Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 26 - Baby Metal Kaiju

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No
yes on your face.

[0:34] Hey portal come.
Fifty days a dragon the podcast it's on the road to nowhere.
Enjoy me as always is my traveling companion lee brice shotgun,
yes just over all nothing.
John lee.
Johnny that magic technology thing but.

[1:19] Tonight at eight five at seven thirty.
There's another drunk content so you're gonna have a lot more things.

[1:40] Why did i think it was tonight you may be right you maybe completely write i could be completely wrong time baby be crazy.
What major be alone ticker looking for john adams intern over here located research for us thank god is more prepared,
how are you doing i guess im doing ok what's up it's been a few days that's true and foxes like.
Sorry cancel aso if you are watching live go back in time build our machine.

[2:24] Who is the duet recorded please yes that's true was probably over on the dragon comical,
facebook you think is also very likely on youtube is true.
Hey youtube thing.
No i think it's actually called youtube it's different than two kids you to be why am i getting feedback.
Play you and i want you to go and watch the greatest movie ever.
Is the twenty thousand one or something.
Twenty thousand foot woman what is twenty times twenty thousand foot women fight.
Should i just becomes really big drink something and it makes your keys everybody scared never.

[3:28] Set chance playing as it was last night and possibly watched.

[3:38] No i can watch it on replay so i was doing other things last night.
What were you doing do a simon says it's going to do at night when you're not here whatsapp.
I love you know i haven't heard a single thing about it.
Conceptual how much was in the absolutely.
So it's hot atlanta right now we watch movies.
Can take in hugger sleeping dragon it's over there in the corner.
Thanks but we don't have been watching my talk about yesterday with joe whole lot of the black and white ones.
Wonderfully bad as i remember this year.

[4:53] John the best movie in the world came out and i told you about it which movie was that i told text.
It was godzilla vs calm and it was seven hundred.

[5:10] Set to talk about because i had you max only play the first.
And then no because they have judas in the back.

[5:30] Add over this call and i got that was love lost.
Can their needs to be more godzilla and other creatures like that in the world.

[5:44] Morgan yeah yeah other other things that sounds like in that genre.
They didn't right anything johny johny yes yes that is godzilla mobile.
I godzilla mobile i think i want this pull up really yes that point.

[6:13] Hey portal i want to the yes and explain it school improv.
Is there anybody at your door yet hold the door,
i want the news a best way to get there
yes explain and sabaton school of rock.
The director of superfruit which is is so we want you to call us all.
So ok the cell current track covers everything in live action cinema and all cultural aspects dance music food from the mediterranean,
play the pacific and down into the indian ocean everything along the ancient silver road.
Yes cover by my track accept anime witch is so popular got it's own department that is it really if you wanna.

[7:31] I love you could you are my favorite things the actually recorded a panel for dc on godzilla vs kong.
It's great one of the greatest movies of all time it was fantastic it was fantastic and not made.
Record this little pig let me for what it for what it was yesterday.
Open mouth piece of logic ares in in that movie.

[8:05] Are there will there are always somethings you have to forgive in kygo movies because they are supernatural beings and their for not understandable by moderat science,
in technology i'm sorry pause this song is playing i'm not a player the beast the piecework the problem it in the people around.
Well that's anywhere play the case right said what is name start guard,
looks better with a beard sorry that's just me i don't disagree,
ok so rob actually we will have a panel on babymetal this year,
play the first time covering of babymetal at dragon con so i'm really excited about that one because it's not talk it's middle but it's it's pretty close we're working there,
turn off.
Pause the office for babymetal look at the heck is baby metal ok so imagine three talented young ladies from japan,
dressed in very goth style lolita style dresses right.

[9:29] Who bounce around the stage heavy metal music screaming lyrics at you.

[9:40] How much garlic no no oh ok it's amazing is amazing.
Set a picture now or the fan cat,
give tastic yeah,
end figure out of martial arts style choreography and fat pat have a song called coraje,
features features them and a lot more,
armour style dresses in every god very dark there lyrics every dark even though their screaming them in your traditional japanese pop.

[10:26] Voices right it's very not japanese pop.
Gotcha kinda like rogers or.

[10:43] Something like that somebody gun by tim burton.
Right like i said very gothic mary mary nothin' on you might think of them.
When you say tim burton that's the first thing i think of anyway.
Set it got it right yeah.

[11:13] Play beatles a huge influence and bowie saved me help,
i join a little baby hold on give me two seconds again productive production production value,
i can't be a couple seconds cause youtube kick ass off even if it is a youtube video playing which is you know you're right accurate.
Yes that's the one that you wanna scroll in about forty five seconds there's a long intro artistic.
I see that kiya juliet the official video scrolling about forty five seconds that will you get to the music and singing hooks on the podcast.
Who sounds rap quote me motions around artist.
I wanted to work this way.
Let's see if we get this there's a interesting problem my have here.
Which is i can't do you want welcome back to it will come back to a later welcome back to you later.

[12:37] I'm gay.
Show but you said the biggest song in this life the way you like it karate video he was actually just playing.
Ok again what is where does the timezone come from.
Ok so basically if it's anything that was along the path of the ancient silk road it's covered in the soccer track.
So thats everything from the mediterranean at the nile delta down into the indian subcontinent all the way across asia to japan okinawa.

[13:19] Is it going to be islands as well we don't usually get.
Any offers for content from like the pacific islands i think maybe those panels usually fallin' too like the diversity track.
Because that is to be the focus of those type of panels.
But if they don't come to me with a hair i think would be a good idea for your track never know.
Did you have an idea,
after dragon con for afrojack october twenty-one.
Send those ideas to silk road at dragon dot.

[14:14] Unlikely can you turn on daily,
absolutely i would love to get a wider representation of the cultural aspects of everything across the silk road the majority of our focus ten sabi fart eastern countries so we got a lot of martial arts i haven't jitsu
jojo that's coming in this year that's going to do mythbusters for ninjas right meth vs reality
what nuggets really is versus what you see in the movies in the hype
right and i'll have a couple of quin after his demonstrations and everything so that's exciting roy wilkinson if you're looking for amanda guest list
is the the master atlanta buju banton dojo and say they do ninjutsu traditional ninjutsu so excited to have them come in
the ninja say that we had before has retired from doing conventions twenty nineteen his last year but seventeen was fantastic,
end i know that the japanese house popular so i had to find a ninja.

[15:29] Who is having a ninja it's not john.
No no no cuz i can't do anything quietly who do you love
sorry we also do like belly dance classes and origami workshops and will have a group presenting of panel on traditional commoners and the symbolism in the patterns.
We have some panels on asia architecture and how they very often have,
like the buildings themselves become characters in animals in movies because we see them destroy so many times right how many times did you see tokyo tower come down,
a lot like a lot so this is a real life architecture.
End animated film panel so there's a lot of interesting things that are getting added in this year that we haven't had in years passed i'm really excited to be branching out but the more we can the bitter the better.

[16:35] Yes do you have a question so.

[16:41] Do you have any special events that are going on like extra.
Ok so every year we do a talent showcase called the silk road performance exposition
tens to be on sunday it is tentatively scheduled this year for sunday at seven pm in the hilton grand ballroom that's always tentatively,
what kiss and tell the day of,
keep checking the app to make sure it hasn't been changed but ten to the police scheduled for sunday seven pm in the hilton brandy's ballroom and will have the standard talent show case and then it end,
i get to make special announcement for the dragon charity,
i'm super excited about the dragon concerts this year because it's big brothers big sisters of atlanta and i started my martial arts training through big sister big brother big sister's program here in macon,
i would not have started in marshall arts if it hadn't been for love providing a space for us to do that when i was in high school so i'm really excited about this charity
joe pace is the director of charity events and she came to me with an idea for one of her volunteers and said i think this view great fit for your department.
Hear it is what if we build a cardboard city and lets somebody smash it like godzilla.

[18:05] I'm like sold a hundred percent sold so we're gonna do a silent auction,
it will be in person i will have a sign up sheet in my track room and at every panel and event until sunday around noon and willow people did for the chance to squash a city like a giant can i do.
What you can do it in front of the stage on the floor the end of the xx p. o. v. in front of and hole audience and will record the whole event everything in its gonna be fantastic so highest bidder gets to squishes city.

[18:41] I cannot it all my goodness.

[18:47] So we have a question from the audience what which was a this is godzilla sings godzilla singular point,
what violent ether garden with a netflix considered anime animation or silk road if it is asian animation it falls under anime.

[19:09] Set them both the news with the so but.
Because i work with the anime director on a lot of things because there's a lot of crossover if it turns out that you are.

[19:23] You're focus fit my,
track better if it's more on traditional culture or actual martial arts or you wanna compared to traditional old school kygo movies then maybe that would be my department but i just want to talk about the animation,
i would probably be anime with eric.

[19:45] Add is there so again crossover of twenty twenty one.
Right people time to recover,
right now there are a couple of other items that we will be auctioning off over the course of the weeknd pull sims social media he's jolly,
giant he doesn't lot of work show workshops stuff with a momo con
add he doesn't lot of promotional work for platt crafts so he he employed crash donating,
a godzilla funk of game.
And he's going to bass and paint all of the figures for the game to be more movie realistic because right now their single color cast.
The mozart amazing but the detail on the paint job is lacking so he's going to customize those.

[20:45] I see lisa hayes and he has a repair kit human nature that's about
three and a half inches high and he's kind of dina rae i'm gonna getcha good and he looks like godzilla so he's going to custom paint him to look like in the movies,
so there we two additional items that you could been on if the cardboard box city squishing bidding gets out price range still want u something godzilla options,
play we're calling the godzilla stamp.

[21:25] My heart not continue,
are you free of kali uchis do me to send someone do i need to call the intern other special events.
Yes the baby usually have something else,
kpop weather like k-pop will have a k pop dance class within instructor on friday evening before the k pop dance party,
which will be tentative lake in the marriott period ballroom at ten pm on friday.

[22:13] Set it to fly check the after updates always never the dealer dragon tales butter beans party's over
yes because yes never official until it's done so,
keep checking for updates but currently tentatively scheduled for friday ten pm and
we usually the department has in the past soul glow sticks and blinky things at the k pop dance party this year charity events has offered to set of those tables and run those sales for themselves
end that way we get to focus on safety crowd control in the party and which dancing.
Tens to be more necessary than you think it dance parties people time to get a hand and try to show all we don't want injuries so it's better for the volunteers
from light apartment to pay attention to safety concerns as opposed to,
charity sales as much as we did it was fantastic but as much as we did they decide it would be easier if they just signed a couple people handle it for us prime,
add new stories to ghost town other things so ray because over half of the songs that we raise for the american heart association and twenty nineteen came from the sales at the k-pop dance party that is,
prover half so i'm hoping my options beats their charity sales de party this year.

[23:41] I am busy network and the follow option is gonna be in your track ring.

[23:47] Yes ma'am end currently we are at the hilton in galleria at and if you've never been to the gallery level before it is fun to find
you have to go through the lobby of the hilton all the way to the back pass all of the elevators in stairs and down be escalators at the very very very back yet,
i want you do it takes you to this magical basement area with animation and anime and start trek,
and britt track and silk ride it one of the best areas of.

[24:21] Dragon to be alone with you it's a very leave chairs and tables because it outside for k. d. lang for trader vic,
that's that's actually true yes we have to touch it,
all weekend long does interesting thing tuesday if you are a traitor vicks you can go out there's actually like overflow area there were usually easier on the thursday night when you getting your,
what time is on yes that you can get a lot quicker
overnight area and they usually open it to the street in the evenings so that you can just walk in to that back bar area and then just walker back up during,
is that usually isn't terribly crowded down there it's quiet it's fairly quiet down there and it's reol,
because used to be used to have all the gaming was not yeah yeah.

[25:21] Yep they close the call the walls in spider man track rooms instead of having it all open gaming areas and,
yes really nice i like it now where we are when you come down off that escalator in the very back you have to go like
pass the loading dot to the back corner to find where it at and where cross from where to jewel media does some of it panels so let's have ever been to digital media panel probably never,
ben new cracker just because pass the loading dock and then my daughter is in a little hallway behind that.
Silence minutes to get people to a somehow though.
Find a video for the belly dance workshop twenty nineteen we had an overflow line the almost rap before.
So we actually got that moved into a words a larger workshop space this year so both of the belly dance workshops this year will be in workshop space instead of the track room so there's extra space.
Go back to something about this k pop dance party cuz.

[26:31] Little bit laughing you do a dance training,
no what was it k pop dance rational dance classes,
yeah we do dance classes so we'll have we have two belly dance dance classes and a k pop dance class
there are a lot of there's a lot of choreography that is kind of across the board in cape pop style
so you can you can learn combinations of techniques and then put it to almost anything that they play at a dance party,
and it'll make sense and flow and.

[27:13] You know so it's just a omi is going to be teaching the k pop dance class and the belly dance classes this year she's absolutely fantastic show also be performing in the expo,
reduce without a lot of people step up because i've been a lot of changes this year and so had a lot of people who are willing to fill in where they need to and it's just its been,
really really reassure getting emails from people saying hey i know think so weird,
what do you mean from me and your mama wonderful what do you think about this,
does my favorite people.

[28:08] Yes that would be a.
Whatever pam people get hurt and we don't do it anymore.

[28:21] How do i get out of the coroner play,
ok so hurt so every now and then when a little liquid courage love me better things as well people to get a little,
over confidence in their physical abilities and try to do things like backflips off of chairs have to have the edm this called in.
Take empress of back hallway and stabilizing make sure there's no concussion i'm not saying that happened.

[28:58] Ok so it takes things happen that you can't necessarily control
but you can handle it as quickly as possible and having eyes on the situation always makes it easier i just.

[29:14] I've work security for events for so long and i,
when setting marshall arts for thirty five years no twenty five twenty five years and there's a whole lot of grained.
Scoping the room for a problem year will also attract director we're all the songs.

[29:42] Hey set sorry sharon ask a question about k pop so rachel patton is the dj for the k pop dance party and she is,
she's pretty easy to find on social media i think she was so full name on her twitter and instagram but.
If you have requests if you send them to my email address now.
I can send them to her to see if she can find a copy that she's allowed to use for the capo party.
She can't take request on the day off because is no way to download new stuff my understanding is that's a huge.
Library of music stoked that you can send the silk road at dragon con dot org nao which arcade pop request and they will do what their baskets,
absolutely old school k pop songs her favorite is the group.
Hi five teenagers and the song i am that i am.

[30:51] Open my new age white guy.
What you like bts of course who doesn't.

[31:02] I have blood in my veins do i not i believe do i not i don't think i've heard of bts songs.
No my eight year old is obsessed with black pink it's it's it's it's a korean pop group and they are adorable and i get it.
Italy get it it's the patriot like that that that song that's that's basically nsync and backstreet boys.
Set the timer now i understand see tried i tried to americanized and western it should not now,
yes you should know better i know better i'm learning for myself,
did not make it not make it two serious but do you cover topics along those lines and abra panels like a cultural appropriation things like that.
We try to avoid that because that chinese football right in intense default moring to the diversity track
yes that's not true there specific there so what we tend to focus on is more traditional culture and how it has changed from uno.
Older movies into more modern movies and things like that and.

[32:28] Yes so it's not so much try try to avoid that some as much as possible we try to focus on films that feature people,
who obviously have some kind of personal history,
with the conference representation and jackie is very shadow to the to the diversity track which was added,
two thousand nineteen thousand eighteen somewhere eighteen nineteen brand new when i started in twenty ninth released.

[33:03] I wanna set eighteen we have effect pop groups exactly sharon.
Yes answer that that would be that's that's that's awesome the dragon added that as a as it is a track and it.

[33:21] Free of those heavier topics to be right wiley discussed right.
But it's just when there is a chance for their to be a controversy in the discussion we try to avoid it,
because like you said drunk in la supposed to be fun,
end there's a time and place for this conversations and at dragon con it's mostly with your friends or in the diversity track.

[33:53] Right right and i will tell a lot of those conversations are wet people will be talking about as they walkout and real friends a new people to talk to and a hole ideas,
add somewhere where sounds like there's a complete touch to have a chat with sounds amazing so,
the this is amazing grace you are gonna be talking about we were chatting beforehand when you called us from the godzilla mobile.

[34:27] Add a question when we have you do the things not the animation.
So you have to new property,
i do there's a there's a lot of crossover with some some new shows in some new movies coming out as we mentioned godzilla vs kong there will be a panel of virtual panel on dc tv for that
but we're going to be included snake eyes from the go franchise because of the martial arts and traditional cultural aspects presented there,
we also get to talk about mulawin the live action movie and kungfu the new series on the cw featuring niki and her journey through,
the cultural aspects growing up in a traditional asian family and her journey through country,
so i'm really excited to bring those things in those are these are some new franchises that we have an ending crossover with before and that's that's exciting.

[35:30] Set to talk about martial arts so.
It's a win win win for you
hannah starting me down a little bit of a different road with disney princesses and start a disney yes
yes answer live action amazing everybody should be,
we are gonna have kids track on and he will be chatting about properties thank you so,
right obviously move on as it is still included in kids track because it's still a disney princess movie.
I'm sure that i'll be talking about how it has a fauve from the animated movie to the live action movie in things like that will be talking more about the martial arts and the.
You know the all of the cultural.
Things that have changed somewhat since then you know the aspect of health females were treated in alabama.

[36:34] Are there is no other questions from the top pop as well not there is
off ten a lot of crossover in the panels they will a casually place some j pop in c pop as well because a lot of the choreography again similar and their so popular that you can't.
Exclude them no we don't have a panel specifically on all the pops but,
would you have i guess that k pop tune and we have the k pop dance class and we have the k pop dance party if it's jp cooper see pop and you wanna dance to a t the k pop party again if you send me an email at silk road at dragon con dot org before
twenty fifth that's a week out right august twenty fifth,
i can see if the dj can find a coffee of the song that she can play.

[37:31] August twenty fifth would be the week before the week before because that's.
Is that would be wednesday before would be that everybody's finalizing their.
What the breaks djds their everything if you try to call me after wednesday the week before dragon con your probably not gonna get an answer until the wednesday after dragon con or weeks later because.
Wow so that is really good and so tell everybody again more time,
where are you located and sign it does help it so we have the fancy pop up banner outside the room and it has a lovely lotus flour as are logo,
set that makes this pretty easy to spot when you come down the back escalator at the hilton but we're in the hilton,
end the galleria level very is an elevator for more access if you have wheels already think i usually have a wagon full of stuff so that's usually mind.
Transportation but you come through the hilton lobby to the gallery level i'm in galleria eight.
Which will you come out the back escalator just keep going to hit the loading dog and then walk pass the loading documents the signs.

[38:46] Probably be a big sign with an arrow pointing that way to both them and digital media i would not usually not usually.
I'm pretty sure i requested one this year just in case that says we are that way,
where that way weather puscifer which way is left,
ok so very good social media where did the people find you on the web,
alright so we are dragon consul crowd on facebook super easy to find on twitter it's dc talk road track.
One word vol one word that's it,
she just made the twitter and updated it today go and do this so yeah,
alright this is the point which normally,
do it again with our guests and this year of course we are using with the using jack box two allow for,
are audience to join us in our guest that and because reasons typically.

[40:10] I would go out after christmas and i would look for discounted,
cheap trivia cards would be used for stuffing the stockings what not small gifts around holiday time this past year i'm not sure if you' were things were really different,
no really notice looking for anything less absolutely.
No am i even still have a huge sasha of of,
terrible terrible trivia games in cards anyone to go through that i want it brings a new fresh stuff and so this year a the jukebox and allow friends two of us,
play what u call that doesn't that was wrong but the other.
I want to say when the other version of this was learn john would ask a question,
turn fully in utterly set so that i could not ever win and put you do that,
i would just tell everybody to go look for the.

[41:34] Probably in cheap thousand seventeen eighteen i don't know where he said everything up about computer programming.

[41:46] Oh it is happy to be the faith talk about it was a complete.

[41:55] Enter the room code f. c. p. r. e. m. i. x. nother.
Minor soul actually well well well they do that let me let me switch over to the see if i can do this kpop thing that part babymetal weather babymetal,
let's see if i add this to stream and see if this works.
Make sure the audio when it's a i don't want that going.

[42:27] Music.

[42:39] Nobody ok.
Your welcome john on spotify and yeah honestly iowa.

[43:03] Everyone needs to know i'm sorry.
Cancel volumes forever like that actually i didn't attend sorry.

[43:19] So this new album is actually very anime style all there music videos almost idyllic amg and it does it sound like anime theme songs but like.
Harter write a love.
Can i get on spotify.
Is an artist on spotify they are there and their lots the songs karate is there number five daybreak.

[43:55] Add sharon point out that,
it sounds like a anime theme song intentional i think because it's
this one is more cinematic their every song is telling a whole story like you watch that video all the way through you see the the ladies and shrouds at the beginning and the guy would like to f bass.
What's a good at holding artistically,
what is artistically intriguing that's a good what no i'm not joking actually look up with mtv actually toy story.
I have nothing is going around facebook event thirty five year anniversary of fortieth anniversary of,
in tv sixteen years actually showing music videos and start the game.

[45:00] Help.
Hello this is quick last three no refunds,
i'm josh schmidt smithsonian stein and before you ask no i'm not related to the smiths and stained who lived on the street from you,
didn't make it in the game i wanna be heard put in that room code in voting the audience,
round one is a bonus two props will show up on your device answer them however the moods leave it's too proud everybody else,
points scored based on the percentage of people who choose your response let's quit.
For those for those i don't know so albert desencuentro switch over to your tab and willow your promises,
how long it takes between such as well we said there waiting for her to answer second question because she never broke.

[46:08] I gotta go.
Finally let's see some action here we go.
I'm going to read the proms.
The weird is thing to happen a dragon con dabin at midnight during dragon dinosaur jr chasing of giant megatron or impromptu street rage.
These are probably the funny thing is usually for quickly quickly these things would not have happened this was not real estate things i like.
Please probably things are really it happened quiet chasing a giant or sorry dinosaur chasing a giant megatron.
Or impromptu street rave so i can vote for your favorite.

[47:04] Alright winter was dinosaur was chasing a giant megatron.

[47:12] Hello most regretful thirty dollars spent a dragon for chicken pot pie at the hyatt or lava hot dog stand,
the most regretful three dollars spend it dragon ironically both of them for food and entirely true fangs both entirely regrettable realize,
yeah the winner is spose the room i love hot dog,
what is an unethical way to enter to get into a panel climb to the ceiling or sneakers spooks case.
You know if he comes playing what is name the come up.
Play that's ok yeah that's you could someone could real you in.

[48:16] Alright leaving that with climb to the ceiling now have you had anyone try to climb to the ceiling.
No comment.
Pope's favorite dragon contraction the holy water at the marriott fountain or cozz play at the bottom mobile.
What mobile cosplay or the holy water of the marriott fountain the pogues favorite,
dragon contraction end the winner is honeywater of the marriott fountain next.

[49:01] Cause of the great streaming crash for two thousand thirty thirty time dancing robots or dc tv when twenty four seven three sixty five days.
What is the great streaming craft spells twenty three three thousand thirty dc dancing robots or dc the don every day.
Never mind with digitalism,
alright to the scores are,
leave is winning round one it with a few right behind welcome to myrtle manor,
turn off screen.
Alright so i'll be playing go ahead and devices.
What day did the year.

[50:16] I remember that was there.

[50:31] What is a showing.

[50:36] How about we start with ask a track director fifty days before dragon con to add a marathon panel featuring deadpool or can we have a japanese snacks channel.
Which is true tractors which which would you guys not for iration panel featuring deadpool or.
Having a japanese snacks battle angel my husband is a georgia deadpool.
No dance with them at the brain i think,
pause family what's up with can we have a japanese snacks panel come over faces blank of verb the active waiting hours in advance for panel.
Lincoln or ppp wiggle.

[51:33] Play a verb an act of waiting hours in advance for panel lincoln or pst wiggle.

[51:44] Yes,
i would wiggle because of thunderbirds but lincoln makes you fly,
shakespeare play nobody bothered right down
legos is a conscientious objector answer romeo and juliet the internet,
strange new edition legacies consciences can't be bothered a stranger edition to drink on tv is kirk climbing a mountain twenty four seven.
Surprising popular coldplay surprisingly popular little boy or shorts t-shirt.
Is surprising me popular cosplay is this year for lil bo weep or comical goner shorts and thirty t-shirt.

[52:58] Is it possible to get scared kick off for some reason flip this house breakfast in bed exactly is dancing robots comical goner is the winner.

[53:13] I want to play the man comes around too,
stop playing secrets of the sea is still in the lead but fella
is special right behind you baby creepin' towards the door each of you a prompt that needs three separate responses,
remember big points being big pressure,
and you know what number of players memes you'll be competing against lucky you.
So here we get three answers from everybody for one question three items.

[54:07] Do you today.
No time to remind everyone that other words some updates to official updates back on august first
no safety and security at dragon so recommended rango,
read those like a subway we set in the past week when we talk to the senior directors we will,
get more into that but the just is gotta wear mask.
Pretty much everywhere will you in the buildings and.

[54:44] Will be some changes to the way that rooms are filled and and all the lines are handled.
Be aware of all that and also capacity is gonna be capped to raffi fifty percent of what was in two thousand nineteen really hard time with this.
The additional cleaning requiring track rooms to close for one hour during operational hours for cleaning.
So there are there simple things remember this years specially especially if you there in person in there is also the dragon virtual self able that you.
Don't be a jerk basically to the volunteers in general you should be being a jerk volunteers but this year especially.
Will the strawberry very tyler farr help screen to the volunteers jumping mean the hotel staff make my friends.
World trying so hard we just wanna have fun with you.

[55:50] Three things that aquaman does everyday edit sushi swim class and fight ip man or without.
Man or sorry that's how is pronounced i don't need a man this entire i am such as it can is is a is a country master of ancient lord and amazing and you should tell me watch man,
the phone track right i wonder who came up with.
That answer not me actually.

[56:31] Yes i have the other three items bout it bout it sushi swim class ant man.
I don't interrupt property man.
Ok i just the dragon died in three words nachos hotdogs and cool aid or soda.

[56:58] If you can find the conquer good more power to ya nachos hotdogs and cool aid.
Soda bucket of rome and consulate.

[57:11] I have survived count on focus diet soda and consequence one this problem.

[57:26] Three things to always remember to bring a dragon con deodorant a mask the one to have a great time close boost if you want.
Deodorant a mask in the want to have a great time or close boots if you want and meds but i'm not checking.

[57:52] Add deodorant mask in.
Sweepstake with jonathan francesca.
Great job the romantics scores.

[58:11] Hey portal hey alexa play.
Play back in black spaces not about women.

[58:28] Play say the winner is a winner is fia thank you and get rid of that,
go back to us up the weather question and actually very interesting of the dip come up,
what we are sitting here thumbs masks please ask during the they haven't specifically anything about lines outside get inside buildings.
I am assuming there be people who choose to wear masks when they are standing in line if they lines are not spaced out just because they will be in close contact with other people
on the other hand they have mentioned the lines will be handled differently this year and it'll be more spacing so if the lines are outside,
they're probably some people who are going to assume that is completely safe inside outside not have a mask on the go in the building but.

[59:23] You need to have a handy cause you're getting ready to go on a building in the building.
Adjust you know what by the habits anything official so a state says inside,
right going to a symphony now that the rule is inside only but operations panel sharing question.
Follow your comments cents on you know the internet over here so i mean right now.

[1:00:02] Hey portal turn if my husband,
officials recording trouble that kinda stuff early anyway moving along convention will make announcements as we go and see if they have not announced lines,
outside being a thing i'm gonna go with for now it is not a concern.
Is the city of atlanta acdc change the requirements been so will the convention because they are following the city of atlanta in c guidelines across the board.

[1:00:42] Mike want to know if the rockwell be wearing a mask all say this if he's inside of drink on yes because you know he is officially coming to drink on from what i heard which is completely unofficial.

[1:00:52] I can only stay again for the record that.
That is not on the guest list correct dwayne johnson today,
no i forget so he's straight.
Careful language hear john park language dot com guest list.

[1:01:33] Download i got a little box for donovan a box
will again thank you for joining us we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule in again where can people read you if they need to send you
request for the the kpop if you have any song requests for the k pop dance party in houston them to me before august twenty fifth i can send them to the dj and see what she can do,
no promises email address is so crowded dragon dot org.

[1:02:05] You can also find us with updates on the work in progress of the cardboard city for the godzilla smash and the painting of the ventures and the game pieces on facebook at dragon con silk road
i'll be posting updates to our twitter account that's dc silk road track
all one word and then the guy who is providing the miniatures and the game pieces that are being painted his name is possums and you can find him on tiptoe and instagram at jolly good,
giant giant i'm not allowed on instant on either instagram or tick tock according to my kids so
i live stream on tic tac every week so try and stop me,
set later until next time
the best lee in our friends a player game with us tonight and watched.

[1:03:06] Are the people this is john we like you to this saying.
Please add saying how cool is that t-shirt.

[1:03:19] She's at work i shirt for the super dragon super bowl.

[1:03:30] Music.

[1:03:38] Eight one three three two one zero zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unit dot com.
Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed under a creative commons attribution noncommercial share alike license.

[1:04:05] Music.

[1:04:17] Post credits bonus,
postcards william of their best whatever for the virtual panel for godzilla vs kong two thousand copyright issues,
my it almost nine year old illustrated some key points in the movie dresses visual aid during the discussion i have a little.

[1:04:49] Open so cool.

[1:04:58] I love him off this is my favorite.

[1:05:04] Who is fantastic.
For those of good knight productions needed that are only audio didn't get to see that gover two,
either facebook or or youtube and look that up idk dot com.
What are the life and work it was supposed credit seen bonus i don't think that's what you made.