that first hope movie with that was directed by angle things like that but i can tell myself
play it's good to know it's not mega shark vs crocosaurus no it's not.

[33:44] Set a watch sharks battling other animals that's a good one yeah.
It is where you can see tim robbins before he was famous way before he was famous with this like crazy eighties hair that looks like it been electrified was really happily jovan.
Awesome another words awesome,
awesome start from island from two feet there is a blade the series i was not aware that
what is it on very long two thousand and they didn't get wesley snipes play blade.
So you know it was a okay remember watching thirteen episode.
What other this can't just looking at look like this let me share this screen.

[34:49] This person look like emma watson real quick.
Put the screen like that,
i don't believe it is no no no first yes but then,
like take me out world turning pals on the anniversary years that have come up this time we're doing reggaeton the lost ark always a classic.
Aliens the second of the aliens movies are alien movies world subdued greatest american hero.
Add them we have another dub william cat has been to dragon con it's been a while but.
Even if he doesn't come we're still we always.
Venus every year there's greatest american hero cozz players all over the place and so we're gonna find them dragon and caballero,
take a picture with there it is it stuff.

[36:04] Just fun stuff for nf it's not a critique statement to say that you know maybe these things were made with questionable quality it's not that.
At the american soundtrack classic track dislike current things that the cool thing is a lot of the old things are being remade as new things so technically speaking in charge of everything,
email masters of the universe,
there was a new heathers a new email cartoon on right now just started last week there was a good movie that just came out last week so you're welcome everybody on,
all this track all of us desperately wants pretend it has not been forty years and theatre.
Thank you yes exactly extract the song in my head.

[37:10] I have i have a great american hero song in my head.
Look up what's happened tomorrow i can't believe in myself believe it.
What is the time we're gonna have to do a sing along what we doin',
are you going to know what i can't speak for each open i'm searching and nobody wants to hear me sing.
No no no.
Please list given the no i wanted the people that was ever asked to leave chorus and it was fucking middle school and it was a volunteer.
Play desperately needed kids and anna of the north no john.
John not sure what the difference but.

[38:11] Awesome pretty good youtube boys on your destiny,
what what is today.

[38:29] Yes on facebook messenger,
so so what is the most people movie walk people in with.
Make it me one hundred percent definitely.
My tolerance for movies that aren't great is pretty high,
but mac and me nearly broke me it,
the funny thing what love bomb is the paul road and conor byrne kept alive,
resume many years with that one clips from that one st but if you sit and watch the entire movie that's not the only time the kid in the chair almost dies he,
start was dead several times it's like that film the entire movie at the top of the hill heroes down the hill lot,
hey almost plunges to his death often in this movie.

[39:41] Yes where the party at there's an extended mcdonald's dance break.
Where the alien do dances with romeo donald in the middle of the movie and it is.
Most watched it is must be rachel we had a.
Yes rachel in the odessa want to remind you about the year,
star wars holiday special to me people watch so yes i did i think she's contending that that's worst in me stop call leave.
Wow paperwork i was watching the diane carols soft.

[40:27] Stop open we were still pretty early on in the movie so that would that would it would still cost you about fifteen twenty bucks.
We made so much money but not for chicken only ten minutes only ten minutes of show actually happened,
put this a lot of money or.

[40:52] Yeah that's good times what's your secret movie that you're not looking people in the.
Will the second movie were doing where actually gonna leave that up two feet,
we're gonna leave we're gonna do a random rolling for that movie as well and we don't know what that's gonna be it might be mac and me again,
it could be a
cause i'm bring it back me again it could be clear again
it's not like manic in two on the move which also have the weeknd bernie's two i meant put that in the rotation but it's not.
We are there options we're gonna wheel lock pandora and whatever happens happens you can make some serious again
star wars christmas special the holiday holiday special,
for highlander two people will go fast from at least i tried but tomorrow how to make highlander tunes for that to be a basketball game because,
there is no such thing as.

[42:10] Oh these are so great great terrible movies yellow love your love,
what place,
will thank you and i'm gonna get over you track one day at a time where is your located in the basement of the marriott right next to the habit trail that takes you over to.
The higher the hilton which ever wanted further to.
No good jonathan over he's going either yeah i mean join me in being lobster dragon con air puppetry.
Are you near star wars.

[42:57] Add legitimately dupont the only knows how to get to his this track room and how to get to a hotel room and that's it.
How hot is it was like on the lowest level where the habit trail is yet to have a train level on the marriott is only one level.

[43:21] Ok so maybe it's not,
we're not want the lowest level any who were on the same level as the celebrity ballet the ballroom with the celebrity.
You're level then mezzanine or whatever it is emily king that's why,
what are awesome volunteers rachel champion thank you rachel,
i think you guys to go over here costume used to be ok over the old extract.
What is not now no nobody american soldier classics is so much fun.
Play just needed a whole hallway by themselves just like a baby it's in the corner.
Set much light baby not not baby the lost legends the movie with the dinosaur.
Any worse line and that movie the line all of us remember the most which is what the greatest bits there you go.

[44:39] Fast is also had william cat in it if i'm not mistaken which to all becomes back to greatest american hero.

[44:46] How do you know what we haven't thank you sharon we are doing us cartoons stuff every hm surf on saturday and sunday morning before they
pals get started,
every year of what pell start like at ten am you know from normal humans every sunday at saturday and sunday morning we just coming to start showing cartoons.
Which cereal excited.
Add really know always bring some pretty bubbles and them,
i don't know if anybody else wants to try to yannc the freddie gibbs out of my cold dead hands and kitchen but but no,
do you by the box like the real her the devil's in the details,
no i got a good friend barney on the on the bodied friends barney on the bus,
what percent now but nowhere authentic authenticity no it's not a box from the eighties or the second we're not,
we're not eaten like this and like that box of mr t and tina my closet thirty years.
Delete really have one there maybe.

[46:11] Ok robot landlord cereal that was like a special edition never eating it.

[46:21] Here's the thing it was like twenty five cents at the corner store and we bought.
I metric time of it and at one point my daughter said i feel bad because it's little yoda heads i feel like i'm eating little baby otis.
No i got it.

[46:46] It was it was delicious thirty years open facebook.
Should taste like this little fish people that you hate for gonna say,
one single episode he was not committing genocide only,
what time it goes to.

[47:22] Lizard fish people could bread it wasn't me workaholics what do i have,
learn leave that if it makes you feel better that makes you sleep better at night will just say sure for the easy joke when i fell i'm program and all his all his,
please let's actually instant pot is actually covered in you gregory i got that.
So is my info you've got the same one.

[47:58] I would also send you both.
Which is usually not the boy i got the warriors depot.

[48:20] Set a cool stuff on it that's a good put stuff in it and put stuff on it,
i got lots of stickers around this is wrong my all my frog eggs in there so exactly.
Better in boiling water better in a bar pressure cooker.
Ok so i got a lot of people.

[48:48] Is there is anything we want to well highlight before we get on to our game here we come to the bottom of america.
Would you fun stuff on weekend something in the way you move that's what's up points out the she has a,
mickey mouse institution something there that you like and and everywhere we do
virtual panels on the youtube and live on facebook every thursday night because we are insane and so you're gonna get the dragon comics experience,
thank you rob we're gonna get the dragon can you get the dragon comics experience once a week with us where we just,
do what you and i both two of us three of us have been doing for the last forty eight minutes nothing more of us,

[49:50] I'm so so we said she in the private chat their joe we're gonna do jack boxes we been doing with her,
are guests this is the season of the unique so it goes dragon,
give me some time there before open it up for our guest that are watching to play alone tonight play a dictionary.

[50:14] I see lee is already made her way in,
johan johansson it's really easy so i will go ahead and,
allow the recipe group john is left other people in where can the people spying,
on the facebook switch is also in on youtube where they can also watch a winter week program,
thank you facebook dot com slash groups,
slash american software classics all one word no hyphens and search for american hi fi classics and you can do that on youtube also youtube channel is we post sketches and,
backup thing and then panels wants a week stretching back to when they pandora am started.
I haven't heard it called that but i like it like that.

[51:21] What time will give everyone that we got almost full room will give another minute and.

[51:30] No go ahead yet this year's charity again is big brothers big sisters of metro atlanta,
open the defenders of potential so that's a charity.
Give us much as you can if you can there a great group in atlanta and they had we're gonna have charity on with them and they're gonna give you all the amazing stats goes.
Never their website.
Ok i think that we have the most organ half years so will go ahead and get this thing started,
no i'm looking to play just because it's easier for me to read when i don't have to also do other stuff.
Hello welcome to the dictionary is like a big hole full of words and fun and i'm inside the whole way thing for you.
Wow what the very very groovy group of people,
in the dictionary you take a made up word and turn it into a real word with real meaning that you can use forever or forget about right away it's a game if you want to play along join the audience by entering the room code time to play,
first things first and giving you award.

[52:53] Right the definition for this word on your device.
Ok so well are guests look at their devices are their webpage or whatever they have in lincoln too we will love.
See you that are listening to the podcast on the other side those of you that are still with us willow.

[53:17] No hang up i guess.

[53:20] See what happens to be on over here on tv let's see the thing which is based.
Hey portal go to it's it's a two thousand fifteen hits what is is a marvel comic that's for sure but i wonder if it's in the,
zoom in universe it is not an also it is not great.
Which one is that man thing.

[53:51] Comic book is an excellent but the movie is this.

[54:00] Never that movie from the eighties eighties nineties,
replay little too much submit your definition.

[54:20] Alright back show me the definitions ok so that the word is devour.
View vivo.
Give me the definition of a possible the second now it's time to vote person who thinks there an emperor of all things comic book.
The second viennese lord date of the wood brothers open window blinds possible definition for valor or a person who thinks they are an empire of all things comic book.
Never sexual vibe lord or caffeinated window blinds go ahead into your votes now.
John why is it asking me if i wanna sensor these.

[55:11] Oh because you're the first one in that's why so serious yes i guess.
This one.
A person ok so the winter was a person who thinks they are louder now it's overhead the process.
Lucks lucks.
Is the word lol from the lux can i get a reading can i get them assistance.
For your favorite what lulu moon what lulu moon wears.
Put on their blue moon where's put on their.
Sweatpants security or when oxygen play skip to my lou.
Do the locks is what lululemon where's put on their lookin' up bagel or,
sweatpants security or when oxygen play skip to my lou so vote for your favorite in the in the app if you're playing it would be you.

[56:35] Music.

[56:44] End the winning definition to be recorded for ever in the dictionary am is lulu where's where's put on their lulu bagel.
Is that was leads could you was all excited about it currently leads winning with the family right behind her and joe is always the bottom of zero complete,
do you know where the mean the same thing put you into words to pair with the fresh new definition on your crusty old device goes fast,
set our guest will be in players will be thinking about soon for the symptoms.

[57:34] Which are as reminder viva el amor is a person who thinks they are emperor of all things,
comic books lux is what lululemon where's put on their lulu bagels lee typing away really fast.
I was made yesterday.

[58:02] No i guess i can stop this timer and play beautiful war i like to say you're cinnamon.

[58:14] Yes.
Send the first one up and send ems for lulleaux which is cream lulu cheese.
Lemon i need to read leading that lemon demon locked away there we go.
Would joseph smith to my list,
set a synonym not cinema one raise it one word limoncello and beanie man bodyguards,
thank you lord i like that one i like that a lot,
create blue cheese lemonade lloyd i cannot still cannot say it or smith to my loop.
Please play the life brandon.
Add painkillers switch to wild me to have to reproduce that the word alive to pronounce again just a minute.

[59:22] Ok select what is velours a person who thinks all things are who thinks they are all things emperor of all things comic books and someone who partly can't read the impossible,
send empire fan boy.
What who will i be fanboy lloyd ilia's dream or batman.

[59:53] Villard person who thinks they are they are in emperor of all things comic books possible synonyms are fanboy and lloyd boi.
Straighter or beats play buttons play batman sweater one thank you otherwise.
Are there we scores.
Steven sharp released and joe right behind him learn last place from first to last
hot sentence around.

[1:00:42] Set now you have to use one of those synonyms that give me one of the two and a sentence best sentence wins.
I gotta pronounce the lemon demon mongoloid.
Play brandy no one to blame but yourself you think about it it's really your fault and brandon.
That they are responsible with pride.
Love the most expensive simply red sentences now.
Right and burbank if i needed you that.
Set up the first one up as bass player personal things there an emperor of all things comic books and.

[1:01:48] Set up alexa.
You can you can now without you could enjoy the new superhero movie because a butt bass player keeping up all the differences between the comic book and the movie,
add this person to do you know the person in charge of the sci fi classics track that's the best player.
Cause players have a have the.

[1:02:21] Same powers as that splinters.

[1:02:26] Is that the same smart it's good that smart i was wondering what was like.

[1:02:35] I could be wrong i apologize typing things that it doesn't give you the worst thing about this doesn't have a spell check.

[1:02:49] Could you join the super hero movie because batman splinter couponing all of a difference between the comics movies do the person in charge sci fi track that's the best player and cause players have the same powers.
End the winner was you couldn't joy the new the batman movie because we can explaining the differences.
Lullaby la la mongoloid language the house pronounced now.
Yes yes yes yes again.
Ok i like my lamont lloyd with lemon capers in a bit lemonade swing descendents is the bass player tried to explain manimal but at eleven mongoloid instead.

[1:03:37] I need to mongo lloyd on my butt.

[1:03:45] Ok like my lane mongo lloyd.

[1:03:56] That means plainer tried to explain manimal but at eleven bongolia lloyd instead mongoloid on my buttons that was your sentences steve says those type of.

[1:04:12] Listen banyon i don't know what about it's a it's a it's a broken your flight information i think of the bone.
End the winning sentence is the best try to explain manimal but eight instead.
Alright i love is a historic entry in the dictionary i thank you.

[1:04:43] And joe gutierrez lamond lloyd in the stream this morning.
What now let's see who won the final scores.
Joan crowe.
Alright joe thank you so much for joining us and thank you those all of you that play wit us tonight appreciate you taking time out but.

[1:05:30] What's funny get a little closer cuz you just gonna have something.
I don't know what that will it was this is the one point the brand point said that other batman's playing lemon boy does the world series river.
Repeat internet now thank you for joining us today joey isn't horrified cause.

[1:06:10] Stop snap the show just got longer.
Set for shelow shaq joe and our friends about interwebs a player game with us and lee.
Very special episode of joe.
Show has a crisis on infinite earths.

[1:06:45] Hi until next time this is john.
I should probably do this thing here we go.

[1:07:03] Music.

[1:07:10] Production unique eight one three three two one zero zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.
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[1:07:37] Music.

[1:07:56] Pause for one you should wear you should aquaman cosplay.