Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 3 - The Chair And The Money

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Hey,

[0:52] Okay I don't know why that's just his i like the i,
That, you know, normally be the other way around but no, we figured it out that the bacon needs to go on the cornflake, not the corn flake on the bacon. Well, that's a better bacon to corn,
Yeah, I like that. I think that's better ratio. Yeah. No. No. No. No. Yeah. Hey, I have no idea. Sarah did say that was a.
Much, much better this time. My aunt. Oh, I guess.
Comparity yesterday which nobody has heard when you're hearing this as a podcast because that one is until after this one so,
Right it's all time you want me yeah we believe stuff yeah and I know I just said that wrong but.
Well look I I failed yesterday in my lab and.
Yeah. In fact, I have to go back and rewatch it. The truth is I've only seen Labyrinth once and it was,
Eons ago the one thing I remember is.

[1:57] There was that and I just I.
You probably have labyrinth cuz that's one of my favorite movies.
But I know a lot of people get kinda confused about like how dragon cons like all organized and stuff and how every how the sun,
Yeah, I know. It does get organize,
And that's it. Yeah, I,
Well, let's get somebody on here who can explain it to you. We have two people with this. Yes. We have Rachel.
Who is the co-chair of Dragon Con and we have Mandy who is the finance manager at Dragon,
I love Canada's Brady bunch. You like this guy? We have.

[3:05] I just,
It would be nonstop one. So.

[3:27] What happened in 2021? How'd it go? How crazy was it?
I would say the most challenging year so far and that's talk of even 2020 with going virtual which was pretty insane and itself.
Reengineering things that we had done for so many years to figure out how to do it in this new world,
And really so many spectacular volunteers and directors stepping up and and figuring out you know what this new world look like for dragon con and then,
Add that. To roughly 42 1000 fans. They got to come together. Safely.
And have a wonderful time. We could not have been more proud of our people. Showing up and staying mass the whole time.
Having a great time. I saw more joy, I feel like in our fans faces, then, might have been ever before.
With coming together after those 2 years. So, you know, from our perspective, it was.

[4:49] Humbling all at the same time. Mandy, would you think?
And another thing is yeah we hadn't done this for a while and a lot of our hotel partners and at the mart they had been,
You know, out of commission for a while too. So, it was great. You know, Rachel not were born in Atlanta. We love the city. We were able to,
Bring some much needed love back to the city and,
Everybody just rose to the occasion,
And so it just was like I get chill Bob's even talking about it. Our volunteers, everybody. It was
Way I went in very nervous just not knowing what to expect and I came out like it was the first year afterward Rachel and I are usually pretty tired for a couple of weeks
We were ready to hit the ground running like for the first time. Like we don't even need a break. We're ready to start planning.

[5:57] Well I think that's a great and I love how y'all are saying that
I can't if I can't see your whole face I can't tell what you're thinking feeling that I'm like yes you can,
Be laughing in the,
People, this was their first dragon gun. They had never even,
Understood what it was like. So,
Over the last two 3 years
Had to find another job or or whatever during this time because obviously the hotels weren't taking a lot of business the time
You know, what to expect?

[7:15] But also also you limited you limited sizes last year so that that I'm sure that that that helped it wasn't the full barrage of normal,
People so from our perspective it definitely help cuz the volunteers it took a little bit of pressure off of the areas and things like that and,
Even things like clothes for cleaning. We never realize really how much that help the tracks with the lower.
Volunteer number is a bit but the hotels, the hotels were interesting.
New people and all those things but they did really rise to the occasion but it was,
There you know it's a story to be told 1 day,
You know, happened behind the scenes that,
You know, you just couldn't ask for better people. What the hotels, the, you know, from absolutely the top level all the way down. They love us. They truly love our fans. They love our weekend.
But it was a sight. It was a sight.

[8:38] They were all shot at our mass compliance. They were taking pictures of even when we were walking in between buildings. Yeah. You know, people had the masks on. I mean, that the,
And we were nervous about it but I think everybody just wanted to be back together. We were gonna do what we had to do to make it safe and comfortable and so it was great,
Or especially the heart of the dragon gun attendees are rule rules followers.
Even though we like to like to break the rules in certain ways we but but at the core of it when we know that it's it's yeah it starts but when it's when it's typically for safety for safety and our fellow.
They we typically as a as a an in general,
As as we know, there are people that will violate and break those that that sort of generalization but in but again, in general, we are rule followers. So, I completely believe it that each one of them had the intention of,
What would if you think about it if if it turned into an in all point all things point to that there wasn't any big outbreak there.

[10:02] But if it had, what kind of, you know, that would be bad reputation,
Back and and it would reflect and it also could negatively impact future events and things like that. So, I think I think that that,
You know, it helps that you've got this kind of community around it too. So,
And I think that also helped the hotels and the other things going on too. As you said, we're rules followers.
So, you know, when those people were taking pictures of the compliance, they're also thinking, look, the next person who says you can't make these,
Mine won't comply with this rule the city of Atlanta rule that was following the CDC recommendation you know they're like yeah well yes you can we had 40 1000 of them over the last.

[10:45] You know, a month ago. So, you can follow whatever you've gotta follow. Absolutely. So, search,
Yes, that's true. But,
Since we're on this topic is there is there gonna be a cap again this year or is it more loose and or is it an if so have you decided on a number and if you haven't I completely understand we're really at the very beginning of all this.
One of the things that we walked away from last year was understanding that not only did we hear the fan feedback loud and clear like loud and clear,
Of how glorious it was to be able to move around in things but you know, we felt it too. We joke around.
In dragon concerts when you say I'm gonna be somewhere in 5 minutes that typically means 20 to 30,
Like that's just like natural like if Mandy ever tells me she's coming to me or I'm coming to her and we're at least a hotel or to a park.
Okay, cool. But like next Tuesday, yeah. Like last year, legit, I could be like, hey, I'll be down there in 5 minutes to go to the share center whatever. Hey,
And it was spectacular.

[11:59] So yes sir and we are gonna do one thing we committed actually mid event last year we even told people at closing ceremonies is,
We knew then that no matter what the state of the pandemic was and everything that we wanted to do it slowly and strategically,
A growing back again so we've kinda taken this as an opportunity to look back 10 15 years ago,
And really think about, you know, what do we want for the show? And so we made some changes that made it a little bit more,
And decided that you know.

[12:41] None of us I think know that where we wanna be and in a few years but we knew this year we wanted to hopefully have more of our friends there if the pandemic allowed and it looks like as of now,
That you know, we feel comfortable that but you know, we we just wanted to take a very slow, right?
Letter for the progress report to go in there in Mandy came up with a line that,
You know we're we're happy with what we're seeing. We're staying still very close with all of the public health officials we work with last year and all those things. But we're not quite ready to party like it's,
You know, 19990, wait. Actually, 2019. You know, we're not selling back here overnight. We don't have a desire to.

[13:34] So, that's where we're at now. We haven't committed to a specific number early on in the year. We said probably 60. We felt like might be more comfortable as opposed to almost 90 in 2019.
But you know, like I say, every day is a lesson learned is, you know, seeing what,
Is going on with the pandemic, talking to all of the people, reading the guidelines, all those things, and we're gonna figure out but we know we did wanna take a different approach than some of the other,
You know, shows or or things out there and in regardless of anything that was going on, we definitely wanted to to take it slow back to where we were before pandemic.

[14:13] And so Mandy actually I wanna ask you about that too. They were not going back to 2019.
But what about doing 1 day memberships I know that was something very limited last year and I didn't know what was,
People are gonna wonder about that too. Well, we are still gonna have a limited number of memberships. Definitely, not the number of one-day memberships we had in 2019. However, we are going to be able to expand upon what we had in 2021.
Oh yes we are going to be releasing that information Rachel correct me if I'm wrong,
Where in trying to get as close as we can to COVID protocols what it's gonna look like so that people before they get their membership can,
Kinda see what's.

[15:04] Where it would be and one thing we did announce I think it was almost a month ago now all of my days blurry together was that we will have some Saturday only Manny mentioned that we're building on it,
Not nearly as many as we've had in the past because that Saturday was again glorious. We felt that we heard it. We loved it. But you know,
One of the big things is it was important to look at strategy wise.
What makes sense for us and one of the things we did find is this Saturday only memberships,
Contribute to the show in very different ways than some of the other ones especially for the success of the celebrities,
And that's something really really important if we're going to continue to get gas,
And things like that in in so like we're just we're finding that balance we're really walking that line trying to figure out what the best things are and,
And so that was one of the the driving forces of bringing them back is it was,
Incredibly apparent because all aspects of the show, the art show, the vendors, the comic and pop art, Sally, all of the,
Kind of core ones that really are fan driven and like dragon confam driven is what I like to say,
Had some of the best years they've ever had last year because people were you know able to walk around. You could get to the tables. You can move around the show even better. But the Walk of Fame had some challenges.

[16:31] Then like I I'm very transparent and so that's it. That's a key factor. We do have to look at in planning for the show and figuring out
How to make sure that you know they knew that it was a,
A growing year and some of the decisions and why we made them but that was it. That was a big piece of definitely needing to bring them back in some former fashion.
Well and I think it can't help but also help the hotels it can help the food people,
It can help. Also, the vendors, you know, if you know you're only gonna be there 1 day, you make sure that somebody's gonna be going through that vendor room for a while. So, I'm sure it helps that not our partners. I mean.

[17:09] It's a lot of fun doing dragon con but it's a whole lot of finance things and,
So I did wanna ask something and I'm a little worried but what about virtual memberships for 2022 has any decision been made or,
What's the idea? So, as far as like the virtual side of things, we are still gonna continue with the streaming for this year.
Each year will evaluate it going forward of what it looks like and how it looks but we're planning on still keeping the streaming membership at $10 so a very.

[17:47] You know, affordable amount and honestly, I think even the people there are probably purchase it looking at the numbers,
I just as much if not more than people that are not able to join us because,
You know, there's no way to make it to all the programming. At Dragon Con. So, that's a piece. Our fan tracks again of stepped up this year and produced two,
Panels per track and so that's gonna be on our fan track channel. We still have the main channel, and we are still doing a virtual marketplace. So, the vendors,
That was my favorite part. I think last year, Manny and I actually and Ben was a part of this. We kinda were talking about when to leave it open and,
It was someone overwhelmed we decided to leave it open till the Friday after,
But man did that show that that was a very good decision because I think people were just beat and then got home and went through the man I wish I would have gotten that the buyers remorse but in reference I didn't buy it.

[18:45] Let me go online and and purchase it. So, those days after the show, we're spectacular for some of our vendors and artists. So,
I will definitely plan on having that as well this year so whether you're not joining us or,
Not wanting to go to the vendor hall or just forget and want to get more that's a we are gonna have again,
Or one double. Hey, sometimes you need two baby Yoda.
Yeah cuz John got to the.

[19:23] Dragons from 1 year and then last year I missed getting him a dragon,
It's fine. What? Dragon up there. Next to the carpet. I don't know if you can see it. Here's my carpet.
He needed the blue one and that was the other year he wasn't there. So, that's got that. Well, that was. That's the water, the water was 2020, wasn't it?

[19:55] Yeah. Yeah. I think anybody was there. Yeah, you were, I think you were, yeah, you were. Oh, okay. Then, I just. Yeah, yeah. I wasn't, I was there. I just,
I'm actually so.
I don't know if this would go to Mandy but there's actually, sorry, it covers up your entire face. Hello,
To open hand of Atlanta is that what it is?
Hey looks like Rachel is typing something very diligently or trying to get the exact information,
2022. It's like.

[20:55] A year and a half are just kinda like,
So it's a good to have her on here and some of the the things that we come up with come from ideas that she's had so hi Zan looking forward to seeing you,
Yes. Yes. I always love I love her cape. Queen of the Marriott Cape. That's awesome.
We haven't put it up yet but yes they have actually already created a landing page and we'll be promoting that throughout social as well and we are also gonna have the.
Text to give Ish take thing where you have the abilities so to,
Do your words to a certain text number and donate that way. So, we'll have two ways to donate both whether you're from home or at the show.
And just want to give mighty verses participating in some of our amazing,
Options and coloring and all those sorts of things that are creative charity team put on at the show. There will be ways to just flat out donate if you're not able to make it or you just wanna do that in advance yes.

[22:09] I also do wanna tell people I like how you set auctions,
Experience. I ended. I think there was maybe wash off. So yeah and I got that. At the auction ever at Beach. Thanks a lot.

[22:32] Now speaking since we're talking about cherries last year's charity was help me out boys and girls club.
Big Brothers.
Before dragon started,
But do we can we give that I know we did already give out that number before publicly but do you guys remember what that number was that wand up going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta.

[23:23] I can get it probably quickly but Mandy might. I'm gonna I zoomed it on Mandy immediately cuz I'm like.
This seems like a money thing. I like how they're it's almost feels like.
I didn't mean to trip everyone up.
Hey Facebook,
Just seeing how.

[24:01] Our group still wanted to give it a charity. Anyway, humanly possible. Right. That even if it was just a link. So, you know, as,
People we've said already on this podcast,
Comment saying happy belated to Rachel. So, what are the big Tuesday night kickoff plans?
That is hysterical
No I have no. Cuz you can tell me the number I have was.
I know I find that was my birthday yesterday. I saw Friday. I finally hit.
The meat so you've now figured everything out. Now, you start to question, now you start the question, what?
It's not as great as we all thought it would be. Great. I was so excited. I woke up thinking I was gonna like have all this knowledge and like know it all and I was like oh.

[25:22] It's cuz you already did.
It's a happy surprise mixed in with all the nasty adulting letters.
I kinda feel like we need to send to her so. Just just yes. I know. Just in general.
A permanent thing.
Because we found that it was such a beneficial thing. Honestly, to have a lot of extra time to get the stuff in. I know a lot of people have noticed that the guest announcements are a lot later than I like them.
And things like that and so having it digital gives us actually almost three additional week.

[26:17] To get information in including things on single day memberships including guests including all those things and so,
Til we reach more normalcy.
Oh that's a whole another pearl earring. Earlier every year. So we like to get the most current information and up to date out in that. So I really need the bad news cuz like I love coming on here to be like yeah.
And yeah and and then yeah no so I'm sorry but like if we can you know give her a dress,
We're gonna send her some love me and Mandy.
Here's all. Well, i can't wait to talk to somebody who's not here. Hey,
But but Sarah is firmly in the Tuesday is a new Thursday camp so maybe maybe you don't wanna give her any encouragement. Alright, no.
This day is the new whatever day. It's all your fault.
Yeah. Yeah, sure. Okay, no, that's worse. Oh, that was supposed to be a bad thing. No, I'm not, I'm okay with it. I'm fine.

[27:43] Breach this particular question will there be a mask mandate this year or do we may that decision just yet.

[27:51] Don't know yet. Okay.
CDC recommendations change based on numbers and so that's why we're trying to give it to the last minute but also allowing time for people to make plans. Yeah,
Like I just we've worked with them quite a bit after the show to talk about like our successes and our lessons learned and things like that have been phenomenal.
But you know, right now, the.
Knowledge bases are coming from they're really encouraging looking at community spread and so you know it's watching it by the counties by the everything and and letting that and you know write it as of today Fulton Counties in the low.

[28:46] Which is different and you know, I know and you know, we're watching everything. We're watching the numbers. We're watching the BA five variant. We're watching all of those things.
And so we did take the mildly unused somewhat unpopular.
Thought of giving it as much time as possible so we feel like we're making the best decision both for the community,
And I just none of us felt comfortable calling it a few months ago because everything changes so quickly. If something, you know, gets worse, we want to be able to adapt and do the right thing. If things get better, we want to be,
Those will come out at the end of the month. I will say that we are having a lot of discussion.
Not that I didn't love talking to my family day in and day out always have luckily we have the the best both by blood and by dragon con.
It's it's a lot of discussion and just really keeping up and and seeing,
You know, all of the the new guidelines and everything and you know, we're very grateful that right now, it it is looking, you know, much better with numbers but,
We also have learned a lot in these last 2 years that we can't take anything for granted even the small successes we're large successes so we're just kinda you know awaiting and seeing and.

[30:12] Think just going from there as best we can oh this is fine I feel like what is,
I don't know that I like this shot.

[30:25] Rachel as you just said you guys have been very very careful the city of Atlanta has been careful CDC has been careful and we were in a super spreader event last year that is a great thing and building on that and,
Doing what we gotta do is important folks you know.
It it's yeah. I had COVID. It's not fun. Trust me and I've been vaccine boosted. I got it. The good news is my I never had to go to the hospital.
And that's very likely because I got vaccinated and boosted
Yeah, right in the middle of it, so I couldn't hang with the family. Oh, my, my daughter went on a, my daughter, go to the hospital, I got the entire
And they work and that was a great thing but yes.
Not a fun experience. You are correct. I will tell my Pax Levid story later. We're not gonna do it right now. Packs of it was.

[31:27] Oh, boy. Wow. Hang up. Hey, it was interesting. It actually was. It was a good, good to do days and then I got high as a kite. There's a long story with it. Don't worry about it. I had a drug,
Richard's like I wanted that antibiotic,
My doctor's like, yeah, no, stop. Stop. He said, I was like,
It didn't hurt. It felt good. I know that. No. That's that's not it. But on a serious question.

[32:07] Membership count but what about guest count what do you hoping to have,
Maybe a bit more than 2021 but for the same reasons why I'm making sure we have the space to keep everybody like safe and healthy especially if we might not have the same protocols.

[32:36] Based on the the health recommendations in this community standards and things and then two like I know people don't wanna talk about it and I know that people don't but
You know our job is making sure that dragon kinda is around for years and years to come,
I'm so it's really important that we do keep them low.
Are or lower,
So I would anticipate in between 2021 and 2019 so little bit more but definitely not,
You know where we were at? You know, we it's it's gotta be strategic and we're really all looking out for the.

[33:24] The best for the show in the long term even when that makes me the biggest Debbie downer there is and I get it cuz I read all the comments,
Yeah. Well, don't read the comments. But well, do read the comments cuz some of them are great constructive criticism.
Things change you'll never know he also has
They have a little point. Okay, but.
I'm bringing that up because i have one of the little tiny action figures like the 6 inches from stargate Atlantis and this year,
I will stand in line and get him to sign it and I am said I can do that this year.
I can't stand it already. It's like I'm getting them out. I'm like, oh, I wonder who else.

[34:25] It's interesting that you talk about the the guests in the in the Saturday or the earlier we talked about this the the Saturday attendees and Saturday only attendees and if you think about I see why that would make sense from,
The because we do have a lot of repeat.
If you think about when you take out the Saturday people you don't have the people that are just sort of I don't.
Unaddicted yet. They're they haven't gotten the first taste of dragon con yet. Yeah. But you know there aren't they aren't the always attendees and so when you have some of those repeat people there's not they're not necessarily gonna you know if I've already got.
Playing against.
You know, picture, whatever. I might not wanna go back and see me. I even though, you know, might still enjoy the work. It's just, you know, I've I've got what I need and you know, and so, I can see how that we cut into those those people's.

[35:17] Reason for attending, right? Reason for coming in. Honestly, what are the most productive things when we are looking at it and just kinda scratching our heads because like I say, everywhere else.
Most six past 3 year ever or like very up there and everything and really became it was really interesting when we looked at autograph shows specifically
It's a different behavior. Right. It really is. It is right.
Can I meet their favorite star and leave or whatever so it's just it's a different behavior,
And so yes so I found that really really interesting cuz,
Very very happy and I think Mandy shares the same sentiment that,
How successful it was to not have Saturdays overall last year and it was the right decision for us in the state of the pandemic and everything.

[36:11] But still, you know, we were making decisions looking at the overall. That's what's an interesting lesson and I think that is the thing I would like to say to anybody.
That is listening and wondering is is fun as it is to think that it's a fly by the seat of our pants and some of it is,
I will give you that a lot of it is with the planning sometimes just you're going with instinct things like that,
But a lot of it really is like stopping and thinking about what could have done this or why did this happen and what can we do to change it what can you know we what variable in there perhaps directed this and.
Been going from there and doing the best we can to make sure that,
You know we're we're doing the best by our fans but also making sure that all the important pieces of the puzzle are accounted for and doing well. Well yeah and and to that to that end you know,
The finances impart of part of part of that is.

[37:10] It

[37:19] Think about the financial security of the of the show too and I know a lot of us feel like it's it's you know it's our show it's a fan run show and everything and that's true but at the end of the day,
The hotels don't give up their space for free. These guests don't come out. You don't get you guys don't give up your time for free. It there has there,
Let's say bigger.
That are run by big corporations, right? And they have a lot of people. It's really, you know, and you can say it's all about money. And I know that
At the end of the day it's not necessarily about money for dragon con but you do have to keep the lights on you do have to pay the people that do have to work and it's a smaller staff a smaller staff than those bigger,
Conventions work on and by the way if you look at it and you reflect on the the amount that you're paying to to attend.
Is usually way less than some of these other.

[38:22] 12. Is that how many days we are now?
Please don't feel it yet to answer this. Mandy, from a financial health standpoint, is dragon con still doing,
Look forward to many more years of of drinking. I know the future's hard to dick predict but. That is our goal.
That is our goal. That is something we have an awesome team. They are good at operating being good stewards of what they have. The money that comes in. We don't like to just willy nilly raise prices.
On our fans so it is act a very strategic kind of outlook that we have and it helps because I mean yeah we we grew up here this is I mean I can't imagine doing anything else and so as long as I'm,
Have anything to do with it there will be a dragon come,
Now, that's awesome. And and I think that's also something. It all ties together, folks. When you really start thinking about it, it does. But that's the great thing about keeping dragon congoing is building the fan base.
So those 1 day people later become full 5 day members and then at least for me I've already raised a geek

[39:42] And my son volunteers Dragon Con,
You know, we're bringing in those generations of geeks but I got my niece and nephew. I'm hoping to bring this year. So, you know, I just keep going down. My.
The more people come to dragoncott.

[40:11] That's what I got down for him. Alright, for that,
To continue this,
It's a hard stop but he sure doesn't mention it every time so.
Yeah he says if I would have known then what I know now I would've had a baseball team
Of course, my mom doesn't think that's very funny. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.
How many how many.
Siblings just a two of you.
You know so we're doing what we are raising geeks too so you know and we're having a great time watching it there's a family joke on which one of them,
Let's go to you know like come to it and and decide this is what they wanna do.
You know did not wanna put us into something that we didn't wanna be in so it was never imposed on us or anything like that it it actually is kind of funny how it came to be,
Where are we just decided? Oh, no. Actually, I do. Actually, we love it both so much. That we didn't wanna see.

[41:38] It go and change and become corporate or become any of those things that you know so we're hoping 1 day some of ours have that aha moment cuz we're not pressure on them but we sure.
It's interesting because you know even even my little tie raid that was on just a little bit ago,
Drankon literally, I mean, it's it's had it's it has an interesting history but but at the end of the day, it is really a family run.
Run you know so and then you invite your extended extended family in so,
With all of us and and just with within the convention community as well.

[42:22] Yeah. It is and as I always say, dragon con is a geek family reunion. Other people say that and and it's the family reunion. You don't mind going to. You know,
You know, you might not wanna talk to that uncle in the corner but do not, you can't talk to that.
So, there you go. Alright, John. I know what you're about to do. Yeah, I was thinking that it might be time for a game yeah, maybe go ahead and,
This is a good one because what John is doing now.
Has been we're going to jack box so you will need either your phone,
Okay, there are a lot of ways to get a hold of us. We are, we do have a Facebook group. We also have a YouTube channel,
Told me and I think we have a twitch. So, please please send those any comments there. We also do have an Email and that Email is 50 days at the,

[43:47] And this was all recorded before my much publicized trial,
And if you didn't make it in the game, don't pout about it. Jump in the audience and get your revenge. I mean, vote.
You're going to see two prompts on your device answer each one with a brilliant response soon you'll go up against another player's answer as well everyone else votes for their favorite.

[44:13] Points based on the percentage of people who choose your answer. Off we go.
Alright, so everyone should see something on their device now.
You will be feeling in the blanks and they're seemingly dragon related. I believe we played this particular episode last year as well.
We're gonna do that. So, to answer the question, (813) 321-0884 is the number to call and leave a comment.
Of course you can follow us on Facebook and or YouTube and or Twitch apparently,
Pretty much all those are the unique geek handles.
Hey we'll be we'll be posting we post when we're have a new scheduled guest coming on a new recording that we'll do so we can have some fun with our our friends that are that are live.
Just a few seconds left.
And we start with.

[45:25] What to get a dragon attendee who has everything,
An eternal membership or Dragon County Total Membership.

[45:37] Wow. Which one should you get? The turtle membership or a dragon con eternal membership?

[45:45] You know I think my answer that I would have been putting in here is you know.

[45:52] No.
The phone part pick your favorite create a cult or well wherewolfing on the ceiling.

[46:12] Fun new game create a drawing con 2021.

[46:23] What an alarm clock at Dragon Con could say that would wake you right up.
Wake up the apple pie is almost gone or.

[46:37] An alarm clock of dragon con could say this to wake you right up wake up the apple pies almost gone,
It's eternal sands. Absolute, absolute tear every year. A blood type only found in dragon con attendees,
Type DC or 100% donation guaranteed.

[47:01] A blood type only found in Dragon Conat attendees 100% donation guaranteed or type DC.

[47:09] And 100% donation guarantee by Chris is the winner.

[47:19] Zach Snyder presents Blank. The musical. Dragon Con, the musical, or mustache Superman, The Musical,
Zach Snyder presents either dragon calm the musical or mustache Superman The Musical Mustache Superman this musical.
Oh split the room.

[47:44] Best thing to find out about your dragon room when you check in.

[47:54] I don't know how that happens.
Mandy put Mandy put the good looking door thanks to her.

[48:16] Okay, creepiest thing Thanos could whisper in two Catholic America's ear while hugging him is.

[48:24] You are America's ass.

[48:29] The creepiest thing Thanos could whisper in two captain America's year. Well, hugging.
As is fortold.

[48:41] Dragons dragons layer is filled with.
Dragon cons dragons layer is filled with dragon con guilt and dragon eggs or drunk dancers in the Marriott.

[49:00] Oh, okay.

[49:10] Round one is butter memory. Let's see those scores. Alright, let's see who's winning.
Eternal Zan's winning 1800 to Steve is in second place with 1700,
That was a lot of typing.

[49:57] Like I'm actually embarrassed by one.

[50:01] Name of a perfume that encapsulates the dragon con experience.
All day, all the 2 AM rave.
Also news brief or Dragon's birthday. Name a perfume that purposely, purposely, whatever.
The unspoken rule of dragon cosplay sewing clubs.

[50:37] Duct tape fixes all or no one talks about the cosplay sewing clubs.

[50:46] You have no idea what that show is.

[51:04] Sewing machine hand blaster or stormtrooper blaster.

[51:10] Which just.
What's that?
And sewing machine hand blaster by Lou.

[51:34] Best thing to find in your dragon con room when you wake up.
30 passed out randoms or,
Or DCTV on the television and fresh coffee.
Particular one. Name of the new of a new Claire Expel that is never useful. Tooting in line or clothings. Fingers. Probably fingers but maybe fingers. I'm not sure.
Cuz you only get one chance to type this stuff in if you make a mistake. Anyway,
Name of the new Clarik spell that is never useful tuting in line or,
Rachel near that one.

[52:33] Gabe says the second one he didn't finish in time ever.
Title of Georgia R Martin's final book of the a song of a song a fire of ice and fire series.

[52:56] For full,
This group and screw you I already won.
Why you should never turn your back on a Deadpool?

[53:20] Why? I don't know why that means you can't turn your back on him. Yeah, I don't, I think that's an oops. In fact, I think that.
For my,
Lou Wins, he might be performing a superhero landing with 100% of the room.
If during come work cruise ship it would be named,
That's horrible.

[54:00] Hey Facebook,
Flaming dragon. Put together.
Leah apparently is the only one that wants to go on that shit cuz all the rest of them went on dragon cruise.
Round two sees,
Add me in third.
Three. Just a few minutes to assignment. I really.

[55:01] It it is it is a lot of high pressure for such a silly stupid game.
Hey, especially since you've gotta get, you gotta type it in alright and then everyone's gonna see if you missed type something or.
Okay three things inflatable T rex have to watch out for,
Flaming drinks of Trader Joe's Edwards' three things excuse me inflatable tea Rex's have to watch out for it that what they up watch out for let me drinks at Trader Joe's Edward Scissorhand Cosplayers or the Atlanta Heat on Labor Day.

[55:35] Inflatable meteors.

[55:45] Can't they just eat the little kids?
Let's see flaming drinks at Trader Joe's Edward Scissorhands and the heat wins.

[56:00] Three most surprising things Bob and Carl find when cleaning up after dragon con.
Snack bags and patches is one thing or people voltaires Mike and glitter pee.

[56:22] That's a thing. Three most surprising things Bob and Carl find after cleaning up. People, volunteers, Mike, Glitterpee, Win.

[56:33] Three new house names for dragon con attendees.
How's the bacon? House of Sleep House of Dragons and say no to dayball house. Roll the damn dice house or where's the consuite house?
I belong firmly in that last one.

[56:51] How's the bacon sleep or dragons or say no to the day ball roll the damn dice or where's the consuit.
It's splits the room.
Three steps to have the perfect dragon con morning.

[57:17] And put on deodorant.

[57:27] One of those three. Oh, I agree with all of them.

[57:37] Perfect your cosplay water and deodorant wins.
Alright, let's see where we're in sand.

[57:56] No winds with 10 1000.
To give a final rundown.
No it does not give us the final scores I don't know why Alex is the top answer was superhero landing with 100% and screw you I already got paid for full GOT.

[58:29] Alright.
There with yacht.
Yeah, that's not. Well, that's for some of us.
So, awesome way to go Lou. This is great. This is great. So,
The Email is Dragon Con at Dragon Con. Org and the website is Dragon Con. Org.
Look through it folks it is the coolest of the cool it has lots of stuff and you can see who's been added daily and what new things and you can sign up for a newsletter.
Which the newsletter is very important. Am I not correct? Personally,
Happens at Dragon Con. Just be nice to each other. That's exactly. That's that's that's just you know.

[59:50] Oh, wait a second. Really? I got, I gotta do this. Last year, a lemon fia.
Zoe I guess you said it. Last year at the Grand Complete Brett,
50 days but was too shy. Oh.
Telling Deadpool to put the grenades away all the dead pools to put their grenades away and I would love to talk to somebody so that would be great. So, yay.

[1:00:27] Also just.
Can't wait seriously can't believe we're less than 50 days away right now.
Until next time.

[1:00:51] Music.

[1:01:00] This was a production of the unique eek.
That's it. 133210884.

[1:01:18] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:01:28] Music.

[1:01:46] What.