Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 36 - You'Re On The Air

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Hey,
You're funny come back in on your face and give me 25.

[0:36] Hey.

[0:46] Hey,
Speaking of loud Isley.
I know I get to kick you. Little tiny, a little tiny feet but I can't. Hi, yes. Can you please leave?
Yeah we're gonna try to see if we get some people to to call in or and or just.

[1:25] That's what I'm talking about. A call in shit.
Yeah, normally. But it's a. Yeah. The the topic for tonight is just basically just general
Places to go eat while we're driving con.
Outside a dragon con as well,
With fancy people.
Hey business casual,
And it's kinda funny. Yeah. Hey,
Please set your expected to have a suit on in Florida,
A tiny bit of but it wasn't a place where Andrew had to enter,
Cuz Atlanta likes it. Good food.

[2:52] And the varsity the varsity see baby.

[2:59] Varsity is a very short,
To go to tell me about the varsity what is what is the varsity cuz I've heard a lot about it I think it may even been featured.

[3:15] FX series. Oh, okay. Yup. The varsity,
The issue is it's been there forever.
And probably only change degrees once every I don't know 25 years or so. And that's not that folks. It's good. They but the fun thing about the varsity is when you order.

[3:42] Go up in order I wanted cheeseburger with chili,
Onion rings and whatever. They have their own jargon to tell you what that is. Mmm. And it's very interesting just like what in the world? There are people who have checked it out on,
I've I've written stuff down on the internet for it but it's good. I will tell you their chili dogs. Oh my goodness. They're awesome. As are,
And there onion rings. Now, there are onion rings,
However, it's okay,
They're just the most tasty, tasty things in the whole wide world and if you go, they also have ice cream, you can have ice cream but they're signature drink is an FO which is a frozen orange.
Alan somebody said it's like dull whip but with orange juice.
Okay either thing is orange sherbet that they add a little more milk to and we should up and it's so tasty,
But I will tell you this is not a place if you're counting your calories.
Well I mean you mentioned.

[5:03] What? Hold on a second. Chili burger.
Surprise swag announcement from our dear friend Steve from Canada. Wait, put it back up.
Not a ribbon, much cooler. Oh, our friend. Oh, that was so sweet. That's our our,
Our favorite Canadian.

[5:38] That is his wife, right?

[5:47] And the people I actually know from Canada, yes, Stephen Rayner right up there. Yes. We love them. I actually have AA piece of artwork that he couldn't get here last year. Welcome to COVID.

[5:59] Hey I'm bringing it home this year right?
There he is and I did an auction. I went to an auction for him and I have it and it's a great piece of art. It's absolutely wonderful. But no, the varsity is just,
They built one in Athens years and years. Okay.
So Athens has one and there's actually even one pretty close to my house that I really try to forget is near me so I don't go so I'm I have a question for you. Make a dog walking is a hot dog when nothing,
Oh yeah they go all those. They can dog walking.

[6:40] That is actually a really good thing. If you,
In the main programming rooms
What are the things my husband loves to do is watch and fall asleep to an app.
Now I would say it's also like.

[7:30] Rachel on but.

[7:38] The panels but you can't get all of them. So, just be aware of that. I'm in it but I'm not sure. I know that they talked in the past about about possibly making that,

[7:52] People working the contract I really gotta work the contracts that work in the contrast and that's it because some of them I know there was an issue I think a couple of years ago with like Matt Smith and the issue is the reason was,
Yeah, you can have him live but you can't,
Tape him and then put it on there. I will tell them all that's fine. That's your idea but go to YouTube. You can find Matt Smith.
We did our part. Nobody else did.
Zam points out that's often the actors of the BBC like Doctor Who whenever they can that can't get recorded.
Sometimes, yeah, Rob just also said, leave the con space to and get a fuel for the city. Get some fresh air. Right, yeah, that's what we're talking about. Please, no. Speaking of getting fresh air, Bill does point out that the Athens varsity is gone.
Well, that sucks. Well, if you like it, you know, hey.

[9:10] Many many reasons.
It's giving me that time. It's getting that time for me to be depressed.

[9:27] John. What? John, I have been a university of South Carolina fan. Yeah, but at least you got a cool, you gotta cool nickname.
Yeah, the gamecocks. We don't use that short one anymore. Right.
But one of the things it's always like we suck and we're gonna be here. It's gonna be fun.
Carolina's for years it was wait till next year,
That was there kinda saying every year wait till next year wait till next year and I'm like alright I've been waiting for like at least 40 years that I've understood this so ha ha ain't happening.
Now, FYI. I love.

[10:21] Excuse me,
Well, yeah, I don't know who's playing but there is a college football hall of fame. There's Aaron. If you're into,
Little place to visit. And it's a quick little John. It's over there. It's near it's only other side of the,
Five six blocks. So you can go there. That's the same place where the world of coke is. Along with the Georgia Aquarium. That's where I was gonna talk about the world of coke yeah.
Let's talk about the we can get to the aquarium in a second. We have the World of Coke is an interesting thing. I don't do you know if they're still doing the tastings at the end with.

[11:17] Everything that.
So I think they are but I think it's somebody else has to give them to you or something. Oh okay.
Hey aunt yes there there are several that are like you taste it I don't know how but yet,
Mm hmm.
Let's go to show you there's a,
Absolutely, it's crazy. But okay, well, we're, we were talking about college football. I'm going to look for college football.

[12:11] Well, you're, well, you're looking that up. So, Steve,
Steve what day do you go there because I need you need to text me what day you go there message me because I love me some fox brothers
Oh my goodness. It is somebody. It's one of the best barbecue places in the city and the south is really well known for barbecue. So,
Other people y'all should have to talk about which kind of barbecue is this? Red barbecue or mustard barbecue or.
Weirdly mayonnaise barbecue. They do that in.

[12:53] You guys out there. Okay, Steve. We'll chat. I love you. Rob doesn't mind everyone to wash your damn hands.
Wash your damn hands and get those little bottles of sanitizer folks,
Wash your hands and when you're done washing your hands,
Don't touch something until later because the one big thing, yeah, right, cuz as soon as I see so much. Would you tell me that there's something to later?
Yeah. Well, I've seen so many people watching
Touch the bathroom door to pull it open.

[13:45] Most bathrooms now have put the trash can near the door so that you can pull it out and do that,
So, back to the coke thing. That that's about, by the way, Bill, that's the one that I was referring to when I said, somehow, that's being sold somewhere in this world. What is it? Beverly, it's called Beverly.
Whatever. I think that's the one that is like.

[14:11] You have tasted just because it's like one of those things like this taste so awful here. Have a taste.

[14:21] Yeah, I don't know what it costs like eight bucks or something. It's not terribly expensive. Maybe more than that. But but it they just walk you through basically the history of Coca Cola.
Pre COVID. Again, don't know what it's like now. Had a big area. Just opened up a soda fountains with,
Coke products from around the world and Beverly is one of them in I'm not sure where it's from,
It is well it isn't one of those things that you enjoy. Right. Right. It's an interesting taste.
It tastes like.

[15:13] He he said he actually typed both.
Well the white bull indicator is pretty good I also say if you go down to Decatur again you can get there buy Marta and you'll be right in the square of Decatur they've got some great places if you're into beer they have a beer pub there.
They have,
There and very authentic Mexican Spanish food tapas it's the tapest bar and it is just.
Atlanta is really known for food. I mean, we like food. We like food.

[15:54] No. Well, no. We're gonna do that.
Try to avoid that ring.
Yeah, the vortex, there's one in little five points, if you're one of getting an Uber and go, I don't know who I might probably be about a 15 minute drive, 10 15 cuz it's right down,
One of the big ones. And,
It's just right there. There are other vortexes actually on Peachtree St. Do not try to walk from the hotel.
Yeah. How can I be lost? There are 48 streets named Peachtree.
Yeah peach tree road northeast well that means Fulton County Peachtree Road Southeast might mean Clayton County and you're just like I give up I.

[17:01] Google help me back. Help your best. But no, and I don't know where Steve, you go was that Steve? No, that was Brandon. I don't know where you go for sweetheart. I didn't know there was one close. There might be.
But sweetheart is darn,
We have a huge.

[17:33] Look it up. It is amazing. You can get Korean barbecue,
You can get just Americanized Chinese food. They're so much that you can get and it is all so good. And most of that is you kinda look on a plate the highway called Beaufort Highway.
And that's it's got a whole lot and you just kinda figure out what kind you want. Put it in. See the Google or Yalper whatever reviews that you can see.
It is a Mexican disco is closed yeah they there was a great restaurant and it's not there mom is not there anymore,
Let's see what bill points out to Gus's fried chicken is in the con footprint too,
Fried chicken. It's it's it's in but so it's it's how do I explain this?
It's in the food corporate neo the second food court or the the area underneath the food court.

[18:38] Well, no, we went to the Gladys Knight place.
There's a sweetheart near Vortex on Peachtree St Northeast. There you,
Loud smoking inside,
You can have smoking inside.
That was one of the things my son was so excited about he turned 18 and we went to the vortex.

[19:33] Go with Dave says he's gonna try Gus's for a chicken this year hopes hopes it's good I've I've not I've not minded it.
Sorry. I'm gonna go there. Well, I did wanna tell you I found out the games that are going on and good luck getting tickets but hey, have fun,
Didn't know.
So, but I found out the games. So, on,
September 3 it is Oregon versus Georgia at 3:30 PM:
Turn down your turn on your radio.

[20:28] Hi, yeah. So, turn it in. Hey, how you doing? How you.

[20:35] I am doing great. I just got permission to share some news with you that I don't recall you.
Hey Facebook who loves the drink.
Yeah whatever,
I can't get to it without disconnecting everything but they got a baby thing up there.
Okay so you know how sometimes there's like a Starbucks across from the Starbucks or a Waffle House across from the Waffle House.

[21:36] That would be great.
What is that?
And there's gonna be another one where,
Right so right outside registration like if you're walking into that lower level and you're heading into registration look off to the left,
And we're the sheriffs in store was last year,
Years ago the Sheraton store was directly 180° across from where it was in 2021,
Okay. So, if you know what, if you remember where the Sheridan store was last year, all you have to do,
Put the right they're gonna be right across from each other so there'll be two sheriffs in stores this year
Also the as far as you know they're keeping the other stores open as well the one like that I think there's one in the dealers room and there's one of the Maria yeah.

[22:55] Right.
And then it wasn't open the rest of the weekend so I'm not sure what the plan.

[23:18] For that I feel like I should know but I just can't remember what the plan for the dealers are in law.
Sure. So, for high legacies, they sent out an important email, the highlight legacy just yesterday,
Saying that you're 2023 reservation confirmations will go out by August 19 so if you didn't get the.

[23:54] And then the Hilton is contacting people on their waiting list and giving them legacy rooms which is very exciting and they're also.
Surprise the deposit got taken out because they forgot they signed up for the waiting list from Legacy Room and then,
No that's very exciting.
But then you got a room though. Now, you got a room folks and it's just the deposit. It's not the whole thing. So, that's, I mean, that is so surprising though. That's a lot of money for the deposit,
Deposits like shortly after the convention last year and they didn't but they're starting to process them now and then I think the deposits only like for one night and then the rest of it will be due at check in,
So, for people who maybe didn't get those emails, we keep copies of them in the dragon room, Facebook group, cuz there's always some people that don't get the emails and they wanna know what it says.

[24:57] So cool.
The the hotel rooms the hotel room group.

[25:10] Oh, yeah. There's a group. It's a Facebook group and it's called Dragon Con Rooms,
And we have over 14 1000 we have a,
That's where people look for rooms and roommates,
Cool. Yes, it is.
To Atlanta two dragon con stay safe you know do your due diligence but it's there also megabus.

[25:59] Write to,
So, I mean, it's like one more and then you're at peach tree center. You can even walk it if you don't have a lot of luggage. All of you costumers know you can't walk it. You you know you got like four or five trunks coming.
Real quick before I let you go in how's your packing going? Are you done packing for the for your trip?
Hey from the West Coast,
Where as you know I believe I mentioned I did get to see.

[26:47] What? I took pictures.
You're welcome. That's all I was doing was thinking of you. Oh, I appreciate that.
Packing will begin and I'm gonna be on some Santa's this year which I'll let you know about later but I don't know if I'm allowed to give them out yet because of course the schedule is not going there is no yeah the schedule is still in flux folks don't even do that
Thank you, Zan.
Thanks. Okay, I wanted to say the kickoff games, Oregon versus Georgia is September 3 that is Saturday at 3:30 PM.

[27:31] There will be a lot of people downtown. So, Saturday around that time, Saturday between like 12 and.

[27:38] 330 it's gonna be a lot of people in that area because it's at Mercedes Benz Stadium which is very close,
Now that one's probably not gonna impact us too much.

[27:55] If you're staying later the other thing we were talking about John you're talking about World of Coke. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Yeah.
Yeah. Well, the good, the good thing to do is there is something in Atlanta called City Pass.
And you basically,
Areas and you can look at it and like their discount tickets for the aquarium. Basically, you're buying a pack of four, five,
And it discounts everywhere. I think the high museum is on one of the city passes. If you have not gone to the High Museum, it is.
Wonderful. It's one of the greatest places and if you're coming early or Stanley and you have a child, they have a child day. So, check and make sure I think it's on Tuesday,
But Seattle have small ones anymore. Yeah.

[28:49] Oh, the Atlanta PubG Center, y'all. You get to see Kermit.
Up close you can't touch I'm not sure we're gonna talk to Bo this year but but I need to check with the,
Yes. Hey Facebook,
I love zoo. I do. I've gone to many city and said, alright, let's go see the zoo. Zoo Atlanta's wonderful. It's
It's not at all close to the con it probably would be a lot expensive,
Maybe not I don't know depends on what time of day you're going and stuff like that but it's wonderful and it's really great to see.

[29:44] Okay those are on what is called the Atlanta,
And they paved it so that people could run on it and walk their dogs and all of that and so what people did which was great is they decided hey.
They're there. Let's do some things here. So, there's one called Krog Market which is very very close to the belt line. Only probably about 10 minutes from Con. You can't walk it though.
And then what was the other one he said that was,
Really really it's hilarious it's pot deadly on,
That and it's got shopping for,
It's got,
All of that is there's if you wanna go shopping like to really nice.

[31:03] But that's good. CNN center does tours and they're also a CNN center shop. So and that's just.
Basically a
On the other side you walk from the hotels to Olympic Park you go over Olympic park and there's CNN center,
I've stayed on the other,
But oh,
No I met breakfast is tough for me,
He's just throwing,
Ask your ask your parents kids cuz ha that.

[32:17] I think it is.
There is a hooters if you are looking for a game on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
Unfortunate yeah it's right there. Whatever. But they all always have football on. Also does the sports.
What are the things about the two food courts,
That does sound very wrong in Atlanta.

[33:12] Hey especially cuz we don't have that. We're not we don't wanna tax things that would make us money. So anyway. We don't wanna legalize things that we tax that would make us money. So yeah anyway. Sorry. Get off that. But.
So there's one.

[33:33] A triangle between the high and the myriot.
It has I don't know if it's Jimmy John's or one but there's a sandwich place and there are other places and so it's really good. People like it. On the other side,
But below those are the places there's a great sushi place,
There's it's always awesome. Yeah, the hotel bars show the games. They always have them on usually the bars. We'll have one screen that is dragging on TV.
Many other screens that are football games,
We did get a follow up from Jerry the German restaurant it's a German Deerbert beer garden is a German restaurant that is that's what he meant to type a few blocks over from the aquarium,
My wife who has been to Germany says the food is pretty authentic.
Right. So there's that. Do look all your thing for the snacky snacks. If you are flying and you can't don't wanna fill up a suitcase with snacky snacks. There's a public's close.
There is a Kroger not too far if you're going to Ponce Margaret there's a Kroger right there.

[35:02] Hand on your wallet. Let's other than that,
You want to make it over to Mary Max tea room at some point,
And it is an old style southern,
Or pork chops or fried fish maybe or whatever. They'll just cook. They have tofu. And then they're veggies.
They do not I have never seen tofu and Mary Mac is rolling in her grave that you even asked,
I know they have collard greens and creamed corn and oh the biscuits and the corporate are so so good. So,
It's great i will give you one little tiny hint if you do go to Mary Max which is really good it's lovely,
If you do go to MaryMax be prepared to,
And butter i would imagine.

[36:18] And as Damien said no no tofu at MaryMax I'm just telling y'all she's rolling in her grape,
Okay, somebody else said this is. Well, it's David. This is a southern restaurant. Damien said, sir, this is a southern restaurant. It's made with love and lard and you know what?
That's pretty darn true. There are a lot of places. And Rob does say if you're growing, make reservations if he can.
Hey Facebook but they also put weird stuff on their fries up there so you know,
Putin is not that's not weird.

[37:04] Cheese curds is the brow. Gravy.
It helps it kinda melts them a little bit more,
Water bottle. Water bottle. Drink the track room water but don't use the cups,
People don't put the used cups away properly anyway. So, yeah.
News to anyone but so just last week at Publix here,
They had bogo for the Mio water flavorings will like the lights everything else so of course I got I got two of them because I knew I was coming a dragon cuz that's the thing I like to do is I don't I actually drink a lot of water just plain water but occasionally it's.

[38:04] You know, I'll have something else but within a dragon con.
I'm doing a lot more sweating than I am of course around the house so I need those electrolytes. So, having one of those, just one of those olds. You can add just a little bit of flavoring and a little bit of,
Then I I was holding up my pink thing and it's heavy. But I have it's water, ice, and strawberry, watermelon,
Not me oh but whatever that I squeeze in and I love it oh there's a Canadian ex-pat bar and little five. Oh. Well, I don't know about that bar which bar is that?

[38:46] I might have to find that one. Thank you Rob.
Will they have freak one?
Depends on where you're going and what you're doing and.

[39:04] John is dehydrated from the high and the coke is from Damian and,
But it's really good. You can it's a lot of stuff there. You're gonna find water. The other thing that a lot of people won't tell you is if you go into the bar or anywhere else and say, would you please fill this up with icing water?

[39:28] They'll usually do it and they have to give you at least the water for free.
Yeah it might be a couple yeah we'll hate so,
Share points are great to add to water for the electrolytes. So,
Good for hangovers and you know whatever that's,
Yeah and,
If you do need some PDLite there is a CVS in Peachtree Center which is the one that's diagonal to the high you go through the little habit trails you'll find it.
Just tell somebody I need to go to Peachtree Center they'll figure out a way to help you get there.
But the good news is there's a CBS there and they stock up and they do not jack prices for dragon cons.
So, if there deal and you know, if they're usual deals. If they got a sale $three for a video or bogos or.

[40:38] Their beer is the same price you would get at a Mother's CBS. So, you don't. I mean, you might have a little bit of a jet. It might have a little bit of a increase just because it's downtown.
But it's but it's not it's not,
If it's an advertise sale, it usually is. It's gonna be the same sale across all CVSs cuz I believe you have to that might be law to anyone.
Cuz I've seen people walking over there going,
Damie points out cut out the middle land just to add PDO light to vodka.

[41:13] Damian Damien. We don't need anymore of your tips.
If you are someone who has.
You know, anything going on.
Dragon cons a lot of fun and you are gonna have a lot of fun 24/7/ but you might have a little too much fun and then you're somewhere and you pass out and people don't know if you just passed out because you passed out.
Or you're a diabetic who hasn't eaten and boy oh boy that margarita thing that bucket of rum was great but you haven't eaten all day
So, if you can put that down, that really helps people out. We are there. We will, there are EMS people that are there, dragon has our own group, and yes, they have to be certified.
They come in will help you out if there's a problem. They will also call if there is a real problem and you need to go to the hospital. They will do that as well. So,
And that's good but I especially say if it's something that could be,
Have an interaction maybe with Paul. Right. Especially maybe put that in your contact numbers on the back cuz oop.

[42:43] It would be oops,
Let's see. Oh, Damian does point out to try hero donuts. It's just past Capital downtown.
Fresh made bread,
And there are a lot of great donut places I don't think we're at the point of what.
We're not at the point of Portland or.
Anywhere else but we have a lot of great donut places people will tell you different things for your donut look em up decide they're all within there might even be one now close but there is at least one.
There is at least one I'm not reading it.

[43:37] That's on the Georgia Tech campus. That is which donut. I can't remember which one it is but it's really really. Date. And it's on 10th street. Dollars to donuts but intended Damian knows where to which one you're talking about.
No that's not the name of it although that that would be a good name for a toner place I'm just saying that first all the pun was,
Cuz we're done by donuts but Damien probably knows what donut places. Now, hey, Lee, you know what we should do is have a like a like a bake off for donuts like a taste test,
Of some sort of a drink.
Yeah. They should and we should videotape that. And then possibly,
Or not just erase it but also.

[44:29] So that yeah. We did this a while back. We had,
Somebody bring us,
And we got them from Atlanta. We had a big taste test for you. Thank you. And somebody.

[44:53] Or erased it or erased it. Who knows?
I said when are you gonna put it up and he said,
Soon and then all of a sudden he was like.
No I don't think Portland did. Actually. I don't think they did. Portland is an awesome city. If you can visit it. The con tweet. Somebody I saw that. The cont suite is on the second floor of the,
The Hyatt is the first,
Is to go,
Store. There's a restaurant and then there's a little kinda store where you can get like a cup of coffee. Convenience store type venue.
Go to even more expensive than than 711.

[46:09] I don't know how that passed but you go there and then there's a place there's a little hallway with a bathroom,
You go up
And at the top of the in the nice thing about using those stairs is that there's plenty of other shoes to choose from as you go up the stairs cuz they're still stuck there. So, if you need a new pair of shoes.
Yeah. Sometimes Saturday night. Yeah. There's at least now the problem is they might not match.
You got him.
Tastey tasty tasty. So, oh, that was it. Donuts is the one on the Georgia Tech Campus. Thank you, Damien. Yeah, and it's up in 24 hours a day apparently. Like I said. Oh, also.
Damien probably knows which one we're talking about.
He has a list. He likes donuts. I do wanna say Brandon, you had a great one, which is put your room number and a companion's phone number as your phone's lock screen.
That is really good. There are there is a loss of found to drink on. Please please turn it in,
Yes. That really helps. I always put my name.

[47:32] And I give my husband's number and it just rolls across it. So, as soon as you hit the button, it's like that.

[47:43] It says if fam. Oh, okay. Call. Cuz I mean, constantly calling your.

[47:53] Only sometimes.
If you walk around you're not lost. You're just looking for something different. So, yeah. Yeah, Brandon points out. I heard the concert is just passing our area. Second stop to the right pass. Never land but if you reach me to order, if you've gone too far.

[48:19] The weirdly enough,
That might be depending on what's going on in the height lobby. It could very well be melted. Okay.
But it will have a line. So, be prepared. Sometimes they take mobile orders and sometimes they shut it down. So,
Just FYI and there's still the same Starbucks pizza. You know, if you are old like Lee and I, you usually can get there before the line is too long.
Because we've gone to bed,
Six maybe,
If you think you're gonna be getting a lot of stuff in the dealer's room. Yeah. If you have a backpack, that's great.
But if you don't one of those reusable shopping bags is really helpful for you because you've got a place to put it you're not all carrying your stuff.

[49:39] Are in the ocean and killing everybody. Dolphins. So.

[49:44] Yeah add oh somebody else Damian just said he's up at 5:30 AM: daily and you're also up at 2 AM because you have a small son Damien good child,
Good boy.
Look for Dragon Con runners Dragon Con Walkers they actually will say we're gonna start here at this time you can walk with me whatever so it's always good
Now Jerry is Jerry is my opposite hip eating in his 50s a reasonable bedtime for him is three to 4 AM,
Call the Indian.
It's really it's gonna have so much fun at drawing con. One thing we did say when we talked to Todd the other day was the 421 rule. Hmm.

[50:43] And the four two run,
Every year I find somebody who has been up for two and a half days straight and they're just like I can't do driving on anymore I'm gonna go and then they like pass out for 24 hours and then they're like,
You lost today,
Two meals a day and at,
I don't care if it's a sandwich I don't care if it's a bowl of cereal but you need to eat two meals a day and you know yourself you know I always have protein bars and probably granola bars and whatever bag I've got because I know I might need a little
Quick thing you know it's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are my favorite ruts so yeah.

[51:43] The Dollar Tree yeah Sharon points out the Dollar Tree often as genre,
Yeah, yeah. There you go. You those are awesome. Get have fun with it. I mean, those are right. Zan does a 621.
Yeah. I do it. You least a 621. Sometimes in 821 because as Don and I are both said world. However,
My son will go you know he'll take a 2 hour nap,
Go to a rave and be there from like two to 5 AM take a couple more hours and then be up at like 9 o'clock to do his next shift but my son is not 50,
But the Raves are fun. If you wanna do that or a drum circle or whatever.
Yeah Jerry Jerry points out that yeah he works evenings and midnight patrol oh for 20 years now she's permanent creatures like basically just,
Just on constant dragon time.

[53:02] Huh.
And don't share meds and don't take other people's meds,
Okay, you can do that. I will definitely agree with you. Please bring your meds and please take them on schedule as normal. If you think you're gonna be out partying,
Bring them with you. Pop them in a little bag or whatever. And put a notice on your phone and alarm to remind you to take them. I do know there are.

[53:54] A lot of our a lot of our people,
Our dragon people,
So, it's important. I know I sound like your dad or whatever but but it's,
It's just it's just very important. Redo that. I mean, obviously, if you're off like a couple hours where I'm sure you all are adults and know how to handle yourself but but my point is, don't forget your meds. Do not forget to pack your meds.
If you do happen to forget your meds.
If they don't, there's one really close. It does. Yeah, yeah. There are other places. They can feel that and typically, if it's.

[54:53] An emergency like let's say that you actually you forgot you didn't have any refills left on for certain meds they can give you a supplemental,
Yes. Let me explain. I take something called Lyrica.
I could have gotten as,
Potential for abuse issues so that don't go over state lines,
Also Zan just put it make sure are your meds gonna be okay if you're drinking mine are not my next drink could possibly take me out because you never ever know what my meds are gonna do John I mean how about you,
Yup. See, we have, we have great, we love our meds. We need our meds. Well, I don't.
Anything that interacts with alcohol but no, you don't. Yeah, let me technically does everything an interactive alcohol I suppose. Jerry wants to know when we're gonna force Derek to on to talk about the horror track. He's been hanging for the pocket. Yeah, it will.
I will try. I love Derek and Derek knows I love him and we talk Stephen King all the time when we see each other.

[56:14] Derek Dunwan Beyond podcast,
And Lee will have him all. We will find a time,
So that'll all be good. Cybertronics free is great late night band usually on Saturday into Sunday and yes they are they are did they,
Somehow I I thought that they missed did they miss last year,
Again I wasn't there there I was watching virtually but I could've swearn as a notice last year that they it maybe someone can correct me that one of the one of the members or a couple of members got COVID or something so they had to,
To drop out the last minute but,
There are awesome. Again, we're both still probably asleep but,
You set timer sonic.

[57:16] I don't know but oh waffle house,
There are some that are under rep that reputation.
Yeah the the on the edge on the edge of the on the edge of the park right there,
You can figure out from there. It is actually even during Drankon Times. Kept pretty clean and and pretty in their fast and they're still just regular waffle house prices which is not expensive at all.
You can't you can't easily spend more money than you think you're spending it at Waffle House.

[58:10] But what I oh Sharon just said COVID messed up the visas from Canada.
There's all those codes.
At no courage are from Wisconsin I mean Canada has them but Kurds are from Wisconsin and they squeak they're very weird but Waffle House is so good,
Waffle House is so good I get scattered smothered and covered hash browns,
Yeah, I think my problem is, I think my problem is, is that, that honestly is a.

[58:54] I would show oh,
But we've had we had understanding.
But they non-aggression packed seems to have been broken by by cheese.
But the great thing about Waffle House you can get a pecan waffle at four in the afternoon you can get a cheeseburger at 6 AM
Waffle House is awesome and they're really nice and do you remember tip your waitresses folks? Yes, please do. Hey,
I was gonna say, also, remember, if you are staying in a hotel, please tip daily to the people that are coming to clean your room.
The reason for doing that is there might be different people and different days. Dragon is really really big. They bring in a lot of people from different hotels, actually different cities to come here and work,
I will tell you a personal thing. The bucket of rum is kind of it's a nifty idea.
Place mostly,

[1:00:14] John you keep going on other things and I will there is another waffle house that was around the corner that's over by the stadium as well that's closer to the stadium,
Let's cook sort of down those smaller road which was really nice. That that one was really really nice. At least when I got there. I think it might have been brand new couple years ago.
Let's see the rum bucket is garbage according to Chris,
And I think Damian points out said that yes there is a I believe he's answering that question about the. Yeah.
And Meredith said something really good which and all of us need to think about that. The walk.
The walk to waffle house goes through some dark and kinda scary areas so don't go alone go with the group come on guys it's dragon con,
Somebody all the time is going to Waff,

[1:01:21] Especially if you're travelling away from that.
All of a sudden going like.
You know remember to check in with buddies even if it's just a quick text you know hey still out partying found a new rave whatever just do that,
No we are not recommending,
And it's a great marketing ploy. It is a bucket of concepts, fruit, the concept, the idea of a bucket full of rum,
Is the,
Now oh but if you get a trader Vicks which is a great restaurant it's at the bottom of the hilton.
Those drinks are serious. So, be very careful. They have something called a scorpion bowl. That is supposed to be for at least four people,
At least four people.

[1:02:42] I do not remember but I'm just telling you my choice.
Wow. I mean, it's a bowl. I mean, it's like, think about it like a big salad bowl. It's a shallower but it's that size. So,
Yeah but yeah scorpion bowl is
It is it is a nice night out if you can get a reservation and everything else,
Back in the day I'm sure if it still is but,
I mean it's still packed in there but it's it's still packed it's always yeah it is not packed usually though if you're going in the evening like Saturday or Sunday if you actually wanna go,
And have dinner and sit down quiet and quietly.
That you got that.
Like it. Oh, I got close. The bucket of rum was once much more potent but that was before the incident. I have no idea which volume to the that was. Could have been 15.
And many of them have been blamed on that but I gotta rum or many other things. So, and Jerry, Jerry wants to know when the scorpion bowl became a group drink.

[1:04:12] When you're old enough to know better,
And these are these are the tips we wanna share and we're sharing them from other people. Can can I share this one? This is actually a pretty awesome idea. Sharon points out my husband and I exchanged Apple Air tags to find each other,
If one of our phones fail but be careful strangers dropping tiles tags bags because you're whatever.

[1:04:44] Your apps on your phone there are apps to your phone to get alerts for unauthorized tags,
But it's but that is a great idea to to just tag your.

[1:05:04] I have something called Life 360 and when you go down way down like you zoom in a lot I can tell if he's over gaming and I'm at the shirt
It helps yeah cherry points out that he's gotta zoom way down yeah Jerry points out that he remembers when the rum punch was,
Used to be actually good or used to actually have rum in it. It's once was great and suddenly became fruit punch with a dash of liquor in it.
And Zan Eternal Zan said there should be a lip sync battle rum bucket versus apple pie. So.
What is apple pie,
Like apple pie. I mean, that's just it. There are,
It is pretty dang potent folks. So, be careful and also remember, be careful who,
You drink after or drink with or you know. Be aware of where your drink is at all time. Be aware of where your drink is at all times because one of the things
Good good of heart but there are there's always somebody that will will.

[1:06:32] There is always gonna be some asshole somewhere
Kids don't use that word blame it on me if you do. My parents I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taught them that one.
Probably not. Yeah. But no, I mean, we want you to have fun and and it's a lot of fun. Oh, talking about lip sync. It used to be and I don't know if they still do it.
But at the Hilton they would have lip sync on certain nights in the back part of the hillton,
So check with the Hilton. They might still be doing that. You get to sign up and do it. And again, one of these, oh, wow.
People show up 1 year Michael Rosenberg showed up,
And our friend Aaron was supposed to be going after before him but he got moved ahead and Aaron was like he was great and then I had to follow and,
That was following Michael Rosenberg.

[1:07:45] Yelling. Alright, let's play a quick game. For those.
And we'll open it up to the rest of the group keep by the way putting in your tips,
Tips and tricks and stuff. We'll just keep doing them while we go through the game. Hilton has karaoke on Saturday night according to Damian. Okay, there we go.

[1:08:10] Due to due to due let me get this thing here.
Please go away.

[1:08:21] And you got it clean. There we go. Alright. AMJT is the gate is the
The code tonight. If you go to Jackbox. TV with one of your devices, go to AMJT and you can play along with us in a game of Quiplash. Lee, if you can, go ahead and skip the,
Rules I think it comes up on your,
Yours when it shows up when when when we go in yeah,
No need for us to wait for the rules trust me that you'll figure it out. Do you remember though the first two rounds? You have two answers. John, I cannot hear anything. I know, I didn't put any volume on.
That's what I'm saying. We can we don't necessarily need all this volume. Can you skip that? Lee?
No. No. That doesn't say I do that. No, I didn't say skip.

[1:09:16] Well, if you wanna join the audience, you can still join the audience with AMJT.
Round one you're gonna get two prompts on your device,
Hey. No, it doesn't. Okay. Okay.
Found something I can call you.

[1:09:51] Yes. Okay, wait, John, hold on. Hold on. We need to, we are not hearing anything. I know. We're not hearing stuff. Well, I didn't know why aren't we hearing the music? I I just I didn't turn on. We're talking.
Okay, hold up. Let me turn on the music real quick.

[1:10:14] Oh yeah, so anyway.

[1:10:18] Well, sorry, Zan. Too slow. Go for the to get into this game.

[1:10:28] No. Oh, I gotta I got one that I really,
We need to play this. Share it. Share.
How's that work with the hotels? Do they allow that or?
Yes, they did. Okay, that wasn't sure if that was. Sometimes, you have to get down to get it depending on the hotel. Sometimes, you you it'll,
It depends. Yeah. Damon saying front door drop off. Yeah, so it's probably true for all of them.
Cats that are worshiped.

[1:11:55] It does. Hold on. Alright. Fine.
Okay so Steve got the voters.

[1:12:13] The dumbest thing for a giant robot to transform into,
Barrel. How do you say that, Lee?

[1:12:34] Now any.
Let's see.
Cuz that would be really dumb.

[1:12:56] Or doubt and I'm really worried I'm not saying that.
Yeah yeah.
What's really.

[1:13:27] No. Humans pretending.

[1:13:39] I just find. So, what's really an area 51? The consuite or humans pretending to be aliens?
I've never been allowed in there and.
The one thing green lantern isn't allowed to create with this ring run bucket or I think somebody texted me that was supposed to be red hole,
Redhawk. Okay. The one thing Green Lantern isn't allowed to create with his ring. Red hawk or rum bucket.

[1:14:15] A decent bucket or run.
Yeah Aruga hey Facebook.
Okay red shirt crew members usually die what happens to be dazzled shirt.

[1:14:45] They remain fabulous or they shine on. Both are excellent answers people. Thank you. I am very proud of our audience. Our audience is pretty awesome.
That is a great. Okay. Those are both great. Okay, Richard Crew, members usually die. What happens to be dazzled shirt crew members? They remain fabulous or they shine on.
Perfect split which.
The first thing you'd say if you were if you made first contact with aliens on behalf of earth,
Are you sure you meant to come here or have you heard of Dragon Con,
Are you sure you had to come here or have you heard of dragon time.
And again.
The weirdest thing to do if you were the last person on earth.
The weirdest thing to do if you are the last person on earth,
Eternal membership.

[1:16:14] Hey Facebook very good.
78% goes to the eternal membership.
Pretty much. Alright, next round.

[1:16:34] Alright. Aruka.
Prompts are more demanding so i've doubled the points.
Do your stuff. Do your do your stuff on your devices. Will I talk about how to get a hold of dragon?
Also you can reach us by calling 81332102 UG that's (813) 321-0884,
Or email via,
They're confused really.

[1:17:53] Our comment line again is (813) 321-0884.
You can reach both of us there.

[1:18:26] And here's your first prompt.

[1:18:30] What invention will eliminate the need for government? A common sense implant or emperor palpatine.
Some can argue that one of those things that happened.

[1:18:53] But we wouldn't say that, John. Cuz that would be, we wouldn't bring.
Common sense implant winds oh that was Lee by Lee.

[1:19:09] How do you know your smartphone is blotting against you she listens to everything or.
How do you know your smartphone is plotting against you? She listens to everything or adds for burial plots. Interestingly.

[1:19:27] That's hilarious. Whoever that whoever the person is, is, assigned agenda to their phone.

[1:19:34] Well, if you have Siri,
Quip last one.

[1:19:54] A bad reason to clone someone D and D party or to hold my seat for Schatner's pad. Panel.
A bad reason to close someone is a D and D party or to hold my seat for Shatner's. Both those are very valid reasons to clone someone.

[1:20:15] Okay. Don't you think?

[1:20:32] Here we go. There's another one. If soiling green is made from people what's soil and purple. Made from. What soil and purple? Purple dragons.
If soil and green is made from people what soil in purple.
If you write if you know this. If one is people.
Just logic. Just science.
There's another one. How about Grimmis? How hasn't anyone realized Clark is Superman?
Because people are dumb per Tommy Lee Jones or we are face blind.
We are all Facebook. It just says we are Facebook but yeah.
How hasn't anyone realized Clark is Superman because people are dumb per timely Jones or we are face blind. No.

[1:21:42] Everybody knows you're super.

[1:21:46] It's it's getting that point. People.

[1:21:55] The real answer to every question in the universe is check with the app.
The real answer to every question.
These are both hilarious.

[1:22:19] Well done both of you.

[1:22:28] Check with the app.

[1:22:35] A person of law that would get you immediately kicked out of Starfleet Academy,
Botted sorry Jean modded or stalking and pretending to be mini carp.
Jean Modded or stalking and pretending to be miniker.

[1:23:03] We really like you. We really excited about your dragon.

[1:23:11] 71% for for mini kirk.

[1:23:17] Oh Akaiju movie nobody would watch.
Hey Kaiju movie nobody would watch Mothra versus Wade or Congress no unless that was Wade Wilson,
Oh then I'd watch the heck out of it. Repeatedly.
Regardless. I'd watch it no matter what.
Concrete winds with 78% of the boat.
I like Kaiju folks. Okay, last round folks. Coming up.

[1:24:05] Erica was winning.

[1:24:09] And it's Brandon currently with 65 20.
Three separate.

[1:24:32] Here we go folks.
Some tricks on,
Bringing your own water bottle, bringing something to put in it, if you are Damian apparently just filling your water bottle with vodka and PBLite is the,
They just sit there in the back when I get home and then that's right I had these.
Is do take an Uber if you have or Lyft if you're feeling especially if you're in the outer,
Outer room of hotels. My sure help. I'll pull the the.
Don't you know if it's late at night and you're not feeling comfortable a lift or an Uber is worth your.

[1:25:43] Worth a $10 or whatever for your own personal safety as well. Hint with the Uber of course I think everyone knows this is that have them tell you who they're coming to pick up. Not the other way around. You don't ask if,
No no that Steve is a.
Coming after anyone. Ask them who they're waiting for or who they're picking up.
And here we go folks.
Three things you should never say to a cling on. What a coward? My wife is stronger than you. Prune juice is ramulant drink. Or are you a married man? How's your mom? Why do you have that?
What a coward my wife is stronger than you and prune juice is a ramulous drink Romulin's drink,
Right Romy list as well I guess. Or are you a Maryman? That's a episode of. John, I cannot hear you talking anymore. John, John, I can't hear you. Okay.
You're all the sun gone. Did you mute yourself, John? Alright. So, did you mute yourself?
I'm here I'm here.

[1:27:05] Three things we should have put on the voyage or golden record to really give aliens a gist of humanity. Video of the moon landing, disco music.
But guess what Mega you got a Super one cuz oops there was a problem.

[1:27:23] Besides electric cheap what are three things Androids might dream of electric toothbrushes electric blanket electric eid,
Beside electric cheap what are three things Android is my dream of,
Electric toothbrush, electric blankets, electric youth, or electric cats, robot techs, and eternal memory.

[1:27:49] Now, some of those I might dream of.

[1:27:52] Yeah, the eternal memberships. That's what.

[1:28:14] The real three the real but three rules of owning a mug while you know from Gremlins. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.
Hide the rum bucket sleeps on the merry,
Shampoo prints repeat or hide the rum buckets sleeps on the Marriott carpet for two one.
I like both of those John.

[1:28:47] I think my,
My favorite one. Pretty much that was,
We get out here right hour and a half.
Lee one.
Boo what?
If you got more ideas, you got more things. All of a sudden, you think of something, you're like, oh man, I meant to say that.

[1:29:42] Send them to us. You can text them to us. Not text them. You can. Can you? Call in and leave a message.
Or you can Email them to us and John how do they do that you can Email us at 50 days at the unique geek. Com that's five oh D A Y S at the unique. Com,
That's how you do that thing.
And also you can message us on our Facebook group which is the unique geek and or is it 50 days ago.
Say that again.
Send this message I checked that every couple of days I'm not on Facebook as much cuz sometimes I get angry and you don't like me when I'm angry.
I'm shocking. For the come behind when the you earned it. Let's see. Congrats to Lee.
Nice win,
And hey,
So, until next time. By the way, thank you again for joining us everyone who came out and joined us. We appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you look forward to hearing more from you.
Until next time.

[1:31:11] Yeah bye.

[1:31:22] Music.

[1:31:28] This was a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:31:56] Music.

[1:32:18] Eh eh eh eh.