Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 45 - Fantasy Time!

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Levit.
You're funny come back out on your face and give me 25.

[0:33] Music.

[0:42] Set things for stun whatever. Hey, it's Lee and of course,
John's gonna have to teach me at one point how to do like the little bumper things in the countdown and all that but this year is not the year for either of us to do that.
John unfortunately can't be here tonight. You know, that real-life thing. We talked about the other day when we recorded. So, there's that.
I do wanna let y'all know I think it's if you're watching this right now up at the top there is a scan me and that is still for the driving con charity so hey,
I did already make my donation,
But oops i said it to John and it's not gonna show up until tomorrow because I'm not trying to get off these screens folks I will screw that up and we all know it's.

[1:39] Again I just wanna remind you charity charity charity charity you've got the dragon hustle.
The hustle jubilee hustle that is gonna be awesome I really hope I said that right but it's the big metal thing that's got the tardist and some other stuff on it and remember they're gonna ask you what's your favorite track,
And come on, folks. You know, you know what's your favorite.

[2:05] Come on. Throw some love to my old track extract cuz they're working it hard this year. You guys are gonna be so happy with their content and of course, I'm.
Promoting extract this. I still love em. I love all those shoes.
Also remember that there are the four options I am going to bet,
I don't know if she said set or not but hey you'll find out if you go to the auction,
Hard rock hardcore logo which is a movie it's kinda fun watch it but hard rock cafe pins four dragon gone we'll be in the auction along with all that paper stuff,
The programs and the wonderful little program the big books what I call the glossy pretty picture ones so those will be there,
And there's lots of other stuff. Last year, I, there's gorgeous art. I was there to bid for a friend. I also was able to find.
Something for my husband for christmas since it's christmas as fast I will tell you,
Some paint glasses basically and of course, guess what? We broke one and it was the red one.

[3:34] That was the first one we broke I'm not joking I really wish I could.

[3:38] But it's gonna be awesome. It is gonna be great. So, the options are great. Please, please think about the art option especially cuz those artists have apps.
The book option. You never know what books are gonna show up.
And i'm just looking at today announced 824 you got Brett.

[4:17] Breck Basinger who plays Courtney Whitmore on Stargirl i don't watch Stargirl but that's kinda cool Brian Michael Bendis I do know that he is economics creator so ha he'll be here,
I was looking at some other people. My husband will probably enjoy this one. We have,
This is the STL project coordinator for Steve Jackson Games. My husband loves Steve Jackson games. He has them from the little tiny set when you used to grid out stuff.
You went and got that grid paper so you could write them all down and know what you're doing. It's,
We have got,
You've got.

[5:27] Agent Blake.
On agents of Shield. If you didn't like agent Blake, he was hilarious. That was the most dead pan person.
Phil Colson.
But there's so so many many many people and the app is out. So, go look, go see if your favorite show is gonna be there. See if you know, hey, oh, wow. I saw that person in that but they're gonna be on a different panel.
That happens folks they.

[5:56] Big name guest they only probably do four panels during the whole time and so you might be going to another panel to ask Titus Wiliver about agents a shield,
Unless there's a very big views of the only versions we're gonna allow us.
I don't think I've ever ever heard. Okay, and somebody says it's well over. Maybe it is Thomas.
Titus well over I looking at it look like Waliver oops sorry,
Say your name right. But it's gonna be great. You got, it's gonna be just, I can't wait for drink pond. As of this recording, it is 8 days away. Which is a little terrifying.

[6:45] But is also awesome.
And it's also the time about tomorrow 7 days ahead of Dragon Con is usually the time when the major costumers will go I bet I can work one more in.

[7:00] If you are a customer send us an email at 50 days at the,
Dot com and let us know if you're starting one on like the tenths,
Or seventh day before Con and if you finish it, send us a picture. We'll put it up. We will promote the heck out of you cuz that's gonna be so much fun.
The person the it's two people but the persons I am bringing forward are great.
And these are some of the mavens.

[7:40] Thing I don't know finger,
But this is with the,
Four fantasy track and she's saying her lovely little name and the other is Mari Rose who is running their costume contest at Fantasy Track. So, hi,
Hello, I hope you don't feel terrible. It's only us here. No, John, but cuz he's usually a lot of fun to make fun of. So, but you know, hey, you can make fun of me.
You kinda called me out like before we even got on the show. Oh, I did. Oh, yeah. Are you,
Of what you are doing to do and then when you're heck on, send us a picture.
If you did or didn't do it.
I love that you costumers are always just like i can work one more in. Just one more. I can do it and. Okay, that's right. My niece is coming. Sorry. Hi, Saska. Wait a second. Mary and I gotta talk.

[9:01] My niece is coming this year and she's a costumer and every time I've talked to her, she's like, well, I think I wanna do this costume and I wanna do this. This is her first year coming. And she's like, I wanna do all these costumes.
Are you you can't sow nope.

[9:21] Just so it doesn't mean you can't cost it. That is very true cuz she found people to help her.
But yeah, I love it. So, Saska, hi. Hi. I'm so excited to be back. I love you. I am.
You introduced me to a whole world of self-published writing that,
I didn't know about and i'm just gonna say we are gonna have a very different game at the end of this it will not be PG 13 I will give that warning right now,
The rest of this podcast is gonna be PG 13 but when I tell you we're going somewhere that's not PG 13.

[10:10] We are going somewhere that is not PG 13. This would be an after 10 PM.
Panel at con and actually you know what if somebody wants to do that as a panel when you hear what we're doing?
I would be on it because I had to spend 299 on a book today that I will only read if somebody makes me be on a panel about it,
Of course i lost. Why not?
I I keep notes during all of this. Yeah, you'll just put me at well. Hey.
Kind of weird.
Don't make me jealous. Okay. I still have to ignore my own podcast cuz I don't because I'm so busy doing all the dragging.
And i'm sorry.
That's hilarious but you aren't able to do your own podcast.

[11:33] And I'm so sorry because welcome to trying to do it all,
Both of them are mothers,
What what had to give was you know her own podcast that she loves a whole lot,
That's great and we're gonna let everybody promote all their stuff. John's gonna have to listen to the episode so we can type it up.
That that is that's what happens when you're not here.

[12:33] And fantasy track cuz i will screw it up all the time.
On how much magic typically when you're looking up the term high fantasy it means how much magic is in the universe kind of free floating how easily it's used,
Amazing track that cover wheel of time Lord of the Rings Game of Thrones which is kind of what I would call low fantasy but,
They also cover properties that have a multimedia component,
I just cover print an audio.
I know disagree with you audio end.
Especially if you're definitely terrified of mispronouncing some character's name is great cuz you can hear it a lot.

[13:49] I cannot tell y'all how it was until I was probably I'd read all the Harry Pot no half of at least the Harry Potter books years ago.
And yeah and i actually really love that name now.
If I had another child,
If you wanna hear that story, I can tell you the story of how I had to take a pregnancy test at 51 years old.
Babies are wonderful. I love babies. I want everybody to be happy with babies. Babies are great.
I I.

[14:44] Oh i was so happy when mine was able to go downstairs and get cereal for himself on Saturday morning so,
Mommy. Mommy. Hey, there's nothing creepier than mommy.
Honey, are you awake?

[15:14] Yeah, that one's always a good one too. There's,
The the thrills of parenting they don't tell you about,
So, mine would always, mine was always pretty much just like, mommy.
I guess you wanna eat. Okay.

[15:58] You would know this. No.
Oh my that's yeah how can I do that.
Normal size. He's not a bean pole like yours. And 130 he's less than mine.
Hey Facebook.

[16:42] You know he may not appreciate that we're telling it all all the young women at congress.

[16:49] Then, you know what? You should get his own podcast.
You didn't mention him by name it's fine as long as we call him like kid lit or adult lit or things like that.
This is gonna be hilarious if i go to dragon and I see marin. Hey, where's zipper? And poor child is standing right there. I'm I'm gonna feel a little bad about that.
Oh, don't worry. You'll know when you see him. Uncle.

[17:31] He was.
So, yeah. Buddy likes cookies.
I know. So, we have a few tracks.
Heard of the joke,
The witcher be with you but or is it because it now has,
Okay really fun to focus on the books,
Last year we did a panel every which way which,
And we had people on who I I couldn't,
And some of your titles were very difficult.

[18:40] Do not like, oh, oh, this. I like a catchy title.
With every which way witcher we had somebody on who talked about comics we had somebody who is familiar with the games as well as because the games have been out for a very long time oh yeah I didn't even know the point came at first
Represent something across those mediums.
And I also like how you do that because to me.

[19:27] I knew it was a book but I did not know the game came before the book.
Answer I actually got somebody who,
The witcher games are why the books got translated into English.
That is correct. I did find that out. So, because the winter get was so popular. I mean, I don't like the gatekeeping thing. Everybody,
Ever a dragon hunt is we can all I joke I was explaining to a new,
Yes, who called me last night, passed question, and I went dragging con is like going to your home planet.
That you didn't know you ever left. Exactly. Because.
I actually say family reunion of people that you actually want to talk to instead of that weird uncle who stands in the corner,
You know I'mma go and kneel.

[20:40] So hey,
Thank you I'm not the only one,
I've already done this.
To Chicago for a wedding that's why I wasn't around for a few days,
He bought it completely done,
So and he said it was wonderful and I can't wait to see it but I still also haven't watched The Boys on Amazon Alega there own I got a whole list of stuff because there's such great stuff out there and then,
I'm gonna ask both of y'all Saska what you're reading right now.

[21:46] Jenny Cotch writing under,
Different several students.
Interesting kind of cheesy,
William Shetner vibe to the captain.
I love how you talk about,
But I like how you said that Saska about other authors having different sodoms. I did not know really about that until Dragon Mary,
And Charles Grant came and he wrote some ex files he wrote,
Andy also wrote a couple of short stories and when he was there and he was talking about, well, alright.
Dramas under this name and then I write kind of sci fi stuff under this name and then I have another name when I write my romance books,
And he was just on my face cuz I was like.

[23:12] And I'd later went up to him and asked him to tell me the name he wrote under cuz I was gonna read him and i can't remember it now but I did and it was really good so yeah,
In the series I'm just on book one of the audio,
I'm actually okay so I'm I'm a person that's a little ADB when it comes to my book reading.
Probably more than a couple of hours.

[23:56] Yeah.
Okay we'll wait a second you're going in and out there hold on a second,
ADD approach the books much like I deal with you know the farm I I paid the chickens that I moved to the cow then I you know.

[24:22] Run around. Right. So, right now, I am reading, testing, testament of steel by David Sashira.
Bury intriguing. And just he's coming to drag in cont too. Yes, he is. I can't wait to get him to fun. He's authors.
Hey Facebook,

[25:03] There you go.
Was introduced to their box.
It's a main staple and sometimes we get you know other stuff going on you wanna go,
Again. No. Because he's got big news coming out. He was supposed to be at Dragon,
Brotherhood of the wheel. See, I'm writing that one down. Because my husband is always looking for new stuff. I do have sci-fi spaghetti western.

[25:59] Brotherhood of steel. Brotherhood of the wheel. Of the wheel.
He's so excited for the ring of power series yeah.

[26:10] Hey Facebook Jennifer and hi fantasy is doing something special the night it comes out oh very I will let him know.
I like the animated movie.

[26:29] Elves never got dirty in the movies.
We're not gonna get into that cuz that is a very long rant on my part.
I don't think so.
The trilogy part of it the the king drill it the return of the game part I love the hobbit though so I've read reread the hobbit lots but yeah sim,
Send Aurelia is a word I try not to say too often around here because then there's a long chat and I.

[27:13] I love him. He's upstairs right now. Shh.
But yeah it's good. Awesome. So there we go. Some bookwrecks people. Look em up. Look em up. Look em up.

[27:25] Mara.
Oh that is an evil laugh from Cesca by the way.
That was bad. Well, there's a,
So you remember the dawn contest,
You didn't like this.
Wasn't it it didn't take the step away it needed from the prior version,
Hey comic book pageant.
So, that's how it started and so.

[28:52] Get tired of something or when it's quite the numbers or whatever. Yeah, you need to keep it fresh. Yeah, exactly.
I think it was 6 years ago now. They traded out the page to stage comic book pageant on Saturday night.
Which ran on Saturday nights for, you know, 123 weeks. Technically, I guess.
Virtual cuz I think they did something with it. I might be wrong. I can't remember. I can't remember now but yeah, okay, bye. Bye.

[29:36] Right? So.

[29:44] So 2091 2021 and I'm I'm sorry let me just stop this I know most people are listening to this podcast version so I'm going to tell you these evil,
Smirk on Saska's face.
So just think that the track director right now is sitting there with this kinda like,
Back and I I have to go back again because now we've caught you up to where the costume contest.
I am from a little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains that has a very large geek community.
And we were very involved in many conventions in the area and,
I had this friend who worked in one of the conventions and she came down the dragon con she can do a dragon pond forever.

[30:50] So about 8 years ago I get a knock on my door at the high,
And I open the door and my friend Melissa is standing there and says, I need you to meet my other friend.
I only have two friends not really but yeah you gotta like each other yeah we wouldn't thought with the way she introduced.
Hey hey really it really was very interesting it was one of those the two.
What was very funny was that Teska and i have been friends now for I don't know pretty close to at least 8 years I think. Yeah.
And he's known all of this stuff that I do and she's watched my Facebook and all of these other crazy things seen all the costumes I make and never put two and two together,
And so, in 2021.

[31:46] We wanna put on a costume contest on the fantasy literature track. Can you.

[31:53] Hey,
Well I'm so sorry when you start a response with in my defense,
And then acting positive. International customer skills.

[32:17] Which actually does the international guidelines for fair competition.

[32:30] And so I had just back from like,
For a contest.
And she came to me and she goes,
And this did she do that face too that she does she was like look just,
Oh that's true,
Driving home from work and I was like this is a long shot,
I was like classic. You know what I do for a living,
Hey Facebook,
Well, you also wear a hat as an actual professional costumer.
I am. I actually, I run a production company called Prop House 42 Productions. We make costumes set some props for the entertainment.
And so, I just went, yes, I will help.

[33:52] And I went why don't you go to Dragon Con and ask them if they will let you bring back the page system.

[34:03] Okay and a couple days later we started planning the first one.
There you go. And then it just kept going. Now, you're, this would be your two officially. This is officially year two. Now, last year, we did what,
Customers make a costume from any,
Literary source. It can be fiction, nonfiction, manga, graphic novels, comic books, comics, plays,
Etcetera all of the other fun things,
Television films screaming media musicals.

[34:49] Ask Barbie.
Yup so all I can think about is Hamilton which is this book that is 5 inches thick,
And then I think of the adaptation and I'm like.
Yeah musical and so you have those two beside each other and that would be,
Bring it to the contest did you have this documentation that shows how you made the costume so our judges can get an idea of what your process was.

[35:55] And then you're up,
Where you get 90 seconds on stage to act as,
Last grade is more of a folly style presentation. Right. More about the make people laugh or you know, get,
Get those really clever,
Tweaks on, you know, yes. Costume kind of thing. Right. This is 90 seconds as your character.

[36:36] Right. It can be dramatic. It can be,
You know, emotional.
Audio submissions,
No that's not just say we don't have,
As an homage to the,
Yeah we have our stage.

[37:27] Oh no,
You probably I'm the person who has to get everybody in line.
Oh, yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, I do remember you.
Know where they are in approximately the edge of the stage. We don't want anybody falling off. Please don't. And that because you know, that has happened,
But talk.
We've got an amazing opening act with some authors you would never expect to see doing some things you would never expect to see when you,
What was the whisper?

[38:42] That was my little sissy.
That that well,
But then of course the contestants get to do their portion of the show,
And then we move on to the new division brand new this year okay the invitational division the invitational division is a big deal,
He took.

[39:21] Of
And that was 40 characters went up on our website.
And people got to nominate costumer from cosplayers or applied themselves,
That they could find to make those characters that they selected from that list,
Page to stage. Com,
Click on invitational division then click on 2022 invitational list and you will see who the costumers are and what character.

[40:07] After the open division they get to do their sketches which is gonna be really cool. Some of them are gonna be phenomenal. I'm just gonna tell you right now. If you have ever been a fan of the fifth element.
You want to come,
If you worry,
Would the character be called I mean did you do Kylo Ren or who was the character?

[40:56] We actually can't but hey you did who?
Oh, that will be awesome too. Cuz that was some serious gravitas.
Yeah. While eating scenery by chris free.
Theories of graphic novels. Oh, okay.
Saska's got a charity auction to run.
Hey hold on a second hold on a second when is the costume when do they have to sign do they sign up on that DC stage to pet page to stage or what happens.
There is one spot left,
And the competition registration closes August.

[41:56] At 11:59 PM: Eastern Time. Huh. Right now, you got a little over 24 hours left.
But you don't just have to register by then you also have to have your,
Yeah. Please do that now. I love this idea. Alright. So, what night is the costume contest? The big one that everybody can see up on the stage. Thursday.
Thursday night.
Alright. Now, end seating at 8 o'clock. You probably wanna get there a little early last year. We had a line of like 100,
Wow. Where is it being bad when I had to go out to go to the bathroom?
No because they because somebody wanted to go in and I'm like I'm going back in. I'm working the show. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sitting here and I'm going again. Sorry.
That's why we have this little,
Okay so it's start seating at eight now where is it being held,
It is in the regency of the high.

[43:15] The basically region seven when you get down the escalators you make a right,
Okay and those are just you gotta go down just one just one floor right or just one level just one level from the lobby down the escalators,
You got it.
Ask you to go away in line. Okay.
While the judges are tallying their vote.
Okay. No.

[44:11] Getting everything together but one of the things we have guaranteed is have if you are a listener who has gone to the banging road show and you have seen their large posters with the foam core of the cover,
We have one of those from the Bain Road show. The band, the band books road show, right? The,
So, we have one of those. Bane was very nice to donate it to us. Very nice. And hopefully, I'm I'm working with getting some of the authors in earlier to just swing in and sign it cuz it's an anthology cover.
Yeah, it's going to be really awesome. It's from the Black Tide Rising and I do not remember which,
Buddy I think it's the second anthology in Black the Black Tie Rising series,
So we also have a book donated by fall staff publishing they did one of their their shingles novella series,
Got option for media and they did a.

[45:13] Limited run, a very nice, I think leather bound copies. I haven't seen it yet. John's ring, John Hartness, or MC is bringing,
Order a false app is bringing it,
Two page to say,
So yeah. Excellent. So folks, come on. If you want this, go, go, go, charity, charity, charity, and then,
Those are dollars that if we get to 100 K dragon con matches and come on we wanna stick it to the man we all know it even though we really like all of the men,
All of the,
Quote unquote man the leaders at Dragon Con we love Rachel and Dave and everybody and the board so and then the third big one that's really awesome is from Jim Nettles who owns authors essentials.

[46:15] He's very nice. She gave me this. Author essential services in case I, he goes, in case you forget.
Author essential services. Okay. So, he has a series of virtual workshops that he's put together that are designed to help any and creative turn their passion and creativity and artwork.
Into something that is actually a sustainable business model for them.

[46:41] Hear the package he's going to get all the details of which ones I think what we're we're working on is it's like a three workshop package and you can pick the three so that we can if it's somebody who's more in the author they can do more authory cuz he has,
He's done stuff with,
And maybe you may be leaving your IPs to other people to carry on for you. He's got some stuff on like a workshop on that. He's got amazing stuff. He's wonderful.
What else did you do? He does great offering stuff. So, we have,
And we have some other stuff we're working on.
Item donated from Prop House but we are not going to talk about Bruno until Bruno is done,
Yeah we don't talk about Brena. So that's very good. I do wanna say I saw something about when and where will the charity auction that will have the giant baby dragon be,
If I am understanding correct that is at the main option which is Sunday morning. Yes, not me.
Not this one not this one.

[48:05] And I really really want it but I really really don't I know I can't get it this year,
It doesn't go too high,
Or I can at least see it from you know far away but that would be cool but that yes it's gonna be in the main auction and that would be great. We love some baby dragons dragon cong. We love dragons. I mean it's called dragon card.
But I one of the first stops.
Oh what was the name I didn't hear.

[48:54] Okay, I know that. I know that. I do too and I just literally blank on,
No alright so let's reset keep tracking.

[49:12] Neota. Niota.
That it's not thank you Jan.
But this is always fun. So, yeah, that would be, oh, I love that name. Oh, that's a lovely little homage. That is a lovely, lovely, lovely, homage.
And when my husband found out how old she was during the filming this is Michelle Nichols. He was like how long did you think she was? I was like I don't know. Mid 20s. And he was like she was in her late 30s. And I'm like.
Damn, that she look good for late 30s. Damn. So, yeah. So, and then she looked great all the way through but if you think about her in the who her years,
I don't look like that in my 50s. Yeah, she was also a dancer.
She was a dancer. Lots of fun stuff. Okay. So now,
Do you hear this do you hear this evil grind.

[50:37] Hey if you want affording now,
Honestly lose it to the point where both Cesca and John thought we've lost her. She's gone.
It was.

[51:02] You're gonna have a lot of book authors which is great,
A lot of people will ask this do the authors,
Charge for their autograph.
And I will also tell you that they will sign your very old very broken version if you want that,
I can go through the list.
They will sign in your like I know it's really beaten up it's like no that's great you read it you know what I mean so that's always good so look.

[52:01] What are some of the names and descriptions of your panels,
And i'm sorry Mary you wanted to jump in sorry say Mary no I was,
Go for it.

[52:52] Let's see. We have blasters and blades podcast goes fantasy.
Editor here, editor, there, so much ink, all the different kinds of editors.

[53:11] Sorry little giggle there.
What's in a pen name so it is funny that you what it's all in the name so why pen names,
We have designer diseases are us,
That sounds,
Okay, that's good. I also just wanna say that's a little scary when you talk about what diseases we make up as you're at chemist in real life.
I am a chemist and the person hosting it is a PHD epidemiologist.

[54:08] Doesn't matter. Epidemiologist, they can be a brother or I know many others. They're they're all good.
Stacked with people with great backgrounds both in writings but also like we have somebody with a mental health,
Work background. We have several medical doctors on it. It's just gonna be a lot of fun.
Where's oh my and then I think our favorite one,
Tennessee dating game two because.

[54:51] Well, you gotta have a call
You didn't break me.

[55:14] Next level no no no no,
Getting dressed up. Go into a party. Go into the date. What happens after the date? So the next morning will be the hangover.

[55:31] There you go.
But you know it's been a whole year. So where is what how do I find your schedule?
You go to events and then I always put the filter on and put fantasy literature.
Tap the filter there we go gotcha I remember this year.

[56:03] Hey Facebook hey what? We have a total of 30 events this year.
So I'm now I'm now here. Yeah so there's wow. Okay and then let's see Friday. I'm making sure to love or not to love is one of the names.

[56:26] Let's see editor to hear it or there. I'm just kinda looking looking to see what in the world. Fantasy dating game. Alright. So, the fantasy dating game and then the bonking beasties.
Breaking beasties is really about blinking beasties folks.
If you ever went to the Pern track and they were talking about like dragon sex which,
They did. Yes.
It is lovely love the love making it,
Actually mirror moderates it.
On the old school dating game show like the old school dating game like hi.
Hey yep.
And it's generally pretty funny to watch and last year was great several of the people had good friends in the audience.

[57:47] Heckling.
We have three on one panel that were actually in a role playing group together. Yeah.
Great especially since I decided and I've been role playing and stuff for years so we haven't,
Hey Facebook add,
Played off each other like crazy. Last year, I decided I was because I didn't have a character to be on the dating game. I made my own character. Alright, I'd set the status,
And she let me so I was Janet from the good.
I like Janet. I like the good place.

[58:49] You star wars and moms.
Game show host for the dating game this year.
Doug Berber Burby.
Bernie Michael Chatfield.

[59:19] Speaker whenever,
You got DR Perry y'all can look this up Tamson Silver y'all can this one up because wow oh wow I also like that you have midnight fantasy games and charity collar,
11:30 PM. Yes, we do.
Games. So, I don't even wanna know and charity colors. So, go do the charity color part. I don't wanna know what the other part means. Saskatchewan.
I'm asleep at 11 30 cuz I'm old,
I'm I'm actually wow,
There we go. Yeah, where does Fantasy Inn and Hair meet? Car start. I honestly think that should be after,
But this is like awesome. I love it. You guys will.

[1:00:30] Y'all just get to have fun. This will be great. So alright, now, let's get the, let's get the menusha done. Cesca, where is the fantasy track?
So the fantasy track is in the Hyatt International Tower,
You get to,
And you really can't go wrong with any of the room? No, not at all.
You probably owe the same way.
I have found new fandoms because I've wandered into the wrong room. That was when I was able to wander. This year will probably that will happen again. I have found new loves from old fandoms. I have found new writers. I have found new artists. I have found new actors.

[1:01:30] And so, yeah, and I've also, you know, it's just great. It's it's a lot of fun to do that. So, do that now. You have a Facebook page.
What is that? What is that one?
Well that's really tough to remember okay and then we have one also four pages stage,
And another one for page to stage. So, and then you also just have a page to stage website which we have said was DC page two stage. Com. Yeah, and we did the we did,
It has been wonderful in an adventure to coordinate because this is really like.

[1:02:16] I'm hosting and talking about it but there the other tracks have also helped so much. Costuming tracks been part of planning this.
Young adult literature sci-fi literature
I cannot wait to go to some of those diversity and speculative fiction. No. Yes. This will be my first year that I can actually really get time to go in and find one and sit down and watch. Yeah. That'll be great. Really fun but we really so this is,
Like I'm hosting it and doing the the brain head organizing with Mira about it.
But it's really the combined tracks of dragon con and and.

[1:03:04] And it's been an amazing adventure and I've learned a lot.

[1:03:09] Hey.
Next year we get started early so we can make the no no no.

[1:03:22] No no no no no no no no,
Okay and and y'all I feel like a slacker as a pro because I just looked at Mira Rose's schedule,
And I am very sorry that I feel like a slacker so hey track directors that know me if you need me on a panel I really do feel like a slacker doing this so,
Hit me up if you need me.
And there's some great.
Yeah, they do. I love help. My child wants to cosplay. Yes. That one I wish I could tape and send to my sister.
What? Feel free to probably just hold my phone up. Like, yeah, I might. You know, from fandom to fortune, freelancing. I'm gonna bet fortune.

[1:04:25] Can be a subjective term in that way. It's so originally it was all about how to make a career out of your,
But I think everyone would be exception of one panelist there has actually done exactly that gone from,
Making costumes as a hobby to making them professionally and actually making a living out of it,
I have a dear friend who I get to see I hope that drag
In Atlanta and did walking dead and did some of the Marvel movies. So,
You can make that a little,
Acting, voice acting, gaming.

[1:05:15] They're aways beyond what you might think of to be in that industry.
That's exactly right. And you can do, you know, you can be an actor but there is also sound and there is production and there are different levels of production.
And then there's after production and then there's editors for books yes but then there are also people that are,
Doing everything else in the book industry. So, you got lots of things to do. If you know you're interested,
You wanna talk to people go to some of those panels,
And and it's great because they are very good, very talented authors who cannot find their own socks to know what or know when to put on their thoughts to go to a schedule,
Well, you know,
Nor an even though i'm not that creative cuz I can barely draw a straight line.
Guess what? I.

[1:06:39] This I wanna say two things also right now number one if this is cuz you can drop out the podcast after I talk number one charity charity charity charity.

[1:06:52] Charity, Journey, Journey, Journey.
Silly little west coast con and that New York City I mean please we are so much better than that,
So, there's number one. Number two,
Hey guys our most wonderful friend Steve,
How does it even rain our Canadian friends? You always need friends in Canada folks cuz 1 day I might just have to run across that border instead of wearing a red dress.
Look it up if you guys don't understand why,
You need to but it's always good to have friends in Canada.
But be ready for some of this. It's gonna be pretty awesome. So, we don't know how we're gonna do it yet.
But we really wanna thank Stephen Rayna Forum. They're so cute and we're just dying to show them off but we're not

[1:08:10] Mid double digits but we're gonna figure out a way. I'm trying to come up with questions that would make sense from this podcast but,
Well that's been a bit of a gather I'll give you the microphone you can ask anybody in the audience who knows,
No no there's a calm friendly friendly,
No, you don't and that is true. It isn't amazing. You guys are always very, very careful. To help with anyone who may need some special help, special needs. You guys have always been wonderful about that. So,
For everybody for this is Lee saying bye from John.

[1:08:56] At four Siska,
Will not be pg 13.
That it's not gonna be PG 13. Oh, Mara, what?

[1:09:22] Hi. Hi, Mary's gotta go because as she said, she's a mom and I've taken up already about him an hour of her time. So, that's okay.
And there's a 12 year old and an 8 year old player over there so I'm,
His hurt again those listening,

[1:10:04] Ask your parents parent I'm not joking this would be an after 10 panel,
Last year,
Introduced me to an author I'd never heard of.
Best way to know about this and how I took it is to listen to last year's,
Fantasy lit podcast.

[1:10:58] I had never heard of Chuck Tingle which is probably the funniest,
Pin name probably ever I never heard of Chuck Tingle and then Suska also said i can't believe you haven't heard of Chuck Tingle and then she also said and then i cry when I see bed chunk tingle makes money from these books and,
For me. So, okay, yeah. So, doctors, doctor Tuck Tingle.
I'm pretty. I think we read that last time and I was like, no, not, I don't, I don't know that I can call that a doctor but a chunk tingle is on Amazon.
And he is a Hugo award nominee doctor.
Chuck Tiggle is an erotic author and taekwondo grand master almost.
Billings Montana after,
Found himself fascinated by all things sensual leading to his creation of the tingler,
A story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without a listening a sharp tingle down the spine.

[1:12:13] Ok so.
Titles by Chuck Tingle they're right here,
And we're gonna look at these. I really wish I had them in a.
And we're gonna read through.

[1:12:48] Interesting,
So yeah so we're gonna choose one of these two,
Read the description of and what do we say if you have to if you laugh two times you're out or,
Sure, alright. So, if you have two times or three times as a charm, I don't know which one you want.
I am gonna ask you to read and I'm looking at the all the titles.
I think you should read.

[1:13:50] Okay, let me see. I have, I, I've not read it. No, idea about it. Oh, this was another one that's 299. So, if you wanna chart.

[1:14:08] Yeah. Take a find a load of high on price.

[1:14:19] Well, maybe not. He has a lot of books that.

[1:14:28] Strangely enough.

[1:14:39] Hey.

[1:14:50] I just actually went to the chuck tingle page and then just kinda scrap,
Went through the titles by,
So oh I'm certain so the butt ponder of the opera,
It's opening night at the Billings Opera House in Corbin has found himself in the leading role the opportunity is a dream come true but when Corbin learns that the butt pounder of the opera he set on edge.

[1:15:36] It said that a gorgeous big foot lives in the abandoned opera house tower so handsome that he's forced to wear a half mask and an effort to keep from distracting the actors,
When Corbin spots the butt pounder of the opera himself he performed his performance falls apart now he must confront this mysterious big foot before tomorrow's show,
In a new erotic performance with the butt pounder of the opera,
4000 words of sizzling human on sentient but pounder of the opera action.

[1:16:28] Are you okay?

[1:16:31] Wow I couldn't even listen to it so I you probably already won this game. I don't we gotta come up with a new one for next year. We gotta just make John do it.
Hey, I honestly think. Alright. So, now,
Yo, yeah. She's also gonna remember, you know.

[1:17:03] Do
Trans, wizard.

[1:17:15] And Bad Boy I got it right here.

[1:17:23] I'm gonna win.

[1:17:29] Trans wizard Harriet Proper,
After finishing wizard college Harriet made a name for herself by creating a hit viral spell but has since failed to craft a follow up now Harriet's agent,
Is breathing down her neck suggesting that Harriet take a trip to an island off the coast of England for inspiration.
An island off the coast to England for inspiration? No, folks. That don't work.
Snabe from.

[1:18:18] The band seven inch nails,
This parasar.

[1:18:33] Pad boy through and through.
And with his incredible powers of metamagic snake I'm out.

[1:18:48] Oh my goodness.

[1:18:53] Soon enough these two are discovering they have more similarities than differences both trans both strong both hoping to create a new spell that will change the world put with the addition of two devious
Sentient motorcycles y'all.

[1:19:10] To the mix.

[1:19:22] It can alright. So, now, trans, I've already lost but you know, except for one universal truth. Which is true. Love is real.
This 52 1000 word bad boy romance novel for adult,
It contains some.
Explicit scenes.

[1:19:51] Wow.
Yo, this is what you get. If you go here, I would not suggest following Chuck Tingle cuz I did that last year because I knew I would knew I would forget the name.
That did not go well and especially when you have,
In Amazon Prime account you share with your 22 year old son let me explain it was like mom what the I'm like no sorry not following in anymore it's not,
Yeah that's I can't wait to explain that to my husband tonight alright so Saska we have probably just ruined a whole lot of more people,
I am very proud to have helped you with that. That was fun. I thought I'd get through more.
We didn't. Next year, I do think we have John Reedham and see how long we can not lose it. It's harder to keep it straight face when somebody else is reading,
You know,
The fan fiction idea and changing it to your own little universe.

[1:21:12] There are a lot of big foots they're all there is also a megalodon,
Yeah there is scary dinosaur stories to tingle your butt. There are four volumes of that.

[1:21:30] Is it?
Yeah so there is also bisexual mothman mailman.

[1:21:43] Pounded in the butt by my own but this is the one.
All I had was an image of Chuck Single diverse.

[1:21:58] Chuck Dinos.

[1:22:08] I'm just FYI.

[1:22:18] I will entertain you for sure.
We are done thank god,
I'm glad the people with kids got off and I'm really glad I didn't ruin nobody.
Zeska it's always fun to talk to you I cannot believe we've talked for an hour and a half hey guys that happens a lot especially with you because oh heaven y'all do a lot.
You'll do a lot and we love you.
Fantasy is such a broad topic and leads to the devil into those details.

[1:23:03] You know two butts for the price of one and all that.
So i'm not gonna say bye after this we're just gonna say do not follow Chuck Dingle unless you want to,
Public service announcement.
Very, very interesting. Recommendations where you left off from Amazon. Just FYI.
We love everybody.
Bye y'all.
That's it. 133210884.

[1:23:58] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:24:07] Music.