Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 34 - Disability Services

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring your loved one,
You're funny come back in on your face and give me 25.

[0:36] Welcome to another edition of.

[0:52] Hey,
Oh okay I got you,
Misleading name,
I pulled a john yesterday,
Should you tell my wife,
I got an interview ahead that can go at anytime because if something else happens, we wanna have a couple in the bag,
Hi Hatton recorded dang.

[2:01] So, you did. We talked a lot. An hour and a half.
Yeah because see we weren't gonna go live. We wanna hold some of these folks not live. We're on a lake, have them later. So,
I'm doing okay.
Things are graduated. Yes, my daughter did she graduate college. I'm very proud of her. That was yeah. Very cool.
Doing stuff. She's got a full time job so. Oh, good for her.
As a she's gonna be a teacher. Now, why you be a teacher in this environment right now? I don't know. Hey. But god bless them. Jeez.
Oh, we do. Oh no, no, no. Bless them heavenly.
There was teachers were gonna be getting a lot of those really big gift baskets. They should be with the good cheese and the fruit and then they're also gonna be getting the ones with the bottles of wine and then somebody was just gonna come in and hold and I'm gonna say a bad word. Sorry.
And come in just like with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and go hey.

[3:06] I'm sorry my kids an asshole,
Finally starting South Carolina it starts next week a lot of Georgia starts tomorrow while they start on a Thursday
But you know what? We do need teachers. We need teachers are awesome. Yes. We need smart teachers and teachers that are open minded and teachers that will work with kids. But you know what else we also need?
Love, peace, and love.
We need people who will talk to us and answer questions that maybe,
Other people are like, I don't really wanna ask that. I'm gonna,
I have no shame.

[4:16] Bring in Todd into this conversation hey Todd,
Okay I said I was gonna Todd is a volunteer with Disability Services at Dragon Con and I went and made sure I went potty tide before we got on the broadcast cuz,
Both of the last. Oh, you muted. Made me laugh so hard.
Hey Facebook,
Yeah. That's right. That's right. Alright, so Todd now.
Going to dragon.
That's hard to believe in it,
I know I enjoy the being able to peek behind the curtain.

[5:27] Yeah cuz the funny stories are the best part of being able to peep behind the curtain,
Definitely an encouragement to everybody who's listing that you should be a dragon convo volunteer if there's a department that needs your want to,
Definitely sign up. Sign up. There's still taken sign ups and they need people. I don't know that they're taking any no longer in that no but I don't know if they're taking any,
The con. I don't think they will be. So, go sign up. Be prepared. Go on and sign up. So,
You go to other cons too. So.

[6:03] How many kinds do you go to in a year? Do you think? I only go to one. It's just two now.
But the one I went to for a long time wrapped up but they were doing and and shifted to something else but I do dragon con in September and,
Anatomy North in Toronto Ontario in May.
I like Toronto I don't I'm not an anime but I like Toronto,
And in May it's probably gorgeous.
Disability services and we just saw something that popped up from our friend Rob who said,
Dragon Con is the only kind that provides real disability services they do work and I've gotta say. Do important work.
Excuse me. They do in Portmark,
As good a group as you guys do it. So, what is it?

[7:11] Just putting services is the dragon kind department that assists the convention and it's attendees by providing reasonable accommodations for the disabilitys of its members.
That sounds like a really great answer, right?
It's awesome answer. I love it. Yeah.
Did any other regularly abled person attending Dragon Con can get yeah we're all at the same level of kinda crazy chaos that's right,
Other disabled people,
Figure out what you need in order to survive the convention. We try our best to get it for you. Yeah.
Okay now and you have been located near registration for years where is where are you located now?
Anybody who wants to know what disability services is thinking,
The second best place to go is our Facebook channel and we know that the Facebook channel has been talking a lot about what happened with registration last year.

[8:35] There were some weights that were way longer than we wanted them to be some disabilities that might have been made worse by the waiting,
Okay. So, I wanna make sure I wanted you guys to know, right? Yeah, please and and it's good too because we do listen to people and we do try to make it better if there's a boo boo.
Because even my fellow friends with this phone is will tell you,
That what you wanna do is you wanna get through registration and all the disability services stuff as fast as possible.
Right? Because you wanna get,
We wanna be able to make sure that you can do that. So, one of the things that we're doing is we're we're expanding kind of our what we used to call the Corbett line program,

[9:39] And then the part where we assess you for a reasonable combination and we apply stickers to your badge so that everybody knows the reasonable accommodation they need to get you,
Right? Yes. They do have stickers and yes, I really like stickers. We've talked a lot about me like in stickers. But.
These aren't just,
So, it's a good sticker to have. If you win, if you need it and do remember folks, John and I will say this throughout.
Not all disabilities,
You can't actually see them. No.
Happy convention you'll see me the wheelchair I have a very visible disability I'm a cerebral collegiate,
But a lot of the folks we serve.

[10:56] Right? It's very important that we have to remember that that's the reason that they come to get the sticker,
Right? No.
Everybody who needs a reasonable accommodation.
Right? Right. And I do my level best as as my entire team does. We do our level best not to say no unless it's absolutely necessary.

[11:30] Right?
Or a miniature horse.
So, you know, help a guy out. I know, right?
Now if you can't do that because you're just full of prevention.

[12:20] Right?
Split the wine up a little bit,
And then the ones that that come to our to our main area that is coming up zoomed on the steam yard now streaming right now,
We're gonna prioritize you getting your badges as soon as possible so the weekend assess you and get you out the door,
Right that's when you come and see me like on Friday or Saturday when I'm strolling around the bar rooms and stop me and show me your latest costume,
On Wednesday I wanna assess you and I wanna get you into the fun as soon as possible.

[13:12] Yes, that is exactly right. So, that's good. So, and I I,
If if you can't if you cannot get your own badge,
Hear what he's saying. They will help. But if you can't get your own badge, that's that's a help for you just to shorten the time. I think one of the things too and I heard it last year. Actually, some of those like, well, I'd go through if I didn't have to go through this crazy maze.
Find one of the dragon on people that are right there at the door for registration and say hey,
I wanna go get my badge but,
Well, not making. Instead of Todd going over there. Hey, hey,
I I I do them all. I've done them individually in groups. We're working with registration this year to improve the way we're providing,
Getting people their badges so I really wanna thank those guys for kinda stepping up and getting into it with us and talking about how to improve stuff,
No for those people that are afraid that that wanna know how the assessment process works.

[14:32] You're gonna come up to the person from disability services and we're gonna ask you.

[14:45] Tell us what the problem is. Now, we may have to ask some minor questions about whatever medical condition it might be. I want to reassure people that we don't store information or keep information,
We're just gonna use it to figure out what's sticker to give you.

[15:02] Okay.
Most of the time we're talking about how to handle things in ballrooms so it's a thing like a sightlines badge which is gonna which is gonna get you,
To the front row with an on extra view of the screen those are very rare to get you really have to have a medical me form,
There's a wheelchair seating sticker,
Right? Right.
That one is, let's talk about the differences here. What I'd like to talk about though, I think one of the things people's think is that if I need that 50 yards, that that means I'm automatically at the front of the ballroom.

[16:03] May not be it won't be that way it has to be within a screen and especially in the big ballrooms in the Marriott and the high,
In sometimes in the Sheraton but it depends. They will have a screen there. So, people that,
Came in late can still see the stuff if they're in the back cuz there's a big screen of.

[16:33] Whoever is here not the rock John whoever is here sitting right I just agree I believe he will be here,
Yeah, well, you know, John, have all the faith you need.
Hey Facebook switch it for those people. They're switching the boxes around for those people.
Hey Facebook please,
To getting to the things that you wanna be at in enough time to get you in the room,
Okay ask as continuing from 2019 even we have line caps there's only a certain number of disability seats,
I can provide in a ballroom. Once they're full, they're full. So, you definitely wanna plan ahead.
And be there so that you can get in that line and get in the room.

[17:40] And it doesn't work,
During the actual convention,
And they have stickers and they're trained to do assessments.
To get services at least on,
Thursday and Saturday,
If there's somebody isn't working there already they'll get me on the radio and I will run my wheelchair butt up there.
And get you taken care of because just like on registration day I wanna get that stuff done as rapidly as possible and get you back out into the fun as soon as I passively cat,
And I do think that's important to know that if something does, if it is not working and you can talk about that, that's great. Yup.

[18:41] John did you wanna say something? No. Zan did bring up Zand did that. Was asking the question that titled me. He was answering which is will there be a disability services station in Marriott again if so what days and hours,
Yeah that's better primarily be thirsty and Friday but you can stop there and ask for assistance and they'll call me.
And it again they're gonna be people in the ballrooms ballrooms are going forward on Thursday and Friday folks so yep you all of a sudden realize mid,
Whatever you're doing on Thursday. Hey, I need a little help. They will do it.
And then you get to Dragon Con and discover that you didn't.

[19:28] Trust me it's happening to me right last year coming back from dragon con the airline broke my wheelchair on the way home,
Wow that's the planning,
And remember folks, these disabilities don't have to be lifelong. Your disability can be like my husband had. He broke got broke. He had to have surgery on his knee.
And he got a wheelchair to be able to go around driving con and and he got a disability sticker for that.
For a wheelchair space because he really he was not supposed to put anything on that,

[20:34] You got a problem with a knee, you got a problem with an elbow.
Don't be afraid to ask. No. Don't be afraid.
Rob says the only thing it's bummer is if you're attending pro getting a badge and also,
A disability stickers a bit of hassle mobility wise couldn't he take advantage of the Marriott in that case cuz I think they're both in the same location,
Is where the pros at,
And then you can go buy the ballroom and they'll be like god said give me this and have a note or whatever. It's very good. Very good. Now, not y'all. They're not gonna take all these notes. I said Todd said cuz trust me, Todd's not gonna say that a whole lot cuz you're gonna have to be talking with them,
So, this is only a certain cases, right?
Right. Right. That is true. And we've had we've had guests with temporary disabilities that we've accommodated in the past.
Great panelists. I mean, you know, we've handled everyone.

[21:53] Yeah share share was just pointing out that I guess 1 year some a person broke their leg during drag gun and they need disability services to,
Help them. There you go.
Hey Facebook,
If you're don't say that.

[22:35] You've got my undying gratitude. Anything we can do to help you. Anything we can help and okay, so now, we kinda got into this but then we got into other things cuz that's how this podcast rolls, baby. Okay, so there are four levels of stickers. I don't know why. I just said that on way too.
Unobstructed view of stage. Mm hmm. Right?
That is,
But there had been a couple of other disputes in the past.
Immediately after that one the the next rarest one we give away is safe space for service animals.

[23:35] Where your service animal can be placed in such a way that.
There's no risk of them getting stepped on. Right? Service animals getting their tails stepped on is never a good thing. We don't wanna no. Right?
Proximity proximity is that when we talked about 50 feet through stage your screen.
Right? The the benefit to,
Hey Facebook,
And you have companion seats,
Now while all of the stickers.

[24:41] Right?
For whatever reason and their disability quick entrance and exit.
They can't go into the middle of a row because it takes 10 minutes to get there,
So see them,
The the most common reasonable combination that people ask for,
Eventually you're gonna get to the end of of Rose,
And a certain number of ends to those rows so numerically eventually you're gonna come up with you know either a seat in the back.

[25:32] Right?
And making sure that you can get what you need.
It's the same, it's the same basic situation. The track, the track handlers,
Get information from us about how to set their rooms up to be able to pull seats to be able to create the the ends of row seating in those things that those panel rooms require,
And you end you should be able to enter those rooms and get the accommodation you need that might not be as readily apparent which means you might need to ask the the track person that's running the room,
For those people.

[26:36] Right?
Right? It's a procedure that takes a couple of minutes and it's kind of embarrassing and you don't necessarily wanna talk about it.
But you roll out of the panel room to go take care of that you're gone 5 minutes you come back and they're like we filled your spot already we let somebody else,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no. So, one of the reasonable accommodations stickers is to be able to hold that seat for you until you're finished with your medical issue and you could retire.

[27:08] And and if there is any issue with this, I mean, let's be very honest. Somebody may go, well, that's I didn't,
See if you can see the most senior member there.
Or ask him to call disability services or contact disability services because then that can help you and while the track directors may not be able to get directly to them the track directors can find somebody in security,
It can get directly to them. So.

[27:38] Yeah.
Katie McCall that says,
Which is one of our one of our tracker rooms. Right? So, everyone's in a while. Sometimes, somebody needs a little assistance. They've got,
A real busy thing that's happening to fit in a really small space,
We try to be everywhere,
Didn't go well you can fill out a form and we'll do our best to fix it
You know that's what they're that's what all of us are trying to do and as Todd has often said is make us all as miserable together as we can be right all of us on a level filling field
My job is to give you the same crappy dragon kind of experience as every non-disabled attendee.
It's a wonderful
People's personal issues that they get into a dragon.

[29:08] No, that bad. It is light. It is not as pretty. That is life. There's nothing tied. Can help us with that. Nobody else.
But that's the level of equality disabled people fight for. So,
Hey retired people I'm too much caffeine,
Who are also diabetic,
Haven't been act haven't been acting well and then maybe have a problem later,
And one. There you go. 41, 421.
Living together.

[30:13] A standard correct,
Right? Your service animal has the right to be in convention space with you.
With a companion animal that you can keep in your room if your hotel permits it. It just isn't allowed in convention space because that's not a service animal. That's an assistance animal.

[30:50] And for the most part the five dragon cone hotel well maybe not the western but.
They will talk to you about that,
But I will tell you to share it in is great about that that was the person who started and the hillton I think are both really good about that because,
That that's their brand and they always are like, why? Of course, your pet should travel with you or your companion animal or whatever. Yeah, we're fine with a cat in a room with a litter box and food folks,
Let's remember that they're fine with a cat but,
The the mall stuff, right? Huh,
People bringing non-service animals had interfered with service animals ability to work,
Right we take that particular thing very very seriously.

[32:06] Attempting to walk you through,
Oh, wow. Right? Yeah. And then, that's the big group. Yup, right.
And either yaps that they at the seeing eye dog or a taxi,
Let's not do that folks. Yeah. These, yeah, what's not? Cuz nobody wants a service animal hurt and I know we've all heard it.
Hey Facebook animal is working. Leave the service animal alone. So all of us are able to know not to be a jerk about.

[32:54] Let us also help our children learn that rule as well cuz I have seen all of the sudden it's like doggy and you know Elsa's 4 year old Elsa's running a cross,
And i understand that i my my eyes go puppy also as well but I don't run over too,
So, let's teach our kids.
For some of our folks with disabilities the delay and being able to get on an elevator,
Could be medical in nature. Yeah. If asked by a person with a disability to exit an elevator, you are.

[33:41] Right we want everybody,
Real stories where people were waiting 45 minutes to get an elevator to get to rooms to get,
Pair down for 2021 too. Right, right. Exactly. So,
Hey portal reminder about elevators,
Well, I mean, I'm just so tired of saying it but. But no, see new people listen, John. I keep hearing this. Yeah.
Well I need just make.

[34:34] If you can walk up one or two flights of stairs.
Please do so instead of taking an elevator because there are people who are not able to walk up
Two and three flights of stairs,
I go to disability services every year and a part of that reason is because,
If I'm somewhere else and I need to stand in line for something I need a be able to sit in line I have spinal neurological,
The other thing is touch kinda talked about first of all you talked about complaint forms but you also talked about a form,
The checklist for what you need and when you're gonna assess them,
The only thing that's kept is the numeric data on how many stickers we issue and what they say.

[35:42] The witch's wife,
You really need to explain it to me again. Again, I mean keep that information at all.

[36:05] Hey,
What are some of the things that you have seen at Dragon Con in your wonderful wonderful time here that you've just gone.
Or oh like this is gonna make a great story in a podcast one.

[36:31] I've discovered in my time at Dragon Con that the the deaf community is,
A very,
I that's why I love them. I love to support them.
Because with the head of the department being a person who schedules interpreters and who knows the language. Huh.
Every once in a while you'll come across an event,

[37:16] Hey, Mike.
I get impressed every year because I see costumes that are more and more complicated.
I see people that are taking,
I mean, you know, when I when I first came to Dragon Con, I saw a couple of, you know, professor X costumes,
Right the classic wheelchair professor X costume,
You know, really working it. Yeah. Maybe a partisan, a little bit of a hardness. A pike. Would you have an old school pike?
I I hear there's a reason that the hair has gone up but.

[38:23] All Chris Pike can do is beep once,
That was our,
No. Yes.
I think there might be smart he might be able to beat Morris code but we won't know yet but we don't know yet so we're gonna try. There you go. I like that. There you go. Somebody needs to,
Well, first of all, we're rewatching Discovery season two. When he was in there and so we're like, okay, that's kinda do and I went, okay, somehow he's gotten,
We've made him old between season two and stranger new world cuz his hair is a lot more gray.
Hit a lot higher though,
Is that it? The gray just can't just use on there.
I look forward to seeing,
There's a show.

[39:47] The lady who is Game of Thrones the the yes cuz she kept saying you know I want him to know it was me and she carried a sign around and she had the,
It was awesome.
I think she did. Yeah, before COVID. It wasn't it wasn't her. Before COVID, yeah, she.
I'm good about insurance talking to her. I think.

[40:31] Hey,
Georgia because we've seen the ending,
They'll either roast them for not fixing the end of the the series or,
Being worse than the end of the series. So, it's like no matter what happens, he's in a situation where 22.
We'll just have to be crazy to get out but nobody'll make some other stuff. See you later.
Real quick though. Back to you. I want you to talk about the elevators again one more time. Let's let's also think about this.
The world that we live in right now, there's there's still stuff going around.
If you are able bodied.

[41:36] The in an elevator enclosed in a space like that. So, just think about that too. If if you, if you wanna be completely selfish, say, oh, at least I'm not getting myself sick. I'm gonna go walk, right? That would be, you know, walk up the stairs or down the stairs or whatever you have to do.
There will be but obviously also just don't be what was for Sage. Just don't be a dick. Don't be a jerk. Okay, don't be a jerk,
If if they ask but anybody that's that's obviously.

[42:07] Needs this to get around can't go up to the next floor on an escalator elevator make room get out if you have to you know whatever,
And again remember.
May not be visible to the naked eye.

[42:39] We're not discouraging it but we are not encouraging it,
But it is it is,
So so basically what you're telling us is that your platform agnostic are naked. Yes.
Hey Facebook,
Or you know, you might have been but people might have been fine on Thursday or Friday, first days of con, man. We're all up. We got adrenaline running. Come Sunday around noon. A lot of those people like.

[43:22] Yeah. I kept trying. I kept trying to walk up to this consuite from the motor lobby.
And I just can't and that's very true. It happens. It does. So, don't,
Right? Yeah. Because,
Brandon, no, I don't. Well, I just gotta give,
That's what I'm saying, John. Thank you for getting this started. This, you know,
John, you take off your shirt. I'll take off mine right now.
What happens if dragon con,
They're like I'm just tired.

[44:23] I'm tired.
Come on that's what it is
Oh, sorry Justin. Alright. No, I don't. I just don't be an A hole.
Yes. Absolutely.
One of our happy staff will answer that question for you.

[45:16] Huh. Okay. Where are you can look for the dragon display services,
Discord channel cuz it's listed just like that.

[45:25] Disability service what does it say again,
The Dragon Con Disability Services Discord channel. There you go, folks. You can find it there.
That was fun.
The there are wheelchairs available for rent at Dragon Con but that is not of dragging cost. No, that's not us. Right.
And highlight the fact you're going to dragon con cuz on those scooter on website they'll if I ask you when and where you want,
The thing you're renting and they'll give you information about how to reach scoot around for dragon con. Right.
And scoot around again this is with dragon this is with scooter around but they do work,
With dragon con but it's a totally different process and I do wanna say somebody let's think that maybe you broke your knee,
And you're coming to Dragon Con.

[46:53] And you're like.

[47:06] After the first day your arms are very
Very tired. Unless you do that all the time, you're arms are very, very tired.
Every disability, every person's disability has its kryptonite,
So, well, yeah. You know, stop to think about, you know, humping the wheelchair on your standard high-at-lobby carpet.
Don't feel like you're stressed while you're walking through the hotel lobby.
I wanna survive dragon con i want you to think about your worst day not your worst,
Best day if you plan for your worst day,
You will survive dragon con no problem.

[48:07] It's planning for your best day that gets somebody at Friday night or Saturday morning.

[48:14] Sending somebody to me and one of our ballrooms saying can you go up and assess somebody because they can't make it.

[48:21] Right,

[48:34] And and again, that's just it. Plan for your worst day. Something's gonna happen, folks. Whether, you know, and you just gotta roll with the flow. You already talked about that about dragon con just overall. Yes, but even with you.

[48:50] Keep it going. That's it. Okay. There was one other.
I thought there was one other question.
Oh some Brandon asked if he could bring his emotional support mantha no,
That is not.
So Isabantha a dog or a miniature horse
Maybe in the maybe in the shirt. You can have a great time with that but not in the shirt and ballroom.
There we go.
Todd's already in there. Remember where the private?

[49:57] Put up. Anyway, I will. But what are you gonna say? I'm sorry, what was that? You can reach us by
And I am Leah's now.

[50:30] Or ICLY.
No it's ILCY. Ah that's love.
There we go. Gabe, Steve, Mike.
He turns on cuz it's the eternal that sells that. Brandon.
I mean, I can hear you but I don't hear Jack. I hope that one second.

[50:59] Yeah Todd can you hear?
Okay we'll also do remember join the audience Todd,
I still do wanna y'all if you are on here last year I wanted the things I said to Todd was wow wouldn't it be great if you and I started at the top right at the western,
All the way down to the Sheridan and he,
Cuz I was gonna go wee,
Even that's not really probably safe on that.
It is straight up it's a good 20 angle 30 angle ill and it's all.
I gotta I gotta bring my like my bomb gloves the ones with like six layers so that when you apply it to the wheelchair wheels,
Slow him down.
So do remember folks and if you have a question about disability services you know Discord is pretty darn anonymous.
Make up a new name anytime you want to go and ask them they are gonna be there and they're gonna answer and if it's.

[52:23] You know there's just not a whole lot that they probably haven't heard but it's okay.
John, you ready?
All most hold on,
I'm noticing a lot of supernatural guests this year. Yes. Yes. A lot of my fellow DS staffers are supernatural fans. Okay. So, I expect that,
That should be very exciting. Yes, I did see a lot of those and,
Is there.
So, have fun.
What watching Strange New World's? Yes. Right now, it's probably the most new thing I'm watching at the moment. Okay, yeah. There's so much new out there. It might,

[53:42] That's how I was with discovery. I think until Picard came out, we did not get, well, at that point, it was CBS all access.
But I was like, oh man, I felt like the godfather. I'm like, I wasn't gonna add another service but yep,
And I love how they've done this three season arc. I think that's
So, you know, hey, if I only ever get, I don't know. However, many episodes, whatever it finally turns out to be, I will be great with the card cuz
I got some really quality television.
I think some of the writing now. I mean, I've always said DS nine to me. It was one of the best but,
At Stranger Day World has been amazing.
It really has. Did you hear that?
Trying to deal with my incompetence here. But anyway, we're gonna go ahead and get started.

[54:51] Whee.
Birthdays here. Happy birthday, Sarah Rose.
And extra players can put in that room code and vote in the audience
You'll get two prompts on your device to answer anyway you please you'll go head to head with another player's response and everyone else votes on their favorite sound easy that's cuz it is.

[55:34] Music.

[55:48] There it is,
50 days at the unique duck on that's five oh D A Y S.
Excuse me, at the Uniki T H E U N I Q U E G E J dot com.
Pretty bit. We are gonna be doing a calling show tomorrow. So, hopefully folks can share,
Dragon experiences, and or tips and tricks on how to get around, where to go to eat,
Some police that no one knows that well I don't know why you were telling anybody.
Karen I am not spilling that right.

[56:40] And we got some folks.

[56:47] Just waiting on a few more people.

[56:59] I did not get that one in there.
Captain that one out. Second one, Mark. Okay, that's time. Now, let's see who writes best. No,
Didn't finish. Let's have a look. Or maybe you should.

[57:22] Oh yes, I will read late. Sorry. Only monsters. Why can't we ever wait a giant prehistoric kitten or apple store? Only monsters, why can't we ever wait?
A giant,
Wow why can't I get that one out okay these are easy well no sometimes let's go start them out oh no she never saw anything appear on your screen,
Alright, here we go.

[58:05] Which mascot would you choose as the destructor of the city? The Noid,
Mascot would you choose as the destructor of the city the noid or a giant ball,
You cannot avoid it.

[58:32] Ray. Someone asked if you are god. You said. Yes.

[58:37] And the noid wins. That was Chris. And the Noid wins. Way to go Chris. Lee was. I think it's important for humidity. I'm glad.

[58:46] A lighter is a half lion half tiger but a zybra is a.

[58:57] A lager.

[59:08] So, your terms are a half zombie, half gator, or half zipper, half grape.
That's pretty.

[59:31] The one thing that can unify any two people fighting a monster is destroying as much of Tokyo as possible.
There's no answer from Zan we already heard that she's having technical issues.
Here we go, Mark. Forget Mathra. I'm afraid of Gothra because,
Oh, wow.

[1:00:03] Is it karma kazi?
Kamakazi kamakozi.

[1:00:16] Leather boots wings outside.

[1:00:23] The monsters are bad but the real horror of Party Beach is sand. Evil sand or the hot, sweaty monster seat.
Come on.

[1:00:40] I'm going with.
Audience vote hey Facebook.

[1:01:02] Them is about giant ants but what is those about?

[1:01:12] City destroying dice or giant sloth.

[1:01:21] That's tough.

[1:01:41] What is it about 50s and 60s that mega monsters found so irresistible Tokyo tasted like chickens and Americans tasted like it was supposed to be Americans tasted like pork,
There was no answer. I could I I typed in it didn't go wrong.
And who's on top?
Put on your best quip face because the points are doubled and the tension is thick. Alright, here we go with round two.

[1:02:25] And while they do that I will.
Remind everyone to.

[1:02:37] News over at Dragon Con especially about their masking policy this year.
Don't get caught off guard. Also don't wanna upset anybody.
Oh, Kevin. Over at the a video game track has some very interesting ways to make sure that you are adhering to the policy. So, don't get on their bad side if if you attempt to go into their room without a mask.
Oh that is a good question too Tob because I I know this has come up.

[1:03:14] Be exception for the mask policy would go through disability services as well correct,

[1:03:34] Looks like Aaron is. Alright, we got 20 seconds. Come on. The last two people that are there. Wrapping up.
It's the safety quiz.
And here we go folks. Round two.
And we start with,
This is a frequent fixer upper opportunity or the wildlife is amazing and unique.
What's a phrase realtors use for area that areas that constantly suffer from monster attack.

[1:04:30] I know where my boat is going.
Amazing and unique.

[1:04:44] King Kong sold his place on Skull Island and,
Hey I'm sorry I got I gotta I gotta read it King Kong sold his place on Skull Island and move to blank.
Brain bay or donkey Kong country.

[1:05:06] I know where my phone is.
Appreciate brain day Mike but really talk you down country just.

[1:05:27] What's the name of the navy unit in charge of dealing with CB's?

[1:05:43] MER, MEN.

[1:05:48] Hey.
Where would be the worst place to suddenly hear watch out for a snake? The toilet or the consuite?
The toilet or the concert,
Yeah. Yeah. Station no snakes. I don't need to hear from you,

[1:06:42] Why don't god you ever attack Canada?
Why don't tie you ever attack Canada they get stuck in the maple syrup or they're a bunch of holes hey.

[1:07:10] And oh they get stuck in maple syrup maple syrup weeds.
It wasn't just the same.
It just wasn't the same after Gamara needed
Gamera versus Bitcoin.
The giant Gillimonster attacks young people who are smooching and old people who are napping on the floor, yelling at the young people, or yelling at the young people.
Young people who are smooching and old people who are napping on the floor or yelling at the young people.

[1:08:11] You know,
Cuz I talked and I said,
And if you major in giant monster biology, what should you minor in? Little kitty psychology or amebas.
If you major in giant monster biology, what should you minor in? Little kitty psychology or a nevas?
Those are very creative out like them both.
Little kitty psychology. Medical doctor. And little kitty psychology.
Alright, scores. Alright, folks. Here are the scores.
And now,
I'll be sending each of you a prompt that needs.

[1:09:35] Alright. So, three separate responses are last round. Make him count.

[1:09:42] Or or don't cuz really the steaks are not that high. Nobody.
But if you don't wanna be judged call Lee at.

[1:10:11] You know, not to to scare any, well, I guess.

[1:10:16] Too many people.

[1:10:25] Huh.
Listen about a month. No, I said 32. I meant 22. Less than a month. Yeah, no, I knew it was, yeah. 22, not 32.

[1:10:37] That's when drying concerts again for the following year.
Well, I mean, we're just expanding dragon kind to be a year long.
It's all Lisa. We're all waiting on Lee. I know. Sorry. I couldn't pick a one.

[1:11:06] The Bob slides leaps and creeps but what three things does the BOB the Bob's do,
Sleep his eyes open.
Blob, slides, leaps, and creeps. Oh, what three things does the bob be open?
Or creeks on kids doesn't wear dragon gone bad and sleeps with his eyes open.
Very creepy. I was speaking which if you watch it, it'd be watching the Sam Man yet.
Let's see.

[1:11:48] Creeps on kids.
The three things the alien fish is zigra truly fears sharks with lasers on heads deep sea angler fish swordfish,
In three the three things the alien fish is ignorant truly fears sharks with lasers on heads,
Deep sea angler fish slurd fish or the day ball credit card bills the reaper more cow belt now is it zigra or zigra.
Or is it Zagria?
Or is it.

[1:12:39] What three things would you combine to make the ultimate giant monster lion gorilla labrador retriever or glitter spit slippers with the posable thumbs and rainbow colored.
Yeah. Rainbow colored.
Just for the the glitter spit person are you not smelling toast or anything are you? Just wanna make sure that.

[1:13:16] Play twice if you need help. Oh, it was Lee. Blink twice if you need help.

[1:13:23] Come on, man. Glitter split would be awesome.
What would you name King Gadora's three heads Larry Curley and Mo or Manny Mo Jess?

[1:13:42] Kids if you don't know who manimo and Jack are. Then you don't have a car. Which is probably true. You're you're that means you're also a millennial.
Yeah let's go also meet you very young.
Exactly where he belongs. The bottom of the ocean.
Chris Weidel pulls it out. Chris.

[1:14:25] Expected don't expect it in the mail,
Where can people,
Disability services or virtually fine disability.
The the sheriff I think it's the one of the basement floors it's the basement floor it's a very bottom floor yep,
The Dragon Con disability services discord channel,
Or the Dragon Con with Disabilities official Facebook page. Dragon Hon with Disabilities Facebook page all I like that.

[1:15:26] Oh yeah and Brandon Cattle says not the first time. Yeah Chris Weedle says make a donation to the dragon con charity. For his win and Chris you should.
And Brandon did point out that it was not the first time Pet Boys has let him dance.
Again, Todd, thank you so much for joining us. We we love having you on every year. You're great spokesperson, advocate, and,
Ehm so do we so do we? I mean I'm actually gonna make it this year so it looks like so knocking on wood one more time.
That's actually death applausely. No. Did you know? Oh,
So, until next time. For Todd and Lee, this is John saying.

[1:16:30] Music.

[1:16:36] This was a production of the unique geek.
That's it. 133210884.

[1:16:55] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:17:04] Music.

[1:17:22] You jerk.