Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 36 - Believe It Or Not

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.
This is the unique heat.

[0:34] Welcome to another edition of,
And joining me as always is is.

[0:51] She's not here. Normally, it's late. But leaves out of the beach somewhere.
Sinking her toes into the ground and enjoying hopefully AA tropical storm free,
Damn, I'm not sure which pitch you went to. But here in Florida, we have, well, tropical storm going by us, which is typical. It's just the summer. So, what are we gonna talk about? Who are we gonna talk to? I don't know. I guess.

[1:20] It's some folks from maybe I don't know her track. We'll see you in a few minutes. First.
I didn't bother to look at the the dragon stuff because that's usually what he does and I completely forgot to do that. But I will remind everyone once again,
That if you have not brushed up on the,
If you're asking of this, you had to brush up at least once. On the the new safety protocols, a dragoncon, please do so,
Understand that in some cases it is a dragon con policy which you still gotta buy by anyway you gotta buy by all the policies right and other cases it is,
The hotel's policy. In other cases, it is the,
City of Atlanta's policies. So, either case, the big point, big selling point here, big point to point out, point. Lots of points. Is.

[2:17] You're gonna have to wear a mask. So, have one, go buy some extra ones. Now, it's an excellent time to go to a go to your retailer if you want and get some KN ninety-fives or whatever.
Let's just you know let's do this so that next year,
For dragon con, we don't have to do this again. That's that's a big takeaway. But anyway, as I said, Lee's here, Leesley's here. No, Lee's not here.
And I'm just waiting for someone to show up. Oh, who's that? Oh, there's some people at the door. Hold on one second.

[2:57] Oh, hey. How you guys doing? Hey, I see. I see Jenny. I see Beth. I see Debbie. Deb, sorry.
Sorry. Yeah. I'm so sorry. I actually meant to throw up and get to throw up. Yes, that's what I meant to do. I threw that. Debra.

[3:22] See, just so I knew, I would not make that mistake. I knew I was going to. And I did. But anyway, hey, guys. How you doing?
Guy, how are you? I'm I'm here. I'm still,
I'm still alive and as as there were point out if you didn't hear the previous podcast which you may not have if you're watching live because the wait time works.
Yeah I've I as a from a personal standpoint have had to drop out of physically attending I will be attending virtually dragon by the way that's a good it's a good time now to go over and get your virtual dragon con,
Pass membership that's what it is. It's only 10 bucks over at the Dragon Con website.
Just because I have some people in my house that that even though we are all vaccinated if they were to,
Even get a breakthrough case. It would not be the the best thing in the world for them. So, I have an abundance of caution. I'm not coming in and not that I think that would dragon Con is doing is is,
Is doing their best to keep everyone safe and I probably would have been fine going in and coming back but but,
Personal decision everyone's gotta make their own decisions and these these trying times. So, anyway.

[4:38] First of all, let's go around the room and introduce who you folks are. Let's start with you, Jenny.
How did you get involved in Drankon and what track are you here for about the way they're all here for the same track and what do you do,
I'm Jenny I've been attending during Con for 30 plus years.

[5:01] Hey Detroit cons and things like that they were much smaller,
And I've been with extract volunteering for about 10 years I think now,
So so you've you've been there at least as long as as Lee's been there right,
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. How about you Beth? I've been going to Dragon Cons since I don't know 8089.
I've been this would be my 24th year volunteering,
And I've been the 24th year volunteering? Yeah. Wow. Okay. And I open on X track for I think we started the year after we did.
Okay. So, it's been a little while. Got a 10, 12 years, some like that.
For a while. You know, I'm involved in concerts for, you know, all over the place. Deb strugged me to a few that I probably wouldn't have been to on my own. Those have been an experience. I guess that's about it.

[6:14] And and Deborah not not Deborah Debbie,
Deb is fine. Forever. And.
I don't mind.
The pressure of of Lee normally does these introductions and normally goes through this process. It's this is not my forte but anyway, Deb, go ahead. Yeah, just keep taking your whole time. Oh, hi, Will. If you, if you know nothing about me,
I'm a professional holdinger.
I have been coming to Dragon Constance 1998 I think that I started volunteering in 99,
So a couple of years and then yeah I've been working for Lee's since 2001 I think.
Sarah volunteering with Lisa since 2001 so yeah.

[7:10] Dragon kind of like you saying that you work for me. Yes, exactly. Yes, exactly.
Yes. So so yeah all of you are on the X track now there there.
In years past, all the last several years back, last time we were at least physically together. There was also a paranormal track, but that sort of melded a little bit back into extract, is that correct?
It was all together and then it split and now it's all together again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. And so, so you guys cover.

[7:54] Well why don't you guys tell me what you guys covered? Jenny will,
Yo dude what is the extract actually covered sort of all things unexplainable or as yet unexplained,
Sasquatch things like that. Especially where,
There's sort of a government component. Component to it now. Conspiracy component. Things like that.

[8:28] Okay, cool. And and because you also do the, you also have the paranormal track sort of went blunt in there. You also have the things like,
Bigfoot and and things like that correct.
Now you guys also are doing a well the last time,
In 2019 in 2019 you guys did the what was the it was the the prom right,
Yeah we started the 80s prom and was 2018 I think was our first one 2018 yeah we are doing it again this year that's gonna be Thursday night from eight to 12,
The Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton. We have a really good DJ coming back again this year.
Deb, do you remember his name? Yeah, it's Black Sun.
He's excited to come back again this year. He does some really good. Music that he does puts together, get great playlist for us.

[9:31] Jerry in the in the chat just said X track and paranormal. We're sort of the Jamie Madrocks of of dragon food in case you don't know is multiple man. He splits and puts himself back together.
I like this. Yes, like, so, so Beth, the some of the fan tracks you guys are doing this year, do you have any that you've that, that you're particularly looking forward to?
Soundtracks that I'm looking forward to. Yeah, extract.

[10:05] You know I don't know. I haven't I haven't really looked at any of the stuff that's coming up. I've just been really focused, tunneled on, you know, getting to September in one piece,
That's aren't you aren't you talking on one of our panels from manifest maybe,
Oh yeah. Yeah. Is it? I think you informed me. I was doing. Are you working? Are you performing?
This is, this is, this is some insight into how and to how these tracks run. It's like, people are just told what they're doing. Yeah, show up. And then, and then, then, these three decide, man, you know, this is what we're gonna do.
Hey Facebook go to Roswell New Mexico panel that I informed her she was doing so. Yeah. Pretty much.
Oh you also have some do you have some yes some guests coming this year?

[11:06] We do we have Eddie McLean tacos coming back you know he loves dragon con every year so we're excited to have him come back and then,
So I had his name and then it fell right out of my head. Yeah Zach McGowan works out and he just got added and we're excited to have him on our track.
And you know, every day, pretty much there's still adding guests. So, we're always on the lookout to see if we can add anybody to, you know, to our schedule,
Now any rumor that Zach McGowan will be be appearing without his shirt on or will he have his shirt on the entire time it will be without,
We're always helpful. He spent a lot of time with his his shirt off on well on black sales.
Rachel, I love that show by the way. Yeah. So, he's, he's got Asians of Shield. You said that on panel, tend to be scheduled as everything is a dragon gun. Sunday at 11 30, was that right? Correct. Did you get that right, Jenny?
Yep See Lee I did do some prep beforehand and there's the fun of that we did some prep.

[12:21] Is that like sushi off work? I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. It is pretty much.
And you also do something that we want that we definitely want to bring up that's been hugely popular the last,
Several times in person. I don't know if you guys did. I don't know if they didn't virtual or not. I think actually they did do something virtual. Which was a tarot readings.
You guys are still doing that this year? Yeah, so we have two scheduled terror readings right now. We have one Saturday night at 7 PM and one Sunday morning at,
I can't read at all the 10 o'clock AM,
We have fewer readers this year just you know because so many people aren't coming physically. So we are asking people to stop by the track room before that first one and sign up. We're gonna have like a sign up sheet and maybe even give out,
Like appointment cards or something just so that we don't get overrun with walk ins we will try to you know get a few walk ins in if we can it just depends on how many people show up for it,
We have some really good readers though so like I said, you know, we're really excited about it. Everybody seems to love that every year. So.

[13:40] Yeah I know that the at least the first year that that you guys did it that it was there was a lot of people waiting outside and it you know terror readings aren't are necessarily very quick they are you know one and done type things so,
Yeah, I can see why. So, people just come by the the track room. Presumably between tracks and not in the middle of one. Right. And sign up there and then, you guys are still kinda working out the process to,
To assign people times. We carry quite figured out how we're gonna do it yet. That's something we've every year. I think we do it differently. Since that first year we had,
We had a room for people and half of them never got reading so we you know just don't wanna run into that again,
And what speaking of rooms where is the main extract room located,
Athens in overflow room that's around the corner from there. Yeah, Valdosta's just gonna be.

[14:47] Now what other properties do you guys ever talked about you did you did agents of shields agents of shields agents are shield warehouse 13 and,
And the general paranormal stuff. What other properties do you guys? Oh manifest is one other one you guys already mentioned. What are the properties do you guys cover?
So mainifest debris which is about,
Alien spacecraft pieces and parts falling to the earth,
What else do we have? Dark. Which are both,
You know they kinda,
Center around technology and some things that can go back with technology person of interest is another thing that we're covering this year.
Let's see what else.

[15:52] And you'll have well you'll kinda let you have fan panels for all these you're talking about at least right yeah so for Mister Robot next in person of interest we actually
Have a panel on Friday night at 830 with some IT and cyber security professionals who are gonna talk about,
You know, what they're getting right, what they're completely making up. Things like that,
For manifest we do have a fan panel Sunday at 10 o'clock and I believe like we said Beth and Deb maybe maybe running that one,
If I need to start watching that one let me know.

[16:36] In dark, we also have AA fan panel for that one, Sunday at 830. If you have it watched dark,
Because it lost in translation,
But it is a really good show. That was that's on Netflix right? That's where I get that.
Okay. I know I'd seen it but I mean I've not seen the actual show but I've seen the actual, you know,
Whatever you call trailer, whatever for it. And yeah, it did seem way out of my my comfort zones for his. Yeah, I don't know. You know, all seasons of it so far and it it's one of those things that,
You miss a lot if you don't pay really close attention to it.
You know, there's some jumping back and forth in time and you're never really sure. You know, what's going on, where? So, it it is really good.

[17:42] Now do you guys have a memory of dragon con from years past that really stands out in your mind of of you know this is this encapsulates what what dragon con is is really all about,
You know, in person aspects of it. Also to you Beth, how about you?

[18:03] Well, actually Devin and I were kinda talking about this the other day. We what kind of really, what kind of really it was about for us was like, you know, getting together with fans and having big fan track, you know, discussions and stuff like that. And that's what we're really enjoyed,
You know, there were, you know, it was smaller back than and it wasn't 80 thousand of your closest person or friends that you never met.
And and so it kinda seems like the cons going that way. This year that it's you know.
It'll be 80 thousand if your closest personal friends and you know we'll probably gonna get back to where we're gonna have you know while a lot of the fan discussion or a lot of the fan tracks you're gonna be,
You know, smaller you know, fan discussions and stuff like that and some of those have been like,
Best hours you ever spent. Spend that time.
You weren't in a queue for an hour and a half to get in to you know see David Tennant but you were you were spending time with your people you know talking about your shows,
And so that's kinda kinda kinda in it's across like,
And you haven't had that for like 10 years or so. So, that's kind of like an overall memory of dragon constant.

[19:16] How about you eat that dab Beth was just saying that she was talking to me about that pretty much along the same lines her. Yeah, I mean.
Pretty much, yeah, I mean.
You know there's been so many little moments that I can't really pick out one that I would say.
That yeah I always say there was like better than some like that yeah.

[19:46] Jenny.
Yeah we know some of the stuff you can't talk about.
This is a family show. Yeah, we don't wanna get you bands. Sorry, John. Oh, I mean.
Whatever. Hey, if they haven't banned me yet, it's not gonna happen.
It won't happen. But but Jane, do you, do you actually have any any specific memory? Maybe no, over the last. You see, becoming 30 years.
2020 some ideas ago you may have had you know 15 thousand people.

[20:38] Right and there's,
Like Deb said there's not any one thing I can think of. I just know that you know, you can watch, you know, watch the boards on Facebook, the boards, watch the pages on Facebook, and see people talking about, oh, so this particular thing happened at Con and.
A ton of people like I was there for that and it's just kinda like a little family you know you you think of things,
You know, like John, the funny guy, you know, that's that's great.
Yeah that's point out the the the now the interesting thing about that that happened in 2019 so,
So I've been I've been watching from afar the Colt of John and.

[21:30] It lasts a little bit of steam that I think that that it might have been able to keep going had we've had 2020 in person,
But of late i've started to see those those things start to crop back up again the he's coming back yeah,
Now, the question is, does the, does FedEx dare put out another? I bet you they don't. I actually don't either. I bet you they pull their property back into their shop. Oh, yeah.
Hey Facebook I don't wanna go down this this particular rabbit hole but,
You know, they're they're they've been some folks that are that have been like, well, you're basically vandalizing property. Yeah. That's,
True. That is actually correct. That's very true. We're analyzing private property. But the.

[22:24] But the fun oh dragon con is of that kind of thing happens now again did it happen for the wrong reason probably but,
Fedex got a lot of free yes I mean there's stuff going on after the after that gone of just,
People taking pictures of FedEx guys delivering a delivering packages and you know saying you know,
Forget what the whole phrase was but Fred, I do wanna see Fredex. Next.
Fedex, yes.

[23:08] Alright. So, what other things can what other things are on your schedule this year that you plan on doing, is there any any of the other.

[23:22] Track sorry panels that you that you wanna highlight.
Well, I'm talking about paranormal. We do have our normal paranormal stuff. We do have talking let's see. We get my schedule back up so I talk about them correctly.
We do have our Georgia ghost and locations panel again this year,
We have Jordan Duncan presenting a supernatural and paranormal in music panel which should be interesting,
And researching the paranormal and conspiracies that was on Saturday at one.
Paranormal investigation equipment.

[24:09] See what else do we have? What is that? What is that? That covers basically all the various equipment used to,
Parental activity? Yeah, like EVP, monitors, and all that sort of stuff. Just a different tools they use. What will there be some some of those actual tools there from your with your moderators or and or panels?
I would hope so. They normally bring stuff. Yeah. Okay.
Yeah so I don't know that they'll let people touch though because you know they're not cheap but they shouldn't like people touched yeah so,
But at least show how they work and stuff. Normally, what they do. So,
Normally since we're in the vowels of the sheriff and they don't work very well but they at least show how they work so,
So, yeah, we do have a good, you know, array of paranormal panels for folks that wanna see those. So, that's good.

[25:03] Okay in addition to the the media that's covered what would be under the what would have been the traditional X track,
Yeah. There you go. No, out of curiosity. So, extract really started around,
The ex files initially are there actually any X files panels this year?
No. No. No. No. At least not that you know of but now that if Lee listens to this maybe there will be. There might be. And then you guys will be forced to,
You'll be forced to,
Right right right.

[25:50] Yeah what was the last ex that would have been 2017 seven or was it match,
I think Mitch was the year after smoking man. Okay.
And again like Jillian was there in 2005. Oh we don't talk about that. Yeah we talk about each one,
Yeah let's talk about Mitch. Yeah.
Anyway, moving on from that particular topic. I like your hat, John. There's a great hat. Yeah. Thank you. It's actually even it's actually even signed.
Oh nice. A friend of friend of all of us wedge which in his wife got it for me. Nice.

[26:46] I'm believing that is accurate.
Now now I'm trying to remember if it was them or it had to be them cuz Lee would never been able to get away away from the track to actually go get it signed by the voice actress that did Jim. Yeah. So,
Hold on I'm taping something here in talk some amongst yourselves. Do you need to do that? What should we talk about you?
Yeah yeah we're not good at best improv never goes over very well.
Yeah so normally he does nobody that's ever watches before normally Lee doesn't lie to the interviewing while I do the behind the scenes at the same time but we can talk about how neat Johnny's desk area is. I mean what he even is? It is.
No I imagine on the other. On the other side of that is just a complete mess right on the other side of your camera.
Hey is this downstairs there's a upstairs. What the heck? So is that a is that upstairs?
It is upstairs so know that the middle child moved to LaGrange. Oh he actually moved. Okay. And.

[28:06] This used to be the guest room and it was a hideous like seat foam green color. Yeah. And his room was a dark gray so we swapped the guest room from in here to his old room,
It got painted too but so I have a new office. Rob needs you to decorate that wall. Yeah. Yeah.
Hey portal,
Black Adam I just heard about that I was just reading about that,
Rob's concerned that you're in a bunker. But yeah, cherry want me to talk about the plant Lane Johnson here.
Oh we don't know where the sea's out to. We don't know about this plant.
Yeah this is Ian John's dream I think. I know. From what I understand, Dwayne Johnson not not confirmed at all and or just a complete rumor that I'm making up my head. Also known as The Rock. We'll be at Dragoncon. But you can't prove that he won't be a dragon con.
No you're right we can't.
Until he appears or does not appear. He might drop by. You never know.
My understanding is he will be there. But I won't be there to take the heat when he doesn't show up. So.

[29:31] Just for the record, he, he's not, there is no, nobody planning the rock or Dwayne Johnson. Or there is possibly Dwayne Johnson. We don't know, we don't know all the names of the people that have attended.
But the actor Dwayne Johnson AKA the rock is not really attending dragon except that he really is. So, you guys figure it out.
We're gonna go we're gonna head over to the game here in just a second as I realized that I forgot to actually bring the game up into the room,
Sorry about that. Those of you listening at home, I will I will of course take this part out because who wants to hear me forget to do things. Again, these are things that that will Leah's talking. I can actually get accomplished.
In the background. Silly, I need you. It's not just we all need you, Lee. We all do. We do.

[30:32] And okay so I'll go ahead and put up the again I apologize for being so unprepared right now,
The the room code and a Jackbox CD is YXRX. Where are we playing? Split the room tonight.
Today we got Jenny Beth and the pal family and so far up there's Jerry Jerry's join us.

[31:03] Steve Fia and we got room for one more person join me out,
Do not be startled i am here to guide you as we explore the deepest processes of your mind you will build strange and complex world using only your imagination and your thoughts,
A hypothetical situation missing one keep,
Will be transmitted to your device like this one adds before online videos have been banished in their place are 15 second videos of this they are not skippable,
Is life better there are infinite possibilities you could write into complete this scenario.

[31:43] Choose wisely though because everybody else will then answer yes or no.
And you will earn more points if you split the room fitting name huh for those of you in the audience you'll be competing as one player your answers will be determined by a majority vote yes even in a nebulous void democracy is important,
Hey end of the game the person who creates the most divisive dimensions will win. Got it good. Now let's begin. We're doomed. Yeah.
I think you three can handle it. Hey girls. There is a great bagel shop.
But now it's time to split the room. Finish the scenario that has been sent to your device,
Okay, those of you playing, there should be something either whatever device you've chosen to play the game on. That you'll feel in the blank,
In the meantime I'll do my typical thing where I show a picture of Zach McGowan without a shirt on.

[32:52] And,
I could do that. And tell you that you can always send us emails at 50 days at the That's five oh D A Y S at the Unique,
Dot com or you can call our comment line at 813321,
0884 this 8133210 tug to,
What else can I talk about? Barry talked about the mask stuff. A reminder that you can,
Do virtual dragon this year if you aren't planning on attending a person or even if you are planning on attending in person it's a great supplement because it'll have panels that maybe you want to see but due to conflicts you couldn't get to,
And looks like everyone's ready to go. Alright.

[33:52] In front of you it's a TV with five channels four of them are travel channels the fifth channel is devoted to this,
Once you turn it on you will be instantly transported to a fully paid weekend vacation to the location that appears on screen do you turn it on,
Comfortable footwear is a chant the fit channel,
In front of you set the TV with five channels for them or travel channels the fifth channels will be comfort footwear comfortable footwear once you turn on the TV you'll be instantly transport to a fully paid weekend vacation to the location that appears on the screen,
Do you turn it on? Yes, no. Those of you playing in the audience and or.

[34:36] Music.

[34:46] And the room was officially split.
The longer it takes the room to answer the more bonus points you get. Guys, so that was Jerry, Jerry, split the room five to two.
You get a dog for your kids your first mistake after the week of ownership the dog gains the ability to speak but it can only talk about this explosive diarrhea is to stop talking if you convert your home office into her playroom do you do it.

[35:20] So, you get a dog for your kids. After a week of ownership, the dog gains the ability to speak but it can only talk about explosive diarrhea.
Promises to stop talking if you convert your home office into her playroom do you do it.

[35:38] Music.

[35:54] Chad. Oh. Jenny split the room.
This scenario is called an actor's strife.

[36:07] You are a struggling actor who gets offered a big role in a wildly successful film franchise but in the biggest scene of the film you will be required to do this vomit,
Multiple times. Sean did remind me of,
Last year at a virtual dragon came was born Chad the deity of comfortable footwear,
So, it happens every year. It seems like. Steve, Steve's put the room six to one.
And now binge pipe presents eye before that.

[36:50] A curse has been put on you anytime you use the word eye you involuntarily do this.
Hmm the curse has been put on you anytime you use the word I you involuntarily yodel like Yoda from now on do you only speak in the third person.
I need somebody to do the Yoda Yoda. Yeah, I yeah, I need a demonstration. No, absolutely. John. I don't know.

[37:28] And that was Deb's and she did split the room. What was it? I split the room. I don't care what it is of what? How sweet house?
A popular home repair TV show offers to have your house completely renovated for free you just have to let them make the floors out of this.
How many visit drivers is it wet mud?

[38:05] Jerry says he wouldn't he would say no to talking a third person's Yoda because you're totally like Yoda's a great way to know why people I don't like,
Oh yes, so the popular room, a popular.
Oh so Kyle family did split the room two to five and I guess I should say that the two is yes in a five as you know get ready for the artist sway.
You are asked to post for a portrait by the most famous artist in the world the painting will depict you doing this.

[38:47] Music.

[38:54] I mean there's lots of other naked photos in in the loo. No. I mean it's not like,
There's there's renaissance art. They're bigger girls. I'm good with that. Exactly. Just throw me up there with the rest of them. Bye. Make sure that fruit is a good size for.
I get to place the fruit. Why? And pick the fruit.

[39:22] Oh, oh, almost. It was split.
Six to one yeses to knows oh and that was the Easter eyes on,
The exchange stew.
You are an exchange student living with a high profile family on a different planet it is customary for a house guest to do this.
You're in exchange student living in a hype with living with a high profile family on a different planet is customary for house guests to keep kiss each other's toes one at a time before bedtime,
There's been a lot of tension between your two planets do you partake in the custom.
Hmm. It's almost a perfect split.
That was Fia. It four to three. But I will point out everybody answered really quickly. You have they had a definite definite.
Opinion on a road trip you notice a sign for a town 50 mi away however it's not located on your GPS a billboard for the town advertises that it has this flaming audio speaker.

[40:45] Music.

[40:53] Feeling seen for my tofu.
While the road trip he knows the sign for town 50 mi away however it's not located on your GPS the billboards the town advertise that has a flaming audio speaker.
And it was split six to one Beth.

[41:18] Define flaming.
Currently, oh, I didn't see. Who's winning? Yeah. What about you guys?
Door number one is already provided you will decide what's behind door number two,
Remember you want to make it as hard of a choice as possible. Oh, and if you correctly predict a certain players decision, you'll learn some bonus points. Let's begin.
Write an option that you think only some people would choose.
So, everyone go back to your devices. This is the lance around us. And I was also is one word happens to help if you know the person that you're playing. Your people are playing against.
Okay so Shawn was feeling seen for their toe fetish and.
I have to. I'm a tech ops. I'm not sure. Oh, it's a flaming speaker. I get it now.

[42:28] Music.

[42:35] Okay again things have happened at Dragon Con that you think that you ate some may wear things happen you completely forget but there was,
An actual flaming speaker in the sheriff, right? That happened to Sheridan did it? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, the Sheridan Baldroom that if Speaker caught on fire, I'm still to this day. Do not know how that that's possible that happened but,
Other than someone literally setting it on fire but I do not believe that's what happened.

[43:05] And Sean's pointing up because they're in tech ops. They have to go investigate. And by the way Sean, thank you for volunteering. We appreciate it.
And appreciate our guests by the way for volunteering. This is also another nice time to remind everyone. Be nice to everyone. But especially the volunteers. They are there,
Up their own time they don't get paid for this.
Your movie studio has run out of bankable superheroes and you need a hit you can either make a movie about captain big hands or this new superhero which new superhero movie do you fund.

[43:46] Music.

[44:06] All dressed for drinking rain with Mike. That was very irritating. And the thing is they'd probably both make 1 million.

[44:14] Music.

[44:22] Okay do you fund the super hero movie for Captain Big Hands or Feet or Feet Captain Big Hands.

[44:32] Music.

[44:46] Steve, guess someone right? Someone would answer the question that way. Oh, do you find the new superhero movie? Captain Big Hans or Captain Big Hands or Captain Hammer? I think I know which one I would do.
Might just need a new director. Just saying. So, that'd be a little problematic. Let's probably manage it.
It feel correctly guess someone's,
Answer and capture him now which self image do you choose?
You look at the mirror you cease thick facer or a pig nose which of those two the you choose.

[45:49] Just like a math. Yeah, I mean. Similar. I mean.

[45:58] And the audience went forever and went the room mostly went for face for 61.

[46:07] Face fur or a fern bush for a nose. A fern bush for a nose. Your two choices are do you see it? Yeah, Facebook or a fern bushfire.

[46:20] No. Say that you permanently you actually had that or just every time you look in the mirror. In the mirror. Okay.

[46:34] Oh someone got incorrect. That was Jerry and did split the room. Base fur or googly eyes. Facebook or Google eyes? Bring it back to Dragon.

[46:49] Music.

[46:57] More people would prefer to have face further than googly eyes. But Deborah did make it correct prediction.
All smartphones only have enough space for one app and you can't delete them you can either choose a phone that comes with a checkers app or this loan app do you pick for your phone.
Okay, is it the checkers app? Or the dragon contact?
Just for Claire clarification. We're not talking about checkers the drive through restaurant, right? We're talking about checkers the actual game.

[47:39] Drink on app one 100% of the oh check yourself or Facebook that doesn't make it more difficult.
It's a much more difficult.

[47:52] Music.

[47:58] Checkers app or Facebook which one app do you want on your phone?

[48:07] Most people picked Facebook and the pal family yeah I agree with you.
Begging to check this out. Check this only. It all comes down to this. Here we go.
And the winner is Jerry.

[48:28] Winner is the audience. Okay. And most likes was the audience.
Not sure how that all works out. Let's see. Does it tell me a squirt? Okay. Well, anyway.
Oops, bring this out there. There we go. Alright. So, thank you audience members for playing with us and by the way, and for winning, I guess. That's what just happened.
Oh. Yes. John points out that they are the audience. They are the entirety of the audience.

[49:07] And see where we're going. Make sure we don't get anything else over here. Okay. So again, please let me know where we can find the X track and how they can get a hold of you guys. Be it or where they can find your stuff via the interwebs.
We're in the Athens room just you should come in the front of the sheriff and if you take a right where along that first hallway there,
And then we are on Facebook.
It's dragon contrac, I believe. Okay, good. And then we're on Twitter but we pretty much don't post on there except for during the con. So, and I think it's the same dragon kind extract.
Isn't it like Decon underscore extract? I I think it is on Twitter.

[50:01] Like I said we don't post on it except for going to college so what are you gonna do about it,
So, and you'll see the three of us. No, you don't know what that I look like but you'll see Jenny running around during con we'll be all over there. So,
Sharon did point out that she gave up Facebook the face up Facebook app for Lent 1 year and did not miss it until Dragoncon,
That would that would be why her vote was for the checkers app. No. Cuz. Especially last several years. Anyway,
Again, Jenny, Beth, Debra, I appreciate you guys taking time out. Lee, as you can see, I'm a hot mess without you. So, please hurry back and but enjoy your vacation. So until next time,
For again Jenny Lee Beth and our guests that were on the other side of the virtual wall are audience until next time this is John saying.
Peace. Bye. Bye. Bye.

[51:12] Music.

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That's it. 133210884. Email us at the geeks at the Unique or 50 days at the
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[51:46] Music.

[52:05] Post Current bye bye bye bye bye.