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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.
You're funny come back in on your face and give me twenty-five.
Welcome to another edition of.
Fifty days of dragon con the podcast it's always a day late but somehow on time and joining me as always is the beautiful even though you can't see your Lee.

[0:52] Hi, everybody. um, I apologize for not having a camera right now.
I have a bit of a fever and I'm gonna be having an appointment with my doctor. we do not think it's covid. we're really really open.
But my skin right now is green and yellow. it just is not pretty. so, we're gonna keep it, we're gonna keep it kinda covered right now.
So, so Lee, you're just starting your cosplay early is what you're saying. hey, Facebook. exactly. that would be awesome.
But I wanted something heavy cuz it'll be hot cuz it's Atlanta and it's very hot. yeah. you damn tight.
Um John I got a text message about thirty minutes ago that Rachel was driving up to you,
and i told her go on in and knock on the door really really loud cuz you're up in your little studio thing you don't know about one second,
oh no wait that's an act of wait uh there's a there's a sample there's lots of vehicles pulling up it oh and Rachel's getting out every single one of them hold on one second let me see if you can see she's got an entourage baby.

[2:00] Who is it? come on in. hey, it's Rachel. hi, Rachel.
For having me. man, that was a way better entrance than I could ever pull off myself. thank you. there'll be a person. better than we usually do. let's just.
Uh and Rachel how are you figured out the clone yourself you really really should share that technology with driving on Facebook.
We need it. right?
Oh so now Rachel you are the co-chair of Dragon Con. but what does it mean exactly?

[2:43] Yeah um wow it is uh so primarily we all kind of uh divide and have our own areas of expertise and responsibility,
so, in that regards, I am primarily focused on um all things guests related.
Uh so I'm responsible for uh getting the guest basically to the show and uh working with our major uh amazing partners and agents to make that happen and uh leading the guest committee for the applications and all this kind of things,
um and then the other side is media. so, all things media uh would tell me tell you just the light will sometimes,
um so that'd be like social the website uh media relations really everything DCTV which is a phenomenal uh powerhouse so all of those are also uh under my,
um umbrella and then with co-chair part of it is more uh where we have oversight to the entire convention.
Uh, so we're supporting our senior directors, our directors, with anything they need, and looking at the overall uh, strategy for the show, and operations wise,
all the little nitty gritty pieces that have to uh happen before we get on site to have a convention work with the hotels.
Um working with all our our partners uh across the city um and everything. so, it's uh it's an exciting job but uh a lot at times.
It's a lot of times cuz for you dragging con really does start like Sunday, Monday, next week.

[4:08] Hey guys. a solid with only cereal. um that's my husband thinks the weirdest thing,
but yeah, right after. we really do that. the understand uh good, bad, ugly from the year previous.
Hey but yeah so it's crazy so next week from the Monday through probably the next Tuesday in tents,
and then come home in hibernate. so, and then come home and takes a really, really long nap. yes, try. yes. that sounds good.

[4:45] Um okay and you said you were in charge of guests and this year I got a couple of two me only messages and people like I don't understand why yes or heaven did not come and I'm like okay because they're in countries aren't letting them travel.
And or they have other things and as John and I always say if you're coming to Drank Kong for one guest you are missing the point.
This is not counting against any guests who aren't able to come,
you said that at our last director's meeting which was wonderful. yeah. you gotta take care of yourself.
My screen is black. it broke we've taken and you know honestly uh looking back at this year I've been,
very pleased at the the number of guests that you know want to but the flexibility is key.
Hey we've done a lot of measures to keep obviously the guests and fans and everything safe and then,
um but it has been a tricky year and you're right cuz you're dealing with uh restrictions on borders you're also dealing with if anybody's actively filming,
hey Facebook uh some of them have limitations as far as quarantine and not being able to leave this set and all those sorts of things so um.

[6:04] This year has certainly uh taught me a lot when it comes to guests and particular but really across the board it's just you know remaining flexible and uh
giving grace and and just understanding that um it's gonna be you know a wonderful show and remembering why we're doing it,
yeah and all those things but guess of particular yeah it it's been a challenge but I'm I'm very proud of the lineup uh created and that um and they're really excited that's the other benefit of my role is I've gotten to see the flip side with the guest,
how excited the people are to get back to their fans um so that's been very endearing and refreshing to me um is you know the people that are gonna be at Dragon Con this year not to say that the people that aren't are not.
But they truly want to be with their fans again and this has been a really long, you know, couple years for them.
And obviously for the guest that are joining us.

[7:03] Now a long goes same line some of the reasons why people again had to to drop out us because of safety and or,
yo, buries other reasons. you've obviously, we've talked a lot about it uh this year.
Um it's been a hot topic everywhere and not just not just for drink time but for for other conventions as well as just life in general. um,
you've you've got some safety requirements this year and do you wanna give us the the highlights on those and then you know some of the things that maybe dragon kind of,
uh I know you announced uh last night during town hall um some uh new things that the Drankon's bringing this year specifically for around covid really talking about.

[7:47] Sure um it's a lot uh so our okay our biggest and the thing that we want the most help getting the word about is uh word out about is the um,
requirements for badge pick up this year and that is something we added uh later and it was in response to honestly just the ever changing environment for a bit there,
uh it really looked up. it really looked like uh it was not going to be the same challenge we're seeing today.
And uh you know you remain optimistic but very closely tied to the city to all of our um help experts that you know have kinda guided us and and things,
um but the most recent we did uh put places that you do uh have to show your poop of vaccination or a negative covid test taken within seventy-two hours of badge pick up,
um and that's been a big one. it was just one final piece that we felt like with all that changing numbers. had to occur to,
um kinda make us feel more safe. we uh stayed closely tied to a lot of the events that we're occurring uh before us.
And uh saw that the events that had similar uh things in place,
have really good uh response and not in in limiting the spread of covid and that is something that we really uh got to the point where we just felt like it was the necessary step for us.

[9:04] Um on top of that uh I probably the other biggest one that people are talking about is the indoor mask mandate,
um obviously city of Atlanta does have a mass mandate as well as CDC did change their requirements a relatively recently to uh include both vaccinated and unvaccinated,
uh so we're uh put that in place. uh to obviously uh reinforce what the experts are saying in the science and of course the city. um so that's a big one.
Uh, outside of that, uh, they attended probably being the uh, third largest thing that uh, we're doing, which is limiting the attendance we are anticipating.
Roughly half of uh what came in sauce in twenty nineteen so,
um it will be a lot more room uh to spread out uh another thing with that is we've expanded the bad checking so to make sure that people that are not badge did not come into dragon or not allowed into the space.

[9:59] I still will continue to see that this year and even far more expanded than it ever has been before.
Um to make sure that the spacing is there. uh and then you know a lot of it was uh whenever anybody asked me it's like we took a very.

[10:13] Stepped approach if you will where we gonna look through the show at first.
Uh when things are really looking up and thinking about small ways that could just help. anybody that's been a knows that those lobby areas are hat.
And you know, so that was one thing we did early on was know that we were gonna uh put the fan tables which we love, we love our fan groups, we love giving people the opportunity to come talk to their fans whether it's,
other conventions or you know, uh just different groups around all of the interests of our people.
But you know we decided to put that on hiatus. it's pretty early. uh just because it didn't make sense. so we've taken that approach all along through the whole show is to say when we think there's congestion when we've seen it before what can we do differently to not,
um do that concourse is another great example uh they're spacing out their performances every other so that it's not encouraging people to just congregate and set which we love in a normal year but this is it the best year to do that.
Um so yeah so that's kind of the approach we've taken so I kinda look at it as the big three,
um and then on top of that just the approach of looking at every aspect of the show and what makes sense and with that uh part of the spacing is that the ballrooms will be two thirds capacity,
uh to allow space in when you're actually sitting in the the panel space so.

[11:29] Yes and immediately it's a really long list but I'm not going to bore you. but that's uh I would say the biggest to highlight.

[11:37] So thank you about the parade um that Atlanta does not have an outdoor mass mandate,
you're gonna end up,
really really close together. right. so.
You're already have your mouth on. we talked about this with um Annie about parade. either have your mask on or have it ready to go. because that's gonna be an issue if you don't help.
Members of the parade is the,
the biggest difference this year as well and that the uh we have said that it's dry and members only and uh have been uh supported very much so in that with the city.
Uh with that and uh spoke in detail with some of the other groups that have done uh things similar including the road race,
um that had a really incredible compliance uh with that.
And uh so yeah, lots of changes on that side but agreed. if you see me, you will see me in a mask. I mean, like that, I've.
I am taking the precautions as everyone uh should whether mandated or not uh to uh keep myself uh as safe as possible and uh I encourage everyone to do the same.

[12:55] Uh we did we we have a couple of questions uh in regards when was uh are we still potentially sharing host hotels with football fans or is it a badge holders only,
uh I know some people talked about getting past
uh requirements by giving people keys. let's say I will follow up. I have not seen anything uh with keys. uh we are rather,
incredibly tied uh right now to the city of Atlanta who's helping us uh monitor a lot of the uh social media as well as uh obviously our team.
Um for that the hotels we take up uh everything that is not contracted by the hotels as long as our members are purchasing it they go to us,
uh now uh there is a small uh block in some of the hotels that are for their previously contracted groups like flight attendants and things like that,
uh but we have had really honest dialogues with the hotels that are in support of uh keeping it as close off as possible so I would say if there's any it would be a very very,
a small number and I would doubt it to be football fans uh to be honest.

[14:05] Okay. uh another another thing someone did point out um.

[14:09] Well I do get recognition DCTB honestly doesn't get enough love for everything they've done to become I would um well I don't think you can give uh enough love to DCTV or to the,
at all period but um especially for what's the Herculean effort that they've done for the last years. can you tell us what we might be able to expect?
Um new or different this year on from DCTV on the virtual side. yeah, absolutely. uh so, uh one thing I I know y'all uh uh completely understand the sentiment and uh for a personal uh uh like,
agree and have love. it could not love them more.
Um I will say from the show perspective one of the most exciting things uh that we've been able to do since the success of Grand Cango's virtual,
is um upgrading a lot of the uh resources on that side. we were able to prove uh with dragons virtual that there was an appetite among fans.
Uh for streaming that we had not seen previously necessarily.
Um so uh one of the biggest things we took that and and built on that for the hybrid show that we're going into now,
uh one of the coolest things is the streaming platform. no, I don't mean this at all. I like the teens creativity and brilliants behind it has been just amazing.
But previously we were limited uh in the platform and there were um I will say some clunkiness particular around searching and what we were able to put on there and.

[15:36] Um we're fans who get a little bit um discouraged from it and that's one thing that we did right after drawing Congo's virtual the team uh really stepped up when we looked at all around cuz we're not like any other you know project out there.
Uh you know we wanna stream over one weekend and that's it. uh but have the ability to search archives in that for the rest of the time period.
Uh so we found uh a partner called You Screen and the uh we had a team together and we have uh built that so that's a really great thing for my fans perspective. so,
uh, come the live stream when it begins on Thursday. uh, it will be extremely,
uh but the the background is gonna be you screen which is uh kinda cool. so if you uh get a streaming membership which is only ten dollars.
Um that was another big change this year uh previously uh we had a a teared approach to it uh but we wanted to make sure it was as accessible as possible,
um four people to have content on a very low price point. um so when that stream starts, we'll have two official channels uh going through the duration of the event uh soundtrack channel. um.
I think I say it's my favorite thing a lot like I have a lot of favorite things apparently.
Right it's really hard uh but the fan track is really cool because that is something that grew directly at a dragon tongue goes virtual and uh building a a virtual show.

[16:59] And seeing how well it is received because with DCTV,
uh we focus on the ballrooms, on site, because we just don't have enough, you know, cameras, operators, and and all of the things to cover the entire show. so, we've always known from a content perspective that those fan panels,
are missing and it you know and it's a hard thing and that's something that our fans very much love. it's one of again my favorite things.
When you talk to somebody about their dragon kind and what it is to them you can get a million different answers based on their interest there you know uh groups that they kinda hang in and things,
so, we are really excited to bring that to uh the people at home.
Uh so last year we did a fan track channel that is something that you will see this year too with content that is streaming there first,
um so if you're you know sitting at home and of course the the main channel will contain all of the normal uh events from the onsite show in our main ballrooms including actually a couple of uh virtual events that will only go to the stream,
um from some really neat guests.
But yeah, so two channels will be going on all the time and then, on top of that, we've been a significant selection of our archive footage. so, you can go and watch how your favorite panels or contests or anything from the past as well as a good bit from drawing congo's virtual last year.
Um and the searching is just amazing. you can, you know, put a guest in, put a uh an actual event in, whatever you're looking for, and it's on there.

[18:26] It's up to you. so, um agreed in in DC TV has really been the the powerhouse behind this and it's been wonderful to see them not only on the text side of it cuz it.
Mesmerizes me cuz that is not my jam. um, but also on the creative side, they've uh, really stepped up. uh, their game two, I don't know if anybody's.
I've been paying attention but one of the things that the team also accomplished this year like I could this could be a whole podcast just really well forever I'm gonna stop after this one um DCTV but we know that they're also being slammed,
they are but they're just wonderful y'all. they really, really are and like the one thing that they added from a content perspective, I don't know if anybody's been watching but they've been uh releasing like bumpers or skits throughout the year.
Um, and that was something that um, you know, is really neat to see them take on on top of all this technical thing and and making it happen. um, but also uh, putting their creativity to work and uh, I just love it every time I see one pop up on the feed.

[19:26] Now,
before we go back to actually in person there was one other question do we know if there are still using the Roku app this year now,
it is not and that does have to do with the um uh take platform that we use last year versus this year,
um we hope to one day go back to it uh but honestly uh with changing everything we needed to take baby steps,
um and to prove that this platform's gonna work for us and and work for everything and then um and that people still want it that you know we're going into a year of hybrid and things like that we know that it's gonna be different from drying congos virtual,
so we're also tasked with making sure that uh the appetite is still there so that uh a lot of people will use the streaming service which would make the Roku out um possible.

[20:14] Um the other thing that was really talked about thank you.

[20:27] Uh as far as she's picking up the badges is that what you mean with the uh covid test in particular or the proof of vaccination,
exactly like let's gonna be going on at that basement level of the Sheriff and about picking up badges or if you're concerned that,
you know, yeah. maybe you need to get tested again or whatever. right. so, we got a lot going on on that uh in the Sheritan this year. so, uh one cool thing that came from.
One of the attendance things so the badge things that I didn't uh mention earlier is we did make the decision that we're not gonna do any onsite sales meaning that you cannot walk into the Sheritan with
you know sixty bucks in your hand or a hundred and forty or whatever and purchase a bag from the Sheriff.

[21:08] So, that's not occurring this year. if we have memberships left to sale, they will happy purchase online at the Dry Con dot org through Grow Tix,
um so with that we've not having any onsite uh handling wine it helps us because it reduces obviously cash in,
there are a lot of uh things with germs and such as associated with that. so, I wanted to be very careful for the people that were,
managing that. uh, but also, uh, we really wanted to be able to spread out folks. so, um, this year, we'll have registration occur or uh, badge pick up.
Uh in both the Georgia and Capitol Ballrooms of the Sheraton. so, uh we did that so that we can process people quicker. we can uh keep the line moving, get your bed, get out as quickly as possible,
um so that's gonna be the core of what's going on. so if you show up with your proof of vaccination uh whether it's paper or on your phone with a picture of both the front and the back,
uh the person checking your QR code that's gonna then obviously kick off everything that's needed to uh pick up your badge. uh it's gonna verify that information,
um so that's kinda first step if you show up with it if you were not able to secure a test and you've not been vaccinated or if you just don't choose to share your vaccination status with us which is absolutely within the right.

[22:23] Um we do have a testing facility that we announced last night on the town hall um with our partner viral solutions who have been incredible from day negative one cuz they actually approach us before we even made the decision,
um and they've just been a great partner along the way so they're gonna be a position in that same floor right around the corner uh and they'll have a testing facility uh set up so that uh testing will be thirty dollars,
um, that is one thing that is not able to be uh, run through insurance with uh, the volume and the setup that they have. we got that question that town hall last night.
Um drawing cards not keeping any of this uh viral solutions has stepped up to manage everything from accepting the payment uh for repayment,
doing the testing, everything, um, but it is a fifteen minute process relatively quick. as soon as you're able to be swabped, uh, you can leave, uh, the uh, data comes back to you,
um through a text or however you've uh set it up so it's really a neat process,
and uh, these people have been incredible. so, and I have heard the best positive like, excuse me, comments. I've just, how um, customer service oriented they are. this is a tough situation for any of us to be in.
Um we we have the perfect partners in uh somebody that's gonna be able to handle this and um,
you know, talk through it with people cuz obviously, we know that, you know, some people could show up thinking that they're perfectly fine and possibly positive.
Um so we are working through all that but we will have that available.

[23:52] Uh on site if you're in need of it so again thirty dollars cash or credit card no problem uh for them,
um results within fifteen minutes and then you can come pick up your bag as soon as you have the negative results from them and that they know all the documentation I'll be looking for so that will qualify,
um but on top of that if you uh come with your stuff or you go take the test or whatever and.

[24:15] Everything that's going on you've decided that you wanna take the step in but come back tonight um we actually have a free vaccination clinic as well,
um we have amazing partners too uh
uh that have uh worked with us uh and actually that the I gotta give a real shout out to you also for our partners at the aquarium cuz there uh who kinda connected us to make this happen. we have a,
a gentleman named John Walker right they don't think could be a better partner,
um, and he uh, kinda connected us as uh, we had interest and so that was exciting, but it is. it's a two-day clinic, Thursday, and Friday.
I am offering completely free vaccine. you can come in. there's two options offered.
Uh the Johnson and Johnson one shot and done or the Pfizer and they uh will begin the obviously the Pfizer but they'll also help you schedule the second.

[25:05] Uh because they have sites all around uh doing these vaccinations uh both in the public setting like we're doing,
um I think it's a really cool strategy for them. they're seeing a lot of success.
Uh where people are gathering and wanting to take that extra step uh and knowing that uh they want to go ahead and get back vaccinated. um but also uh they work with schools and all sorts of other things. so um we're really excited to partner with them and know,
we did get the question on town hall that does not qualify for full vaccination that you require to provide for badge pickup uh proof of vaccination requires you to be fully vaccinated which as defined by the CDC fourteen days posture,
uh final shot whether it's the one and done or the two series.

[25:48] Um but doesn't matter that's not what we're doing at four. we really wanted to do it to to give our fans as well as the community. uh and opportunity to take that next step to um protect your health. so in the community at large so that'll be great.

[26:02] Hey Facebook oh greatly well I wanna add something you said viral solutions is great customer service and they are I've had a negative I've had a test done,
um they were great. they were wonderful. now, they weren't gonna be at Dragon Time. I think it was a drive thru. um, but it was great and they're wonderful and one person just asked John in the chat box.
Is there any chance that viral solutions will expand to Monday cuz some wanna be tested before they go home.
I can certainly talk to them. uh, no current plans. uh, maybe even a small window.
But honestly a lot of it's just depending on um what they have available cuz they do as your point uh have all those uh drive-thru clinics as well.

[26:46] Six or seven I might be uh uh it's either six or seven,
uh, but I, we can certainly ask. we did see that in the town hall, uh, a couple times, uh, yesterday, and I think it's a great strategy. I know my husband and I are both planning on.
I'm doing wrap of the day we leave as well as uh we heard we have our PCR uh for where we get home two days later uh before I get paid,
so yeah so I I understand that the thought completely and uh we can certainly uh ask our partners they are to to see what they might have uh to be able to arrange,
and I also wanna say if you can't do that with at Dragon Con Kirby if you go on Google Maps or Google and it's put in um,
chess covid testing near me.
And I had like eight within a five mile.

[27:41] Radius of myself. so, if you do that while you're downtown, you might be able to, whatever interstate you're going up, uh if you are doing it that way,
they're gonna be somewhere around there. so, do check that and I think it's a great idea and actually just saying about the PCR, maybe my husband and I should do that as well. I didn't even think of that.
I was just gonna say that's a great strategy also as if you want to at this point,
uh cuz you know with the way the things are going right now with the surge we're currently having it's a lot more difficult to get,
scheduled tests especially within a day or two of the day that you think you really need it, right? uh so, if you want to that extra comfort level, maybe just uh,
um uh schedule now for.
Uh an appointment at you know uh a a walking clinic that's offering them for when you get back right right back from Dragon Con. so like that Monday after evening or Tuesday,
and I think I know at least in Tampa they they have they do have testing there at the airport as well. so that's actually how strategically we're getting a lot of our gas tested.

[28:52] Excellent. with a whole different story but yes, so a lot of that airports I think are are doing the on-site testing as well.
Yeah and we're also near Georgia State University and Georgia Tech and lots of other places that you can walk to in five minutes and might be able to be able to be tested. plus, publics. wanna John's favorite places?
Uh well I don't think it's too testing here uh at my publics in my area that maybe they do in Georgia.
Um so uh let's talk. let's talk about the smart little happier stuff if you will. hey. let us let's talk. let's talk about the uh the art show and the virtual marketplace. yeah. and uh how those things are are going this year.

[29:35] Hey, going really well. hey, my phone. there you go. well done. cuz I like to talk. but uh, no, there's so incredible. um, I'm really excited. uh, this is probably the aspect of.
Uh dry congo's virtual that I wanted to see cuz we didn't have any element of it uh prior to uh virtual. um I hope to see continue for many years to come. uh the success of the marketplace last year was absolutely staggering.
And uh this year we really wanted to make sure to bring it back uh understanding that no matter what the state of covid was at the time of the show that there were gonna be people that you know chose not to be with us and wanted to,
uh be experiencing a little bit of rain come from the comfort of their own home so that was kind of what you know began,
it was the easiest uh answer to come up with post-trine congo's virtual love. well, let's continue absolutely. so,
uh right now, I'm excited to say that we have almost two hundred participating so far. so, uh the marketplace is still powered by our uh great partners that have been any.
Um who last year uh was a big part of the MVP,
uh of drawing congos virtual because they had that piece but also helped us with our streaming last minute when we had some uh challenges technically,
um so they're wonderful partners and uh it will be uh there at one of the cool features of it this year I think is that we're opening up on uh Thursday the second,
uh so it kinda feels like you're going to dry and that kind of thing.

[31:01] We made the decision to close at the following Friday which is awesome. uh one, we wanted the people at home to be able to go and shop with your favorite vendors and artists and in pick up the goodies that you might not be uh getting uh missing the show.
Um but also we wanted to give the people that are at the in person convention the opportunity to either pick up things you may have forgotten or um you know,
hey this year I would say above anything it really is about personal comfort personal you know decisions and things like that and if people didn't wanna go to the vendor hall for whatever reason or the alleys or things like that,
you could still shop post show. so that is uh one that's really exciting to me. so I get it all run from the second all the way to the.

[31:43] Um so that is really good and also the the vendors and the artists have been very um excited about it because of the success last year and also just.

[31:52] Um.
You know they they two have experienced a really challenging year when all of these events were cancelled and they're just kinda getting geared back uh into it and a lot of them have been spending these couple years making,
super cool things. um that they hope to find a home very soon. so, uh virtually, that's kinda the the rundown, you'll be able to experience. uh vendors and art show combined this year and then comic and pop artist Ali separately.
Actually your be able to pick up kind of anything that you're uh looking for um but also uh just wanna touch on uh the phenomenal job are on site team is doing as well,
uh to keep these events uh safe as well as obviously full of really cool stuff for our people.
Um so the art show if you've never been uh occurs in the Hyatt Grand Hall um they have an amazing showing of guests and attending artists uh that are all tabling which is kinda cool we made that change a couple of years ago actually in twenty nineteen,
uh we made that change to kinda move it away from what we had previously so that you get a little bit more interaction with the artist so,
it's not as much a sales place where you gotta go to the tables you actually get to go visit with the artist sometimes learn about their process and kind of.

[33:02] Everything that that brought them to uh making the items that they have and then you can purchase uh something from them,
uh we also have a display where you can go and see a gallery of all of the um art from art and artists so that is uh a great opportunity,
um I'm always blown away uh by their creations and I encourage everyone uh to head over there if possible if you're attending the in person event again Graham Hall the Hy.

[33:27] Takes us to floor floor,
um so yeah so it's so exciting one of the coolest things that's happening this year um,
we decided to expand back from twenty nineteen we uh began a kids sketchbook,
uh in the comic and pop artist Valley and uh what that does I totally wish I brought one. um is it's a little book that you get complimentary. you can pick them up at the uh tables in front upcoming and pop artist Ally or in the art show they're registration table.

[34:04] And it's come Mary the kids they get to go around and each of the artists that are participating have a little um kids sketch sticker on their name tags,
so you know that you can go up to that person and approach them for a free sketch or autograph or anything like that and um we've gotten the most overwhelming uh feedback from both the kids that participated as well as the artist,
um Jamie who's uh my husband and uh uh works with our comics area handles all of that. uh it shows us his favorite email of the year to send out to the artist to solicit people that wanna participate.
Because it's just so kind and people are so excited to be able to interact with the younger fans and do this for them,
um so that's exciting and this year because of the success in twenty nineteen we're expanded to the art show as well so um that's kinda uh something that I'm I'm really uh excited about for um our younger fans.

[34:59] Hey Facebook all of the above.
Now do the uh do do the um,
what is the actual title of that particular and pop artist Allie
uh that's what it is. guys, that's why I always I always stumble across it because it's always like, I'm not sure what to call it. but um are those folks also going to be in the virtual marketplace or is that just,
um, in other words, can I take could they take a uh, um, a uh, now,
what's that? a commission? commission, thank you. that's where I was looking for. uh, through there now. uh, yes, so they can. it depends on how their market places set up, but we have, I think it, the last number I checked was over fifty.
Uh that are participating specifically from the uh art side of things
um so they were be prints available as well as a lot of them already have listed the ability to uh begin the conversations around a commission depending on what you want like a one person commissioner two or,
all of those things but yes the uh comics and pop artists absolutely uh participating in the marketplace.

[36:15] And they are also wonderful um the uh artist and everybody because.
Um I had a problem with one of my orders last year.
Quickly emailed him and they said oh you are right that wasn't what you ordered and quickly sent me what I ordered and then told me and that's a gift for you what you got,
so now don't do that on purpose people but they were very nice and um so there's wonderful and John as you were talking about commissions actually I'm gonna try to find somebody who does characters of adults
because i realized we do not have a caricature of my husband and my son I got like two of my son and one of me and my son but I don't have one of Andrew and our son,
so, getting cut on that. oh, no, right? exactly. so, that's great.

[37:07] Now, um this is probably the point. well, first of all, is there anything else that you wanna definitely make sure that we we we talk about
I know there's some exciting stuff for the charity that we that that you mentioned beforehand but we're gonna say that for our children. I know you really wanna say something. I'm so excited. Jody, let me just say that. it's gonna phenomenal job. she's one of the most creative out of the box thinkers,
um on our team and uh she's really jumped up something.
I think adorable and amazing and uh it's gonna be really cool for our fans. so, I will not tell her thunder. uh no matter how excited I am for it, uh but it should be a great call tonight. um I'm really excited for you guys.
Yeah. yeah. we'll talk to her later this evening. um.
But is there anything else that you wanna hit before we move on to last part and I know that Lee's probably gonna have to drop off because she has to go speak to a doctor. um,
and we hope her all the best there. um, what do you call it? uh, but is there anything that that we've missed that you really wanna make sure that we hit? um.

[38:10] My PSA announcement I will say and it's something that Lee touched on before he got on this call because I I did it with a director,
and um the only thing I would like to say is one to thank our fans for the support that has been shown um over these last two years.
Whether it was supporting uh what we had going on during Congo's virtual but also uh,
rain this year out it is been uh clearly the hardest year I would say of my life both professionally and personally,
and uh we are trying so very hard behind the scenes to uh make it a safe,
an amazing event though that is also representative of the drying con brand.
Um and all of those things but at the end of the day this is not gonna be a dragon come like any other,
it is going to be something that we all remember uh for a very long time whether you're making a choice to join us from home or attend in person,
and um I would say that uh the biggest thing uh in these last couple of years whether it's on social or things like that um my message for the year is Grace,
um, for everyone. you know, and John, you pointed to it earlier that if you're any not comfortable, that is okay.
And and all of those things and in trying to you know work through um everything that everyone is dealing with um and and do this and just ask that you know our fans continue that and and continue to support us and.

[39:36] And know that it's just not gonna be like any other and support each other. most importantly, as uh I think that's the message that I would uh want heard more than anything is sometimes uh social media can be very,
um contentious at best. and uh there are a lot of strong, strong feelings around uh doing too much, not doing enough, not in all of those things, but at the end of the day, um I feel strongly that the world is built on spec.
Um and that you can have different views. you can have different things but by golly.
Treat each other with respect and love and I know I'm a mom and I when I go into that voice it feels like I'm about to put someone at a corner,
um, but you know, I I kinda joke of like, you know, stop that or I'm gonna pull the bus over. kinda what I'm feeling,
um and you know people be good to each other. we all need this. we have all had a really difficult two years and patience, kindness,
uh those things matter.

[40:33] Yeah and and and to your point I've I've mentioned it already on the podcast but I I originally was uh going to be attending in person and um just with everything that happened I've,
uh, for my own personal uh, well being. I am fully backed. my entire family is fully vaxed. but.
Just with a couple of people in my life who have uh conditions that,
that would be very bad even though they are vacs that it could potentially we don't know because it's all a mystery. I have personally decide to just attend virtually.
Pains me. I'm gonna miss all seeing my friends in in person. but again, it was a everybody has to do what's comfortable for them.
Um even even on non-co videos you still do what's you know right what's what's comfortable for you so so I don't think that I don't think anybody A should shame anyone uh for for their,
there um uh choice if they decide to stay home it's like because of.
Whatever. everyone has their own thing they have to deal with. so, um two, to that end, um that's uh uh but anyway.

[41:42] That's it. yeah. um. so, Lee has to go. I love everybody. love you. love you too. Rachel. hey, take care. please give me an update,
what? I said take care and please give me an idea. I will. I will. I will. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. we'll be back on charity tonight, John. so, okay.
So uh Lee's dropping out but we do have a game to we do have a game that we are gonna play okay um uh with a with you uh do you have one other question that did come in that did wanna,
address and did ask pretty early on what areas still need volunteers do we know and can people apply to be volunteers in person.
No. yes, no, okay. yes, we still need volunteers.
Um we are the onsite piece are only going to the major area so uh uh and I don't wanna out I don't wanna miss speak but I believe it's just safety and checkups,
um it would be accepting uh just mask hey I just wanna volunteer put me somewhere,
um obviously we're trying to handle every situation uh uniquely on its own if you know something happens within a track or within an area and we need to work with them we are doing that personally but as far as your,
general person that maybe makes the decision uh walking up to the show that they uh would like to volunteer,
uh, it will uh, be very limited into the large, large areas where uh, support is needed most. okay. um, did you do?

[43:08] Okay and also Jerry just points out uh you know I love you all like family. good luck with everything you guys doing during this crazy year. especially this year attendees volunteers. Conheads be safe and watch out for each other and I will add be nice to each other,
hey that's that's an every year rule but it's especially true.
This year. hey Mary has my heart. he's one of the best people to have in your corner. he is uh passionate always speaks his truth and uh.

[43:34] Really is a phenomenal human being. so, and obviously has great questions too. so, it's quite cool. yeah. um, so.
Uh Rachel. yeah. you know we normally play. we normally play a game here at the end with our guests. this year we've been nervous every time. well, guess what? this year, you're gonna be with company. uh so, we've we play on, we've been playing on Jackbox this year.
So, if you, I, I should've probably should've warned you about this before and either on your phone or,
on an extra another tab on your your browser there. uh if you can go to Jackbox TV and I'll put in the private chat real quick. I should've done this earlier. Jack. Jackbox dot.
TV and here's the uh in the private chat on on there on uh you see that,
I will open it up for our folks that are watching to play along. we're gonna be playing quick last tonight. no. I'm gonna be so bad but that's okay. it's uh they're trying to come related questions.
Okay, okay. um so, anybody that wants to participate, let me pull up the volume here.

[44:42] The room code is, oops, somebody's already gotten in there. GWB.

[44:52] Hopefully take the carpenter. oh. oh banana.
I never seen this. oh, really? what's up? I know use it and we've got a great job with virtual. we've had a really fun thing but oh, I'm so excited.

[45:15] Oh hey Facebook yes.

[45:19] Do I have to unload episode or report episode or do I just sit? no, no, no, you just, just leave it, you just leave it alone. it'll uh, I'll take care of everything on my side. the only thing you're gonna have to do is there'll be a couple of prompts that will come to your,
to your phone and you're just gonna fill on the prompts and everyone else will get stuff to their phone or to their their um.
Whatever device they happen to be using and they'll they'll answer as well and then we'll vote on the best answers uh when they come up. okay.
So it's really low stakes here. okay cool. I feel better about that. I can answer you.
Ask me about the operations of the convention all day long. I'm good but anything, yeah, no, okay.

[45:58] Uh Jerry says, of course, I took the coffin. I'm in horror drink. I should have known.

[46:06] He's very smiling. we'll give it uh one more minute and then uh if no one else joins in, we will start the game. okay, okay.

[46:20] Um where's the well we're waiting where's the best place to get all of your official dragon conform information.
Depends on what cake. the website in general. it is the best. I specifically get everything with covid because by golly, it changes so uh much or has throughout the last several months when we've begun communicating.
It's a dragon kind dot org slash updates,
um it's the best page too. uh I also obviously encourage everybody to follow us on social media. um especially this time of year is even more exciting cuz we're promoting kind of the cool things at the tracks are doing and our partners are doing and and all sorts of things. so basically everywhere.

[47:00] Uh since we all seem to know everybody else joining in we're gonna go ahead and start the game. here we go guys. that's true.

[47:11] It's time for Quiplash three.
The clips of doom I'm smitty and it seems fate has brought us together to make fart jokes. didn't make it in the game and wanna be heard put in that room code and vote in the audience,
it's the prequel to round two round one I'm gonna flash two prompts on your device type something ingenious that will stand up against another players response then everyone will vote for their fave and one of you will get an ego boost,
you're going to get points based on the percentage of votes you get so don't hold back.

[47:58] Okay everybody that's playing should have a,
couple of prompts on their machine and they're whatever machine they happen to be using. now's time to go do that. uh once I see that Rachel's gotten hers and I will uh there is a question in the in the audience that will that is actually very good one that I didn't think about.
Okay. um, that we will uh, we'll ask while we wait for others to enter there. answers.

[48:31] Okay. originally, okay, so here's the question. um, how do we know where panel lines start with the extra distancing?
So uh start a panel lines where they always start and that's it so we don't have any plans for that. our plans primarily are focusing on keeping them spaced out.
And one of the biggest things that uh we're doing I want you to smile tweak but big when it comes to lines is uh we used to have the policy where if you already in line.
We were kinda suggest we think this might be where the line ends but this year it's not gonna be that it's going to be this is where the line ends there is no more lining up because you would be amazed especially at some of the bigger panels we would have fifty plus people,
still waiting, hoping they would get a seat, and we're just not gonna do that this year, because uh, we're also uh, with the two thirds capacity, not allowing any standing room.
So uh that they will start where they have always or where they have started uh twenty nineteen go towards the ballroom that you want to and you'll be directed where the line is.

[49:28] Cool. alright.

[49:36] What time?

[49:41] And here's your first prompt. okay, Deadpool mashups that we really that we need right now. Deadpool sci-fi janitor or Loki and Dakoc.

[49:56] Deadpool mashups that we need right now Loki and Dakoc mash up a deadpool or Deadpool sci fi janitors you cast your boat and if you're in the audience you can vote there too.
Deadpool sci-fi janitor wins and that was Rachel.
The reason civil war broke out between the dragon con hotels. carpet design loyalty or rum buckets versus apple pie.

[50:26] Carpet design loyalty or rum buckets versus apple pie was a reason that the Civil War broke out between dragon con hotels.
Let's see who wins this one.
Uh rum buckets for apple pie turns in when's that one? next one up.

[50:59] Worst thing to ask attract director the day before.
When does when when do the hotel reservations open or does my two thousand nineteen badge still work?

[51:12] Worst thing to ask attract director the day before Con.
When does the hotel reservation? when do the hotel reservations open up? or does my two thousand nineteen badge still work?
Both pretty equal I'm gonna go with how to choose one.
Hey when does the hotel reservations open uh one that one?

[51:40] Where to sing to happen at midnight during Dragon Con.
Sleeping soundly or the Wednesday night happy New Year's cheer weirdest thing to happen at midnight during dragon the Wednesday night happy New Year's cheer or,
uh, sleeping soundly, both those would be weird at tracking condiment night. especially for you, Rachel. yes.

[52:06] Maybe the sleeping soundly more uh more weird for you at that point.

[52:15] Weirdest thing I can think of.
Blank a verb.
Verb. the active waiting in line for a waiting hours in advance for a panel. lining. oh. now, we've had that one before. now,
it's good to point out you can't wait hours in advance in line. but anyway, blank. blank brings all the congoers to my yard.
Uh cool weather friend springs all the time goers to my yard or my big old mudden truck brings all the.

[52:55] Time goes to the yard. oh, these are fantastic.
Cool weather friends is the winter there with a quick lash cool weather front spring all the congress.

[53:15] Are we expecting a cool weather front this year? I mean, we gotta hurricanes can go through this weekend. I have to be honest. normally, I worry about weather. I've got so many other worries this year.

[53:27] Alright, let's see who's winning. and Rachel's winning right now. yay WhatsApp,
alright. so, second round. get yourselves ready cuz round two chase. oh, no.
Alright. uh let's see. I ain't going outside with no AC on a hot day. it's cherry.
Yeah, good point. uh, those of you playing, you should be getting two more new prompts to your device.
Uh this is the second round that we had as a reminder we have a third round which is the triple round which is only one question. with three possible answers.

[54:14] Uh see. no, so we got going on. it's a good time to remind everyone. if you need to reach us, it's at fifty days at the unique dot com. five zero days.
The unique geek dot com. also, when we're doing these, well, I mean, we're almost at the end at this point but uh,
like I've mentioned before, this is the first time that we've done these live recordings within audience. um, this year. so, uh.

[54:43] For next year I guess we're saying this uh we're we're trying to make sure that there more on more of a schedule but with everything going on this year it is uh.

[54:53] Insane trying to keep a schedule as Rachel can probably tell you. yes. um so, everything, everything changes, you know, um we try to try to make them as as consistent as possible but but it's um sometimes not possible.

[55:08] Get your answers in now.
Hey Facebook oh I think uh Zan did get her last one in there in time.

[55:25] As soon as moderation on Facebook will dive back in head burst darn it I hear you pull on just double checking everything and making sure.
You know, it is the internet. wanna make sure the answers are appropriate. at the front of the line is.
And add slogan for Atlanta weather during Con. at least our people are nice or Satan sends his regards. and add slogan for Atlanta weather during Con.
At least our people are nice or,
Santa, Santa, Santa sure, Satan, Santa's regards, Santa also does as well. hey, Sam, you can too. let's be honest.
Who love it? uh Satan sends his regards wins with a super quick lash. okay, what's next? a fun name for Dragon Con elevators.
Good dad I guess let's do this or variant transport um a little off color but still funny.
Although truth be told they are in the background in Loki those those those elevators are there and that's where all the bearings live.

[56:40] Uh buried transport variant transport winds. and now.

[56:50] Strange new addition to dragon con TV twenty-four seven Captain Kirk uh is climbing a mountain or prerecorded panels from.
Waiting on good dough uh that's that's what the previous it was thinking galga that.

[57:09] Why is it Wonder Woman? it's waiting on Good O. got it. uh, prepailed uh, prerecorded panels from.

[57:16] Oh we got cut off uh so I'm not sure exactly what it was supposed to be,
uh strange new edition to Dragon Con TV is twenty-four seven captain Kirk climbing a mountain,
let's keep it going. uh.
When does Dragon Time end? never never was both of them. they got the jinx. I've never seen a jinx actually occur. Panamos predicted to be about twenty twenty-one is Doctor Who? with someone that forgot uh. oh sure. no answer.

[57:57] Uh what caused the fuse to be blown at Dragoncon Joker costume gone too far at least one of you did the work enjoy some points,
was round two as good for you as it was for me let's find out. yeah no.
See where we at now. going all the way back. man. oh, you're not the end. oh, yeah. eternal Zan is winning. get ready for. last round.
A final round to end all rounds
I'm going to send each of you a prompt that requires. three, separate responses. yo, do great,
no no.
Okay, those of you playing, look at your device now. um, I got, you normally, I forget to say this. you should probably looking at your device.
Uh for the prompts.

[58:56] Twenty minutes before the end of the previous round when they when the the game start uh because we're on delay so you don't actually see the yeah. whatever. that's what happens. this is the world we live in now and.
We're just trying to deal with it.

[59:11] Um, yeah, okay. so, so, yes, I feel bad. yes, Zan, it was good waiting for Goodeau and that is, that is actually awesome names for for the dragon elevators.
Um in my apologies again I was thinking gal.
I I by the way I'm laughing cuz I do get to I do get to preview these answers. and um as usual our audience is brilliant. most dragons are.

[59:53] This is the last round and we'll be saying goodbye to Rachel so you need to get back to uh hopefully not having to reschedule all the scheduling. oh. good times.

[1:00:06] Gabe Forest. I think Forest might have dropped out. unfortunately.
Hey. oh, he got in there. whoo hoo.
That was close. okay, let's do this. yeah, forest is a left the building.

[1:00:26] Okay, three things that stick to your shoes at Dragon Con. lost badges, food, and sleeping people.
Uh nothing like running on a post. here's some points.
Uh describe the dragon content in three words fast caffeinated and handheld or,
ramen noodles cheap cereal grow goose snacks.

[1:00:56] So three words it describe the dragon con diet fast caffeinated handheld or ramen noodles cheap cereal and grogo snacks vote for your fave now.

[1:01:10] Scheduling fun. remember years ago when William Shatner joined about a week before Con. good times.

[1:01:17] At least this time he uh he still he still is currently attending correct.
Yes. okay. Friday and Saturday. Friday and Saturday. grip Lash. uh the cripple lash was fast. caffeinated and handheld. that was. that was Rachel's.
The unsung heroes of dragoncon,
escalators have it trails and bathrooms without giant lines or Bob and Carl the setup volunteers restaurant food courses. I know both of them are really good. we wanna usually wind up in this situation. so,
yeah, Bob and Carl, the sit up volunteers were in restaurant slash food court employees or escalators have a trails bathrooms without giant lines.
There's three unsung girls. essentially split the room by bobbing carl. one.
Alright, here we go. but did you rock the scoreboard?
Rachel was in second by the way. so, there we go. alright, Rachel. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate you taking time out of what is.
A busy in frankly.

[1:02:37] Hopefully the last of this unusual years that you have to deal with drink consually unusual to begin with, right? right. I didn't need extra. I didn't do that. yeah. so.

[1:02:46] Uh good games in and hooray from uh first ones from David and everything. okay. um so, until next time, Rachel. uh well, thank you everyone. yes. um for Rachel,
Lee who uh who hopefully is gonna be where I'll uh send her well wishes um.

[1:03:08] And all work for uh all of our fans and guests that have uh played with us today. uh until next time. this is John saying peace.

[1:03:19] And ah where we at now.

[1:03:22] Music.

[1:03:30] Hey was a production of the unique geek. call our comment line at eight one three three two one zero two.

[1:03:38] That's it. one, three, three, two, one, zero, eight, eight, four. Email us at the geeks at the Unique Key dot com or fifty days of the uniquely dot com.

[1:03:48] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter. this podcast is distributed under a creative comments attribution on commercial share like.

[1:03:57] Music.

[1:04:15] Feel better Lee.