Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 29 - It'S Tricky

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No
hey portal show facebook.

[0:35] Welcome to another dictionary fifty dragon the podcast that.
Tips a silver and pours out and join us.
Always revol trying me as always is.
Because the topic is,
search smith all over again rock the house,
what is the band today,
superb the broncos another also as a reminder those those of you that are watching can also set tips in the comments and bring them up soolking there,
how can he screen worthy but see me there not you know folder.
Who is this screen tips people clean to leave we keep this week do our best excuses pg thirteen.
Turn parties we don't need to know how to find.

[1:58] No this podcast i'm sure another podcast that's a possibility sure sure there's a group for everyone.
So anything new on the dragonsreach and i wanted to say.
So coming god alonzo who is coming now we got timer capon.
You are not from the void on amazon but i actually saw on how hostages and father which streaming on one of them anything services he was excellent,
we got jesse usher who was the fastest guy with shinedown channel red adrian,
who over and dominique.

[3:02] Set a lot of the boys the game the boys like that show,
i can't wait for season,
three yes that's another show that you watch with well i mean i can't raise your glass but all say probably not.

[3:26] Anyone less than a teenager at the very least again.

[3:39] No my daughter.
Start i would be embarrassed watching different reasons in july twenty three.
Twenty two very upset.

[4:01] Last year didn't happen because he would be able to drink legally a ton.

[4:11] How big facebook nobody music events.
How was your worried about having a scarf effect for left what you infections from the staff.
Actually just mean because that i don't know when.

[4:37] Call my clairmont about it.
Sorry i was yanni yung bratz roll to me probably should follow.
What's the ruel john i think it's about getting four hours of sleep that would be yes yes the same size.
What's up what are you saying.

[5:08] Who is witch doctor grover actor who's the producer here.
Your boat and talent tell her about it i don't know what's going on i don't know why so suddenly.
What is name a camera.

[5:44] Why so we were we will want to talk about tips and tricks for dragon con and also,
go over the four rules for baseball morales at this point,
yes please basic three days ago and four,

[6:16] What are my big band indiana's yani it's actually you bring up two number one is flame,
delete i think four hours is noon.
Add the younger you are on four hours of sleep.
I can suck that rav heart yes john reasons johnning,
can i just now but the other thing is exercise,
everyone of the hotel one that i know the five hotel and problem ride around that area the bigger ones have exercise room.
Set a cat what you do they are also running groups that go together and run,
what is also walking group i forgot what there's one rider that doesn't walking group,
i'm not sure you put me on facebook.

[7:38] Set a lot their often together canals in south one hour and i don't know she showing.
Take a look think so because she.

[7:56] She has orchestra and it's very good that you don't have to excellence i'll pay for it if i want it wonderful and i have to look through people alphabetically lobster the island by that.
Ashley all alarms no that's what i always get stumbled us temple step by step.

[8:26] So take your type i think she like me twenty dollars but what is erin gray,
she's richie's actually if you really love me if you saw the virtual and participate i did off of her,
the virtual tight for a whole hour fantastic.
Yep i think i think three hundred people logged in to watch it.
It was early yourself.
How do i search things would be kings so but yeah exercise is really good.
Exercise portion is it is america start now.
Ok look think about this way go outside go outside in the outside minutes.

[9:28] Corrections if you're not working walking or something start now.
Where should brightness shoes you broke in don't bring suicide note costume people.
Read them in because i promise you there is nothing worse than able easter at dragon con because what happens if you still want to walk everywhere still trying to walk everywhere and then you walk funny,
and then there's blood yourself.
Recommend and i want to say cosplay malaa,
the day have their shoes for dirt cosplay but then they might actually have some other little shoes in somewhere so that they can take off their walking do another things,
do that have a complete parachute have companies off everything in this is the time to bring new stock.

[10:39] Bring me yeah brain it's gonna be me twenty minutes a day outside vol yet,
second of all if you can find some place where it's at least ninety degrees and humidity is at least fifty percent because you never know.
Yes record this year twenty five days before official start of dragon so probably like twenty three days before you,
yes william dragon.

[11:12] If you have access to aitana and start playing maracas because that's atlanta santa this person.
Add all the group ok so i bring a bike and,
so i navigate outside as much as possible and do two,
play situation not that i know what is going to happen but being outside probably be your best bet on navigating from one hotel to another.

[11:49] Also of ok i don't know this come back here be before course.
cancel spring break country that for those put on a course of problem.
Put one and i feel like i was just,
very tight end somebody even tiffany ribs,
not crack and invite to keep my sibling where it is completely hydrate thank you rob and big,
there is water everywhere all around us gonna be any track room.
It's gonna be an all of main programming it's water.
It's gonna be everywhere and if you're lang lang will do what i do get the little single serving packets fruit punch your whatever.

[13:10] Play hydration total migration yes part of a phone,
the marathon once you look in your schedule and then you know that you wanna be,
can somebody places in stuffing gonna be waiting in lyons oregon waiting in lines outside of the buildings don't forget that's how the heart works,
set your outside for at least an hour before your hours show so regina even yet,
close to going into you're gonna be outside sunscreen and moisturizer provokes that goes along with kind of the high and also we are killing our planet.
Will you gonna get bathroom put sunscreen everyday,

[14:17] Play trust me the sun finds you in indoors there,
yes corporate an umbrella or something like that that is also not a bad idea also just carry an umbrella atlanta in general figure small one,
yes storms welcome much like in tampa storms will come through it's not this without notice it right now.

[14:48] That is correct cancel yoga minutes or just,
arriola from somebody who is outside all the time the menu feel thursday.
You're naji hydrated yeah that's not being a nursery anything that's not medical advise that personal experience that you feel thursday,
you are hydrated and your brain needs it so i wanna take in some of the panel discussions hydrate see your brain retain.
Also if you get a chicken the panel the sessions well i have this.
Which nobody should i bring a small notepad,
you can't backpacker whatever because this thing on that is,
louder louder really help,
everytime dragon guys.

[15:59] Right yes definitely they saying definitely hydrated specially the drinkers every time you see drinking station take a drink and they do caviar with of water.
That's a good idea of you are drinking a dragon con especially day drinking.
When drink one glass of water or i don't care which one but one drink one big class of water.
Turn our here's waters or if you are,
the kpcc if you're drinking water i said gatorade with because you're direction pumping in your.

[16:47] The other stuff the higher end stuff it does deplete you of your essence.
Yes i hope i hope no one gets to that situation but if you are in a situation when you're mad desperate situation you can you can you can't get some pedialyte,
it doesn't ever taste for tomatito never change good when i had to take it but.

[17:18] Oh currently there's pedialyte advance single packets mercury just mix with water.
Is there yet so so if you're in that situation that were you are in a desperate situation also maybe time to see.
Attention bright one are there attention everybody who is a member or volunteer has put in emergency contact information into avanti and that's great.
I would say get one of those little white feelins dick like mailing labels or whatever whatever.
Put it on tape for all i can you can read it and put them the name of your emergency contact and a number,
add a trak director i have had somebody who did have a problem you was diabetic.

[18:19] Which was awesome just get down with the panel that was great but we take an empty help.

[18:27] Add a contact breakfast.
That would be very problematic i wouldn't know that it was because it was diabetic or anything like that so yeah everybody.
Emergency contact we don't the first name last name whatever.
Their name and a phone number can be your bags name what you go
share it just we really want to be able to contact you and send your hear something if you want a bad boy name down when that person is like is this.
Galaxy yno queen.
Can you know hear something that you know if somebody from dragon crying contacting you handy,
add another nigerian prince call trying to schedule exactly,
show that's always good yes i already from sam learn where all about storms are before you need to know yeah.
The god's plan for breaks for jesse.

[19:47] The marriott really easy third the beautiful bank of bathrooms near the pulsar the bathrooms in the highest are the,
is that the concourse floor for the used the band near the art show.
Art show host of the highest against the wall.
Set if you're going down yet later it's behind you you're not there marriott wrong side,
yes look for trevor hall restaurant might be your whatever usually on that in the sheraton usually there at the end of a hall.

[20:33] I do not know hilton western west western western there's one down near the the starbucks.
I believe that would be like the main floor yeah the main floor,
when is the tesseract hotel so what is ground floor is lower level on another anders lower lower level that one look at the map.
It is a track actually now starting think that's where the hallways from lucky star because they're.
Yeah yeah,
yeah that's don't be scared about just sayin' he doesn't know why somebody behind.
Set an appoint zen points out to every hotel has information services booth,
so you can always ask them as well or anything really.

[21:52] Set a lot of information will be able to tell you what personal that we have to tell you tell your yeah.

[22:01] Set an alarm,
adjust also implant the jets also said that there's bathrooms near on the ball rooms as well typically yes exactly right so you gotta tell you to go outside,
go to the front in the nearest big room that was like it private dining space.
Which events not towards ghost to standard the other side bathrooms ray fair.

[22:42] Reply welcome to bathroom tokyo on the yeah hey portal they are because several so you use your bathrooms of course for your number one items you know.

[22:57] For the if you're into costuming sometimes that's where you go and fix your costumes so,
i know in my survival guide i made a few years ago on some of the things to carry,
nail clippers dear god you know jeffery have that hangnail that just pops up only during a convention and clipse on everything it judge crazy,
any keeps trying to hear it catches on everything,
so nail clippers if you're costumer you know needle kid you know women your products and stuff like that.
If you forgot.

[23:45] Jobie embarrass of what if you go into the female bathrooms and hey does anyone have tampons playtex whatever,
what is going to get you can say or something,
yamada-kun foreigner jean little john more than that meant to be torn and you just need a quick so into you can change things like a samba blow out,
add there's this guy who i don't use the costume repair guy yes hey sandals came up heart to heart glue.
Any rain charge me was great so fine that guy to end their is actually will really trying to get costuming on cause it is a place where they have costuming repair and it's near the costume track.
Which has been so confused by yeah so we were talking about.
Also when you go in there any might say hey i need.
The things that you need when you think about like when you're sitting at your work desk for me it's always eyedrops.

[25:01] No no moisturizers bed does not smell because i just can't stand it.
And also like minutes or whatever i need those things and so if i need if i'm sitting at work from home.
I need the throw it in the bag.
Everybody boys like girls but forget it.

[25:32] What did you know rock and he probably do you know this dry erase markers are great to use on mirrors,
no body started doing i got a dragon con list on her hearse bathroom brushing my teeth,
do whatever else now like my gosh that is really happy.

[25:58] Show especially oh my god that's really handy especially if you did that in your hotel room and because like the highest hotel elevators are very slow,
oregon the marriott so if you forget you know put make down here to do list if you need to the bathroom and then you wont forget it stop,
play live rescue.
nice to housekeeping health keeping up usually nice to you if you say please we need two more tails don't please.
I have left before saying please leave more glasses because i like glass glasses.

[27:07] Play plastic i don't like to use the basketball so if i can do that that's good please,
no help keeping rocks you are about we about the south be nice to housekeeping oh my gosh be nice everybody,
everybody it's a big big world come off a really hard year this year is justice challenging be nice everybody yes a couple things for a rap u things you put
Bring with you that you might not be thinking of toilet paper flush mob wives sharon point out also point out that.
Put your contact info on your contact she's lost her back before lost and found couldn't find her.
So you know what you're put your information on facebook everything we talk about the backstreet badge and gun see contacts that kind of thing on my husband.
If in gaming more than twenty four hours return to no no no tag actually.

[28:29] Set and talk about trying to go information services to determine which hotel.
When is different tipper that which is not that memorize the hotel carpets new in town where you are.
The all different a lot what one more time more information to sports your carey all the hotels are loud when you get a lot of people together,
ok i used user short your buds and i know scott where's your founds,
end sometimes we walk around with them off but they cut some of the decibel noises down so.

[29:20] You know the older yoga the more you wanna keep your hearing,
so this morning cloud kids start bothering absolutely so i don't around with me and you know it doesn't know,
cut down some of the decibels just just said be aware,
no that's a good one i think if you bringing kids too a lot of people you'll see on have a little headphones over babies and that's fine i'm also found that little.
The cheapest kind of.
Noise reduction airplane yeah right yeah you help a lot because again it's not gone.
Put the background noises left and their get low level at the highest.

[30:20] Can you going to sleep need to figure out if you need a white noise machine a white noise app or earplugs sometimes.
No noise risen sound everywhere and boyo boy loves me acoustic in those,
beautiful dreams by the marriott hilton.
It's really of the first light fifteen ten ten fifty pounds of you are there level or shirt.

[31:03] Yeah just now this this is a tip your trying to take over to typing and what not,
which bradley will talk live a second but this another tip for lost and found in that area that's a compel kirby brings up as make your lockscreen have your name and where your hotel is.
So someone find that will be able to know what hotel to return into something that song that we used to make love to friend i did lose there there.
Is there a cellphone eventually trackdown find it but but but something saw i think we saw that reminder that.

[31:49] Start happening against four five six years ago.
Before flip phone that was an issue.
Start getting these are actually screen and yeah you can just take a picture of jesus right something on a piece of paper and it take a picture of it and make that your lockscreen i'm not gonna sit here and try to do that because it's.

[32:19] Google who was a friend do that because and also with you.
If your phone has a capability probably for the week weekend least turning on your,
locate my device on that fossa beats absolute options
here's spring boarding on that so if you have multiple devices make sure you pair them all up so you can find if you have your ipad stuff like that you can find all your crap.
Yes lost and found is only at one place in the hyatt but all the hotels take it to the head every day i think they take it more than.
I just wanna say services boxes,
is there was a young man who looks a little light me where and glasses say hi duncan
your mom said say hi because first bald hill driving crazy and second of all you make me happy cuz crazy.
When is and it also suggest bring a sleeping masks so excited lightweight two become one.

[33:42] You can find a decent one rabbits right now trying to type,
on amazon they do have i actually my house have u eva a sleep mask actually is a building bluetooth speakers,
should i get also here white noise or whatever it the same time i just want to sit on top of the year doesn't bother,
my wife anything isn't loud enough for them to hear it more directional it's.
I think it was like twelve bucks or something not enough feat they terry nice.
Surest take respire even if it's just sitting down for a few minutes and breath event my favorite resting place.
Ok i'm style my favorite place to live.
Hang out is near the lions of going into the marriott.
Watching you know people watching and you're not doing anything
you know and stop,
hey portal stairs day that you can actually consume on cause the doors don't work during particula right now.

[35:05] Thank at the marriott that's also canada smoking area just do that that's a great idea.

[35:16] Oh yeah rosas restart watch some of the big panels in your hotel room that something afternoon if you were here one of the.
Official hotel room or you know just get the streaming.

[35:31] Streaming is already on sale fixed arty the store show,
end watching you know the carrie fisher star wars panel.
You know you're just kickin' back and and it's it was fun especially if you know.
Happy panel is going to be packed in when you get some the law it's already around the blog yeah they are this year
yes stopping before needing getting in the line of fire not going to let my understanding at least those are the rules and where and river the the the rooms are,
capture lower rate this year is what lower the basketball,
play atlanta still has that mask ruled as dragon hotel,
lord dragon,
yeah we did with the mansionair will ask up iration folks about what about when you're in my bed at the mask on my guitar probably not but but my god is just.
It is not the official word for g dragon so you cuz i'm probably gonna be worried pretty much all the time unless i just really got it.

[36:59] Just.
Are ice ice on facebook we're some people are exchanging ideas on like kings chairs and or handy little stools.
So if you're a lot of us.
Yes if you didn't sign up for what is that called assistance if you can get last first kiss didn't get that you know you're it's just,
you know look at you know you got a couple weeks.

[37:35] Find a really good you know can share or something and incorporated to your outfit.
We will have disability services on they always come online and not toys good but if you gotta disability services and say you have a disability.

[37:53] Initiate laredo station is.
Play my name a couple of questions last year whatever but my dad will talk will talk with disability services and this is my pbs don't abuse that.
What service i mean their theyre people that that in the other the other caviar which help probably probably repeat several times i talk disability services is just because the look a person looks like they don't have a disability,
does it mean they don't have a disability i know what it's like that i know some people that,
remind me to be here in a bug in canada ready for whatever,
actually rocks you any alice because you would be i'm alive come over here alice,
edit what alice making sure she has used.

[39:04] She has used a shit streaming in line the streaming service in line,
end when i didn't get into watch the panel this washington,
that's a great idea because of you back to back canals remember dragon slayer doesn't matter,
yes so if if if diamond dallas page is on panel from ten to eleven,
and then from eleven,
eleven thirty two twelve thirty is the rock you can't go back to back,
too to those so you know you have to pick one of the others i just said i will say again is not guest.
I'm just saying that because that i'm sorry i meant dwayne johnson dwayne johnson eleven thirty,
yes i think i might not be like spring is i'm feeling really bad ideas,
i'm trying my bad janine to dwayne johnson.

[40:28] Set timer baji rock and somehow naked everybody.
The rock,
the i think of you unique play this so soft rock,
mike is through the the rock will be here this year is not quite.
Might not on the official guest list that is almost said.

[41:03] Add rob rob square some guidance dwayne johnson from modestep is gonna be there so.
Share your house chip tip here something tip housekeeping if you have ghosts.
Daily daily if you have.

[41:31] Tip your.

[41:33] Forecast breakout just for the record.
I didn't say that because because i like this get out of control half moon rising virginia gets mad at me,
i mean i mean him minutes becoming topeka but them,
probably northern rock predators possible its possible probable.

[42:18] Alright red clouds whatever turns now play the thing i know some people like don't touch my hair super,
i bring a fight i had it where i shipped my bike,
when it was perfect here you go thank you they handled it mailed to them when they handled it well nothing wrong,
yes tip tip your bellhop you know porters eating out not so much of the.
Food court but if you're going out in setting down for a meal with a waitstaff please tip them know a lot of a lot of the people that work,
downtown love dragon con thank you know a lot of you know,
professional waitstaff in up la bouche we love them so i wanted to say something was wrong this topic yes of course.

[43:35] Increase providing a service really but is far as housekeeping stay with you hotels.
During the last year and a half.
And the housekeeping rules my hip changed in the hotel that you're in they might not be cleaning everyday sure you're aware many of you aware that there is.
In some cases staffing shortages so they may not have all the things that are used to previous years a dragon now granted,
the cat in the number of people so so hopefully you know maybe maybe that little help but.

[44:22] But just be aware that you may not be able to get room cleaned every day,
it may not be so as well as recent before dragon always be ready,
change your plans to be flexible from specially this year,
very very flexible same energy just because.
Don't let them less understand the reason why they can't is because their under a lot of pressure right now to get to do things even better
make things even cleaner for yourself talk about the rooms too the other thing is that you can say i'm sure everyone of the hotels will have this that if you wanna read.

[45:17] You know if you don't don't care if my dad,
is that clean sheets everyday i dont we put it down there they don't need to change the sheets they make the bed always be like don't
you don't change your sheets everyday and they didnt like every three days or something other day or whatever you can take something off of them off,
if you're someone who like i don't really you don't ever need to command home,
how's game that's great but at the end of common the gotta tell you yeah they do what you've done,
i will say you can if you already know you can have a big group,
bring in some of those big black garbage bag yo cherry stuff and you can close it and you can leave it out,
take it,
try not to make it two or whatever but built that way you can do things to make their jobs a little faster,
one that kind of stuff really well help them and the other thing is that housekeeping if you're somebody who is not high maintenance you don't leave a lot of bass you don't do that.

[46:39] I usually do to bucks a day driving con dinero just because.

[46:48] Who is available wonderful wonderful two thousand rob,
should i say hello when you see how swimming in the flood everybody i mean i'm southern so that people.
Play sideways leave it on is absolutely on the pillow if i don't have one of the little amulet,
because nobody drops change or dollar bills right now tyle on the pillows so bright keep your head up.

[47:26] Tipping money set aside set you don't exit expended at unavailable.
Show all songs lakes last day doing a lot of shopping think about shipping your stuff,
there's been people get old people will buy sources and if their flying and stephen listening to check luggage,
yeah you might find yourself at these fedex store on monday morning or sunday morning trying to chip yourself out so,
i don't know if the one the fedex is open on monday in the.

[48:18] Help me amazon closing my eyes accident the marriott.
Invite otherwise i can't help so i don't know where it is wherever pet ok you're instagram yeah john is the one.
Look it up if you don't know it is all over there beautiful mess clothes,
oh that's really good too bye sharon says get cash ahead anyway the atm will run out.
There are in a three minute walk.

[49:08] Yeah yeah because duki reminder that even though we know where concerned here by dragon there is actual,
siri football games click on that weekend as well so well will be playing cash out,
hear the the stadiumx locally they stop taking cash period,
let's do you have to completely cash list.
Compose for me also point out that keep in mind even now you may not want some come into my room they do the hotels made require someone to go on their every once in a while two verify that yelle everything is ok for safety reasons,
i said hip hop is dead was don't ever come in here good person has passed on they're now,
if we are traveling from out of town ok let your bank no.

[50:12] What you're gonna be i am bass sometimes they don't care about us banks,
call them time before he leaves you know like i'm gonna be in atlanta for x men of days,
one way is to you know use your one's special credit card so that would you get the bill you can serve say yeah that's that's i know that i got my story here.
Down the road.
Right and also helps you because of you see in atlanta charge on another card junior,
thirty days right me to get to build can file those.
Things very busy now.

[51:10] Keeping lead south roxanne but the other right now,
show me all today photos of this noise with tiffany and least one of them one of them must be sit down.
Yeah i don't know that record.
Point the food court probably gonna be a decent option there's been a lot of talk on the various dragon facebook places and rob point out that.
Some hotel restaurants are still closed currently there is a staffing shortage justin general in the hospitality industry.
No various various reasons but not getting into that but here.

[52:05] That's.
There you maybe waiting longer than you have in the past to be sedated and some places some places in this just happened to be in jacksonville fl places to see my daughter,
that it was a monday here and rockwell crusaders rock rockwell appreciate this could you listen jacksonville is probably wait why are you not coming up,
but it was it was a monday no no particular holiday monday or anything like that at ten thirty.

[52:38] We have to go to three different restaurants before we get a way time less than forty five minutes,
in the morning in jacksonville will we want to first we try to go to keep it okay so.

[52:55] Start the try to go to kiki dee try to go to,
broken egg and we wanna going to i want to see what metric dinner that's not right a different time and they were.
Do you have seats no i can't or not busy at all.
Yes it's going to be able told us that their visit got mondays are we got there there's alot going on bad boy for life wait a minute,
song the bay mikey reopened but the issue there is that they are not at full house so read the compass road that,
siri open i love seer they have one of the best buffets,
polaris in still close to heaven eighteen their peachtree center told me on twitter they will update the list of thing the list available food on their website,
be prepared by bringing song your own food is well enough alone peach trees,
forward further out to hear something.
There is several publics as if you're gonna have to bring your food there is publix on.

[54:21] I made that click noise cause i can't remember it further up towards midtown.

[54:28] There's a public see you get sandwiches in stuff they might be restaurants further up out of the way from.
What's your dragon consented my active think about going further out there is part of you don't have to do this,
great places just right up the northlane right down the line open.

[54:52] The last timer i think it's north avenue,
yeah we're calling,
how many were the now the other thing that i have seen.
Add the leo dan perdition you are the local their,
some restaurants are requiring a vaccination proof,
before they will let you in to eat inside the restaurant in the atlanta area now so scale have your back station.
Cancel tyga scanner rap have an available put on your favorites so that you have it,
my with my credit card.
But you can also get the five just a train,
hey portal in little five points.

[56:13] At least there will you can so you can take the hurt locker.

[56:29] The first and the new drake.

[56:33] How many walk through the part in the near a little five years the thing people.
You're gonna have to read think some of dragon con.
Decrease take a lot of dragon this thing we got atlanta ok just just go see atlanta ventura if you love me,
very well actually if you like any thai food highway is great and it's no i don't believe
any on the time it would be take a couple people with you
tell me uber you know you bigger lovers do it so we're not getting,
open the wish to just contact
play my zanders point two that if you park at the martin lindgaarden station that public nearby and they are also offer lambert little bird
long term parks possibly longboard parking is well if you happen to be you know from sesame street you might wanna park their,
put long term parking is with the rest of us by one.

[58:01] What is also long term parking and dorothy which is on for the resident dorothy.
Pandora ville to peachtree center thirty minutes.

[58:28] Make sure just stay save yourself,
take somebody with you and stop hear something let people know where you're going if you have a party like you make sure,
yes checking in because dragon con is now different a little bit so everyone's having to look for food for eddie dee stuff,
what everybody knows where everybody is somebody knows where the heck you're gonna be.

[59:08] Cancel kirby also said how is it getting lipslap uber in atlanta i have not had to problem gettin' it one i haven't used them a lot because i do my own harbor their have been timeline,
can i am not allowed to drive i haven't honey you i don't know about town is gonna be different honesty,
what i was if it and go one more stop either,
well don't go down to low five point north,
but go there and call the get the fuck up in north avenue yeah yeah yeah.
Downtown can be downtown special dragon some people made be like that i have no idea.

[1:00:07] Sharp point they have a hot logic heating bag that he took frozen dinners and packaging.
For leftovers it's like a crock pot with a flat plate inside of a bag directions.
How hot logic bodybag that's awesome.
Set on the npr support of the big c apologizing share your schedule with your friends to kanales on their going to be,
hear me now let's start with friends and it's like.

[1:00:56] Life three sixty years something like that,
what is it find my friends on apple if my friends and make sure people.
Find friends.
But we're talking about two miles a day and i said one sit down.

[1:01:20] Recipe.
Something that is that peanut some vegetable or fruit lettuce on a burger.
Is not a vegetable are not a vegetable try to get some green.
For big freedia least one today because you're collin will thank you,
i don't know what you just no matter what oh my gosh,
that's witchcraft my doctor's witchcraft and add is the most awesome sharon gold stars awesome.

[1:02:16] Never seen creamy i have one more thing i want to bring it up is medication.

[1:02:27] Turn on cbs so advil tylenol or anything like that gonna be able to get it,
also herbie hancock kirby just put up nofx cbs just.
Just let me know but i don't know that if you're from another state.
You can get sent to a pharmacy anymore because there a lot of rules about that there came up with new laws and rules and things like that.
What are my meds and then say it loud as well,
i forgot it and i want to south carolina i can get it,
so bring her meds bring the amount you need an i would say think about things that could happen this is hurricane season or dragon con will be in hurricane season if you're promised state that might be there,
play next one hundred events you know and it's always a good idea now if there prescription medication.
That's your prescription medication.
Your meds don't take other people's meds and jerry orbach you never know.

[1:03:56] I'd like to drug stains call.
Just say no jim point two things i will with them is for snacks.
Is not a substitute for real milk i did have a question about that is there the concert still gonna be active this year.
Add my understanding is yesterday may eleventh number of people that can be in their desert wind time but you can go up and down that hallway floor a little bit.

[1:04:28] And jerry point point of the ultras brown has a great recipes for high-quality snack bars of the cheap.
Is there easy to look up easy to make easy to carry with you so.
All-round the other stuff like cardboard,
will some of it i have a couple like actually those one called army that i love it consul is where it's always been endless summer change
second floor of the highest not take a elevator unless you
add learn not yet to go up the secret stairs year that,
the bathroom why do not follow me anywhere from this country to find a concert you will never get there just saying it's over,
ok so you're going on the main lobby level you are going like you're going to the sky bridge but you're not.
You're not repeat to the left you're go to wear that start their little shop right there is it gonna starbucks sign in the bathroom,
go up the secret stairs.

[1:05:57] Go again stairs just gotta go one blood and turn on young rising sons you come out.
Yes coffee shop will go.
If your feet are sticking to the ground you felt the right stairs four u just found stairs or you just found stairs during dragon.

[1:06:24] Also check with your hotel if you are always bring a brazing street because.
Open so i also bring it because.
I stay usually at the sheraton and that's just a kind of community meeting spot really nice,
track the marriott has the,
shakur that's supposed,
play western has a saleem pool i love that it's gonna retractable roof that's us again you have to go,
yes elevate restaurant is it it's tesseract hotel you go to the airlock not kidding and then you have to go to another room and then there's the pool it's on a weird floor,
what is a good pool say it again seminaries may not be available please,
let him know ruthless talking about she said provide or something like that.

[1:07:45] Specially doing cosplay in all that it might be easier to ship it on usually wanna send it at least you and i,
go over at least three days yeah three days overnight,
pause ups.
It's really weird so around from jacksonville or somewhere around florida it's like overnight even though ground and it's cheaper.
Show ground.

[1:08:22] Does out so check check with an actual ups rap if you do that because flying.
You know you have to make sure you,
figure out what is overweight and stuff like that i've seen people when their leaving shuffling things because they're their luggage is now.
Overweight stuff and they will charge you for that it's crazy that's one of the best reasons i have a delta amex.

[1:09:02] Hey portal what are my all the what is it.
Which one little plane.

[1:09:15] What is the charge for charge from that it's not spirit what is that,
stop playing yeah yeah jet blue southwestern juggling.
Remember if video weirdly sized it's probably not gonna overhead gonna have.

[1:09:43] No so just say no how i travel is i will find
the cheapest okay here's saying is if you write in you do stuff like that sometimes so i will get a sheep,
first class like get free bags for a so i can ship my bike and it's priority with paper check luggage so,
there's tracks justice came up but they charge ridiculous delta overweight bags i can tell you.
If it's over way back from over from overseas.

[1:10:25] Leavenworth i guess delta is the hub is atlanta,
yes shuffle these are always ridiculous so so if keep that in mind of your traveling via.
The airline and stuff that.
I think about shipping stuff home,
if you're in the bedroom you might want to talk to them also yeah there is going to be a virtual vendor hall on event again just like last year,
show if there is something you want me right there looking at it talk to that getter is on your side because i'd rather have it shipped been trying to take it,
end that may be good but that's really important to.
Driving you can peach pit pretty paper parking on spotify.

[1:11:28] How much light has barking a photo every host hotel charges for party.
I need to jack white your hotel if you are bringing a car weather that parking include in and out for litens and kevin point earlier.
Podcast that's right yeah that.

[1:12:02] That if your parking in the public parking areas they will change the rats on you.
Yes in the public private parking lots not necessary not like martyrs like that public,
will change the race is on you and you will get charge your entire time,
for the higher rate s. o. b. where that in those to believe no in and out purple distant also point out that i forgot,
yes western right is actually private parking garage not a public not not part of the broken hearts club the back door,
that is actually a private for bury tomorrow jessica says on some of those long term,
for a lot breakfast.

[1:12:58] Fiver seven dollars a day the last time i look next july worth it so you're talking about hair style.
Play with the first rocks off yourself absolutely,
shuffle i do the song werking marta today if you're doing the whole.
Go to be glued,
that's not stop the song like glue so if you come up with a hair styles and again she might be hairspray.
Should be aware of that set a bomb the more expensive hairspray a got got to be glue this really good.
Set keep everything in place ozzy megan yeah yeah.
Just cancel.

[1:14:27] No reason open at was working man it hold down no don't do not use glue on your hair don't need you,
elmer's hotels have scales to wear luggage prayer before leaving so you can you adjust your.

[1:14:53] Your luggages appropriate.
You wanna do it at a reasonable time but you also wanna make sure that you understand that they're gonna take that luggage and put it somewhere else there for you until you leave,
what are so cute light jacket here's my trip that i used to do all the time.

[1:15:19] I would get up i'm not getting like six am ok and that's monday i would i would like pack the night before.

[1:15:29] I would bring my luggage down to the concierge first thing that warnings six am not kidding.
Tell stores you can go back to their room this is why the the the elevators will get pack.

[1:15:47] Show if you can at least.
Get back out of the way of getting your luggage stored downstairs that would say you trying to play any hear something when you have no luggage.
Later in the morning and it's pad you have no luggage everybody else.
Add you can almost every hotel now has a way to check out three your tv you can eat and see your bell,
set up you have a question when you call down and ask about it but usually see your bill and check out on line.

[1:16:29] Help right so points out the hotels typically put a.
Hold for incidentals on your on your credit card and is long as you haven't a dumb any purchase anything and the room is ok they will return it but just be aware that there will be,
hey hold on your credit card of bossfight two hundred dollars to big pun specific.

[1:16:59] Person also i am very worried about pillows now that's on my do not forget less is more pillows,
how limitations so i need the pillows if you got something like that.
Do it but by the way something like that have a problem.
Put it in your luggage do not take their.
Turn on help the child was telling all of yelle to say say hi to and information to calling me to the internet,
play reset hi hi yes liquid love just us,
that's right can i know it's not,
add salute one weird it is well friend your friends are gone.

[1:18:11] Ok so damn leather tips we have not gonna lost in love tips tuesdays.
The there's little left weather tips that we could give it,
adjust point out it's a ghost town on tuesday quiet fifty days,
the unique dot com is five zero days at the unique dot com.
Or calling leave a message for us on our common languages eight one three.
Three two one zero eight eight four eight one three three two one zero.
John yeah.
So either of those ways or away to get a hold of us and them we like it email be like you.

[1:19:22] I say that no it isn't.
All that quieter is lot of people staying alive people party monday night a party monday night.
Add remember to jerry's robert plant for all six days for prep for eight always gonna have extra.
Add drunk and guy save that creature thanks appreciate that yes yes,
what is a little late to play a game normally do you wanna do it so,
will people type up tomorrow there there stuff here.
I'll share game let's do dictionary again.
No usually pretty short hear is it.

[1:20:27] Do you know where to go there rocks off rocks gets in so.
Forgot that should not listen to rusko there address which is jack box dot tv wants to play with us tonight.
Ginger english go to on your phone if you want to rocks,
a browser box jack box dot tv.

[1:21:10] How long do you think i know what the room toadies what is.

[1:21:21] I need to get there rocks type it number and then i will open it up for the group.

[1:21:29] What's wrong with me when it is in chance the second.
Oh shoot that's gonna have a center out.
Show is a jack's box games dot com no jack box dot tv.
Start tv dot tv.

[1:22:00] Ok click on the internet for letter code.

[1:22:11] Anybody that wants to join us,
is it over here to there we go.
Hey portal adjust family which means.
Will you actually do have to say everybody is in accidents.

[1:22:48] Start raining hello hello welcome to the dictionary and it's a wonderful world is warm and complicated word i'm so glad you're here,
set again word or slank order,
how long way noise create a second,
i'm watching johnny audience just input the room called and play along,
time do it right,
right a definition for this world on your device so you should playing word device and definition for the word.
Turn off.

[1:23:45] Music.

[1:23:50] Ok so the first word is mandolin feat feid.
Jorge ok thank you i think i just trying to be trying to figure out how to,
pronounces made up words hear the possible answers,
possible definitions the chemical your brain releases when a new episode of the baby yoda shop comes out a fan of star wars spinoff,
akimbo or mandarin fandango some mandarin.
Is there a chemical your brain releases when a new episode of the baby yoda show comes out or a fan of star wars spinoff,
azevedo or mandarin fantasy.

[1:24:41] Music.

[1:24:48] No take backs definition for the word is,
the chemical your brain releases when it new episode of the baby yoda show comes out yeah ok so this world is,
rockwell give me the different pronunciation of the word.

[1:25:08] In belgium becky hill decline bentonville play bills bills bills lbd.
Belkin i'm be killed i'm being held blue calls the size of dogs.
I don't sort masking or sort making sense making or the latest dragon con crazy.

[1:25:44] Ok so end the winner is.

[1:25:48] Don't at sort making i'm bad building is a dumb and serenity,
use the force joan amy winning with a hundred and thirty four somebody else for twenty,
which dictionary entry need some synonyms to play hard out here flesh
zoom inno right down a new word something that matches the definition on your device is a quick round,
so yes is it arkansas will be doing it for either.

[1:26:33] Manda foreign which is the chemical free releases when a new episode the baby yotto show comes out or sin mi for,
i'm bulking be calm i'm being killed a dance at sword making.

[1:26:49] You don't have much time i know no.
I guess i have to say i'm sorry i'm be killed a dentist start making so there's a four hundred.
Hide smith guardian or a fire breaker.

[1:27:23] So listen for invite an invite beach killed i'm beautiful is four hundred.

[1:27:33] Hide smith or hindi smith heisman things was me gordian or firecracker.

[1:27:46] Hey portal play singer old world is four four on crying play happier.

[1:28:01] Again so man mandarin mandarin.
Hey portable cinemas.
What is the skiptracing that solorio solorio right.
Grupo group grow to token two years,
no sin grupo to austin gray i got a girl take it doesn't yahoo or jerrod files,
coronavirus genau foreign this is why i am the wrong person.
Hey portal there's a problem,
i miss you who's winning i think it's still amy lee song sentenced call bryce the word on your device write a sentence with ether four on,
for gravitation grove got ocean grove tossin' and turnin'.

[1:29:16] Set a reminder four one is a dance at sort making and ingrid auto-send is the chemical grow got open season is the chemical that your brain releases women new episode of the baby show comes out.

[1:29:31] Crap yeah yeah,
wilson's you have a microphone i let you finish your sentence verbally.

[1:29:48] Play well know once it comes up
it says allow people who actually did it's only right for against me.
Yeah it's happening in puerto ok so we had highest when baby yoda is stealing food.
I'm really glad broke at ocean doesn't mean i have to go to.
I need a recipe i need gravitation to start my mando watch and i had a hard day i could use.
Some i guess some gravitation tonight keep it close of who use a dozen ok again typing on these things some these devices difficult i had a hard day i could use a dose of gravitation tonight,
my gravitation is highest when baby yoda is stealing food,
i'm really glad gravitation doesn't mean i have to go to and because or i need great ocean to start my manda watch.

[1:31:09] Music.

[1:31:21] I'm really glad prove it ocean doesn't mean i have to go to nf which is leave currently.
So far on a dance at start making hear some of the sentences.
The highlighter sword was made by a foreign purchased this.

[1:31:45] What was that years and years rocks ok even though.
Give me another stories made by made the phone the four on my west messed up my weapon even the losers made a phone.
These words look like some sort of forum made it,
i like the pain i purchase this please i like this or was made by a foreign or,
hey portal use this week doesn't have word for on it what's it what was yesterday's gonna lose you sentence gonna be.

[1:32:27] I purchase this this store from the four hundred and i have to pay extra charges to stupid.
Wow fantastic entry in the dictionary i could have been a better myself.
Add wala you made an important message to record see who won
right here we go final scores joanna jolin amy one thousand seconds and seven o'clock
i would like you doing alright will again thank you all for joining us,
play precious guys taking time out to join in santa if you have any more tips or tricks you wants to share a in the upcoming episodes of remaining episode of days,
five zero days at dragon con dragons fox zero days at the unique dot com,
fifty days of john powell family play in your game live.

[1:33:54] What is the dance silverman actually.
Not smart baby monitor off so anyways so yes until next time for.
Lee roth and oliver friends at a participate with a tonight and then just watched.
Send invite.
Set a timer is watched as watching with instead of vice i was using for the game yet ok that happens i guess i should be signing off now.

[1:34:41] Music.

[1:34:48] This was a production of the unique eight one three three two one zero two u g.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female the unique dot com fifty days of the unique dot com.
Hey confused this podcast is distributed creative commons attribution noncommercial share license.

[1:35:15] Music.

[1:35:33] Pause current signs of light.