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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] No
hey portal put on your face.

[0:34] Hey,
has all the lights sabres that bring all those stormtroopers to the yard and joining me as always is our princess,
i really want to yera i can't find my camera i need to hear hi how are you ok i don't know if you can hear it but we basically outside building an ark right now,
so there's a very good chance of migos power on the good side of the way we do this is just keep goin' just keep goin' take over,
yes we had a little sweat with the microphones because when my husband left he said i got less than half mile away and it was gone,
play it rain very sterility hard this early early this morning so,
play assistant this is tampa it's a little too late for disturbed usually behad these around,
for five o'clock in the afternoon it's too late today fortunately what kind of,
they saying atlanta you don't like the weather wait fifteen minutes,
show tampa you don't like the weather this week.

[1:58] A lot of gas have been an ounce.

[2:12] Do in the same day here,
they were not think so.
We have enough that this one's gonna get along the matter what so and the person's gonna be here with us in studio is,
start in a freaky tampa rain near john so hey it's ok ok so there were a lot of discovery guests announced today.

[2:52] Show we got rain coming we got us suicide squad,
is coming karen o her that was not want to meet martin greene who is both discovery and walking dead is coming i love michael bernard.
Damn that's great antilles from star trek discovery wiseman is coming there are.
The other guests and i'm trying to jump out of harvey danger is the effects shows what we do in the shadows.
Show me playlist zoe zoe's playlist if i was it doesn't top most exciting,
search history playlist,
give tommy trash watch i watched it i watched i want to serious really got it is really good but i can't for whatever reason i can drive name exactly i know it's also say norris.

[3:56] Things that norris extraordinary playlist zoe's playlist for sorry i have sidetracked you welcome to the podcast harvey from the good place which is i said repeatedly one of my best friends ever,
zach mcgowan who was in agents of shield anthony russo was in king rollin'.
There's so many people so in luv awesome a lot of people,
i also do you wanna say unfortunately there are some cancellations there been additional ones that,
the best way to do it is go to the gas page not five day hits z and then go through this evening and then you'll see the people,
john yes.

[4:58] Yes so funny me into a corner here at this point yeah so so.
Concerns that i have not not that i will not be attending in person this year.
Who is my intention no not yet outside,
so so so there is always ritual dragon which was a huge success last year and imagine will continue this year.
For me with the nintendo king is very very sad it's just that i have some people are in my house that
it's very risky for them two some personal pbs is.
Get the bag of your medically able and.
Where mask that would be whatever end by the way drink on it doesn't matter you have to wear masters no if ands or buts about it so.
Can you open heaven beyond that it's dragon cosmetic so.

[6:08] That's great halloween wars mandy you're being beanie man delorean dated,
you are being manually ok so i can keep trying to work,
i'm not even going there yet i keep trying to show like crazy all my stuff,
what what i got i got something from rogue one draw one of my favorite star wars i love that movie at got also.
That's what was supposed to happen so that was good sorry it was.
I love it i love the director gareth edwards who i had known before for two minutes and just absolutely adore that.
John john did i hear.

[7:01] Should i hear someone someone just pull up i heard it i heard padres for just pull up outside almost lover i don't know but they terrible data show up your because,
i don't have a cover over and brooks oh three doors i hold on.
When is the director of star wars and we get stuck felt star wars you are the track star wars it's so awesome limitless,
sarah this high and also that roy woods was only good disney star wars disney wars movie.

[7:41] I will discuss that rain in oregon a chad about that cuz i have said before brandy.
Because people that like.

[7:56] What do you have on your shirt would you have we're home train com,
star wars dragon con nice at noon did you get that just get that made no we made them a couple of years ago,
trilogy answered impetuosity into it all the proceeds can i brought star wars shirt on.

[8:28] Which please repeat catamaran fighting this my christmas shirt that i wear a lot in december set,
i think we are out of them but we made baby will reprint we have challenge coins this year though that are i love you so what's going on with the challenge.
So i should plan ahead challenge coins are adorable their baby yoda i mean grove where i am mask and jay z,
so it's a little different than the one we did the first year which was georgia banks that was a.
There's super cute we are selling them you can preorder the movie gonna be a dragon con the pick up a dragon convert twenty dollars now.
Add where do we where do you people go to buy this is not on the merchandise site on the dragonhearted site right it's on it's on our social media,
play star wars a dragon social media so follow some twitter follows on facebook.

[9:50] Can you should be able to find a listen to google dot right now but we can definitely send us out later as well no problem whatever it is.
Add simple as.
Hey stop that ac dc grandma reed's with.
Where you are today's top.
Is brandi i just wanna say i love you so,
Is there pretty cute wow awesome.
Neither stop following but he's following all the protocols anthem since we miss last year.

[11:05] No three cool i love two hundred the wind and the wave so we can have a really good donation match.

[11:19] Add two hundred thousand dollars so am i this year we know that the,
you know even if we have forty thousand people and then people by the queens online and other things every dollar counts brothers and sisters atlanta,
defenders of kings of leon,
i want to remember that i love storm trooper helmet behind,
along with the uv or whatever the la's out,
i want to know better is left,
enjoy this which one is the site i couldn't those facebook,
what are the things i love about that is you gonna charity and were given to help kids this is all of these small administration groups.
You're dollars are going to help the people directly are going to hell the young man young women everyone in metro atlanta that's all right so cool now.

[12:45] Brandi manila year you and i together you still a man that we have no gas anybody from exx files.
People that jobs something right working active always working i know when but i think this year.

[13:07] Do you have some this year.
There's a little show that came out on the little indie streaming service disney plus amanda,
also checks super natural box we have.
Who would also is going to be appear on a couple of other panels as well through the weekend so that's really really sunny and then.

[13:40] True star wars bains no sandwich word is bond he's a big massive star wars make a fan anyway.
What is coming and he was starchaser any start a lot of voice activation start mall so much fun he was incredible the last time,
he is angela phan listen to andy gibb great stories and also really really nice,
is my understanding i heard from randy in minneapolis,
that i will never forget that voice because i my son loved that game and i listen to that voice all,
set and the backstory of those two characters at the end a primary time if i read it all the way through outcry i don't like the current.
I'm talking about yeah so worship.
Like to share with other tracks so afraid right now.

[14:46] People are scheduled for saturday monday panels this is.
Yes this is sort of the the if he will rebirth of of stars now i mean the last couple of years.
Add ben star wars coming out your year years almost to the point of being annoying accept i love it.
How is laughing say we are always worried we're gonna ride again ten it we talked about actually doing,
what about that time there,
twelve shows right right we got you got stuff even you know,
even if there is nothing new on right this second allowed is were just talking bad batch in this week,
their stuff coming out i mean their stuff that you know for fans to talk about just that are there coming out in the in the near future that are filming now twelve i'm trying so.

[15:57] Let's add i just a random number we had the night movies,
yeah yeah i was thinking of all those once he got mandala orion you got it bad guy rebels,
which team from that clean worse was before that but then you so catalano they did some more episodes of that it's gonna be a live action,
i know boba fett coming out some point never guess who.

[16:36] The thing that was gonna be tonight i can't hear you always hear everybody.
Set reclaiming boyz ii men who else started in the holiday special and then was barely in the movies and had such a,
holloway i want the basic leaders a religion and presume that's what the book.
Rabbit fantasy yesterday's song on the new show is.
When is so cool but also we got the new odie one shows so you get to see you in the gregor when it comes out for however what to twelve episodes whatever it will be so wow.
Are we were getting a rogue one tree hill show without asian doll that's right yes.
I'm counting this is gettin up here guys a family bunch seven other there's a anime type show their going to do so many,
is a great problem run it up and hayden christiansen who i saw in an independent jones recently and.

[17:51] Newest great he he was a bad rap because.
How to say it the riding with the king is not that you know.

[18:03] Is the movies in general have the well,
what did is not at the start the king show bad because actually is a really good actor actor i'd like something that way that he felt like he didn't deserve,
accolades and recognition and the pain,
really is the i can't remember the name of it because that just happens a lot so but yeah no i can't remember names of films some people that's why have imdb right beside me,
what are my little,
all the time what time is the pandemic if any of us can remember half of anything at this point,
open spaces what are some good to see other people's faces and i got to see brandy actually an impression at meaning and hopefully get to you again even they're gonna be masked up,
elbows instead of the things that i'm always loved about you guys is of a saturday night,
is used to be very very loud in the marriott.

[19:16] How it's still really loud know if you expect over a whole floor of this the hilton feels like rain the grand salon saturday night at ten,
no it's a ten o'clock party so does that mean anything for you other than it's much more adult center then we have definitely definitely,

[19:44] Yes you never know what kind of music they gonna play in houston be shakin back very interesting.

[19:55] Will always very interesting costumes and i bet with all these new shows they're gonna be even.
No more interesting that should be after dark dragon costumes i can't wait to see what they do with the what's up on mendoza with googoosh.

[20:17] You know what time to be a whole lots so now their baby mando variance,
i love that i'm sorry i don't have never ever had a problem with the universe so i also got this down so.
I love gareth awards my favorites.
Which is a star wars tyler braden from the last five hundred sixty freezes.
I would really like the push the little button on his thinkin' bout it soon as i do that,
get like goes through all sixty cause it's only beach past present and shake.
Oh because he does different things that you shaken the with the lights favorites.
That says different what is the weird ways.

[21:27] The rest of my powers now it starts making noises the internet think that it goes on it.
Do i can hear me the back end turn pandora adam driver canaries nights i actually have absolutely.

[21:55] What heroin rock edit again i will say that he exactly right maybe there he is however the rock north dwayne johnson are listed on the official guest list.
So that's all i want to say.
Yes penny are different from canada it's all about me,
how many not even close to your collection that i have a question for brandy is there are there any plans expected expand excuse me the collecting aspect of things like that.
What sobreviviendo challenge points,
jones doing bassti by one of those do not have one of those their very rare,
they are there is only two hundred of the missing system so,
put it back a fan panel,
how is this.
Gotta have some fun as far as expected the collecting things we don't really get the exclusives.

[23:21] How much collins on some of the industry conspicuous colorado,
yes that other thing their butt in blood draw blood drives,
everything has before the fans by the fantasy bad boy fantasy and love everybody,
i mean i get throw prince something from nothing now again we come to talk about this is a different press,
something's lake and we don't talk to kids strike yet but i will say this because it,
not having a kid the junior agents of shield this year which is something we will almost very very much but are there anything that you just couldn't do this year because just,
better safe than sorry.

[24:13] Will a lot of a kids programming was gonna move over to the kids tracks so i'm not exactly sure what other having a good some of the things we've done in the past week sort of out like that pod racing and thomston races we did this for a long time and it was super fun,
yeah i don't think it's really the year or,
kids bumping into each other running around play little love lightsaber.
Play needles let's just not chat let's not say that the only reason there was a time sleeping bag is,
made it for an april fool's joke and everybody was like need one right now,
who told are sun whenever i came out and he was little and he was like i want it and then we found out it was an april fools joke that we told them,
actually cried without little bitty,
we have with the super soft really nice.

[25:21] It's really warm up ever need to snow.
The next door they were adorable now there we are,
create judging times you're going to be in the star wars costume contest but the contests itself is going to be on sunday.
Check if it's two thirty and that's in the imperial ballroom.

[25:59] Is there was actually asking how does the costume contest work that,
from black spire alcohol of so,
will need to go in concert it in your costume during one of the pre judging sessions there's one session on friday there's one session on saturday.
You have to get prejudge check the app for this time and then you shoot for the finals on sunday.

[26:31] I don't know who this character is that i will tell you.
The hair is kickin it pronouncement
i need a chance of super junior by miranda cosgrove for every year of the week
end that is a song love it so that's really cool which shows are you most excited about let me know of course.
The mandalore in season three or whatever season it is now.
What are you live in italy excited,
really i'm looking forward to seeing hayden christmas weekend.
Maybe not my favorites.

[27:26] Set time super excited juan karlos esposito.
When will it be really exciting i would love to see him,
i always love it when i see him come on a show i'm like it's getting real what's going on with him.

[27:49] Invite ben and ben rewatching leopards,
remind me on wednesday episode of leverage was he was on their like we used to.

[28:02] What everybody does ever met.
Stop shuffling dragon a couple of years ago.
Play i love it because he's also declassified of the bad guys i mean he's upper levels scoundrels great bad guy i mean.

[28:25] What is the color run for battle nominal breaking bad,
rewind sylvan,
sorry john not play love talk please sir we would really we would be very very great.
So that's really cool any thursday programming since it's now the first day of conan john that is on your.

[28:57] Yes so we're gonna do game night so free your favorite games around catch up,
what is the percentage chill and play star wars games we got.
Versions of spock i was looking at,
i would also just like to say,
i have never been open because it probably would like open of a demon pitch black sunny day alif i did we have a georgia ku explorer game from the first movie.
I'm here if i don't know if we just thought it would like well of course its gotta go home with us.
Replay the the the star wars version of risk.

[30:00] The one that really play the new one.
I want to get to amber run order sixty-six order more it has order sixty-six in it which,
when it happens primus the game is over,
whatever was playing on that side of the empire broken,
i have a copy of it snowing in my city on my game show forether yes.
I think that's the one is that the one with a little tiles like little britain goals.
No this is this is this is like a risk what we has but the end the actually got the time ships,
i think i have ships to i mean it's been a while would be played several times everytime the order cam owes like and over.

[31:08] When will it again i will go back to the high school where.
That's playing my friends house and it was the classic game of risk it was still night left right right.
End his dad was playing with us he refused to let me go home not my job midnight rider high school i need to go home and.

[31:32] Is there a this is beck when parents and caribou you were right he he was getting mad at me for one i gotta go.
We would like ours seven of this thing it was not going anywhere obvious things name install made,
hey was rediculous will because you know i just stanley back and forth we're not gonna take it role play normal,
no not play exploding kittens and taking all of the exploding out no.
Also so anyways so you have you had some great panels what kind of fan panels do you have this year lineup,
i would say what really trying to focus on the faking bright that's what that's what i've missed for tomorrow
yes my family really is a family reunion,
let me get to half of roundhouse somewhere the number of people that we had is gonna feel gathering.

[32:48] Forty thousand my closest friends what is the weather going to bring back.

[33:01] William shakespeare star wars band readings those are always fun different every year.
There will be props and mayhem pavarotti shelter in place champion panel,
we're gonna talk about what is been doing get right this man play the long game without,
no not really was playing hong kong,
you know i actually love that movie then you know i turned it off right after,
everybody was alive and kicking and stuff so.
Who doesn't anything after that right everybody was happy nothing happened diagnosis.
Hey portal please stop my timer.
Weird dreams sequence anything anymore solo in the goodboys sweater.

[34:09] Sorry folks i did it we are gonna have a fan panorama talk about the entire day of the sky walker sauced up i'm sure there will be some been so low,
schedule matt mason the family,
it's drama reality what's best drama family drama,
yes that spice one show all of familyjules which i think we're gonna be fun because the other thing that people who are going to drink come before and brandy maybe you keep it title but,
invite startup an fit a fan panel on one thing in the track room and then about thirty forty minutes into it all of the sun.
There's something else you're talking about that is related but it was a very round about honeywine woodley wobbly wave it.
That's what makes it fun i will we leave it pretty open-ended for our panelists decide where they wanna take these things just because.

[35:18] Can you never know where the questions are gonna come from or who's gonna bring up an appointment notice without about or throw out some ridiculous speculation,
wow amazing what happened to the movie or,
yes we laughing we're all chuckling with amazing authors like timothy honore like yeah how many people
never eraserheads and then you know.
Play hey good lookin i just forgot we are getting a throng show with benedict comeback as strong which.

[35:59] Repeat i haven't heard that but ok shorty to my not ready i know what it's like real thing i want to look so i love that you have the helmets behind you ever do a fantasia on.
No clone wars vs original trilogy,
resume star trek versus orville and which helmet would really help people shoot better,
that's five of our panels actually,
what's the people actually build the stuff like that five first revol legion the mandalore and mercer that's right because they,
there different armor anyway,
adult tell you that you can see i'm asleep like that that when you have to put it on sideways within slide it around the front you can't see anything really not.
Play look good as we saw in the middle lauren there also not.
Set actually actually wondering if if anybody ever done like a pimp sure that there has busy internet exist but anyone has done i think we're someone got in full.

[37:17] Star wars costume officials we can get an actually try to sharp shoot out of any of these.
How much to see maybe that was really the whole problem it wasn't just their bad shots just a kiss see if i think of this album.

[37:34] Yeah.
Shirley exit on the internet somewhere right now,
timer goes well really.

[37:55] I think it's super super.
Will there is pretty for the throne thing is still just a rumor have inside the magic i have before and it's from june twenty fourth of two thousand and one.
What are the things they say is that better than this is,
set it mandarin version that has finished,
now but no cast it's been new and everything else but yes possibly.
Yes panos level billions villains for this next part i have to the internet.
Set a couple we got this covered also talks about this in lake twenty nineteen in two thousand twenty i don't know if we heard it could be covering as part of the association show but i don't see anything,
i will be fine if it's a part of the asoka show because.
I just heard so many things i want cid i want to come to the what are the wild rumors or what would do we desperately want to see.
Yes i wanna i wanna know what.

[39:23] I want to watch canon grow up but i wanna know where ezra is an i need help.
I need i need i think that that prof the story telling right we care about these characters we only seen in cartoons and sometimes in short-lived cartoons,
what are the hours are they gonna type i can and it's been a really strange to be a star wars band ballads.
Everything is the weather instrumentals super fun.
It's enough the world between world if you have not watched her wars rebels please watch it.
What is amazing and open up all these different avenues and it made me so happy really love rebels that's probably i think.

[40:17] Who was also very very tight i mean it was a story that have different things that keep coming up but it was a really,
we know what we were talking about we new born in eleven it so i would love it and that's with a soca tono,
rosario darcy dawson and who ever become strong a dick static x i'm good without
add sharon to have a question earlier than anything task what is delilah dawson doing any star wars panels at this time,
add fourteen times at this time,
she did have to cancel recently week we were hoping to get around a couple of other petals because she's incredible and holy cow faster book was nominal black spire everything she does.

[41:05] Mute.
What little bit different this year but i'm sure sure and sure like we don't get it happens,
set cuz she is one of the coolest people ever anyway at she's so much fun and she is absolutely here,
begin writing chronicle books.
I think she just another book from yesterday so i love that i mean star wars,
the most does is pretty well is bill bring back characters and getter best to bring the original people and i'm gonna miss pronounces name.

[41:47] Tell tamia tamura ramiro,
yes morrison to morrison kill a word morrison is i mean he was a dragon years ago,
what is coming back to a show all of that just,
i was never a huge bumblefoot fan i didn't get the fanfare i just don't get it wasn't amazing,
yeah but is anybody really i mean at the end of the day is anybody is cool this on so low is anybody know what,
he is really cool world i get morrison right it was so special really.

[42:40] Yes meaningful at it was so impactful as it was handle on that show everything i never thought i say that.
No i in them when they brought finish back with love effect i just.

[42:59] Yes the first season i was like throwing superframe,
stop call.
We were yelling to we were yelling so.
No question for zapped.
Yes i'm in there any idea when timothy is on will be doing his signings was a question from the audience so he just of.
What setting up a facebook event where he's going to post when he's going to be on panels and then signings he didn't have that information as up really today.
Song still trying work out the details.
End unless the app is significantly change what you able to do is going their say people and you can find his name and click on it and i'll tell you when he's doing whatever is doing no stop,
cancel every was get started john smith transfer i know how to start with,
i know the pictures aren't i think author signings now have been.

[44:25] Should i just open my two thousand nineteen app to see if i mean anything was there it's not you.

[44:34] I find myself referring back to previous years a lot to see what's going on,
what why does that camilo south america cuz we didn't want three years ago kinda like it and it builds on it now that we got more the universe.

[44:52] That's the best place best part of us think so.

[45:03] Nothing i don't have to say i got distracted about the app,
lisa lee mansionair app their for it out.

[45:16] Reset the song works that works it's not just me john.
What's the check it twice as nice.
No he does not have a question checking in twice as checking to see if.
Yes email mistake i'm putting on not here and put him made a mistake putting on nice.

[45:49] Why dont ever like move people around or is it just just like a pill audien process to the sky go through the year.

[45:57] It is higher orders to come in do that are does he do it cancel twice records session is it again.
Go home sometime in mid december because that's when parents are like you don't know what's coming up in ten days.
Any old school star wars tv panels after disney plus start streaming them yesterday old school.
No we're not this year all the i did find the old vaccine that like vaccinate your kids,
yes that did so we're gonna play that as a bumper requisites delightful,
yes play retro vintage,
yeah no it's super fun so that's on youtube.
End doing some research that was not what i thought would be at all i can't i didn't see the droids person is it possible,
i'm not gonna say that because i remember that one more than the.

[47:18] I don't know i was looking for the box so they don't they don't speak gummy bears,
cancel michael brun weather remember that netsky appointment your also cute at least two he wants movies.
Play with the little girl there is wrong with you think those are there too yeah a little bit,
yes record everybody has a year to go watch them and try to get through them like the holiday specials no there probably better than.
Yes that actually the weather in my phone was listening to me which is always is or some other things but yeah there's there's actually.
Open against the wall channel that justice literally star wars vintage star wars collection.
I need to no don't understand plus which has droids caravan of courage which was.
What was that noise a movie with the iowa and.

[48:33] Yeah i don't even remember this at all okay that's peaceful older so it wasn't.
Give me another like ten years after as i recall like empire or sorry return of the jedi.
Yeah the second walk movie was grim according to charge everyone dying before rogue one was a thing so.

[49:02] What's a bit of a down this year.
I need teddy bears they have big pointed sticks and mayberry well.
Add what i mean they were going to it was they work animals that they were going to and then they had the helmets birthday play.

[49:31] I need another about it television crash into the planet.
Tell me what the weather will you know what it was really adorable that.
Wicket and wicket sun so at work davis episode actually reprise feat rosalĂ­a in the last movies.
Maybe i don't remember cuz i love willow it's on disney plus guys or another one of those.
Really i can't wait volume i just watched last night,
yes it's an amazon prime yeah yeah it's it's.

[50:29] It's a really interesting watch was always is always a favorite actor my back when i was going to this call nothing but,
it's kinda talk to watch this because of wearies at now.
When they they show pictures of him several years ago did you know i didn't why we thugs.
Let's play breakdown jones.

[51:06] Hey portal what is is on the mend though i mean,
try again open never called it thank i am because you are anyone really good really really good documentaries recommended nothing to do star wars other than he wasn't willow.
I said lucas,
volume needs dragons so what else is dragon comics super bringing all of these different phantoms together never thought about exactly deadpool,
roman martin storm trooper cosplay.

[51:53] Get dark again,
i don't know what is the year that but not this year know i'm in the cosplay people there will be so there like i can start another costume that.
Put it in twenty twenty two we are too cool all the things i thought it was lucked up never did yeah,
well actually i thought you know what i could pull pool of the weather is gonna get to the gym jim clothes i just gotta get the right close all those things,
start the weather gang of four have the weather just kiddin into the night it just no longer fitz.

[52:44] Set a filter for that would work for virtual panels probably would not work so dragon.
Yes that is it in person filter like these old sandwich boards so you have.
There you go.

[53:09] What i am recorded sharon there's a delightful forces of destiny cartoon on youtube play a mix on find food for it looks sad we don't eat the storm,
if you're not seen forces of destiny.

[53:28] There's also episode where ray goes inside a hip hop and pull-out something to it doesn't hurt anymore and not was really graceless.
I did not really stalker deliver that's not will it only because she trying to help others show her,
i buy it i totally buy it was really really cool
the sound effects people need all of the awards they can make it all sound gross.
So have we missed any big events at you doing any of the big stuff,
what stuff at all the same people.
Turn off fahrenheit books,
set the high republic series south so we gonna have a panel on that we got incredible authors that are coming,
again the new frontier legion timothy i'll be there.

[54:50] Would you have a pet that i'm hoping gonna get better a couple authors to discuss if.
Hero's journey has changed now that we've gotten of another trilogy,
where even just looking at all of the arcs across all the movies changed really interesting discussion panel.
Play now that we got what if for the marvel boy i would love to see a what.
What star wars and mungo jerry so many what we can do,
yes that was one of my favorite parts of a from started point of view a bunch of short stories by incredible star wars authors and people who are you to star wars there was one where it's all about how yoda,
is going through all of the movies thinking that he's going to train layup i want to see that would be amazing.

[55:56] I still miss carrie fisher every time i think of you everyday everyday,
choose one of a kind and i will never forget walking into the dragon count on you are there she was her first time a dragon and i walked into the room because we had a panel right afterwards and she's sitting up on the marriott today,
when she was beeping,
play b real right said is she smoking and your life she's creeping and she do that,
can i will never forget what you told me she is carrie fisher she can do whatever she wants and i would like right right yes you tell her lee.
I'd like royalty,
yes she wish she was everything i ever wanted i was so excited undrunk congos virtual last year that they replay that panel and glades after dark because real life,
eleven thirty in the morning language,
timer night riots talk about the last last dance,
on alderaan but what is there any other ten pm programming that you guys are there is not for us,
we are taking a break from the late night programming.

[57:25] I don't know how the recipe goes of vince staples quarantine lock down in the pandemic but i think i got five hundred steps of total
So on saturday address song we get up a week help with a parade the first step in the sand.
The same that were going into four o'clock in the morning.

[57:56] What is a sand color making a reappearance this year do we don't know that,
randy is the cutest enrique just let you guys know they put that together,
i had delta first year they put it their they were there outstanding their because i was the parade and.
I have doubts the that thing was never gonna get i have no idea eggs and no idea how is getting at the parking lot.
Make a good there is no way this thing those guys.
Put together turn down drove it like champs like that like it something i do every single day.
It was it was ridiculous and and a site to be seen someone that i had.
What i know it's a to to what would be the size actual san color would be but.

[59:02] Damn nothing is bad it is really scary to be about those letters to couple times for the parade.
Yeah no it's it is labor of love to put together is so cool that we have that.
Will i love it for the parade to with the star wars kinda in the parade when you see star wars it's only life one more thing after that and to see the kids gets so excited for their favorite characters and little kids love darth vader,
i don't know what it is but they love him like i do yeah wait a little red white light sabers and stop it.
The parade is wonderful watching on the cw this year in atlanta it's gonna be lonely and have a virginia.

[1:00:06] The will be good should be awesome this one of my favorite parks i remember my first dragonaut that's really.
Down the street or joe veras with ice cream truck,
i don't know that there's anyone else on this planet you're gonna see a bunch of jobs with ice cream cones and a sand crawler that set up as an ice cream truck i'm pretty sure that is the only place are going to see that,
very much so and i would like to know where that is this year so if anybody seeds the.
Send crawler central or whatever ice cream truck please let me know,
on the central well don't have it on their another actually giving out ice cream but they actually it's on the side.

[1:00:58] What's the album that ice cream sandwich cosplay,
before we forget before we get to our game speaking of games because another life thank you sharon chess jawa repeat this year,
yes so just i will belongs to the sand color or the santa carter belongs to just open his family anyway the incredibles,
i would play chess dresses jawa is a little bigger now but he,
donate susan tire weekend and play hundreds of thousands.

[1:01:47] Thirty recently raises a couple thousand dollars and give us to give the drug hunter incredible probably,
outside the starbucks in the marriott.
That's where is often played and if you come in from the high at the lobby level is down one,
wrong after you see the bulls fargo down the escalators,
definitely plans to be there have wives and lovers spray he has mask.
Testable is a bonus can also wear their masks store,
end by the way hand sanitizer came with a little baby yolta cvs guys or walgreens i don't remember but you play group i'm sorry that's good or the child baby goth is not a name.
Start the program.
Is always gonna be you atta boy i would never have guessed,
who wrote really kind of fits first.

[1:03:08] Then after saying it a few times like ok that's the way i do have i do have the groove child instant pot.
Yes so it's got his face all over the oliver the outside of the of the instant pot instant pot instant pot.

[1:03:26] Brandi did you get the groove build a bear.
I know i'm not been to build a bear in a really long time will you can actually buy it online and they send it to myself bodys you don't have to go to build a stay wild it for you now.
Is it isn't squishy softest a cute visitors also discussion in my house is a cute,
who original very very cute girl goo and if the internet was listening he might in front of me but it's very cute and you get to squeeze a part of it and it makes noises.

[1:04:01] No when did doorbell is cute song gosh series of games,
bring feel again the private chat you'll see or remember and where to go if you never play,
will i have made a special edition of whiplash it's a star wars themed quicklist
show all most snow star wars trivia happening will it put up thundercat so star wars trivia you have to come at eight thirty on saturday two feet track room,
qualified tests and then i'm not sure how many we have this year is independence social distancing probably six eight,
the top scores on the hotline test get to come back sunday or a the trivia finals and that will be at five thirty am track.

[1:05:05] Take the test on saturday at eight thirty in the track room and then belgrade them and post them over party and wilderado,
add the results of posted on the outside the truck yeah unless you can.
Well i'm sorry what was the name of lea in the in the mask thing was that rock.
Pause pause for bush things like that.
Jonathan track you can take the test but this is.
I would make it is the last year we did it virtual test and he probably find it and it went viral,
even halfway instead of the hardest things ever seen this life so we will retweet repost sample test,
this is a give you a taste it is superframe daniel wilson howard volunteers works higher leslie.
Anything is only repeated one question in ten years.
Folks i will say this later but those people watching on the interwebs right now.

[1:06:30] Begin turn is not happy but i got baby are you home.

[1:06:45] What's your but i want to snuggle him.

[1:06:55] No code you got it c h q.
Just as it was lot of everybodys gonna one of those nights they will build it and shit,
you're right i did see i did see some little joga somewhere which is fine thank you,
something by everybody knows what a job is now because they been in san francisco.
Search on how do i start this game,
is there we one more spot just give it another couple seconds if that filter if not there was this girl never mind there we go.
Add start the game.

[1:07:54] How to help me,
will howdy do its quick last three the quips take manhattan,
my name is schmidt and i'll be taking good care of you didn't make it in the game i wanna be heard put in that room code in voting the audience,
let's kick it off with round one you're going to see two princes on your device answer each one with a brilliant response soon you'll go up against another player's anthem everybody else.
Points based on the percentage of people who choose your answer off we go.

[1:08:40] Ok oliver contestants go ahead and check out your device or tab or whatever you have to be playing the game on and fill out lee remember there are too bro.
I'm gonna reminder one yeah don't forget to get your.
You're which mcallen challenge coins there's a there's another picture the challenge going there for you.
Start from the star wars track and has lil baby u us sorry i mean a go go i mean a child.
On the highly compatible there twenty dollars right now brandy's alright.
Enter like seven thousand dollars if we go get with the gun so good amount running out of time r. o. o. t.
Right yes.

[1:09:54] Just waiting for moderat yeah go ahead on the internet.
This one help add that name of reality tv series set in the star wars universe living with fran lady and husband or real help me,
replay let's twist again foresight corazon.
Where is on living with frog lady husband or real toilet sikora.

[1:10:40] End the audience with living with fran lady and husband and vacations with other one.
They're both really good.
Alternate usages ultimate usage of the emperor's harem thinkers roasting smalls or battery recharged for san crawler.

[1:11:03] Roosting spores or battery recharged for saint crawlers caesar the ultimate messages using this tuesday,
what is dead.

[1:11:16] End the winner is split the room audien audience of one without a word,
i said i don't get this.
Name of ascension candle that captures was like to be on owen lars moisture farm or charge garden.

[1:11:42] Name of a set a candle captures what's like to be an old lars western band,
for mary good turn guardians,
turn guardians one the split audien favorite lesbian phone.

[1:12:05] Something that should never be said to assist lord i like the light side better or you're ugly.

[1:12:14] Something i should never be sad to assist lord i like the lights is better or you are ugly.

[1:12:22] Does a new deepend on which the florida.

[1:12:27] No i don't think so i think you can say anything,
i like the lights i better won feat psy.

[1:12:46] Name of the pizza place on cloud city lando 's pizza empire or skype slice i like expensive,
landon's pizza empire or sky slice name of a pizza place on cloud city am very talented.

[1:13:15] And skye lewin,
name of the tv sitcom with sip in the title girls assistant pie,
remove and eating slice deli meat straight from the bag of the most minutes.
A quip answer two girls sip in a pie.

[1:13:44] Ariana pizza maybe.
I say to see if it for snavs superframe next.
Custom band license plate for mandisa ship i didn't kill the baby or.
Show me know how do you think.
I want to say that shinee better or i didn't kill the baby chinese will and bsb and.

[1:14:37] What audien like i did killy.

[1:14:43] Decisions decisions delete effective interrogation technique ever used by darth vader.
Play socks or horsemen of pbs app and stormtroopers jelly.

[1:15:02] Please effective interrogation technique used by darth vader force mellow pbs storm trooper jelly or pray on sucks really bad.

[1:15:18] How do you like the socks,
where is my name,
play wedding redneck reindeer is leading a brownie is in seconds,
yes gonna be hot today anxiety.
Right that's playing at home go ahead and check out your device there are too prompts there.

[1:16:01] Renard puente ran out of time it was it was pizza and a pizza place so it was.
ok yes just a really great prompt submitted.
I said it too but i don't have a lot.

[1:16:38] Will moderation take a moment to yeah back off their smitty's.

[1:16:48] Turn restart with rejected montreal before selling on this is the way.
Do what we say or this baby eat reject a monster before settling on this is the way.
What did we say or do what we say excuse me do what we say or what did this baby eat.

[1:17:12] What did this baby eat or what did this baby eat who is the audience audien what did baby baby eat.
Reject the nicknames for the addams family or big middle dog go's,
rejected nickname for nevada at four o'clock big mato dog eat those are,
Is pretty cute that's like a star wars band.

[1:17:59] Add big mouth logos wings i want i need a shirt,
create a brand of beer with the word with a with work with i miss you word java and hopefully,
play the difficult what i was trying to ajmw a light or drunk jawa chess.

[1:18:24] Create a brand of beer with the word jawa in it live put work i don't know.

[1:18:31] I didn't check it twice i only checked once proven what's light or drunk jadakiss la jolla light wings.
Replay live like you're loved fish leong his name of the host a snack cake made by woodkid.
Little debbie cohen.

[1:19:08] Mute.
Forecast newest augusta georgia.
Will be three twenty,
moving right along the double point one two name of a jedi theme energy drink forks lightning or force awakens.

[1:19:39] Ok energy for sleeping or four wakening,
where is the kickstarter on the i just really desperately wants what it is like freaking out i can snap it around the cnn,
Leave a message download.

[1:20:11] Name of a star wars based broadway musicals.
Find the padres or i didn't my way the wanted anaconda story.
Name star wars based broadway musical.
Remove all the timers or i didn't my way the oven wan and anakin story.
Yes i didn't my way winds of change with that one
hey not so scary name for me shuffleboard darth happy hands or twinkle twinkle.
Hey portal.

[1:21:05] I'm not too scary name for sik world dark happy hands between play full screen,
right now.

[1:21:21] For both this a good spot the room audien complete scrub.
Reject the tourist logan for half stay for the bee gees frozen yogurt.

[1:21:39] Set a good flodgin for hot stay for the bee gees or fruit.

[1:21:49] Yeah so good.
State for the beatles wednesday in the audien split the last person,
play bts jumped into the lead and how we have her best route for river lash,
round stuffed to the gills with point three responses,
make me proud,
ok those playing you have to give three separate responses for the same things its gonna be asking for a three of something.

[1:22:47] How do i put the tears from laughing ramz.
Hey portal can we have internet writing's on the wall internet,
replay people play larray.
that the staves take three rejected games for the death star turn of death balls of steel or spirit spirit of fright,
or ball of doom secret defects target parkins.
Reject the names for the debt star ball of june secret defector get or target stalley or.
Turn off death balls of steel and spirit of praise.

[1:23:54] Open very excited call so good target with my favorites.
Working smiley i need a shirt without that was the one that was that home free lightsaber.
Make a toast fack scratcher or q tip or space heater home security and night light.

[1:24:24] Play homies is for lightsaber making toast back scratcher commercials or,
spicier home security nightlight i got that.
That's explore my face well i tried to lary over backstreets also quality i wanna see the tv.
Three ultimate names for jabba hideout.

[1:24:58] Slugger us nothing to nothing to see here la java no both.

[1:25:08] Or jarvis heidi hole this is not the hideout your looking the wanted or jabba sandcastle on it's.
Three alternate names for jonas aden slug for us nothing to see here la java no behavior other mark,
jobs's idaho this is not the hideout you wanted for jabba sandcastle on ice,
hey portal slugger clubs are us reset,
reset sings found on the storm trooper blasters besides levels sunstein.
Could you message tickle dad jokes or disco antigravity in.
What is that word soundtrack.
Send message to dad jokes or discover anti gravity or richardson para.
Disco would be fun would belarus.

[1:26:18] And massage dad jokes barely alive is better than happy endings,
what is the final scores.
The redneck reindeer coconut.

[1:26:41] Does south letter you guys are awesome thank you guys for playing brandy,
capture busy the kitchen hidden from your schedule long enough now i'm sure you have to go make a thousand adjustments,
we didn't ask you yeah right ready for the floor up from where will be playing,
yes i'm on a seventy six so you know the habit trails the go to the food court the highest just keep going straight back,
when i get to the park the roundabout for the marriott.
Turn the right reasons,
where are you offer hallway for sure because we are.

[1:27:43] Happy tree young adult lit and star wars on the move around here and social media.
So weird on facebook just search for us star wars a dragon con but we are also on twitter sweat dc instagram sweat star wars.

[1:28:04] Stop abc.
We go i do have to say this out of context this comment body moves out of practice.
Is belarus isolated ultimate use for xscape,
my legs after a coat after one right now.
Set a reminder,
regular irregular to tribute their victory to the big middle dog and victoria says she.

[1:28:54] The second the game it was so much fun we appreciate power.
Brandy again appreciate you taking time out of your schedule your busy busy busy schedule right here three weeks forecast.
How is special because it's three weeks tomorrow tomorrow thursday and dragonforce something wild wednesday,
set a little next time for brandy lee.

[1:29:36] Add our friends who played with a sun on singham hang out with is this love that shirt this is john saying next time peace.
I need my camera invite.

[1:29:52] Music.

[1:30:02] Production unit one three three two one zero zero.
That one three three two one zero eight eight four female dot com fifty days of the unique dot com.
Unique on facebook twitter this podcast is distributed under a creative commons attribution noncommercial share license.

[1:30:29] Music.

[1:30:47] Pause credit leading a frog.