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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring your muppet.
Hey portal
It's seriously seriously good.
Hey. It tried very very good to be back even though you know, technically, we record other episodes but this is the first one. Anyone's gonna hear. Well, this is it. I don't know why you're saying that.
It's good to see you Lee. It's been like 300,
Yes. I know. And it's true. Very sad. I don't like. That's not at all. But I don't like it when I don't see you. It's not. I don't like it. Yeah.
I don't like it when I don't see you either. So, hi, Lee. And hi to all of our friends out there that are news listeners, and or watchers, or our veterans, veterans.
Yes I salute our veterans. Oh that probably works. Yeah. Or.

[1:39] Long time listeners first time callers.
Desire to do this but maybe doing a live calling show sometime this year.

[1:55] Sure. Sure. Why not? Why not? We haven't been in trouble enough yet,
Oh, it's only, it's only day 50 day. 49. Well, it's more than 49 days today. As we record this. Right. It is day 15.
The podcast will technically up tomorrow morning this this one will go tomorrow morning,
Awesome. So, so but Lee, if you accept this, so you I I know you have to take it. We're having this argument beforehand. We're just now bringing it. That's brilliant. Please pick up.
When does Dragon Con start then?

[2:50] Night be 1 PM but yeah I think it was I think it might be later cuz I mean right now as we here let's just let's just look at the official calendar here real quick,
I am the talent of this podcast cuz John said that,
That recording forever and ever and ever.
Yes, sir. Captain, take pants, which is what I have,
Yeah. Oh, that's interesting. Okay. So, as we record this, 49 and 22 hours. So, what minus so 2 o'clock, I guess is no one.

[3:39] 1 o'clock. I think you're right, 1 o'clock. 1 o'clock. Yeah, cuz the 49 minutes is a burger. 10 AM or 1 o'clock. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah. But at 10 AM, people are
There and wondering people will be there wondering Wednesday,
So, that's okay. You are just.

[4:12] I'm sure. 100% true. There will be a rock. Rock.
And Sarah's there on Tuesday,
Yes a lot of people come very early and,
But first of all, you got the high museum which always has wonderful, wonderful, just regular paintings and great exhibits. You got the Center for Puppetry Arts.
That is absolutely amazing. You've got well, you got Coca Cola. If you like World of Coca Cola, it's great. Georgia Aquarium.
Whoo good and then there's also at the Georgia Aquarium Dragon Con Night. Hmm. So, you can look for those tickets as well very very soon.
But that's really cool and then also I'm very worried that there might be a Braves game that weekend I'm gonna look,
Yeah, but here's,
At least. Maybe three Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I don't know but I know there will be due and that's always fun as well. But there's a lot.

[5:29] Yeah and Sarah's the botanical garden Sarah.
The botanical gardens are gorgeous and right now they have origami in the park which are all these beautiful sculptures of,
Using origami techniques or made to look like origami and they're huge and beautiful and awesome.
So, that was good. Also, if you are here and have access to a car, I went,
And they have a very nice little nature center,
And that was a lot of fun to be around too. I got to have a nectar stick and I had butterflies. All over me. It was great. Oh, we planned it on my hat too,
No, I don't.
I don't usually Instagram. So, I don't know if you, I don't know if you watch only murders. In the in this building. What? In the building.
Yeah I'm only murdered in the building and I did watch season one we're gonna have to.

[6:46] Oh I'm,
Feeling to pull her name but the the the female in the in the show. She,
I still have no idea what's going on still. So, that's what my my grand thing. We didn't really introduce ourselves or what this podcast is about for those people stumbling across it although I would imagine the name says it all. But Lee, you wanna
Some background.

[7:22] 13.

[7:28] 13, 14, 15, 16, 1718, 1921, 14. You're right. 14, you're right. So, 14 years ago,
John and I, John invited me on a podcast, and then we started doing this, which is just to talk about Dragon Con and talk about
The wonder that isn't dragging the wonder that is dragons on and everything else.
Hmm. So, we will be bringing track directors. We will be bringing other directors. It's not all tracks at Dragon Con as I'm sure
We're gonna see about maybe getting some artists who wanna talk to us about their art and maybe even some movie makers because
Dragon Con also has a film festival which most people I think know if you've gone to Dragon but the great thing about this podcast is especially if you well,
Two things. Or great about this past year. Number one is if you're a veteran or a dragon, you're gonna hear about something that maybe you didn't know about before.
As a veteran sometimes we can keep our fans squeeze just a little low but then all of a sudden it's like ah oh my
Yeah, I've never seen Joe Flanagan in a panel. And Lee, I was, I was looking at something else. Did you, you mentioned, did you mention that you were you've been a director at Dragon Con for? I.

[8:57] I was a director,
So, it's been kinda awesome. I've loved the time I spent with it. It was time to.

[9:19] Very very strong second of Deb you know I'm into the extract room before so that's great but as I was saying so number one is Veterans you're gonna hear about something,
Or oh my god I've never heard that person being there. I don't know that Michelle or has ever been here. She's on the guest list and she's roughy her card,
So you got that. But then if you're new to drinking, drinking hunt is,
And it's not just about the guests. Hey, the reality is that the the guests are just added feature but go ahead. Sorry.
Plus parts usually of the Atlanta America's Mark Atlanta's mark that is near the western,
In those five hotels,
There's everything. I mean, there that's where the tracks are but that's also where the main programming is. Then, there's gaming in a part of it and then there's an art show and then there's all this. So, especially if you're a newbie and you're just like,
Oh, this is too much. Don't be too much. Can you candy? Hey, you're gonna hear and it can be. It can be too much even for those of us that have been here many a year. I am holding my hand up because wow, it can get really big.

[10:44] But it'll be great because then you're gonna hear from some people who are like oh great I'm glad I am a fan of stargate Atlanta so now I know,
That I need to go to American side five military to talk about those programs and,
Also that the the guest may be both in main programming and on those pages although those guests that they're bringing which is Rachel Lutrell and Joe Flanagan right now,
Maybe more later you'll never know at Dragon Con. That's the other thing,
So, you know, and that's the other thing. That's our featured guest right now. As I said, Joe Flanagan, I've never seen him in a thing. I'm so excited. I can't stand him. There he is. There's a cute little slipper. And yes, his ears look like a little.
Healthiers. Watching episode. You don't believe me? Watching episode where the hair done cover em. They look like little itty bitty. They're not like totally a point.

[11:41] They are very very close to a point. I would think yes.
Possibly some Elvin.
You're gonna love it and you're gonna have fun and you're gonna hear about what is called a drum circle.
It's all hydrauma.

[12:31] Dragon Gon is like a really big family reunion,
And my understanding is this year they're looking at guest number around 60 members of 60 1000,
Yes, John. Not gonna be that high. But members will be 60 house, yeah. I think I just,
Rachel just had a little bit of a and doesn't know what's almost put this way everyone a dragon cunt is a guest,
You just mean I'd have an official title I suggest.
I should point out to you about this particular podcast and it will we will say this throughout the season,
No. Full stop.
Our opinions are on our own. Even when I was attractive director on this podcast.
I speak as Lee the big fan.
We're getting there. We're getting close. We're getting close. We're getting close. And I'll I'll I'll hit that effect a second.

[13:52] But it was it's great and we love doing this and we love sharing the joy that is dragging con. So, you can come on and be here and be happy and find your found family.
And the great thing about this found family.
You are gonna wanna talk to a whole lot of those,
And somebody talked about music.
So, John, will you bring that future guest list up again? Oh, yes. Certainly. Well, well, you've been. And thank you for making sure I remember that.
Sharon but,
This is like.

[15:04] We enjoy their music.
And so that'll be great and you've got all these others and if you go to the Dragon concert Dragon Con. Org you can actually go people to see and you can see the guests,
The performers and the professionals in john,
Okay. So, let's explain the difference. Just really quick. Yes. Between a guest, a performer, and a professional.
So a guest is someone who does their job for a living and it's paid at it IE and actor comic artist a writer,
Those are the people that are guests sometimes those guests are also,
So that's who a guest is and guests are,
Get invite they fill out applications or have their agents or somebody else do it and then they get accepted and then they come to dragon caught,
One thing I do wanna say,
That right now dragging on is on,
All the guests right now. You're always gonna have the guests and performers and professionals do have to back out.

[16:25] Go into that understanding with dragon con that it is a very flexible type of thing that there are gonna be things that happen like that one of the jokes all of us make a dragon con is that the panel.

[16:40] Isn't official until your butt's in the seat.
And it's also we make another joke which is nothing is official at Dragon Con until the Tuesday after it's done. Yeah. And I always said that the panel didn't occur and that panel hasn't. Right. It doesn't exist until after it's over.
That's exactly right. Because you never know.

[17:19] Being in the panel whether that's in the track rooms or in a gaming room or wherever cuz gaming does have panels as well folks.
But if that happens and then all of a sudden you're like okay well they've also got two more people up there,
Okay so that's who I guessed it,
These are your bands,
I'm actually looking through it again to see. I guess I could just do it. There will be. Everyone can watch well ideas. Yeah, there you go. But yeah, most of these are.

[18:21] Either single performers or a band and they'll be there as well and there's a lot of places there are very late night performances.
That have these people? DJs, things like that, yeah. So, DJs, oh and DJs too, yes. Oh, late night. So, those of the performers that will be there but they're very late night and yes, Dragoncon is a lot of people say, oh, come on, it's really not 24 hours.
It is 24 hours a day,
From when it starts at,
Monday? No, you can't count. And we know that you don't read either John.
Don't don't don't try confusing yourself.
The jokes but but but when we start this podcast.
You know, we start it.
Somewhere afternoon on Friday. Right. And so we kept saying.

[19:35] Going across. Lower, lower,
But now to start officially on Thursday I I think even when they start on Thursday like a couple of years back it was,
It was like five or or 7 PM or something like that. Yeah.
At the at the very beginning.

[19:58] Hey.

[20:10] Expensive. We're gonna kick it right out of there.
We're gonna kick it right out. We're gonna hit it out of the ballpark not kick it out of the ballpark. I know the difference. I do like sports. I'm just very tired. You're gonna.
We're gonna yeah we are gonna we are gonna grab the golden snitch,
Okay so but.

[20:52] 24 five. So, this there is something going on. If it's 4 AM,
Is that your personal assistant?
But yeah there's gonna be a drum circle maybe at 4 AM at 3 AM I can promise you there are raves,
That start.
We're asleep.
Yeah. That was wrong with this. Oh no.
But so you got all this time and the only reason I can promise you that yes there is there are raves going on at 2 AM is that my son? 23 years old.
And the first year he went to array.

[22:18] He didn't even get in the bed. He put his butt.
If that's how we slept.

[22:33] I got a picture on the wall. Actually, put it on during a panel cuz I thought it was so funny. But it's great and so you'll do that. There's something going on. There's also,
A dinners. They're dance parties. People are gonna be saying, hey, do you wanna go get early breakfast,
Have fun and there's gonna be a lot of stuff like a couple of people have pushed out that they're,
Starting at 10 PM is,
Open filters.
They are exhausting because Rob is also a DJ who gets very tired at the but there are a lot of fun.
I can say this cuz I know we're.
And and then how we got in all of this started, right? Was I was explaining guest performers and.

[23:51] So professionals.
We use a term loosely.

[24:08] Invited.

[24:10] Professionals this year and so for some of us that must be a very lucy goosey. Right, that's what I'm saying. It's a little.
But there are others that are very
Very sad. Yeah. Yeah. I have been to know father Brian Small who is a Catholic priest.
Is listed as a professional because he'll come and talk about the Catholic church but then he will also just talk about how much of a fam boy,
Of I think it's supernatural and so many other shows he is. So,
Yeah and that's always great. People like with PHDs, a lot of the scientists, those all coming under,
Under professionals other podcasters come in under,
Typically come under front. I mean, I I assume if if some of the bigger podcast folks come in, they would go in as guests. Probably yes. But but for the most part, most of anybody's in the.
Podcasting is attending as usually professional. If they if they applied.
They stopped in June folks. Do not apply.
Being added to this. This role of,
There is also people who have unfortunately already had to cancel.
And that happens folks. This is real life and let's not joke. Right now, COVID is not done with us no matter how much we are tired of COVID.

[25:40] Getting tired of us. It loves this little nom nom nom noms.
Cuz I put Durham State,
Michael Williams.
Rolling man. I, you know, you may know who these people. I don't like,
But i don't know who this comic book guest is but you will cuz this person's been doing dark horse comics for 20 years and you can't wait,
2000. Those will be things.

[26:23] No. How many guests? What was it? What was the guest countdown?
Then do we remember
We actually technically talked to
Some folks the other day that
That could have covered it. We didn't actually go into it but that much. Because really the the realities right now, everything is still in forks.
But yeah if you if you've attended in the past and.

[27:12] You
Or 2018 or 2017. Those are really, really, really, really big shows. I know that they've capped. They've they've capped attendance to numbers lower than that right now. Soft cap.
We got a science track. We got a space track.
We got it all. So, you know, if you're.

[28:01] Particle physics,
That's great but then also show them that there's a science track with people who probably will be coming to talk about quantum physics and string theory and
All of that stuff,
Is showing the different tracks. So, there's that. But also.

[28:41] I would not save a lot of people like 50% of the people dress up at Dragon Hot. I would say it's more like 25 or 30%.
But the people who do dress up in costume cosplayers and costumers,
And I'm always just absolutely blown away and I've been watching Star Trek Strange New World and I rewatched the Fantasy episode last night and I cannot wait to see me some,
Those costumes. I I cannot wait to see Uhura in that big old wide dress. That was gorgeous. Oh my god. That was gorgeous. So, I can't wait and it's awesome and you're gonna love it.
So but that's what dragon honey is and we like to talk to it. We like to talk about it. We like to bring people on who wanna share the joy that is dragging con. We wanna get that message out.
The other thing about Drying Kong which is very different than other conventions you may go to is this is a fan,
And John what does that mean for our listening audience? Well, what it what it means is that.

[30:02] For the most part the staff of Dragoncon is actually fairly small it might be,
It's 20 at less 20 years or less. I don't even wanna venture a guess. I don't even know. But it is it is very small. For for the convention it's very small.
Two digits. Yes.

[30:21] And.
Is Regina.
Oh yeah, technically, she's bosto board.
We'd we as fans are that the track director's mostly. Decide what the panels are gonna be, what panels are gonna have. There's some input.
But they they decide
You know sort of where it's gonna go and it's from input from the fans and the fans participate in the lot of lot of folks they you can apply to be moderate or not a moderator but a panelist
And it's up to each of the the directors sort of sort that out. The discussions that come up are are usually generated by,
The interest in that particular track and and what the what their interests are. So, the point is is that at the end of the day.

[31:39] Just folks like you and me that are doing,
Yeah, there is no fun and profit. It's for fun and it's,
Because we love it and we wanna give it back.
Pants optional for panelists. We just got that question. Nothing wants to know.
Pants are not optional. If you are there
You know what? That's between you and that track director. I don't wanna see it. I know you wear. I know Madman. You wear your Batman Fox debris but yeah.
No. So do that.
But yeah so that'll be interesting and this year again just like last year and it's my understanding it's all of the Phantom tracks this year are doing two virtual panels,
And they will,
During dragon condo will be a different times during that period but they're up during dragon hunt. So, you will be able to see those as they go out. They promise you they'll be on the dragoncon app. That's something else we'll talk about in just a second.

[32:59] They'll be on the dragon hunt out. They'll be on Facebook pages. There's the app. We'll tell you all about it. The app is not out yet. You need to hush your,
And it's wonderful. The app is absolutely.

[33:19] App is.
And it only comes out,
Any earlier,
Is Sarah Sarah just said it hurt she goes to the whole app
In marks everything and anything and everything that she this is just a general dragon roll for those people that have are new to dragon,
Because who knows? It could be you know whatever.

[34:16] Yeah you got all of these lists and you you've like highlighted them however you wanted to on,
What you might wanna do like I do a lot. I'll put like four things there and then on my app I have them in color coded for me.
So that that works. And you know, this is not trying to say, get off my lawn. But for all of those people who are like, why can't,
It's 2 weeks beforehand I promise you will have enough time to look at it,
Get off my lawn buttercup because it used to be you would stand in line for a very, very, very long time. Get your badge and to get a paper out,
Good night. You kids don't know how easy you have it.

[35:11] Before global warming.
We would run out of highlighters,
No not very true. But yes. So, yes, smells like mouth bells in here right now. Yeah. Get off my lawn, you people. But that's great. You will also,
It's just wonderful to have the app because you can do that and then it's also because you can share it with your friends.

[35:44] And by sharing the app where you are they can go okay wait,
And you can look at you can search by any hotel,
Depending on how you feel. Like if you're at the Sheritan that's one of the few you actually have to be outside for the day ball. Right? You have to walk from wherever you go walking from to the Sheritan. So the day ball will hit you.
And tell me why I just can't take the day ball right now. It's,
Yeah, I just, it's too hot. It's too muggy or it is pouring down rain.
And I just can't,
What would I like to go see as my number two choice or my number three,
I am over here in this little tiny area in the Hilton.
You can look up the hilton you can figure out what's around you and do it that way and it's wonderful to be able to do that because it really does help
The other thing I love about the is that it is very easy to explain the joy of dragon con later.

[37:00] Because people be like, what do you mean by the app? And I'm like, look,
Feedback. You'll have lots of those. Guess what, folks? They really mean it. As John said,
I better go.
The volunteers and the dragon caught overall,
So, when you do that, always use the rating. Thank you, Damian.
And then,
Tell them that, right? Tell them that. And there are certain things, especially for me as a track director, one of the worst things I would ever get is,
Panel was great but I really like that. I really dislike that short, white, crazy woman with the weird hair.
Well, that would be me. Well, okay, why do you dislike me? What did I do? Oh, is this a question for me?
No. Not at all. I would never ever ask. Do that. Unless you want me to start with you.

[38:15] No it's okay. No no. No. Okay. So but that's really it. It's really,
That helps and that's constructive.

[38:34] Don't just be mean to be mean don't give a rating of one because I had to stand for 2 hours to get into this actor panel.
Yep I'm sorry you did it,
You gotta you gotta be really,
At Dragon Hon one on one or one on our,
4000 fans to one person,
Most of those people are volunteers so we're not getting paid. They aren't getting paid, not we anymore. John, I,
Oh, I'm having problem with that. So, there's that. So, yeah, we don't always, we don't get paid. Be nice. It the people are volunteers. At the end of the day, people are volunteers. They're there. They're, right?

[39:26] If they,
They could be doing other things. They could be going to see the panel that you're trying to get into.
Okay when will you guys get a podcast panel or live show and people are saying that stole my question yeah yeah yeah.
We don't know that we are if because that would be like 54 days of dragon con right.

[40:09] We're not gonna do one today. I don't think. No. We might be on other panels. I hope to be on other panels because I love talk. I have so many fandoms and I get very very into them and I get into the minutia
Just an unholy squeeze,
I just,
I just need to entertainment show and I still will go back to it same way we do so,
But there's that so that's always good. So, yes, we would, we might have a live.
Panel. We might be able to ask some people if they'll let us use their track room. Yeah, it all comes down to,
It all comes down to.
Let's say Rose also likes target universe apparently.
Hey thank you for,
Actually dialing now that they've kind of sort of got this stuff sorted up.
Rob wants 365 days of drag gun that means at least at least one 1 day every 4 years we get a day off.

[41:28] What time is it?
These people are so.
Come on. Come on over. You have no idea.
How exhausted you can be and it's a lot of but you've also had a lot of,
So Rob did close that loophole unfortunately he does have 366 days for leap years so.
And both of y'all are,
But that's what we're gonna do with this over the next 50 days. Will we John? I'm going to ask you. Will there be 50 podcast for 50 days?
So, 50 days of dragon is a little bit of this number. We try to get close. We try to actually my goal is typically around 40. We have.

[42:51] As I'm sure everyone knows it well besides lives but as as I'm sure everyone knows.

[42:58] I wanna get back to Brandon's question just a second.

[43:07] There's just things that happen. It's just too much to try and do one every single day. We try to stack them up sometimes. If you, if you follow us on Instagram, Instagram, why do I keep saying Instagram?
Way over 30. So, I'm no longer on Instagram,
But we are on things like Facebook you know the thing your grandma uses I don't go there anymore but
I guess Twitch you can see when we're on Twitch.
The unique geek across all of them. It's the unique geek that,
Dot com.
You will see when we post sometimes we'll do two recordings in a day we'll do we've been doing this live cuz it's just A it's easier for me to edit,
It down the audio that comes out of here.
But but the the.

[44:14] Where is it going with this? Oh, you you can you can watch the stream. You can watch, you can also go back later and watch the streams if you, if you wanna see, if we said something and you wanna figure out what the heck we were talking about, that was only visual. There's that.
A lot of people we have told us that they say that they're way of driving down to Atlanta or getting here on the plane or whatever is that they will pop on 50 days and that's,
When they start getting really, really, really excited and,
For listening we think all of y'all from,
We try to target,
But the ideas that we start,
Read the question. Is there going to be prerecorded.

[45:27] We had just had that argument just me. It's actually gonna be posted tomorrow morning. This this particular podcast you're listening to right now will be tomorrow morning then we'll start the other ones. If you if you've been following along we're sort at least we also sometimes record added order,
They're depending on when we can get people is really what it boils down to.

[45:48] I forget who we were but basically we were busy.
Who is co-chair of Dragon Conor? Hey, Mandy. Who is the CFO?
But it might be hard for people to listen to because his audio was he was recording as he was driving to a wrestling,
To to do some announcement stuff. But it was fun. The times we got to talk to him for the we've all we we always enjoy talking to all of our directors. But Joe is Joe is a special character.
All in his own you can see his stuff over on Facebook for his track. They keep it up year round. They do 365 days of American sci-fi classics.
Actually there is a lot of stuff they put up at least one a month if not two so that's really good and I love
Don't what Dave says I appreciate all the days you must do thanks for all the hard work we appreciate,
Thank you all for listening because,
Talking to air. Zan thinks we're gonna hold the do the podcast recording in my hotel room. That's assuming I have a hotel room at this point. I'm not sure if it's. Well, that is assuming that you.

[47:10] It's great and remember there are also a lot of things that also go on for charity at Drankon. There is an official charity for Dragon Con every year. This year, it is project opened up Atlanta.
Which helps those with HIV and some other chronic illnesses get meals and have companionship and people to talk to,
That sometimes is desperately needed because they don't.
Yeah there are people that don't have anybody else there is also there will be a charity art show there'll be a charity auction all of this money goes directly to charity and the great thing is up to 100 K,
Dragon con matches dollar for dollar. Yeah. So, it's awesome. We get 100 K.
By the way 100 grand,
Attendees members, members.

[48:33] By the way we always beat that,
They don't see this kind of donation come in all at once and so it's it's a nice thing that the dragon does they don't do not have to do it there's no reason for them to necessarily have to do it but it is it is I'm sure there's,
There's a little bit of benefit probably from taxes or whatever but that's that's besides the point. That's not even not even scratching a surface of that right. So it's not hesitate to even,
Right and then there's also a blood drive. We do a blood drive every year and that goes for all 5 days. It will start early,
It will continue past when dragon concluses on Monday. After,
On on Thursday the following week is I wanna 3 PM personal Monday,
The next Monday. Good try. So, there's that and I love, I love the blood drive. Years and years ago and I always get a little tear when I talk about it. Somebody else's blood saved my life.

[49:53] I was in the hospital and they could not figure out what was going on with internal bleeding,
And that helped me stop and stabilize me. I can't give anymore due to other health issues. Mm hmm. But and I know there are other people who cannot give blood and.
That there are a lot of reasons for that but if you can't give blood, if you're able to, if you're able to do it, it's a great thing,
For a year,
Well I can't. Can we still be yeah no so much. But we technically I've been part of most of my life but I was born in Boston. See. There you go. But those are the things to know and it's just always wonderful.
The great thing is that giving anything you can give even if it's.

[50:57] We started something years and years ago and it kinda made it I made it a joke and then charity take it over which is hey probably y'all flying out it's Monday right it's Monday hey we got a big bucket,
And now we have change buckets that are around in a lot of places. So, you will see those in.

[51:26] Right.
Did blood drives and I was always just on a schedule with them. Well, since i don't go into work anymore. Heck, I haven't given blood in.

[51:49] Since 2019 or two maybe eight maybe in 2020 maybe the very beginning 2020,
20 days maybe. Something like that.
Definitely. That'll be the first time I get to get that one of those shirts too. So.

[52:20] You're muted.

[52:33] She's telling me something about me.

[52:41] Hey I believe it's.

[52:45] Unmute did I act oh,
There we go. Hi, there. The technical,
You probably can hear me just,
Yeah, we gotta get to the game soon because. Yeah, let's let's let's cut to that.
Oh, do they? Oh, that's cool. They do have nutter butters. It's live y'all.
Everybody is looking at me. So, but yes, we, every time, John used, look, we love to play games. So, John is first going to let me in.
Yeah I'm sending you the I'm sending it through the chat that the room number.

[53:49] Are you sending it to me? Yeah, just here. Just a private chat, under private chat. Yeah, there you go. You got it.
Well, I gotta get all the way up. Yeah, well, she does that. I will remind people that,
Where is the.
There should be a little private chat section.

[54:16] No
John made me number two for our stream yard. No, I think it's because you signed it as me as well so that's why.

[54:35] Oh Sarah can't play cuz she's working. Boo. That's okay. Sorry. We're gonna play a new game. We're gonna play a new game tonight. Tell anybody that,
Call the call the job job which is part of the Jackbox family,
And let me unmute that too so people can hear the.
The what should we call it?

[55:13] What is that thing called? It's called a.

[55:26] But John used to do things that were absolutely terrible. Mostly,
That he came up with himself to to make sure I lost. And people like oh you can't prove that. Yes you can.
Years and years and years and years ago we had somebody on and we played a game and she's a computer programmer and I am not.
And all the questions were about.
All these other languages,
I've seen everyone can hear the music in the background.
Okay. Hold on one second.

[56:29] Welcome potential hire. Sound okay,
My first rule of management. A friend is just a co-worker. You haven't worked with yet. So, let's get acquainted.
I'm gonna send some ice breaker questions to your device answer,
So everyone that's playing should've gotten eight,
By the way later the audio sound better when I turn it up a little bit. Yes it did. Okay.
Yeah so everyone that that got that please try to fill out as many of the 140 character limit that you have there at number Twitter when they used to have a 440 character limit.
It'll help further on and you'll see why in just a little bit those of you have not played this game so,
Answer the question but you know, try to answer his word. Wordly is possible.

[57:28] Well, they're doing that. I will let people know. Ways to get a hold of us are emailing us at 50 days at the unique geek. Com. That's five oh D A Y S at,
T H E U N I Q U E G E K dot com the unique. Com or call us at 8133210,
Tug TV also 84 for those of you that don't know that,
Also have letters associated with them,
We will as the season's as the season goes on we will play those throughout our podcast and like I said also if you keep that number handy,
We're thinking about doing a one or two maybe call in shows where people can just you know come hang out with us as well.

[58:26] And according to these people you should be about halfway done.

[58:36] A really long timer. Those that listen to the recorded thing will not necessarily hear this part.

[58:46] What did I do?

[58:57] Sarah says there should be a trivia game if you do a live recording. Yeah, we did do a live recording a couple of year to 2018.
19. Maybe it was 19 as well. Baby, it may have been 18. And yeah, we do, we will definitely, if we do that, I will bring.
Box of that's down here somewhere.

[59:24] I want I wanna drag everything down here waiting on Lee Dolhip Dave Pal family,
Oh, I am moderating. I forgot about that.
Let me bring the moderation up.
So it's an approval.
Now, there were pals. I'm sending some tough but fair interview questions to your device.
But instead of typing your responses you'll be using words from your fellow interviewees to answer the questions. In business we call that a curveball. Tap any word you see to add it to your response. If you make a mistake tap the word again to remove it.

[1:00:21] You can also drag words around to rearrange them.

[1:00:25] Can't find the right words for what you wanna say. Then, say something different, pal, cuz that'.
Okay so there's more for you to do.

[1:00:49] Alright, waiting for moderation. Oh, hey, waiting for me. Tell me you.
This is very difficult with the words I got. Show me what you got. That's the point.
Okay so this is a tough choice and since choice making is so valuable why don't you guys show me you can do it,
And so now everyone including people in the audience can vote but what question would you like to ask our CEO do you like a lady a little lady a day check it out,
Use firearms our firearms useless and sad,
Little lady.

[1:01:48] How do you normally start up a sales pitch?

[1:01:52] If you can't stand the heat.
How do you normally start off a sales pitch? Enjoy Star Wars? Enjoy Star on Wars iPad. I think it's supposed to be Star Wars on iPad.

[1:02:13] If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen or enjoy star on wars.

[1:02:23] Enjoy Star Wars on iPad?

[1:02:32] Eternal Zan one with if you can't stand the kitchen one from your last job.

[1:02:43] Okay what's a take away lesson from your last job try to improve on a on a habit yearly no that's good advice dinosaurs lizards bears tried going at the dance,
Listen that was browsing. Browsing. Browsing.
You know, one of the the jobs, one of my main job, I have one job. Read.
Really but Carrie won with try to improve. I had it yearly. Honestly, how is a useful vibe?
Cuz the audience is not with you. That's fine.
How can how can this company cultivate a youthful vibe.

[1:03:33] How can this company cultivate a youthful vibe, a balance of colors, and talkative people,
That's true. Firearms are your funny science killer bees.

[1:03:52] Killer bees.

[1:04:13] Can, can, can.

[1:04:22] Recreation room.

[1:04:33] John I finally found our private chat.
How would you describe your work ethic?

[1:04:54] How would you describe your work ethic? Shake Morocas and drag marching band or the life of the energizer.

[1:05:04] Two very good answers. For two different reasons.
You know it's being record and broadcastly.

[1:05:30] The life of the energizer bunny won that one.

[1:05:42] How would you manage employees without talking down to them? Lizards going fiery browsing dance huge.
Liquor hits a texture burned.

[1:05:58] Well, I have no idea. How would you manage employees without talking down to them? Lizards going fiery browsing dance huge.

[1:06:10] Lizard or liquor hits a texture's bird from poop goes out.
Gabe wins that with.
What does leadership mean to you?

[1:06:31] What is leadership mean to you forced to cut sizes of too many people?

[1:06:41] Wow.

[1:06:43] I don't know who again.

[1:06:54] Eternal sand winds with I believe an individual rights in self governance.
What's an underappreciated skill in today's corporate culture?
Excuse me.
Both these. What's the under appreciate skill in today's corporate culture? 90% p or.

[1:07:30] I really wanna understand 90% you're the one that chooses these games.

[1:07:49] Who won? Oh, secret space wipes.
How do you know you're too sick to come in to work?

[1:08:10] Okay so since John is holding,
Ghost food at Castle.
Poop poop used answers from Gabe and Lee.

[1:08:42] Oh jeez,
Gabe is winning by 3000.

[1:09:08] Here we go. I don't even need to read these to know they're great.
Round two of questioning this time I want to know how you would handle some tough workplace scenarios.
Remember, you can use any word you see on your device and your answer. Try grabbing a word from the question,
There we go.
You discover your manager is taking credit for your ideas how do you respond,
Well, on your devices now.
Or you are poop scoopering ghost meat.

[1:10:07] PNB the Rangers taking credit for your ideas how do you respond pee in big garden wins booster score even more.

[1:10:17] Oh, rainbow buns. You got three different people. Eternal Zand wins that with PN Big Garden.

[1:10:35] What? Time for a new email signature. What inspirational phrase is going under your name? Preppy jeans over heavily horses hair, heavily marketed resale, or free space drunk unhappiness.

[1:10:49] Preppy jeans over heaven.
Heavily horse's hair heavily marketed today.
Oh palm yeah they were here last year and they you running to your manager,
You run into your manager in a non-work setting what is an appropriate reading,
You're smell is,
What is an appropriate greeting? High free food and date or your smell is nice.
That's pizza smell nice.
Thank you, Audi. You get stuck in the elevator after work. How do you escape?
Doing the elevator dance or ask for help falling out.
Or be a rich English guy leave a quiet fart.

[1:12:09] Now I really desperately wanna know if Rich English guys.
Can only quietly fart. You can't stuck in the elevator after work. How do you escape? Be a rich English guy. Leave a leave a quiet part or doing the elevator dance or ask for help falling out.

[1:12:26] Hey Roar,
And three it gets a rainbow on top of that.

[1:12:47] Toss that real bad jeez suck it.
This is why,
Just doesn't come to me. Anyway, toss.
Oops Steve went searching.
The clothes.

[1:13:38] Your CEO's awful son is now your direct supervisor. How do you respond?
Wearing designer jeans are using horses Adidas funky socks.

[1:13:55] I'm not sure what any those things mean.

[1:14:04] Hey,
Oh, sorry. Michelle, the office ghost has been onto your cubicle. How do you react?

[1:14:21] Michelle, the office ghost has been haunting your cubicle. How do you react? Passed out.

[1:14:33] Past either you how do you react passed out or.

[1:14:47] Steve when's that one with break into music and break boot.

[1:14:52] This might be a little haunted. Do you know how to get rid of ghosts?
Leave your true love in his castle.
Or get an old lady and an analog phone and get ready. Our office might be a little haunted. Do you know how to get rid of ghosts?
Get no lady in an analog phone and get ready,
Leave your true love in his castle.
Get an old lady and,
Plus extra points for two people. One of the interns has called you Kelly. You are not Kelly.
What are your insurance has called you Kelly? You're not Kelly. How do you respond?

[1:16:00] It's one of the answers.
Is there a dramatic readings?

[1:16:29] The investors are getting antsy. How do you stall?

[1:16:41] The investors are getting antsy how they see us late the investors are getting antsy how do you stall watch alien movies.

[1:16:55] Or Charles Anne won with spend lots of money listening to music.
That took a lot of teamwork let's see who teamworked the best.
Sarah Rose so she's confused.
One more icebreaker. Oh, really? One more round.
Final round. Okay. Okay.
Snorkel it's a flashlight that's actually not a terrible idea.

[1:17:42] And by the way, thank you all for hanging out with us. I really do appreciate it. It means a lot to us. We we do,
We do this because we like it. We do it. I mean,
But we do love it because you are here.
Probably my fault I was reading them in a park in a big bird stole some pages,
But you know what?

[1:18:35] Oh.
Sarah just breaking news right here,
Baker can never remember killer frost from Flash was just announced.

[1:18:58] Killer frost from Flash is that? Right. Right.
12th season?
Communication support your anarchy.

[1:19:27] She has other credits too right beside the flash obviously but.

[1:19:35] But the name killed.
I'm actually gonna look up to see what her.
No no.

[1:20:02] No. Okay. Final first impressions.

[1:20:11] Vote for your favorite now. About me, I love too many flirty people forced to taste recliner and I hate,
Feet, feet, feet, feet, feet, feet, feet.

[1:20:30] So about me I'd love too many flirty people forced to taste recliner.

[1:20:40] Hey Facebook,
Which it says oh god it's happening again it's happening that,
I won that one.
That's true. Final first impressions about me. I love useless killer animals.
I love farting without hurting yourself. I hate farting in the wind in.

[1:21:25] Hey,
Even the pal family. We're adults and we're having way too much fun with farts and peps. Yeah.
Steve one with the farting without hurting yourself love.
I love fierce space dinosaur impressions.

[1:22:08] About me. You know, I love to sleep. I love music to sleep rather.
About me I I love fierce,
And Brandon wins with his hate of tap dancing instructions.
I love kissing my peas.
I hate true love will never love life.
About me I love cold liquor and i hate burn piano.
Mommy only read her. I love kissing my beans.

[1:23:10] Oh, I love love beans. Yeah, sorry. I.
At least I'll bring my own personality to it Lee. Thanks for breaking my mood.
I love cold liquor and hate burn piano wins that was Carrie with that answer.
Sarah's right. This is the never ending game. This may be the only time we get to play this game.
About me i love a quiet people then listen.

[1:23:49] Oh my god, we're children. I love, enjoy your delicious chocolate on your free time and I hate cold.
About me I love a quiet people then listen.
I feel like I'm having a stroke every single time I read these.
I love your delicious chocolate on your free time.
And I think I remember. Alright, final scores.
Steve pinches out Carrie,
The top goes to,
Welcome to the team. Hey, you're starting salary 62 1000 Stephanie, you're fired.
I didn't wanna comment on what Steve's emoji was.

[1:25:01] Cuz we've already talked about way too many times tonight. Alright, so the winner was Steve. In second was Carrie. Third was Dolip that eternal sand, Gabe, Lee, Brandon, Pal family, Santa, and Chris.

[1:25:15] That was like it was fine. But we will not be playing this game with that many people again.
Ever ever,
It's too long. Zan does wanna remind people to call the Hilton host host hotel at (404) 659-2000 to request being add to the legacy waiting list apparently they have one,
Going there, you can catch that information over the member. I should have read this earlier when we were all
Blank time that was trying to kill members of Dragon Con room the dragon room sharing Facebook group is probably the best place to go head over to Facebook and then type in Drankon room during con rooms,
You'll you'll find that information out there,
They they run the same sort of thank yous thank you for letting us look for a new jack box congrats to Steve Steve wins hooray,
And listen up we'll be back we'll have more lots more,
2 days or so but be watching all those places the,

[1:26:31] YouTube, channel, or Twitch, I don't think Twitch actually,
And we are podcasting,
Oh I now understand,
We do gotta go because we've held you your guys tension way too long and I appreciate you hanging out with us Lee you need to go eat something,
So, until next time. Fort Lee and the rest of you crew out there that have been playing with us, we really appreciate it. Until next time. This is John.
Saying peace and then going to look for my outdoor music.

[1:27:30] Music.

[1:27:36] This was a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:28:03] Music.