Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 32 - Let There Be Blood

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Muppet.
You're funny come back out on your face and give me 25.

[0:37] Hey, y'all. It is Lee. It is Lee only today. We are talking to a very, very special guest. Someone who does.
Volunteer coordinating and founding and founded it for the blood drive that's at Dragon Con. I know John did some spiffy little intro and then he made me probably said something that'll make me feel bad that I couldn't do this one live. But you know what?
I'm so I wanna do this and.
It's very important to me. Blood drives are. I'll get into that a little later but first, I wanna introduce Alan who is the founder and currently the volunteer coordinator for the Robert L. Hineline.

[1:15] Memorial Life South Blood Dr. That's a lot of words but I got them all out. So, hey, Allen.
And they're laughing at myself. So, this is really cool. Alan, you are the founder and the volunteer coordinator and I'm just curious.

[1:34] How did you get involved in starting a blood drive that is a memorial to Robert Hein.

[1:40] Well, I I got involved because the Highline family reached out to me with some medical questions. I'm actually retired doctor,
And because of that reaching out to me I ended up
Getting involved with the headlines society which is a fantastic organization I strongly recommend it and they have a blood drive limb of the wing of the organization that organizes blood wives at
The science fiction inventions around the country.
And this all started with live a timeline back in 1976 after he had a major medical procedure that was what the family asked me to research for them
And key.
He brought these pins which he designed and made 500 pins that is a harp with a red heart with a the letters
SF in a for science fiction and he gave them to the blood drive and he said whoever comes and tries to donate or whoever does donate give them one.
Than during the convention he would only take pictures with people or sign autographs for people who had a one of these pins
That that's a good way to get some blood, man. Now, I've got a lot of Robert Hindline books I would have had signed.

[3:08] That's still the pin we're using. Obviously not the original 500.

[3:15] I think probably 500 you go for Thursday maybe or Friday
Blood drive that Dragon Con.
Oh, wow. That is really cool and I always see those t-shirts that I think are just really neat too.
I just absolutely amazingly the person from Life South Blood Banks who Gaylin
Who organizes getting those done he just gets fantastic designs them and I if you look I wanna my post which I post on 68 Facebook groups from Dragon Con
Reminding people about the blood drive
Hey I swear I just want you but I'm all good.
And with the show so anyway so if you look on that you can see a picture of the T shirts on this shirt I'm trying to find them easily and one of the Facebook groups and the day that the
Picture of the T shirt. It is wonderful. I think it's one of the best ones yet.

[4:41] I am looking at stuff right now and trying to pull it up on my phone so I can see it cuz I don't remember it when I pulled it up earlier
And if you wanna go look at it, we're gonna be putting all of these links later but of course Facebook, find a group. It sounds like 68. I'm sure there are more but that's a lot
68 folks. We only got like 30 plus tracks.
That's an awesome though. Do we have 68 groups? I never counted that. Thank you.
Hey Facebook talked about that I think two or three episodes back yeah high is that again one of those things folks you gotta gotta know
So that is very cool. And the T shirt is up on the Facebook groups. I couldn't look at it but that's okay.
There's actually a high line blood drive Facebook group and if you look at that.

[5:44] You should be able to find that
The the the artist who did his Morrison and he's been the guest of honor artist at least once at that time and he
He really did a fantastic job with it. Oh, I can't wait to see it. I can't wait. I can't wait. And if you do,
Now, so this year, as we said, you can't sign up
Can you let kinda walk them through from sign up to actually giving?
And then there is a link on those posts which I do and all the different Facebook groups and it's
You schedule it and make sure you click the correct date to you go into it and there's gonna be five links one for each day so just make sure you do the right thing.
You schedule a specific appointment. You go there. You save about 10, 15 minutes on the registration end of things.
Are the donation and things obviously that you don't save time. We tend to have some special gifts for people who sign up in advance. I don't know what is going to be this year.

[6:59] We and then you you donate. You don't have to sign up and.
Longer and during a very busy time it might take you the longer than that
Showing up to leaving is well the shortest it is is about 35 minutes of there's not a big line,
Hey Facebook take a ride in the longest it is about an hour and 10 minutes,
If you go immediately after one panel is over and you get there you'll miss the next panel but you'll be able to get to the second panel after the one you were at.

[7:58] Okay. So, it just it just works out nice that way. And so, it's really.
Yeah it's really easy to sign up to donate and it's and it helps us kind of coordinate staff and do other things.
What are your hours for donation? Cuz I already signed up folks. So, I'm just, let's talk about your hours of donation. So, yeah.
The hours are pretty 11 to seven on Thursday 10 to seven Friday Saturday and Sunday.
Nine two.
As Alan just said it's gonna be on the podcast but it's also very easy.

[8:50] Backslash Dragoncon backslash wow you put dragon on in there hey we got it that's that's awesome now you said this started in.
20 did I say 2022? I did. Yesterday.

[9:14] There are something you called double reds. What are those?
The part we did the most red blood cells.
So there's three.
And so the need is the highest for the red blood cells and so double reds they actually take out 2 years of blood completely from your body
Other than the center of Houston separate out
The red cells from the plasma and the platelets and then give you back the plasma platelets. Holy cow. Very cold. It takes about a one and a half times longer than a regular donation
Not too much rain. So about the next for 20 minutes you gotta figure.
I'm a bloody dough bloody hero I'm a bloody hero bloody hero I love it that is kind of awesome.

[10:19] Now

[10:41] No, that was the first year that they went to, oh, that was a couple years after we went to.
And then we only had half of the Hyatt
Hey Facebook,
Would you also remember the year we had the salvation army people there?
Yes, I do remember that. And there were people and it's like, that's the best cosplay and she's like, no, I'm actually, I, I work for them. Oh, oops, sorry, we thought it was
They did actually get asked that it was kinda funny. So, yeah. So, you started this and so, is that the Marriott at that point? We weren't doing hotels

[11:41] The second year we also did the blood mobile and we got
280 I think 200 something like that and then we we tripled the next year and the next year after that and then we when we hit the mid
2000's we then slowly grew up to 3200.
Hey Facebook.
25 and 25% the weather every number we collected that year
To that number and how many 25% tried to donate so when we have 3200 usually about 4000 people actually attempted to donate so 800 what turned away from one ring the door another.

[12:30] Right?
And people are turned away, folks. It happens. I have not been able to give for a while
And also because there's some medicines that I was taking that they were like we just don't wanna do this one cuz you know it you're already
Just on the borderline of being an emac this could help make you feel worse if you do that so they have they have deny me I'm gonna see this year my meds are a huge change so I'm gonna see how about you Alan.
Well, I have not been able to donate my whole life because I have a genetic. Liver, enzyme, mald, add no,
Make some not be able to tell whether I have had it hepatitis or not.
Oh, wow. So, because I can't be sure when they test my blood, they say, it's safe before it's just not to take your blood. So, I've never been able to donate blood my whole life and leave.
The interesting thing is I'm a retired surgeon and I use blood
Made me want to do something to help reply off the stores which I quickly deplete.

[13:50] The way to go. Way to go. I love it. And but you're still giving cuz you're
Setting up this. I mean, you are the founder of Volunteer Coordinator.
I am this is one of the things I am most proud of. I've done international medical emergency medical missions. I've done other things that I'm very proud of but
This is one of the things I am almost the most proud of my entire life but we what we got there at Dragon Con and it's because we used to have such a great drink and family.
Now what do you think that I had fun of when we were still in the growing phase I stopped doing it since we hit about 2800 the donors a year is I used to go up on the stages in the rooms that had 3000 people before the big panels and it would say
Hey, come on people. We have to beat those that kind that shall not be mentioned on the West Coast. We got,
And I've taken up your mantle cuz I heard you say that and I'm like, come on, guys. Because then, the next year, you said, we had beaten them and I'm, guys, come on.
I mean y'all not guys y'all come on let's go give if you can.

[15:06] The car that show.
The kind that shall not be mentioned.
We're much more of a community and I.

[15:26] Tell you how great our community we are we need just before the pandemic the last year before the pandemic we had,
Close 4000 people who tried to donate in 3200 who donated with the
4 day passes badges were a 5 day about just whatever you wanna call it the weekend pass
About 75 1000 people. So that means close to.
Every organization that does a blood drive is happy if they get that one half of one%.

[16:14] That is really cool. Oh my god. That's folks. Come on. I know.

[16:19] You talk about it as a community and I do Alan I remember you coming up there and being like please please come on guys we can do this come on y'all we can do this we can do this and I always love it
Kind that shall not be mentioned. I really like that one. Probably stealing it. But come on.
They're not a community. People just go there to see what they're gonna see. They sit in hall age, you know, for how many days
I it's just amazing to us and I really do. It was last year. What did attend and it was kind of like feeling like I'm home.
Or I'm with my family cuz,
Interconnected all of us are that was one thing I think,
Terrible. But this was a good part. Is it? No. We realized we we,
We are interconnected and yes we can be very much on our own but it is nice to talk to people whether it's on Zoom or things like that and I know a lot of groups enjoying content discord going a lot
During 19 and 20. So, I think that was really cool too.

[17:46] But one part of community is also getting your own family involved and I know you from here having heard you on the podcast how many in your family are involved
And I started bringing my kids in the 90s when they hit a 10 to 12 years old.
I'm also they still volunteer both the Dragon Con and also at another things out in the community there I really proud of my three kids they're they're
Three great kids and I know you have you have people in your family who got in the volunteer bug from Dragon Con
They have and I think that's a wonderful bug to have. My son started volunteering as soon as he could.
And he did not want to work with his mother so he found something completely and utterly away from me which probably was good for both of us.
That spirit volunteering.

[18:49] Thanksgiving is so important at Dragon Kong whether it's blood or charity or just you know maybe you're putting something in the fan auction there is one there there is a smaller option for that which are sometimes fan made items
Now as we talk about volunteers as you one of your titles is volunteer coordination.

[19:14] Around Dragon Con who are like,
Always cool we all like T shirts
I I people always said that the catch phrase donate blood and save a life I want more when I was a recruiter and I would walk around dragon climb like that I would say donate blood and save a T-shirt
Save a T shirt. That's right. You can't.

[19:45] There's other there's specific volunteer opportunities at the blood drive.

[19:53] One of them is in the thank you room and we usually have about.
Four to six people in there and would you basically bully this when they donors come in after they donate blood you're giving them this snacks giving them drinks giving them the ribbons which they get.
Two ribbons one says pay it forward and one would you grab it high lines catch phrase and the other one says blood donor
I'm so excited. I like T shirts but I really like pens. So, I can't wait that I'm I get a pan. I hope.
So, yeah, sorry,
Just during that 20 minutes
That's walk around with the big sign that says donate blood today and they and the T-shirt staple to it and walk around and we have five six opties during any 1 hour block either at the American
Sheridan and Hilton.

[21:21] And and some people have the opportunity to do that and so you can choose what you want
Oh and just so that you know if you don't know your schedule you don't know what you're gonna do till that day show up at the blood drive and say I'd like to volunteer we can always use you because it's not so much do we actually need everybody it's more we want everybody to feel community and to feel connected
You know y'all there's something wonderful about Nutter Butters. I'm gonna tell you.
I do wanna say this what last year the and I think it was the Mary the person who was holding the sign was dressed and.
Little kids just adorger and so the little kids would come up and the parents would take pictures and.

[22:06] Your volunteer kept saying in parent you know,
You can go give blood too like one parent could go in, hold the kids, and then the second pairing goes in and holds a kit. It's always fine,
With our children but what about your volunteers cuz one of the big reasons people have a problem volunteering is small
Yeah and we love the volunteers to bring the younger kids to come in with them if they're in the in the thank you room that we've got to thank you and whether
Donors come in the after they donate the blood in the thank you room it
It's amazing how having those young kids in there even those youngest 456 years, old, just increases the energy in the room and makes everybody brings everybody up
That is really really cool because there's something about I can't wait. I'm not joking. I I want a nutter butter handed to me by somebody in a princess.
Whatever. I don't care. Just be dressed up. I can't wait and I hope there are little people cuz little people you're right
Probably you're the same one. Oh, definitely. Definitely. Okay.
You talked about how many donors you get in the and we talked a little bit about component. The one other thing is.

[23:34] You said that you get an amazing amount.
Of blood over the year, right? You get like 10 1000
Hey that's from the Highland Society Blood Drives that we do at.
Somewhere around 40 plus a minus five units of blood. So, 35 to 45 units of bloody cheer.
And start a tremendous amount but it actually when you look at that that's close to eight% of the people who are at the.
Convention and and so there's 135 science fictions around the country that do these small blood drives all under banner of the rabbit timeline blood drives.
That is really cool and that we're that I mean y'all I know it doesn't sound like much when you start talking about like eight% but eight% is big eight% is really big and I know people don't.
Always get that because they're like, well, but we're gonna go into 10. I'd love us to get to 10. I think everybody would love to get there but that we do eight is pretty big. Because before we talked.

[24:53] You said earlier that we were basically
How old are the northern one? So, how many do we need? Cuz I love saying it cuz you will tell me that we have beaten that other thing,
And I love saying it. I'll say it all the time.

[25:13] In the pre pandemic numbers so the 2019 numbers we would need about 34 3500 it's hard to predict why
We're having 60 1000 the cutting back dressically on the 1 day passes so and rather than 75 1000 with 25001 day passes each day so it makes it makes the numbers hard but the the exciting thing was let's
Last year we were at 40 1000 so we were essentially at half the number of attendance we dropped
3200 down to 2800 only I was expecting us to struggle to get 2000 donors that we had funny $800 we only dropped by WhatsApp
The we only drop by 12 and a half percent.
That's pretty important. Just about half the number of people at the convention.
That just shows you how the community a dragon con is you know it's it's just just amazing but it also shows you that probably the people who donate blood are also the people who are going to come to Dragon Hill, Ohio.
Compeller Highwater. There you go. I like that. I like that. Yeah. Or pandemic. I know.
How you were talking about some things but that's just kind of amazing that that many people give and I.

[26:42] I'm very close to the bud drive. I've told this story before if you've heard it but 15 plus years ago I had surgery.

[26:49] And I had internal bleeding and I was also having blood.

[26:56] In my shopping list let me tell you that taste really really
Going back and forth on whether they were going to.
Take me back into surgery and at that point my body was pretty weak,
Blood so I got two units of blood
My mind and my husband's mind because I really was weak if they had taken me into that second surgery and it was really kind of a lot scary
Those who have and if you can give that's great if you can't give understood but I do I think you're right about communion. People want to
To spread the joy of dragon con as we've talked about.

[27:50] Just give back. I mean, we we know jigs are lucky sometimes and we wanna give back. I think that's always great.

[27:57] Yeah.

[28:14] I've spread the joy this year too as I've talked about my.

[28:19] Son, and my nephew, I brought them up in it, tried to get some other people that didn't keep coming back. No, it's okay. Kids like what kids like?
And then this year I'm bringing my 14 year old niece and my nine not 10 that I wanna call him 9 year old nephew,
And she was like, yeah, I just don't think there'll be anything for him to do and all I could do is,
If y'all could have seen my face my dog really.
I just I I couldn't say anything to her. I just kind of my mouth was drooping open and I just blinked for a probably a good 10 seconds and then I was like
He'll be at games. He'll be at this. He'll be at this. He'll be at this. And then she'll so yes he's coming this year and I can't wait because you know what?
Yeah, gotta get it. Gotta get it.
No I niece is cannot wait to see she says she's making three costumes,
And she's a brand new costume. So, some people like I haven't finished but man, I got like three, 4 weeks. I'm good.
But she's a new one and so she's really pushing on her first costume that I can't wait to see him that's gonna be kinda awesome to see that and she's just seeing the pictures I've given her every year.

[29:45] Now yeah it's good no I was gonna ask you a question no no I would just wanna say no that's.
It is. We like, we like making geeks, geeks are cool.
One of the things that this does is go all over the place and there's the hindline foundation
Anything you can talk to me about the hindline location.

[30:12] Foundation. Yeah. Foundation I said location.
Hey Facebook.
Academic study of headlines works so they give out
Grams to academic professors and students who wanna study online's work
They promote reading and they promote the blood drives and those those are the three main tasks you know obviously the really the most the I think one of the most important ones is keeping homelines name.

[30:56] Important to feature because he really is one of the
Who would you say that the other two
Hey portal
Yeah, there's some other.
To some extent
Considered science fiction. I'm actually next summer. I'm gonna be teaching a course on the history of science fiction. So I'm actually even going back into some biblical and some some
Roman and Greek stuff that's real true science fiction almost. Oh my goodness. That oh that would be the best course ever. I I I've been out of college way too long but that would be really cool.
Oh, wow. Okay. So, that's wow.

[32:20] Doing all of this though. I mean, this is kind of amazing and as you were talking about online, I remember my son said, he had read.

[32:29] Electric sheet do androids.

[32:39] China
Hey Facebook I got him confused
She's terrible.

[33:13] That's okay.
That was it. It was Starship Troopers. He did this.
What starship troopers was in the book.
Wasland and I wanna sociologists and contemporary anthropologists feel that it
Was one of the sparks for us converting from the beatneck movement to the hippie movement,
Oh really? Yeah.
When the beat dick movement was starting to die and the hippie movement was starting to take off and if you look at a lot of stuff from the early hippie movement it really follows stranger and strange lamb write down the line.

[34:15] Oh, very cool. I actually was gonna ask you as we're
Kinda get into the point where we can wrap. We're gonna wrap up in a minute. And we're gonna talk about anything I forgot.
It has a title
Hey remember reading that one I didn't read the great grandpa the grandfather is a maybe some of the great grandfathers I was a big poo fan as a kid and then
I had an unreasonable worry that someone was gonna like.
You know, break me into a wall.
Niece has just I think it was Carrie. She just read and I was like, okay, yeah, you're 14. I think Carrie's good. You can do early king up to probably about it.
That that was me. Now, I don't know that we have talked about it this time but where you located for the volunteer people who may volunteer and give.

[35:28] We did not talk about it and we we are located in the Moto lobby which was the lowest level of the high
So I I recommend taking the escalate is down rather than waiting for the hey Facebook don't wait for the elevator it's just like two it's too down and there's an escalator
On both sides.

[35:56] Best idea.
In any situation a dragon and then it's as soon as you get off the escalator or the elevator if you're that adventurous it's the sign up is right there you just turn left and sign up is right there in front of you,
Okay, and we, you know, folks, this is maybe an hour and a half.
2 hours out of your time at Dragon Con which is the the most is an hour and 10 minutes
Super crowded. So it's not crowded the time at the you can be in an hour and 35 minutes. Oh wow. Oh.
Could've sworn I heard like hour okay so it's less than an hour of your time at Dragon Con.

[36:44] Now that it's 5 days you get a lot of dragon
And you can take some time if possible if you can give some of us unable to.
Aren't donors and I can argue that with you with the American Red Cross and I will help your argument but
You know, it's just that's a very little time to save a life. It really is.

[37:13] Yeah and potentially three. Right. And I think that's really really amazing. If you can do that and you know hey
It's not that bad of a thing. I do wanna say one thing. I remember we did blood drives in high schools. In high school and I got to I think it was 16 or 17. Might have been 18. I don't know. I know I gave at least once when I was in high school.
And I was terrified of needles. Y'all I don't like needles.
I just I do not I've had to have them and I do it but I don't like them
Like you're thinking the thing that hurts the most and I don't even know if they do this anymore is they prick your finger.
To make sure that your your blood can be taken because it's got a filter. Iron it. They still do that.

[38:04] And stays with you longer too cuz you're gonna hit that prick and go, oh, I forgot. Your arm, you're gonna be fine.
That'll be fine. You know, and it doesn't hurt that much. I know, I was terrified. Trust me, I was one of those with you. So, if this is the first time
If you want somebody to hold your hand a bit you can find a volunteer and or a new friend from Dragon Con or acquaintance or whatever who's been like.
I got your hand on this. Squeeze as hard as you want
Virgin virgin blood donor and you can you can just say you're sucked by a vampire that only had one tooth.

[38:44] Somebody knocked out the other one so they only had that one too thick to pull it out.

[38:50] Wonderful way that people can donate
Each day we draw names of people who donated that day and give away prizes
Keep going. Keep going Allen. It's fine. We're not working.
I've been wanting for years to get the honest and this is something that would be for a year from now
But if the artist come and find me and talk to me at the blood drive or leave the name and I'll come and find them I wanna get the musical artists musicians
Write songs specifically about dragon and blood. It doesn't have to be blood donation. Dragon Con and Blood and then maybe we could put together a dragon con blood playlist
That would be very cool and folks. So, if there are artists who wanna talk to
Allen about this year and donating some things if you wanna email 50 days at the Uni Geek.

[40:17] Dot com.

[40:26] I will get that to him so he can contact you and talk about it because there is something really cool when you I saw it last year during the auction.
The Atlanta Skyline.
You just kept looking at me cuz I was just like and adding 100 every time and he was like.

[40:56] What are you gonna do? And I said, I'm not buying this for me. I'm buying it for somebody else and he said no limit.
And ever it was like so and ever been said well I'm not gonna
Push it up any higher so that was very nice whatever. So, I have that picture and if you can do something like that.
So, that's really cool. So, please, please, please, do contact me again 50 days at the unique geek. Com.
I am usually the one that's answering the emails, not John, but if you get John, he'll
He'll pass it on down to you so don't worry about it. So that's really great and we don't we're good on time. I was gonna ask you a question cuz you've been listening. We usually play a game.
So, as we all know, we're not gonna have a game but we're gonna try to do a little mini reading list for you.
Drive a lot. So, people might see you be able to wave, come and talk to you and say, hey, I read this online book that you recommended. What would you say for a reader like John? Who doesn't read?

[42:00] Okay. As he says, he's just, you know, he loves tech manuals and he does. But, you know, just kinda this fore pleasure reading as a kid which I got into and things like that. You did too.

[42:13] What would be a good of the short stories of novels or whatever.
To give to somebody like John who's not a huge reader but you wanna try to see if he can entice him in.
I think we mentioned it I think any collection of Philippe dick stories is the best one to entice people into reading.
Was on the top of the New York Times best seller was called the fifth.

[42:53] Hey Facebook.
Technical via society where they would have every certain number of years they would like 200 years or something they would have
Earth changing platonic movements
And how the society lived through them but if you like geology, I would strongly recommend it. It's one of the best books I've read in the last 10 years.
No, wow, that is very very cool. I like that. That's really awesome. Now, I was actually me. I didn't say this. So, I like Philip pay dick. Y'all they're
You can buy one of his books used or new. Hey.
That's fine too. There was a library.

[43:47] We're just kinda cool too.
To try to entice John in
There's a
Excellent for enticing people into,
That is pretty pretty good. And what I mean and there are so many. I'm not even gonna try but what would you say is probably one of your favorite, your favorites.

[44:50] What what is one of your favorites of Highline's books? I love this idea for the fifth season though. I'm gonna pop that one to my son and husband who love the Martian
Especially for a lot
In terms of timeline I would say that
I'd no doubt but I enjoyed from a just a fun point of view his stuff that
Came out after 78 when he had his medical problem and for some reason his
Books became both hypersexual and also transgender.
Oh, wow. Okay.
We're doing that.
And that is great too cuz I will look for those as well anything after 78 ha ha there we go and.
I wish it were on required reading list in high school.
This is a book that you should read because it.

[46:18] Not all of us are perfect or anything else but a lot of times we are trying our best and that doesn't mean we're always perfect cuz,
God knows the person who's talking me right now is not but I think we do try to open ourselves up to other possibilities and see that there's differences and there's a different
Way to do things and hey, you know,
Hey, we all believe red blood. No but nobody's green here which is good. No.
L Hineline Memorial Life South Blood Dr those live south people are awesome y'all is going to be all 5 days of dragon.

[47:05] Thursday through Monday.
All of a sudden, I went, no, that's like six. That is because other people have been telling me Wednesday. Will you see?
And that was always be that and so yeah concrete it's gonna be there all 5 days in the Hyatt Motor Lobby all the way down in the Hyatt it's.

[47:57] Near the international tower there are two escalators that'll take you down on that side or in the main tower there's one there so take the escalators if you can.

[48:07] It'll get you there faster.
And if you have things that you want to donate that could be a prize whether you're a you got a really cool I don't know I have I have some really I like.
My husband like Pez.

[48:34] Pes dispenser prize so that is very cool if you can do that and again artist if you wanna talk
To Alan please email me 50 days at the Unique Geek. Com I will forge your email to Allen and we will get you all set up.
But Alan this is just what you do all five of those days is just kind of awesome and amazing and thank you bro.
I know it starts planning a lot earlier.
Noelle we're just rolling people up.
We just like to do that and this also means John and I can talk to each other cuz otherwise, we're like texting like mad sometimes. So, it's kinda fun but thank you. We love it.
We love doing this. We love talking to people and this is the first time you know I've talked and that we're gonna bring you back. We are gonna bring you back. Remember you can sign up for appointments.
That link is here but again it was really really easy.
And I just got rid of it. Of course, because I put something down. But it's really easy. It's on 68 Facebook groups. You can find it somewhere.

[49:45] So you can sign up and there is also a volunteer sign up but if you show up at the con and wanna give them a couple hours five would be great.

[49:52] Let's see what happens. Go on and do it. This is great and this is a wonderful thing and we're we always will forever and ever.
We will be as long as I'm here yelling I hope or begging whatever.

[50:06] Cuz I'll yell during the parade set people up if you we're gonna be them right we're gonna beat that con that cannot be mentioned.

[50:14] The con that will not be mentioned.

[50:24] Allen for being on here we had a little technical glitch and I will talk about that the next time John and I are on live
And he's been just a real trooper for that so thank you so much Allen for being on thank you for being here and nobody said that but on behalf of Alan.

[50:44] And myself, Lee, I'm gonna say.
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