Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 42 - Giving Time

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Hey portal,
This is the unique heat.

[0:37] Hey,

[0:50] But not really this year.
We need to fix that there and hold on y'all.
I'm still having computer problems as is my husband. So, whatever Gremlins have gotten into our computers, need to go away. But John, yes. John, there's an end. There's a big announcement. Most people already know it.
Oh I know you didn't it's 100% it's 100% accurate though right now,
Absolute second that we are doing this yet absolutely completely accurate.
It's different right now than it was 2 seconds ago.
I've been having I've been rewatching the the what do you call it.

[2:10] A good place. The good place again for like, this is gotta be like my 30th time. It's it's a ridiculous amount of time. I fall asleep to it all the time.
Pleasant. Now, a lot of yelling, not a lot of,
Neurosis with GD but John John the other thing,
Wanna remind everybody bring them.
But yeah that's that's that's good well I mean,
I suppose depends on your perspective but it's it's terrible that we actually even that we even need them still.

[3:02] You know, it is. No. Nothing has changed really at the at the end of the day. I mean, we're,
But still.

[3:24] But John, you know, you said we are the podcast against and you are right.
George Runner West and we're gonna catch up a little bit because of course it's right at the end and everybody wants to talk to us. Right. But John, did you know I have a feral cat that I've adopted?
Go on. You didn't have more. You have more. I have more,
And then they will neuter for free a cat and then you come get the cat and you put it,
Backyard which is really good cuz I don't want lots of cats. I'm already got one.
What John? I mean, do you know how good.

[4:32] And you know and all I gave him food everyday he gives me,
I haven't seen any nice or any chipmunks recently.
But that's good i mean it feels so good to give doesn't it yeah it does now,
Does Dragon can do anything to get I'm trying to get it to this point here.
Did you know a dragon con does? You know what? Lots of charity. We got people to talk to.
Which is I have been saying the name wrong. Oops me
Who is also talking with us tonight about what are wonderful charity dollars are gonna do. Hi.

[5:32] So
So so Jody,
Yeah for a while but it came out of military sci fi and one of the guests was trying to raise money to help.

[5:54] I believe it was hurricane Katrina.
Yeah. And as a fan.
Fans of Driving Con. We all wanna, you know, help others that are also expensive
Impacting Atlanta,
Made us who we are. We like to help them.
I'm sure that Stacy can explain it so much better than I could ever. And that's where we're going now. So Stacy,
Hey Facebook,
Serving Atlanta and even you know throughout Metro Atlanta and we've.

[7:05] Expanded our reach throughout the state of Georgia this past,
Homebound people with chronic illness we're serving children and families it's neighbors nourishing neighbors we're providing them with delicious nourishing meals nutrition.

[7:31] To people that that don't have. They would not delivering to them. They would not know where their next meal is coming.
Hey Facebook painful isn't it? Yeah John. I'm just like my heart's kinda hurting there. Yeah.

[7:48] And you know we we can statistics all day long but our clients do live most well below the federal poverty line,
They are from under resource communities so we're providing a really important service in and we're coming from a health-based perspective. We're making sure these meals are healthy and nourishing and providing each individual client with weather.
If they have a kidney disease they're gonna get the right number of carbs and sugars and everything oh wow they need yeah,
If they don't eat pork, we're gonna make sure that we customize their meal plan. If they don't, if they're vegetarian even we can customize their meal plans. So, it's a very detailed, very
Program but we are working everyday just to make sure our clients get those meals that they rely on and we deliver them right to their door.
Well it's a great program you said 88 I started college in Atlanta in 88 and I volunteered for project open hand when it was helping HIV and Aids patients
With delivering nails and things like that. So, I did wear a hairnet and then, you know, help put up meals and things like that. So, it's been around forever. It's been great things. I like how.

[9:08] You know expand what you can do for charity not charity I'm sorry for the,
And Jody as you kinda said just a minute ago,
Look at the projects all over
Tiny bit. Tiny bit.
You don't have a huge staff,
It's it's it's small. We have including, you know, all the operation staffs are a staff are delivery drivers.
Hey nutrition nutrition nutritionist and our accountants and you know everything
And you serve a whole.

[10:33] That's a significant,
I have trouble making four.
So does that mean so.

[10:53] Roughly 5000 people are fed a day than by your organization. So, you know, a client might get a Biana seven meal a week.
Plan or 10 meal week plan so on average right we have maybe 1200 clients going but,
That's not 5000 clients.

[11:17] Well, enough amazing what you can do with your budget and things like that. I know this is a nonprofit. So, that's why it's so important that.

[11:27] People give
Quickly plug the fact that superheroes which is a dragon con where we go out into the community and actually do work.
You've been partnering with Open Hand Atlanta to help them make
Meals at certain times of the years and was really also great and is we've gotten the children of a lot of the people that volunteer to come and they also draw Valentine's Day cards and Thanksgiving cards which
They get to go out with the meals and it's just shows our love,
This year it's constant we like to be a part of the open hands just putting in hours and being a part of the community,
It's our favorite day on campus.
Yeah. Oh, wow. Oh, no. It's Georgia.
Yes we'll have snacks at the table for donations people might be able to get their own
Really good to be a part of it. Not just the the fundraising. So, yeah.

[12:53] Well Jody I have to say you said people may,
I had to mail some in. Yeah
It's an all ages project. Yeah. I really wish that I had gone to do it but I was in there making meals. I was hoping that stuff and getting it in there. But yeah.

[13:22] If you find coloring supplies and such like that I am right there.
And it looks like hold on there we go can you,
Yeah. Can you see that? Anyways, so this year, we did volume two.
And we have so many different events. I believe we have a do we have a image of?
This, there you go. That's what volume two looks like and some of the pictures that are inside to color.
Because we have all these dragon con artists that are listed right there. And
Oh Karen is awesome I actually have some Karen artwork in my den and I also have doing
Hey my nephew actually one of the things.

[14:36] Go one more. Sorry. No.
Where to go?
Yang Yaniger. No.
Very good. You got Burch, Donahue, Alexandra, Make Peace, and Vandoren, and Urban Pop and Fien,
A yarrow is how I would get and I hope I said that right. But these are you guys know these artists. I don't know these artists except for Karen Halian and a couple of other names. Because I'm not as big into comics.
Who these people are and this is
This is an awesome coloring book. There is not one child yet in my family who has not gotten one
Stole a second one because he pulled up the first 21 did it again? Yeah. I know.

[16:04] That's what I tried to do. Yup. So, I'm so excited. We have lots of different events. Collin has kind of invaded Dragon Con. Yeah. So, we have
Morning calorie that's being hosted by the video game track in the western so I think all three mornings you can find it there and they also have coffee,
I think the current somebody whisper that was free but I'm gonna suggest that they should take donations but.

[16:30] That's me and trying to get everything I can. No. The the funny thing.

[16:35] The first volume came out in 2019, right? Yes, that is correct. Yes. So, it's it's first year. It's funny cuz it.
Cuz you know, coloring really did take off. It was already turned out but during the pandemic, so if you'd
You got that then you already had you know you already had some materials you are already ready for the rest of your ready to go yeah.
So, but we have also coloring at night. I'm excited cuz we do coloring for charity. It's one of the events that the charity events does and we expanded it from one night to
All four nights so,
You can come color Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in the Hyatt in the Learning Center, which is where the film fest used to be, but due to some weird things where it kinda having a hiatus on the film test for. Yeah.
So, we're gonna have a chill room. There's gonna be a little bit of music going. We got the crayons. We got the the colored pencils and everything going,
And I bet Dragon Con would love some donations at that not just of your money but if you got like me a gajillion crayon sets,
Bringing them to dirty to so
Be prepared for that.
We'll have we'll have a table at the Sheritan.

[18:04] Okay,
Click and and donate that way of course we'll have a text to give option anybody can do that now if you're listening you can text Dragon Con to (470) 491-1001
Text Dragon Con all one word to 470.

[18:30] 4911001,
There we go.
Download the whatever but it's it'll be there and we'll also put it in the,
It should also show up in the description inside of the podcast as well that number. Right.
We've got a little costume plan going on.

[19:24] All events awesome I can't wait and then you said you're gonna have some of the T shirts there too,
Open hand for their projects. This is not a huge group. I know it sounds like a lot of employees but trust me,
So every dollar that we get donated turns into two,
So, it multiplies and it goes to a good cause. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and put this out there in the world.
Set it for a few years but I've never done it publicly. If we hit the 100 1000 mark where they had to put in every single dollar that they've you know said that they're gonna do. I'm gonna give blood.

[20:12] Do you not normally do that? Terrified of needles. So,
Here's another I'm sorry Jenny keep going no I'm just absolutely terrified it is one of needles is one of my biggest fears and.

[20:30] Right?
Hey Facebook hold your hand cuz you know you got my text cuz we text all the,
I've also told,
Lights out.
What on average what is,
For you guys as far as you know. So, I don't have that exact figure but.

[21:18] Volunteers are so keen.
The private putting out is here.
Keeping the doors right,
Oh yes.

[21:57] Latex gloves because my husband's a chef as I said you gotta have latex gloves when you're dealing with food
Certain times during this the last couple of years 2021 and it's getting a little better now but you know those prices went up,
I also wanna say his dirty said it that Dragon Kong will match dollar to dollar up to 100 1000. Now, there are 60 1000 of us at Dragon Con this year,
60 1000
No I know some people I get it you can't and I understand I really actually I've been there,
And unfortunately wasn't able to buy the,
But if you can't give $two that's great because then.
And John's gonna be mad. What?
John Aware costume next year.
You have made a guarantee.

[23:27] Of somebody else doing something if other people do work as well.

[23:36] Yes.
For you, Jody. Jerry to say, I sympathize,
I'd rather have someone come at me with a knife than eat than a needle. Yeah. The kicker, my blood type means south, south, life south, put me on the center fusion. So, I got the needle in me for an hour.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have one of those blood types where they would request me to do that as.
You're gonna sparkling.
We talked about that during the audio we did and we'll get that information back up there so if you can make an appointment I already made mine
You've got what Stacy I'm sorry.
I have no idea why. Right. But there's so much better after I've been blessed.

[25:04] Jerry. Yeah.
John, you can do this.
So that would I have to call you master than at that.

[25:29] I think that's what,
My mom was in the hospital recently is one of the many reasons why I've been rare this this season. But while she was there.

[25:50] She told we were talking about I was gonna drag Conor whatever and they go oh yeah he goes during con. He dresses up.
He dressed up one of those furry things he's always been but the fur I'm like mom that is,
I don't know, 5 years ago, 6 years ago,
So, we did it. Yeah, we did it.
Hey I was even using the the real heels. I was using like the the ones. Yes. Bigger square bottoms. Whatever those things are called. I don't know how you do that all day.

[26:40] Anyway, but but I did have questions. By the way, she's telling us that everybody, all the nurses, everybody that's saying there. And I'm going, it's not happening. It's not true. I'll show you the picture. I'm not, I'm,
And they they rob on each other I'm like
Yes that would be the next question I should've asked.
Let's have a question. What is Jody's favorite board game? They love the backgrounds play. Favorite one is Toku Noko,
Play little panda and i make little nom nom sounds when he eats the bamboo.
No yo.

[27:35] Panda eats bamboo and the gardener grows bamboo and it's it's cute. I love it. That's fine. It's fine. Just.
Don't take the pieces cuz that'll upset Phil Collins. Yeah. Are there any pieces?
Extract said if they if we raised $4000 by Sunday. Right. I would order a costume and I wore a costume.
All day. There's Wonder Woman.

[28:15] Yeah i did it i kept telling people come up and go I can tighten your course and I'm like I like to breathe no I have ribs I really desperately need to breathe.
I'm sorry Stacy as we go down this rabbit hole.
Other ways to
For Open Hampton. What are some of those things?
Do we get a,
Play movies, and to escape, you have to pay. And that donation goes to into us, our fundraising. We also have things,
The longer you stay in the room,
Wonderful being a very subjective advocate.

[29:45] There's a group that does miniature painting and you think that's over in the America Smart in the app it didn't have the correct
I'm sure that they will update that at some point. We also.

[30:13] So that's really exciting.
No one has ever beaten him. Yeah. No one had ever. So, if you have somebody that please chess, you know, send them over that way and make them prove their medal.
So we have that. We also have comedy for a cause which is on Thursday night.
No, let's see. I'm trying to think of some of the other ones without looking at my notes cuz I don't know. Well, hold on.
Did you know media it has Thursday night you can type it into the the the fancy app thing and pull it up and it's for the number four so comedy for.

[31:04] A cause but,
Hey then over in role playing,
Hey Facebook
Reroll or roll.
You're just putting money in a pot but you're you're getting to experience something new,
Hey holding up something that I'm very excited about the second annual,
Five K is coming up and here's the design at least what wearing the one that's from last year
They are huge. As somebody said is defend your home with it
Play video game that shows some sort of distant
And then later after the convention, oh, you got one too. Yeah.
But it.
I have a bunch of other medals from when I used to run back in the day and this this is by far my my most my favorite and I have Mickey I have Mickey Mouse ones and everything this this is this.

[32:32] Of all the medals I have. This is probably the most best quality,
Hey Facebook
Somebody said that they could defend their home with it. So that gives you an idea of it's it's not just a little thing. The sign up which really exciting is you'll also get a race bab that you can print off.
And then go like put it on yourself. You know, go walk your dog. Go ride your bicycle. Do something.
Take a picture. Put it up on social media. And you get to put your own name on it and your own number. So, you know, you can be you can be clever.
Which I've done a few times and come up with something that's geeky and that has an associated number with it. But it's lots of fun and.

[33:33] It it's something that you get to wear but if you notice the design this year is a nod to the Brit track because when you sign up there's a little survey for you to fill out your favorite track.
Hey Facebook,
I see it now yeah and the dragon's drinking tea with a little
The plate of biscuits and,
How much is the entry fee I'm sorry I made mistakes
And or get this fun souvenir that you will always have. Yeah. Any in all all proceeds again go to Open Hand Atlanta.
Yup and get matched.

[34:57] Rebellious because we're,
You know, we're for so far in fantasy fans. Who else can be more rebellious from the things we love with X-Men and talking about mutant rights? Guys, there was a whole club text there.
We are already,
My 10 year old self got that when return to the Jedi came out.

[35:38] I like this ticket to the man because you know what it's always fun the problem here is when you're sticking it to the man in quote.
Actually we really love Rachel and the board and they take every penny out of their their wallet,
You would be doing Adam's family cosplay. I don't recall that. But she says for charity. Obviously.
I I assume.

[36:33] Sarah Sarah hey Facebook.

[36:39] Stacy now let me ask you this cuz it's where my dad was back,
I don't wanna go into your or your financials but if if you were to get the 200 1000 total that is a significant amount for,
I mean. That is amazing.
The services are of oh cost to our client. Oh, that's right.
The clients are paying nothing. I'm good.
Do video calls and screenings,
All kinds of programs with our clients. We go to senior centers and we teach them about healthy cooking and what they can do on a budget and.

[37:35] Classes in schools for school age kids and their families. So, it's it's we try and do really a 360° program of services to to not just,
Help the people who need the meals now but,
Costs cost less on your health care plan if you have one and you know it's it's just all all trickles down that that food is medicine but,
We know that food is love.
Yes so food is live and and food is medicine too so,
Do you have a project that is something that has makes it convenient for Marta?
Not not particularly but our cooking matters pedigram and the program with our dietitians they they make sure that they're picking communities and community centers they're accessible,
Transportation or senior services.

[38:56] Gatter.

[39:03] Ever at beach who.

[39:08] Yes there are four live options during yes we do and earlier you guys were chatting about how the app was live and correct well it
Is missing our actions. So, if you're looking at the app and you don't see the options, know that they will be coming up
But we have the book and art auction that's on Saturday in the Hyatt they're all in the early online are in the Hyatt anniversary D and E.

[39:34] And there's the little thing about the online auction that's going on right now.
Five one they military sci-fi the track
Puts together all of their own donations and things like that. I just kinda help with the the computer and the the the little things and you know I'm the backbone of making sure that they can
Do all the stuff that they do and it's fantastic,
Because all the various different artists that are in the art show I think
Quite a few of them get these special objects and they paint the special objects and then those go into the option. So, it's really exciting and that's with Tony Galle and Everett.
So the boat is very good together to to get the crowd all riled up and right you know.

[40:38] Right and i will also do a plug and then start it with extract and the only reason I know that is long time ago I was told that hey that was a great idea
On monday we would always have a bucket and we would say hey you know you don't wanna take the police change with you on the airborne,
It's heavy. It's really actually if you think about it coins are heavy.
Put it in here and then make fun noises and the tracks will have those buckets that they will do that you can put your coins in at any time but especially on Monday
That's always good.
Copies of the coloring books to,
Help me get the coloring books out there so ask your favorite track,
See you if they have any at them otherwise
So have them in the west end each morning. And then all,
Through another coloring events you should probably be able to find them there as well. So, now we we learned this earlier. There is actually a.

[42:02] Charity auction going on right now and huh. Tell everyone about that.
So John Hartness is an author he is a great friend to Dragon Con. He loves D and D. So what he does is he,
D and D on stage live campaign and you can bid to be on stage with them. There's one seat. So, you usually pulls in various different author friends. So, you all sit up there and get to joke and.

[42:32] Be a part of this great storytelling of with Dungeons and Dragons
How do people actually,
Well I do not know the web address are exactly but you can go to the
The to Facebook. You should be able to find this post. It has this image and it'll have the information linked.
Find it's.

[43:02] I can't remember. I wanted the the literature groups is the ones that are sponsoring it. No, but you should be able to find it.
We'll find and we will find I will find it for John and John will also have it in the write up for this as well how long does that online option go,
I think till Saturday cuz you're playing on Sunday. So, yeah.
Yeah it's fun. Lots of fun there. And do you understand that's John Hartness Hartness who is an author
Played by john bearman. You know, not having them just like.

[43:41] You know, somebody named Dwayne Johnson might be a dragon but that does not mean The Rock is on the guest list.
So, Stacey, have you ever been to a dragon com before? Will you this be the first time you're attending?
I've dipped my toe in. I've been a spectator at the parade and I think one of the first years that we met Rachel and the family we went to kinda to say hello and kinda pick our heads in. Yeah.

[44:11] I have not I have not,
Send us an amazing list of speaking opportunities so we'll you know we'll pop up one of us from our team will pop up at these auctions you know anywhere we get a chance to,
Get one more plug in for open hands and we'll take advantage of it but like I said we're set you know we're just so excited that you know philanthropy is such an important,
Raising 150 to if we can do $200 thousand John I mean,
And somebody who used to work for the government and read Grant proposals.
The government money and it does help everybody but folks it's not what keeps these places going it is our donations that keep places like this going and that's why.

[45:12] Open hand Atlanta has always been at such frander dragon com because we do. I mean, y'all we hail.
You know, that awful, awful.

[45:32] Which is just terrible to say for a first world country.
And their book for the grace of God could be some of us. So,
I really, if we can't, if you can give, give with your heart folks. I'm already gonna be gonna sign up. I'm already gonna text to give as soon as I'm not using my phone for this. I'm gonna be texting to give tonight.
And I'm also gonna go get my second medal,
Five K. Oh yeah.
I think I could probably sit there and say I do a virtual marathon.
And I would say for anybody who's counting stats if you're going up.

[46:41] From the Sheriff. Get him triple,
It's hot in Atlanta.
I crave some green green stuff,
And they do have places that have lots of vegetables but unfortunately they also put a lot of salt on those veggies cuz we're southern.
Doesn't count, right? Right.
So I wanted to make sure that I mentioned something. We haven't really talked about quite yet in the public.
So David always stored and cat copies of previous program guides and guides and T shirts and hard rock pins and
Hey watches and all these really cool.

[47:58] Things that they've kept in the vault. They've opened it up and donated.
A bundle of the most complete program.
Collection a program guides and it has like all the information in the stories and the guests and everything in there. So, that's something to look forward to and the hard rock pins.
The parker stopped,
Option for years. Yeah.
We're opening that thing if you have a favorite year of like the first year you came to Dragon Town and you're like I wish I had this program guide while we have them.

[49:14] We have all the blues print click guides as well you know how you use the little highlight
I would spend hours reading instructions and then highlight yeah kids,
Kids back in the day.
We would have to, you know, get our hands all dirty in order to figure out where we were going at Dragon. We didn't have that fancy
And and back then it would snow in Atlanta.
So, get up.

[50:13] Hey.

[50:25] And I love how you talked about the art auction. There's also art in the main option.
That will get into a bidding warfare I'm not bidding this year for my friend cuz my friends coming but,
They they go high and they go fast. Yeah. They're some really exciting things today. Awesome. No, yeah, always, always.
Do you have that for this year? No, no, no, that wasn't like. Oh, okay. 19, 2019. Oh, okay.
It's a really cool thing.

[51:06] Prototype of the stuffed dragon,
Because i do have dragons I can all the dragons you're not on folks I'm sorry if you're not watching this in video but,
I like the I like,
I gotta tell my husband.

[51:56] Oh, I would be bit out on that too fast though. So, I better not put my little heart on that one. That is really great,
Stacy said she's gonna be in the Sheridan,
Hey Facebook,
Hey Facebook.

[52:37] I I know you probably can't do this year or but anything but I do know that that you know like especially like McDonald's and and Ronald McDonald House and things that they have you know or,
Walmart doesn't know too or you can round up to the next dollar for for charity and we actually do that during the auction when people are checking out for the auction. We can round up.
Cool. Cool.
Which I'm thrilled that we have a QR code to give and everybody will have that they'll be signs in all the,
Rooms. I am assuming. Yes.
So, that'll be great but hey, we like Josh. Can I see good? And if you're doing that, round it up if you can.
You are going to be where again your table so people can ask for info we will be at the Sheraton,
We'll hang up for a little while on Monday with you guys as everybody's wrapping up. We'll also have a smaller booth kind of a booth at the at the marquee.

[53:54] Hey let me ask you this too where where can people find more information about your organization,
Sure we are open hand Atlanta. Org so it's.

[54:08] Dad is actually we we like to play a game with our guests at the end of our podcast so I think we're all in that's gonna get in so I can open it up to the oh I gotta actually share this here we can open it up to the,
For right now John is gonna play and I'm gonna be the one reading which means that y'all are gonna see me kinda going like this because my progressive lenses are,
You guys can hear the audio right?

[54:54] And I'll mute this when we're.
Quick lash three,
By the way, if you didn't get in the game, you can still vote as an audience member. Type in the room code to join,
Sorry Sarah it's round one,
Oh yes, points. You score points based on the percentage of voters who like your answers. Clear enough, sure hope so. Let's go.
Okay and I wanna say to everyone who. You get to vamp.
There are two,
Why does everybody take so long? There's only one and he lives like, no, there's two and I was like, what? And.

[56:06] Also a dragon kind Sarah Rose is saying it's hard to believe Con starts in 7 days which is not true.
Concerts in 9 days as we are taping this yes Sarah Tuesday might be the new Thursday but dragons are officially starts on Thursday.

[56:28] You big fiber.
That is true. Highlighters will do that. I think I said at one point during all of this that I highlighted what I like and that was the wrong saying thing to say because I don't highlight. I just put a lot of things on schedules and,
So I know that those are the things that I like and then I make little notes to myself of which one is number one number two or number three.
So people hurry up.

[57:09] Okay keep up 4 seconds three.

[57:15] Okay Stacy did you get dinner.
It's okay. You can do it next time. It's okay. Okay. It came up this time. I had to refresh.
So here's the front the first thing you'd say if you made first contact was aliens on behalf of her.
The answer is turn around save yourselves why you can't wait to go press way to go.

[57:44] Ok genetic engineered you can make one change to geek what is it.

[57:54] You can make one change to geese you genetic and here's what is it bigger feet.

[58:04] Oh boy oh boy oh boy and here we go,
Yeah. I'm not able to cancel. I've learned, I've learned one thing. I cannot, I cannot run the show and do this the same.
I know ok the one thing green lantern isn't allowed to create with his ring more rings or an alternate power source shape is it all.
One thing green lantern isn't allowed to create with his ring more rings or an alternate power source shaped as it all.

[58:38] I would like I would like more rings to be honest with you.
I'm in voting either. See, that's the only thing. I've completely forgot that I have to vote. Everything else. Yup.

[58:58] A good way to tell is your spouse has been replaced by a shake shifting alien. They actually gently shape shift into me or he eats sweet.

[59:08] That probably would do it for some a good way to tell if your spouse has been replaced by a shape shifting alien they act.

[59:19] For me it would be I would that tell my husband would.

[59:28] Accidentally shape shift in community.

[59:37] Honestly what does Godzilla want?
To destroy the Tokyo within us all.

[59:54] And Jody was saying how she likes the game when I play King of Tokyo or King of New York I make the monk annoyed.
And the winner was all of the one night bars from Chris Whittle with Weedles.

[1:00:27] Something you probably shouldn't do in oh gravity.
Now I'm gonna I'm gonna let you I'm gonna let you know this is a safety clip for me because again I could not I was trying to be like three different things at the same time so I just hit.

[1:00:44] Safety problem.

[1:00:47] I'm read yes he say.

[1:00:55] It was a super quick wash. Way to go.
Here we go. The one another one. The worst part about being stuck in a time loop.

[1:01:15] Wearing the same undies or never getting to have a birthday.

[1:01:24] But the worst one.
Wearing the same undies.

[1:01:38] See if I can give if I could give Sarah Rose my position or or or Marcella. What somebody? I would do that. Because.

[1:01:48] And right now Bo is leading the pack.

[1:01:56] The Play Doh look is fantastic.

[1:02:01] Alright, everyone's got new prompts. New prompts on your devices.

[1:02:06] And here we go. You got 90 seconds. We've already got them down. John, go answer. I,
There you go. So, this is all gonna be great. No, it is not Tuesday when dragon concerts. It is Thursday, no matter what people might say in the chat room,
I also wanna remind people that there are coloring books and you have coloring events from Dragon Pond and these are great,
These coloring books are always fun. I,
My nieces and nephews and actually just random people. Love coloring them. They're wonderful. They are very beautiful art and then you get to make it more beautiful with coloring.
So, come on. Coloring books and I did the product. I have one in one to say and that's why it was a little upset,
Wonder for me to play with oops
Go and ask them.
Daniel will clean your clock.

[1:03:35] And here we go with round two John did you get it in.

[1:03:50] I guess I should put the sound back on.

[1:04:01] Hey.

[1:04:11] Kinda like the duck from.

[1:04:16] Maybe the no chicken.
Hey portal.

[1:04:31] There we go.
Portal robot.
Actually I would have put beats cuz usually,
That is true. Hey.
The sequel we need to see alien versus predator versus Garfield,
An odd order from John Luke,

[1:06:00] Really would like if it was.

[1:06:06] It looks like.
The quickest way to get spots mad at you.
Because there was no answer and that would have been for me. That was me. I actually started ty.
To take the touring test that was a good one John Chris we don't want that one the shopping twist,
The shocking twist ending M night Shamalon has plan for you it was all a dream or,
See more dead people.

[1:06:51] I like both of those answers a great deal but those were really really good answers.

[1:07:10] Telescope,
The Marriott Carpet replacement or cling ons preparing for battle,
Both excellent answers. Both excellent.

[1:07:43] If you are cyborg you'd want this gizmo built into your body rock it launcher.

[1:07:53] Rocket launchers.

[1:08:05] And Gabe gets it with rocky puncher shoulders.
Those hats.
Everybody? Alright, here's the new score and,
The red flag.

[1:08:44] Ok John go away and answer.

[1:08:48] Alright.
Go play go play the game,
An art and i wrote him down on Saturday book an art auction Sunday AM.
That's the main option that you can go to. Military sci fi. We'll have an option and art show has an option. So, you wanna see all those options. Those are live.

[1:09:32] It gets pretty intense folks and if you listen to military sci fi as is we chatted about hopefully they're gonna ask Michael thanks cuz,
I have no idea.
Think we're the same age. Also, just remember those have really cool things. You talked about them.
From the start.
All of the hard rock pin sets for the 10 years they've been doing it folks.

[1:10:15] Those are really cool and they go fast. That is gonna be something.

[1:10:22] Me too.
Here you go if you're too scared to cut open your arm what are the three ways of discovering your secretly robot,
Squeaky joints or.
Or i wake up on time and there's more motor oil in my coffee and that's not three.
Hey Facebook,
You know, there's only one answer there but that's a pretty good one. That's a pretty, yeah, very good.
And Sarah Rose said Michael Shanks is 51.

[1:11:49] Ok put that.

[1:11:58] Three things in group,
Stripped wires expose circuits large batteries or electric youth electric light orchestra electric photooo,
I actually,
Might dream of stripped wires, expose circuits, large batteries, or electric use, orchestra bug alerts.

[1:12:29] Hey.
We should have put the lawyer golden on the voyage or golden record to really give aliens a gift of humanity.

[1:12:51] Geography.
Three things we should put on the voyage or gold record to really give aliens the juice of humanity.
The winner was the Humpty Dance.

[1:13:18] Chris got a.

[1:13:27] Alright,
I probably only answer two questions.
Cuz people love you. Alright.
So, before we go lately, kill the audio here. So, you got too many things to do.
Jody where is charity events located? Well, we have a lovely booth in Maria, Markie on the Marquee level next to Walk of Fame. We are in the world. Hold on a second. It's usually straight across from Cruise at,
You can blend everywhere. Awesome.

[1:14:55] Absolutely. So, the website's open hand Atlanta. Org.
Hey Facebook.
Scrolling around you'll see that QR code and that text to give information,
And I promise on the next podcast we record you'll see that I have texted to donate because you gotta text the,
4911001 all of these will be in John's
Please deliver it I will also find out how we can sign up for the
Hey Facebook,
Even in costume do do whatever.

[1:16:04] John yes yes put on that costume your mother keeps thinking you might,
Again thank you for joining us tonight I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules,
Jody and Stacy it's it's been a pleasure please give as much as you can and you know,
You know, hey, we're talking early about everyone giving it to $two or whatever. Cover for your friend too.
For Stacy Jody and Lee.

[1:17:07] Hey.

[1:17:14] Music.

[1:17:20] This was a production of the unique geek.

[1:17:29] Thursday 133210884.

[1:17:39] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:17:48] Music.

[1:18:08] Y'all know Phil Colson would want to ride a dragon dragon and he's so cute.