Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 44 - The Horror!

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Levin.
You're funny come back out on your face and give me 25.
Hey, everybody. It is 50 days dragon time and I really really hope John did the first thing when he went,
Bitches Lee and John unfortunately is unavailable that we've had to do,
I'll be very happy in 2 weeks,
Cuz we will all be around everybody. I wanna talk about two things really quickly. Haven't really,
These are promoted. I think that's.
Are on Facebook with Dragon Con there is an information right now about the dragon con.
355. K.
Basically, they figured out that if you do this, you probably don't walk around five mi or 33. 5 mi five km around dragon.

[1:44] I will say that's probably about right. I would say for volunteers and directors, it's probably at least double that. So, thank you volunteers and thank you directors.

[1:55] So, go look at that and charity. We are gonna have charity on,
The coloring book version two coming out I am so excited I buy them for all my nieces and nephews
You know, I never stayed within the lines when I was a kid cuz I was too shaky now.
I'm old and I can't stay within the lines cuz again my hands are too shaky
And in the Atlanta area so unless something really really weird happens I'm gonna be there and John is the same even though he's coming from a southern state
So he'll be here but we because of our great friends can our great Canadian friends Steven right on,
Have a couple of little giveaways to give away. We do not have any because Stephen Rayna did this out of the kindness of their heart
It is very very sweet of them to do this. They are absolutely wonderful people and hopefully actually it might be listening to one or two of them talk
Saying cuz I we're gonna do a Y in the world do I come to Dragon Con from all the way over wherever
Supposedly also.

[3:20] It is the app is live.

[3:26] Panel isn't done until you butts in the seat and the panel's over.
But sometimes things happen. So, the app is up.
Don't make it permanent the best ideas to look at the app like Tuesday and Wednesday and then also remember follow Twitter and follow Facebook because if there are changes
That come up especially big changes. They will be announced there. They will be in the app but I don't know that you get a notice. So,
But I wanna say for those of the three things charity we got some little giveaways from 50 days.
The other thing is i have a wonderful person I'm talking to right now and it's really kinda funny that he's here because I think I've talked in the past that I have a cat,
Come on in. You're with her. Love to talk to you. Whoo hoo.
And she is a beautiful long haired black cat.

[4:31] She is not my my hat my house has a cat.
And I'm not joking.
Whiskers is pure white only one pure white's been that way since she was little.

[4:52] She doesn't. I am not her person. She puts up with me cuz I feed her.
But she's I am not her person Eric but the black cat is sitting here halfway on my notebook,
So, how are you doing? What's going on? I just, I've got a black cat. Do you want a black cat?
Actually happy cat interesting story when I went out to adopt the cat,
I intended to get a black cat because I've heard that they're the last to get adopted and also I have an image to maintain but I wound up getting a white and black cat
And I wouldn't trade her for anything. No, and we wouldn't trade our little diva cat either but it was it's really funny and I think you probably know this. Cats choose their people.
I mean I really do. If there's more than one person in a room catch choose their people.
And usually the person especially if I have other people in the house and the cats dane to come down or the cat now we used to have to but if the cat Dan's two come downstairs.

[6:02] And grace us with present,
Cats, man. Cats. Well, well, yeah.
That cats are in charge then at least I think I'll stand
Have good standing with my own cat. So, I will.
I take it to the pound neuterate and then I can bring it back here.
So there's another boy cat in my backyard that has not been neutered trust me folks you can tell.

[6:50] Kind of we're gonna try to trap in this week and not make any more baby cats which would be good so they.
Baby cats and they're a lot of baby cats but I am glad just like a this cat actually would just showed up 1 day a friend it had been abandoned,
There was a,
Box that said free kittens at a Target,
The cats have found us in some way.

[7:35] Yeah yeah she'll sometimes bite me whenever I'm playing with her but it's,
It's not a it's not a hard vibe. It's a I'm overly excited but. Yes. She doesn't draw blood so then she's not kind of a horror kitty. That's good. That's good. No. No.

[7:54] She's a very good etho. She's a very good cat. Yeah, no,
Goodness, gracious. I've always said this is a resurgence of sci-fi in fantasy but horror has been kicking a lot of butt recently too.

[8:14] Yeah yeah I would say that we've certainly had a resurgence of interest in horror. Mm hmm.

[8:21] And it's hey that's working out for me so. Right.
Right and we'll so now what are some of the I mean I can't believe that I used to always be scared of horror movies I really was I I couldn't the things that jump out
But I think I watched alien and aliens so many times during COVID
That now I'm like oh what else.
Well, you know, it's embarrassing to admit that I'm actually
More of a classic horror fan. So, not a problem. Yeah.
My position at the convention.

[9:13] That's why you also have other volunteers to help you with
Oh, okay. So, especially I know, I wanna ask you a question later about Stephen King as we end up this one because you and I are both big steaming king fans. So, when you say classic car, I mean, what do you like?
I know what new horror is.
You know I would say anything at this point before the year 2000,
Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah, you know me. I'm a child of the 70s and the 80s. So. Heck yeah, baby. Yep.
But yeah but of course my personal interest line more gothic course. So, okay. Number fan of movies that were made in like the 30s.

[10:08] Hey Facebook,
Hey Facebook,
Hey Siri,
And I just I mean I don't know about you but the heart hill house that was on Netflix along with the second one which now I can't remember,
You know, Shirley Jackson stories but they had a very, very classic vibe to them in my kind of that.

[10:46] Gothic kinda feel to him too and they were terrifying to me. Sorry.
Will be look back on as one of the greatest achievements of the genre.
Stood as it's own property with,
Amages to the original.
Eight eight yes and you know it's always great when you see those you know as you you and I are child of the 70s and 80s and 90s and whatever else but.
It's always great when you see some of the people you use to see like I love seeing Timothy Hutton on that.
I love seeing oh my goodness Henry Thomas eat you know Elliot from ET all of those people and it's so funny now that.

[11:42] I realized, especially some of the children, the older children, they've been in movies forever. I just.
They're getting out there a lot more now.
Things like that.
Alien and aliens earlier we're gonna have what has sort of become a.
Yearly tradition of a panel focused on the literary.

[12:27] Sub of the alien franchise like the party and books and things like that we have editor Steve Saffle coming again he'll be heading up that panel.
What's pretty good,
That thing's really good especially because you know I get to walk around track this time I get to walk around driving on it maybe I can go to that panel oh
No. Well, currently and as you said,
Friday at 230 hey that's a nice time man
Middle of the day all that,
Oh yeah there's there's a whole lot of them and we,
Hey Facebook.

[13:33] Okay, now wait. I need that one to explain a little bit more. Help.
Over it it encompasses
Gunslingers there. Yeah. Yeah. So,
I love to read and this is great why you and I talk because John is like it's tech manuals or it's tech manuals or bust.
I I just I love that Dragon Con brings us out because I didn't even think about some of these things literary. It's always been wonderful.

[14:26] It's always been wonderful for me to find new writers and new things I'm gonna read and yeah some of them I didn't they were great but some of them I have adore,
Well, we're going to have some special events. One thing.
One thing that's gonna be very cool is we're going to do a screening of North Fatu it's the 100 year anniversary but we're gonna have a live score by our friends Valentine Wolf.
Oh my god, why don't you, oh, when is that plant? That is awesome. I didn't know it was 100 years. Wow. Yeah.
Yeah. What else.
Why you do these things so late I'm old,
Actually this was a this was a main room panel so it was one of those things it was that was just when the room was available
That's it. You gotta go when you can get in there. That makes a lot of sense. That makes the license. So also, okay, so that's great. I also know you have another special event for the first time ever. Are you telling me about it? And I'm so excited. So,
You have what's going on that people have begged you for free years.

[15:50] Where we're finally doing a track party,
And it's called the open casket party.

[16:09] Okay. Yeah. They're gonna be playing at the same time. I'm not really sure how that's going to work but they.
I'm sure it's gonna be excellent,
DJ Spider and my second in command who's kind of running hurt on this,
Wow. Yeah. Yeah. They're gonna work that out and it should be interesting.

[16:44] Well, I gotta say damn, that's pretty ambitious and pretty damn cool. So, yay. Okay. So, in that is scheduled which night at what I'm like it 2 AM or what? Oh, no, that that is currently scheduled for Friday at 10 PM.
Friday at 10, that,
You said goth night open casket. Okay, help me here. I mean, do you want, of course, gospel dress up? Well, gossip will be there. They don't dress up. Gossip got. Do you want other people in more gossip or gossip?
Outfits or what do you think about
Obviously, this is gonna be at Dragon Con. So, people are going to show up in whatever they're wearing and you know what? That's fine. That's fine to me because if they like the music, they're going to be exposed to a lot of good new music,
Yep. And hopefully here's some old favorites as well.

[17:49] Looking forward to it myself.
Hey who actually runs a successful golf night in Nashville Tennessee. Oh okay. Yeah. He's kind of the person running.
I'm thinking about what I could wear. I actually do have some more gothic.
I'm gonna be wearing a T shirt and cargo pants. So,
Well, I love that because,
Pockets are important,
Phone pockets. Yes. Phone pockets.

[18:58] Well we're always welcome we're always.
Happy to welcome back Harvey Gillan from,
But we do have one panel for what we do in the shadows. Those are always popular.
Oh wow.
So if you're a fan of that show check that out.
What I would like is walking key well me I guess it does have a horror aspect doesn't it,
It's kinda.
Dark fantasy
I just looked up Harvey Gillian and he was in reacher and he played a quarter and it was he was great in that. That's the thing I've seen the most and I know he doesn't.

[20:10] Hey you cut out.

[20:13] Maybe he's gonna be
Who knows? Who knows? Welcome to the internet.
But no I think that's great because he's been a lot of stuff a lot of voice over stuff too so he might be in the
Not well maybe Kali just go talking about it but a lot of maybe something else with a voice over actors he's in the email clubhouse which to me is.

[20:46] Oh my god my nephew love that thing man if I when I hear the song it's it's kinda very oh my I gotta go dance with my nephew and then I'm like oh thank god he's nine now I don't have to dance with him so.
With that. Always good. Okay. So, what other things are you really looking for.

[21:06] Well it sounds cheesy but I'm really looking forward to my seeing my friends,
Kind of the highland of the year for me anyway. Yeah.
No, always good to get back to that, you know, our family reunion with our distant relatives that actually we like instead of trying to hide from,
Yeah I this year they're saying the cuts gonna be around 60 1000 last year it was 40
It was kind of interesting at 40 with five hotels but I'm I'm looking forward to this too cuz we're gonna have some people
To be able to be here and that's gonna be a lot of fun to see those friends and do that. So, very cool.
You're gonna be messed up everywhere. But a question about the mask. Like, do you only wear all black masks or do you have some other horror film kind of,
Or what do you do? You know, I actually don't own one that's just pure black. All of them have designs on them. Oh, okay.

[22:29] Okay, I don't know who that is. Who is, can you tell me about that? What is that?
Oh, okay. Yeah, I think, I think he's one of the grand masters of the genre living today.
Oh very cool oh yeah,
You know I love Kaju and horror Kaiju so I I'm gonna go look. I you know I've probably seen something and just not known.
That that's,
What I was saying but I love me some Kaju her I love Paju so I'll try anything I do.
Oh oh.

[23:33] Oh, and then nothing, nothing that grow test. Oh, okay. I'm,
No no manga.

[23:56] And we have one person who's helping me out here right now and you have a panel because there are already looking at the app that is what the bleep,
Is dark fantasy what in the world is that panel gonna be about.
It's going to be exactly what the title says.
A certain chain bookstore implementing a dark fantasy section into their categories.

[24:33] The panelists are just going to discuss what they what they think Dart Fancy actually is and what the boundaries are.
Be interesting.

[24:47] Very cool. Okay. So, that's really,
Period. You were I think called dark the hard track was kinda called dark fantasy. Yes. And Carol Malcolm is also urban fantasy,
Work with you for years but you guys have kinda worked out how to share things that might be on both of those lines really well I think and it's kind of great to see how that works,
Oh, yeah. Well, and you're right. The the track was dark fantasy track until,
Permit different things to different people. Yep. And.

[25:34] Yeah that's also a contributing factor to why there's this panel this year but.

[25:39] I I personally like the term for me when I say dark fantasy there's some there's a certain tone that I'm thinking of but unfortunately that may not be one other people are thinking of it wound up just causing a lot of,
Yeah. Yeah.

[25:56] While I would love to have the dark fantasy track,
Too many competing.

[26:11] Versions of what the heart fantasy is so
Yep and it it's kind of yeah it's kind of interesting. With extract and urban fantasy. It was kinda like making a kinda making a cut too. It's like alright so wait
We're gonna put that in extract cuz that could be conspiracy and then if it's no police not really or,
Things like that. We're gonna put it over here. Urban Fantasy. So, that's how she, I got Grimm and she got Supernatural. And I was like, I'm good with that. That'll work. So, yeah. I like that.

[26:54] Alright again the other person who's helping me here and saying,
Yes can you tell me about this this book sounds amazingly interesting,
Well it is a non horror work which is funny because,
Somebody by the name of Jerry Chandler has told me that he has had trouble getting people to check out the cat book because they think they're going to see something horrible.
It's it's not hard he didn't hurt cats,
Okay body war in yeah well,
Do you do anything on that side of the body horror? I mean, are there any, I mean, like, what are some of the panels that might be very, I would, I don't wanna say niche.
But are more niche.

[28:17] You know, something like psychological hard to me. So many, there's so many of the hard things I see now. I feel like are more psychological or them.
Us get out.

[28:35] He is doing a great job on those but are you doing it what are kind of some are there some,
Is is in and it's self kind of a niche topic add a yeah add a add a more broader science fiction fantasy convention.
So this kind of in the yard the beholder what is nation what is it so okay very cool,
As we're gonna start starting.
Kinda start to wrap up but you and I always chat about this for at least a good 15, 20 minutes.
Arguing about the dark tower books versus the movie versus is Netflix that we're gonna do anything or all of that.
I don't think you and I have both heard a lot of king.

[29:38] Very much.

[29:46] Stephen King kind of thing. Set in a very both fantasy world and real world.
But I also love other Stephen King stories. There's been so many more.
When you think about Stephen King what do you think about the like books and things of that nature.
I think of his hey day in the 70s and 80s which is.

[30:13] Like any of his newer works. Oh, okay. Decade or so,
And speaking of if anybody out there who is listening does read.
His current material and wants to appear on a panel I'm always trying to get a year in Steven King Panel off the ground but I can never find panelists for it well Derek,
I read it all. So, put me on whatever you wanna talk about.
Oh wait four is the magic number for me if we hit four panelists,
Then, it's a go. You know. Okay. So, folks, do you just heard it? If you read Stephen King books, especially the more newer books,
Send a note to Derek order me at 50 days at the unique geek got
Come and I will get it to Derek for you but Derek is also at her at Dragon Con. Org,
In case you know just in case something changes,
We're we're still in the peach tree one and two room in the western,
Confuses a lot of people. But.

[31:35] I can never I think we're on the eight floor I can never remember in the western which exact floor it's on but just follow the signs to the peach tree level,
Look for I'm sure we'll have the big nether world banners out front. Yeah. For those.
And there you go. So, in the western the wild, wild western, y'all dragon consignage has gotta get props cuz you will see a whole lot of signage that will help.
And also remember there'll be people that have a volunteer badge or have a shirt on that says volunteer and ask them they might be able to help you
Especially also hotel people. Hotel people are great. The westerns wonderful. Western's a lot quieter than some of the other hotels to me. So,
It's kinda nice. It's kinda nice to go in there and just like.
What about those? Oh, I do have a Facebook account.

[32:34] If you look for dragon con horror track if you search it that way it should pop up,
We are gonna talk about Stephen King cuz I read pretty much all of it. The only period I didn't really get was the rose matter,
Some of those I wasn't as thrilled with but,
You know, every TH their own, your mileage may vary. What were some of your favorites in that 70s or 80s period,
Well actually think that the shining may be the best horror novel of the 20th century. Oh really?

[33:12] I could be wrong
Yo you know I'm a fan power fan so I like Salem's white quaddle
Oh could you be so sad,
Oh well what I love about the dead zone is also that,
No matter whenever you pick it up, right? And it it is written before there was the internet and cellphones and all of those kind of things but the,
And using the political landscape and candidates that you're just like you know it's it's very timely no matter where you are when because you're always gonna be wondering about things like
Maybe we don't want you to have access to something. So, I like that. There's good.

[34:16] I was wondering also.
From Stephen King. It was not Carrie. It was Christine
Probably way too early. But that got me into Steven King and I.
You know, that was it. I read everything.
New film version,
Yeah. That would be good. I I gotta say,
I wish they'd stop doing versions of the stand unless they're really gonna do the stand. It's very upsetting to me when I hear people talking about.
Oh, they're doing another version of the stand cuz the stand is actually, I pretty much read that once a year.

[35:17] It's one of my favorites.
Well, I guess wait about 10 years and maybe somebody will try again.
People try. I I give them points for trying. So there's that.
Not yet. I only recently pic Netflix back up again so I could watch Sandman.
Before my subscription ends I'd like to check it out you know.
It is a very interesting story and as you and I both like king I think it would be something that maybe you would like because it it brings in a lot of that 70s and 80s kings king stuff vampires and,
Religion which came from Carrie and.

[36:25] Kinda depressing as well by the way folks just FYI.
I'm just curious what are you doing anything about the stuff that's on Netflix right now or should people just look on the app and see if they're you're talking about midnight mask and or,
Whatever else. I didn't know if you have something like that.
No, sure, don't. I'd, there's only so many hours in there.
Didn't have time.

[37:07] My schedule fills up fast these days especially since I'm covering all media.
Comic books
And and and regular books. Yeah. Cool. Literature. Yeah. You got a whole lot there. You got a whole lot there. You're saying you're my son is watching Sandman. He has the full set.
He it's one of his favorite things his senior quote came from Sandman which is the quote about.

[37:42] How can it be hell if you can't hope for heaven or something of that nature I've never read say man but I'm gonna be watching the series what have you watched it yet what do you think about it,
Oh yeah I watched it in about 2 days,
Okay. Yeah, let's we're we're about there. We're about, we have such a long list of stuff to watch. Again, it's a resurgence of sci fi and good
Good movies too. There are a lot of good movies out there too but yeah, are you a sandman under you? Would it be under somebody else?
But Urban Fantasy's Sandman fan panel actually appears on our schedule as well.
Oh okay. Crossover. Certainly in the earlier
Issues of sand man which the fan panel is based exclusively on the TV series. Okay. The fan panels are on TV. Okay, good. Yeah.
Yeah it's it's it's thoughtful simply on the TV series but the.

[38:42] But it is it does have some horror overtones I guess.
Shit so we're we're pretty glad to have that appear on our panel on our schedule as well that's what our probably go watch myself so
I mean, you know, that'll be probably be one my son goes and watches and hopefully in I mean, he really loves it. Probably way too young. I can't remember how old he was when he started reading Santa Man.
Hey sorry,
Out. He is my son is now adult. I used to call him Kidlet or teen lit. He's now adult lit.

[39:37] He's moved out the one thing that has moved with him every place has been his box of sandman comics,
Every time and it's a heavy box I think it's what 200 plus
Wow. So, yeah. Also if you are in Atlanta, and you're not, I know Derek from Atlanta, but if you're looking for old additions of comic books,
If you're looking for stuff like that, there's some great used bookstores and great comic book stores.
They do not give me any money but if you can get to a book nook there's one kinda indicator
You can there's some great great stuff. So, if you're looking for old hardtails or you're hearing somebody about somebody new.

[40:23] Yo, try it out. See what happens. So, good. I gotta ask. Literature, are you,
Kindle person or a you know a pad person or you still the books,
I prefer actual books.
Three free months of Kendall you know.
In for the Kindle Unlimited authors you know but,
Yeah, me too. I I have,
Highlight sections. I like it a book or certain things and maybe even put like one of those little sticky notes there so I know where it is.

[41:21] And my husband's like why aren't you reading on Kindle? I'm like I like holding a book in my hand. I like the noise of doing it. I like writing in the book.
Saying why this was important to me? My copy of the alchemist is like.
It's kinda cool to be able to do that. I think that's a big, that's a big argument now. But the good news is I do especially if it's a new author or a new book or somebody's recommended it. I will usually read it on Kendall first,
And then see oh well I'd also like more by this author so let me go get you know paper,
Oh, busy night. Dad is not wrong. Okay. So,
That's correct. Peach tree one and two which is not,
The peach tree ballroom but it is on the peach tree level,
You are in the western you have a Dragon Facebook page called.

[42:28] Dragon con horror track. There you go.
Just like in the title to say this is literary or anything like, you know, we're talking about books or things like that.
I tried to convey that,
I'm not sure how successful I was. Really? But
I figure it would be easier for people to just see the title and try to go and read the
And figure it out. You know,
But yeah yeah,
A track did try to include words like a writing or in fiction,
You know, but as again, folks, if you're walking around the western and you like, well, I don't really wanna walk all the way there for the next panel. Let me look around and see what's going on right where I am.

[43:45] You know, I always will say, you never know what you're gonna find at Dragon Con.
I cannot tell you in just chatting with directors how many times and especially with this podcast I need notes for everyone
Who we will be talking about who's another literary track director
I'm not gonna read her the guy who does the dinosaurs and and humans romance,
Cuz that's scary,
But that's good. I just wanna thank you Derek for being on this. I can't wait to see you at Dragon Con and give you a hug. Jerry Chandler who has been a very big help says he.
And I you've known Derek for you've known Jerry for years got any good stories.

[44:41] None that I will repeat in public. Mama.
Certainly certainly he he has been a big help and I like saying nice things about Jerry because it embarrasses him.
Hey it's typically he's taken,
One of my volunteers. He's not gonna be able to make it this year unfortunately. But,
But yeah he he's been a very big help,
Jerry's always been a great help for extract and for 50 days he always sends us great information and notes and we we thank him too cuz he's always been a big help.

[45:22] So, yeah. So,
Yeah, the Chandlers will be missed this year. Yeah, absolutely. Yep, yep, yep, yep, especially to to as my personal bug.

[45:35] But anyways I'll find another personal thug this year I'm sure.

[45:43] Yeah I'm sure John see this is what happens when he lets me be on a podcast.
Lisa you're gonna be my personal thug this year.
Now I am.
I don't know when this is gonna run but you know. Yeah. Still have one opening, one volunteer opening. So, if you like what you've heard during this.
Hour, you know, please apply and save it. You can see you're interested in joining the horror track because.
I definitely need one more person,
Made by the fans and for the fans. So, if you can volunteer, that's great. I would also say if you wanna volunteer, you probably wanna maybe shoot a note to her at Dragon Con. Org.
But you do need to go to Dragon Con. Org and look up how to,
You I got to I got to get into my Stephen King head a little bit most people don't like to talk about that with me,
So it's good to talk to you.
And thank you for being here and on behalf of Derek and John this is Lee.

[47:10] Thank you for having me.

[47:18] Call our command line at 81332102.

[47:23] That say 133210884.
Dot com or 50 days of the unique glee. Com.

[47:33] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.
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[47:42] Music.