Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 42 - Life, The Universe, And Brit Track

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] No featuring Levit.
You're funny come back out on your face and give me 25.
Hey welcome to another edition of 50 days of dragon con mate.

[0:45] Enjoying yes always yes.
Look, I try to theme everything. Is there anything the intros, everything? And that's great. Okay, so.
Alright, we're done. See you. That's it. We officially ended the podcast. Goodbye. We're all done now. All done. That's good.
John Director's meeting yesterday. I understand that you did. And it was,
Hey information acting so the first thing I wanna say and we are recording this on Sunday the 22nd,
Yes it will be there is coming this coming week the week of the 23rd through the whatever it'll be 28,
There is a dragon content hall. I forgot to look up exactly the date but I'm pretty sure it's Wednesday but I gotta go look.
And that will be a that'll be the last town hall before dragon caught. It's gonna give a lot of information. So, if you're concerned or you have some questions and you,
Wanna do that? This is a great place to go. I wanna say something that,
The director one of the co-chair said this is Rachel said yesterday and that it is this will be a show unlike any other.

[2:10] She was referring to she's referring to this show, right? She is recording. Yes. 2021 show. So, as John and I have both been saying from day one.
Patience. Patience, flexibility, and politeness. Those, if I could.
Think of flexibility starting with the PH instead of an app. Patient, politeness, and flexibility. Full flexibility, however you wanna do that. Because that's gonna be the thing. We don't know exactly what's gonna happen. Con?
50% of,
What are maximum was in 2019? Hmm. Vendors and artists will be at about two thirds attendance.
And so be prepared for all of that. That's gonna mean and,
It's kind of a law, man. The Panala of averages here, since we've been a half of the people.

[3:15] We don't believe that we'll have to like hold people up from going in the art show or the walk of fame or whatever. That may happen that. You know, if all of a sudden, everybody goes to the vendor, or the vendors hall.
You know, everybody pushes towards that. They're gonna, they're really working to keep the vendors apart and to keep the people apart. We're doing as much as we can.
Math are not.

[3:42] They are not voluntary. That is a city of Atlanta rule. There is announcement date in the city of Atlanta and all those hotels are city of Atlanta.
Only people that will get a mask exemption are those with a form from a medical.
And as we talked to Todd you have to go to disabilities to get that and yes and so if you just show up at somebody saying oh I can't wear a mask.

[4:11] Did you go to disabilities services? Sticker and then when I turn it over what accommodation you need.
I'm not gonna let you in the room without a mask. Yeah and and Todd without because they really don't wanna obviously give any information out in advance as far as the state they do have an easy way to,
Disability services I said the day of an easy way to confirm that yes.
For me to look just looking at your badge you'll know you know yeah that will know if you if you have gone to disability services from the front of your batch I'm gonna know they're taking this very seriously at this point and we are taking it very very seriously,
You will have to show group of vaccination or a negative test,
3 days prior to con starting to pick up your badge along with your ID.

[5:08] We are greatly encouraging everyone and that doesn't include children to wear a mask. Again, remember if the child is seven or over, need the ticket,
Sorry you need a membership not tickets membership.
So, you got that and also, if somebody. Well, yeah, I just encourage you to wear a mask. They have to wear a mask. Well, they have to wear a mask. Some people have been asking about should kids wear masks? 00000000, I gotcha. Everybody should wear a mask. Yeah. Okay.
The other things seeing you got my mind off it. It is if you,
Go there to pick up your bag without a vaccination card because you medically exempt or not wearing a mask.
They're gonna tell you and you say oh I'm exams. I've got a medical exemption from vaccines and masks. They're gonna let you know they will not register you. You need to go talk to registration services.

[6:07] And that's gonna be required. Registration services and registration are,
Disability services and registration I don't know why said registration registration,
Both of those are working together because disability services has always been able to help someone get their original badge and they will still be doing that.

[6:32] So, there's that. I know some other things.
You know, everybody's kinda wondering, you know, how can I feed the most content and,
What if i just don't wanna be in that big ballroom or I don't get in that big ball room cuz those big ballrooms are gonna be two thirds smaller,
When I have the gas but we're gonna be doing third smaller in those rooms. And if that place best idea right now is to go on and buy a streaming membership. There are 10 bucks,
You can buy em right now and it's pretty much almost already access. So, that'll be great. So, yes, buy a bag. Buy a streaming service membership.
The virtual marketplace what we started in Dragon Pond goes virtual 2020.

[7:20] Is still gonna be back we're gonna be doing that with eventy I've always called it eventy eventy but it's event any it's got a little in there,
They're gonna do that two approximately 200 vendors will be in the vendor hall and on event Jenny,
So, that's great. You registered on Eventny folks. So, that's how you can get there,
That's gonna open at con and that marketplace will stay open until the Friday after con. Oh, that's great. Oh, yeah. So, you have a little more time to shop.
And do that and the greatest idea if you can.

[8:03] Do your best if you can to get through that event any virtual marketplace let's just call it that,
Do that. So there's that the other thing.

[8:19] Remember whatever you hear,
On social media unless it comes from a official dragon conspos person. And you'll know cuz they'll say.
Don't believe it. Don't matter what it is. Don't believe it cuz it's not gonna be the case.
So, yes. Social media can give you incorrect information. Is anybody surprised by this?
And and as we've we've always said too which is that,
Even we are not the you know we are not the arbor final arbitrators of any of this so again what we're telling you is what we've we tried to make sure it's vetted,
Properly but again A can change and B should always go to the,
Official dragon Facebook page or even slash updates or something like that.

[9:17] 17 there's updates about,
The con requirements and what that's gonna mean as a vaccine and all of the stuff is now on there. That is the best place to get your updated information. The FAQs they're adding to those as you go down to the bottom of the document,
So keep looking for it and do you look at the FAQs before you ask the question because it will be there best idea is also for the most up to date like,
Information at Dragon Con is set up go to the Dragon Con Twitter set up your Dragon Con Twitter so that's good Sarah did,
So and,
That's really good. The other thing I wanna say hold on, hold on, hold on. It was right here. Voting.
It's the sixth annual dragon kinda work. That voting's going on now.
Go go go go go go go go go go go go and all you gotta do is give me an email you don't let spam you don't get a lot of stuff like that that's you gotta sign up on purpose for that so but there are a lot of great,
Authors, there are great. I think there's, I don't know that there's a podcast in there. Although there doesn't need to be either, but there's lots of stuff in there. Go, go, go, vote. I haven't voted yet, that's why I can't tell you what it all been there,
There'll be that. We.

[10:46] They are serious folks about this mask mandate. Okay. If you try to go into a track ring,
Or a ballroom or a public dragon gone space and remember dragon cons a private event.
So if you're there for Dragon Con they're gonna make you gotta have a mask don't care if you're in the pulse bar talking to people,
Or walk into Starbucks. If you are inside one of those. One of our convention spaces. Put your mask on.
And not again, a city of Atlanta rule. So, don't say well, does that see players aren't wearing masks? If you see somebody and you're like, I don't know why they are.
You've got safety and security hotel people that knows their actual hotel,
Right? Hey, I see a big group of people over there. None of them are wearing a mask. I just want to let you guys know cuz that's a city of Atlanta rule and people can get up,
Businesses can get fined.

[11:51] There will be no standing room only. In the ring.
I know a lot of people are also asking questions about how are you gonna do Q&A with microphones there have been some suggestions and some discussions going on,
Be a little patient that will come out, but we are doing everything possible. Keep everyone as safe as possible. Now,
Can you bring up Sarah Rose's question on? I'm curious what's happening with costumes masks. Dan Carol,
Send another drawing card podcast last week that costumers doing things like stormtroopers and Spider Man don't have to wear a CDC compliant ones but the website does not reflect that.
That's that was an oops from Dan. He that that actually was discussed about they sent a please,
Next podcast tell people that that was an oops if you are in a mask,
If you are in a costuming mask you should be wearing your own little cotton mask under that.

[13:02] If that's a disposable one because you know that mask is already hot and you you know you're already gonna be sweating so you wanna use a disposable we don't care,
But you better have a mask on. Under that costuming mask. I don't care if you're stormtrooper. I don't care. I'm trying to think of who else is in mass.

[13:21] Well, pretty much every superhero of the Spider Man was one point out but yeah. Spider Man. Spider-man. Spider-man, even right now, Spider Man would be wearing a mask. Keep figure it way out.
He's already had enough mutations. He doesn't need another one. That's exactly right. He's already been good. We don't want anymore mutation. There. So, yes.
Under those you should be wearing a mask. I, you know, Spider Man, I'm sorry that might make it a little lumpy under there.
Maybe you can figure out later do it like,
I don't know. Safety pins and attach it to your face. Incorporate into your yeah. Yeah. Incorporate it into your costume. And I know a lot of people are incorporating them. Because I've seen the Etsy stores and I've seen the costumers talking about it.
And they're like, I'm just gonna make my mouth part of my costume. I'm gonna put a big sailor moon sign on it or there's so many. I can't even, you know, they're gonna put their something phantom on it. So, that's really good.
That's the biggest thing we wanna talk about.
And John and I'll talk about this even more but do remember that cosplay is not consent.

[14:32] Being near somebody is not consent.

[14:37] If they don't say, if you don't ask and they, if you do, if you ask and they say no, that's no. If you don't ask and you do it,
No you don't do that so don't be and I am sorry parents if you're listening with your kids but I'm keeping this PG 13 so there are certain words I can say,
Do not be an asshole about this. There's been two, we all wanna have fun.
All are ready to have fun in but you know what? Be not. The one. Do you know how to dirt?
Just be nice.

[15:29] Holiness.
And flexibility. Just make that with the PH. So, there's that. I would say, especially, I'm just thinking about Deadpool. I have just got these images in my head of the Deadpools,
And how they're gonna have masks.
Cuz I just see masked it up pool which would just be Deadpool mask with the mask over it,
And then you're welcome Sarah's Sarah said thanks for the clarification thanks Sarah Rose glad we did it and the only reason I know it's a clarification is because it was sad yesterday in the meeting,
And perfectly gone to say about Deadpool I have this feeling John that the Deadpool.
Will all of a sudden there will be a Deadpool who is wearing a mask. Over his Deadpool mask.
And then we'll be wearing nothing else of the Deadpool outfit. Except for.

[16:31] Mask around the naughty bits. Would that not be very difficult?
Sure. Anything's really, I mean, anything's really did bull. Anything is really dipple and i can't wait to see the dancing Deadpools or dance with the Deadpools when I help y'all get all in line for the parade. I am so excited. I can't stand it.
Really quick.
What other thing there are gonna be merchandise there are gonna be dragon stores there,
They are again going to try to social distance. Buy it online. If you can. If you can't and you need it right now.
If they tell you the lines cut off, it's kinda offer right then. Go do something else and come back because we will not be,
We will not be shrimp. Together.
But John yes you were about to say some cuz I had a question John. Yeah good. And I know you are not a huge.

[17:38] British TV band.
Okay. Well, I'm not of the the biggest thing that that is usually associated with Brit,
Huh? You like red dwarf? Yes. Okay. Yes.
There's just one of the things that I do not like that don't get into. Let's put that outside. I don't like it. So don't get into it. That that is thank you. Do you wanna have a throw down now? No, i'm just saying thank you for your clarification cuz i was wondering as I had that dead pool thought.

[18:07] How would red work incorporate mass? Terrible terrible would that be? I don't know. But I think there might be an expert outside. Hold on. Let me look. Really?

[18:18] Someone's at the door. Let it get. Get on. Hey. Carol. It's Carol from Bret Track.
Yeah Carol Redworth wouldn't really have a problem right? With the mask?

[18:34] I don't know. You might have to offer them curry or something. You put it on. Now, how many canine would wear a cute little mask?
Probably. Hi, Siri. Yeah, I know, I don't know. I mean, our fans are great. I don't think that. That we're gonna have a lot of,
I'm excited I'm excited to see everybody's cool meet like nerdy masks i can't wait yes and then just ask them like hey where'd you get that and people like had light up mask yesterday i didn't know you could get those
Like some sort of like message scrolling across it. That was pretty cool. Those were awesome. Those were awesome. So, yeah, I think they're gonna be a lot better. And again,
Yes, I agree with you. I think that we have the most wonderful group of people ever and I really don't believe these things will happen but I'm giving you warning now. Cuz I'm a mom.
And there's a reason we tell you don't climb higher in the tree than like 6 feet because otherwise when you fall down you're not just gonna break your arm you're gonna break calibrate,
And that's why moms are always much care more careful about certain things and we're just always.

[19:49] Where eyes front loading information but Carol what is Brit track it's I'm sorry it is British media,
No. So, we've been around. I'm at the convention for almost 30 years. Yeah.
We are the fan track that covers anything that was made produced created in United Kingdom,
And so, you know, any titles that are filmed, television, we also cover pop culture stuff.
As well as history, historical, film, we even have a new wave panel because it's the anniversary of New Wave music for example. So, we turn the cover,
Pretty much everything. That you can think of related to the UK's first content.

[20:49] That is very very cool and I know you guys do stuff like every night. I can't even keep up with everything. And by the way, the app is updated. Is up.

[20:58] And gonna be updated a lot. So, but yeah, what's going on with you? You guys have like a party like and I don't understand this. I gotta sleep. I gotta sleep.
Right? We so we do stuff almost every single night. We're considered a running into the late nights track and early mornings. We kinda really close for maybe like 4 to 5 hours. There's always something going on,
Down in the hillton gallery of five so we're really located in the bells and the bells of the basement.

[21:32] That happens. But it's a fun place. We we were right next door to digital media which is always really fun. They're great group and,
So like starting Thursday for example we have Brit track at related team trivia so that's gonna be on Thursday sorry at 7 PM we've never really done Thursday programming before so this is our first four A and do that into that so,
We're helping people will come out to that. As far as like during the convention weekend on Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
Friday night we have the 40th anniversary of the week is link so we're gonna actually do the game show,
Yeah. So that'll be really fun. That's a 830 inter track room. Gallery five at the Hilton. And we have always we've been doing it for I don't even know since I took a Herbie director like maybe 18 years ago. And.

[22:29] The mighty python experience which is always really fun. Sing alongs. It's very silly. It's lots of skits.
That's in the Marriott tentatively scheduled a 6018602.
I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay. Sorry, that's pretty much the only money pipe that I can do all the way through though. Right?
So we've been canceling stuff. We we do sing, you know, of course sing songs. We yells fam a lot randomly. We,
People shopping costume it's a ton of fun and my favorite is the argument sketch so that one every year is just.

[23:07] Coconuts right now. There's at least like five or six people across the line.
We are we are bringing back,
We're only at you know a certain capacity because of covid guided so,
Just being keep that in mind I know that are whose line panel tends to get cut off pretty early,
And fill up very quickly. So, we are doing that again. So we're super excited about about that for Friday night. And then Saturday night,
I didn't think 6 or 7 years ago when we started doing this that would be as popular as it is. But we do a Vogue on poetry slam.

[24:04] Over here and thanks to him and it is the best.
And grab your towels and show up at our Vogue on Poetry Sam. It's a lot of fun. It's very painful for me cuz I'm one of the judges.
Along with a few other people. Last year, we did it virtually. We we had puppets.
And we did a whole live slam.
Thing. So, that's another YouTube channel. I love it. I can see it. Vogan poetry,
Oh yeah.
No, you talked about trivia on Thursday night. Are you, is it all British media or you're gonna do like,
Certain different groups so each question for a tractor trivia is.

[25:11] Catered to a specific like either genre or TV show or something like that.
So, it's not all Doctor Who. It's not the only thing we cover. We get them a lot. Which is which is the one thing that I don't get into. That's we're alluding too early or is that I've I've just never been able to get into doctor who. Yeah.
Hey. Anyway, go on. It's not all Doctor Hill. Hey, it's okay. I'm getting your head. I'm heading your head, John.
But you know, it's a lot of fun that trivia night on Thursday night. And you know, we we really enjoy it. So, it's just typical, you know, pub trivia format.
As far as you can get a TM and you turn it you do have a team so that would be great so you could have a bogon poetry expert,
A tartis expert or dollar expert and then.

[26:07] Somebody would cover all these over it all. Oh yeah.
That's gonna be really funny and fun. And John, you should actually go to this cuz then you might, the interested doctor. We have a classic,
Table reading. The classic series, the, what's considered the worst episode of Doctor Who ever made? Called the horns of mine.
Where we're gonna we're gonna read through it. Who is the doctor at that time?

[26:47] I don't remember. This is not my this is not my foray. It's classic who. So, that's showing my weakness but,
What what is it called again the word of warns of it's considered the worst episode of Doctor Who ever made so,
Oh wow. That must be really really bad. It's really bad. Looks 17th season.
That is I wanna see it but I could be wrong.

[27:19] What and that was so great about Dragon Con and that's what's so great about multi fandoms. It's only like 700 something episodes you. Yeah. It was it was a it was Tom Baker. There you go. I was wrong. No. Hey.
I was talking to somebody so Tom Baker is the one with the multicolored scarf. Okay, see I don't know a classic blue either.
My first doctor was the 11th doctor and bow ties are not cool. They're yelling at us. Since it was a fourth doctor, it's a fourth doctor.
Gonna chat. I know the doctors. I didn't know that I've seen the episodes. It's just been a number of years.
Well, it's also like when people go, alright, now, you remember that episode, it was episode in season four episode nine. I'm like, okay. No.
I don't do it by that. Give me just a tiny little synopsis and then I get,
Right? Is it there's always something for somebody and sometimes that something is.

[28:28] Hearing the going and listening to somebody do the worst doctor who episode doing all these people doing the worst doctor episode,
And people on the chat are saying that the 300 foot scarf it's a doctor with a pair of foot yeah they're gonna be board doctor is the best steps,
We out.
Ok. Have you thought about having, have you had a panel where you just? No, no, panel, a panel of duck, a bracket,
Okay. John, you're live and not having to thread at me. So, we don't even like. No, I'm just as like a big spoon. Trying to,
Hey opportunity for audience members to like,
Pick up part of script in also participate in it so it's gonna be.

[29:31] Pretty fine. We haven't done it in a long time. So, alright. Table reading kind of format. So, we're really excited about that one. And it's taken Saturday. So, that again, I'm sorry, cut off,
It's Saturday 11 30 in our room isn't that that panel is okay so just FYI if somebody is selected to do this reading and you do all,
You're long. Like, captain.

[29:59] Give a free whatever you want from Starbucks. Okay. And I will.
And I will check with Carol before I get you to Starbucks but if somebody does it or you can even like have somebody record it for a minute or two of you doing it and bring it to me I will,
A person doing that. That way. We'll get free something from me from Starbucks.

[30:25] Yeah, absolutely. That's gonna be hilarious. So, I've just interested to see what's gonna happen with that one. We also hang out on Sunday night.
We're doing our our our new like I think this is like our second or third time that we've done. Our royal sing along.
And it's a lot of fun and we, one of our staff members dressed up like the queen in,
It's hilarious.
So her majesties royal sing along 50 years of queen in the rolling stones.
So, we play queen, we play the rolling stones, we sing songs, we,
Just enjoy and celebrate a little bit of discussion in between here and there but mostly singing,
And upsetting our neighbors. But that one is,
Sunday at 7 PM and it's it is a packed house again at that that piano all the seats are gone super fast so remember we're we're two thirds capacity so January the third special.

[31:33] Now you you mentioned that your your next door to digital media which means I usually trying to record something.

[31:42] So you're singing I'm sure thrills them to know end. Okay.
It's last night. We usually, at some point, we'll have, you know, very quiet panel and they'll be loud and it's next panel. We'll bring off.
So it's because politely or just like sorry to be honest.
I am actually surprised you don't have any of the clash during that.
Queen's Royal Jubilee thing but okay, sorry. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah.

[32:29] Yeah Lee. Oh. Let that sink in for just a little bit. Well, she does that. Well, she panics. What do you call it?
But yeah no we also have Sunday night or Doctor Hubal which is huge you know. Yes. It's a big party and our DJ DJ Black Sunshine is coming back again. We're super excited to have him.
He's so wonderful, isn't he? Oh, he loves him. It's a very you know.

[33:02] I wanna say like it's not it's not like a rave. We have a lot of different styles of music.
It's funny and yes it's a it's it's so much fun and,
People really really enjoy it and that's at it's the same place which is fortunate totally scheduled for the grandpa room and the helped in at 10 PM and,
We announce our costume contest winners which we are doing this year virtual competition as well as in person judging so,
That's something they'll be on the lookout for. It's called our pageant of wrestling named after a Doctor Who specific character. So, but it's a lot of fun and we announced our winners at 11 30 during the ball.
And the costume is amazing at 1 PM to our party. It's incredible. And it is amazing how much work goes into those costumes and how absolutely stunning and awesome they are.
Always. We're super excited about all our programming. We're covering so much. It's ridiculous. And we're working with like four or five different tracks. Programming. So.

[34:13] Hey Facebook,
Did we mention did we mention this or no not I don't remember if it was before we start the the broadcaster not you're putting your virtual panels on well in,
Time to when the room is being clear clean correct.

[34:35] Yeah. So, we could hear before. Yeah, we hadn't. So, we have I think nine prerecorded panels. Of content.
So that'll be I think around 5:30 is when our tracker gets clean so,
If we're not doing a dual program in another, you know, hotel with another track at that time. We've put a,
Panel to be released through it's a prerecorded piano release dot Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube,
Why did that time so people can check it out and have something if they're just dedicated retrackers,
Do you have that listed in the app as virtual only
No no that brings up something that Zan said earlier and out the app is out can we talk about how to find the streaming content from within the app,
It is marked separately. Does anybody know how to do that? I'm looking, keep talking, as much as I have complained about.
The app not being update. I never want looked at the app once it was. For example, we put in the like the URL like link.
Okay. Well, in there so that when you load the virtual panel and you it says virtual on it.
There should be a link that's there that you can either copy, paste. I don't know if it actually is an active link or not.

[36:04] In the app currently but okay I don't know how they're gonna be I do know that they have different like room numbers.

[36:14] Associate with the like it's YouTube like YT you know track YT or something like that you mean YouTube or something like that. Yeah. Yeah YT is UTL. Fbl is Facebook live.
And I think there's the only two like outside of this dreaming service options for viewing,
I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure it's only those two are offered. But don't, don't take my word on that. But it should be listed under next to where it's his room like,
It'll say virtual and it will say what.

[36:50] Where it's gonna be loaded at. Sarah Rose apparently wants to Saturday 7 PM timely. From past to present a discovery of which is fan panel,
Hey Facebook be square.
Gallery of five. Again, go see that one if you want have been watching his dark materials.
Sarah Rose I gotta catch up on his dark materials on HBO Max cuz there is so much content and eternal land just sent me that,
The streaming is STRM underscore CH two is on the streaming app channel two,
So, that will be when you have your streaming service where it is and then, yeah, why TTC is the tracks YouTube patch?

[37:47] Platform Twitch is the median Facebook Live on the tracks Facebook channel. So, you got that. I'm also trying to look up like I just did very quick search on this and said virtual.
And I actually have a filter which I didn't mean to have. So, I'm clearing it. Yes, I want to clear my selection.
Boy yeah,
So, you got events in here. So, do it that way. So,
You also have some guests coming this year, correct? Yeah. Yeah, guests. Couple. Just a couple of people. So we have.

[38:36] Billy Piper coming so we are fortunate enough to have her as a for a piano,
And we're so excited. We, I, I think I freaked out completely, just like the entire internet did when,
We found out that we had Christopher Eckleston,
Coming. Yes, he is a doctor and he hasn't done cons and a really long time or if ever and you know, tentatively requesting our fingers, you know, that they're gonna make it. Right.
To the show and so, you know, it's gonna be great. Unfortunately, on the cancellations list, Alex Kingston cancelled, so she's been listed cancelled.
And on the website so but we're really excited to even have guests it's it's pretty great I remember 20 years ago when we I started on the track we didn't we didn't have a guest for the first 5 years I was on staff so,
We're just super grateful to have anybody, you know, at all and yeah.
Hey it's wonderful.
One thing I just looked it up is Eckleston is on Sunday at 5 PM. So, if he can come right now, we we are sending all the positive.

[39:58] Energy towards him to be able to send. And I am sorry that Sweetie is not gonna be there. I love Alex Kingston.
Hey amazing,
Guessing our birds are great like every panel they're just the super most friendly people in the world and.

[40:25] I actually got to meet Capaldi and his so nice. He's so nice and oh my so very very tall. Yes.
Barry Berry tall.
Which I did not realize. So, yeah, that's all. I love everybody who lets her hear the the natural gray. John, how about you?
Well I I know I I like I like a natural grey. I don't mind. Okay. But you don't have any.

[40:55] Literally other than I other than I trimmed down my beard to the yesterday. It's all gray. I I am.

[41:04] Hey, what's hair? What hair is left is being hidden up here. So, yes. So, that is cool. So, yeah. So, you've got some gas and that'll be great. That'll be fun and you go folks.
What did i say early on? One of the co chairs yesterday.
And you gotta go with the flow and we are all gonna be so happy to see each other I can't stand it I will even if all I can do is this ball and,
Squeeze under my mask to see you I cannot wait I bet you're the same way Cara,
Oh, yeah. Big time. I'm so excited. I'm just excited to be in a room, to be around people, doing like,
Dragon from my from this room. Yeah. Was really really hard and very sad and emotional and,
I know I'm probably gonna cry the minute we walk in to go set up the room just because I have a softy that way but,
I'm just so excited to just be even though it's we we have something and that's. No. That's what is wonderful. Last year was great. I learned a lot about hook technology. We even have a discord channel which I was excited about.
Hey portal.

[42:30] So, we I enjoyed that. That was a lot of fun and we expanded our social media like,
We didn't we work really on Instagram and we are now and we were we we had a Twitter but was an exact and using it.
Again our Facebook group is probably our largest and we have like 3600 I think members in our Facebook group wow which is probably an S for for a fan track that's a lot oh there's so much in,
Again, as you said, there's so much input track. You know, I'm heading off the top of my head. It was funny cuz I keep trying to show off phantom stuff.
And I was like, what? I don't have any, I have money python movies. I have.
I have money pipe on movies I have a dwarf I have some other things but I don't have any like like this was as close as I could come to really really,
That and that's Albus Dumbledore. And so now I'm like,
Only do they have the red dwarf ship that I could get as a bumper. I gotta go and start looking for this. Stop probably watching any of the doctors. You need to try this one.
Yeah. Yeah, I did. Oh, we have a we have a dollar like.

[43:50] Coffee mug but we also have a dollar like Christmas ornament which is also great cuz it's big and red.
And it's shining very good. So, yeah,
I was actually just talking yesterday with somebody and I was like, yeah, I don't know if I, how you rate companions or all that but there are certain things that happened that got you in British,
It doesn't matter whether it's with Doctor Who or anything else. I mean, I laugh. What does John have?
You do all I need to go I did not have money,
Oh I showed my picture a month I showed a picture of the bunny slippers that are like blood around the thing and mother was like why in the world would you want that I was like.

[44:42] That's the evil bunny. That's the bunny. No way. Run away. That's right.
I don't understand like i cannot believe you're my mother. Really? How did you raise me as a money guy content? Sure. Yeah.
So, very cool. So, go look on the app and go do everything else on the app. And go to Brent Track stuff. Again, where are you gonna be?
Terrible. Rose my lube. Yeah. It doesn't happen until after the time.

[45:18] John Blake.
Gallery five is our track room but we're actually all over you know we,
We do stuff with alternate and historical fiction track as well as let's see,
Hi fantasy we're doing panels with them is that from the dark materials we're also doing.

[45:52] At Outlander this year. No. We got to pick that up which is pretty cool. Gentleman Jack, we're doing that with,
Art history and just a lot of random stuff like,
We we're we're we cover so much. We're we're a lot of celebration stuff and a lot of current airing things. It's a lot of people are like, why don't you have a red dwarf pan on? It's because there's nothing there's.

[46:17] We keep hearing there's gonna be a red dwarf movie or a red roof reboot I'm waiting for came out you know if there is a there's a continuation and but
You know like things like like we try to keep his current possible so,
Like Diana Rigg recently passed away so we are doing an honorary panel for her to the original,
The Avengers this year and,
You know lots of other things like big finish audios is having a lot of content come out and then we're doing fun stuff like Terry Prochets the watch and covering,
Covering out that that came out and,
You know, the works of of meal game and I think like that. So, you can find all that stuff on the app as far as our programs concern.
And we're we're physically located in the Hilton Gallery of five which is at the very back of the hotels and we're right next to,
Digital median across this way I think still I don't know if they've moved from Star Trek is right across from us so we always have line wars well and did you know they're not gonna be as many line wars.

[47:26] It's gonna be great.
Excuse me,
Alright. So, that is so cool. And John has been running it across but he'll show it again in a minute but there is the brick track.
Hey Facebook group and their Twitter and you know if you just put Brit track in your social media that you're gonna find them.
Is your Instagram handle track as well? It is. Okay.
Somebody stole brick track. They did actually. Terrible. We will find you. Just like John is coming for that person and who is at?
Ridiculousness of it is that it's never been it's just always for sale for like you know $20000 it's like yeah I have.

[48:32] And we're not we'll never have that. Yeah, URL. We're not doing that one. Yeah, anyway. Carol, is there anything special you're doing about charity this year? I know you.
Done charity you always do donations and things like that but I didn't know if you had a plan,
I'm currently we're just gonna be promoting you know ways for people to access to donate to Big Brother's Big Sisters which is personally near and dear to my heart I think it's a great program,
And it has done some wonderful things for some people personally in my life. So, I think it's
Gonna be awesome. I'm I really want people to go out and donate and get involved. With the charity organizations and I think it's it's a,
Just kinda doing that. Just promoting as much as possible to on everything. That's all. That's true. And we're gonna have a QR code.
So, it will be paperless, non-touch transactions. Make all of us happy.
Yes. Because then there's no money to go turn in. So yeah, everybody. Oh, that's great. Yes. So, yeah.
What was that John? That's great. That's great news. It is great news. Yay. And we're talking to charity later this week.

[49:50] Alright, John. So, Carol, what we like to do with our guest at the end of our podcast is to play a game with them this year. We've been doing various games from,
Jackbox mostly quick lash but we do mixman other ones every now and then. Today, we are gonna be doing Quiplash. You should see in the private chat, the room code there, Carol, for you to join in once you joined, I will let the rest of,
Alrighty and snow the well.
Go ahead.
It's it's all Carol. Carol brings all the viewers together. Might be coming out. No. Number one question I get is why don't you have this guest and I say,
It's not my department. Not my department. And again, track director sending a wish list. Oh, every year. And we're like, do you the people we'd love to have and often we put reason?
So, you know, we tries as our best.

[51:03] Music.

[51:10] Put in this room code to play a queue.
Hey John I can't like press something to start don't worry about that it's Lee I'll tell you every time I got it all over control.

[51:31] Yeah one more names.

[51:35] Yeah, one more spot. We'll hang out there and then, actually, Zam was nice enough to,
To give me some breaking news. I'll talk about while we're waiting for people to enter their answers. So. Okay, what's the breaking news? Oh, I'll look in the comments. Doorbell, I'll take care of it. You can't stand playing the game.

[51:54] There's two prompts Lee two.

[52:01] Hey Siri read out the code one more time.
And the room code is AQBT.

[52:19] One more. Come on.
Or else we're gonna just start and we don't have we we don't have enough people to make it like drink and funny. There we go. Thanks son.

[52:39] Is that Sean right I don't know that Sean Sean but hi Sean.

[52:44] Okay. Alright. So, we'll go ahead. Start. Yes. Hang on my phone.
I am cute.
Prepare yourself for Quiplash three. There will be puns. I'm your host Schmidty and this is just a temp gig until I realize i was happy here all along.
Oh, yeah. Hey, if you're not playing, you can still get in the audience and vote. Put in the room code to join,
Ready or not it's round one.
I'm gonna flash two prompts on your device. Then everyone will vote for their fave and one of you will get an ego boost.
You get points based on the percentage of people who choose your answer. Off we go.
Alright well they do that I'll talk about the stuff that Zan was mentioning earlier.
There's some breaking news, physical merchandise like TV, a TVs. Yes, TVs. No T shirts. I've been removed from Dragon Con store. But you can still buy memberships online. This is normal. Every year,
They need to pack up the merchandise move to the convention. Buyer memberships now. They will not be available to purchase on site. That is a very,
Is very very.

[54:13] True. That no onsite purchases of memberships at all this year.
Jane also point out when looking at the in the app there's a way to tell what you talked about earlier which was,
Strm underscore channel two or CH two is the streaming app. Channel two YTTC is a is a tracks YouTube platform, Twitch, digital medias,
Twitch channel at BL's Facebook live blah blah blah so it's so before you I guess that the the point there is that when you're looking at the app before you wander over to,
To that tracks room make sure it's actually in the room and not on on the web. Is that would be very awkward for everyone.

[55:01] Hey what? Yeah.
And also the sample points out you can buy the $10 membership at Dragon slash bye dash now also drink on TV,
Okay, guys. Just waiting on me. Yeah, I love. Okay, let's find. I think.
Okay, let's see what you've rot. How about we start with.

[55:40] The Shakespeare play nobody bothered to write down the janitor of Verona or cats versus dogs the Shakespeare play nobody bothered to write down the jander of rona or cats versus dogs,
This is everyone's playing. Boat now. An audience vote too cuz that gives extra point.

[56:05] Thanks.
The janitor of Verona almost got 100% almost.
Blank a verb of acting verb the active waiting hours in,
Yeah. Let's try this again. Blank, verb. The active waiting hours in advance for a panel. Alton Browning,
Or internally crying. The active waiting hours in advance for a panel. By the way.

[56:42] By the way you can't wait hours in advance. No.
Awesome. I like a boat. I did.
Where's an unethical way to get into the panel? We we've heard this one before. Run like juggernaut or by bribing the room person with pie.

[57:11] An unethical way to get into a panel run like juggernaut or by bribing,
The room person with pots. And by the way, don't do either. Yeah. Well, I mean, give them. Give them to go vibe.
Sarah wins that one with writing the group person with pie. Seems like she might have done that before.

[57:42] To decompress after dragon eddie may Clintok oats blank from his front porch to decompress after dragon con Eddie McClintock hosts blank from his front porch,
The hidden tales of warehouse 13 14 and 15 or 13 tea parties,
We love Eddie. We're so excited to see him. We didn't tell the warehouse 13, 14, 15, or 13 tea parties.
Literally split the room. 50 50. Awesome. Awesome.

[58:20] A fun name for dragon con elevators. They never come box or. Dragon wings. A fun name for dragon elevators. They never come box or dragon wings.
Does everybody else do the same thing as I do when I'm waiting on an elevator which is.
They never come box gets a super that was me that never come by. I'm sorry. The other one was butter.

[58:58] What is what is the theme of the surprise rebranding of Dragon Con?
A water breathing dragons I actually that's actually supposed to be water breathing dragons or pie water breathing dragons or pie.

[59:15] Example the person who wrote that point out that they it actually cut it off before.

[59:22] It sends it,
Hi Wynn seems to like pies I mean I'm I'm guessing we're talking lemon marine.

[59:42] We're seeing we're seeing to ask a track director 50 days before Dragon Con. Will the schedule be ready today or tomorrow,
Or is the app out yet worst thing to ask a trash director? No, because see they wanna see the schedule before the app.
So, I sometimes have people Email me and say, can you just share your schedule? No. Wait for the app. Oh, I I could but I won't.
There you go that's right.

[1:00:16] You got a super quick watch. Will the schedule be ready today or tomorrow? Sorry for other person cuz that's,
That was just crazy. The pope's favorite dragon attraction. The fit the FedEx guy John Standy,
Or the cult of the carpet. The pope's favorite attraction at Dragoncon is the FedEx guy the FedEx Guy John Standy or the Colt of the.

[1:00:48] I just cannot wait to see what this year it's gonna be what will this year brought yes,
Christmas very good yes it was.

[1:01:04] Let's look at the scores.

[1:01:13] Right oh. Hey. Please.
Yeah that won't last long. Alright so round two rounds here. Alright if you're playing look at your,
Your device there. In the meantime, Sarah Rose wants us to know that her favorite pie is cherry pie.

[1:01:39] Let's see. Rob points out. Schedules are not done till the first day of gone. Schedules are done. The last day of call. Until the Tuesday Africa.
And this is I believe Rob's guess at what the cult will be this. This year. Huh. Poll will be closed for cleaning.

[1:02:02] Azan also points out as of this writing or as of me reading this let's just say Sunday at.

[1:02:13] What is it? The 22nd today? Yeah, 22nd?
You can still buy 5 day memberships online and single day memberships for everyday like of course except for Saturday which they haven't,
Sold it all this year so. And I will say also about that is there is a very limited number of memberships at available. Okay? So if you wanna buy a membership,
Bye now. Yeah. Because it may not be available at the door. Well, they said they're not selling any at the door. So, it doesn't.
Good night. No.
We'll have to double check that. I will double check that. I know there's no Saturday sales at the door. Well, there's no Saturday sales period. Period, right? Only.

[1:03:00] That is very true. Hold on. Oh my god. Cut off. Oh no. It's gonna rain. I'll ride my.

[1:03:12] Hey Facebook it's too hard let's set it off with,
The most regretful $30 spent at Dragon Con. Basically, the same thing. The pizza from Papa John's or one slice of extra greasy pizza.

[1:03:32] Most regretful $30 spent at Dragon Con the pizza from Papa John's or one slice of extra greasy pizza.
Basically, please take. Yeah, they're the same thing.

[1:03:46] What's your what's your preference of phrasing is?
Right? Yeah. Spending money on. I never even know. I like that one. Can I just flip that?
The surprisingly popular cosplay Deadpool Eddie Munster or Scarlet O'Haris,
Mc carpet dress. Scarlet O'Hara's.

[1:04:22] Scarp it. Oh scarp it o'Hara. Oh that makes a lot more sense when I read it properly. Yes. Scarp it O'Hara. The scarlet with Scarlet with ends with a Marriott carpet dress.
There you go. I like dead pool anymore. Yeah.
Best use of downtime icon eating lunch out of a can or baking pie.
Best use of downtime icon. Eating lunch out of a can. And Sarah Rose. You better be bringing me some cherry pie. Cuz now I like to play.
Or blackberry or lemons. I like.

[1:05:09] Banana cream. Oh yeah. Making pie wins. Oh Sean. So what's it wasn't even check this out? It's my arch enemy Sean. R Jenny.
The weirdest thing that happened at midnight during dragon.

[1:05:27] Ceremonial initiation into the carpet cult or an actual werewolf is found playing werewolf.
Ceremonial initiation into the carpet cult or,
In actual werewolf is found playing werewolf.
No playing where we're on the floor find the gamer,
The real reason Stormtroopers can't aim. The visor is not see through or their mask plugs up their eyes.

[1:06:13] The real reason Stormtroopers can't aim.

[1:06:23] Shine points out that the werewolf is not all that weird. Not really.
Great answer. Okay, I got actually I got the answer for this.
What Bubafet did all that time in the Starlock bit? When is Suduco the other is break dancing break dancing.

[1:06:51] So Suduco or break dancing what was Boba Fet doing in that all that time in the Starlight bit. So do go or break dancing,
Oh my.
Perhaps just oh. Yeah, I cut off on that one. And split the room exactly 50 50. This is just me.

[1:07:16] The newest addition to strange Batman villains zombie robins or anti superman the newest addition to strange Batman villains anti Superman or zombie robins,
And do you know that is not zombie robin it's Rob Bin's.

[1:07:35] Which is very sad how many robins died.
Zombie robins wins. Good job game. There you go game. Whoop.
Title of the official and totally fictional dragon con anthem. Oh dragon home of carpet and sticky star stairs. Or dragon con. We add new Colts daily now.

[1:08:08] We had Nicole Staley now. Oh, dragon con. Home of carpet and sticky stairs or dragon con. We add new Colts daily now.

[1:08:20] That was hard. The unofficial song actually. Yeah. Actually, Sarah's actually sounds like anthem. Oh, it's like,
Well Sarah Rose went with oh dragon home of carpet and sticky stairs,
Alright, final round folks. Two and hello scores.
Sarah Rose is winning now
That needs three
Separate responses. Easy stuff. One more time.
And you'll get one prompt this time but you do have three answers. Okay. Okay.
So Sean I think I'll be very point this out Sean says a werewolf is not all that weird playing werewolf.
I wonder how I'm sure it's happened to Drankon. I'm sure people dressed as a werewolf come and played werewolf.
And then how many times are they actually the werewolf? That's the other question.

[1:09:36] Sarah's is it for that cherry pie earlier I'll see if I can bribe my friends in the making it she'll be flying in so.
Tsa has a thing about you carrying stuff on the plane like that,
This is a good time to remind everyone that you can Email us at 50 days at the that's five oh D A Y S at T H E U N I Q U E G E K the unique,
And you can also leave a voicemail for us at 8133210 Tug 8133210884.

[1:10:16] I know.

[1:10:20] Uh-oh. Seems like a lot of people have been put in stuff yet. Wonder if something happened to the stream. Okay, that's. Yes.
We got a bunch of like moderation still has some work to do and I don't get paid. Okay, it's trip time.
I don't like the cruises. I don't like criticism. How dare you? Dare you. Three things that rhyme with orange in Vogan.
Did you sign a triplicate,
Three things that rhyme with orange and bogo,
Did you sign a trip did you sign a triplicate?

[1:11:10] Hey Facebook.
Hey Carol when's it with did you sign Triple K did you sign Triple K did you sign a triplicate,
Three non-existent dragon con events that totally could be real events. Apple pie making kilt blowing. Kill blowing and,
I think,
And I'm sure who got this one got cut off. Or audience cheers the cleaning. Three non-existent dragon events that's totally good. Be really Ben's is apple pie making, kilt blowing, and something.
Audience chairs the cleaning is the other one.
Think everything was gonna slow this time. Audience chairs are cleaning winds. Oh, it's great. It's gonna be a competition. It should be how loud can you?
Three things that stick to your shoes at Dragon Con.

[1:12:24] Alcohol, greasy pizza.

[1:12:29] Or greasy pizza greasy or greasy Papa John's cheese the consequences I spoke too much pie the substance from that from the noisy let's see if anything I wrote in the chat so they could cut off nope from the noisy something,
Hotel lobby. I don't know. Probably hotel lobby. I would not at all. Three things I could stick to your shoes. Alcohol and greasy pizza or greasy Papa John's cheese, a consequence of two pie.
Oh Marriott Carpet was Gabe's third one. That was the alcohol greasy pizza. Hasn't sure which one this is.
Sorry about that Gabe.

[1:13:11] Three cosplays no one is asking for. Martha Wayne, Martha Kent Cosplay. Pin the scar pin the scar on the Deadpool.
Or her beetlejuice juice. Or.
Taco barbie werewolf john or vampire I think this is actually one of the vampire Mario was supposed to be that last one vampire Mario where wolf john or taco barbie,
Or Martha Martha Wayne Martha Kent Cosplay pin the scar in the Deadpool or the Beetlejuice Juice,
Three cosplays no one is asking for.
Yeah, Phil just got me. Beetlejuice juice. And it was supposed to be beetlejuice juice box but see the final score. Here's the final scores everyone.
Sarah's winning. Chris jumps into the front. Congratulations. I'm very happy.

[1:14:21] I'm happy to be in the middle. The middle is good. I'm alright. The number one number one answer apparently was.
It was both will the schedule be ready tomorrow today or tomorrow and the never come boxes.
Never mind. Yeah. Good job. I'm not joking. Somebody meet. Just take never come back. It's that's what it should be.
Alright Carol let everyone know again where people can find Brit Track both ethicon and on the virtual places that we call the web,
You can find the bread track located during the convention in the Hilton in Galleria five which is at the back of the hotel on the first main lobby floor. Just go down escalators and we're we're kinda hanging out right down there.
Also you can find this the track on Twitter at Brit Track on Instagram at DC Brid Track,
As well as on Facebook just search for the Brit Track at Dragon Con and join us for all the fun and information.

[1:15:27] That is awesome and thank you again Carol for taking time out I know these last couple of weeks are always crunch weeks for for directors so we appreciate them taking time to come out and please thank all of your your,
Volunteers as well. We really appreciate them and people, especially this year, it's true every single year.
Don't be a jerk to the volunteers. Actually, thank them. And, and, you know, they, nobody gets, nobody gets paid for this. It's it's a, it's a fan run. Convention for a reason. And thank them and thank the hotel.
Start especially when you see cleaning people y'all just need to say thank you. Thank you so much. Scott, please.
Yes. And Krista say thanks guys. Great game. Can't wait to see you all. In 11 days. Oh Chris.
Hey Matt Smith number of days left.
What was it? We do a doctor who countdown on all of our social medias. So, we've been doing it for the past several days. So, we're on Matt Smith right now. Matt Smith days left.
Yeah, so there's 11 days left. Alright, so until next time.
For Carol Lee and all of our friends that are joining us live and it's just listen. This is John saying, until next time. Peace.

[1:16:50] Hi, everybody. Hi. In 2 days, a new Thursday. Shut up, Sarah.

[1:17:00] Music.

[1:17:08] The unique. Call our commend line at 81332102.
133210884. Email us at the geeks of the unique or 50 days at the
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter. This podcast is distributed under a creative comments attribution non commercial share like license.

[1:17:34] Music.

[1:17:53] Post credits. No. Right away. Run away. Run away. None of the way. Now, you guys.