Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 31 - The Puppet Master

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No
put on your face.

[0:35] Hey portal go to another additional fifty days of dragon con the podcast that just keep running his mouth and join,
how is the lovely little lonely how you doing this is gonna be awesome.
No no one in the middle of day wave assistance talk to you really,
what was really between work things right now in just trying to you know whatever whatever,
what does the dragon,
it is coming up on dragon con alma just like i can't believe really wish i had john i really really wish i had somebody who could just like.
Command just just make me do stuff like that help me now stick up my butt,
yes nice.
What be holy kitchen rushing through someone just pull up outside who's at the door.

[2:03] Who.

[2:05] Hey portal who is the defector.
For ten years please play right here i love you i love you rushing a little bit through intro is because we are doing,
so are the director exactly doesn't.

[2:37] What are the directions to public track dragon,
that means that like every other track director i'm responsible for creating a programming,
which in the world puppetry a dragon and we traditionally of two things one we celebrate puppetry in pop culture,
that's gonna be muppets sesame street star wars dark crystal pigeon hole remix.
Add cat clock,
most most drink on it user or pretty much for me for mili republic three oh three pop culture so they say no you know.

[3:33] Gremlins and things like that were in so weird introducing shadow puppets and table top puppets and forms of puppetry that are used in theater,
that maybe artists similar to people who only from you within pop culture so we celebrate pop culture but also educated about the larger historical,
background puppetry and the other styles located in.
Retrial level pulsar level ok yes we love our spot over there star wars and kiss track,
no it's it's a great little oasis tucked away another's no through traffic because,
i'm so we know the elvis coming sing in the down here outside the death the big dumb there,
i'm so they saying all the droid builders common and hang out with all those without the drugs everything so,
there's always something cool to see on your way to us the second time.
Never seen them crazy person that is very true that is absolutely.
I will tell you ok so it again later.

[5:00] You're going like you going to the marriott before you roundabout go to the polls bar in sierra everything else over there is.

[5:10] Beautiful beautiful open space of sun and that's where i got a picture with an architect which is still one of my favorites from two thousand nineteen and then you'll see all of these tracks right there,
how much was great.

[5:29] Read puppets nine pm on iheartradio.
Combine our outside of our track room where the guests improves that are part of the track of have the opportunity to sell their stuff,
so you can support your directly supporting the the puppy artists by buying their stuff.
I wonder who's that i'm wondering who's worms are that seether madison square arms or one of stacey's worms,
put on spotify,
give me a little puppetry practice here i want you to no soy call monitor work i want you to have the warm crawl across the bottom of your frame.
That's background crazy town backing up across the frame.

[6:26] One two one two one two very good.

[6:33] Very nice well done your hired play jazz,
amazing everybody loves you when they go there anything on thursday night first official day.
We are so traditionally there has been a list last couple of years has been a fantasy ball at the center for public year themed it to the movies labrinth for dark crystal.
End orchestra resistance series that's not happening this year or i have the last year because of of covered but this year they are having a reception.
Add there's a new exhibit at the center for puppetry arts museum,
that's all puppets from the netflix series edge of darkness age of resistance really exciting new puppets from now you know these are days,
these are the brandy puppets made for the new series on netflix to erra tears go.

[7:41] End encourage everyone who's interested in dark crystal or or puppetry and hanson to go check it out,
set a little reception the sun,
add it invitation only the dragon attendees the set the center stand open after hours just for special of reception for dragon attendees museum admission.

[8:09] But there's also gonna be a discount,
for dragon con attendees yoga ten percent off museum entry for i wanna say it's the entire month so if you're coming in earlier you're going out late,
for fuel local on you can just come anytime during that month and get that dragon discount and check out the amazing museum so the the dark crystal exhibit is is a.
Is special exhibit gallery and so that's an additional two the giant jim henson gallery that's got all the muppets and sesame street characters and all that stuff and the world puppetry collection that features puppetry traditions from around the world,
yes i just love it because guys they have a commit,
how to commit do they still have a current location.
Give me something because this is a friendly podcast give me something drink on it.
I've always heard about this puppetry flam that you can't do until late at night which actually actually the slam predates the track.
So anybody's not familiar with the history of the puppy track first respond carl.

[9:24] Contribute and karl jenkins obamacare and then access the popularity create.
Are we did the first public side of dragon turn away four hundred people hosted by the safe janitors.
Add that was after feeling the arena feeling the room on the turning away forever people and then pat came to me personally and ask me if i was interested in creating the puppy track,
in ten years later this is a ten year anniversary of phoebe snow it's been ten years so cool little by little yellow puppets that good.
What are you still hosting are they still hosting this year the universe's star will be back that's pretty much the only live anymore,
episodes of show love me still get together every year of dragon booster flam,
add it was great last year on virtual of the and so it was awesome
set an alarm so we didn't
it's not a very very hard i want slam.

[10:50] For the beginning of pandemic was a fundraiser for puppeteers of america since every puppeteers in the country was not work because we could you shows,
we get a fundraiser sponsor by sheryl henson and we raise money for the puppy really fun.
Should i was a really important thing that was very proud to be part of the help support all those pumpkin artist altair that disconnect,
speaker speaker virtual do you have anything that's gonna be on the drink on virtual of puppets game of.

[11:33] Don't put on the floor for it you can't play werewolf on the florida so exciting on i believe.
I don't have bananas but it will be i want to say it on channel two.
Take a look at its got some really cool guess mark mirror is on that one lucky gates is there a bonn carl contestants on it so it's a lot of fun definitely check it out cardboard.
Which speak for me remember from ritual dragon come last year.
Yes no lyrics did we will be doing one puppet show on social media alive virtual show by by nav uncle matthews puppets very very funny and also kid friendly.
Yes so check that out that will be a follower facebook facebook page to see when that's gonna be,
add all of this is gonna be on the app when the app comes out john if you fast ok so,
that would be historical i hope you do have a virtual floor
on facebook live on the floor and where will you just talked about this show are you doing the slam.
The sam is dead midnight on sunday night in the area in the western.

[12:56] When is no not lake i can't go have to ask it.

[13:06] It's the crossover between saturday and sunday right now not now sunday to monday.

[13:13] I guess it wasnt ok not six eleven fifty nine pm on saturday,
go into monday the midnight things will always always through the night which.
I mean technically if yesterday at eleven fifty nine on sunday night you're not there into my world is usually when i have to do when i schedule tasks like,
the job for me.
I usually want to see a little fifty nine because otherwise look at all disco.

[14:03] You you did,
i'm done the ultimate puppet warrior before now or you can continue that or yes so ultimate ninja warrior was an idea that one of my guests brought to the table,
a couple of years ago that's not was based on shuffle workshop that they did and it was show popular,
that we have not only continue to do it every year since but it's now five separate events.

[14:31] Show me events spread out across friday saturday sunday.
We is open the dragon attendees week sept teams three so will have three teams of three.
Any of you wanna follow the dragon compatriot facebook page will be a sign up sheet for that.
You'll come if you are interested in you sign up your come to the puppetry track for a basic training.
Where will be paired with one professional puppeteer teen mom three attendees will be trained in the style of tabletop puppet theater,
that's what you have wonderful figure puppets so head arms legs you know for all that with three puppeteers on it,
where doing the head and the lead hands one supporting the body the torso and donovan another supporting the legs,
does three people will then be within navigate a cardboard obstacle course all on injuries with this puppet,
we have a team of three celebrity judges that will score like beyond fixed the holdup cards that with the score and.

[15:42] There we three teams on friday the winner of that team moves on the finals will be another three teams on saturday the winner of that event goes on to the finals on sunday,
the two three teams will be in compete against each other for the finals on sunday which do to it's popularity has been moved up to an even bigger room,
yes that's stupid the the the round n round two will be in our track and then round three is in a large room like really change the,
the course on loop the last one yeah the final destination has on,
who is there original curse within added part of the end,
is it really really fun it's a great way of teaching that style puppetry exposing attendees to that stock is a lot of people are and you know it by.
No famous professional puppeteers you know we had a peter hollens was one of our coaches last year walter,
play ernie ernie from sesame street and walter from the muppets so you know it's a really great opportunity to start like rebel's literally with a pretty amazing puppeteers.
And the the the tracks supplies the public.

[17:00] Yes we will provide the public you just talked about this with got money torque,
what about like somebody just we're not there yet so i can barely do my inch worm but what else is there anything else for me,
show the very last thing we do in the track is our puppetry one oh one for adults and this is a double long sessions so it's it's too it's too blocks the time,
end it is a presented by the amazing redbone gardner who is the education director at the center for puppetry arts,
set a this event has become.
Absolutely the way that we always finish the convention i am hated so much feedback from people who come back here after you're saying that.
The last thing the experience a dragon is this time with aretha and and she and we quit now she is the cup of coffee.

[18:02] No people just love coming there and she's regis has this amazing energy,
it's infectious and she and him we say for adults which means sixteen,
this is not really a kids thing it's not really teaching kids how to do it it's it's really know professional techniques for adults,
so if you're interested in learning that's a fantastic place to do it now if you have your own puppets,
are you got your learn puppets never leave if you are an aspiring puppet builder or puppeteer with your own puppets we have heard you to bring those puppets a dragon just like you wear a costume.
We are several events that we that we caters specifically two people who bring puppets a dragon.
Play the magic party hosted by stacey gordon from sesame street and that is a bring your own puppet.
You're only allowed into the event if you have a puppet it is basically social mixer tv party for the puppets and you are expected to stand caracter the entire time.

[19:05] You been doing that for we are messengers i think of you calling for me cuz we don't talk.
Well it is it going to eight am by the way since masks are required everywhere no one will now that you're talking so.
Bring truly quiznos taken it's taking over the world independent characterization work,
that one one likes five one with a professional puppeteer to help.
Find the character of your puppet so it's really more of an acting exercise then a puppetry exercise,
i talking the amateur puppeteers go beyond like a puppet is the thing on my hand with a funny voice,
ok what is that warm what is it steers water at once what are the physical things that might do to express itself right,
hi i have three and a half very separate personalities so we work through those with
we have extreme public make over which is basically the same format,
pared up with a professional public builder and they will give you constructive criticism on the puppet that you built.

[20:31] Workshops,
yes i would i mean not workshops in the sense that like you makes something but it is workshop in the sunset you that you are in a working with a professional to learn something is not just a a talky panel you know it it's,
break out break out groups and then we actually rotate halfway through so you get to experience two different,
the puppy artists so you're party of one you can you get their inside and then we rotate and you get paid up with another and you get a different perspective from another person.

[21:10] What you are doing you are doing workshops so we are doing workshop set something leave traditionally shit away from the because the puppetry track do it's very nature.
Already has a lot of stuff to manage their puppets and props sets in and there's a lot of stuff that we have that,
the other tracks don't really have to manage that that we do so i always been like really wanna have a bunch more stuff,
we decided to do that jamie shannon is one of our guest this year jamie is a a puppet builders and show creator he is responsible for the nickelodeon show nanalan',
he has an nickelodeon was mr medina lane was i think of acdc show,
play he said several a tv shows in high pitched a bunch of workshops when i started talking to him and we decided to do it,
show one will be potato puppets we were providing real potatoes and you will make a,
real mr potato style puppets that you can take home.
Thumbs decorate will have materials redecorate a little bit of faith and then i'll take it home and away kind of shrink up like a shrunken head and you end up with this weird little troubled up wisin character stop.

[22:34] Yes and then we're doing the gift publicized event which is very very new,
where you come and jamie and a couple of other of our more uno handy puppy builders are going to glue whisperer gum.
Thumbs and please and ferb to your face,
enter new intellect muppet person so big crazy mustaches be crazy eyebrows,
end will get will get through many people as we can and then the event right after that is public karaoke so everybody who's got their crazy muppet makeup on will go to m. o. p. karaoke as like a group,
start almost like a cosplay group.

[23:19] Enable invade public radio so really excited about that this is very different stuff we did we will be providing clubs gloves for everybody and can you know we will be,
no on people's eyebrows some things so so we're taking some extra repercussions there and you know if it works out then you know.
Idle year to do this event but we're getting a shot and i think the results will be pretty cool,
will i mean this year my baby my be a good year to start something that because it lower to ten dune rats so so to get more people.
Obviously first come first served and how many people can you slim through.
Take home workshop available from our puppetry merch table where you can buy a kit.
End the kip moore come with us with a link to youtube video and he will basically it's it's it's solution two.
Will why don't we would have to bring all the stuff and materials everything will be ok we can give you the workshop experience used to it home.
Say goodbye the kid take me home sit down with your materials and watch in the video walk you just use through building that puppets.

[24:47] Would you have we have a question from audience which is the sounds like fun my son is twelve is interesting learning puppetry,
what do you suggest for him the most does have a dragon puppet,
i would i would suggested to come to the magic puppet party and join us there so the magic puppet party is wallets well is a fun event it's also a little bit of a trick,
because doing is where instead of doing more academic approached just saying.
This is poetry one oh one this is what lip sync is this is what i focus is where putting amateur puppeteers and professional puppeteers character in the same room.
Show your learning more by osmosis by watching the professional puppeteers stain charitable time.
You're you're learning a lot of just through that as supposed to us do anymore sort of like there's a powerpoint presentation learn to do it.
And then the beatles workshops indefinitely bring you bring the puppets to puppet coaching and characterization that will be.

[25:54] Very very you know you'll get directed tension from a professional puppeteer and to help me to help him.
Performed that dragon puppet no is there outside reykon is there a resource would normally go to with someone the bass for i want to get in puppetry what were where would i go to look.
Are there any resources on the center for puppetry arts website they have a digital nas entire digital programming arm.
We are the sinner was doing digital before we had to the game when everything was new so there's a bunch of excellent courses that you can take their,
there's also great great mini great youtube channels about performing inbuilt building,
so be sure to go check those out.
Joseph if you live you can join your local puppetry gill so everyone the puppeteers of america which is our professional organization,
has different guilds around the country most major cities will have a gold,
so google it and google pictures of america puppetry guild in your town and see where the closest guild is and their meat other people who are interested in puppetry,
andrew ma professionals i just wanted to say.

[27:21] If anybody has to see through another video powerpoint a thank their head might explode i love this idea that you,
change the kid and go home and watch youtube and play i got a car i gotta
and also i just like this time that you got,
the magic party in time people amazing
we have a really i'm really proud of the the variety programming that public trap check presents you know we we don't,
send panels.
No almost pretty much every single thing we do is with professionals you know so if we're having a sesame street all we got,
so the fact we do this workshop sweet performances like really really have a very very exciting variety of programming and that was one of the things that i look my first lesson as a tractor after my first year,
what is my takeaway from the first year was that it was too academic it was like club one shut up at one and.
I was like it's not zenia enough in so that's where i use the magic puppets party came from how do we make it not just talking to people.

[28:48] Make it more interactive because puppetry is by nature attack tyle art form you know it's really hard to teach just talking about it,
so i think that that a lot of different events that we do that's why the strings of the track is the variety of programming we are so.
Imaginable follow up common which was in august flash quick.
It says you know cool thanks for.
Yes yes that was i want to break this appointment at the north koreans is gonna be hard to jungle schedule cause i can't just leave him somewhere thats true.
Period ful stop a dragon unless sixteen or older you gotta be stay with you.

[29:35] I did we have a new babysitting events no i'm gonna check in make sure about that sounds right and while you ask me another question.
Play evasion image before our very quick precious research shows this year that is really more public schools and you have in the end years past and that's.
What kind of what you're talking about earlier which is something i learned about being a little less academic.
What shows are always part of it you know i mean can't have puppetry track without shows right but.
This year we we just have i think i really excellent lineup of shows so let me.
Let me look at what those are really quick.

[30:29] Please set your dog now it's fine.
Leave god we start the very first thing in the track is show as a matter fact there's a local puppetry group called shelton harris and they will be doing a batman theme show friday at ten cold the brightness returns.

[30:55] Are there any show in vanuatu performances,
show by the amazing lion hill who's the artistic director of the columbia columbia south carolina marionette theater,
i'm called puppets photo one and this is a for kids i'm in it displays a bunch of a kind of paw patrol styles with sort of fairy tale type.
Text stories and we're doing two small.
I suppose to do in one performance with a big audience were doing it in in a small a room and keep the audio smaller to make it more intimate so there's two performances of that one on friday and one on saturday,
when we have our shadow cabaret which is the right a show featuring omi shadow puppets shows so i highly recommend at seven o'clock,
on friday is a specific type of,
and their weather there projected wall or weather held up against the project a screen and their lives from behind,
those are the types of shows that you'll see there so that's a really really cool,
art form dead most people aren't from liar with so it's a really kool thing to check out.
Did we have a big group of get up pros from.

[32:21] A web series called welcome to la donna and we had them in two thousand eighteen and their lives show was extremely popular,
it's a yg show of live human actors playing black car archers in a bunch of puppets and it's just very very very and that's it eleven thirty,
on friday night when we have we have left five shows just on the first just on friday and then at one o'clock am,
we have tv party puppet fails so this is gonna be kinda like a clipse show of weird old puppets stuff that has the air on tv with sort of like a msg riffing commentary on it.
Then pop karaoke is kind of show but you're welcome to the people are invited.
They've got a puppet show for one person that's with the antonia folks again where will pick one person out of the audience and build an entire show based on them.

[33:27] Oh nice so it's sort of app for project pat dentist dentist kids,
i mark me as on those so if you love mark mirror and common to shepherd come and see me puppets.

[33:48] When after that there's ultra modern gentleman's puppet show which is another show from the antonia folks then we have marionette show of called creations,
that's marinette short spring maryland right show so that will be madison cribs is an excellent marina puppeteer who will be performing a huge cast of characters right there on the floor,
in front of everybody then filter has another show that doctor who theme show in the brick track.
End dinner the slam and and then filter has a one other show they have.
Hey start track show also in the track track on sunday so where we cross from out there shows between the stars subject matter of the show and then the fact is puppetry so lots and lots of public shows this year.

[34:39] When is the next olympics so so you're not busy saying.
Do i have anything to do we always at least like forty hours a programming and public track,
because we have two rooms where able to do you know more so we have lots of stuff,
i asked really about virtual self any any of your other stuff at the actually live broadcasters in augusta now unless alaska.
Dragon continue decides to broadcasted we're not not playing on it it's already have enough.

[35:17] I don't i have heard anything today that again.
Nobody talks about the public slam.
What are the things that are after ten pm adult only a holy god shows after ten pm any of the shows that.
Are after ten and the kids shows reported.
Set a reminder one thing i wanted to mention this difference is we are doing a ten year anniversary retrospective panel on thursday we will never die feat lil dude sort of like.
Play go like feedback panel on on monday sometimes,
sweet we were trying that outside it'll be me and my two assistant directors and matt who plays bob,
edwardo spanish to talk about the ten years history the track answer questions you know it feedback from folks you know what they like with the don't like what they want to see more of,
that kind of stuff show on chicken on thursday the thirteen year anniversary panel for the track.

[36:29] Turn your anniversary i can't take me on chilled right crazy.

[36:35] Any been there since beginning repo yes i am the only puppetry track director that sevenn excellent.
So normally this would be the time that we would this year of playing jack box games but because of time constraints with got a different gonna play with just,
end up boa today i got some a couple of questions right here right now.
Very back to the start yeah but what is morgan decide between two ghosts first i've got a couple of puppets,
theme movies puppets came out where were involved movies one of these gonna guess how much according to box office mojo.
For box office take only worldwide.

[37:28] How much is gonna be millions always millions good out of order thousand fifty one,
that it made in the other will guess higher lower it was a swap back and forth to leave it to him,
who was the southside if i if i if i said you know which was not.
Add a movie eight one of you say ok that made eleven million dollars the box office there other higher alert dollar amount
yes ok so muppets most wanted the two thousand fourteen how much world wide box office two days.
Is it made it going to box office motel what say.

[38:19] Hi number i mean i don't know like what what would it take to medium is the highest the.
The highest numbers under two hundred million and olivia that i one hundred dollars higher lower than that.

[38:39] Set reminders most wanted was actually the second the second of the new movie gonna say lower.

[38:47] It was lower yaz point for that was eighty million dollars eighty nine dollars black leaf team america world police.
What's two thousand four yes was.

[39:05] I want to start actually one hundred million it was wrong bad fire.
No it was fifty million fifty fifty million riverdale things to the radar,
set you gonna put out of bun b people out of that popular post.
Post animal released and it was cam original similar really mystery science theater three thousand the movie.
Nineteen ninety six nineteen ninety six.

[39:45] Eighty thousand eight hundred thousand eighty thousand.

[39:56] Things a lot of times do higher.

[40:01] I'm going to give this one to oh because i was one million dollars is basically what made,
no i don't give a boy because he was very close was going lay low and it in so,
so i thought it was more than a million dollars more than two hundred whatever,
please points of major lazer on that note one of the best experiences i've ever had a track director,
was meeting joel from mdk and getting to puppeteer crow in the parade in the car with joe walsh.

[40:41] Unbelievable highlight moments of my tractor.

[40:52] It was before it was the same year.
Yeah that's me.
Hey portal what was i mean these things to see only lead the muppets the two thousand eleven film the one that.

[41:16] The one that was the first of infieles the new bowie.

[41:26] Two hundred.

[41:30] Lower lower this lower is correct it was one hundred sixty five million which basically double what most most wanted made at the box office box office,
use popular after davis like this one goes back to boa gremlins gremlins from nineteen eighty four box world box office today.
Oh two hundred.

[41:54] What's two hundred million right yeah ok.

[42:02] Incorrect one hundred and fifty four million two two.
What's on fox sports so it goes labrinth.
What was the highest number you had the highest number we said so far was a hundred and sixty five million which was the muppets a two thousand eleven hits.
Ok so many of us how to crush on david bowie i'm gonna go fifty minutes.

[42:40] Lower much lower thirteen million to date alexa office now they know course you do have,
is it going out there the decision adjusted for inflation box office classics after the dark crystal labrinth box office.
Start for what for young money to win today.
Yes meredith points out the labrinth pond at the theater crystal ball.
I remember the dark crystal in bloomington that one was really i was just so into puppets dot point.

[43:25] I remember watching it in this easy skip this jesus.
Is this scary movie don't think i don't think about it is ready for a movie without me humans in it.
It was cutting edge and so it was time that people just born ready they they didn't know what to do and producers.
Volume now remember this get season showin' up on farscape and i was just yeah yeah.
Victoria says this point the dark netflix dark crystal pigeon hole remix cancelled it was going stars.

[44:18] Also return to oz good movie yesterdays.

[44:25] Ok the first round it's your bones leading with this round movies
is innocent only the only questions asking for this one order them.
Is the order of again how much money they made at the box office.
Lowest to highest same set movies so just write it down if you just beyond.
Will trust you ok so hear eight ball go getta piece of paper.
So we got.
In alphabetical order i'm gonna get these the dark crystal from nineteen eighty two.
Play gremlins two the new batch.
Little shop of horrors nineteen eighty six hits little shop of horrors stupid love and the happy time murder.
Two thousand eighteen now was that any good boy actually watch it burn watched and i still haven't because there's so much.

[45:41] Ok so what am in order to lowest to highest in for each one you get the right position.
Remind me that they made the old get point if you the number one crossing lines basket four points in the third slide three.
Please add converse the order the red whatever.

[46:08] Let me know your done again the dark crystal gremlins too little shop of horrors in the happytime murders.
No i guess it was doing in alphabetical order on spotify drop the tv on the happy time murders in actually,
start crystal abcd fbg duck crystals also the dark crystal so.
I'm done last place made the least amount of money which do you have bo happy timers.
Ok please thank you are correct about one point for that it got it made.
Set the box office where was it twenty seven million so everything.

[46:53] Play that has made everything else has be more kind minutes history because.
It was written during the time of like south park like pumpkins caving badly was really hot but it takes so long to get made that way come out everyone was kinda like these jokes feels like that ten years old,
is there.
Show me go back and add did and people are just people were just over the whole puppets behaving badly thing you know and it's just like yeah,
no set puppetry don't let me know,
i'm looking mccarthy and emilia mccarthy is my favorite comedies.
Right now she is always number two number two yes what do you have lee i have tv dream.
Both incorrect it's little shop of horrors really yes ok ok number three but what do you have in the third position.
That is correct link i have little shop in three.

[48:12] End guys both obviously missed the last one which has the number one out of all that list.
What's the dark crystal the dark crystal according money at me a court well here's the thing so here's a things gotta remember dark crystal actually had a re-release.
Remember that several releases so it gets money.
Cumulative box office for the so so yes but you work correct based on a budget,
it was bomb through the breeze make forty one million dollars at the box office still still lower than most of the other more modern puppetry films.
What's still peak by a long shot the happytime murders,
is singing in the same frame to see more the the mouth movements which working performed by brian henson so complicated.
All the little lip all that stuff with show complicated that they had to film it in slow motion.

[49:24] Really performed that song in slow motion to match the puppets speed it up,
should i play the track slow down so that brexit brian could puppeteering get over it all those little tiny little moments in their moving in slow motion,
that's crazy good that the puppy movie is there,
and we have to say that is a part of a certain generations lexicon devil me see more and just,
yes how much the movie end of black thought version without nicholson original time and it was good,
will it doesn't have to meet it is not the song something different please autrey still god up,
where there is the puppy looks just as good as it did back then as you know looks just as good as it did back then my youngest just watched within because they enjoy that film,
that's a lot sings coming from afar robinson is like the man when it comes to trains all of the the broadway versions pt transplant puppeteers,
yes before he's also tell it on sesame street.

[50:49] Drake guy particle arts on the final score is lee at three points and boa seven congratulations bout you win.
Are congratulations next,
it is the children exploded under the age of sixteen need to keep a parent or guardian nearby at all time,
set a sixteen you can leave your hat on josh baldwin not babysitting.
Take a nap drive with an actual license in georgia sixteen.
Breaking up sober rob quick one last time where is your tracker and where can i find you on the interwebs we are on the hmmm level in the marriott seven four seven three.
Which is talk to ya that little cool the corner you can check this out on the puppetry track.

[51:55] The jackson kentucky track on facebook and that's pretty much would really have a twitter anything else made alive so you can keep up with news of what we're gonna do their.
And also we to post you know news items about passed guests and future gaston present guests so if you wanna keep up with you know i really love that gets from what year will i tried to drop little news items in their what does people are still you know,
so that's what you can check it out,
you know crank up that bob carl old hollaback girl playlist on youtube you're so,
will see you a dragon messed up i'm missing you.
Parents of events at meat puppets do the parents need one two or can i just deserve the parlor hangout hangout as well flower.
Yes so thank you again for your timer appreciated we do so until.
Nothing yes.
Please bye.

[53:14] Converse so i don't know,
hold on this is that extra show park i have to tell you guys the first time we set up a puppetry did you days a podcast i can't believe.
I don't know how many world ten years ago i think we talk to him like the second or third.

[53:43] John texted me after work and said you didn't tell me about it blooming girl.

[53:52] How did you not know that it was so john baby lullabies please fanboy moment and it was,
adorable prologue find a techno,
hey portal texas like ten years ago yes nine am but it in the first
i think i even called you afterwards when i said to taxonomies like so how to do it is like it was alright please.

[54:26] Music.

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