Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 28 - All The Pew-Pews

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Levin.
You're funny come back out on your face and give me 25.

[0:33] Music.

[0:38] Welcome no we're not there we go hallelujah I can't ever tell when you're live on this thing.
Hey welcome to another edition of 50 days of Dragon Con the podcast that can have just one host,
But must have John here to be able to play games so there will be no games tonight
Camera is moving so much. So sorry folks.
But John cannot be here. We are very very happy that his daughter has graduated way to go. Yeah.
And we are very excited about what's going on with Dragon Con right now.
For the biggest thing if you will look at your feed your guest you'll see a whole lot of people from Lock and Key,
There's like
And of course all the comics people and all the writers and.

[1:58] And if you do that, you can find out. You can look at feature performers. You can look at the guests
You can look at the professionals and you can also look at all the people that are coming
That are bands and others like that and DJ's cuz some of y'all may have your favorite DJs,
But today i am really excited about having two people that I really like here,
With dragon conmitary sci fi media.
And well I was very worried cuz I forgot that John has to send me that little countdown thing and I forgot about it,
Somehow, yes, it has. I don't know how, yeah, how did that.

[3:03] It's been is driving consumed. I mean, I, it's not soon, right? The legends,
More costumes in what do you think?
Kind of cameras, and other things like that, right? I mean, I think you could do like about 10 to 12 different versions of Eddie Munson.

[3:32] Hey Facebook.
Yeah you could do that that's not a bad idea that is not a bad idea and I talked about other guests but you've got a lot of Atlantic at Stargate Atlantis guests coming back too
Yes and maybe this time I will finally be able to see a panel with Joe Flanigan I'm so happy,
I can actually cross my toes but I'm not gonna do that. Okay. So, Karen is the one who's talking. James is the one who's always much quieter.
But that's okay cuz we still like James being here and hopefully we'll see some kitties when they jump up on lapse and things of that
Inevitably there are always kitties. So tell us for those people who haven't been here before.

[4:26] Okay. So, the quick version of military sci-fi media is that we have all different kinds of,
Giving longer every year we start again,
Had the kind of progress to its next natural evolution. Right.
And that was Babylon five ball star collect a far escape and stargate
In all it iterations stargate and all it's a relationship.
Three different four different wait.

[5:11] Well you have the movie which is technically yeah okay so that yeah okay
Things happen. Oops. Oops. It was a long time ago.
Oops. Okay. So, but alright. So, that's where it started and then you had.
Let me think.
We have actually one of our shows that's having a
Another anniversary 25th anniversary Starship Troopers oh and also fireflies having its own 20th anniversary so we are a whole bunch going on,
At SG one is having its 25th.

[6:10] So, yeah. We have some newer things too. Like space force and the Orville
Which just wrapped up its third season. So,
That that orville cuz I'm into Disney Plus.

[6:33] Hey.

[6:48] I loved the Orville,
And yeah, we already have Disney Plus. We just don't have hulu. So, I can wait until it comes on Disney Plus. That would be very good. And I'm sorry, I will love any show that uses Dolly Parton's nine to five,
Absolutely that was the most amazing thing ever,
Okay and that is the TV not the video game but the TV version of Halo,
I watch Taylor and I liked it. I wasn't sure I would. Cuz I don't do video games. But wow, that was a good story,
It's definitely more than the dramatic side than the comedic side but
Multiple days of our track this year.
Okay, so that's great and then, now, wait a minute, you said you're gonna have buck Rogers,
Can so far classics? Oh no, they've actually been ours for some time now. Oh, okay. So, y'all beat your luck.

[8:07] I'm good with that. Y'all rock, papers, euro shambo, Joe out of it. I am good with that. I think that's a great way.
Now to be accurate though this year we are gonna be doing a space 1999 anniversary panel because it's 45 years since it went off the air
Track and with classic sci-fi.

[8:35] Wow.
Okay, Karen. Thanks. Let's just.
James, come on, man.

[8:53] Because that's when I was getting into Star Trek and Star Wars and,
Things that were going on and the original battle started lacked again.
At least as far as you know right now we will go with that.
We actually have windows that look out into the street
And wait, wait, you like can see the day, Wall?
There there are a lot of buildings also. Remember, you know, that's true. But we're now here.
Very cool very cool and so alright so that's where the building is the wild wild western.
Right one the like less than.

[10:17] Even John could find this,
Take a press for a second and we've got chairs and things and posters and animals and okay not actual but we have dinosaurs,
Lots of dinosaurs.
Oh those little things that they did with the fireflies and the dinosaurs a little kind of mean things.
You can take what you want and kinda run with it. Yeah, that's true. I am like a leaf in the wind.
Yeah, I know. Hey, they're still stupid.
With him.
I'd rather take resident alien why did I have not seen all of it I we started and then a whole bunch of things happened I it's one of those things I need to get back to,
It's funny folks it is very very funny and it's just if you if you liked him in firefly you're gonna like him even more here so,
And it's very odd. It's a very odd show. So, okay. So, you're there and then James, what is your biggest fun part of all of this with Dragon Kot?

[11:45] I enjoy doing a lot of our events like our interactive event.
Screen one of the episodes from one of our shows and do kind of a mystery science theater 3000 rocky horror twist on it.
So we have artist just patient in sometimes we'll give out little gift bags of,
Things that are related to the episode. To increase the fun of the audience. Yeah.
Sometimes their throne or.
You know y'all.
Related episode at one point. Yeah. Window of opportunity.
Yes, they were. For loser involved. So, okay. So, now, you're talking about events, James. So, you already talked about one which is your screening an episode, MST, three King it.
How that became a verb but we all know it now,
Panels although we'll talk about those but those more special events kind of things.

[13:11] And that's something that we've been doing every Thursday night. Starting at seven, running till about 930 or 10 or ish. Depending on how things are going
A chance for you to just up in your favorite onesie in the AC so that's nice. You come in, hang out, talk about your shows with people, talk about other things with people.
People we have games and stuff to kinda get interactive with. We have a giant cardboard jinga game.
We have giant checkers we have all sorts of different stuff just to kind of give everybody hanging out cuz a lot of the folks that we end up
Working with, you know, on day one. So, this week, they repeat customers. We have a lot of folks that kinda hang out in our track room for the whole weekend. It's their home track.
So they all wanna get to know each other and then if you don't know what we do at all and you have nothing to do on Thursday then that's a good time to come in hang out see what we've got going on.
Well, and it's not just if you have nothing to do, you can go to different things on Thursdays and you you know, you can start and you know, you could start there and wander through the hotels or however you wanna get me.

[14:19] And we are earlier in the evening so if there's some late night you wanna do you can hang out with us and kinda
Do a little relaxing, chill first, then go on to the bigger and wilder things.
They're just, you know, kind of a fun park.
You'd be surprised but we're gonna go with Thursday night of Dragon Con. There we go. Yeah.
They're one of our biggest events is gonna be our actual dance. That's the signal dance. It's a firefly event.

[15:08] And that's 2 AM and 10 PM to 2 AM. And we also have a whole bunch of things that we do during that time. Not only we dancing gang or rivana as far as
Butterfly fans go and we have people take pictures together and things like that. Different groups of jeans and other things.
Also have charity items that we sell during that time to raise money for the charity which this year is open hand Atlanta
Because what we do is we'll buy stuff for the charity and then we'll sell it. See how it goes and 100% of that stuff goes to the charity. We don't keep anything for reimbursement cuz that's kind of our donation.
Do the charity but with the startup stuff.

[15:50] Hey Facebook
It is actually kinda magic. I have no idea how things like that work but I I,
So, that is very cool and then, alright. Now, what day is that gonna be?
That is Friday.
So groups compete together in teens. There's initial charity buy in about I think it's 20 that we usually do for the teams to buy in. And that also goes straight to the charity.
And then.

[16:54] Some of them might be toy dinosaurs.
It's it's possible that usually we do a little better than that. Oh. And okay, that's nice. Oh, I like toy.
Get together and hang out do games, crafts, and trivia and then Sunday is our biggest event really. Yeah. A lot of ways.
Which has been going on in some versions since what like 2017 2008 now? Yeah.
And so that's gonna be a big deal of event where we have a lot of different items that are donated from all different shows. It's not just stargate. We
We have firefly items. We have actually several organ items this year as well. We have BSG, B five,
A little bit of everything. Honestly, as well as play a stargate things too.
Signed pictures of course. We also have some models of things in there. Oh, you never know what you're gonna see. At the auction, you'll really know who you're gonna see. The auction either. People
Just drop by. If they do, you never know. You never know. People might just start all kinds of people. Just show up and make appearances. David Blue just walked through 1 day from starting.

[18:22] Hey, you go. That's awesome. I do remember that was the first time I ever heard about this was years and years and years ago. Probably one of the early ones.
And that they're supposedly became a bidding war,
And what it came down to finally my understanding is that where they washed or not washed and I was like oh I'm done. I'm out. I'm good. I
Kisses from Paul McGillion thank you
We have other stargate folks like Lexus gonna be here too Lexington
Text go ahead and draw me the person too
For firefly and also technically for succade as well.
Excellent quality.
Wait didn't he also play the really tall.

[19:50] Yeah he was a defusion as well yes there we go thank you so many different,
And so we can't quite grab him for our BSG and Firefly softness.

[20:16] And of course we mentioned back riders before Neil Gerards are still gonna be here for us,
Our own little little buy in there but I no longer can it's gonna be here for Trek.
Right they also have tons of people so they're gonna give them to us for a minute for B five.
Oh, yeah. Well, I just, I don't know if I would cough him down as much as maybe misunderstood. I mean, he had a situation that he had the marriage and he did his best to make sure people were in the right places with the right moment, send the right persuasion.

[20:57] Gotcha.
Get pretty much. Hey.

[21:14] Start sci-fi the old sci-fi and in the films yes he's in there
Exiles like the first season.
And he wasn't a nice guy but he's always just he's like the little black dress of sci-fi and that is always just so wonderful,
Cuz he can talk about lots. So, that's very cool. Okay. So, there you go. Now,
The Donna's Davis can you
Open hands Atlanta they provide
Food other elements for people who aren't really able to do that for themselves. So they make trips and things. As well as other services where they package things for them. So, yeah, it's Caesar's really great.

[22:14] Charity that we've worked with before is a con. They've worked with the Jordan Con superheroes for a while now,
Yeah and what's the great thing about this is the Don S Davis for a very long time was something that raised a whole lot of charity money and then it was like well we can all raise charity money
And then we deep racing charity money and that's been wonderful and I know that is a really big part,
Of charity from you guys and it's so wonderful that,
Yeah, a lot of people have really worked to keep that an active viable part of it over the years.
With Jen Breland being one of the the big folks on that. Getting it really built up and going
Then we've also been really pleased to see then how other people stepped up what they were doing as well
Like some years, it's neck and neck, some years where you can get out done.
So everybody is doing their part to raise money individually at the actual.

[23:31] Events and there's a kitty,
All of the sudden there's it's not my cat. The cat shows my husband years and years and years ago. But I've always waiting when I'm doing one of these just for like the cat to come up and be like oh well.
Right now because you're not paying any attention to me. I can't wait to love on you. But yes, I like your kitties. Could you have?

[24:04] I remember three last year
Not long ago and went for that not too long. Sorry. For that. But Linus and Lucy are our babies and they are actually a brother and sister pair. And sometimes they love each other. Sometimes they squabble. It seems about right?

[24:24] That right is siblings. About right is siblings. Okay, so those are great. And then, is there anything fun going on Monday?
That is the last icon but yeah it's
But it's our day we have some of the biggest discussion panels. Okay.
Yo after they were all kinda gotten tired out going and doing things they could just sit there and
And then,
We have a closing panel and we take discussions from football to the audience. Let us know what worked well. Things they'd like to see next year. And all that sort of stuff because we really value the input.
From fans and we really want to know
What it is they want to see cuz it's not just about what we like although we do like what we like. Yes. We really wanna know what other people want from this and so we always try to to
Take that in if that time so we can start planning for next year.
It's really quick right afterwards. Yeah, right there.

[25:48] Y'all people listening.

[25:59] We read that I'm sorry. The directors read those. Everybody reads them. They like reading em and they like constructive criticism and they like,
Ideas and they like telling them what it went right and what went wrong and,
So, things like that. And especially you know, this for track rooms and things of that nature. If something is going wrong, technically
Or something like that or this room is just too hot, too cold to whatever.
Let's not take a star off for that because you know poor Karen and James couldn't do a whole lot that all of the sudden all the microphones went boom
Hey Facebook send a main room.
If it took our track room and you know the track room seems pretty naturally cold or something,
Hey Kevin adjust the height of the ceiling. Oh no.
Religiously we don't always do everything it says cuz we kinda discussed amongst ourselves but we definitely definitely have got an ideas and we've removed things before that we felt like weren't really fitting with what people wanted to see
Based on it. Mm hmm. One of our favorite pieces of feedback from the recent feedback session. Huh. Was.

[27:23] Just a few words very few words.

[27:31] That was that was the whole feedback.
Hey Facebook,
I'm you know, I'm a short person. They're not gonna be low for me. They're gonna be probably really high.
Yeah. I'm just kidding. Keep it up Karen. Give it up. There you go.
That's a good one. That's a good one.
They've been hits in the past or these were some that you're kinda tweaking maybe a little bit because of member feedback.

[28:30] Well one of the things that we always try to consider is things like if somebody says for instance.
Loving the direction of the decor, the dance music, or something. We tried to work on that too. That's one thing we,
We also sometimes have had panels that we thought were gonna go really well which turned into something else either maybe cuz there was painless you kinda took it in different direction
Or maybe it was just something that was a sensitive topic that got out of hand somehow perhaps,
People weren't really giving it proper.
Consideration. Yo, it's.

[29:18] The mature time frame which are at 10. Right.
But there wants to end up kind of going sideways like sometimes we have discussions on what do we talk about with same mythology and religion,
That, you know, that those are really big parts. Actually, of the sci-fi franchises that we're with,
To be able to talk about those things sometimes you have to be careful to keep it from going too far down a discussion of.
Current modern relationship practices and things like that. So sometimes we've revamp things to kind of move them away from from topics that weren't really actually honestly relevant to what we're trying to discuss which is to show
Deleted things. So, those are things we sometimes had to flip around.
But we also get ideas from people. We add those in as well. Sometimes you bring back things we have it done for a while.
Like for instance we have the felt nerdy folks who are puppeteers who are gonna be bringing us a show,
Stargate and doctor who called companion Carter.

[30:32] And that's kinda fun and then afterwards they're gonna take some time to also talk about puppetry a little bit and give some information to people
We'll Q&A. We'll show.
Tell me again. There you go. That's a good desert. Always good things. Those are always good things. I like show and tell. So now, where are we already talked about that you're in the western?
Less than 10 steps up right from Peachtree St,
It is okay. Hey, how does that go? Come on, lady. Alright, alright. The actual answer is that you can find us at,
That's simple. Dragon con which is two words. And that's on Facebook. If you search for that, you should be able to find our group.
It's a private group because we like to make sure that we don't have random people spamming the members with whatever stuff is going on and we keep the content focused on track related stuff actively and stuff,
Things that are rather related. So, things are actually, you know, focusing in on our area and our shows.

[31:51] Oh
You can find us there which we think out sometimes probably the Facebook at the moment is the most active of our areas we have a YouTube that channel that's kind of attached that you should be able to access I I think it's on the,
It's on the Twitter links. I think.

[32:25] Hey Facebook stuff. We also have Facebook page as well as our group which is military sci-fi media dragon con
That's Adrian.
Add dragon con. Org and contact us that way and there's also ways to contact us through the Dragon Condo or website,
That is very very cool. So now, what are some of the things that you're really hoping that might be new this year that you really hoping a lot of people will come into? I'm I'm gonna do my best to be there for puppets cuz I do love me some puppets but,
Hey Facebook
Well we do have some things like pale celebrating anniversaries like the 25 years of stargate of course there's always the media panels which are their own thing.
But we have other things like villains of firefly. We're gonna be looking at some of those classics.
Just you know all the different people that they've had to go up against and maybe some of them were villains in the technical sense cuz
Technically you're talking about a whole bunch of you know scavengers.

[33:38] Law breakers smuggling.
We also have trivia that's a separate trivia from what we're doing with the team trivia. Oh, okay. Trivia as.

[34:02] I'm sorry. Say that one one more time. What kind? SG.
Very very fine
And Freya from the Bell Star Galactic Fand Club. She's the vice president. They're gonna come in and present that. It's interactive. So, everybody can participate with their phones and do stuff with that and that's kinda fun.
That is very pricey usually to give out we've got things too,
Hey Prices.

[34:39] I got it. I mean,
The the order of them is really foreign question than the right the content right?
Right but what is still have conflicts we are working out at this time so fortunately I can't give you major,
Yes. That's exactly right. And you do whatever Regina tells you. If you have the move.
New move. Yes, we understand that. And it's again, it's not, it's a dragon con. So, until, you know, your butt's in the seat and the panels are already over.

[35:21] You know it's always tentative. It's always tentative.
Just so much fun stuff oh oh and one of our perennial,
Sort of things. We have couple interesting things that we do. We wanna make sure that we're honoring diversity and representation in shows. So, we're gonna have a panel related to diversity and representation in military sci fi.
We can talk a lot about some of the stuff that's going on in Halo as well as other things right now so that's one of the things that we're looking at
You need to be 18. And it's not gonna be until 10 PM. It's not gonna be until 10 PM.
So, yes. It will be at 10 PM on Sunday. That's one of the ones that we have more fixed and that is our matlibs panel.

[36:26] So

[36:29] And right before that one we actually have a would you rather panel so we're kinda gonna be doing a little bit of fun stuff with that but,
A group of things that float on water. Who knows? Could be anything,
Could be your mom.

[37:13] Okay.
It's the new pages if you help.

[37:39] There's a reason it's at 10 PM.

[37:43] And I'm gonna I'm gonna assume would you rather is more about like which ship is which ship would you rather be the pilot of or,
The other versions that go with that game it kinda goes it depends.
What's some of the questions we post in our write up for it is would you rather become a rate that we're a river.

[38:06] Oh
That's not an option. That's not. I don't like it. I don't like that question.

[38:21] Jack.
I don't know. It depends on what's going on. At the time, I think that that may be true. As well. That that could be true as well but
I I like older gentleman. So, there that was Jack. It was.

[38:43] That one would hurt. That one would take me a little bit of some serious soul searching. Cuz he has ears that look like, like, elfs.
Shepherd does. Those are only some of the kind of questions though that they're gonna experience during that time,
Madlips panel hits.

[39:19] Or do you not know yet?
We have a whole variety of people with those shows. I mean, we've got
Kind of a new generation of some extent fans with things like halo and then we have a kind of a different generation where we're looking at things like book Rogers and
Old school BSU and then we've got everyone else a whole group of folks in between. So, we try to make sure that you can't please everybody but we have something consistently good for everyone. You're trying to do your bestest.
There you go. That's always fun. And y'all can then do the Twiggy dance cuz there was a dance call. I think the Twiggy that was in Buck Rogers.
As I seem to recall.
Or maybe just the way the robot did. Just how he moves this is on iconic thing.

[40:19] What was that
So, we're not recently. Now, it's gosh, it's actually been longer than I think. But.
Are you good with that? Can we go.
What do you wanna pimp out make sure that people know this is gonna be the bestest of all your stuff.

[41:01] The Halo panels but we're bringing it back AA comparison panel baboon five or DS nine.

[41:11] Mmm.
Peace. I like that. Peace experiment.
Other than maybe now for some of the,
Newer stuff.
About to be time for dinner and that is not what we're gonna do,
I'm gonna ask you to or would you rather.

[42:02] BSG.

[42:10] Karen that that and I know some people are listening but Karen that face would look very painful for you.

[42:19] James you're gonna have to start.

[42:23] I miss part of the question cuz I was meeting out the the telephone ringing in the background.

[42:30] You can only keep one.

[42:39] I would keep Baby on five. You would keep Baby on five and and is there a reason for that or just that was the first one I loved?

[42:48] I I enjoyed the writing,
Oh the four shadowing in the beginning that you end up catching in like season three or four.

[43:04] Very cool.
Okay, Karen. Come on.
If we're talking original BS
Hey portal most recent.
Sorry folks.
We have a regular cosplayer that is a Lord of Coball from the original series with the,
Oh that was not at all you weren't you were just that I,
I didn't, I was the one not paying respect to my elder shows. I I understand that very well. So, okay. So, okay, Karen.
It's just it's just so good. Mm hmm. But it's so,
Hey Saltmore realistic.

[44:32] You know I'm like I'm not having to scrabble for my survival in the same way which is very privilege way of putting that. Yeah. But.

[44:45] Understand that
That you should have been able to trust that we're okay running your government.
Show me relatable things but also so many amazing performances like mirror for one as well just so
Just so much there. This, that's not to to discount anything from all our BSG people. It's just only cuz you made me pick one
I did. I only made you pick one and and I would say, I also, at least me for BS.
I like them both. So,
The thing I always liked about Babylon five is I felt a little more hopeful.
I would be like oh this hurts.
And yeah, there's a lot of that also on BSG. Don't get me wrong, but it does take a lot. You are kind of white knuckling it,
Through some of those later seasons will be as cheap where it was game to the point where.

[46:11] Who do I like is gonna die now?
That yeah who's got a doughnut cos I don't know. Not the same that you can't have character death because,
We were starting to get PTSD a little bit.
Yes, that's several points during and and BS two is also when I had a
So we like them very very cool. I will give you a free question as well if you wanted to put me on.
There if you wanna do this or that because I already screwed it up. I mean, I did the Jack versus Daniel. That one, that was easy.

[47:16] Yeah.

[47:24] That were fast. Okay, fine. Okay, yeah. Well, he's got.
Pointed presentation.
I mean healthier so that's an elf. So see he also wins on two.

[47:50] And and I like that.

[47:57] On
Are you talking about.

[48:11] Early,

[48:24] X files versus what,
That includes Daniel that includes all of them.
Carter, everybody. Yeah, see, I can believe there is a stargate under Cheyenne Mt. I. Don't have any problem with that.
But the fact that there are all these different conspiracies and everybody was able to keep their mouth shut for years and years and years with the,
That that's fair enough. That's fair enough. There you go. Yeah, I kinda cling to that whole thing. And that was, that's what.
The kind of phantom of dragon con and you know live journaling and stuff like that. That you know that was yeah that was X files. They got me there. I wasn't.
I want that kind of a fan yet and yeah it's filed just.

[49:28] Every time I tried to go away they pulled me back again,
Tom Holland exist in the world
So many people out there who cannot wait to tell you things and have you ever tried to get everybody in a group? No. Two things? Just like everybody in the office project. Can you tribute their part
To get all these people in this conspiracy when you came and talk about openly you can't openly,
Finally actually make this thing happen I just I,
And we all I we all kinda giggle about poor Tom Holland cuz you know I'm sorry that's why you have to go a minute.
No you can't talk about that,

[50:42] If you wanna come back later and play a game with John that'll be great I could tell the,
I'm I'm great doing this part. I can't the game part. I just get really confused and awful. Yes, especially the part where I win.

[50:56] Yeah, that one, that kinda sucks as well, Karen. Thanks.
Don't do this anymore.

[51:23] Really?
Still making it happen. You're gonna be great. Alright.
So for John who is hiding?

[51:40] And myself.
And what do you guys.

[51:58] And bye bye.
To leave a comment or suggestion call us at 81332102 UG.
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