Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 38 - Fish, Chips, And Dragon Con

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Unfortunate cucumber.

[0:12] No featuring Levit.
You're funny.

[0:36] Hey.
I guess group,
I don't know, living her life, doing something.
In the meantime,
Lots of times.

[1:39] Love the track. It's it's got a lot of stuff that,
You know, us people over here in the states are jealous of. They speak in all the people on the show speaking funny accidents which makes them us think that they're much more intelligent.
The maybe they are and that without further ado joining me from the Brit track is Carol. Carol, how you doing?
I'm doing great. Great. Dang it out.
2019 days left as we record this. So, you're not busy. You're not busy at all, right?
I'm just a little you know.
Yeah okay so Kara tell us a little bit about the track.

[2:38] Oh, that's a lot of things. Okay. Well, I don't wanna do any work. Lee normally does this part of the show.
The bridge track a dragon kind is a room for those that are not familiar with,
You know, what a track is.
And those rooms range from large ballrooms.
Down to smaller size rooms that we've themed and so everything in every room pretty much has a theme of the topics of shows that they cover in the content that they cover. So, we,
And recover any products that come out of the United Kingdom that fall under the Dragon Con pop culture umbrella so.

[3:34] Things from, you know, fantasy TV shows, to science fiction, to hard science, to,
Period dramas historicals crying anything that's about the British culture in general we kinda throw in there we have music pianos we've got film panels,
List I think we have one of the longest list of all the shows that,
Just TV shows that we cover as well as additional content because we cover the entire United Kingdoms properties so,
It's a lot.

[4:19] As volunteer and 18th year running the track and I think I'm gonna wow,
Yeah it was really I'm gonna get,
Yeah. Exactly,
Best people in the world the volunteers at DragonCon there,
For the next year,
Every year so but the bread track is located in the Hilton for those who are curious wearing gallery five which is in the bells,
We get to we get to smell all the food cooking down there.
Yeah, the restaurant are all on that floor. So, it's it's kinda interesting but you take go through the Alton to the back escalators and you go down and I share a wall with digital media and
We have various different wars going on. Oh, okay. Okay. I was, you know, I'm famous for getting lost.

[5:45] But it's it you're you're now where the old gaming area used to be, right? Is that is that correct? Okay. So, that's how I remember it. That's how long ago and that was that was like,
Five, 6 years ago, right? That that changed. Long,
It's a great, it's a great convention, it's a great thing to be a part of.
Let's go so so pretty much anything that's British that isn't particularly covered by.

[6:23] Into your track.
In media or that has an anniversary,
So that's that's a large chunk of our programming is Doctor Hill,
Incorrect. That's coming across, you know, and it's great because you know, a lot of BBC,
All sorts of stuff. So,
That's that's what we cover. We we have a very robust programming. We do about,
Technically Dragoncon is what 4 days is that we decide Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Half a Thursday, half a Monday.
That right there by itself would be 80.

[7:50] Two thirds. So, and I went to public school in Florida. So, forgive me.
You would cover pretty much you'd only get what 4 hours to sleep.

[8:13] So, you have a lot of classic.
What is what are some of those things that that people can look forward to again this year?
So of course we're doing a doctor who ball you know we have it every single year it's Sunday night.
Doctor Hubal is crazy. It's so much fun. Sarah, no, Sarah's.
I just accepted Thursday this year. So, there you go. Hey, we'll talk about that in a minute.
The doctor who ball is very big you know at our peak in 2019 we we're doing a head we do a head count every year just kinda give guess to me of people coming in all around,
And we had about, you know, 8000 people come out of in and out of our room that night in 2019. Last year, we're obviously our numbers were lower overall as a convention.
And you know we still had a lot of people and we had to like stop the line.

[9:24] And tell people to wait,
Tenantively scheduled for the grand salon in the Hilton which is on,
DJ Black Sun Giants coming back again. He's gonna be spinning again. He does a phenomenal job.
We play a wide variety range of music. There's a ton of costuming. Our costume contest is announced.
At midnight, 11 30. The winners are. So, this year, we're doing our costume contest a little bit different for those of you who are,
Participatory in our contest.
This year instead of having like a single panel slot where people come they get judged and then we announce winners at the fall.
And scan a QR code submit your forum and your photo of your costume
At your leisure stop by,
And then, you know, we're gonna pick from the people who submit it. It will not be released online though. You gotta stop by Rams. That's the one. Oh, there you go.

[10:44] You gotta stop by a room to come come in and grab that. You're always just trying to find ways to get people to come in.
I know right we also rim.

[11:01] I wish they had that. That is not a thing. I don't know. I don't know.
Sweat I don't know pipes yeah.

[11:20] So no but we we do,
Right delightful. I love it. But yeah, talk to your boss is probably our biggest event. That we do. It's it's slam-packed. It's a lot of fun. We also do the money python experience which is an hour long.
Panel and it's a sing along. It's skits. We're not just talking about my python. We're actually just performing it. Having people come up from the audience.
Perform a fish slapping dance or getting an argument and performing her argument sketch or her can,
Perform the best argument or the Lumberjacks saw or something along those lines. It's a lot of fun.

[12:17] Involvement with the audience which is what we're known for as a track is it's there's most of our panels are very interactive with the people who come in. We don't do a lot of presentations.
Of information or just people up there talking it's the audience,
Interacts. With us, we love that. So we have things like whose light is it anyway? We're doing again.
For an hour long slot,
Is probably one of our most popular pianos. We came it's now I think it's in its 10th year I think. Oh wow.

[12:50] Of doing it and it is hilarious. For those that don't know what Vogan poetry is, can you give a quick,
Background. Also, be sure to let us know what time what what day and time it's tentatively. Tentatively.
Not for necessarily us but you know, we're working on it.
The crystal ballroom Saturday at 10 PM. Okay. And it's really really popular event. So it comes out of the Hitchhogger Sky to the Galaxy Universe.
And if you have it, if you're not familiar with it, if you haven't read the books, we haven't seen the TV series or the movie.
Alien race called who are very bureaucratic and they like things to be in order and signing triple kit,
Also have one form of art that they enjoy. They do not like any other form of art.
An index card that has a.

[14:04] Interesting title on it that we have come up with. For example, oh to my stinky shoe or that cheese I ate last Tuesday or something along this lines and,
Try to survive it.
And if you the louder the groaning and pain that you caused by your poem.

[14:35] Respect and appreciate,
Not great but it was fun.
So the pub is will show up.
I promise we'll bring them.
So just things like that it's a lot of fun you get a chance to write a poem,
Yep. And and you did mention what author,
You mentioned that that the Vogan poetry slam fills up pretty quickly as well. Oh, yeah. The Lions starts usually you know, it's the crystal ballroom. It which only sits maybe like.
Maybe three, 400 people. I mean, it's not very big. But it does feel very very fast and it,
It's a lot of fun. You will laugh. Uncontrollably. Like it is just don't try to drink water while you're in there.

[15:43] You know,
Now you're also mentioned something did you mention silly walk ministry or so he walked nope not yet silly walks,
We do a silly walks competition,
We have the adult section in the
Declare you know first second third place person and we we have live commentary going on while,
It's it's a lot of fun. Especially for those that are that have will and that wanna come and enjoy it. And then our other staple that is returning is our sing along. Oh yeah. And,
Silly walks,
4 PM in our ram gallery five,
Which is going to be 80s Brit Brit pop music. Oh. Okay. So where did that cover? That would be like.

[17:12] What bands are in that area era? No.
You had to ask me. I'm not in charge of that.
I mean it's it's it's how many more times you have to say listen to running up the hill.

[17:33] Hey,
It's I mean it was like number one. What? That is crazy, right?
Gentleman who did all of the props for some of her more recent,
Videos like a giant fish head and like things like that. He's on that panel and he talks about it. So, it's really cool cuz he actually knows her.
So that's one of our virtual panels.
We're gonna release this year. But the sing along is Sunday at 7 PM and it's 80s Brit Pop music.
Yeah, it's gonna be lots of fun. And Rob, my assistant director always dresses up like Queen Elizabeth. And I dress up Corgi and we act ridiculous.
And seeing and run around the room like crazy people and have no voice after it.

[18:37] I will tell you I just looked up 80s Brit Pop bands. There you go. Wham is in there,
That'll be fun,
Again, it's it's something that Andy and Angela who are on our administrative volunteer group. They manage and they do such a fantastic job.
And I it's one of the few things I just get to show to would just be ridiculous. Right, right.
But radiohead.
I agree with that,
I don't.

[19:33] Right.
This this list is terrible. Ah huh. Is listed but isn't aha technically a,
Swedish or Norwegian band? No. I thought. No.
Hey now especially the slow version,
So good. So, you know, we're gonna be singing along. It's gonna be great.
It is a lot of fun. It's you know, we we really enjoy it. Everyone has just this love festive British music. So, it's it's really great.
As far as you know.

[20:32] And then we have some other new really exciting things that we're gonna do as well that we're doing for the first time ever this year and they could blow up and be awful but,
I will point out Jerry does say in the chat silly walks on Sunday we probably better at 10 AM the hangovers would make the walks that much sillier,
True, but i don't feel like calling, you know, 911.
For like that one guy. You know what I'm talking about?
That's fair.
I don't know. Yes. She's got that. Sing along would be interesting.
Oh my god. Everyone's been bugging me for probably about 5 years. To do this and,
Couldn't think,
And where if doing a live version of task master.

[21:48] If you've not seen Tassmaster. Just go to YouTube.
And it is a panel show like it out in cats and QI however it's also game show so imagine if I like to say if whose line is it anyway and minute to win it,
How to pay me.
Tasks set by the task master,
And they.

[22:40] They record prerecord everything and then the live show is them watching it and rating it commenting on it,
You know doing one large live,
And then two extra seats that are for audience members to get up and participate in the task,
So, it's gonna be really fun. It's really silly.
It is a general audience panel. Mm hmm. Put that out there. It's general audience panel.
So, it's not a late night panel but it is gonna be a lot of fun. Some of the tasks we were considering.

[23:37] We don't wanna tell you because if I give it away yeah yeah I don't don't because it gets everyone in for advantage anybody that may show that if you are a fan of British television you have not seen
You need to go watch it because you will thank me later. It is hilarious. If you love who's lying, you will absolutely love the show.
So like one of them that we're not doing on the show when the skits from my favorite season and it's got some really famous communions on it like no fieldings on it. Couple other random people but,
They had to go into a room for example.
Eat as much watermelon as you can in a minute.

[24:21] And then when they walk into the room there's a whole watermelon just sitting on a table.
How to cut it. It's like one of the guys picks it up and just smashes it. Oh my crown and start eating it. So, it's it's just a hilarious show. We're actually like that. There's like no food eating or anything like that but,
We're gonna have a little task here and there.
Or just give me so much fun. I'm really excited about that one. It's cool too.
I was like ah I don't like this. This guy's kinda mean. This guy's and then I realize and then I know it's silly but then I realized oh,
It's a stick that's it's not right it's not really
Yeah. Hey, they're great. Great Daniels in in Davies. Sorry, Davies. Is that Daniel? Yeah. Completely different person. Yeah,
Again I can't say how much I love that show I mean I I do it's it it's a excomfort food for me too I'll I'll rewatch it lots of times.

[25:31] How you interpret the the task too. So,
There could be ways to completely not do the task that they're intending you to do but still fulfill the requirements of the task, right? So, that's
Great you know.
No feeling,
Turned off the timer.
Alex distracts but anyway,
It's gonna be pretty fall. You know, we're trying out for the first year. So, we're doing, so we didn't do a large room request for it cuz we didn't know how you know, what the reception would be for it. So, if it does really well, then, we'll put it in our Roger request for it next year and we'll see,
Can be somewhere bigger but it's it's gonna be a lot of fun. So, that we're doing now.

[26:51] Jerry says your task properly pronouncing,
It's the city that's the longest city I can see the last part of it.

[27:13] In the world?
In the world. Yeah, it's a Welsh fishing village apparently. It's a real name.
I know right.
Oh, goodness. So, we've we're we're our newest staff. We're doing a ted lassel panel. Awesome. So, I know people are gonna love that. Please come in costume for Ted Lassell.
Can you delete scheduled for Saturday at seven in gallery at five our track group,
And we're gonna talk about the show. We're also, there's this weird. I don't know how to happen but there's this weird undertone of
Don't know why. I think it's because we have a lot of comedy anniversaries happening. Mm hmm. This year.
So, a lot of our programming, it's leaning, you know, towards,
You know, we have fursy up off. The young ones is turning 40.
As I mentioned earlier that's not possible because that would mean that I'm older than 40.

[28:34] So you're hilarious. So that so the young ones panels my favorite piano.
And I love that show. It's amazing and we're gonna talk about that Saturday at four in our track room. We also have absolute fabulous, ab fab for short. It's turning 30, I believe.
We also have a very different.

[29:10] Other anniversaries besides, you know, our comedy shows that we're celebrating this year. We're doing a Paul McCartney virtual panel.
Because he's turning AB.
And also with DCTV we're doing we've recorded already a virtual panel for DCTV and the streaming service which is totally worth it y'all it's totally worth it especially
All the stuff are gonna be showing on there. And it's just it's so good. Especially for the people at home.
There's some content for you to participate because we love our people and we miss you when you're not here and we want you to be a part of it.
And so getting the this streaming service you know in my opinion is completely worth it.
So we're recording an Elton John panel is gonna be on there,
All of our stuffs being released on YouTube. We have a Brit Track YouTube. Just search for the Brit Tracker Dragon Con on YouTube.
As a prerecorded piano,
So I think we've got about maybe 10 different panels that were recording just for our YouTube channel and then we have two that I'll be on DCTV,
Yeah that's why like that's why I say 65 hours but technically like 10 if it's already prerecorded.

[30:38] Yeah.
Although technically you don't get the nap during that time because it's already out and gone you have no,
The roll out slowly starting Thursday and then roll into,
To participate,
So, we're really excited. About that, but for the live show, you know, we we do have a ton of awesome programming. We are doing for the first time ever.
A sports panel,
And we're calling it a beginner's guide to UK football because it's really complicated.

[31:40] Hey, guys. Kicking the ball back and forth across.
Promotion and demotion and,
You know
Fun of this a bit when they had they ask what are you guys doing in America when when teams are losing now we just sort of sit around and.

[32:12] Wait for the season end,
League somewhere. It's it's a it is a it's really fascinating.
I know and so we have a couple of our brits coming out specifically to help explain it to us,
I know if there's a lot of arsenal fans and also a Manchester United fan so.

[32:50] Declare a winner. Come on, you spurs,
And I've asked we have a few people who you know are either,
I'm visiting from the UK or ex-pats that are are kind of like regulars for piano lesson programming,
We're really excited for that for Friday at 10 o'clock.
And immediately following that appropriately on Friday is the return of the panel that,
I didn't think people would be upset about leaving but the fact that it's it's coming back guys. I heard you. Is the return of our curse like a brett?
Where you learn all the wonderful curse,
From the same guys that are doing the football panel. So, it'll be
Okay. How to curse? Is it football match?
Your occasionally here sorry for the salty language because they just don't just.

[34:12] Hey did you in America it happens in America too but they plot they they mute it out or they do whatever,
Yeah I mean it's the watershed hour right it's like watch it your own risk and so it's it is it's a thing in the UK so,
But it's a mature audience panel. It's it's very interesting. It's a lot of fun. The audience, you know, again, we have a lot of audience and interaction.
And it's there's a lot going on with that. So, that's coming back.
And then we also are doing some other new stuff as well.

[34:53] Just various different contents.
People been talking about arthritian legend a lot.
So we're doing arthurium legend the sword and the plot hole,
Very different.

[35:22] Incarnations of there are three legend throughout film and television from,
You know excalibur from the 80s,
Are you know consciousness,
We wanna do a piano.
World affairs and scandals panel which is Saturday at 11:30 PM.
And really excited about that one especially because we're gonna toss in a couple of,
There is a British version that came out first FYI.
But maybe I don't know about us. I don't know. I don't know if you're being biased. I think it's just a statement effect. Look, I love Rose McGuire.

[36:47] Right she plays she's an exomic,
Messed up was with the
Boyfriend slash husband,
The relationship seems much more believable on the British side than it does on the. Well, yeah and you know, the other thing is that that group.

[37:15] They they're a troop. Right. No. People don't understand. Is it in the British one? They're they're true. They're they're a trooper factors just like money pipeline. Just like kids in the hall and they did a show called horrible histories.
Before they did.

[37:39] They're just they're just a great group of folks. You know, as far as Gus are concerned, I just miss some of the characters from the American version. So, you know, we are gonna talk about that very briefly. There is an American.
Ghosts piano that's being done with another track. So, we won't touch on it. You know, too much cuz we don't wanna really get into the comparative wars but,
You know it it is it is a great show and we're really excited there's an American iteration of it and that we've got these two panels like,
Existing at the convention for people to come and see things like that and give their feedback and talk about their favorite characters and how much I miss Thomas and the American version and oh,
You know, it is just a, it's a love criticism fest, love fest. I don't even know what to call it, but.

[38:27] It's gonna be a lot of fun. So, our our content is is really,
Do in a disservice because we have a ton of programming on Doctor Hill,
And we have been mistaken as a doctor who track we are not the doctor who track we are the bridge track,
The classic series of Dr. Hill. We have virtual content as well as live content that will be put on this show.
The history of Doctor Who concepts and ideas that come out,
This special come out recently.

[39:33] Just the different.
Stories that have come around,
And we will have a new series Doctor Who,
And also the leaving you know of Chipnell and us getting the return of Russell T Davis.

[40:04] And,
Interesting actors coming in into play so we will have a new series Doctor Who panel as well.
Took on a speculate talk about it where what direction are they going especially after the flux arc,
You know, what direction is I could go in. So, that's gonna be Friday at 530 in the crystal ballroom. So, we'll have lots of seats. Nope. And we hope people come out to it.
But we also have you know the cannon of Doctor Who. We're gonna talk about what makes doctors who cannon which is a very serious question because it's all over the place. It's all tiny whimy and awesome.
And so we don't just have the doctor who bought we do have content and virtual as well as in person for Doctor Who's so it'll be really really great,
And just remember that their schedule is subject to change. As always, I do wanna cover a couple of things but we do have some comments in the your muted.

[41:07] Did you meet yourself,
Thanks for letting me know. Yeah. Which is probably the thing. I always suspect it was Lee that was doing it but since she's not here, I guess it's I guess it's just the the the,
It's a,
In the chat. I just wanna kinda get out of the way which is. Okay. First of all, doubt Nabi.
Yes. Okay. We're gonna review the movie.

[41:47] And talk about downtown. Hm. You're gonna have to give me a second while I. Oh, that's fine.
Sean asks about sandman and before we before he quite answer that,
Jerry had a follow up which was I know Sammon will likely fall like the land in various fantasy tracks but are you gonna do anything fun around the property?
Sorry if you covered any missed for 10 minutes but we haven't covered it yet. That's fine. No, no, it's a valid question. So, the beautiful thing about all things dragon hunt especially a directors is that we love to share content and we do a lot of cross,
Track programming.
In the description what that means is that we've we've come together in one of our track rooms,
And we've put humans from both both of our tracks on the panel to discuss you know the various different beautiful,
You know, topics that reshare. So, I'm really excited that Urban Fantasy is gonna be working with us for Sam. So, the way we split it up,
I'm just the shell. The show by itself.

[43:08] They're doing that and we're doing the page to screen,
Which is talking about the comics to scream because we've been doing gotcha a meal panel almost every single year for years.
Probably the entire time I've been director which is 17 years. So, we've always done you know, he's my favorite, one of my favorite writers.
So we are gonna be doing that the page to screen focus
Comparing comparisons so she won't be talking about that at her piano will be talking at ours about the page screen so that is Sunday 1 PM in our track ram gallery at five no
Rob has a good cross track idea for Sandman. I don't sure where it goes to but Sandman Beach volleyball.

[43:57] Would that work for would that work for anybody?
The sand and everyone just sort of like.

[44:12] But but besides it you so you talk about the cross track any other cross track stuff you have going on,
So we work closely also with alternate in historical fiction,
With them,
It's terrible Rob.

[44:44] Hey,
So alternate historical fiction we're doing Outlander so we have a couple of Outlander pianos with them we've got a fan just the fan series with panel that's in our track room on Friday at 5 PM,
So that's one we're doing. We actually do it most of our cross track programming with alternate historical fiction because our period drama is kinda bleed over.
Like we do call the midwife. They have the crayon.
You know, like it's just, it's a lot of different things that we kinda just decided that we just come together on. So, we're doing a gentleman jack panel cuz the second season just came out.
And we'll be doing that in their track room on Saturday 8:30 PM: in Augusta
I'll be moderating that cuz that's one of my favorites.

[45:53] We're doing an a novels just the novels of Outlander piano with them,
Sunday 10 AM,
We're also doing a Bridgeton panel with them for my Bridgerton fans.
I know there's been a lot of buzz. There's a lot of things to say. We're really excited to be a part of it with alternate historical fiction. Sunday 11:30 AM: in Augusta,
We have a persuasion panel that we're doing as well for us. They'll be in gallery seven. The time still kinda shifted around for that one.
And finally, we're gonna be doing with alternate historical fiction. From Mrs. Mazel to our flag bean's death, the recent rise of historical comedies.
So, we're gonna talk about all the awesome historical comedies that are out. And that's Sunday at 5:30 PM: as well.
That's all we're doing with them. So, we're doing.

[47:04] Bill Terrence Science military science fiction media is mouthful.
We're working with Karen over there. She's so delightful. I love Karen. She's just one of the best people.
This year as a show there is another movie that has anniversary this year that you're gonna show.

[47:26] Yes mentioned to me,
Space 99 nine right I mean,
Space 1999 is Saturday at 1 o'clock in Chassade but with military sci-fi but yeah we're.
Other than spice we're gonna show it we have a DVD copy we have permission.

[48:06] Because that's all.

[48:10] You'll figure out who the real fans are there. Now, are you doing a thing like.

[48:20] Now to now American Ti Fi does which is a classic type of excuse me American classic type Joe that's your screen where they lock people lock people in the room and you have to donate to leave to stop watching the the movie,
Hey charity,
I mean I should but I feel like anyone who's showing of 7 AM to watch they're already torturing themselves enough they're already like I'm here for this or or yeah that's exactly it it's,
I know. I mean, we do more at least we start at 7 AM on Sunday and Saturday. Wow.
You're doing more.
Hey forward the text other track start.
I know I'm so crazy but like we we have so much to cover.

[49:17] It says do a spice word parody theater that where all the spice girls are characters from June.
I don't know.
I don't know if my if my carrot Saturday 10 AM or 7 AM brain could,
Oh that's an awesome idea. Let's get a bunch of little random.

[49:57] And then just like name people. Oh, I'd wake up. Yeah, I I would love to name people. Are you kidding me? Why would it be amazing? No, again, this is going back. How many is gonna be old spice?
Or just old spice.
And just.

[50:21] Let me Fia I think that's how you get it,
Says, I would show up at 7 AM to watch Spice World. You would have to pay me to leave. So, there there's a there's the point. There are fans out there for everything.
Thank you. I know, right? All of us. Sandworm spice. Right. Sandworm spice. That's somebody's, I'm sorry. It's gonna have, no, I need actual spice names, lemon spice, lemon pepper spice,
Sarah point I don't know who my F is,
But all base would you pay cash,
And now I really like so we we we have so much programming and again we're starting on Thursday with some virtual piano releases. We are doing a Kate Bush panel. It is virtual. I heard you were doing it.
We're also gonna play her music at,
If you ever heard running up that hill yet it was your first time ever here.

[51:28] Yes, exactly. Just in case you. Just in case you've sort of happened to miss it somehow.
Right but you know we have a ton of anniversaries this year
This year. Hold up.
The the beard hides a lot of stuff,
The panel because I will tell you this a lot of people don't know this but,
I'm on our staff we have people who are strict fans of things like so my assistant director is Robert the hat the reason why we call him Rob and the hat is because
For some weird reason.

[52:24] Hey,
It's a funny little thing that just happened. So, Robin the hat is over the hat who's our assistant director.

[52:42] She is that the doctor who official and I am a fear doctor who don't be wrong but it's not my pure joy love of what makes me continue to come back and host and do the bridge track every year,
You know, I'm a huge James Bond fan.
I am,
It's gonna be virtual because that's got an anniversary of 50 years.
Are no time to die review I have opinions,
I still haven't watched it yet should I bother,
Yeah I've never done that in my entire life so it it I sat around I stuck through and man through there's a lot of that I loved,
And this is our first year doing it so we're gonna have a Thursday panel at 830. So so you haven't done panels on Thursday before but you decide to make a controversial one the first one to start off,
I gotta get people on the road, John.

[54:06] We're in gallery of five in Hilton. Come visit us. We'll argue. It'll be great.
It's all funny. It's all fine. It's all live. It's all constructive criticism and comments,
It's a lot of fun and we're really excited. We're gonna have team trivia trivia also on Thursday,
It covers all,
Like the coordinates to gallop free.

[54:48] I don't know that. If you know that. I have no. I am by the way the the worst person to ask about doctor who I am not,
That's fair.
I need you to,
But we're also excited and it's gonna be a really great year we're we're in the back of the same room causing trouble,
That go on here and there.
For example we make fun of the French track,
We also you know have lots of rhymes. We make jokes better robs and we just have a lot of fun and it's it's gonna be a really powerful, fun year, full of joy, full of laughter,
Full celebration. Yes, I know how their task master really excited,
I think that if you if you don't stop by for a laugh.

[56:11] Really? I mean, that's that's just the end. That's just the facts. These are science people.
Audience panels are not specific to shows like we have Brit TV you should be watching where we recommend
You know, TV shows, make a list, and that's Friday, 10 AM, that's one of our first panels that we do, we're crossing the pond and travelling to the United Kingdom, like, what do you, what to see? How to go? They're like.

[56:40] That kind of stuff is right after that at 11 30 on Friday in our room. So, there's a little bit for everyone.
From anniversary celebrations to new content to crosstrack programming,
Game shows and sing alongs so we cover it all.
Wrap this up or play a game it'll depend I forgot to mention that to you so I don't know if you have the time or not but,
Kid stuff you do have some kid programming this year yes kid programming we we try to throw it in every couple of years to see if we have some,
You know, interest in it. So, we've we've done with the kids track. In the past, we've done panels like
Doctor for kids and had kids talking about art too and that was really fun but so this year we've decided we wanted to do like a crafting hour where like you just it's for kids at heart and and families and and kids as well to come out and,
Salt nerby which is one of our performers that they're they're puppetry group.
And they do a panel with us that separate from this,
Bear panel is.

[57:59] Sunday 830 they do their too many doctors like puppet show it's really fun,
And so we've kinda got them roped in to doing a crafting hour of making your own paper puppets and then learning how to how to puppet them and their doctor who seems so we're gonna have,
You know,
Little station set up and you can make your own puppet and have fun with have fun and and make some excellent fun so that's gonna be the crafting hour is Sunday at 10 AM,
So after our it's right after we're we have our cartoon,
You watch cartoons and then hang out and make a make a puppet. Cool.
We do like to play a game with our with our guests. Do you have time? I'm sorry. We're in a little longer than normal. Do you have, yeah, that's it. 10 50 minutes. Okay. Real 65 hours. It's,
So, yes. Alright. So, I'm on a new tab or whatever a device you can go to Jackbox TV and I'll type in the private chat the the room number so you can get in there first before I open it up,
Yeah, Jackbox. TV.

[59:26] The room number is,
There you go. Okay.
I did.

[59:46] Had loaded up a British specific one but then I played through it and realized that it was pretty much crap.
And here I'll add the stream. If you wanna join us, the room code is OAOB.
Well well they're doing that let's sound like a British word could be,
Let's let's talk in where can people contact you and where can where where is your room again? I know we've said several times but,
In the Hilton on site at the convention,
And starting Thursday through Monday. So, stop by and say hello.
And as far as online, you can find us our website. We are a sub page on the drawing called me page.
British is our.

[1:01:08] Instagram at DC Brook Track. So.
We'll be there too.

[1:01:30] It's mixing nervous. So, we're in round one. Everyone that's in the game. Can vote on there or put their answers in.
Feel free by the way to ask questions or comments while we're waiting here. Oh, I think okay. So,
Of stuff going on here.
Earlier Rob suggested that there should be a French track Jerry suggest that a French track would be great they could have panels on Brotherhood of the Wolf and,
I don't know something. Cheese foods.
It's horrible. Horrible stereotype. It's just a bunch of people napping. Or not doing anything in the French track?

[1:02:31] French track. Hey, randomly, they randomly just stop a panel in the middle and decide that they're going on strike. That's how the telephones go,
Any my my apologies to all of our French fans in the audience.
It's so one of the year last year we actually.

[1:03:02] Invaded.
That's a.
My answers are terrible. Answer.

[1:03:21] The real benefit of having a giant caveman in your six in your 60 surf rock band is,
He is quiet and carries a big stick or best percussion section ever.

[1:03:34] The real benefit of having a giant caveman in your 60 surf rock band is he is quiet and carries a big stick or the best percussion section ever.
Wins the audience goes to it carries big stick Sean had that correct answer.
Sorry. Now, it gets real. The cake,
So very very tired or revenge of the knee pain.
Prime minister being tired and so safe. They made a shirt, John, with my picture on it.
Like the obama op poster that says,
Had it with so the one that one that was so very very tired.

[1:04:50] What's something that gets less scary when it gets bigger.

[1:04:56] Glad you're all PG. Dolls or killer rabbits?

[1:05:08] When it gets bigger. Dolls or killer rabbits?

[1:05:13] Three kg is a white.

[1:05:22] Tarot had a dolls.

[1:05:42] The one liner Joe Don Baker's Mitchell should have would have definitely say would sorry would definitely say when confronting a Kaiju.
It's really funny.

[1:06:07] Okay, them is about giant ants but what is those about? There's only one answer and it was ant eaters.
That was the worst answer that question but that I won.

[1:06:22] We're we are getting into British at least the British invasion gave us the beatles what band was inspired by the giant spider invasion.
Where's the spider or ziggy stardust.

[1:06:35] The British invasion gave us the beatles what band was inspired by the giant spider invasion.
Yeah, there you go.
What business.
Demolition and excavations are us or monster relief insurance.

[1:07:13] What business action.
What business actually benefits from Kaijua from a Kaijo attack demolition and ask excavations are us or Monster Relief Insurance.
What was,

[1:08:00] So, what was plan 10 from outer space? Space with fungus or seek out aliens to kill?
Let's see. Where'd we go?
Round one is butter memory. Let's see those scores.
I'm gonna be at the end.
So, the points get double here in this round. Well, well, the everyone's putting in their new prompts on their devices. I'll mention that Jerry believes that Nida the leap is lepis not scary at all. Which I believe is French for Wolf, is that correct?

[1:08:57] Mate.

[1:09:06] Oh it's a is it it's it's a.

[1:09:12] Oh yeah it does it's a rabbit not a rabbit okay,
That's that's horrible to say cuz all the teachers are fantastic but you know.

[1:09:33] Let's see. Oh and Jerry also complained about knee pain. Grumble grumble grumble.

[1:09:47] Godzilla versus the knee pain.
Or you can call our comment line which is 8133210 tug (813) 321-0884.
And looks like we're ready to go back into the game.

[1:10:19] When you sell,
Hey fisherman took in the throat or bad sardines.

[1:10:32] When you sell your soul to devilfish to a devilfish it gives you blank in return a fisherman's hoke,
Let's see.

[1:10:53] When stopping monsters got monster those stopping monsters got one thing right,
Guy or the creme.
Oh, wow. Those might stopping monsters got one thing right when they squash blank. The sham wow guy or the cremelin.

[1:11:18] Do you own a shamrock? No.
I might want something similar but not an actual shamwal.

[1:11:34] I think I've coding on it but,
That's the point no one knows,
But back at home it's mother calls it tiny or mama G.

[1:11:51] Humans named the creature Gorgo but back home it's mother calls it tiny or mama G.

[1:11:58] Oh okay so Jerry's,
It was clarification on that leap of yes.
I don't know there's a petty voter.
They're afraid of the Canadian friendliness or beat get stuck in maple syrup. Believe that was the answer from a previous one as well.

[1:12:36] Yeah. What other quotes.
We we had remember I I actually put a lot of British one for you but but it was terrible so I I had to default back to him when we've done it before.

[1:12:53] Forget which who won that last one I missed it anyway,
I'm afraid of gothra because he wears black.
Skylight eyeliner I think that was supposed to be eyeliner.
He wears black gilet. Oh, okay. Now, I know. And and that that is scary. Too much eyeliner and safety pins. That's why they're afraid.
So much eyeliner.

[1:13:38] If MST three case robot made his own giant monster film he would call it blank attempted murder,
Hey spill my maid.

[1:13:54] MST three,
Or this is the film I made deal with it.
This is the film I made deal with that way.

[1:14:15] What is the name of the,
Sea beast sea force or Ursula's cracking.

[1:14:29] What's the name of the navy unit in charge of dealing with sea beasts?
Cheer the lost that one. Ursula.
It's like.

[1:15:01] Gerbil or fat guy.

[1:15:13] I don't know. I feel about the terrible. Oh yeah, I know, right? No, but we don't. How about we stop waking up?

[1:15:21] How about we don't play with the.

[1:15:30] Brandon Matthews
Yeah there's one around me up
I'll be sending each of you a prompt that needs.

[1:16:03] 525.
Alright back on back and very well everyone fills up their their device there.
The German poster was scary the giant robots in the film not so much says Jerry okay so that's what that was. Actually I gotta look at well we're doing that. I can look this up.

[1:16:27] Night of the leapest, right? Night of the leapers.

[1:16:40] Man I actually turn off the.

[1:16:46] Volume. Let's see if I can share it. I can't because I'm doing this other chair. Nah,
Go away from that cuz I'll just screw everything up. But yeah, not in leapest. Is by the way now on Blu-ray. In case you,
In case you're desperate to get it.

[1:17:06] Let's see what else do we got? Anything else to do in the comments? Nope. Nobody, anything else in the? Oh, you can find the Discord link for Brit Track by going to Dragon Con all the official social links are there according to exam.
I didn't go there so I can't confirm that but.

[1:17:30] Why? Cuz it has the number of days left to drink.
For the one you like best,
Yes rumor is true.

[1:18:07] Or huge cuddly arms can mow my own chest,
What three positive attributes does the amazing colossal man have on his dating profile? Who's like, yeah, I can mow his chest.

[1:18:23] Let's see,
I would have voted,
Truly fear.
Old spice his own eyes or Spongebob the three things the alien fish cigarettes really fears old base spice is own eyes and sponge bop or radioactive fish hook not getting the filter change in the Dead Sea,
Hey Facebook.
What three things would make you.

[1:19:25] A lizard a giant robot or the heads of cerebus.
Giant claws squidwards tentacles.

[1:19:40] What three things did you combine to make the ultimate giant monster lizard giant robot and an IRS agent or the heads of service?
Giant claws in school or tentacles.

[1:19:59] Before deciding on atomic breath.
Add interior design decorating skills.

[1:20:15] Or ice skating prowess and ice skating prowess or atomic wedgie jazz hands in glitter SP with SP,
I probably spent I don't know. Little spit. Was it is Lee back here? Cuz that was something she put in there earlier.
And edit in the previous show. Matt Interior decorating skills, best cookie making magic or ice skating prowess or atomic wedgie jazz and or glitter spit with it. And it's a 50 50,
My money was on Brandon.

[1:21:12] So we are located in the Hilton,
Gallery of five,
The dragon,
Instagram at DC Brit Track,
As well as please do not message me on Facebook. I do not respond. I'm I am better by email. I'm an Email human. So, you can Email me Brett Track at Dragon Con.
Dot org. It's the best way to reach out if you have questions about any of the program that we've covered.
We'll be releasing a bunch of flyers and a ton of information through our Facebook group. It's Vermor Exclusive Content. It's released first.
So, join. We have like 3800 members. You should add to that. I wanna break 4000. So, 38 wow, that's that's pretty big.
Yeah. We're pretty large that little little,
So, thank you so much for having me. Thank you for, thank you for joining us, Karen, and I know that's very busy part of the year. Please don't ask for when the schedule is going to come out. It'll come out when it comes out. And by the way, even when it comes out,
It'll it'll change a again.

[1:22:34] Some great clip lashes from everyone thought for sure someone would come come from behind at the end like Lee.

[1:22:43] Hey I don't know.

[1:22:45] Anyway, I'll leave that there and let that hang there. So, until next time.
Peace and looking for the ultra music cuz that's what I usually do well. Well, please. Please doing something else, yes. Please do. Come visit.
Reply everybody.

[1:23:11] Music.

[1:23:18] This was a production of the unique eek.
That say 133210884.

[1:23:36] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:23:45] Music.

[1:23:57] Bye.