Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 44 - Marching Orders

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.
No featuring Levit.
You're funny come back on your face and give me 25.

[0:34] Music.

[0:40] Welcome to another edition of 50 days of dragon con the podcast that's marching right up to your face. In your earpods.
And joining me as always is the one the only the vivacious.
Oh, no, sorry. It's Lee. It's me. None. Okay. Hi, everybody. Hey, everybody. Okay. So, John, there's some new,
Guest announcement. No, they're right. Yeah, they are. Joking. Nope. That sounds like, that sounds like Drake kinda is normal.

[1:19] That's not possible. Wait, I'm gonna, what did I, I read it already once. What?
This will be a show like no never before or no other. Like yes, exactly.
Where are you going? You disparing me? Huh? No, I'm right here. It's just a it's on my other pad that I use. Okay, so we got Lewis Gossett Junior.
Oh really? Huh.
Hey Facebook,
You've never seen it. It is a vastly underrated grape by story.
And everything,
I don't know why. He will be there as well cuz we gotta have battle straight away.
Okay, so I saw this name first John and I was like, oh, this is so cool. We have two DJs just listed. Cuz it's DJ Qualf.

[2:37] Dj what? Dj Qualls.
He was in zenation and some other things. Supernatural Lindsay Nation but I saw a DJ balls. I was like, well, this doesn't look like somebody who's done. Oh, is that guy?
We got Wallace Dane Wallace Day I can get these out with KK and his Batwoman we got,
Oh camera Johnson who is currently Luke Fox and that woman with a lot of that one.
So, that's really cool. Also, there's a doctor,
Doctor Aaron McDonald and she likes to talk about gravitational waves and general relativity.
And I know Nada about those subjects other than what I've heard on Star Trek and probably.

[3:31] I don't know. Probably, probably stargate at some point. And she's a writer and also a science consultant for the Star Trek franchise. So, that's really cool. We got some people, John.
Cool. That's that that's good because you know I know that lots of people have dropped out. Unfortunately, I mean, it's true.
They could meet us. Some borders are still closed. So, at this point, you know. Very upset. Yeah, yeah.

[4:02] Oh according to somebody,
It says we aren't live on Facebook right now. Does that still true? I see some Facebook comments.
It's a truth people somewhat type of comments let me know,
Yes. We do have a question from Sarah wanting to know if you died your hair. Well, actually John, Sarah, you always seem to read my mind and that's awesome because and hi, everybody. Who's listening to this later and not seeing but,
I have a streak of purple in my hair and it's only one streak cuz it's my rebel phase that says a lot about how much I rebel and so,
This thursday 2 days from today when we're recording I will be going to get hair I got my hair did today,
Well I'm gonna get my not only my haircut but I'm gonna get this redone. And the color in the middle is violet. That's what I want.

[5:11] Compel Kirby did say that we are on live on Facebook. Okay, good. And I see somebody from checkout. So, yeah, I would just say, okay, so yes, you wanna know who's cancelled and I get that? But.
Just know if you're only coming here for one guess and missing the point of driving. Yes, you are missing the point of dragon, yes. Okay. So.

[5:36] What what?

[5:41] I don't know what's going on now. I'm just trying to hold it together at this point. Hold it together. Both of us show hold it together for the next 45 minutes.
Hey Facebook yes.
Yeah. Both my kids use them in any of them. Oh, okay. Good. So, you're telling us to hang in there. Trying to hang in there. We're trying.
I'm gonna go get my hairs did cuz I like to look good at drying con. I really do. I do. I like to be a bit unique.

[6:20] I like to be, I like to stand out. Stand out, okay? Lots of people to see me. Oh, do you? Where would it be a good place for that to happen?
Dude, wait, I think someone's here that might have an idea. Hold on one second.
Easy. Oh, Danny. Hey, hello. Hey,
I'm like Doug and squirrel it's like that's why I don't like to see the comments at the bottom cuz I'm like oh wait mmm.
Any it's so good to see you this will be your first year as the parade director.

[7:04] Yeah. Yeah.
I get let me let's just get the elephant out of the room real quick. Yeah. Cuz,
Lee and I have talked about this a bit and we I've I've still the reason why it's not holding it together very well. Unfortunately, last year,
The previous parade director passed away Jan right.
It was it was not just for the record as far as we know and not from covid. No. She she had she she had been,
Battling cancer for a while and it was very very sad time. I've I attempted several times to make cuz she's she's been on the podcast,
Almost since we started. I mean, probably a couple of years ago. We went around 10 or 10 years. Yeah. Yeah.
And I I did try to make AAA podcast with you know just as a tribute to her the things that she's up to but but.

[8:19] We couldn't. I just couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to to do it every time I listen to it. It was just too sad. But,
We're glad Annie that you're here. We're glad that you've taken on this. Exactly. When I go in there, give me my medical.
Hmm. Yeah.
The vehicle,
Just one second when we deal with some tanglish issues Annie you're cutting in and out,
But I but while you're doing that I will tell you while you're looking at it and see if there's anything you do. Tech ox tech ops loves Annie,
Hey portal let's start and stop on time. I know this, that's the only reason to go like.

[9:18] Also cuz they come to my rear and they got I need a coke and I'm like hey yeah. I even have Pepsi forms.

[9:25] Dear friend,
The Saturday after the Saturday evening after the parade we would go down and have something to drink at Trader Bix and just chat through the whole thing.
As as you were saying I'm sorry if you could repeat what you you were saying earlier about how you took over the position,
This is my ninth year so I've worked under her for 8 years,
I was never actually her second command that was always Heather,
By Heather live further away that I do. I actually live foreign and raised in the Atlanta Metro area. So, she would find Heather with perfectly fine stand on a second and I love her so much for that.
That I step up and take over and I'm very happy to fill her very big shoes,
Hey Facebook shoot a sweetheart I I you know I I worked with her as as doing it in the last.

[10:49] Four, 5 years. I was running, doing, basically, running for her, back and forth, down the street to,
Hey, you're bald because you came up to try to harass me and Jan saw you and put you to work.
Yeah at the time it was I think it was like the first time they were in the CW stuff so they need someone to run back and forth and handle that till while they're trying to figure that out,
So yeah so that's how that's how I got to know Jan really well at least from from the parade perspective I wouldn't say that we're you know,
Bestest of friends but we're certainly friends. So, she'll be missed but we're again, like I said, we're very, very happy that you're, that, that you've taken on the mantle and what can we expect,
This year, if anything that is different from years past. Besides, well, I'll let you say.

[11:39] The only surprisingly major difference this year is that the barricades that block out the roads are taller,
That's the big difference. That's it. Because we're outdoors, we get,
Specialty freedom that we don't have endorse so max mandate is indoor not outdoors it's up to the marchers and the group leads in spectators if they wear a mask or not,
You don't have to wear mask outdoors. That being said, be nice to everybody about their personal choices.

[12:19] It's their choice not yours,
I just hope everybody does whatever they feel most comfortable and most safe with cuz at the end of the day,
We wanna have a big parade, have a big show, but also have everybody still safe. So yeah, that's the big difference. So, is that those barriers,
The metal barriers down the side of the road. There are like I think 2 feet, 2 feet taller, 3 feet taller than usual. Yeah. But together the difference is that in case you somehow had not heard,
Are only going to be dragging conference participants,
You have to have a 5 day badge to watch the parade in person.

[13:06] There's lots of great ways to watch it virtually. We're on the CW again this year. We are on DCPB on YouTube of course,
And if you get the garden convertible streaming membership I think it's $10 obviously you can see us there too to watch this remotely and safely,
So I would just also add to that list that Atlanta if you are in the metro Atlanta area the CW which I think is,
I don't even know hey Facebook we'll have it and I think there's like CW 49 or something but I know I'm probably wrong but the CW will be showing it,
And that's great. So, yeah, you don't even stay in your house. You can stay in your PJs. Each, each Cheerios on the couch,
Sarah has a CW 69 apparently.
Bills in there. Everyone's telling us. Everyone's telling us. But it wasn't.
So, anyway, Sarah, Sarah has a question which I'm not sure we can answer directly but the question is, are we gonna have to physically show our badge to someone to watch in person.

[14:29] Hey we don't know. Go ahead. That APD is handling the bulk of this for us. They're treating it as they did spectators for the peach tree road race. We don't know the details. We are going to details even if we did know all of them,
But I would imagine you would have to have your badge on just like you have to do to get in and out of the hotel,
It's probably a very similar process and please be nice to those lovely police officers helping us,
When you just can't do to have a traily thing. You can't feel like a durable anymore.
That's really true yes and I think remember let's just lot of patience this year but I would also say you wanna wear your bag because then if you try to get back into a dragon con area right after the parade,
The hotels will be tricking badges. You know, and I'm thinking it's gonna be a lot of hours cuz a lot of people might be trying to sneak in after the parade.
Yeah and so that's that's one thing.

[15:34] Always wear your badge just in general for dragon card even I mean even the parade even when you're in the parade you have to have your batch right absolutely yeah so absolutely at one thing we did extend to to the markers again they,
Don't have to wear a mask,
But know that at the end of the parade, the parade actually ends into the hotel. So, you need to have your mask on. You need to get in the hotel at the end. Same thing for.

[16:03] I mean I guess you don't have to wear it in your room that's on you as long as Bill says to where he was saying to where your badge you've been in your room. Oh hey guys sleep with it.
Dynamic which is that it does end in,
Side of a hotel which you A have to wear a mask or MB need a badge to get into. So, marchers are really, really smart.
I got most of them have already figured out how to incorporate a mask.
So you know probably even the Wookies.
I will say I will say somebody else pointed this out online that even with the five of us guys or anybody that wears a cosplay with a full mass,
You still have to wear your mask underneath it when you're in the hotel. Right, there will be people periodically checking that. Making sure you're following the rules so.

[17:15] I don't get this weekend. No, plastic doesn't stop too from coming out cuz y'all got little holes. I can hear you. Things like that. So.

[17:26] That is very good. Now, okay, so you said it's gonna be amazing, but I one of my favorite things is, what about the vehicles? What are we gonna see this year?
Hey Gary with the vehicle,
We have netherworld coming back to their font for varying Kanye again this year and they are going,
All out like they normally do. I've just got some vehicle to prescription. It's a very large, very detailed vehicle. They're excited about them. We've got a big, old, bus mobile coming back to promote the blood drive.

[18:05] We've got the sand crawler with the five oh first marching with the McGin that big old truck with a little my emoji oh goodness I recently yell at me,
It is amazing how they put it together and they put together way faster than you think that they should that they should really be allowed to be honest with you. Alright, that's what I thought.
First time I saw it first time I saw being built like they're never know this and then then I know I've said this before but but then I was even,
There is no way they're getting out of that parking lot. There is absolutely no way it's getting out of that parking lot. They good news. They get to set up in the road this year.
Oh, good. The parking lot. Wow. Oh, yeah. After 1 year of that, that guy got changed. How much? But they still made it though. That was the fun part. Yeah.
Maybe 6 inches of space. Here's on both sides.
What? Why not? You're the director of parade.

[19:25] It's my way now. Ho ho ho. We're on the road already.
Yes. We're on the road. I said how many days it was for dragon hunt as we're recording this. We went.
No. It's got other 2 weeks. No. No. No. It's too few days but we'll make it happen. Huh. Best voice. No it is not.

[19:56] We've got we've got several ghost monsters, joining us again, a lot of the umbrella corp are returning which I love. Them so much for their loud music.
They were very very loud. They always are but you know what? It it lightens up the crowds so much.
Worth it every year. I really love that. Yeah. And they're usually not, they're kind of midway between seed and feed and the marching band. So,
Like heard that music, new music, next music. So, yeah.
We've got our our pirate ship is coming back this year. We've got our 1966 Batmobile. Oh nice. Yes. Always a fun one to see,
We've got a Marriott carpet vehicle because why not?

[20:55] Hey Facebook I don't know what the I think of the truck and it's wrapped in the carpet print.

[21:05] Hey I agree with Bill,
Since you're not coming here this year.
Hey Facebook,
Anyway, so more vehicles, more vehicles. More vehicle.
This is gonna be their first year,
I'm excited to see what that means.
It gave me we've also got a fallout for like Nucacola themed patchback. And fire shot group is returning again this year. Another one of my favorites. I really love the game. And I love those guys.
Let's see here. We've got my notes. There's so much shirt number. That's awesome.
Notes everywhere it's all the time yep.

[22:27] I got like this.
Oh yeah it's it's been narrow down a lot of those types of stuff yep yep yep you get it,
We've got a tardish in the trailer.
We've got a.
What movie we've got the foot clam returning. You need to get into turtles. Oh, that they're nice. That was a that was that was fun, yeah. Yeah, I think I got this.
Oh no it's like a older forget what type of card is but it's done up with the the purple foot or the purple circle with the red foot in it turtle,
I really like having them and they play music too. So, we love, we love the music playing vehicles.
I hope the Mario want the Super Smash Brothers has like.
Send our music going on. By the end of that, never ever wanna say, ever again.

[23:43] Okay so sorry,
All different text from them and then our our one of my favorite is my little futureama group carrying robot dance on the back of the truck that ends up interpreter rear. There you go. Robot Santa,
So now do we have any new groups this year that are marching,
Add the weirdo who attends dragon con. We have several sandals that emerge out of dragon conculture themselves.
The first probably the most known wine but in 2019 we had a new colt emerge. The cult to John,
Nba team please sign here and they are going to join us in the parade this year for their very first year. I'm very excited to have them.
Hey we are selling John name tag on Etsy.

[24:58] Cuz I put in dragon confit mask when I was looking for my carpet mask and it just brought everything dragging on and I went, wait, whoa, what? Okay.
Interesting. Yeah, I'm very excited that they're joining us. For their first year. Cuz it's such a,
All the thing to explain to non-driving kind people why we worship the aesthetics cardboard cutout.
But it's cool. I like it. I'm excited. They're here.
Hey 7 AM before everybody else has gotten up,
Yeah I feel bad for the Fedex building like the lymphatic stations that are in the hotels,
Hey Facebook start it. Be kind people. Be kind of people that still work there.

[25:53] Hey Facebook I really really wanna know.
We'll see now you say stolen I have been somebody says reappropriate it that's how you do it if you're in congress so I,
Maybe he had his setup calling and had to go back to his people. Right. He never know. Never enough. Never mind. So what? So we have the carpet. We have John. Is there another one?

[26:29] I think this take this group didn't make it to the 2019 parade or reach in back far but if not this will it's so this will be their second year and that's the swag and seat group,
Yeah things around the entire con,
Edit all stuff that they've made printed for since you,
Everything from magnets card button stickers bracelet I saw somebody threeD printing captain planet rings.
Like yeah. Yeah. So they're just,
A group that's all about random acts of kindness and I believe that they're gonna be passing out stuff,
Hey Ken while they're marching in the parade so they just,
Still feel warm and fuzzy. I know this warm and fuzzy cuz it's so nice cuz you know, in a lot of these are like for all the fans but some of them you'll find into like, okay, I gotta find a small child.
Yeah. So, there we go.

[27:52] As one of the sailor moon fandom.
Taylor Scouts. Thank you. I'm so sorry. Yes, I did not mean to say it the way I did.
Hell no. There you go. Yeah, right. So, the, you don't understand all the times that,
You say something and you go oh you don't know that.
You know when you say something like I got a bad feeling about this and they're like NCIS too and I'm like no stop. What the hell dare you?

[28:34] Hey learning experience in the parade this year has been understanding what new costumes are,
I don't want very much anime and manga I understand there is 50 million characters between all the shows,
No basically again Heather to the rescue is like oh that's from this.

[28:55] Yeah. Now, I don't think did we mention this or not but but the actual number of people number of participants in the parade this year is actually,
On par with previous years correct.
It's a little low. But like honestly I don't think anybody will notice the difference. It's it's pretty cool and all we did this year.

[29:18] Because last year was virtual and they didn't really get to experience the full parade we rolled over the 2020 markers to 2021,
So they never got that chance. Next year we're open at back up in February.
Bear game to everybody good luck maybe oddly ever bring your favor,
A day. Yeah.
Yeah, we we've talked about this. We talked about this in the past. It is it is still gonna be February then when. Yeah. When the application opens up and you wanna be part of,
The best way to do that is to follow what group? Answer the question. Pray on Facebook. Okay.
Yeah and that's that's probably the best way to to find out when that's gonna it's gonna actually officially drop and then also just to keep it in touch with,
With everyone that's that's parade related. Yeah. I will announce leading up to it.

[30:32] Like hey it's opening on this day I don't know the day off top of my head but all in out,
Like a month ahead of time like hey it's gonna open in 30 days hey it's gonna open in 2 weeks hey it's gonna open next week hey it's tomorrow morning tomorrow March morning as I can,
I will say if you are interested in marching in the parade even though you can't register,
There are some groups that do need marchers. I don't have a specialist. I'm really behind on getting my life together as far as the parades, concern, sorry everyone,
But if you post on that Facebook group a lot of people are are handing out extra rich sands that they've had somebody march drop out from Martin and stuff like that so just,
Post it on there. It's gotta get approved by one of our moderators but it will stand,
If you're nice, then ask someone nicely. Be nice though. Nice. And that is that is a good point to make as well that if you aren't are ready.

[31:37] Heart of a parade group and you know that you're part of a parade group,
Do not come to the entrance. Do not come to the staging area of the parade. Probably the one thing that everyone that most people violate that they just show up and think of them go in the parade. They that's not the thing that happens. Correct.
No not a.
Not ever you will never ever ever as long as jammas director and as long as I am able to be director you will never be able to come up the staging the morning of the parade and say hey I'd like to march and I'm not signed up,
Don't try it. I will yell. Because the story about yelling at the time. Maybe afterwards I'll be sorry but at the time,
There's a lot going on right then but the other thing is that you'll get a wristlet. You get a the like.

[32:26] The wristband and we'll just ask you where's your wristband? Now, we'll put it on their bag. I'm okay with that as long as it says spray 2021.
Harness thing.
And y'all might just be thinking, you know what? I've seen that parade with this band.
Yes, you have. You don't know what color it is and we.

[33:09] So, don't try it. Don't try to print your own. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.
The we're gonna say I forgot now I was completely blanked on that.

[33:28] Now, now I don't remember. Oh, oh, so so, people that haven't seen the parade this year and in fact, we actually have,
Let's see Victor Rose said that they're excited about seeing the parade in person this time cuz I missed it,
The other time going because it party too hard on Friday. So, congratulations on both. You've you've done both things that that,
Dragon kind expensive you to part to have a great time have too much of a great time and to accidentally sleeping,
Which happened?
Gcg will be running it later. Yeah. So, you can watch or rewatch it. But this would be the great year to see it because we do know it will be a limited,
We're limited just,
Folks that have a 5 day pass and the reason and when you first said that by the way it it I stopped wait a minute why didn't you oh that's right there are no Saturday passes. Nope. So it has to be the 5 day pass in order to see it.
So because we know that it's limited to just those folks you're gonna get a better seat this year,
You're gonna be able to see it's not gonna be obviously hopefully as as crowded as it has been in years past so it'll it's a there's a great year to see it especially since any points out it really isn't that much smaller of a parade than it has been in years past.

[34:52] And what do you call it? Oh, and Zanda's point at the DCTV does show the parade live as well as run it later. So.

[35:02] Yeah. Now, Scott mentioned something that was working on a technical issue over on this side. So, I may have missed you says, are you.
We're not handing out anything this year, right? No, another pray groups are allowed to hear anything out or is that it's a true or not true?

[35:18] As far as right now they can.
But that is subject to change up until the morning of the parade. No, no, no. I will have a better answer than. Okay. We don't wanna, you know, spread anything.
But as long as I think people are sharing appropriately and you know wearing a mask when they do share cos you're getting closer to a person then I think we'll be okay,
So yeah and that's it. That's the other thing too. Is that because you're not allowed to throw anything at the parade? No. You have to hand it to people so then you gotta get you know within,
Striking people don't ask the pirates that are way on top of that ship,
No. The 30 down some booty cuz they cannot.
They might shake their booty but they're not gonna be throwing like that they probably already are cuz it's really hard to see what they're doing down there and on the what is it called the deck?
You never know. So, this is all gonna be. Sure. Sean says, hopefully the limited number of people will will limit the number of plaque guards we had out there telling us that we're all damned.

[36:31] They're almost a parade group at this point. They're there delivery. You know, it'll be weird to not have them.

[36:39] Somehow don't get down there. Possibly not during the parade.
Zan let you know if Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet needs to register as a vehicle for the parade or take a space even though you can't see it you know,
And and Scott wants you to know that your microphones have been hidden around Dragon Con. Treasure map will follow later.
Voice over,
Yeah can I can I can I request it you don't give one to Lee,
Yeah. So, because extract does not have as many yeses we have in years past.
I will only be moderating a couple of panels on Saturday and Sunday like I'm up there with the mic,
I don't care if it sound funny on a track panel but my room that's fine so,
Scott, it would be a very bad idea to hike.
Now we've we've discussed it that the the main group that you guys have is what do you call it? Is the Facebook group? Is there are there any other ways to follow what's going on with the parade or is it the the main and only,
That's the main way. We also have Twitter and I think don't want me to do it. We've got a Google.

[38:09] But I'm still working on figuring out how to use a Google group. Not gonna lie. I did not get to learn that that the new skill set during the pandemic. My child still needed me at work though. Amazingly.

[38:22] Yeah. So and I think Dan used to still have like a not a live journal but like a yahoo group.
But I have not figured out how to get into it. So, that might have to be retired,
If I can't get into it. Well, come on. You gotta add dragon Those are relatively recent. Yeah. Jan set up a yahoo group.
Apparently Zance says jam
Yeah, actually, actually, I do believe I I remember reading that but yeah, it was it was officially just moved over to to Facebook his.
Hey Facebook is the main way the Twitter I'm really bad at using.

[39:18] Start a big Twitter person even personally send a Twitter person but,
I plan to starting after this year be much better but it's that way more people can see,
Update when registration will open for the parade. Call that sort of information. And actually I'm,
I'm flattering and trying to find out if there's one big thing any can and out cuz I'm gonna go look at the dragon Twitter page so,
While you're talking about Jackbox. Oh, oh, she's freezing,
Because I didn't realize it had been announced but you could announce them earlier in this episode. So, I just miss the announcement. So, let me know if I can share,
Get him. I think I know him.

[40:08] I'm tempted to ask if you wanna get. No, see this is your thunder. I wanna know where I'm at.
That's fair. So, our official grand marshal as of 5 minutes before this thing started,
Is Luis Gossett Jr. Oh nice.
Left field Grand Marshall in my opinion but not because,
Bye I will see the older crowd because,
The younger crowd's not gonna know who he is that way. I mean he's that and a few things recently,
But he's most known for his stuff, you know, back in the 80s. That's when he exactly, I mean, that's when he won to the academy award for best supporting actor was I think 88. So, just,
Yeah that was,
No. Is this the first academy award winner we've had as as Grand Marshall?

[41:22] I think so. Man, it's like just going out.
It looks fine. You gotta move some more. Oh, that's right. Just pull that out. He was also in charge threeD. The,
Are you sure?
He is Will Reed.

[42:05] Hey Facebook I don't remember him in the the in Watchman in fairness was he was he in stargate,
Hey Facebook maybe amazing.

[42:24] But but watchman beyond beyond the the weird,
Al Ship scene. I don't remember much else about watching to be honest. Oh, I remember a lot about Watchman and it was awesome. Yes, he was.
I am gonna try to find a picture of it but it was it was a Jaffa leader apparently,
There you go that would not at all,
I don't know. The fun thing, the fun thing about our comments is they're usually, they're about 2025, seconds behind us. So, I'm never sure exactly what their responding to. So, I always try to guess.
I don't like fun. Seriously, no one.
You're right I don't really think of him with,
Oh my god.
Oh my goodness yes. Which looks like he played a I don't know. He played a superhero. Old superheroes.
Hey Garekon DS nine.

[43:51] Hey,
The internet exist people go go go crammy the point is he is done a lot of stuff he's been around for a long time and,
There's different variations. He's one who became one of the orient.
Apparently the I don't know. Got it. Many many years of stargate ago.
Hey Facebook I I don't know. He's done a lot of things. He's done a lot of things. The the good part.
The cool part is they'll be towards the beginning of the parade and you can see him there. Yes.
That's important part. Just yell random things out at him,
I love you in the muppet movie. Don't do that. That's not nice. That's not cool. No, he wasn't. That was my point.

[45:09] Someone just walk next to him with a with a with a big old banner of of all the things he's been in it might take it might extend the parade you know you know another 20 minutes but but you know whatever,
And and by the so the parade route by the way we I don't think we discussed the parade route is exactly the same as it has been the last several years. So.

[45:34] Any marches that are confused the staging has not moved either. Yay.

[45:41] Apparently, I'm gonna make this.
John maybe John the Colt leader that's who probably she means John will make a sign for them.

[45:54] Okay so so any there's we'd like to play a game with our guests at the end of the show.
And this year we've been playing mostly equipped last from Jackbox games and that is exactly what we're gonna be doing today. We're gonna be playing,
A game with some custom prompts in there for the parade. If you can if you see your,
Private thing area I'll once she is in we will,
There's nothing behind the green curtain. Our other folks know.
Okay. There you go. Okay. So, if you want to join, head over to Jackbox TV. The room code is TKBI for tonight.
Anyway. Bring up the volume and I will go ahead and enter the room code TKBI.
So, if you wanna play with us, now is the time to join. Also, I will let people know, oh, we're almost completely full. I will let people know that,
That are playing it's probably good idea to keep an eye on that on the actual especially if you're on the stream and not,
Not Leah or Annie to keep an eye on the actual device that you're playing on because,
Where again, 20 seconds behind or whatever. So, it's easier to see it.

[47:22] See you there. And okay, looks like we're full. We're gonna go and get started. We, and you have time to join the audience and you get to vote there too. So, it's not like you're not playing. Sometimes, just don't get to add a prompt.
And if I can find my mouse, I will certainly start this. There we go. However, those audience points are. Those audience points matter. Yes.
Hey Facebook take a photo,
The one with the words. My name is Schmidty and this was all recorded before my much publicized trial. And if you're not in the game, put in the room code and join the audience. Your vote counts too,
Round one is upon us I'm gonna flash two prompts on your device type something ingenious that will stand up against another player's response then everyone will vote for their fave and one of you will get an ego boost,
Points are rewarded based on the percentage of people who went for your answer. So, make them count.

[48:31] Okay so now is a good time to remind everybody that well first of all if you're playing start entering your things there hey Lee there's two prompts.
Lee two prompts the.
Now's a good time to remind people that you can reach us by emailing us at 50 days at the That's five oh D A Y S,
At the you can also leave a voicemail for us via Skype if anyone still uses that call at the Unique Geek or via telephone which is 8133210884.
133210 tug,
That's another place you guys oop in a hold on and to do. I need a couple more seconds here. I'm watching it. Yeah, I I got a moderate. I don't like one of your pussy. One of the props, John.
I don't know what to tell you.

[49:37] I I'm only a vessel for which the prompts originate. Well, most of them, some of them might be actually thrown in from jackpots.

[49:48] I feel like I've got too many answers to this to both of them. Writing timers over.
Well, we wait on moderation. Okay, hold on. Oh, I am so ready for this next part.

[50:17] Starting off.
Okay, the day that Dragon Con starts. Your two options are the day you see the MCU at the food court or Tuesday. So, say we all,
Today, that dragon con starts. The day you see the MCU at the food court or Tuesday. So, say we all.

[50:42] Which so basically the day that we see the MCU it's a food court is everyday no,
And the MCU wins. Oh, no, wait. Is there a Tuesday one? The audience voted. The audience voted.
Alright, choose your favorite. Title of a Broadway musical about the Dragon Con parade. The weirdest Congo line or controlled chaos the dragon comparade.
Title of a dragon of dragon time or a drag gun parade based musical is either the weirdest congoline or controlled chaos the dragon con parade.

[51:33] And the winner is. The weirdest congoline. Anyone doing? No, I had some.
Oh my god.
Oh my. Where does thing you like to see marching in the dragon parade? A four story tall giant giant antman deadpool mashup or 36 dozen eggs.
And where this thing you'd like to see marching in the dragon parade 36 doesn't aches or four story tall giant man Deadpool mashup,
They probably would. Hey, probably would. At least one of them.
I like the eggs. Hey, Anda. The four story told Aunt Man. Did Paul mention?
Sci-fi vehicle you would like to see in the parade. The a dune spice harvester or starship enterprise.
Sorry if I be equal you would like to see in the parade the Dune hello June Spice Harvester or Starship Enterprise or Dune Starship Art Enterprise.
It's a match up. And start shipping the price. Next we have.

[53:02] Okay real reason Stormtroopers are at the end of the dragon parade.
Gotta save the best for last or if they accidentally shoot no one will get you no one will get hurt so that means if they accidentally shoot no it'll get hurt I got news for you by the way if they shot anyone no one would get hurt,
Even if they did shoot. In the middle of the parade. They are stormtroopers after all.
Those aren't stormtroopers.
Oh, if they accidentally shoot no one will get hurt, gets a super quick lash. Yeah, I got it. Next one up.
Worst thing to hand out at the parade ask body spray or eggnog.

[53:50] Worst thing to handle at the.
Worst thing to hand out at the parade acts body spray or eggnog.
Neither. One shower a day. Remember? Worst thing, Dan.
Oh they split the almost a dead even split but Dwayne does pull that would ignore. Without further ado. Hot egg.
Name of a candle scent that encapsulates the feeling of dragon con parade,
Sweat enjoy or doesn't smell like teen spirit.
Name of the candle scent that encap encapsulates the feeling of the dragon con parade doesn't smell like teen spirit or sweat and joy.

[54:44] Okay very good.
Split the participants and almost a dead split again but sweat and joy pulls it out.

[55:01] Call double rise out of dragon con 2033. But you need to keep with their kids or gradually gradually shrinking. I think that might have been a safety,
Gradually shrinking will be the cult that rises 20 thirty-three's Dragon Con or the unique with their kids.

[55:24] We already articled of like four people.
What was the safety grip but still thank you still got smiley hey Victoria is that good with her safety,
Now that round one is a distant memory let's move on to the scores,
Hey, we're at. Hi.
Chris is in the league. Chris and Lee with Lee Wright behind that. And Annie and Arm. Hi. Coming freely.
Chances 11 people are in our cult. Those are the number of people that are always listening.

[56:12] Alright, so Victoria's happy that they're not last.

[56:23] Held how did parade not win on the on the on the parade episode. I don't know.

[56:33] Let's see. There were some debate while we were talking about when,
When the the the dragon starts.
Sean points out load load in for him as when Dragon concerts which is Monday. Has it turned out?
Sarah Rose is angry about something.

[57:01] Does Anne still says Monday? Actually she said July, July is when Dragon Con starts.

[57:09] Let's see. Nope. Got some moderate to do.
Yeah summer we might get some don't have a full list of clips so you might get some that are not parade related this round.
Oops. Oh, lots of people.

[57:45] Well, moderation. Yeah, I'm done, done. Back up, Smitty. He does need to calm down.
Something you would like to whisper softly into Thanos this year.
And I'm Ant Man or purple looks divine on you.
Something you would like to whisper softly into Thanos is here. Purple looks divine on you or and I'm Aunt Man.

[58:16] No I'm evil.
Let's see looks like purple looks divine on you wins. Oh, that's that was Lee.

[58:38] Hey cute nickname for a baby slash toddler in the parade. A dragon tot or a young ling? Young ling.

[58:48] A youngling or a dragon tot. A cute name for a baby slash toddler in the parade.

[59:01] And I know John likes flowers. I mean,
What did I say? Youngling, right? You said, they say yingling, they said the beer. No, you said. There's no else. No name.
On top of the western or in the game room,
I will test that both those are terrible places to try and watch a drag gun parade send dial restaurant on top of the western or in the game room.
Just made me wonder something. Is it open? No.

[59:51] Hey portal I don't think so.
Not what I know. Celia's. Silliest thing to trip over on the parade route. Your own feet or baby Yoda.

[1:00:09] Silliest thing to trip over on the parade route your own feet or baby Yoda oh.

[1:00:19] 22222222, I love the little beaches. Okay, Scott, answer my question.

[1:00:28] What do you what's a question? Okay, dance, the one that one was videoed. Yeah.

[1:00:37] Diarrhea. There you go.
Only wearing.

[1:00:50] Only changing your underwear once a day is one thing it's a heck of a lot harder to do if you,
Or march in the parade. One thing that's like a flower to do.
Alright. We'll just leave it at that. March the parade. Or only changing your underwear once a day. When did Scott take up? Huh? I wanna know if the gamer has a screen. I don't think it does.
Well there we go. Marching the parade is the hardest thing to do. And that was my handy. So she should know. Although. No. Not for Detroit.
What usually goes through Dracula's mind as he bites someone. Good. This person doesn't taste like garlic or please don't be ah. I get such heartburn.
Oh A B minus to please don't be AB minus I get it blood type you would have gotten navy negative from that right maybe negative sorry yeah,
We might say minus it keeps saying that minus it's negative. Maybe negative. Please don't be AB negative. I get such heartburn or good. This person doesn't taste like garlic. Does it like garlic?

[1:02:04] Which gamer were you talking about? Like the big one in like where the board games are? Anything.
Search history. The most surprising thing in Google's Batman's Google search history.
Superman fan fiction or how to drive stick shift most surprising thing found in Batman's Google search history Superman fan fiction or how to drive stick shift.
It could be the same thing,
Superman fan fiction is a weirdest most surprising thing to finding.
What review fits both a summer blockbuster movie and your last date.
Ok. So, what would you fit both the summer blockbuster movie and your last date? Needed more or never happened to me.

[1:03:17] Never happen to me. To me, ever happened? Okay. Depends on your phrasing, I suppose.
Never happened to me when that one. But it was a real pipe but it was a type of thirds of the way there. Let's see where you stand.
Alright, who's the lead now? Chris is still in the lead but Annie is right behind him.
Right honey you'll each get a prompt that needs three separate responses,
Pretty cool, huh? Okay, last round folks.

[1:04:10] Coming. In Victoria says, still not last. Yay. And.

[1:04:23] Okay. So, okay. So, here's your answer. Usually not in America's mark gaming. For this, for this.

[1:04:34] Reminder that you want. The track rooms all have all have some Kevin likes his toll flat screens. And if they are there.
Hey if they're there and they're there if the Savannah volunteers need them. So there might be,
Some but not typically in the American track rooms. Game or gaming rather.
Also Suzanne wants point out the annual chant of parade marches no rain no rain oh by the way any rain or shine right? Rain or shine.
The parade goes on rain or shine will unless it's you know unsafe completely unsafe it goes on rain or shine.

[1:05:24] I know i know i know.
Everyone get theirs in. Not bad. Alright, let's have it.
Rejected dragon con parade groups. Irs agents, antivaxers, and football fans or drunks, all the robins and regular people.

[1:06:06] Oh
Victoria Rose points out that she lost the internet in it crashed. She had some good ones so she didn't get her stuff in.

[1:06:19] Three rejected dragon con groups IRS agents anti-backs use football fans or drunks all the robins and regular people,
Oh it's essentially split sorry three words to describe how your feet feel after dragging con,
Victoria's only no answers. Here's some points. They disappeared with the snap. Ouch. I ran out of band aids. Why did I break in my shoes? I think I was the only one.
Three worst songs to have to hear the whole dragon parade route. The never ending story record the Emmon Fitzgerald.
The song that never ends. Or Friday, Mama Mia or is it is it TI crazy? Is that right? Gi crazy? The never ending story.
What's that? Look at the private message.

[1:07:35] Oh the last one was supposed to be let's go crazy okay.
It would be awesome. Yeah, not to have to. Listen to it endlessly.
Three things heard from the marching Deadpool parade group. It was the other Deadpool Where is my Timachanga? I thought this this was the line.
Or Katana, Katana Rama, free chimichangas or we need more Deadpool,
Three things heard from the marching Deadpool spray group,
And it was a dead the other Deadpool where's my Chimachanga and I thought this was the line is the winner,
You did it. Now, let's see those final scores.
Victoria wants to let you know the the ones that she would have given were sweaty as hell is the feet feet one three things,
Sweaty as hell. So many blisters on my my feet are bleeding and swollen luke.

[1:09:01] Luke water balloon or my answers for before the cratch. I don't know the last one means.

[1:09:11] It might have been mistake. Probably mistake as soon as it. Usually that's good. Alright. Hi there.
Tell Annie thank you so much for joining us I appreciate you taking time out and,
You know, oh, my feet are like a water balloon, like a water balloon. Tender and you gotta be very, very careful with them. Things to describe your feet after Dragon Con.
Thank you again for joining us in thank you for the the putting on the parade and keeping dragon con as as normal as we can possibly make it this year. It is very much appreciated.

[1:09:49] And Chris points out that it was awesome game but looking forward to the parade. Cannot wait. We love you. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be it's gonna be great.
It was gonna be awesome. The status part of this whole thing is that the spray table won't be decorated in all of jams fun toys,
We'll do the best we can to honor her and have a great parade,
Yes I really I can't wait to get my damn thing there are shirts that say frack cancer and the English version of that instead of,
Those will be many many in the,
Virtual marketplace and you know, vendors. Yeah. Alright, cancel.

[1:10:47] But we're we are it's it's it's great that you that you're gonna be here and we we really do appreciate. We appreciate all your volunteers. It's a it's a lot of it's a lot of as I said controlled chaos and and panic at the last minute,
But it always gets off and by the way, the parade's gonna happen no matter what. So, just get use to it.
It's not panic if nobody sees it.
That's true. That is true. No one sees what's going on be unseen so there you go. And.

[1:11:19] A couple of people are talking about they wishing you the live broadcast in there. We we usually the reason why you don't you don't see them right away. Is because usually we are,
Programming them,
Almost up to the man so we put him up as soon as we kind of know who the guest is gonna be and when they're gonna be here and sometimes you've you've probably seen them pop up and then disappear because,
The people either something happens something in their life we have to we have to move move the schedule around so that's that's why we try to put up as early as we can but we sometimes it's it's a day of thing,
So where apologize for that but we are trying our best and and by the way this is new for us this year the doing it live as well so,
Maybe next year, we have a better, better plan, better way to work out. No, I will say that tomorrow, we have somebody from the powers that be at five. No, we have somebody else at 830.
630. 630 Lee, 630.

[1:12:20] Oh 630. Yeah, 830 is too late. That's my bedtime. So, we have one at five. Yeah.
Hey Facebook.

[1:12:37] Anyway, again, thank you for joining us Lee. Thank you, Ali. Usually, but Anne, cuz Annie is who I meant.
I've been at work all day and then I just sort of I've been in this chair the entire time. I know you can't see the chair but there's this chair of the city. So, anyway, yes, it is five EST.
Estimated. Estimated standard. Anyway, yes, five tomorrow on the.
East coast of the United States. So until next time. For Annie Lee and John getting out of here before I just completely lose it. And all of our friends watching at home and listing and doing whatever,
This is John saying until next time peace.

[1:13:26] Music.

[1:13:34] Is a production of the unique eek? Call our comment line at 81332102.
That say 133210884. Email us at the geeks at the or 50 days at the
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter. This podcast is distributed under a creative comments attribution non commercial share like license.

[1:14:01] Music.

[1:14:19] I have something. We're at the end. Send in the stormtroopers. Wait, wait, wait, no. Goodbye, Lee.