Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 41 - Kidding Around

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.
You're funny. This is thing you need to keep.
Hey welcome to another edition of,
50 days of dragon con the podcast that just got home from schools thrown down their backpack it has turned on human and joining me as always,
Is Lee. Is it the new? Hi. Is it the new human? No, it won't know. I mean, yeah.
No. Yes. No. No. No. No. Old school one.
That's all. I'm okay with that. That's perfectly fine.

[1:15] G. I. Joe in my area.

[1:22] Truly outrageous. Yes. What was what was it in my area? I think, I don't really remember.

[1:31] From four to five they had Star Trek Reruns.
Yeah I just so that was really good and then before school I watched Bravester these are the only memories I have of childhood.
I don't know what breakstair was but that's okay. I'm all good. I'm all good. He's he's strength of a Puma.
Bear grizzly is a bear? No, something like that. So, you didn't have thunder cats?
Only a thundercats too that is true I think that might I think I might have filled up that second that yeah that was after school so those are the four after school was,
Was G. I. Joe. Well, actually went this order. He man, Jim, G. I. Joe, and then thundercats. So, wait, okay, hold on.
Yes, Gem is in the middle of there. Yes.
When you actually rally real 2 seconds ago. Hey, ma'am. Hey, man.

[2:42] What? You didn't think I actually watched it? No, I watched it. That was that has never been the thing that wasn't,
My my affection for it might be a little overblown. Might be a bit of a facade but. But I did. I have watched every episode at least three or four times. In my life.
Yes. That's just great. Just because that was what was on. Okay.
So, they haven't been a whole lot of guest recently. I wouldn't wanna say hi to everybody who is
Watching right now and or watching or listening later. Hi, it's good to see everybody and listen to them if they send us,
Conversations but John we've had some questions. Oh yes, we have. We have and what are the big questions we have and you have two other ones but we got one through our email and it's about how do I get?
How do I cross over peach tree,
Before the parade. And I'm gonna tell you this year. The only way to make sure you can do that.

[3:50] Is crossover at 9 AM? I'm really not gonna do it. I'm not jerk about it.
For the to get around the parade yeah. It has been said there's a parade.
As of today 820 there is a parade yes and that it will only be dragging con members who are lining up to watch the parade on Savannah,
Is gonna do that I don't know,
And I, you know what? Hey, that's not for us to just help us to determine. We, like I said, we will when we talk to, I think it's next week, we're supposed to talk with some of the people that,
Okay. And well, this is one of 2 weeks left at this point. Well, we really have to be at least next week or the week after.
We have next week and we have the week after.

[4:46] No right. The concerts on Tuesday so yeah.

[4:56] Start search on Thursday. Just just for the record.

[5:02] The the yeah so what what we'll discuss with them but it is interesting it isn't interesting they may not be even able to tell us how to get around the parade other than what Lee just said which is,
Crossover at 9 o'clock be where you wanna be before the parade actually starts. Or wait till after the parade ends. So and,
You know, that's not the greatest answer. In years past, I would have told you to go down the Marta escalators and or elevators, cross across,
Cross which goes under beach three street and then go up but last year they closed that or 2 years ago in 19 they closed that.
And in 20, you know, we didn't have it. So, and this year, especially and that's when they were letting crowds like the public.
Home. So, who the heck knows?
So and I cannot read any of those because I am cleaning my glasses cuz I had a spot right in front of my eye. But just know that,
The best idea right now for this one unless you hear different when we talk to some of the powers that be cross at nine,
Cuz they usually put all of the,
The fences as it were the the metal fences up barricades around 9:30. Hmm. Is my understanding cuz John and I are usually at the front of the parade. Helping.

[6:31] Get everybody off.
On time and and making sure all the Deadpools are where they are supposed to be and and all the pirates have their and everything like that. Yeah. Yeah and so a couple of things that for the audio listeners couple of things. First of all, duckman's here.
Hey hi duck man actually you know what vamp Lee,
Ok i just watched Duckman that was actually kinda one of the first adult cartoons I even knew about.

[7:06] And I like duck man. I also love the tick when I became an adult. And I actually have I got it at.

[7:15] No, no, no, dragon con which was a little stick figure guy. You could put on with the pen. That was from the take and I would yell a lot of times soon,
Yes. What have you got?
I'm trying the the duck that I got from from duckman list the last time was a con. Oh, is that the duck man? Cartoon. No. No. No. Duck man is in.
Hey Facebook,
Hi Doug. Hi Doug people. They're wonderful. Hey we can't I don't I don't know why. It's it's yellow. It's not green. I don't know why it's not picking up on the,
Anyway it's it's I'm pretty sure this is the one because it's been sitting on top of my piece of Marriott carpet that's.
That would be it. Yeah, mine. Okay, now you can do it. There's somewhere up there.
Here we go. Okay. Yeah. Right there. Right on top of it.
And the magic of the background comes back.
I didn't realize that that man we were taught or the duck people we were talking about. I thought you talked about duck man, the cartoon cuz we were talking about cartoons.

[8:30] But that's okay. Yes. Okay. Hi, duck man. And duck woman and. Duck ferry. Duck fairy and every all the duck.
So now what helps John do we have his question?
You know what? I didn't look it up. Is are there any fun things for kids to do at Drake? God. You know what? Look at, look at me, ham fisting that intro.

[8:54] There are a lot of great things for kids to do at Dragon On. First of all, their members watch the parade. If they're not members, watch it on the Atlanta.
Cw is gonna be doing it and thank you from Duckman. He says I do a great job of wrangling the Deadpool's I do and I love the Deadpools in the parade because I get to dance with them. Two carols whisper,
Of course. Thank god nobody has take that yet.
Let's not this year. Okay. So, that's one and then, that was one. But yes, we were talking about, see, this is why I don't look at the comment.

[9:35] Don't look after lots of things for kids to do which is really
Why don't you if only dragon would think of some sort of track to make for kids only? I know. You know. Well, maybe it's not for only kids but maybe it's for those kids at heart as well. We'll see I thought somebody was gonna come to your house to talk about that,
Oh, wait. Somebody is here. Hold on. Someone's at the door. Let me go check.
Hello. It's Jonathan. Hello.
Who Jonathan who both of them spell it J oh N A T A T H the turn on is the kids track director you have been the director since,
So, I've been there. I was the, I was the track track director in 2020 during the dragon goes virtual. Huh. That was actually meant to be my.

[10:28] My introduction sort of shadow the previous director Jill who I had worked with for several years as both the volunteer and is it sending professional and when she decided to,
Find some other ways to make dragoncon great I was asked to step in and continue the work that she did,
Yes, and love, love, Jill. She's done a great job for years but no, it's great. It's always wonderful to have new track directors and other people sharing,
Different ways. Absolutely. That's always lots of fun. Send out Jonathan.

[11:05] It is now kids strike this change in 2019. Correct. From the old kaleidoscope. Right. Thank goodness cuz,
You're not out of 10 attendees couldn't spoke kaleidoscope so I couldn't every time I had to spell it for a video to post anything I was like I'm looking it up,
Yeah I volunteered for many years and I still had a trouble spelling it. So we figured little truth in advertising.
Change it to kids track and I think that was a was a wise change. Yeah. And so again last year would have been year two. It's now year three.
And you've had one other big change which is John.
The one other big change is you are no longer in Marion. True.
So, in 2019, along with the change in name, we also shifted from the Marriott to the Hyatt. We're in the international tower and the lower level. We have two trackrooms. We have,
Spring and techwood in the Hyatt Tower.

[12:16] Okay and the the high tower is what is often called the international tower. Correct. And that's actually a great place because,
People going down or up from international on that side of the high. Are only going there. They are going anywhere else.
They're not trying to get across to get to the parking garage or not trying to get anywhere else. They're going back and forth from there. So, it's a nice traffic area too.
So, you know, in years past, one of the nice things about us being in that spot in the Marriott near that kind of sunroom area was there's a lot of traffic. People saw us but the
Downside was it was really hard to get get out and everything. This year especially reduced traffic in less crowds feels like a,
A real blessing that we get to kind of avoid that and we're we're in a spot where when people come to where we are, we know that they're coming for us or one of the other.
One of the old tracks that's immediately in the area,
And now you just said you were in spring and tech wood so you're gonna have two actual KT ramps.
Back in 2019 as well we've got one that's set up for activities things like crafts,
Our trivia games and stuff like that and then the other one is set up more traditionally for panels with like a theater style seating.

[13:38] Oh, okay. Great. That's awesome. So, just curious, what are some of the panels and what are some of the activities you're gonna be doing in kids track? Oh, well, first of all, who is kids track?

[13:48] Targeted poor what's the kid in dragon?
So, people 65 and over. Yeah. So, so one of the challenges of kids track of course is that in years past especially as the a lot of the stuff that,
The people who come dragon love is also targeted for kids sometimes. And so.

[14:14] The kids track is really targeted for kids now,
Anywhere from six to 14 15 that's not limited only exclusively to them but the majority of the programming is set up for those age ranges and the way that we really tried to,
To make that clear and make that happen is to rather than having adults get up on the panel stage and talk about,
You know kid media and and youth friendly media we're having more and more kids and teens get up and be the panelists and be the moderators,
And be the ones who are other doctors. The reality is,
Wanna listen to a bunch of boomers talk about the shows and the media that they love they wanna hear other teenagers they wanna hear other kids their age.

[15:04] They don't want it.
They don't wanna hear John go on and on about Jim and that he man there was only one real human cartoon and it was on it three. They'll know who he is now. Thanks to the new cartoon but yeah.
They don't wanna hear John's.
We're trying to make kids track really about and four kids. First, first of all, I will never say there was only one true Email. I I am quite enjoying. I've enjoyed the,
I've only watched three episodes of the new of the new of the new series but I've enjoyed it. So, it's good. You know, I like it. Yeah. I know. I know a lot of people are been out of shape because oh, it's not really right. Get over yourself.
Hey I thought it was good.

[15:53] Okay so that's number one but I also want to point out when you said Jonathan you said kids try,
Six to 14 or 15 so everybody should hear this very very clearly.
Kids track is for those ages that cannot be by themselves at con.
Remember we that we had a whole thingy a while back it's 16 or over in order to walk around Con without,
Someone else. So, kids track is not where you go and drop your kids off and come back later. They are not.
Allow me in the bad guy here. Oh, no, no, no, I know, I know. We we do, we have to have this conversation with folks every year and you know, we don't have a babysitting track. There are some there are some people who I think
You know, spend their time at Con. Helping out with childcare with the families they know and I'm sure they're out there, but no, we're really focused on programming and
We the main things to know if you're a parent or if you're a teenager but you haven't hit that you haven't hit 16 years old yet is.

[17:00] You know, anybody who's under the age of seven. Doesn't need a badge but seven and over, you have to have a badge in order to be led in.
And if you're under 16 you have to have a parent or guardian or an adult with you who's gonna be there the entire time and a lot of our programming if you're an adult,
And you don't have a kid with you. You may get turned away or we may hold off on let yen and make sure that those spots, the seats that are available,
Are filled in with kids and and their parents and guardians before we let childless adults take those seats. Now obviously it depends on the depends on the panel or depends on the activity but most of the time we're gonna make sure that the the seats are,
Open for kids before we let in childless adults. To be the moderators and I'm sorry. 15, you're a teenager. That's good. It's good but.
I agree mine's now 22 and I heard all the time about how he was 12 and a half so he was really a teenager. Yeah. I just stopped.
But the thing I love about that is you're gonna focus it.

[18:11] And that's gonna be wonderful and I think that's just awesome that you're doing it that way. So, what are some of the panels,
Get her gonna be big this year. Do you think her? It's gonna be people are gonna wanna be there.
Yeah, yeah, so we have a lot of really cool stuff planned. So, in that you know, youth panel youth panelist and youth led panels
We're gonna have panels about popular book series like warrior clans and wings of fire,
We're gonna have used panels about YouTube, about Minecraft, and,
We're also gonna have several activities we've got a baby bow shampoo a great attending pro who does.
Volunteers with the track has for many years. He's gonna be doing a Harry Potter trivia game. We're gonna be doing a Nintendo themed trivia game, the following night.
And we're gonna be trying out something new this year. We're gonna have a ultimate video game character showdown,
Sort of the kids track take on death battles where we're gonna have a bracket with pairs of characters from video games and the audience is gonna get to decide
Who would win in a fight until we finally crown a champion at the end of the hour.

[19:36] It's gonna be fun to watch because I can see people arguing loudly for their favorites as you go forward in that,
That's just oh I love it. So now, we talked about panels and activities.
There are some things unfortunately you're not gonna be able to have this year just to me say.

[19:57] Hey I don't know if your audience is aware but there have been some things going on for the past year and a half I know it's not.

[20:06] Hasn't made the news too much but we're we're having to adjust our our strategies on our way of life and that certainly extends to kids track at the con. We cannot,
Hold our annual family dance or the character encounter and these really have been the two most popular and biggest events the kids track
Has done over the past 4 or 5 years.
And just because of both the volume of people that get packed into the space and also how active, especially with the dance, how active everybody gets their breathing hard,
That's specifically the kind of thing that we wanna minimize with the pandemic,
Yeah and unfortunately your your your track does cater to a group that that isn't even eligible for vaccine at this point. Yeah. That's been a real that's been a real challenge but you know I have a great
Staff of volunteers a lot of them are returning from previous years they've worked with Jill as well and that's something that we've talked a lot about is how to,
How to do our best to make sure that everybody stay safe both on the staff level and also everybody who's attending whether it's parents or kids,
So some of the some of our activities are meant to be,
Sort of a less lower risk replacement for those we've got duck man and duck ferry coming,
They're gonna be we've gotten a little bit larger room this year so that way we can spread out a little bit more. Put the tables a little further apart and they're gonna be doing their duck coloring activity and.

[21:35] It's gonna be going on right now it's scheduled for Saturday all this obviously to change but,
Yes subject to change but right now that's where it is.
Just so happy John doesn't John John my John,
Anyway, it's okay. The other thing I wanna say because of the character encounters.
Extract in 2020.

[22:16] But there were a little bit of changes and this year that has again also been put on the back burner but,
As duckman said just a minute ago in the comments there is always next year and I want a junior badge I want my junior agent of Shield Badge or,
Whatever I get I want those guys put on a heck of a,
They have a wonderful obstacle course and a heck of an activity and yeah we were we were planning on being involved in that and I'm certainly looking forward to it. I'm I'm hoping that we get to that on next year and get involved. Yeah.
What kind of activities do you hold near activity room? So the the trivia stuff that I was talking about is gonna be the activity room. We've got,
We've got a couple of activities that are geared for younger kids. We've got some crafts and what this year we're trying out,
After the parade there's gonna be one of our rooms is gonna be kind of a family playroom and the goal is going to be low key,
Things that the kids can play with in crafts so they can do in a space for families to come and relax,
Obviously they'll still have to be there watch their kids and you know be in charge of their children but it'll be a space for dragon con families to meet each other and to cool down and relax after the parade we've also got.

[23:44] In the activity room. We're gonna have several.
Drawing tutorials. We've got four different artists who are scheduled right now. Again, everything's subject to change but right now, we've got four great artist Shawn Durington
Corin Robertson debut shampoo all scheduled to do either art tutorials or art challenges in the the activity room with the kids,
That is very good. I and I, this idea of that drawing, duck coloring, I know. They're my terrible color but if I can get there, Imma come in cuz I love the color. I just.

[24:23] He was very popular in 2019. It was it was one of the most popular events.
Hey, everyone. I'm really trying it just.
Yeah John don't say it John Bootel I know you're thinking of something no no what if what if someone comes over that could pass for a,
16 year old. Hey, you passed for 16 year old.
Anyway, so you you mentioned here. You mentioned I'm gonna, I'm gonna try. Not live. I'm undigging my, I'm trying to undig my my hole here. So you mentioned that you have some artist coming now. You.
You guys don't really have any media guests this year, right? No, it actually the the kids track is really moving away from.

[25:13] Media guests not entirely but.
And focusing more on either hands-on activities that kids and teens can do or those youth led panels and discussions certainly when there is a,
If there's a media guest who come to the con who are appropriate and more geared toward,
A younger audience you know absolutely we'd love to have them but the majority of media guests are tend a dragon really do tend to be for shows and media tune older audience so it.
We didn't we we feel good. We feel really good about the programming this year and it definitely doesn't feel lacking. Because of.

[25:59] For like a medium. No. No. Actually be up on your state. Berton Ernie. I'm not talking anything but.
Burton Ernie. That have to be a team effort. We would definitely want to be a team member.
It's probably gonna be in a bigger room than the track. Oh yeah. For sure. You're telling people what it really is. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Now, oh, actually, there is a question from the from the audience, which is, there is a kids filth music on Sunday, correct?
That's one of our activities. It's currently and again, everything is potentially subject to change but
It is scheduled it's in the app and we have a kids folk activity schedule for Sunday morning so that's gonna be a crossover with a filter we've actually done this once before it was popular it was a really good time,
You can bring your own instruments to that. They're also the instrument provided by the folks from Filk.

[27:10] No no what areas cuz cuz we really haven't covered this but what areas does kid track actually cover in other words,
Are there specific media properties or is it sort of just a generalized so this change actually over the years
And it was something that I got to watch happen as a volunteer and then it sort of solidified over the past few years. They used to be the kids track was really focused on,
Properties Disney stuff in cartoons that were focused on kids but the reality is you know a lot of the stuff that adults who go drink on like are things that kids who go to dragon con like,
And so now our programming is not really focused on,
Specific media or specific properties it's focused on kids engaging with an interacting with whatever media kids,
Are enjoying, you know, over that year and over that con. There you go.

[28:03] So yay you you probably aren't gonna be talking a little bit about masters of the universe and some of those other things maybe not masters of universe cuz it came out just,
Yeah and so it's a little older than probably maybe you're target audience but yeah we're we're trying to so one of the things that we're we're looking to do it's not.
So much happening this year but in the future is definitely.

[28:26] Getting more and more feedback from the attendees and from the the kids and the teenagers who come to let us know hey what are you really interested in what's going on,
What kind of media is out there that that you guys are loving and that you wanna see in kids track,
And you also now you do have a Facebook page,
So what's your people do wanna contact you as the year goes on and understand something folks we really start planning usually around January,
I track directors new and they get really really serious about planning around March and April,
So don't call up in June saying you gotta talk about whatever because we're probably already a little set,
As we are so but yeah Facebook.

[29:27] Hey Facebook so if you type in Dragon Con space kids track you're good to go that'll be the group that pops up and we we post announcements,
Actually I'm really glad you talked about that. I almost forgot. So, one of the things that we are looking for now are we've got more panelist spots open for the youth panelist,
And there's going to be a Google form posted up to the,
Drink on kids track Facebook so that way parents can log in. They can fill out the form with information about themselves and their their child. How old their child is and what
Media their child is interested in that we are offering panels on if they would like to be considered as a panelist or a moderator on any of those panels during this upcoming year.

[30:14] Meant to say this earlier too but the other thing is that giving teenagers and kids in preteens this opportunity to be a panelist to actually present,
It's just wonderful i had absolutely I could not speak in public for years I got a list and I had a stutter which,
Please turn the podcast makes perfect sense. Yeah, no. Well, I got over it. First of all, speech therapy but second of all, I got over it because i.
Just did this. I kept talking to people and I kept presenting at things and they kept people kept asking me to present and so that's great. So, if you have people that want to or like, oh, I'm worried I'll mess something up.
This is the most forgiving audience you're ever gonna have at Dragon Time. So, what yeah, my son has presented and he did it,
What John wants and he was.
I don't know 14 13 and that was really good because we were talking about shows you can watch with your parents and so but that's one of those things and it's great. So, opportunity,
Hey Facebook add they're creating a they're creating a feeder system into the panelist for dragon coming up,
In the future. So, really and also really there is nothing that gets.

[31:37] Kids and teens more excited about going to Con and engaging in Dragon than getting to actually participate in the programming and not be passive audience members all the time listening to grown ups talk about stuff,
We're boring grown ups are boring. Sometimes. So, right. Now,
That's really cool. Is there anything we really left out of that kid's track? Other than it's not a babysitting track. We're just gonna keep saying that a whole lot.
Oh, something. I did what I did have a question. So, the idea is room caps. There's a room cap also, I assume the room cap also applies to the activity area as well, correct?
Yeah so we'll be at the two now the good news about the the activity room is that because of the layout it just accommodates much less people,
Cuz there's a space for people to do things they're more spread out the the panel room is where that will impact more and yet we'll be at the same.

[32:38] Capacity reduction is everybody else. Is there anybody else? Okay. We do have I do wanna mention real quick. We are trying out,
A new set of panels and activities that are focused on stem,
We've got we've got a tending professionals online from the space and the science track. We're gonna be talking about their work at Nasa in the International Space Station. One of them is a little bit more hands on of,
Activity with some videos and stuff and then the others like a Q&A where kids get to ask questions about the AP's careers and those fields and anything else they wanna know.

[33:14] There are a lot of opportunities in everything that you don't think of but you know.

[33:22] You can be great at math and wanna talk about calculus and and do high-level calculus and then later become this actuary,
Which is a thing that insurance does and it's very very confusing but it's all about math.
I'm I'm gonna encourage the guests not to go into actuary during the panel book. But I do I do hear what you say. I agree. Yeah. I would never try to talk about that. No. That might not be the sales pitch.
No, that would be a bad thing. I would stick with the rocket science in the international space. No, you're not. Computer power than they had in,
For the moonlight in 69. So,
That's good. Okay. So, so Jonathan, we we like to play a game with our guest at the end of our podcast this year. We've we've been taking advantage of Jack but taking advantage of the the.

[34:14] Jackbox TV and well so far it's been successful and anybody that wants to join from the audience will give a few minutes here to,
To get people in I mean,
People are coming in Jonathan again you are going to be in the hyot international tower this year in what rooms in spring and in Tequila,
That's great and you're the best way to get you is through Facebook or any other social medias you wanna push out,
Yeah so on Facebook we're dragging con kids track,
We are in the process of getting a discord that is linked to the official dragon discord setup and so after after the Kanye this year there is going to be a dragon kids track
Discord where we are gonna be hosting a chance for families to come and do things like play game jackbox games and other and other things throughout the year
Leading up to the concert that way they can stay connected with one another.
Dan has been amazing how many people have been making friends and continuing on Discord since forever since 2020 when that became a big part of Dragon Cott so that's awesome.
So, that is great. Alright, now people, we need players.

[35:26] Queue B D L.
And again, the code is today, we will be playing a.
Custom Quiplash that's how kids only stay out put out by Jackbox now knowing Jackbox,
I'm I'm presuming it's actually kids only but who really knows? We'll all find out. We'll all find out.
Together. Moderate during panel.
4:10 PM or after 10 PM.

[36:27] Now you got a presume you guys don't have any after 10 PM actually forgot so we do have one we got 1:10 PM pan the kids track,
Is we've got a couple things that are geared toward,
Families we have like a earlier on the day this isn't the 10 PM track our 10 PM panel but we have a beginners guided Walt Disney World and so,
That's more for families and parents who don't have a sort of navigate Disney World.
If they've never been we are 10 PM panel scheduled right now for Friday night is called parenting tough topics and it's meant for dragon parents to come it's not open to kids and we're gonna be talking about
All kinds of really difficult things that you have to deal with as parents.
How to engage with your kids on a whole range of topics it's gonna be open to the audience for Q&A and everybody on the panel is going to be a
Not only a parent but also have some kind of specialization or extra knowledge in their professional life. I I work with kids in in in my field my vacation
And so we're getting panelists who can provide some expertise and some perspective in addition to being parents.

[37:36] Yeah I I think I've actually if I recall correctly I've said on that,
Panel with you. You did, yeah. In years past, yeah. Yup. And we we moved it from 7 PM and you know, parents inevitably raise their hand and wanted to ask questions that it was difficult to talk.
About at seven and so we decided this year we tried it 10 PM so that way people could be,
Unfiltered and really we could dig into harder stuff where they have no worry about sensitive ears.

[38:04] And every generation has always heard this that it more difficult now than it was before. It's just differently difficult. I, you know, I don't ever know that it's more or less difficult. It's differently different.

[38:17] And everything that you can share is a resource as a parent to has been there and done things and all that's wonderful. I'm glad y'all are doing that Jonathan. I think that's wonderful. Where are next generation a little tiny beats? What's up?
Alright. Alright. I think we're gonna go ahead and start the game. Let me pull the volume back up here.

[38:40] At least this time we don't have a code word like potato salad.
Behold the glory of Quiplash three. Children of the Quip.
If you've played this game before you know that my name is Schmitty and I'm basically harmless. Oh and if you're not in the game, you can still kinda be in the game just punch in the room code and join the audience,
This is round one you'll answer two prompts on your device in any way you want and then each of your responses will square off against someone else's the remaining players vote on their favorite easy right,
Your week in the points based on the percentage of people who dig your response got it great sure.
Okay, those of you playing you should get a couple of prompts on your device. Just go ahead and answer them. I'm hoping their kid friendly,
And I'm hoping that we keep it kid friendly. At least PG 13. Oh, wow. Thank you. Oh, this is tough.
I should know this one. Think Gremlins are or or milder?

[40:03] Maybe we need to figure out a way to do a jackbox style games in the kids track room somewhere. Yeah, it's it's.

[40:13] For this particular thing, you need an internet connection which is usually the hardest part about the well, I mean, like manufacturing like, oh, that's true. You know, like setting up a real life version of it.
As opposed to rolling on everybody staring at their phones instead of.

[40:31] Being there with each other. Oh, Lee, there's two prompts just so you know. I got it. Don't know if you know that.
It took me a second. Here we go.

[40:51] And the first prompt is without cheating give your best guess about what stated in a 26th amendment of the US Constitution.
First your two choices are all citizens shall be granted free donuts or if the present is incapacitated.

[41:13] I think one of those might actually be correct but the other,
Those donuts is the other one is the present thing. That's true. Okay. All Susan, Shelby granted free donuts is the winner of course.

[41:29] A kind of juice that only serve a really fancy restaurants. Bingo pineapple comequat or a zoo.
It kinda juice that's only served. Oh wow. It really fancy restaurants. Mango pineapple comequat or a zoo.
John there needs to be a way to flip a boat.

[42:00] Bingo pineapple.
Knock knock who's there dressing like your father or,
Hey Facebook knock knock who's there dressing like your father's one of the options or baby shark do do do now by the way there's a fun thing about this.
I lasted a long time before I even ever heard that song. I mean, literally like.

[42:31] A year and then finally I heard it and you know.

[42:37] Never went to camp? No. No. No. No. No. Baby Shark, do do do one. The audience like dressing like your father though.

[42:52] Lots of people make slime but only real dare devils make blank in their kitchen.
Spider Man Spider Webbing when Aunt May is home. Or Gilatness Cubes. Both of them are great.
Lots of people make slime but only real dare devils make blank in their kitchen,
Spider webbing when aunt May is home or gilatinous cubes. 18 year old able to vote the vote.
And donuts gave them donuts as well. Split the room, completely both, I do like.

[43:33] When you grow up the one thing you'll never do is blank refuse in that or.
Blow bubbles in the tub I feel like one of those answers was from an adult and one of them was from a kid,
Yeah. Yeah. Hey. Just a different way of blowing the boat. Yeah.
Yes. Oh, I'll never forget you round one but now, it's time to look at the scores.
Hey Facebook eyes.

[44:20] Oh, who's winning? I miss that. Steve, Steve, Steve.

[44:29] Duckman says Lee that they're gonna put a side of coloring stuff for you. Thank you Duckman.

[44:46] Almost done,
Either two props oh Steve Steve left usually to leave that's last 30 seconds is plenty of time.
You hate to see it. One and I'm like, why is this ticket and the other one that come up?

[45:14] Steve spelling doesn't count.

[45:19] Okay, here's where the fun starts. And we start with.

[45:28] They should replace math class with blank class defensive against the dark arts or weird science.
They should replace math class with defense against the dark arts class or with weird science class.
Both are very good answers and both would be awesome.
I think they should be pushed together. Both classes have a lot of risk for the teacher though. That is true. Defense against the dark hearts. Squeaks about.
The most awesome superpower would be.
Peace, love, and understanding. Oh, or giving others superpowers. Oh, we have such a generous gospel. Oh, crowd. Okay, the most awesome. I'm gonna cry. The most I mean, I'm not gonna cry. I was talking about.
The most awesome superpower would be peace, love, and understanding or giving other superpowers. I'm not even gonna announce who wins this because frankly,
It doesn't matter. We all went really.

[46:36] Especially well okay pal family one alright. Which one it was? Giving other superpower.

[46:45] Invent a cool slogan for math. Not like you always have a calculator on you. That's one slogan or all the cool kids are doing it.
Invent a cool slogan for math not it's not like you always have a calculator on you or all the cool kids are doing it.
You know all the cool kids are doing it was not the slogan and I wasn't well that there was a slogan. It was just not for me.

[47:13] There we go. It it's not like you always have a calculator on your winds. Yeah, I was a math club.

[47:21] Sorry not to embarrass you but you have blank stuck in your teeth. Oh god. One of these is potentially really dark. Muppet fur.
Or spinach.

[47:35] Anyway, that's right. Sorry, not too embarrass you but you have blanks stuck in your teeth. Muppet fur or spinach.

[47:45] Predictably muppet for Wednesday. Yeah. It was it.
If you wrote a book about your life it would be called I can punch you in the kneecaps.

[48:03] The biography by Lee. Around the world in 80 fandoms. Is the other one?
I can punch you in the kneecaps or around the world in 80 phantoms. Like consuming muppets and punching kneecaps. This is a return,
By the way, I was right that was Lee. Yeah. Wesley. Yeah, it was. 80 around the world and 80 fandoms one the.
And it was a super quick lash so I got a lot.

[48:33] Hey only one round remains let's see how it's change his boo boo selfless people. Alright so he's winning now family.

[48:47] Steven's working. Responses
You got this. You'll be going against me. How about that?
See if we can guess which one's Smitty.

[49:15] Alright, as as a reminder, you can always get send us emails at 50 days at the It's five oh D A Y S at the
You can reach us at 8133210884 and leave a message there that's 8133210884 or on Skype I always forget to mention Skype is is.

[49:45] The unique geek. I'm trying to remember if it's unique or the unique. I'm pretty sure it's the unique geek. If you have Skype, you can leave a message on our voicemail there and we can,
Play if you have a question or comment we'd love to hear from you.

[49:59] We do. We like questions and we gotta look up those other two, John. Oops. I just saw what Lee wrote.

[50:08] Oh, Lily. What? Please. Oh, Steve.
Some of these are depressing. I get to read them in advance and by the way, I didn't cheat on the one that I guess that was Lee's earlier. I didn't remember who who wrote it. I didn't look at who wrote it. But I just presumed I can punch you in the kneecaps would be.

[50:35] Funny ways to punch people in the kneecaps.
Okay. Three people you can blame a fart on your podcast host, your child, and your dog, or hip parenting blogs, gas station tacos, or my vest collection. Now.
I'm guessing this is a smitty but it's actually not yeah. Not a bad answer for it to be honest with you.
So three people you can blame afardon your podcast host thankfully your child or your dog.

[51:21] Yes. Parenting blogs. That's an amazing answer.
We celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day but how would you celebrate kids day?

[51:40] Lots of hugs non-stop games and no slow creepers. All junk food or all junk food, all day, yesterday, and no bedtime day today.
So, how would you, how would you celebrate kids day? Lots of hugs, non-stop games, and no slow creepers. Or all junk food, all day, yesterday, and no bedtime today.
Well, if it's all junk food all day, isn't that just dragons on?
Anne Zamblin that one. Junk food, no bedtime. Yeah. I did like yours too.
All junk food all day. Yeah.
The three ingredients of a perfect summer. Vaccines open northern boat borders and dragon concod all or vaccine. Vaccine, sunscreen, win a membership to Dragon Con.
Those are the three ingredients for a perfect summer. Vaccines.
Northern open northern borders and dragon con or vaccine summer sunscreen and the a wind the excuse me when a membership to dragon gun.

[52:53] Yeah.
And vaccine sunscreen and winter membership during come one but Steve I'm with you buddy. My head gets sunburned. I gotta go with the sunscreen. Yeah, there you go. That's what happens.
Alright, here's the final scores. Hey, here we go. Eternal Zan wins. Here we go. That's close. Yeah. Flip lash.
There you go. Way to go Zan. Good job Sam. The number one answer by the way was top answer was refuse an app by Steve. Alright. Use an app.
Refuse a nap. Her first victory. Congratulations. This is awesome. That was not right. Jonathan before we log off.
Facebook and your where you are.

[53:52] Yeah so if you want to connect with drink on kids track just go to Dragon Con kids track on Facebook type that in the search part it'll come right up and you can join the group,
We're gonna be in the high international tower in the spring and tech wood room spring and tech wood and high international and we look forward to seeing everybody,
And I meant to say this earlier that you get to that you get to that international,
Tower by if you're coming right in the front interest of height you take a right direct and go around the gift shop yep yep alright yep you go around the gift shop,
You're on the wrong side so go back up to the lobby and go back the other way.
Thank you Jonathan for taking time out to to join us. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah. It's been our pleasure and thank you to all your volunteers it's,
You know, this has been a difficult couple of years, a couple of dragon cons but we're all gonna get through people. We just need to to be smart and,
You know, be nice to your neighbors and and thank the volunteers as your especially.
It's it's it's a lot of stuff to get through but but we we all kinda need dragon content to be around so until next time for Jonathan Lee,
And our fun fun audience our guest that playlist today and we're participating during the cast this is John.

[55:18] Saying, until next time. Peace. You know, I probably should have this thing set up right. Oh, here it is.

[55:28] Music.

[55:36] Eugene.
133210884. Email us at the geeks at the or 50 days at the
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter. This podcast is distributed under a creative comments attribution non commercial share like.

[56:03] Music.

[56:21] Post current squeaky duck. You should be able to blame a fart on that too. That's a good one.