Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 41 - Game Time

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:14] No.
Message Julie,
You're funny.
That just flips the table,
Because we're so ticked up that it's only 5 days of dragon con. We want 12 and joining me as always.
I'm ok sorry folks for this weird little view it might change in a minute cuz my computer is just not happy today John it is very very very upsetting but John John yeah not all of us wish for 12 days,
Not all of us was for 12 days or 365 days or whatever else.

[1:28] Yeah it is fun but wouldn't 5 days being 7 days more than oh wait wouldn't 7 days more of that fun be fun,
I don't know math,
I'm trying to fix my computer. She sucks.

[2:00] Hey.

[2:08] There we go.

[2:15] That was very frightening.
What am I doing here? I don't know what I'm doing. Where oh yeah, we're we're less than 2 weeks as we're as this is recording. Oh my god. Until dragon. In fact, it was 2 weeks from now. We would be,
In the heat of,
But yeah it'd be Friday night right? It'd be Friday night drink on right now. 2 weeks from now.
It would be Friday night at Dragon Con right now and it,
In Atlanta it has been a lot of this week so hopefully.

[3:13] Will able to bring good weather to us,
And I have not looked at any guest announcements but I will also be recording some audio only this weekend. And because I just can't do it live folks. I'm already seeing the screen a little with a little loops in it just wow,
Joey says 10 more days until,
2020. Joey.
Well, not 12 days right now. So, that would be, yeah, Monday. You're oh and I'll be like Tuesday,
Tuesday. Are they leaving? Head toward.
Spring seems to be nowhere near there
The reason I wasn't here the other couple of days is I wanna congratulate my cousin.

[4:30] Yeah, we were in the northern midies, midwest.
At the part that you fly over a lot of times. Yeah. So, that's cool. Joey points out that I'm I'm an early bird. I'm part of the load and load out getting settled in early. Well, Joey, thank you. Thank you for being doing the load in and load out,
That is that's that's appreciated especially if it's not just for a,
That bit you think? Nothing. Not that we don't think it. Help.

[5:02] Hey Leah.

[5:11] What? I got. Oh, you know what John? I've got,
Yeah. What in the.

[5:37] Ah
We should probably ask Phil it would Bill when is the dragon,
Hey Phil,
Someone is asked requested last year that we start streaming on Twitch as well which I said okay whatever I don't,
Feel like that's a that's a place that hey not really here for the the streaming it just,
Makes things a little easier and little more interactive but but B we did have some earlier in this in the year ask what is dragon con.
While they're watching and streaming like I don't know how to explain this to you
Why is Dragon,
Alright so so Phil and Kevin are here Lee just had to drop off for a second I think she's switching computers,
What? Yeah, check it exactly.
Let's let's go through the the,
I am a meat popsicle. No. I am the director of board games at Dragon Guy.

[7:00] Oh that's that's cool what is that where's the director of board games do,
I coordinate all board gaming and dragon kind including official tournaments and our board game checkout library,
You live like the 20 minutes away from home.

[7:30] That'll be a first.

[7:33] Yo, I'm good cuz that would be great. Thank you. Thank you very much. But Phil,
Well, you know, you know, god makes people, you know, the longer you grow,
She keep going taller and you become mute Kevin. You're freezing on that.
I'm going right now. Yes.
It has let me go.
Do you like monopoly go on like forever cuz my sister will pay 6 hours of monopoly at one time. No. All the same game. No.

[8:33] Oh what's the oh good that's the rule,
You play for you play for an hour and then early.
But if you play by the actual rules you mean like every property you gets landed on if you don't buy it it goes to auction there's no money in free parking,
It shouldn't take more than 45 minutes,
Now if it goes to auction right I gotta that is good if it goes to auction can,
Yes at a discount.

[9:31] I'm alright Bill. How you doing?
We go on.
Hey Facebook,
I don't do the tournaments i don't do the arcade stuff I do all the panels and events and parties and fun stuff,
Which does not stop people from asking me what tournaments I'm running and where the arcade machines will be,
Where there are so right now Terry Gilliam is the guest of everything Gilliam Terry,
Okay and,
Will board gaming where.

[10:49] Yeah Lee it had been like freezing cold where we are and like yeah I was gonna say it's it's a pretty warm area now.
Yeah it's actually kinda hot yeah,
I can tell you anything about this year's,
So we've got the first floor of America's mark.

[11:21] It's gonna be interesting. We have a we have a theory over a game. As soon as we figure out how,
To run things in a certain place,
I think that's the dragon law, right, Kevin?

[11:55] Okay so,
There you go.
What else is up there Kevin?
We're looking forward to it. We're looking for a new space to master,
So wrong.
What is the easiest way to get to vote? Huh.
Thank you.
So, if you know where to deal with how it is, it's the same place it's been for the last, I don't know, 9 years. Mm hmm. Yeah. Is that first building when you go down the hill? Yep. Right. So,
Where we were last year was building one building one which is at the top of hill is directly connected to the western peach tree plaza,
You're not gonna go in there. You go in there, you're gonna get, you're gonna be.

[13:21] We're right there.
On a shuttle stop. So, if you wanna take a shuttle, you can always take the shuttle there. The shuttle will drop you off right outside our front door,
Is air conditioned that we food,
Is is that building.

[13:54] Technically as close to the high because,
There is the internet but go on. Keep talking. Okay, so there is a, like I said, the dealer hall is gonna be,
And I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna say what's the corner cuz I don't wanna get it wrong.
It's gonna be as some of my other southern friends will say it is Katy Corner,
Bless your heart. Okay. Bless my heart. Bless your heart.

[14:33] Keep talking,
My personal organ Xavier has left me Grogo Phil you talked about gaming registration so what exactly is that,
Gaming registration that's where you sign up for all the the tournament games pick up your gaming tickets you can purchase board game membership,
At this location. Oh, great. You got, okay, so yeah.
On the map is at the corner of John Portman.

[15:24] I wanna what's the street?
So it's important,
There you go.
And then directly,
And it's echo,
On four one then we normally have that we normally had over America's mark four two.

[16:10] But we think this place is gonna work out for us really well.
All weekend.
We got our our contain tournaments that we run every year. We're gonna continue to do that. Yup.
We also gotta do like we did in 2019 we're gonna have some more play and take games,
You play the game? Mm hmm. Take a couple of tickets and on Sunday night, we draw.

[17:07] Okay now I want John can you bring up that other map you just had for a second this one's old okay that's an old mount done,
Is Billy another one floor one was right is it.
That's where America's white building three oh building three oh that would be this other math building three,
That would be the other map,
These are different. So, you're not gonna go straight behind the western. You're gonna go in a little bit,
Looks actually I'm looking at it if I am looking,
It's further away but it's two blocks from the high so there's the high there's a block,
We don't we pretended that exist and then that's the next block over which is American smart building three.

[18:04] And you said you're gonna have food,
Go there and stay there.
Are ready for for you guys to to show up in game.
Yo so the people can recharge and rest,
So, yeah, that's a great message. And see that.

[18:38] That is that is a wonderful map and I just wanna say this that is a great schedule fill because you know what?
4 hours of sleep at night.

[18:50] And taking a shower or a place to take a shower and.
If you wanna eat those two meals from that food court hey.
And Phil, you are also talking, we were talking about registration,
You also have registration there's also a small small feat,
To play board games all 5 days.
Where where where good where where goodly.
Yeah. So, yeah, best bet. You're the only one who's lost.
We'll start opening the library about that time so that people can buy that board game member.

[19:59] That that's excellent. It's a great, well, we lostly, whatever.
I hope she didn't hear me say that.
And so because you guys do clothes this year,
Do you,
Cuz I can't leave the premises.
Bring it back in the morning. We trust you. Alright.

[20:44] Yeah, get to know where you live.
Yeah as as many people were affected last year by our favorite our favorite panel clothes for cleaning.
We close for cleaning overnight.
The the mark people have.

[21:16] So, I mean, it was really cool. They came through that with the the Adamizer guns, whatever they were and explained everything down. So,
The tables,
Hey, everybody. It's gonna be adhering to. Mm hmm. We'll help mitigate a lot of that.
But that's not what you can do with cardboard.
The games are under UV light.
I'm just waiting for this senior,
And that's when I that's why he had a scroll title.
You know, stacks of of games. Is it okay around that.

[22:31] Hopefully they don't they didn't spray it they didn't spray the games last night okay gotcha but they did they did spray the tables down straight to chairs down,
And you know,
Hopefully more importantly, nobody's gonna leave with COVID.
You know, it it changed the way I operated last year. I had, you know, normally, I have my my volunteers.
They hang out with us throughout the entire show and I just had everybody leave when that shift was,
We we ask you to you ask your leave move on,
Yo, if you want the game with somebody, you know, from staff, we suggest that you take a game and go on your room and do it.
Hey it helps a little bit more if you can game around people that,
In in a smaller setting,
Go ahead Luke.

[23:47] What about the other hotels Kevin let's talk about what's gonna video gaming,
I went in and out didn't I?
Hey Facebook the convention policy applies across all the hotels so we are enforcing masking they will do room cleaning at night,
We're taking the only thing we're not doing is we're not actually taking a panel slot for clothes for cleaning,
We will be stickers about masks,
So we do. It's amazing what science can do,

[24:48] Would you also get to bring out all your geeky mask? I have.
Oh, wow. Oh, that is. Oh, Facebook. That is very awesome. That is very, very awesome. For those listing Kevin just to,
In my bain mask.
We are the western again this year.
Every year I say we're gonna reduce our programming and every year nigger.
Hey Facebook.

[25:52] But we're doing a lot of things with voice actors this year a lot of game show theme stuff we're trying to really bring out the fun side of the personalities behind video game characters,
Because at the end of the day, there are actors, they're talented, and they don't wanna be asked the same. Hey, you're a commander shepherd, mass effect, huh? That was cool,
So, we've worked directly with it throughout the year to do things like masterpiece theater, like our video game improv, $498, pyramid,
I like that. I like that. That's all we got. Yeah.
Hey, right? Well, inflation.
But it's,
Hey Facebook,
We're going to do Hollywood squares. Holly, we only.

[27:07] Oh, gotcha.
So, hey, you people say, I don't know what you think about but you get, you don't have to,
Of course the year. We're gonna do some fun stuff.
Court now you also have.
Oh, okay. That's cool.

[27:57] Bill's doing his own. Bill's doing his own.
Oh my god.
Oh scary.
Phil does that make me your man.

[28:33] Yes.

[28:42] Hills to the yes. Excuse my language. Yeah. Write that.
I would love to be God Zuki but that would be also very very warm.
Seriously that was just.

[29:19] Happy power mud aunt Fannie bless your heart feel you are just mean for that one.

[29:37] What? Okay, John, you're doing something and I'm, it's just always being kind of me to watch your face.

[29:47] Okay.

[29:52] I was just I was just wondering how many how many people have listened actually know who scrappy do is.

[29:59] Oh, wait. Oh.

[30:09] If they saw this sheriff Sarah Michelle,
I am 50 I turned 15 to.
I am the baby in the room by exactly a month.
Over 50 completely missed that,

[30:53] That's exactly right. We need to go Brandon. I knew I liked it. Also, Lee wants to, Lee wants you to be a Kaiju track director.
Okay do you track would be absolutely awesome I mean think about it you got,
Trying to say that no that's my property,
Start the clock,
You got the old black and white you've got the,
Terribly terribly dubbed.
Okay. Say that again.

[31:49] Yeah. Boy or boy.

[32:17] I still,
But I know that when 400 people show up at midnight for a Japanese dating sim.

[32:30] Take something there.
I don't know if you guys are familiar with how to full boyfriend but it's a pigeon dating simulator and we pack the joint,
Hey Facebook tell me a little bit about Google.

[33:17] That just okie dokie literature club.

[33:26] I can't wait that i can't wait to hear.

[33:36] Yeah, that's it. There you go. Is it.

[33:43] All pigeons and and like are you as human dating a pigeon are you a pigeon dating a pigeon.

[33:57] They have a blast with it. So, let's make it. Just remember,
Triple triple A games.
No I'm fine with that I am no.

[34:32] Bill price is saying stay away from the club I don't know what that means.
Brandon says a lone human in a school of pigeons or or so I've heard.
Yeah and let me tell you how many times I've used this site well I don't actually play that game.
What i heard? What?
Yeah, you just go on the games for the instructions. We know, winner, you just go, you just look at the games for the instructions. We got it.
And it's like.

[35:37] It's it's barely.
That's not the one that's not the baby,
Your baby is is five now?

[36:00] I swear it seems like just 2018 that I remember 25 hey.
She swears like a sailor,
No sheep no.

[36:35] In
Hey Lee wanna feel old.

[36:54] Yeah the one you met when I was hey.

[37:18] Wait she wasn't supposed to know that. Dog.
Kevin was in you know walk around and find something weird walk around dragon and you might find your next fandom,
Your next time waster your next obsession. You never know.
Phil let me ask you a question so last year in the,
Oh Cortana.

[38:21] We're keeping this is good,
You make that joke a lot,
Jeez Louise.
Speaking of,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Most people kinda play games with us,
Are in the games that are simple,
No my 12 year old teaches people how to play this game and they're addicted to it,
Encounter or twilight in period.

[39:36] That's a lot of time to be spending.
Could you help me,
Or return to dark tower. Those games are really expensive and you might not have a group that you can play with. Oh, that is very true.
You can play it get it out of your system.
Yeah so yeah according to this well enough to.

[40:29] Evan help us. Yeah. I think that's also funny too because,
Phil this year we are bringing my 9 year old nephew this will be his first try.
Can't wait.
Kid friendly anime like Naruto and things like that and then, board games. My husband gave him a huge love of board games early, early on.
Yeah like I said,
I mean days to play.
It says 1500 hours to play this game. Huh.
Hey portal.

[41:49] Am I back now,
Bring out the.

[42:09] And it's amazing how long they can take folks be very very good,
It takes forever to play, but I mean, if he's not gonna be able to get over this computer, his friends aren't available, he can sit, we can sit around the table,
Everybody satisfied. So.

[42:44] There's not one in the library but I guarantee you someone will set up Bloom Haven and they will be playing all weekend.

[42:52] They have a lot of pieces. Okay. That I can't keep up with.
Because it barely somebody will decide hey my game's missing this piece and.
I lost,
I wanna say a whole games worth of firefly ships,
Oh, that's terrible. Bad people.

[43:48] That's right.
Copy of the game that was autographed.
Oh geez. Oh yeah.

[44:05] Brandon says you can stimulate 1500 hours by pulling monopoly for 30 minutes. So, not if you play by the rules, Brandon.
I'm gonna read those name rules. I can't wait. But no, my sister can make it go forever and Kevin, you said early on like a game of monopoly so much fun cuz I'm done.
That was terrified for a second there she's moderate a flashes,
Shut their arms up.

[44:45] That's about to be a whole different podcast.
Yeah huh keep it up keep it up bro.
What's up bro,
One of our fans,
Oh, what?
Holy cow.
That is cancelled.
All the other various Game Boy type games. How many how many do you have,
Okay, so Brandon, I'm sorry. I said, it became.

[46:08] Yeah, it feels very much like it.
No. No.

[46:22] Phil Phil does have to cut a little early here. Okay.
He still hadn't got hit yet. This is gonna be amazing,
14 who,
How was that pile? Is that fast?

[46:58] I don't know.
Oh okay so we'll let so Phil let's let's just kinda wrap up with you then real quick so again it's America's building three we've wore one,
What's that? Four one yep.
We're gonna be open eight to two everyday except for Thursday oh sorry eight to two on Friday and Saturday,
Hope somebody,
Always do.
Hey you want a new serenity,
I'm on my way. I've met Brandon a couple of times. I know who he is. Yeah, he's actually,
Opening it at eight to 2 AM Monday we're gonna open up eight till we shut down at noon.

[48:24] 10 hours $10 or $10 board game membership good all weekend it's also good for social deception games as well,
Oh okay,
Not on the floor.
It's gonna be on I don't wanna say but it's gonna be a one of the towers of the west. We got apple signage around. I wanna say it's gonna be on the 12th and the 14th floor like it was last year. Hmm.
But you'll also be able to pick up a membership or wherever they as well.
How much money can you spend on werewolf just curious like millions and millions cuz I think that's what we're gonna get my nephew addicted to.

[49:15] Pause.
That's not awesome. No, I want him to go by a lot of cards.
And I gotta go fill but my my my youngest who is now a sophomore in college,
By the way, at the same time, so, so when I was a kid, my sophomore year, maybe junior year of college.
I was playing magic. It was like, I think it was,
Whatever you wanna call it. Anyway,
Fully gone in on magic and are just spending money hand over fist. I think they just work to buy magic cards at this point.
Hey Facebook.

[50:20] Magic is bad. Mobile gaming is worse. Yeah.
Right. And how one person spent $110 thousand.
The game's only been out since the end of June.
Oh my god. How do you,
I probably I probably am regretting learning that right now.
Dude match making with any other characters because he was so much more powerful than everybody else. So now he's trying to sue Blizzard going. I spill all this money. I don't have anybody to do.

[51:24] Oh, is that really? That's that's true,
Hey Facebook have enough problems,
Are you talking about any of them or,
Oh, really?

[52:12] I'll be I could schedule you know Thursday night at midnight,
Some stir up,
Which would be Friday morning cuz Phil has closed down gaming,
The last 2 o'clock panel I did. Oh boy.
Yes i just,
Like resident evil,
Somewhere around four in the morning it turned into a sharp nato,
One of my favorites,
Although really shark deposit is even better. So, Zan asked this question, is among us the new werewolf?

[53:21] Yes.
No it's,
I won't call it,
My kids are addicted,
Those are always fun. I mean, those are always fun.

[54:20] But anyway, I did, so these are great. I also would like to say that the mobile gaming of Star,
Star Trek fleet command.
Five figures up month.
I can't imagine. Yes, thank God. We do not spend, I don't know, maybe we do. I, I hope my husband doesn't spend five figures a month on this game but,
How the heck would I know cuz it's all right here.

[55:13] I wanna say it's 24 1 million dollars in its first week,
Hey Facebook,
Hey Google of my friends group.

[55:58] They still have,
You talk about a game that is pushed 20 years old that still making.
I I would say this much about Microsoft. I have bashed Microsoft a lot over the years.
Yeah. Yeah.
Not Minecraft, not this year.
I mean, just like the general gaming industry sort of the state of the industry. Yeah, we do a lot of the stay the.

[57:05] But the,
The folks that are making the money don't wanna talk,
Those are always the best stories of those people who are like, you know what? I'm a little this in China with this now. Let me tell you the,
Getting back to the voice actor in a there is a famous voice actor who has had a case in court,
For 2 years.
And he said he lost convention business because of it and so no filed suit and he got his clock clean because the the came out said and here's this Twitter thread and here's this story and here's this article and here these charges

[58:09] He can't buy a spot to come right now. Hmm. No.

[58:14] Yeah. We have long memories.
There's something happening.
Tip for all you fans out there. If you have a friend who works in tech ops.
All of them. They get to hear everything. Yeah. Go everything.
Yeah about 30 I mean you actually yeah it would actually be cheaper to just go and buy bottles of rum,
Hey Bob has any could actually have rum in your rum bucket,
Yes non,
WWW. RM Rose CO. Com.

[59:39] That is my whiskey recipe that is my whiskey that they are making for me and selling for me. Oh, that's right over there.
And I remember but but the last time I remembers being on there it was a you're you're starting to do that there you made a announcement,
Hey portal,
Hey Facebook,
Okay it wasn't true. Been fancy.
RM Rose.

[1:00:44] Cool. Alright.
Well I mean we've got some returning favorites like Mark,
Hey Facebook,
I make fun of the games I love.

[1:01:38] It's fantastic.
We will have some people who have nothing to do with Red Dead Redemption giving their most humorous answers.
Yeah, there it is. There it is. We have found the Grim Reaper. There you go.
And it's a whiskey.
There you go. It's better to go legit than have the,

[1:02:53] What's up? Nothing,
Hold up.

[1:03:09] Yeah.
Hey Facebook,
Ok the,
Hey old family,
And and y'all that is,
And is it the same charity or is it a new,
And you do that at what time?
I can.

[1:04:29] Don't tell anyone,
You're very fast I don't do it as fast yeah,
Oh no,
Very nice, very nice.

[1:05:22] I still have some in an ice cream adore but yeah can't get him anymore.
Hey Facebook,
And by the way if you wanna smoke there are smoking areas in all the hotels,
Find it there is a cigar,
We had a volunteer village or had a volunteer village at the Marriott for the last 2 years,
Only nine,
And they had fruit y'all,
Fruit is important volunteers trust me you made it.

[1:06:38] So many things to worry about.
Was that it was about,
The rum buckets. Not the red dead redemption two. But it just says amazing game with some of the best storytelling ever. Ever. But also Steve points out. He's played so many games of Domino's and,
It was like it.
You can play dominant you could spend yeah oh cards,
It it is a ridiculously deep,
Game, video game, I mean,
It's just okay. We'll just keep going, I guess. Okay,
Hey Facebook keep going around the desert. Again,

[1:08:01] I I tried to briefly and I was like,
Hey, you should think about it most. If you find a good one, they're great. Yeah. If you find a bad one where the community is toxic,
So, I don't play.
That's good.
Oh yeah. Okay.

[1:08:35] Bob,
Hey Facebook,
Anybody in the audience who wants to join us tonight the Jackbox,
Echo I wasn't.
Hey Facebook,
Quip lashes we've been playing recently this one's called Gamer,
Whatever. Anyway, I think we've got everybody in lawy. Make sure you guys can hear the audio because I know Lee freaks out when she can't hear it.
Just I just need to make sure it's there a little bit.

[1:09:46] No but it's okay. You hear that? Alright.
I'm not sure where if it's going out to the right feet or not.
Where is it actually playing? And remember folks, even if you don't wanna play, it's you get to vote on us.
Can you hear that Natalie or no?

[1:10:12] Alright so and John before I get to say it you can't go away right after all this is over cuz I gotta talk to you about two things.
Okay. Alrighty. Well, here we go. We're gonna start.

[1:10:30] Said I'm gonna share something. What are we doing now?
You should be getting stuff into your stuff. You're thinking,
I'm your host Schmidty and could you please take off your shoes I just cleaned the game
Round one is on deck.
I'm gonna flash two prompts on your device type something ingenious that will stand up against another players response then everyone will vote for their fave and one of you will get an ego boost
You're going to get points based on the percentage of votes you get so don't hold back.
John FYI on mine at least it looks very like you zoomed in.

[1:11:21] Okay.
I don't know what that means but okay so those of you that are playing should have some prompts on your,
On your device there. Zan does point out the western volunteer village will be in this according to Zan. We'll be in the Savannah Ballroom on the 10th floor. You can take us squares up to the ninth floor,
When the escalator,
Elevator all the way up to the 10th floor. I don't think it's an elevator. You have to take the escalator.

[1:12:08] And also I will remind everyone how to get a hold of us. You can Email us at the unique geek. Sorry. 50 days.
That's five oh D A Y S T H E U N I Q U E G E K,
Dot com.

[1:12:33] And time is almost up for those of you playing 10 seconds left to go.

[1:12:52] I think you got something on your face. Yeah, oh no, that's just the glare off your bald head.
Title of a Broadway musical that takes place in the world of War Craft Universe.

[1:13:10] Title of the Broadway musical that occurred that takes place in the World War Craft Universe Warcraft the musical the series or crimes on Azarov.

[1:13:22] It looks like crimes on Azarth is the winner.
And mine was the other one because I don't know anything about.
You have to paint the walls,
At Sports.
Or dragon stickers I guess.

[1:13:59] Let's see.
The Fortnite crossover nobody expected which by the way,
Hey Fortnite crossover at this point.
You kids have it so easy,
Your kids have it so easy before the game we had to blank to get our video games walk to blockbuster or use cans on strings.
I like both of them but it looks like walk to blockbuster gets over the pal family gets the quick flash.

[1:15:17] That's yeah walk the box.
The subtitle of a movie based on Minecraft,
The subtitle of a movie,

[1:15:44] And did we split? Oh, no, we can just come back Steve's gets 55% of the vote.
Hey Mario.
We're just going to fall in a hole, Mario. You're just gonna fall over.
Lee, can you read this or no? Never mind. No, i can't cuz it's all little.
Yes let's you manage blank online gambling or sexual harassment assignments.
Oh y'all let's be a little nicer here.
Harassment training and I told my boss I didn't need to take it cuz I knew that harass is one,
Not that crazy.

[1:17:11] Title for a Mario game produced by rock star games.
Title for a Mario game produced by rock star games the princess or grand theft warrior.

[1:17:31] I don't know does it work does Warrior say that? I have no idea.
Kevin Marygan 100% of those.
Let's take a video.

[1:18:05] Wait,
Since Nintendo is a Japanese company that technically.

[1:18:19] Now first of all.
Your video game track director so so I'm gonna,
Do not believe Mario Japanese.
Is that true?
Oh god I just got it.
Oh my god. It's a forever to put together in my head.

[1:18:59] Anyway just get to the 10th floor anyway you can then go to the Savannah Ballroom,
There you go.
Get up there and they are also said that my hair looks nice and thank you Dan.
And i have. Kevin, I hate you. Kevin, I hate you with all.

[1:19:30] I might have to listen to this one again. So, it's okay.

[1:19:41] You gotta do the exact opposite of what I did which is.

[1:19:55] Blank a verb meaning the active flipping the board.

[1:20:06] Blank a verb meaning the active flipping the board flipper rage or rage halting?
Would that be flipperage? Flip.
I would actually thinking of it as Flipperage and then I realized what it,
You wrote it. You,
Hey portal,
The darkest wizard or thing.
Guys yeah.

[1:21:00] Looks like dark as soon as it gets audience favorite and the other one wins.
A weird sport choice for the next Mario spinoff.

[1:21:20] If you can dodge a rich.
That would be bad that would be a bad idea.
What gamers and musicians have in common they stay up all night or both,
What gamers and musicians have in common they stay up all night or both spend hours playing the same thing.
Or some men,
Will you stop saying that?
Even though it's now been taken by other people.
Hey the number of people that called the Xbox one the X bone.
Because if you put it together.

[1:22:40] Let's see.
The munchkin expansion were all waiting for.

[1:22:55] Night,
King or pink.

[1:23:19] Some people knew what it meant.

[1:23:28] In uncommon way to be banned from a game store.
Hour who you are sir,
An uncommon way to be banned from.
Is there anybody who buys any game and doesn't complain at some point?
Toe in a box.
The real reason say I stop making consoles. The dream past is perfect. Might as well quit or Nintendo symptoms sonics toe in a box,
Both excellent answers.
Audience favorite was.
Damn it. I really wish I kept the damn thing.

[1:24:55] Yeah it's part of my antique video game console collection now so oh,

[1:25:20] Hey Lee I haven't hint for you. You can turn your phone sideways.

[1:25:29] Does it work?

[1:25:40] She literally turned her camera sideways 'cuz her, she's using her phone tonight. No, I turned my phone sideways and that's what is. That is your camera but anyway.

[1:25:51] So one more time ways to get a hold of us are 50 days at the unique geek. Com or calling our comment line at 8133210 tug. Let's (813) 321-0884.

[1:26:05] Excuse me.
10 to 9 days away. If you're listening on the podcast version.
Your fifth cosplay costume. You got just enough time. You got 9 days. I'm sure you can get it done.

[1:26:38] And now, musical inner league.

[1:26:51] Oh, mama. Mama.

[1:27:01] Three reasons gamers break up with their significant others,
Too many blue turtles or critical hit,
Significant other.

[1:27:18] They forgot they had one or they beat them at their game three reasons gamers break up with their significant others,
Hey forget they had one. Let's see it. Too many blue turtles a conflict. Too many blue turtles.
Three nicknames,
Basement loser fat disappointment sad,
That is really nice.
Three responses.
You would trade,
Bottle caps nuclear waste in brains or nose hair trimmers toenail clippers and eyelash curlers,
It's really.

[1:28:45] Radio watch. Looks like a,
Little too much emphasis on personal grooming products.

[1:28:59] Three rejected Pokemon slogans before settling on gotta catch them all,
Just like herpes catch 'em all.
Or take all my money,
Or Pikachu's to take all the money. Have fun. Who's the third one with the question mark at the end? Just like Herbie's catch them all. Come waste your time and money.
Take all my money Pikachu's to take all the money,
Take all my money Pikachu's for to take all the money and have fun wins.

[1:29:49] Steve was winning.
Way to go way to go,
Temperature's bad.
So Kevin one more time.

[1:30:28] I am in the western. We're at it.
And you can reach me on Facebook dragon ConVG or dragon VG on Twitter. There you go.
And yeah, and be sure to ask him, you know, when you get there, to his room, ask him if it's too late to add a new panel,
I'm sure that he has plenty of time in his schedule. He can just move some things around for you. It's not a big deal really.
Hey Facebook,
You get to do the you know the turtle heads in the bed. I do have to ask a friend to ask what year is this for you for as director Kevin?
As directors since 2008. So, do you volunteer,
That's a long time. And i know.

[1:31:41] Yeah, I took a couple of years off there in the middle but,
For us gamers of all kinds and of course Steve says thank you Kevin and Phil. And Phil good luck tonight. Well I guess that he's not playing.
Who could like your kid? Yeah. Hope the kids didn't get hit. Yeah. Yes. It'd be interesting. It's interesting that a wide receiver hasn't been hit yet.
It seems because he's very very fat.
Football game,
I tried that approach one time on a football field it did,
For Phil.

[1:32:48] Never mind.

[1:32:55] Music.

[1:33:02] Production of the unique geek.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:33:29] Music.