Days Of Dragon Con 2021 - Day 50 - Dwayne Johnson: The Rock

2021, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Hey portal
You're funny.

[0:35] Hey welcome to another edition of,
Joining me as always is the lovely Lee how you doing
I'm okay I've been put on a heavy newspaper,
Hey antibiotic,
And I am freaking miserable. I am not gonna lie. I forgot how much I hate sofa.
Antibiotics. So, oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm gonna be fine. Yes. I am.
It's it's a you know,
This is a terrible time to be sick in general. Just a terrible time to take in general. Alright. You have to deal with this. No, and then your other question is, okay, well, I understand.
Are you sure it's not?
Maybe should test me again. You know, cuz we're all just so little, little, little nervous, John. We're a little nervous. But you know who's probably really nervous right now? Actually, probably not really nervous, just really.

[1:56] At the highest point she can get.

[1:59] Not you. Oh no. Who are we talking about? Well, I would think it would be really,
Neuracking right now to be in charge of program. Oh, you do. Weirdly enough. Someone just pulled up outside the studio and is knocking on the door right now. Who is it?
Hey Nan.
Like that. Hey, how's it going Regina? Let's go in. See? Yeah. Actually, I'm kinda zen right now. I'm just kind of accepted that,
Things will be what they will be. We will have a wonderful dragon hunt. Yes. No matter what, it'll be a little smaller. It'll be a little bit you know.
Closer to maybe people gonna go back and talk about the old days. Are I gonna be a little bit more like that? But that that is good too. I've been here for 30 year over 30 years. So, I remember those days well.
When we were only in one building
Yes, all this. Yeah. And you know it's something we haven't we haven't talked about. This is a 35th anniversary of Dragon. It is. Yes. 30 photo. Yeah.
I have one of those polos and they are very cool. They are directors, polo this year. Right?
And they're nice and soft. They are. They're very soft. They're very soft. I'm scared to wear mine cuz I will somehow stain it miserably before con. So, I'm gonna try to keep it as.

[3:29] Press the sign just for you it will be coming back off. My husband lasted anytime we go to out to dinner that's,
We haven't had dinner until we've spilled something right here. It's why I don't like white hoodies.
It's why i don't like to wear white. Which is why when we had the white hoodies that we bought at Dragon Con for last year. That we all tie dye them.
It was my first one.
Her daughter Joel is was all into the crafting during the,
You know, very cool. Everybody having to stay at home so that was a project she took on which was great.
Well yeah I did mine and so it's purple and whiteish,
So when I drop my tea on it it doesn't show up as bad. I understand. Overall of all the programming at Dragon,
I am.

[4:40] That means not just Maine Maine special events masquerade in costume contest the charity also all the tracks report to me,
So, yeah. So, everything that goes on and every room that is not a,
Volunteer specific department that has like registration or something like that. Anything has programming in it.

[5:07] I oversee that. It seems like a lot of work. It is. It is. You have to love it or.
Or you'll go insane. Many people said, you gotta be crazy to do this. Yeah, well, that helps.
It doesn't hurt. Yeah. Great. Done work. Done her. Done her. So yeah. So highly organized and.
Responsible for everything that goes on all the track rooms are you also responsible for scheduling the same apparently same,
Event in every single room like every single day that seems weird that we have this thing called,
Cleaning? What is that? Oh, it's for cleaning. Yes. I actually, I put in all of those. I put them in all to say the exact same thing. So that people could search for them.

[6:11] So it was easy for me to give a list to all the hotels of when they needed to be in there and I am also the one that space them out over three different times so that we always have something going on,
For our tenties at Dragon Con. So, the not everything is down at one time. It's a one to take our hotel like might get a shutdown the hillton at four.
I'm gonna have something for something at 530 and something's at seven so they're always,
Things that you can go do while those,
Rooms are shut down for cleaning that our hotels are are hotel partners are helping us with. So, we're not supposed to line up outside the room to get into that panel. No.
No generally they're fogging in there so we actually don't want anyone in there including the the our wonderful track volunteers we has we have suggested to them,
That they could baby go eat.

[7:12] Some people do yet.
A little bit overwhelmed by crowds and let's face facts it's been 2 years since most of us have been in crowds unless you've gone to Atlanta United game or something like that no,
Yeah. So, it's,
I think the biggest crowd I've been around has probably been a dragon con meeting and for those I was wearing myself on my ex. Oh, we are, yes. Yeah. We like the mask. And we get all of us.
We all have to wear a mask unless you're eating or drinking and when I say eating or drinking I mean,
You have your mask on. And you can do this.

[8:15] That's the best way to do it. That's actually a good point. We people should consider bringing their own,
What do you call it? Straws? Yeah. No. Are you on straws or I also got something for like 10 bucks years ago at Wally World that is this industrial strength? I can't break it.
And after I trust me like little carry around and it has a thumbs draw inside and then it has a little sipper on the outside.
So that all of my,
My baby yoga travis cat. But I have a stainless steel straw cuz what is that? Which you can order from Amazon. Because they're not expensive and they are.

[9:05] Stainless steel is entry microbiome. That is cool. Yup. So, yeah. A little help deep down. Stuff, and then you're also not,
Contributing to the environment thing of plastic straws. So, maybe we can fog a few of the people that forget showers indoor deodorant. Can they, can I go to close for cleaning,
But there yeah we do encourage everyone just like I know that y'all did a segment on,
On basic things and yes the 61 rule and and I I will have to admit that I,
Generally don't hear to six part because i'm too busy running the show but,
Four. I do try to get at least four. And in sometimes that one, which is a shower each day. Really is more like two or three for me,
I find that helps me refresh so I will I will go and take a quick shower and change clothes for the evening kind of stuff,
Particularly if I've had,
Been running between hotels and so, you know, as we pointed out Atlanta is warm. This has been one of the warmer.

[10:32] Summer's on record so yeah sometimes having that little downtime quick.

[10:39] Wash off change clothes is a good thing so,
So, the clothes for cleaning, we're not referring to clothes for cleaning the volunteers that are in the room. We're closed for cleaning the actual room. The actual room. Yeah. They're trying to, you know, disinfect and and make sure that yeah, touch surfaces in particular.
You know so cuz we want everybody to be,
Safe and we want everyone to leave healthy one of the side effects that's interesting about mask wearing is that,
We've had the lowest flu season in years because people are having wear masks or or or weary masks in stores and things like that. So, you don't tend to get as much.
Of people sneezing on you, you know, they're being particles in the air because the mask is stopping it. So, yeah. And it's also an opportunity for a fashion statement. I mean, really, actually, it's,
At the end of the day that's that's what it is right. This is this is my favorite one actually which is.

[11:43] Take a step
Going back into think Jerry does point out that there are several of the big chain stores have four packs of the middle straws with soft coating,
Split it with some friends you know this is looking a camping section for the straws particularly three different colors so you can each have a color that you can that's your straw so,
And the great thing about those soft covers is that it doesn't ding against the stuff you have.
No it's okay you go first but having something that's covered you know I think that's I personally just think that's a good idea so that's why I said I have my little covered book with my little straw.

[12:34] Regina the question I did wanna ask you is we've said already that there is a two third third rule to third room limit,
Hard limit. No exception.

[12:47] Add no standing against the walls right there but that's it,
That's it. And so people said that can't be right. And I will. It was. So can you explain what we mean by their will be? No exceptions.

[13:07] Well, I mean that there will be a room count. They will set, they will set that amount of chairs. For what a room can fill, can hold, and when the chairs are full,
The door will close and a sign will go out that says session pull and you would think that you're very sorry you need to maybe check,
Your handy-dandy app and see if there's something else around you that you might also like to see. We do encourage people to, you know,
To not just have one thing, you know, have a backup plan. Of something else you might wanna see. And even if it's not, send a,
An area that she would normally go into,
There are many happy accidents where people go into a panel and they find a new love. Yes, they reply. They find an author that is speaking or,
Or yeah they go into the science track and find some new interesting thing going on or the spacetrack and,
You know it's not a bacon actually find something that they never,
Thought that they would be interested in before. I had AA friend from another convention. He was on a board with me from another convention. Some years ago and.

[14:29] And this person I would not have thought would come to Dragon Con actually because I felt like he probably thought that this was too large of it to mention for him,
However, he got into podcasting. Oh. And he just loves going to the what is now called the digital media track. Yeah. And seeing all these people that he listened to,
And he was definitely a lit guy. Yeah, you know, just like not.
It's all about books but then, you know, it was nice for him to be able to to listen to a podcast on his way to work.
So that's how I've listened to many of them because especially during,
About a four-year cycle. I don't wanna hear the news every morning. I hear it. Funny story that actually that's how I first discovered Doctor Who.
When I was living in Jacksonville Florida which is where I'm originally from. Doctor who is coming on the PBS station at 6 PM.

[15:39] And and I to the news was getting particularly downturney and I was just not into all the negativity,
So, I looked around and I found Dr. Who? And that's one of the things I I love.
That's what what one of the what I consider one of my fandoms.
But yeah, that's how I discovered it was cuz I was looking for something besides the news to watch. Yeah, you just don't know. Sometimes, that is actually one of the reasons why I like 11 alive, if I am watching this, is they do tied, try to put.
Some some good stories in as well. Some more positive things. Rather than all the,
Fires and shootings and you know, whatever. I was talking about just sort of going, showing up at
Some places you normally wouldn't be. Right. It was several years. It had to be several years ago. I was on Monday and
They're happen to be a doctor who panel going on. Huh. And I don't in,
Good. Famously, do not fight. Not famously but don't like doctor. I'm not into it. It's not that it's a terrible show. It's just,
Just not something that clicked with you. My MMV. Yes. I mean, everything.

[16:59] Everybody's different. I walked into because it would just happen to be open. It was Monday which is usually pretty dead at Drankon. And,
I I happen to be able to walk right into the into the into the panel,
And it was a guess I can for life me now I can't even remember who is it might have been I wanna say it was Billy Pepper but it wasn't I don't think it was,
Alex Kingston. Possibly. But it was the most interesting conversation I had no knowledge of of Doctor Who going. I'm gonna have,
I have knowledge of it. Passing along. But not none of that. No detail knowledge. But it was the most interesting conversation I sat in on. It just happened to drop in on it. Just like ma, you know what?
I've got an hour to kill here. I've got I've got nothing else until you know, for another hour. So, why don't I?
Listen to this and if I stayed through the whole thing didn't know some of the things they were talking about other stuff was just fascinating to listen so yeah so yeah just drop in on on I mean obviously getting into a big panel like that was,
Was a,
Not a normal thing but. Yeah. But but for, you know, just dropping in on other things. I dropped in on skeptic track before with,
Where I had no idea what's going on but oh hey it's actually pretty cool. So. But it sounded interesting to you and you know it might be something that you pick up. Going forward because you you found something cool about that panel. So that's.

[18:22] No absolutely that's that's the thing can I I know y'all touch on this on another,
Another podcast that it was that if you're coming to Dragon Con for one thing,
And it's great if you wanna hang out and want to go track that's that's fine.

[18:39] But you're kinda missing the boat because dragon con is a lot of things to a lot of people,
And it is kind of what are the places where you can see a little bit of everything.

[18:52] And if you don't see it right now there's some new fantastic show that's just come out.
Talk to the director in that area cuz Nanny, many of our people, this is a happy thing about what came out of virtual,
Last year is that many of the tracks have continued to do podcasts throughout the year. And so that could be a future subject of a podcast that's coming out,
You know you might tell them just I I'll tell you don't tell Carol Malcolm because Carol is already watched it,
I don't care what it is.
She she samples a lot of things. And and particularly if it's in Urban Fantasy area, she or or any anything came off of the book.
She she amazes me about how much knowledge she has in that area. So, let's help her. So,
But yeah I mean just,
And and that's how a lot of them get their subjects. It's probably like, oh, okay. So, the nevers. Oh, I haven't seen that. Well, there's only six episodes. It's over here. Alright, thank you. Check, I mean.

[20:09] Check that out. So, hey, Hannah. Things like that. And again, Stranger Things.
You had that that dropped what 3 weeks before our dragoncon that year and I had a line to get into a fandom discussion about it,
Around the bill. Oh, you know, my home. Yeah. Yeah. Round the hall.
And then all the way down the hall again. We just wanna talk about it. I'm like, talk about it. It's so cool. Yeah. Right. Oh, I got loved altered carbon.
It was like wow you know and it was one of the things that was.

[20:53] More outside the box. Some new ideas that I had thought about. You know, so it.
It made you think I love tight writing that is something that will will get me every time during the pandemic stuff I mean unfortunately the unabashedly,
Watch a lot of west wing. Because Aaron Sorkin, tight rider, you know, just.

[21:19] Plus you used to walking down lots of halls at Dragon Con so true there's lots of that going on with me I am the queen of Long Beach,
I will tell you there are a lot of people that will come to you and say, can I talk to you for a minute? I'm like, I am on my way somewhere else if you wanna walk with me. Yes.
Because I was I have to be a lot of places and I check out a lot of things and,
I jokingly say I have a spidey sets.
Hmm I say that but it's really that the schedule is percolating in the back of my head. And I'm like,
Why do I wanna go up to the atrium right now? Oh, Alice Cooper's about to go on stage.
Yeah let me go make sure everything's going on yeah so and my new love
It's a car. Yeah, I we we just increase the size of it. I suddenly saw. You got a better picture. Yoda. All of these I have a home nursery. I have a homework.
I was gonna say you started an orphanage. I have. I have. Yes. I.

[22:29] Yoda was my favorite character. So, yes. So, and now. Hey, baby. It's just like.

[22:37] How do you feel about guru as a name? I didn't, I, I didn't like it the first time I heard it but it has.
It's great on me. Yeah. So, yeah, it good. Yeah. Speaking of cuz we we talked about this just second lines. The line rules this year are,
Slightly different but I mean they're they're still we still have sedan rules that we have to follow which are what?
It's still you don't line up for a panel the more than an hour before said panel,
They will ask us as people to kind of space themselves a little bit more if you're inside the building you're gonna have to be wearing a mask anyway. So anytime you're inside of a dragon con building that's just across the board,
So, don't forget your mask. If you do, we will have some.

[23:35] We will have once available you know the the.
Hey Facebook take a photo,
All the tracks will have some. All of them. All the information booths will have them.
And of course our safety team so I have them as well so they are they will be widely available but we do encourage you to,
Bring your own. Like I said, show your style, show your fandom.

[24:11] But but yes and it does need to meet CDC guidelines which means you're closing.
Your your covering, your nose, and your mouth. It's not mesh. You know, that you are trying to,
Keep droplets down from speaking.
Net gators would still be okay then. Like two layers. Okay. Yeah. The single that's real thin. Might not be really blocking as much.
But and you could wear a disposable one under it. If if you wanted to show your your fan of I know plenty of people that,
That like to wear a kind of a double thing to make sure that the filtering is happening. I've seen some people ask about,
Like stormtrooper helmets. Well, many of them build filters into their thing. So, like they've learned.
Some of them have already returned to other conventions and but if we all do this this really does knock down.

[25:19] You know the possibility of spreading something and and like I said our chief thing is making sure our fans are safe.
Along those lines we'll get back to to to the line question the second Sarah actually did ask in the chat about,
If the convention safety will be safety crew will be enforcing the the mask cuz she's she's actually on site right now at the Hyatt and they do have,
A mask mandate there but they don't seem to be enforcing it. They, the hotel. We are enforcing with a customer service.

[25:55] Attitude in mind and that we are going to politely ask remind you that it's a mass area and then we will offer you what if you don't have one,
If you calm.

[26:14] Belligerent. Negative worst disgrabel. You don't want to to use. Unfortunately,
That would kinda fall under rule seven which is don't be a jerk. Right. And,
You may read those policies online as to what that means cuz that does mean that we can eject you from the convention. We can get hotel security involved.
We would prefer not to do that. We want everybody right, Rob, exactly. Rob's one of my great moderators. He does, does Maine.
Be kind to each other people. We all Rachel said this really well at the last director's meeting. We all need to give everybody a little grace.
Everybody has is frustrated.
Believe me i wish we were at a place where we didn't have to require masks. But we do. And is it?

[27:16] Would i rather be able to see my people? And wear a mask? The knot. And go through another ear.
Yeah. For me, that's a yes. But you know, everybody has to weigh their own. Yup, it's a it's a situation. We're paying to have to.

[27:36] To be able to see each other in person. Exactly.
You know, just be kind to each other. Please, please be kind to volunteers. Oh, yeah. Because they are giving us their time to help make your convention happen. Because we frankly cannot do it without them.
And and,
We do have less this year than we have had in previous years cuz some people are autoimmune compromised. And have chosen to take the year off. So,
Live with older relatives who correct or share young children right then not get vaccinated yet,
That's just too much of a risk. And for them and and we don't fall that. We don't fall. Everybody has to make their own decision.
Absolutely we understand it but but for those of you that do choose to join us just.

[28:38] Give everybody a little bit more patience. Everybody's doing the best we can. Really, really, truly. So, be excellent to each other.
Party on date. Yes. Party.
Rachel said it was for everyone from herself all the way down to the youngest member,
Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves because this is gonna esh.
I said yesterday when we were talking to her. This is her statement was this is gonna be a conlight a year like no other. No other. That's right. No other.
I did wanna say Regina chastised me a bit when she got on cuz one of the things John and I,
When we do one of these we're waiting on is Regina to send us a text message or an email that okay no
Dwayne the Rock Johnson isn't coming to Dragon Con yet so,
Oh. So John. Okay. So, I have something for you. Yes.

[29:44] Is a rock. It came from my yard.
They always named Dwayne Johnson. It has a hello name tag on it.
My name is Dwayne Johnson. This rock is gonna go into my backpack. The rock. We'll be a dragon car. There you go. You've heard it.
But he is not officially not the the movie star in WDWE star that you're thinking of but there will be eight to eight Johnson,
The rock.
Hey backpack,
Oh wow. Right now. And it won't go to dragon. Someone said, someone said, he will be appearing at the closed for cleaning panels.
There's a lot of those. It can't be everywhere. That's it. That's a programming nightmare. Yeah. That would be a programming nightmare.

[31:00] I was saying Regina chasmize me just a little bit because we were talking about things that we say that have been wrong Eddie McClintock was not the master of the parade 2 years in row. No. Because the league got stupid.
Don't know why that happened.

[31:19] Hey Facebook 1 year he was in the parade in the next year he did the masquerade so that was a day that he was not available,
For programming because he was doing those big events. And so I think you just got confused because he wasn't available. So, you just thought, oh, he's in the parade yet. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I can get him anywhere.
Right? Yeah. But,
She reminded me that there's a third track in the Sheraton and I'm so sorry I forgot them robotics yeah they're down on another floor so Lee never sees them so you're down lower than me,
They're on the same floor as registration in the Atlanta hall.
They need room to drive around the little robots and do their little crafts then do all their builder maker stuff,
So yeah so they're right next to they're in the hallway that's gotta if you came in from the street it'd be on the farthest hall to the left,
Pre sales,
And then there's a Georgia ballroom and so they're kind of on the other side of the capital. So, yeah. So, and they have lots of fun stuff down there but yeah, I was like two.

[32:34] Get a sorry of my track holiday
I am and if I certainly understand that from any track director that you're very focused on your own track so
Hey Facebook call 100
You can smell what the rock is cleaning.

[33:06] Hey Facebook these days.
The actually that should be the test for everybody. Smell it. So.
Speaking of wondering the hallways you also oversee several of the costume contest one of them being the hallway,
Costume contest. Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that we have a hallway costume contest. It is run by our masquerade in contest,
Over at the Hyatt and they're right outside of the Centennial Ballroom and for those of you that maybe are a little shy about getting on a stage.
But you have an awesome costume that you have really put a lot of work into. Please go by there because they will take your picture.

[34:07] They will put it up on they will put take your picture in front of the backdrop so it looks nice.
You can purchase a copy in the picture for $10 which benefits the charity. Oh, that's awesome. This year's Big Brothers Big Sisters. And so they will give you a copy of that and.
Then what they do is they upload the albums of the costume picture the pictures they've taken to Facebook.
And those pictures are voted on by likes. So the people that get the most likes.
When a price usually it's a certificate in the in the hallway costume contest but,
This year.
Because of the success of dragons virtual. We have added a virtual con a virtual piece to this.
So I believe it's.

[35:09] It's I'm looking at the Facebook there is a if you go to Facebook the dragon mask grade page has all of these rules on it the virtual hallway costume contest what you're gonna do is you would put on your costume,
You would get someone to take a picture of it there will be a special.

[35:29] Sign you need to print a sign that says dragon con 2021.
That so we know this is a an old picture from another guy you know.
That this is now and then you will enter that into.

[35:49] They'll have AA site where you can upload it. Okay. With all your information. So that they can get contact with you. Now.

[35:58] There may be some prejudging but basically the prizes.

[36:04] And both the in person and the virtual people will be entered into where to get these prizes,
First place overall first place will get two memberships to drive con 2022.
Second place will get one membership to 2022 and the best overall third place will get a swag bag and a streaming membership.

[36:28] Alright. So, so we have prizes for this. So if you've been working on that costume all year long and you, for whatever reason, can't join us in person this year.
This is your way to still be involved and show your costume.

[36:47] Okay. Now, you also, you also oversee the masquerade. What are we, what can we expect from the masquerade this year? So.

[36:55] You know, some of her favorites are are emcees this year. Well again, be Tony Gal and Eddie McClintock. Oh, nice.
Yeah Eddie was all set to come back last year and did do the virtual mascara last year from his house,
But we, of course, we love Eddie. So, he's coming back with us again. Since we already had that agreement with him, and they're going to do.

[37:22] They're gonna be hosting and so,
Yeah, that's gonna be at 830 on Sunday night. Please do go by the contest at masquerade table to register. Ahead of time. I think you have to register by 3 PM on Sunday,
That's so they know how many people they have and they can split you into groups and all that and then they'll tell you when you when you need to report back so that they know what they have everybody,
They how did moms that kind of take a group of people and make sure that they shepherd them to the stage in the proper order,
You compete in international costume and rules which is youth which we we split that into,
Babies and then like little older toddler kinda children then there's a youth which is kind of the teenagers,
Area Navas level journal.

[38:26] Masterclass or professional level and then of course,
All of those people could be eligible for best in show. Now, best in show, obviously.
Is what we what is thought of by the judges as being babascome possibly the amount of work they put into it.

[38:49] And the price for that for best and show is and all of these other other levels get $50 in Dragon dollars if they win their category,
But the best and show,
Gets $500. Whoo. And a three night paid stay in a host hotel. For 2022,
Cool. So, group, a lot of times will enter and then they can kinda split that up the the side who's getting,
The room some of them share whatever but but then you don't have to participate in the hunger games the next year because,
We will register your report you can add days at your cost etcetera but,
In any case that's kind of a good price. So, I really full price actually. Yeah. And yeah. So, that is a cool price. Now, Regina, I know you can't show us but can you give us a little hint about the baby dragon this year?

[39:51] You've already seen it if you've been watching the town halls.
I what? I didn't. No, cuz I've been watching. They revealed it but. Okay. Well, actually, you have one.
Oh my god. I can't wait. Okay. I did reveal what I wanted to town halls recently. So, if you haven't watched it recently,
Hey I heard you to go back to the Facebook or the dragon main Facebook page and they revealed it there,
Think it was last week but I could be wrong I believe it was revealed that yes because I I managed to to catch one before they,
Pack them up in the office. They escaped. Yes, before they escaped. I was actually in the office.

[40:45] Earlier this week it managed to,
Zan said she has all the baby dragons and this one is very amazing. It's really great. Hi, yes. Megan, I love them. She's a girl,
Yes and I collect dragons as well. Of course, you know, I collect everything. So, unfortunately, that's my house. Now, has Grogo tried to eat the baby dragon.

[41:10] Not yet. Okay. Yeah, it's good. Keep them fire. I do keep them a little bit separated so far. You know, but,
It's only really want him roasted either. You know, I wouldn't blame the baby dragon for defending itself. That's true. It's only frogs, John. He likes frog. And let's let's not forget they were unfertilized eggs.
Thank you. It was just like we eat eggs in the morning. They're unfertilized. Exactly. We're not.
Sent that beans and this was not the last of their race this was the last time for that couple for that couple that's right that's been a thing too hungry,
And baby rolling,
Yeah. Exactly. So, I put Rosia Brain protein. Yeah.

[42:08] Hello boy oh boy I can use that right now alright so,
So, Regina, you know that we like to play games with our guests at the end of our. No, that one more. Oh, yeah. We're done. Oh, we're not done. Dragon awards. No, please. I know, I thought about it after we start talking.
But please do vote in the Dragon Awards. The nominations have art had the nominations are closed with the voting has begun,
So please go up to the Dragon Awards site you can they drag in a word dragon.

[42:44] WWW slash Dragon Awards. So, but just just search, just Google it. We have 15 categories. In books, media, and gaming,
So please do go there's.

[43:02] A lot of different things and you do not have to vote in each category. So, if you say, well, I don't know anything about gaming. That's okay.
We started this originally at the 30th anniversary. So, this is actually the sixth one because that inclusive.
But yeah, we started that. Originally, kind of as a.
Geek reading list. You know, kind of as a what is it that the fans are enjoying right now?
That maybe it's not getting as much critical acclaim. We all know about movies and critical acclaim and how,
Half the time they don't like anything that the whole public loves. So, we just decided that we could,
We could do that and we and you do not have to be a member of Dragon Convote in them.
You just have to register with your email address. Will you serve a monkey? So you just have to verify your address so that we know it's not a bot. Or anything like that.

[44:06] So, yes, there it is and they are lovely like that. They, they're a little different every year but they are that kind of blast teardrop with AA representation of fire. So, that's the,
You know, the heart of the dragon as we say. But and I want to pull it out. If you live in Fulton County,
Fortin County Libraries again this year they started this in 2019 at they are maybe it was one,
They started a year or two ago. Where they have kinda partnered with us in any books that they can get online through their system,
You can log into the library and check out and read for free.

[44:48] Woo hoo. There you go. Yeah. Oh, which is really cool. So, so,
Please do participate. You can vote. You have to register to vote.
By friday of the convention. You and then that's so you have time for it to verify and all that kind of stuff. But you vote until Saturday night at midnight.
And then we announce those results at 4 PM on Sunday in the Centennial one Ballroom of the Hyatt,
So excellent. We got some really cool people on there too. Some really cool books. So,
Let your voices be heard as they say. Mm hmm. Yes. Why? Was really excited. So, go vote.
Hey Facebook electronic mobile games,
Online you know we run the gambit so and even comics we also do comics and graphic novels so that's one those are two of the 15 categories so like I said let your voices be heard.

[46:13] We we love to have as much fan participation as possible.
Because this award is really about the fans. That's that's what we're aiming at. Just like dragon hunt. That's what we always do. We try to really focus on what the fans love.
So, yeah. For the fans, Spotify fans.
That is very cool. Now, now, now, original. Yes, now. And I am so happy that we're not doing.
Hey did you get in the after Christmas sale,
Which were rarely right. Well, I mean. They did. They did. Very pricey. It's pretty pricey paying. You can't expect, you know, quality research. Well,
Point taken to upgrade your game.

[47:10] Is this a code? Yeah. Once Regina's in we will open it up for anybody in the audience to play.

[47:17] I will I will caution people it's probably gonna do keep it one eye on the well you can device more than that. You keep two eyes on there. On the,
Actual device because it is,
Enter the room code Q F E G. So Q F E G is the,
Uncode for today. Go to Jackbox.TV and our QFPG. Even if you don't get in, you can participate as audience members. Your votes do count. Just like at the Dragon Awards. Dragon Awards at Dragon slash awards.

[48:00] Oh, hey, we're full. Oh, it's quick. People won't have anything better doing Saturday or they're just so or there like Sarah at the they're gone right now waiting for contact actually start.
Or she likes to say. Well, hello.
Hey Facebook please make sure you take all your jokes out with you at the end of the game,
Oh, yeah. Hey, if you're not playing, you can still get in the audience and vote. Put in the room code to join,
This is round one.
You'll answer two prompts on your device. The remaining players vote on their favorite. Easy, right?
Oh yes, points. You scored points based on the percentage of voters who like your answers. Clear enough, sure hope so. Let's go.
Okay, well, everyone's entering in their,
There answers to the prompts. I'll go through some of the stuff we talked about here.
Sarah didn't want to say she was dropping by to say hi and to say I hope you're feeling better lately. We all do.
I have to listen later heading back to the hotel because Saturday before the the Saturday before is the new Thursday.

[49:28] It's expanding ever so much dragons every I think I think Virginia's okay with that as long as she's not asked to do any programming,
For 7 days. 7 days. So, if you do come down early, that's great.
Bye. Thursday.
There was some talk about the necators. I think that that Virginia point out that a double layer net gator is what she's probably referring to. Yeah. The single one.
Doesn't block anything essentially. Somebody's pointing out their studies that show that actually kind of makes it even more airsolly. Yeah and a lot of a lot of times they split.
They slip a lot more because they don't have a anything in the news. So.

[50:22] Oh, shoot. I forgot to go in the moderating. Oh, boy. Well, now, I'm hoping that I'm hoping that people didn't say cuz of the first delivery. Doctors say blank is not addictive but you're a hook.
Okay and this would be why I needed to it's not great. Doctor say Blake is not addictive but you're hooked. Your mom or apple pie.
Probably should've brought my car to get humanity from that kind of thing.
Yes. Alright, check this out.
Modern pirates don't steal treasure. Okay, I think we're in the wrong game. Oh, this was fine. Okay. Now, pick your favorite.
Hey it was just a bit much.
Modern pirates don't steal treasure. They steal blank. Hard drives or everyone's identity.

[51:34] Yeah I think I might know right now.
Let's keep it going.
Name for a wacky sitcom about ancient philosophers. No. Big bang too or.
Or drinking with soccer teas Big Bang two or drinking with soccer teams.

[52:06] I'm a little irritated now cuz I literally did put in the this morning even so is it going to come on? Anybody get a track in time prompt at all? No.
Not on this one though.
Let's see the next one. A name for a music festival your mother would approve of. Listen to your mother fest or elvis a palusa.

[52:43] Yeah no no one got any drying compromise apparently I went in the wrong room. Oh well here we go. Listen to your mother fest or Elvis Apaloza. Elvis not actually showing the choices.
I don't know if I got thrown out somehow or.

[53:01] Hey Facebook setting on,
Okay, sorry. Unfortunately,
My mother loved elders. Mine too. Biggest export is blank. Rich people going to drag her con or weed.

[53:28] You need to moderate faster don't you buddy well I didn't put it I didn't even go into moderation that was a thing so I've just messed this up completely all left and right.

[53:39] It's split the room. But we does win.
Yes. Barney the dinosaur or FedEx John.
At least at least our dragon friends can make it dragon gun relayed someone you'd never expect to give you the birds and the bees talk. Barney the dinosaur or FedEx John.

[54:13] Never mind the eye of email my second email my son.

[54:22] No. This is comedy. Just not the comedy we intended.

[54:27] Full moon a small number of people turn into blank.
Thundercats or mermaid werewolves or mermaid wools excuse me.
Under a full moon a small number of people turn into thunder cats or mermaid wolves.

[54:47] How did that song go going to send it yet?
That was a good mermaid wolves. I really wanna see somebody cry.
Nothing can stop the terminator. Well, nothing except Blank.

[55:08] A hydraulic press molten steel Sarah Conner for paternal instinct.
Nothing can stop the terminator. Well, nothing he accept. A hydraulic press molten steel and Sarah Conner or paternal instinct.

[55:24] Both of those are very good. When is factual? That was equipped. And that was a thank you. Which works out really well.

[55:34] But a hydraulic press molten steel in Sara Conner. Yeah.

[55:39] We made it through round one in one piece. Let's see if you scored it. No, we'll just go with this folks cuz you know, going back is not an option. Much like dragon. It's gonna happen. This is just gonna happen.

[55:53] Deal with it. Time for round two. Where the prompts are crazier and the points are doubler. Go.

[56:04] Music.

[56:17] Oh so actually Lee asked Regina a question that I actually do want to ask just Regina in general is will apparel be at the DC store.
I believe so. Okay. Okay. See, somebody was saying they made an announcement not. Well, I was very concerned. Okay.
Well there I I think earlier we there was talk that some of the stuff got removed out of the online store,
It may not come in in time. Yeah. It also happens every year that,
I think my point is out that every year they it disappears off online because,
It gets moved. It's being moved into. Yeah. It's been packed up. Packed in stage. Yeah. So we packed up. Yeah. We have to,
Palatize everything early in order for it to move to the show so,
It's entirely possible that they have packed it all up and that's why it's it you can get it there. So, it should be at the multiple dragon con stores that are ribbon. All over the place.

[57:24] Share today in the Marriott and I believe in the vendor halls. There's usually stores and all of these locations. And I believe Zan actually is volunteering with it. Yeah, the DC store. It's about to say that. Yeah. Are you? Oh.
Thanks Sam.
Zan has also helped us show up a couple of times to help us load in. Yeah. And photograph,
I wonder why COVID? Oh, she's a creature of the night. Everyone's over that.
Why doesn't Lee show up in in photographs? I wonder why. COVID? She's a creature of the night.
The irony here is that she actually is only.

[58:24] Behind it but that's because she's not feeling well. Not necessarily cuz. Right.
One of those was completely wrong. John Blank. Advice Jazzy.
We'll get from a financial planner. You spend too much on blank. DJ equipment for small dragons and roger dolls. Oh, I feel, I feel called out.
Baby dragons and grooming board DJ equipment,
No, John. Nobody needs to see gray green ladies. No. Yeah, Zan is helping tech ops load in and they're doing that again. Thank you, Jan.
Thank you, Ben, thank you very much. High school reunion. Everyone. Everyone brought their twenty-year-old kids.

[59:19] Ben all lost their hair the men all lost their hair the epiphany that you've had at your 20 year high school reunion everyone brought their 20 year old kids and the man all lost their hair now interestingly do the math with a 20 year reunion,
Zan does say thanks for all the wonderful work you do Richie.
Oh, thank you there. Appreciate it. And the room is officially split on that answer. And next is the local library does not want your donation of this book.
My dog drooled all over this book or screw the screw the roses give me the thorns.
Your local library does not want your donation of this book. My dog Drew drooled all over this book or screw the roses, give me before.

[1:00:11] I have such a different answer to that and I'm gonna be nice to be nice.
Help me to go down wrong. Split the room. 50 50. Wow. That was really good. Passive aggressive ghost are always writing blank on your wall in blood.
You can find passive aggressive ghost in the extract. That's aggressive ghost are always writing blank.
On your wall in blood I need a mandate or I'm not a ghost you are. I think I see that.

[1:00:53] Basketball aggressive goes to always writing I need a band aid on your on your wall hemp blood or I'm not a ghost you are.

[1:01:04] Hey Facebook look 50 50. Text. No.
We met at the oh I don't know.
With it. I I dreamt I went to Dragon Con and there was no line.

[1:01:28] The most scandalous sentence in here during journal was I dreamt I went to Dragon Con and no line.
Why I was afraid that I would not show up you know you show up on the wrong weekend.
Yes. That's my yes, every year.
And it's fine. It's long since the next weekend but if it was the weekend before, that's awesome.
What weapon do you choose? What weapon do you choose? Oh, no answer but aspartasword was what gave?
Something Gwyneth Paltro hasn't heard on stand probably. Oh boy, okay.
Okay, choose your favorite. Okay. Something went through probably hasn't. Probably hasn't her nightstand. Tony Stark's spare part.

[1:02:27] Or flee tapes. V tapes or Tony Starks spare part.
Kids were talking about Ironman. I think they know Iron Man. Come on.
Hey I don't like my answer.
Hey Facebook caramel,
I'm still on board. Hey. My friend. You'll each get a prompt that needs. Three separate responses. Don't screw it up, okay?

[1:03:17] Okay, everyone gets there. Prompts there. Remember, PG 13 please folks. PG 13.

[1:03:27] You've been, you've been good so far. I will say that. You guys have been good so far.

[1:03:32] Me hosing this all up completely. I created a custom game for this. Specific meeting for the specific podcast and,
Father started it did say electric bugalu at the at the electric slide where the dragon too electric slide at the thing but for whatever reason it has not loaded.

[1:03:50] So, there you go. That's how this technology works.
As Lisa's oh no it's not I don't think Lisa has this but well maybe she does. Technology is great when it works.

[1:04:03] Let's see. Can we already talk about the straws? Good idea.
So yeah if you wanna email us although this is sort of a wrapping up our 50 days journey but you can email us anytime of the year at 50 days at the Unique both Lee and I do get those,
Do get those messages also 8133210 Tug is the phone number to caller that's also 328133210884.

[1:04:42] No
During con awards is slash awards. And don't forget your vaccination card or your negative test. Oh yeah, don't forget your vaccination card or you know, you can test as per person. And we will be testing on site if you need to do that.
You can take a picture of your vaccine park three things every dad's secretary wants for Father's Day,
Take out the trash form new golf clubs, water cash, or keys to his new bowl boat, golf clubs, and pie. Barely, he will think. Never mind. Golf clubs.

[1:05:27] David, you are very much welcome. He says, thanks for the 50 days podcast. Live slash live shows every year. He see 13. This isn't trying fun. This isn't the dragon cover. It's looking up.
Let's see. Take out the trash for him as one the and water catch. Post golf clubs,
The three steps required to bake the worst loaf of bread. Three steps required to bake the worst local bread, salt, not flour,
No yeast no matter what raisins.
Don't don't bake. Add spoiled milk. Use no butter. Those are definitely three steps to terrible loafs of bread. And by the way, since we've all learned how to make bread.
You should know that. You should know at this point or have personal experience.

[1:06:21] Salt, no flour, no yeast, no matter what raisins or don't bake, add spoiled milk and use no butter,
Salt not flour wins. I think probably cuz people might have done that. Yeah, usually salt and finish sugar. Yeah. Is there people making a mistake? Can it suddenly like ah. Yeah.
And now it's time to vote for your favorite.
Three ways to jazz up your boring old water ice Kool Aid mix a dragon straw or put it in the freezer,
Add it to apple pie more water.
Three ways to jazz up your pouring old water. Put it in the freezer. Add it to apple pie or more water and more water or,
Ace Kool Aid mix and a dragon straw,
Hey Facebook I need to get faster.
Johns I'll see you on Monday Zan for loading.
Very funny. I'd like,
A shower good morning good morning mister Ferreno Ferreno oh yes.
I don't know how to pronounce this stuff. Math apple pie.

[1:07:48] Hey Eddie and Tony hosting masquerade three ways to perk yourself up when coffee isn't available met apple pie cocaine Tony Eddie and Tony hosting masquerade which you know,
Really is just those two things put together if you think about it the two previous things put after,
Without me. Shower, good morning. You see afraid not in the spread winds.
I can't believe we made it. Let's see the final scores. Here we go.

[1:08:22] I came from the last I came up with two I'm very proud,
The good morning mister Fregno actually happened one morning at Deckon we're coming down the escalator at at the Marriott and someone said hi to him and I woke right up. Here you go.
Congrats on. I love these podcasts. It's half the fun to go and drink on every year. Thank you so much. Oh, thank you very much. Appreciate this. Chris, we like doing them. Alright, so would you like,
Best place for information about Dragon Con is.
WWW dot Dragon What's that? Also, download the app. Download the app because that is gonna have the most current information. I mean, we all know that there's gonna be changes.
There as as we always say everything is hit us the tentative until it is history right so there is no,
Final this is final schedule until Tuesday.

[1:09:33] When dragon kind is over. Yeah, right. Cuz we even had people like, you know, analysts who show up and decide they want to change the whole subject of the panel.
Yeah. And so, yes. Jonathan Harris, who was I'm lost in space. Did that one Monday when the other panelist that were supposed to be there didn't,
Had left had had gotten on planes and he said oh well so,
I think I'll talk about my favorite thing. Me. So, that's what happened.
Zan asked when our last podcast will be this year. Well, this is the we may have one more that we have to record but this will be the last traditionally Regina is the last one that we,
We air. That we put into the feed. Usually correct any mistakes that's all the mistakes.
And so, yeah, so this would be a little information. Yeah. In case something has changed.

[1:10:41] And yeah, and Jerry says love the live episodes this year. Thank you so much for all you do. The French pride, and the fun, and we, again, love doing it, so it's it's it's a labor of love, much like,
Dragons for everyone. Great. That's it. That's true. So, that was really what I took away from last last year so much is is,
There were family. We're family. No.
Hey Facebook change group.
And we were willing to learn Discord. We learn so much last year. It was really crazy. So, yeah. So, and
So watch Jack and Conversion if you're not coming to see us and if even if you are you can't see everything. Right. And,
The virtual streaming membership is only $10. And you get 9 months worth of enjoyment for that. So check it out.
Yeah. So, yeah. That's that's I can't think of anything better to say than that. So, until next time.
For Regina Lee our friends at a play with us and the friends that are listening now until next time this is John saying peace.
Come by. See you back on.

[1:12:06] Music.

[1:12:15] Eugene.
That's it 133210884. Email us at the geeks at the Unique or 50 days at the
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter. This podcast is distributed under a creative comments attribution non commercial share like license.

[1:12:41] Music.

[1:12:59] Bye.