Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 10 - What'S New B?

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Hey gang, John here. As you may have noticed, there have been a lack of podcast coming out in the 50 days feed.
You know kinda want to give everyone an update before you listen to this podcast.
Of what's going on over here,
Now as you guys know Lee and I do a lot of stuff together during this 50 days
Having medical issues.
I don't wanna go into too much about what's going on but both of us at the same time simultaneously this week.
Get together and do the podcast nor I'm gonna be frank with you the the.

[1:10] Both of our parents are dealing with different issues.
But again, like I said, both at the same time, which is,
This is also something that we do together.
Major health issues essentially with them at the same time. I'm laughing only because,

[1:50] That sound that sound really sad.

[1:59] In one way or another. But that's that's why it is. I feel bad that we don't have these coming up but I'm gonna be freak with you.
I hope you love doing it but,
We have to be in the right mindset and we have to know that our our families are are are doing well. In order to do these things.

[2:19] So
A great and fun thing that we do,
So, without further ado, here's Kevin,
We love you all. Thank you for all the time and support. Look, keep an eye on us. Eye out for information,
Youtube channel is well as Facebook for call and show we really wanna do calling a couple of Colin shows you guys give us your best,
A dragon or you know a place to see while you're that are don't involve drink on that kind of thing. So we'd like to hear all those things. So start thinking about it.
As always you can call our comment line it's in the show a 1000 times I'm not gonna bother repeating it here.

[3:30] Tell me love em.

[3:37] Music.

[4:02] Cucumber.
No featuring your loved one.

[4:29] Hey
Cry more than cutting open a 1000 onions
Hiding from the government.

[5:04] Hey Mike John John John John John,
Well then he needs changes worth that,
Okay, there are guests, new guests. There are. So, we got Eddie McClintock, yes.
That you're no longer the director of.
Cast all the way down to the.

[5:48] Hey,
I am very very worried that all of the sudden somebody has said to David to ketonate hey.
Good news.
The flash guest we got Tom Kevin and I'm going through right here.
Tom Cavanaugh Daniel Nicolette Danielle Panabaker and David Ramsey so four.
One, four.

[6:37] So, you know, I get to see those things.
On social media they have might have announced Michael Shanks and Alexa Dog going do it,
I don't know. I'm so sorry, ma'am. I have just probably done a terrible thing. Hey, Chris. Chris pointing out that they announced Michael Shanks, yeah. Yes, but the good news is.
Not being a director, not being a volunteer, but actually.
I don't even know how to get around i don't know what to do,
And I know how to get from the Sheraton to the Hilton to the Marriott to the Hyatt which you still don't know. So, John, I'm not sure. I like.
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to like.
So what you're saying? Why is it so difficult? I mean,
Maybe drink con and some you know fans and stuff might start something that would help people I don't know I I maybe maybe oh hey Lee someone's at the door.

[7:57] The other.
Then we hear that.
I don't know. I press the wrong button. I press the wrong button, dude. That's the wrong button.
Thank you.
I don't know how to get around driving car and what's where others and i know where extract is at least right now is in the shirt.
What do you do a dragon pond to help some doofus like me you can't help John he will never ever figure out anything but the Marriott's in the middle,
Hilarious what's the great thing about this so much of it. But before getting into that tell everyone who you are.
That's the family, right? Yes, my name is Kevin Batchelder. I'm one of the folks involved in helping to manage the dragon con newbie.

[9:16] Hey Facebook group and activities that go on at Con now so.
We we have a wonderful group of people that are available to assist with questions for newbies,
As well as some events that the con is very gracious since we're not an official part of Con the new group but they do provide us with time on the schedule to do,
Just like you were alluding to at least some walking tours on Thursday,
Helping to manage the events but also from fellow congoers as we all know it's the family aspect of this convention that really makes it what it is. It is. I do love coming to our group family. Geek group.

[10:06] Geek out whatever.
Okay but Kevin I think one of the things John wow that is a really big.
Go ahead. Sorry.
I know the thing. Ladies.
What are the things I always hear is i just don't even know how to start looking at con,
How does your group? I mean, are there places they can go even before con to get some questions answered?
Quick for the case of folks understanding I've been coming to Constance 2005 myself.

[11:12] I just realized that I'm getting the same type questions from from friends every year and I'm like I'm gonna create a Facebook group just so I can put my friends in it so that we would someone ask a question I don't have to answer it seven times,
Cuz I knew there would be repeat one. So, I just started the group them with a few folks and then each year, it's just been building as folks find out about it since it's newbie focused,
Just search for Dragon Con newbies and and it should be able to find it cuz like I say we're now 11 years in on the group we've got more than 5700 members,
Is directors, staff people, fellow congoers who've gone through many years and obviously a ton of people that this is their first year and they're just joined and like you said, they don't know where to go first. So.

[11:54] We just make that very newbie friendly repeat questions are not a problem the simple questions not a problem we're all there to hopefully give you,
Some suggestions maybe some insights from experience I mean we're not an official part of cons we don't speak for con but we will maybe. Two in a direction of another Facebook group that has some great info or a resource,
Where is the con held what time does it close?
Hey Facebook,
Like I said, myself, Kim, McGibbany, Sue, Kiss, and Wender, Michael, Faulkner, the four of us have been managing it for many years,
Hey and it's just something a few years ago the con after we had done this informally for many years reached out and said hey we can give you some time,
On the program and that's when we started doing walking tours on the Thursday afternoon.

[12:54] Hey Facebook,
You can look on the app and it'll show things on Thursday and Friday and if you,
Yes John. Oh yeah so actually Sarah Rose had a question which is I got a friend coming for the first time in several years and wanna try and get him to participate in the tour. What places do you cover.
Big questions Sarah thanks.

[13:39] Amazing volunteers who will work as tour guides for us. Now,
Cheap in mind with the the as much space that is covered by dragon with the hotels and all we can't do walking tour that's gonna cover everything,
General directions like you were saying earlier understanding maybe the concept of this direction is the sheriff and that direction is the high,
Western's over here America's Mark give you an idea where they are maybe take a walk towards the food court area to understand whether there's some options for food and such take some questions as they go so,
It's it's not a comprehensive tour in the sense that we're gonna cover everything,
But if you wanna get some berries which often times for a lot of folks is really what you need. It's that whole spin me around and point me right direction thing,
It's a great way to kinda do it and also the great thing that's come out of doing these tours the last few years,
And you know we can only send out a few time but that gives us a chance while folks are waiting in the room to do Q and As,
You know to make a friend like Dragoncon is you know world renowned for so it's a great way to build all the community right off the bat,
And get a chance to interact with some folks and learn a little more. So, it's a moving target as you folks know, the time on Thursday that we used to do the tours. We've had to keep moving it up as Con has been starting earlier.

[15:06] Many people would love for us to do tours on Friday and Saturday that might be one of the most popular questions we get after the fact but things are just way too crowded and busy,
On Thursday this year not I don't have things confirmed yet so as always check back for more details but yeah because the folks it's getting so busy it's hard to be able to do the tour and,
Do they win small groups of folks can hear the tour guides and all,
In the old days in the old days you know when we had to walk up and down 12 flights to just even get to the consuite which,
There is not a consuite,
But when you have to do that it used to be that you stood in line to get your badge and it took a really really long time now there are still people who like to.

[16:11] Get in line early to,
Have that lovely line experience,
But this is a great way to kind of like, oh, let's make a new friend. Let's, what are you interested in?
I can't tell you how many times when I've talked to somebody I've been like so wait what fandom is that?
And I found new fandoms I am like I just kinda like collect.

[16:45] This is a great thing. This newbies to newbies, newbies, to kind of newbies.
There is a place for all of the newbies and even though we're gonna give you a little bit of heck,
Well, I am. I don't know. Kevin's not. They're very. Kevin and Sue and Holly and everybody else. They're wonderful. But I give you,
So, Kevin, what else? Like, when you go on the tour, how often,
What are the kind of questions you often get? You already talked about the food courts. There's a hidden food work for Thursday and Friday and Wednesday if you're there. Precon.

[17:34] But a lot of the things come down to like we said earlier some folks have some experience at the.
Convention center based cons so understanding the difference of a hotel based one in terms of the 24 hour a day nature of it the fact that as you pointed out late is gonna be a ton of walking,
And the Atlanta humidity at the end of August. A lot of people in different places of the country, the world are not used to that. So,
The reality of of making sure you've got some comfortable shoes that you stay very hydrated,
I mean many of us were experienced congoers can tell you the stories of folks come you know Sunday or whatever that you can see or just.

[18:12] Yes,
You gotta pace yourself. Man, be sure to drink some more water.
Add the con. There's stations all over. All you need is a water bottle and you can fill it up just like I did. It has ice and the peach tea like crystal light thing and it's awesome,
Yeah. It is much better just to realize that when you're coming in it and also to set expectations again many folks if they've been other kinds of her from friends that are,
There's sometimes only one or two maybe three things going on at the same time to pick,
But as we know a dragon come with almost 40 programming tracks.
You know kinda find some things like you said Lee the great thing is.

[19:13] Where people can't sit in these rooms they get cleared out after each session as you well know,
The folks who were there are just like you and that they're huge fans of that topic whatever it might be so you can easily strike up a conversation it's not like someone's been sitting there for 6 hours just to get to the good panel at 5 o'clock,
It might happen at the west coast con but that that small west coast corner that,
One of the things I'll I'll never forget and I love this story and I've seen it not only with.

[19:55] That had just come out,
No all these people are here for us and I went no no we clean out the room,
All those people are here for warehouse 13 and they honestly didn't believe it until they came out and saw those people like standing up and asking questions and it's just wonderful,
I just think that's the great thing about this pond. Again, it's by the fans, for the fans, with the fans, and that's very different than a lot of pounds. As you were saying, Kevin.
That you might find something you're a big fan of 510 years ago that would never be covered in the more corporate type cons but,
Paragon's got an entire programming track,
Hardwire to it because as we know there'll be daily changes the daily dragon.

[21:10] Newsletter will let you know room changes or events are cancelled so it's it's only a guide to what's going on and sometimes,
Some of the best panels I've ever been to were once I just stumbled into.
You know hanging out or certainly as you look at your schedule and it gets to be later in the con,
You know, Sunday, Monday, especially,
It's the best way to do it. So, it's that flexibility. Let you get so much out of the con. I mean, it's it's just an amazing thing and the other thing too,
Folks don't mention much but I think it's important it's no disrespect to any other con larger small the great thing about dragon con having seen it now for going on 17 years or so is.

[22:04] Many of us who've been to the con a few times we see the look in your eyes we can tell that you have no idea what's going on or where you're going,
But ask someone. I mean, there's wonderful team of volunteers. You often talk about it Lee. We're gonna have special. Those of us that are will have special colored.
Land you're to know that the answer questions but so can your fellow congoers we wanna see you get the most iconic the reason I got involved in most the other people who are involved in the newer group is because we remember our first couple of years how hard it was,
Get figure things out but also how helpful the community was there was so many people at first year I came I still remember,
I know I never knew their name but they were willing to answer a question or they could tell just look on my face,
You can look like you don't know where you're going. Yep.
New things everybody's getting into. So, you know, keep an open mind and man, this can be just one of the most amazing experiences of your life.
It's a lot of fun and i think it's just kind of amazing how you find familiar,
And as you said, I mean, we've had Zan say, you know, in every skip and every panel time, I put five things down. Thanks Sam because you don't know. You never know. If you go to a main panel and it's full.

[23:30] You know you aren't gonna be able to get in so there's that if you like as you said I just cannot walk anymore if I have to leave this air conditioning,
I will just be a puddle on the ground in Atlanta. You do all of that too. So, it's always a lot of fun. It's always great.
And as somebody else I think that was Daniel said,
In our chat room is you know plan to do 10% of what you're hoping to do.
That's not a bad thing. It's because 90% you found something new.
But if you do see John and he looks very very confused.

[24:24] So
Wrong. I just went where we're going here.
If you get lost trying to walk around the convention just pick one person follow them,
Means chill time but maybe means chilly. I don't know. If needed, but typically time to explore the con.

[25:08] I wouldn't have known,
I was going to enjoy until finding it. Yeah, that's the other thing too. Yeah, I think I've told the story many of time. I'm a doctor who fan by any stretch you imagination. But there was,
That was scheduled then had one of the doctor who guessed and I can't even remember who. Now, at this point, not really relevant but not like, man, there's no line cuz it's Monday morning.
Let me go in. And so I went in and the room was only half full. Surprisingly. And I had a great time. Watches. I no idea what they were talking about. But it was a fun time. Just you know listening to,
The guest speak and and the the fans obviously interact with them. So, something that you know, I don't I would not normally go into but did that time. It's making a fans here. Go ahead.
Oh I was gonna say just follow up on Jerry's mention and and it's very true cuz we certainly see it with the newbies,
Is that because con events are, you know, the time blocks are an hour, 30 minutes off or getting around in an event and that starts in the morning and runs till midnight or more,
Again the kid in the candy store the kid on Christmas morning idea.

[26:26] Realize that you have to set aside some time for yourself. Eat folks. So, yes.
You've gotta take care of yourself like I say this is.

[26:44] Going on,
If you can stay up all night or whatever but if you don't make time for yourself both to catch your breath, get some food, water, so forth, you're gonna burn out, come Saturday. I miss some great stuff. So,
Take that time,
Yeah, I mean, this is a marathon, not not a sprint but,
You need to eat at least two decent what I would call meals with a little bit of well-rounded with,
What are we gonna do the sixth the sixth two the 621 rule you wanna do that yeah,
Two meals a day and one shower buddy. Two real meals. 24 hour and every 24 hour period and it's a real shower folks not.

[28:04] It's it's just so much great stuff. It can definitely be overload,
Years when folks say, okay, my first time interacting Con. I wanna do it right. Tell me the five must see events.
And my top five might be radically different than Lee's which are different than John's which are different than Mary's. I mean, everybody likes something different. Do you wanna see celebrities? Do you wanna go to a party,
Do you wanna be interactive and and looking at telescope do you just wanna sit there and debate the doctor who seasons,
What are the top five for you are radically different than for me so don't take that as a disk if I can't give you the five I'll tell you Kevin's whatever but they might be very different from yards so,
Cuz those folks have got a big fan of Doctor Who. They'll tell you the top five there but if I'm talking,
37 different cons all going on at the same time and the same location.
It's also a costuming car.

[29:26] You just have to remember is there something going on and the great thing is a lot of if you're like, oh, I really wanted to get in this panel and I didn't. Two things. Number one, if it's a really big panel, it might be on Dragon Con TV,
Also if you buy the streaming membership they hold those things up for a year,
We'll talk to Regina who is the senior director.
It's like everybody.
The yes Regina's there and she's like I that streaming membership.
Well, incoming comments actually. One Daniel was talking about in the app. They gonna custom events.

[30:24] And their wife makes them take out time for dinner each night in the schedule,
Okay, Kevin.
You know, for some folks,
But a lot of different people make their own version of it.
Apple pie in the right location with friends might be okay but again just realize if someone's offering it to you,
That is kind of a contradiction. So, just you know, be smart. But that is what Apple Pie.
So that's a lingo term. Another term you will hear a lot of the dragon con people say.

[31:41] In looking at the way to get between the hotels. I mean, let me kinda flip this and ask you Lee. If you need to get between a couple of the hotels, there are indoor walkways,
Definitely take the you know take the take the habit trail it'll stay indoors it'll go faster and people like habit trail,
It's an indoor skyway or walkway folks but congoers will refer to it as the habit trail,
Because we're all like little gerbils. We're all just like little dribbles running back and forth and and also that's a great thing to know is that there are indoor walkways between the high mariot.

[32:19] The Hilton,
Food court area so there are ways to stay indoors a little more in the muggy weather but it's always the trade off cuz folks will say well is that the what I should use when moving between hotels I say it depends,
Going out onto the street to walk between hotels. Probably get to there faster. But you're probably gonna sweat.
There are couple different ways to go one of them is outside up a really really big hill,
That might be your fastest way to go and you're really worried about being there on time. That might be your best, that might be your time wise away to go.
Boy oh boy you're gonna be a little tired unless you are somebody who likes to do those marathons and walk up hills and all that kind of stuff like John,
No more rain spots.
Especially up towards the higher to the western that is a big big.

[33:31] Uphilled John. Doing it inside by the walkways. It's you barely notice it cuz each one is moving up just a little bit. But if you're out on the streets you're gonna notice it. So that's harder to do uphill than it is. If you're going downhill let something you'll learn over time,
But you know, it just kinda depends.

[33:50] How you getting there how much time you got and and you do want to explore if you can like like someone was saying earlier if you got some time blocks in there,
Walkways between the hotels to go. Okay, I'm in the high. Oh, look, the next hotel next me is the Marriott.
Oh look the next one is the Hilton I'll remember it all remember it
What is this? Where am I again?

[34:27] Peach tree street or peach tree.
Right around the con.
Well people trying to get into the.
Vendors area but that was and also just the sheer number of people but if numbers are lower maybe I don't know. We'll we'll ask the next time we actually find have someone on. I think that cuz you don't know do you Kevin?
Sometimes yes sometimes no so.
Yeah it it can't be America's Mart in the past is not been 24/7/. Right. They do shut down. So, you never know. So, but we will do our best. We're gonna be talking to people about gaming.
And i will tell you also we may not know yet.
Yeah it's it's it's been a it's been a you know.

[35:40] The the last couple of times is there sometimes it was open sometimes it wasn't it was just but yeah again we'll we'll we'll ask,
Alright, before we get into our game here, Kevin, you're not just a newbie. You do other things. That people might want to be or might be interested in. Tell us a little bit about your,
Your activities outside of dragon con and the ones that you bring in to dragon,
Well if you are at the confox obviously I,
But I'm also a big, you know, naturally doing all of this, big fantasy, fantasy. I do several podcasts.
From the, you know, photos behind me, I do a one on a earth specific one, I do one call tuning into sci-fi TV, we cover all the genre shows, so,
I just love talking about the stuff about the passion fans and you know, doing it for almost 20 years now. It's just a blast.

[36:44] That is wonderful and Kevin please make sure you send and I know we have them somewhere but please make sure you send us your podcast,
Podcast instead of the live stream we're doing right now. Mm hmm. And so that is great.
We are signing up now John I am whoo hoo.

[37:10] Yeah so now so now is the time of the of the show when,
When we say yay Carol for from Jerry.
Not gonna play that nightmare game. Play the other game. Never again.
More people maybe. Yeah, that was for those that don't didn't hear it. It was it wanna be on our first show, right? First episode? Yeah.
We record things out of order. But anyway, if you wanna join Quip Lash, which is much faster and much easier.
Head on over to Jack Box TV and enter the room code BOBN is in bobbing.

[38:01] But we also need audience members. We need audience members. They're joining right now.
Oh, yeah. We need to, yeah, if you don't wanna play, play, you can always join the audience and just vote for your favorite yourself.
Don't wanna have the added pressure.
And we got room for one more and I need to turn the volume on I suppose for it otherwise yes cuz I can't hear people are gonna be like well,
And do remember folks let's keep it just mostly clean any window is fine but this is a family podcast,
Which is why sometimes i will be doubt that's probably only editing junk.
Alright so we're gonna go ahead and start the game.

[39:01] I hope you're ready for Quip Lash three.
I promise you can't tell the difference. Oh yeah, hey, if you're not playing, you can still get in the audience and vote. Put in the room code to join,
It's the prequel to round two round one you'll get two prompts on your device to answer anyway you please you'll go head to head with another player's response and,
Points are scored based on the percentage of people who choose your response. Let's quit.
Okay, well, if you folks do that on your devices, I will.

[39:53] And tell you where to,
The unique geek at THEU and I QUEEK. Com but to be honest with you if you're listening on the podcast it's pretty much all it's there except for pictures there's some pictures associated with it,
But there's just a place to hold the podcast. But you can, if you wanna communicate with us, mostlyly.
In other unique folks. You can head over to Facebook group which is.
The unique geek if you look that up I believe it'll come right up and also we have you know our YouTube channel the unique,
Pretty much this thing that you're hearing right now.
Good sales job John no problem,
At? That's a little symbol that looks like an A with a circle. Almost all the way around it. The unique geek. Com.
And you can also call us at 8133210 T U G.

[41:07] We're almost a time here for these folks. Let's see.
Up to bed we have.
Alright, when do you, when dragon con.

[41:43] It's when does dragon really begin?
A fun name for a tracking con elevators.
A fun name for a dragon con elevator places to meet people or we can squeeze one more person,
Sarah by the way thinks it begins on Tuesday. Oh, we got a quick last reiki, Ricky. Hey, Ricky. We can squeeze one more person.

[42:25] What is an unethical way to get into a panel.
Anna Giss I can never pronounce that Anne Slither.

[42:43] Animes and enamagus I can never thought it was,
Oh Simon wins a puplash with the skies herself is.

[43:01] Yes. Deadpool mashup that we need right now.

[43:21] The deep from the boys I assume.

[43:30] It's a Deadpool guest.
When does Dragon Con end?
And I can't hold my hand.

[43:55] But the groups and Friday.

[44:04] Forever. Yeah.
Oh, that was Lee.

[44:28] The reason Civil War broke out between the dragon hotels.
Only one hotel could have cyber cybertronic spray aim into that I'm gonna hope to see him this year the heights rum punch is the reason why.
And find somebody to understand that but how Sheritan.

[44:54] Do we have a do we have a official hand symbol.

[45:05] Blank brings all the congoers to the yard,
To the all the congories of the yard. Excuse me.

[45:21] Okay everybody.

[45:27] The weirdest thing to happen at midnight during Dragon Con.

[45:37] Weirdest thing.
All natural drum circles out that is.
Ok let's not dwell on round one anymore let's see your scores.
I got zipped out. Yeah, Lee, you got the snap.
No control over that.

[46:28] I will they do that I'll catch up on some of these,
Is there a map of the habit trails,
We have one made a couple of years ago. Someone made a awesome one with the vendors. I'm not sure if they also may want the.
My problem with the habit trails is that I think it's one of the.
And that's where I always get thrown off.
I think it's the I think it's in the middle, right? It's the Mary at the that it comes in on one floor but goes out on another one. On a different one, yes,
Again remember that you're going uphill.

[47:28] Oh, I get it. Okay, I see.
Gotcha. Now, now I'm putting, I'm putting it all together. I will immediately forget it at this podcast.
Which is the rumor I have heard as well. I'm not gonna dismurch those people but the the folks that find folks that are selling that for like what $70 a bucket? Something like that?

[47:52] It's not that much people. It's close.

[48:00] At the front of the line is.
What cause of used to be blown at dragoncon? A panel on steam punk?
I can never I've known him long enough that he was he's just been voltari to me that I can never I can't pronounce his first name.

[48:22] Ariello Arielo yes Ariella sure we'll go there Ariella Voltaire was rocking too hard yeah.
There's a time,
Pamelan Steampunk, sorry. One that match, one that question,
Can we make a change to the schedule?

[48:56] Now I guess it depends on who's asking the other that can I make a change to the schedule,
And the reason why.
David the company just signed up short we can change our schedule.

[49:15] Let's see. The audience favored five more guests but can we change a schedule? When's the game? When's the point,
Spiders full of spiders.

[49:36] 6060 plus 1000 people show up.
Themed intervention. Themed adventures. Yes.

[49:58] Ooh audience.

[50:05] Blank, verb, the active waiting hours in advance for a panel.
Fun verb the active.

[50:18] Slumping,
You can only.
Oh, slumping winds.

[50:42] Strange new addition to dragon con TV.
Reverse parade, sorry. That would just got me funny. Reverse parade or masterpiece theater.
Reverse parade when.
Best use of downtime at con,
A nice nap on one of the hotel chairs.

[51:31] Best use of downtime icon,
What's downtime gets a quick flash that's the pal family.

[51:49] And add slogan for Atlanta weather during con.
Cooler than mercury is another ad slogan for Atlanta weather during Con.
Atlanta, we're Dasani is quote unquote made.
It's just going to tap water.
Cooler than Mercury wins. That was Chris.

[52:35] There,
Show number.
One of the other.

[53:14] Goodbye round two and hello scores. I hear the scores folks.

[53:27] Is Georgie.

[53:43] Alright, you're gonna get you need to enter three responses for this one, folks.

[53:53] Simon Simon ok i was literally staring ahead of going.

[54:03] I know some of you wish I would forget I was on the podcast but.
I literally just.

[54:16] Alright, three prompts.
Hey, anybody. Something else in chat? Nope. Nobody's telling us to chat. So.

[54:29] Alright, here we go,
Or volunteers deodorant inflatable tea rexes the unsung heroes of dragon con you got your choices are the weight staff IT and the ants that eat the crumbs or,
Volunteers, deodorant, and inflatable tea.
Let's see.

[55:14] Three things that make dragon con better than,
The three options or the two options are of these three lists. The attendees, the attendees, the attendees, or fans, fans, fans, awesome volunteers, so many colts.

[55:34] More colts than on Netflix.
Go to go to the movie,
Sorry Kevin.

[55:54] Tough crowd.
Again, words, they go in certain order. The three things to always remember to bring to dragon con. Water, water, water, deodorant, the readiness to have fun, or.
Three things to always remember to bring to Dragon Con water water deodorant and the readiness to have fun or patience humor and doctor trolls shoes inserts.
Patience humor and doctor schulz inch in in shirts in shirts.

[56:37] Okay three things that stick to your shoes at Dragon Con.

[56:44] Glitter.

[56:55] Three things that stick to your shoes at Dragon Con google eyes high at stairs or the daily and the daily dragon flyers,
Ghostbuster Slime Red Bull or Mt. Dew. By the way, all of those are true in the new piece. If any newbies can can go to the ask.
Let's see glitter Ghostbuster Slime Mt. Dew winds that round and here we go. Final scores.
Simon wasn't the leader behind him with Palham family coming up in the.

[57:38] Yay.
Don't waste it.
Yes our group which would recommend to use up the leading up pecan if you just go on Facebook and do a search for Dragon Con newbies you should be able to find us.
And then when you're at Con you know just search the app for the word newbie. Any WBIE you should find our events. Look for them. Walking tours on Thursday and a Q&A probably on Thursday after that and then the first thing Friday morning.
I actually wanna know what I want.

[58:28] My most my podcast you can find at tuning into sci fi TV,
Love the newbie groups as a vet always learning new things do what Dave says and,
Chris also congratulates Dave on saying really good Dave. Alright. So, until next time. Poor Kevin and Lee, this is John saying.

[58:52] Kevin's group has maps according to those thing. Not sure if it's true but we're going out anyway. As soon as I find the fade out, there we go.

[59:04] Music.

[59:11] Eugene.
That say 133210884.
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[59:38] Music.