Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 47 - The End Is Nigh

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.
You're funny come back on your face and give me twenty-five.

[0:34] Music.

[0:38] Welcome to another edition of.

[0:41] It still goes on during the end times and joining me today is no one. it's just me. um, Lee is, hopefully resting right now.
and uh getting better and for those that are concerned, she uh the update that I got from her is that um some of her stuff has gotten better. um other things still are pretty much the same. so, she's,
under the weather but uh her husband does report that her color looks normal now so,
um so, if you had a green screen up, she wouldn't kinda blend into it. uh so, anyway, it's just me today. uh those of you that are watching live or watching the last one that we're recording live,
uh those of you that are listening or listening to the second to last episode for the for this season. um that's how time works. we work in weird ways. anyway, um so,
I wish I had something to report but I don't. other than, you know, this is the Monday of Dragon Con Week. so, everyone is either packing up and on their way or um getting ready for virtual dragon or,
already there we have several of our listeners that are already um already there and reporting back from from the floor if you will um,
and confused that when they do see people that look like they're in costumes whether they are really in costumes or not or cosplayer or not. so, anyway, so without any fancy to do, I'm gonna go check and see who's outside.

[2:11] Oh someone just drove up in a apocalyptic looking uh vehicle. who is it? oh it's Shannon. Shannon how you doing? I'm doing good. how are you? I'm uh hanging in there.
Um as Lisa as we blame you we blame your track for all of this but then again if I won't go to your track they would be prepared
exactly. I know, right? double edge sword. yes, exactly. yeah, so you're the, you're the director of apocalypse rising. what is apocalypse rising?
I'm so apocalypse rising is pretty much all things the end of the world and preparing you to survive it. so we have um a good mix of,
real world practical things like first aid, survivalism, bugging out, that kind of stuff, and then we also have the the fun media stuff like The Walking Dead, and the one hundred and you know, apocalyptic litterture. oh, that's cool. now,
no. did let's let's let's flashback to two thousand nineteen. back when everything seemed.

[3:13] Slightly better. um, the uh, did you have any tracks at that time on the world coming? well, on pandemics, I mean, it's. yeah, we did. probably, we'll not come to an end due to this but but it is certainly a pandemic.
Yeah in twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen we actually had panels on like,
apocalypse by pandemic in which pandemic would take us out and what it would look like. so, um today that we were not surprised. this way is um is would be accurate.
But yeah. hey, unfortunately, we live in an age where there is,
uh we're science has improved enough that we haven't wound up in a in a in a bad spot. look, we certainly, we certainly aren't out of this yet. so, yeah, exactly. so, yeah. um now, you mentioned you have, you have.
Um The Walking Dead is one of your your media uh properties if you will. so, you also have lots of
guests coming from them, don't you? I know we do. like, everybody, I'm stoked. everybody should be super excited because it's been a minute since we've had like.
A good lineup of Walking Dead cast members. yeah, it's weird cuz they shoot right there in that area, right? but of course, they're probably usually shooting at that same time. so, that's exactly it, right? they're usually shoot shooting and they do a lot of night shoots obviously and it just their schedule doesn't line. it doesn't work out.
Um but this year cuz of covid.

[4:41] Um, and because it's their last season getting ready to air. yeah, right? um, and the fact that they're last season is getting ready to air. um,
there's a good amount of available folks. so, we are gonna have four panels, one every day.
And it's gonna be a good mix of different people. so, it won't be just the same people every day. um, they'll be um,
different people, different combinations of folks. um so, I'm really excited about that. each panel should be really unique and really fun.
That's that that is super cool. now, I imagine most of those are taking place in the big ballrooms, correct?
Correct. um most of ours are in the peach tree ballroom in the western cuz that's where our track is based. um but we also have one happening in Centennial two three,
as well. hi, okay. yeah. alright. um and you mentioned your room is over at the Western whereabouts in the western isn't it?
We are in chasting F through H which is on the sixth floor so if you enter,
from the street we're gonna be right there on the left like past that weird table that can just everything and then we're gonna be right there on the left.

[5:57] Yeah, okay. so, so, yeah, that's that's the thing with the west. it's it's sort of this weird. it you would think the TVA would have actually been there and not over,
right? no. no. no. no.

[6:16] Uh Zan says hello from the loading crew.
Oh, hey, they're all out there. she's already up there in Atlanta loading in with uh the uh tech crew because you know, that's what's happening right now. I drank on. yup. um.
Yeah so you uh let's see you also have a couple of um big events that you do,
outside of your room that don't involve necessarily. well, it still involves zombies really. yeah. um, but don't evolve, don't involve uh, media guess, where are those?
Um so, Friday is kind of our big night. um we are having the zombie prom.
It's going on this year um I do not know what the room capacity will look like today we'll figure that out as we go um but we're super excited to have DJ Spider DJing for us.

[7:02] And that'll be um from ten PM to two AM in uh the Grand Ballroom in the Hillton
and we'll be still crowning our zombie king and queen and they'll be you know decorations and lights and dancing and we'll have a little like photo booth setup so you can take a prom photos if you want
um, and then to help with that, um, before the prom from four to like nine thirty, we actually have complimentary zombie makeovers happening
um and that's in chasting sea in the western so right across from our track room is pretty much
now how is that gonna be done with masking? um so we have face shields.
For our makeup artists and they will have masks on. um we're gonna sanitize between every person. um I've made sure cuz they're all professional effects artists that do the makeovers.
Um so they ordered exactly they've already been back on set and they have safety protocols um we're not gonna let as many people in the room to wait um they're
people are gonna just have to keep come by and checking and we're really just kinda,
things you know a sanitary lots of Clorox wipes wipes everywhere um enhancer yeah and do that.

[8:18] And uh FX artists do that. um
basically for tips and the tips are really just to cover their cost of their materials um their donating their time and their skills which is awesome to help make people look like their best on self
that is super, super, super cool. yeah, do you uh do you guys do anything for specifically for the charity events or is it just, you know, pass the bucket around and,
and uh, uh, encourage people to give um, what they can from.

[8:46] The stage. yeah, um we passed the bucket. we don't have any specific events but we like to do games. so, this year, we're kinda doing a let's make a deal thing
where for a donation you can kinda pick one of three boxes and they'll be like little goodies that have been donated over you know the last year or so and um if you don't like what you got then for an additional
small donation you can pick a different one
and see if you get something better. thanks. we're praying on people's love of the mystery box and Fomo.
You you also have obviously fan panels uh what what are some of those that we can expect this year.

[9:27] Um so one of the ones that I am super excited about is a panel that's um happening,
it's Sunday morning. I believe and it is on homesteading.
Um so basically we have some experienced homesteaders that are gonna come in and talk about you know canning and gardening and
keep being sustainable wherever you live whether that be the city, the country, somewhere in between.
Um and how to do it safely because lots of people have been giving themselves botulism through candy. the pasta. eighteen months. something exactly
so how to do that safely the
process and bridge seizures and and yeah so they've got a lot of great topics they're gonna go through and I'm super super excited for that one,
that's cool and you also have other media fan panels right?
Oh yeah, we do. we definitely do. like, we have a media panel for the Walking Dead. we have one for the stand which I'm really excited about cuz we have jam packet on as a as a panelist and they actually wrote um a book on the stand
um so we are gonna have a rules of really really good discussion especially with,
the most recent mini series having, you know, come out and the old one in the book. so yeah, I'm really excited for that one too. that one's been a couple of years in the making,
I don't remember what was the cause of the apocalypse in the stand. was it also a virus?

[10:50] Um everything is just a big jumble in my head right now but I do believe it was a virus. yeah. I can't remember either. I I didn't watch the newest mini series. I did watch the,
old uh new series what was that? yeah. ninety something. yeah. nineties a thing. it was in the nineties definitely. yeah. um.

[11:09] So do you also I know that in the past you've had some um guests from just like uh emergency preparedness and things like that the other guest this year. we do.
We do. um obviously as you can imagine a lot of our survival panelists are very busy right now. um but we do have one of my um team members is a registered nurse and she'll be doing some panels on like
first aid um and just a general panel on pandemics because you know, obviously, everybody's curious now.
Um and we'll have EMTs. we've got somebody on my team that works at the CDC. um yeah, so we'll have a lot of um professionals still out coming out and doing our panels,
okay. and um.

[11:51] Just out of at a curiosity if you if you know what your normal room capacity is versus what obviously it's two thirds full this year,
what day would the room capacity will be about this year for your fan panels? yeah, so in pastures, we've actually split our room up um by,
F and G and H and to kinda give my staff some breathing room I have I've condensed it back into one room um and the capacity for that I believe is three twenty okay so two thirds of of three twenty so,
okay. alright. so, four capacity, four capacity would be three twenty and then in half that, okay, then, two thirds of that rather. um, yeah, and and as as uh, Regina,
reminded folks, although you wouldn't have heard if you, if you watch live, you would have seen that the other day, if you're listening, you'll hear this tomorrow but there is no standing,
uh correct. the seats are gone. that's it. exactly. exactly. you know, they're.

[12:52] You have to have a chair to um stay in the room and yeah my team will be definitely
um enforcing that for our track room and we'll be like it forcing the mask all the and all that good stuff while disposable masks available if someone you know comes in and and,
doesn't have the appropriate mask wear. um so yeah. duck man wants to know what's dragon gun
oh did I miss I bet you I did I bet you that's what you're saying is I miss typed it they older let me say no to the the no no I did it right okay,
alright. I just want as you know. I miss taping something.
I'm like if it's not dragging caught I know nothing about it right now.
Do you have any idea? I have no idea. I don't know. it's it's dragons, dyslexic dragons.
Poor dragons always being picked on all the time. yep. uh what other what other panels can we expect uh for me guys? anything,

[13:57] Of important okay now now they're just making fun of me inside of the okay trying to get me to say things I guess at this point um,
what other what other uh what other fan panels do we do we expect this year one of the things do we have,
uh, in store for from you guys. um, so our FX artists that are doing the complimentary makeovers, um, two of them will be doing separate panels, kind of walking you through, how to do um, your own basic makeup,
um and answering questions about how to get into the business and you know,
what products to use. basically, anything you wanna know and they usually do that while they're making someone up. um, in a in a makeup. so, those are usually pretty good.
Um and then also we're gonna have a panel on the psychology of a pandemic. um and that's
basically gonna be talking we've got a lot of mental health experts counselors um and they're gonna be talking about you know the after effects right like we're all kind of slowly entering back into the world there's a lot of anxiety and and
concern and you know PTSD and some instances um so they're gonna be talking about all of that like you know,
your feelings are valid. you know, here's what you might be feeling and here's how you can address that and and deal with it. so, I think that'll be a really interesting panel as well.

[15:19] That that is cool. it's actually that's that's really interesting as you're bringing in,
uh, people to discuss, I mean, all of us, I know we, we've, we've been hearing it a lot lately that,
you know, you're not the only one that feels this, you know, that that's that's feeling this. um, but it's nice to, it's nice to hear it from professionals as well. yeah.
That um you know and then also in a in a in a group environment where you know you can all.

[15:45] Commiserate together. I mean, it's it is cathartic in a way to to you know,
I know it sounds weird and sounds sound silly to see the other people are having the same problems that you are.
Exactly. yeah. it gives you a sense of community, right? it's that, you know, oh, it's not just me. there's other people out there.
And and you know, ways of ways of getting through and ways of finding help. so. exactly. um, yeah, yeah.
That is that is really awesome. uh so, where can people find um,
information on the apocalypse track on the web and uh elsewhere.
I don't know. imprint media. where can you find? hey. but really, I probably are Facebook which is at a pop rising. mm hmm. is gonna be the best place to see. um, we also have Twitter and Instagram accounts which will be um, updated as well, and they're pretty much
um all at a pop rising. um but.

[16:44] I think our social media is gonna be the best place to find us. okay, that's cool. um, and was I gonna say, oh, real quick, before, before I forget this, cuz it's a question that I sometimes forget to ask. how did you become,
the director of Apocalypse Rising.
Oh um so back and onto the floor as people are running after looking for volunteers that you know you have a bling. um so i started as a volunteer.
Um way back when when our track was known as something as the tribe track dedicated to one small post apocalyptic show filmed in Australia and New Zealand,
um so I volunteered there and I volunteered with the track.

[17:30] Last year. a couple of years, I was able to kind of like, you know, grow and learn and become a director.
Oh, okay. okay. um, we we lost you halfway through there so that you're doing the tribe track and then.

[17:51] And then what happened? oh, sorry. yeah, you froze a little bit. I was like, was it mean? did he froze? and then I, you know, made my interest known that I wanted to be
director eventually and I started getting um you know prepared by the venue current director and when she was ready to step down um I took over and that was probably about ten eleven years ago and I have been,
um the director of our students, yeah. and I love it.
That is super cool. so, um what as you know, if you you've been on before, we like to play games with our guests at the end of the,
podcast and uh we'll still continue to chat through this but but um we've been using Jackbox TV services today we're gonna be playing a custom hopefully a custom,
decide not to do the dragon come when I had set up for her but,
in theory it works. uh I did send it in a private chat the the room code there for you. wow. Janet. Washington,
once Shanzan uh we will open it up for others to participate with us. all you need is a internet connected device. oh, she's in. so, let me go ahead and still bring up the volume here.

[19:02] Wrong one. there we go. we're in the room cut out, room code, you got it. DSH.
DSHX is the recode and uh I'll bring up the,
through the banner up there too so people can see it. um, and as it's typical, when I don't have uh, Lee here, I forget to do the uh.

[19:24] Put in the thing over here. cuz usually doing it. dual duty for me cuz she's uh,
uh reminding me when to get to the show on the road here and that's what I'm trying to do right now. help me get a bunch of people coming in. awesome.
And uh let's just share this. let me know.

[19:52] Okay and put this up your stream. there we go.
Uh DSHX is the room code if you want to join of course if you're listing on the audio. that's not gonna help at all.
Cuz we've already oh uh so we do have um.

[20:09] Uh we do have uh Jerry asking is there any black summer panels?
Um unfortunately not this year I tried to find time to fit it in but since we're back down to one room for this year um we weren't able to fit that into our programming. so um but next year for sure it's on the sleeve for next year.
Okay, cool. uh, Steve wants to point out that, hey, I should be working right now. yeah, me too, Steve.
Uh Jerry did ask uh how's Lee missed the start um she's doing better she's still not.

[20:44] The best like she normally is. um so, she's doing better right now. so, hopefully, everything um.

[20:51] Hopefully everything kinda works out here shortly.
Um glad uh Rob says glad to have the Walking Dead guests icon. yes. yeah. and Rob's actually gonna be one of our moderators for one of the panels which I'm super excited about. yeah, he's very glad.
Um, alright, we have, we have six players, which is good to have nice even number. um, because he played uh, against him, so we're gonna go and start the game.
In uh just two seconds of anybody a chance uh.

[21:26] He says he's also nervous. oh, you're gonna do fine, Rob. you're gonna be awesome. yeah.
Uh alright, we're gonna go and start the game then. in theory, this should be dragon related. who knows? we'll find out soon. yeah.
Prepare yourself for Quiplash three. quips on parade.
I'm smitty and if I don't recognize you from earlier games it's only because i don't care by the way if you didn't get in the game you can still vote as an audience member type in the room code to join,
this is round one.
You'll get two prompts on your device to answer anyway you please you'll go ahead to head with another player's response and everyone else votes on their favorite sound easy that's cuz it is you're going to get points based on the percentage of votes you get so don't hold back.

[22:26] Okay those of you participating should see a uh prompt or you'll see too you'll get two prompts on your device,
hopefully again apocalypse or uh.
Parkless related. um, go ahead and fill us out. in the meantime, it's a good time to remind everyone about um, the Dragon Con awards or Dragon Awards, excuse me as well, they're actually called.
Uh the Dragon Awards you can get those at Dragon Con slash org or sorry dragoncon dot org slash awards dragon dot org slash words they would like people to vote those are fan generated,
or um awards given out to, I don't know, some like fifteen, sixteen categories, something like that. um, and uh,
they're just looking for people to uh to vote to make sure that they get um.

[23:17] Uh, yep, okay. apparently, it worked this time cuz I am seeing them come in as. yes. they're they're coming in there. okay.

[23:29] Um also you can reach us at even after Con is over at fifty days at the unique geek dot com,
uh five zero D A Y S at the Unique,
dot com those are uh easiest way to reach us and eight one three three two one zero eight eight four or eight two one,
eight eighty-one eight three eight one three three two one. oh.
Jerry. looks so sad. Jerry. okay. um. there you go. don't let me. just wait on me.
I'm sure Jerry got all his answers in. how about we start with?
Something not too softly whispered. softly whispered to Thanos. okay. you're very large fly is down or you're wearing the wrong infinity gut lift.
Something not to whisper to Thanos. you're very large fly is down. or.
You're wearing the wrong infinity gun. go ahead and vote. that was a few even in the audience. see who won?
Us uh Steve wins with your very large fly is down.

[24:49] Title of the apocalyptic themed follow up to eat preloved.

[24:56] Which is your options are eat brains, pray for mercy, and love swords, or run, hide, die.
Title of the apocalyptic themed follow up to eat prey love which is eat brains, pray for, pray for mercy, and love swords or run high to die.
And Kyle family wins it. oh, but the audience like Shannon's answer. so, actually, Shannon wins run hide down. wow. alright. check this out.
Uh dumbest way to die at Disney World during an alien invasion attacking Space Mountain in a confused,
and a confused moment. suffocating inside the mad hatter's giant hat.
Tell us where today Disney World during an alien invasion attacking space mountain in a confused moment or suffocating inside the Mad Hatter's giant hat.

[25:55] Hey Barry very dumb ways today.
Hey uh let's see uh Jerry gets it with a space mountain uh but the other way with the audience.

[26:10] Unexpectedly fun way the world will end. we all get Frank. I'm worldwide.

[26:19] A worldwide flood of pie. unexpectedly fun way the world will end. we all get funk or.
Hey worldwide flood of pie. both very fun ways to die.

[26:37] Oh it's split and uh Shannon wins it with Potter Pie.

[26:49] Title of Disney's remake of Night of the Living Dead. the dead dying again. oh, Jerry C. no.
That's gonna be forgot to answer. well, I'd lean up right up Jerry C's Alex since he was in the horror track.
Uh title of a Broadway musical about the apocalypse.
My fair zombie or cats the sequel cats have taken over,
my fears on me or cats.
This is usually where Lisa's why can't I pick two? exactly, they're so good. both of them. title of the Broadway musical about the apocalypse. my hair is zombie or cats, the sequel, cats taken over.

[27:36] Jerry want to say it was twilight of a slightly not living this is,
that was wrong. can't see the scores. that's the sequel. oops.
Uh let's see who's winning. oh, Pal family. just barely head to Shannon.
Round two is upon us. put on your best clip face because the points are doubled and the tension is thick.
Ironically Jerry knows that he had a cat attack his keyboard actually is,
lay board which I think the cat is still there is probably what's happening uh when answering his keyboard. so, I think but maybe the cat is really. the problem here.
I do I do like twilight with a slightly not living um for Disney's yeah it's good no the living dead.

[28:42] Uh

[28:48] Jerry's not having a problem answer anymore. um.

[28:58] And singing.
Sorry. again, I apologize to anybody listening. I just get to read them in advance and you guys don't know why I'm laughing. but it's funny. we're good. we're good.

[29:18] Here we go.
Name of a candle scent designed to invoke the end times. essence of the scent or ex body spray medley.
Name of the candle sent design to invoke the end times essence of the scent or axe body spray Bedley.

[29:46] You're the best. we are the best people at Greg Guy.
Hey Siri. and here we have.
First thing the more people say when they surface in twenty twenty-two. where are all of the people? you're not over or you're not over this thing yet.
Oh both probably very true. uh first thing the bull people say when they surface in twenty twenty-two,
where are all the people or you're not over this thing yet? surprise.
I know. oh. Sharon. Jerry Winsworth. you're not over this thing yet. taking a super quick latch. whoo. Jerry's back in the game.

[30:49] Pet name for the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. alright. fluffy or little squishy.

[30:57] Pet name for the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs fluffy or little squishy.

[31:03] Little squishy is uh my my rapper name from. nice.
Exact split right down the middle. hey, Chris.
Nickname for a baby zombie.
A nickname for a baby zombie. little nibbler or munchies.
This game is exactly what my day needed. this is amazing.
Uh let's see looks like little nibbler takes it over very good. let's see.
A robot you wouldn't mind taking over the world. the Iron Giant or Rosie from the Jetsons? a robot, you would, Robert, Robert. hey, robot. you wouldn't mind taking over the world. the Iron Giant or,
Rosie from the Jetson's.

[32:05] Let's see. here we go. oh, oh, oh, oh,
and Rosie wins. cuz she cleans up after you. that's right.
Uh one benefit of the sun dying out no more sunburn or,
hey portal dragon content will now be tolerable. when benefit of the sun dying out no more sunburns or dragon heat will now be tolerable. Bo Vacurate for this coming weekend. yes.

[32:40] Actually, how is the weather supposed to be? you know, the hurricane kinda passing. I think it's supposed to be rainy. uh. uh, dragon heat will now be tolerable. wins it.
Alright, last round coming up here. and round two is history. let's see how it'll be remembered.
Who's winning? Shannon. Shannon is ten points ahead of Jerry right now.
A no holds barred whipaganza. you'll each get a prompt that needs. three separate responses. you got this,
alright group last coming up and you guys should be getting something in your devices there,
um let's see what else to remind folks uh well again I mean I think some of the people that are here are actually already there or on their way there,
um oh uh Jerry says that for a weather update according to the weather channel I assume that's what TWC is not not uh Thomas.

[33:50] William and uh Catherine. um two, random people from the world. uh according to TWC, it will be mostly sunny,
this is a question. um.

[34:05] So, there's that. uh, yeah. so, again, don't forget your masks. if you're packing right now,
um, if you, if you're using, you know, if you can't, using that ninety-five, that's just my personal preference.
Um you put something over the top of your course. uh cloth masks try to make sure that they have a couple of extra layers in them. um and surgical masks for your middle ground apparently.

[34:39] Uh again, we are the best. we're the best audience.

[34:45] Oh Jerry Harry Harry. hurry Daniel. Daniel.
It is a buzzer. nice. nice. here we go.

[35:07] Three new zombie types that would be totally fine living with,
vegan zombies. zombie husky, husky puppies, or zombies that cure covid. yes, yes, please. uh, sparkle zombies, pie zombies, and anti-vex.

[35:28] Renew zombie types that you'd be totally fine living with. vegan zombies, zombie husky puppies, zombies that cure covid or sparkles zombies, pies zombies, anti-vax on these,
uh vegan zombies wins with a quick lash.
Also very good though. three more songs to be on repeat when stuck in the fallout shelter. the world as we know it. the song that never ends and fly by Sugar Ray.
Or. bird is the word. anything nickelback and achy breaky heart.
Three more songs to be on repeat when stuck in a fallout filter.

[36:10] End of the world as we know it the song that never ends or fly by Sugar Ray or the bird is the word anything nickelback,
achy breaky heart. let's see which one wins that one. I always put the participants and uh bird is the word anything to go back in eggy break your heart wins. Steve.
Three things found in Kool Aid man's bugout kit plastic ice wall patch kit in baseball bat.
Ice cubes, glass cleaner, and a spoon. three things found in Kool-Aid bands by Gout Kit. ice Cubes, glass cleaner, a spoon,
plastic ice wall patch kit and baseball pad. oh, very nice.

[37:02] I don't know what you'd want the Kool-Aid man in your fallout shelter by the way. just keep breaking through the wall. no, yeah, exactly. security initiative. classic ice wall patch kit.
Uh Wednesday. where are we at? right?
Shannon was leading.
Congratulations Anila. you win a no prize. alright.

[37:35] By the way the the top answer of the game is you're not over this thing. with the mall people say when they,
come to visit next year. uh, Shannon again, let people know where you can be found uh, the apocalypse rising track can be found at dragoncon and on the web.
Yeah at Dragon Con we can be found on the sixth floor of the western that's the entrance right off the street on
yeah. uh F through age. and then online we can really be found on Facebook at Apock Rising, Instagram, and Apock Rising and then um Twitter the same,
alright. well, Shannon again, thank you for taking time out especially on uh short notice on a Monday right before con. I know you're really,
really, really, really busy at this point. yeah. um, and enjoy the con and they will be taking time out. I really do appreciate it. yeah, thanks for having me. hey, please think of volunteers and again, um,
the the if so we said this numerous times please it's always important to be nice to the volunteers but this year especially,
we're all stressed out. everyone needs this break. even if it's for just a couple of days to try and you know, feel,
something normal. be nice to people. keep your mask on. the whole nine yards. that means and by the way, just as a reminder, what Regina said means, nose, and mouth covered.

[38:57] For the record. so, until next time. this is John for Shannon and Lee,
and all of our friends who play this day and all of our friends who uh, who uh, you know, listen every day, or listen every time we play, that's every day. anyway, and uh, Jerry reminds me, be nice, be kind, and watch out for each other. yes. so, until next time.
This is John saying peace. and I'm supposed to find a thing to end this thing and and there it is here.

[39:27] Music.

[39:35] The unique eek. call our comment line at eight one three three two one zero two.
That say one three three two one zero eight eight four. Email us at the geeks at the Unique dot com or fifty days at the uniquely dot com,
follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter. this podcast is distributed under a creative comments attribution non commercial share like license.

[40:02] Music.

[40:19] Post credits feel better but Lee bye.