Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 46 - Fantasy Of The Urban-Kind

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Hey,
No featuring Muffin.
You're funny come back in on your face and give me 25.

[0:36] Music.

[0:44] Welcome to another edition of. There you go.
Welcome to another edition of
Joining me. There we are. It's always.
Sarah says hi. Hello. Hi, Sarah. Yeah, no, I mean, you had to take care of some stuff the other day. So, I did some recording and I even figured out how to do it like.
Live and crap. It was awesome. Yeah, but it wasn't. So, I need this background cuz I only had the old extract,
You will see go over here. Let's let's let's debug this now. So, what you do is,
What you do is,
I am now wearing my I'm showing it off on the camera but it's really itty bitty tiny I am wearing my geek famous necklace right now I am wearing a dragon concert which I've done a lot while we can do a nice.

[1:59] It's just yeah# geek famous so that you know people can look us up cuz you know we're geek famous.
We're not. We're not. It's okay.
I got my geek famous out. I got some of my other jewelry out. I have a really cool hand hand solo.
Blaster necklace that's really heavy and hurt but I got it I got dragon necklaces
And it's awesome.
We are.

[2:41] No
A dragon car officially starts on Thursday. Sorry, John. I know you get those keywords confused.
Mm hmm.
So and there you know they're always these parents were like is there anything,
So, there's a lot to do. We've got the aquarium there. We've got the World of Coke there. We've got the children's museum. They're all of those are around Olympic Park.

[3:28] The zoo is a short hop skipping a jump either on a bus or a Uber,
So that's really good. The other thing is that I just found this which is that the,
Wild crats that TV show that used to be live action and is now cartoon. Wait what? The wild crap.
You you just hey,
Actually it was in my GPB passport thing cuz we're we we support Georgia public broadcasting but at the Children's Museum of Atlanta which is right at Olympic Park.
They will be oh also down right there it's World of Coke I don't think,
Add children add the children's museum they are gonna be having the wild cratch creature power the exhibit I have no idea what this is folks but it doesn't end until September 5,
So if you have kids cuz you know John there are reasonably.

[4:37] No
Atlanta food is there so many wonderful wonderful wonderful places. Yeah, we got a lot of, we got a lot of,
Tons of people had had suggestions for,
And that's always fun. So, go look at all those places and that's great and then, you know, it's just fun and I,
Just was looking at something basically I've it's a discover Atlanta. Com weekend but there are always all these great things going on.
There is free yoga in Woodroof Park which is,
You sister.

[5:33] Oh is that new.

[5:42] Okay. Gotcha. You got it now. So, so never mind. We'll discuss. Actually, we'll just we can discuss this tomorrow.
Yes, we will.
There is also. By the way, I'm driving. I'm driving for the well, not the first time, but the first time solo,
Driving to Atlanta. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, god help us that if I make it, I actually make it there,
Well, you know, my my directional,
Acumen is lacking.
Don't you just get on.
When you get to the big big city travels.
Well, I get the big, well, well, well.

[6:51] Yeah. Well, it depends on what time you get in. Oh, that could be anytime. I've I've,
Oh I could walk faster than I'm moving right now.
When we look when when I the last time.
While boost with the family.

[7:35] I like to know you were coming to Dragon Con that long. I know when you came. No, no, no. Well, I I came so I came for a couple of years. We we went for a couple a couple of times. I think it was right after college. Sorry, it wasn't. It's all my college friends.
And then we then we start when we start to come back again. So, it was it was a very, it was a sort of, anyway, but but anyway, the last time with with, with my family,
We must have spent.
I don't know 5 feet away from the interstate it was ridiculous,
Hey nobody tells me anything,
Oh, you don't know who I'm talking about. Oh, your idea. I live in Tampa.
But yeah, we had a guy.

[8:48] Eye in the sky. Yeah, I think so. Welcome to the dragon podcast. The podcast, it's about traffic and traffic reporters. There we go. But I also wanna tell you one other thing that,
And I don't want anybody to leave Dragon Con. Please understand but there is a bridgerton ball.
You have to pay for it but you know you get to go and dress up and be in Bridgeton is from what I'm telling but and some people really like Bridgeton,
And that's what's great. You know what? I bet there are a whole lot of costume people gonna be in Bridgeton costumes. Which would be heavy and very hot. So that's it. That's not a dragon kind thing.
No this ball no the queen's brawl bridgeton.

[9:40] So, just FYI. A nearby restaurant that has down,
Fox Brothers is good.
John's gonna John's gonna park some place that's why he sent an email earlier or a text earlier to Lee asking where is the best place to park in Atlanta.
Oh did you? Yes,
Ok I just wanna know.

[10:20] Lemon fia,
Says they went to the Bridgeton Bridges in Queens Ball and it was so much fun,
There you go and it's a family event. So, kids and families. And that's per Atlanta.
Plus 35 plus tracks now. Hmm. And everybody gets to be crazy in their own phantom. Oh, okay, good. You know,
That's always wonderful. Can you pass to stay there? You're not allowed to leave your fandom. No, you never. Yes, yes. That's that's my, that's my rule. I'm now placing that out there. No.
In the waiting room.
At Dragon Con which is a hee.
Huge track.

[11:34] Okay. Now, Carol, we're gonna get started on this easy,

[11:53] Well you can distinguish a urban fantasy from other types of fantasy the the easiest way,
Whether it's books or media takes place in a recognizable world it's something that it could be
The same, you know, it could be real world Atlanta. In fact, there have been series set there. Most every show.
Television or books. What do they say there in Atlanta or not? It's Atlanta.
Oh look at these random palm trees and I'm like, okay, so first of all, y'all went out in Hollywood, in LA, and shot that, and then came back to Atlanta cuz honey, I know right where that is.
It's right across the street on Peachtree about four blocks
But I see supernatural and on the on that,
What is up? Yes.

[13:15] A supernatural element to to,
Taking place.
Supernatural is one of the one of the properties, one of the shows that we cover. On on the track.
And you know it it's amazing the fact that it's been around for it has been you know that it was on for 15 years which is a major accomplishment for any television
Off now, right?

[13:58] And yeah the you know the fact that it that it was a genre show that was on for that long is really amazing so,
In any case, yes, we're, and we're very pleased to be hosting some cast members from the show.
Oh, cool. I know Mark Shepherd's coming who I call the little black dress of sci-fi fandom because March.
Not for, not for as many episodes as he was. Not always, right?
And I'm thrilled to have him back,
She was yes she was there a couple of years ago and I'm glad that she is.

[14:52] Cuz we all know what happened in
Hey Facebook,
No, no, that's quite alright.
At time before or other chow.

[15:28] Okay.
I'm supernatural.
You know, that it whenever we have somebody who's never been there before, that's very exciting. So,
Yes and would you like to hear about our other media guests at this time?
I wanna make sure I don't forget to say this. Now, everybody if you're gonna go to the Walk of Fame to get an autograph for things like that, there will be a map outside of the Walk of Fame.
That will show you where people are and dragging con does their best to kinda put people that are in shows together close that I always put them like right beside each other but
You know, they do that because somebody, I mean, like, Mark Shepherd, as I said, the little black dress of.

[16:28] Sci-fi fantasy. So, but just know that that there is one. So, if you're really looking for one or two people, make sure you go and look at that map because it's very important.
So, yes, but who else? You got some other new people? Who's got who you got? Yes, and we have and this is very exciting because they have not been a con before. Is some cast members from the the original charmed?

[16:54] And we have
That's gonna be a lot of fun.

[17:18] And still move. So, we're we're very, we're very lucky to have such cool folks joining us this year and we're really looking forward.

[17:32] Was it? No, he wasn't the magician. He was just librarian. That's the librarian. Shoot.
I was all excited that maybe John Lyricat would be coming
On Night Court,
Dan fielding man. That was the evilest man in the world when you were in the 80s and 90s. You sometimes slot.
He was great.
And we'll be featuring over 50 authors on panels throughout the weekend so,
Okay now I gotta ask,
Authors usually do not, well, I never seen an author
Pay for a signature. Most of the authors you bring a copy of the book, they are thrilled to sign it. Many of them will have one there cuz they know so many people now read on e-readers and do it that way. So,
Sign something else too. So, but they're usually there and that's great. Now, but you got, I mean, so.

[18:58] Urban fantasy is the vampires and the where will zen a lot of other people,
There's a whole lot not to talk about just all the book tie ins to the TV shows. So like how are you grouping some of these? Cuz you got it.
What do you do like okay here's all the vampire writers I
You know most of the people who write in the genre tend to feature different kinds of magical creatures or beings in their work
And the way that I set up the programming is that the the panels are
Symatic approaches. So,
Type of creature now for example are.

[19:55] In the focus of the panel is going to be on how do,
You know passes human most of the time or that they are human.
They are right. Okay, so now, you said, you called him like, I understand shifters cuz they can shift from,
Supernatural beings.
But you caught him where creatures,
Right then there might also be other types of you know other types of,
Where creatures that are you know some other type of animal it's not necessarily,
You know it's not just a wolf and if and there there is a distinction between a where animal and,
A shifter and the shifters I think it's it's a little bit more general sometimes there's some some shifters can.

[21:19] Can change into multiple different,
Binge rather than just their human side or just one but you know where creature typically has just the association with one. Oh okay.
You know, but there's wide variety within within the field but you know, that's just as an example of.

[21:43] You know one way to approach as you explain how do you put all these
All these people together. Yeah, we wouldn't have enough, you know,
We'd have to kick the audience out and and let them all sit in the that would yeah I'm sorry we're just gonna keep all of these now
I do wanna let people know that if you are curious about,
Real life where will and shifters and things of that nature skin walkers would be one of the shifters you wanna look at extract and the paranormal track cuz they're together.
So you can go and talk about people that.

[22:22] Real life, believe this, reality, and then you also have this great urban track, urban fantasy. So, there's kind of the difference in that. So, just don't want people all of a sudden to go up to carol and go, where's the big foot programming? And she's like, we got a whole creatures.
Thing and they're like, no, like where can I go find Bigfoot? That's not Carol. Well, you can't find big equipment in Atlanta.
Yeah to go on. Right now we may have big foot show up to a panel but I don't plan to feature any big foots.
There you go.
Sarah doesn't ask
We are the the Urban Fantasy track.
The queue being fantasy is that we typically are dealing with things that are taking the approach of fiction
Whereas extract or the paranormal track the the probe the paranormal programming that is part of that practice,
True life or real you know that they're unscripted.
Right exactly unscripted and they are looking for actual evidence.

[23:47] You know those kinds of creatures. Yeah. Yep.
That you know now some shifters only have one animal that they turn into and the thing is again you know how I mentioned that this was fiction,
In some,
Can change and where creatures are kind of stuck. Okay, there's a full moon and I'm gonna have to shift. So, I have to go where I'm away from people,
And choose to avoid. Okay. Got it. That's good. I like it. Brandon points out that he's heard that you can find Bigfoot on peach tree street.
Hey Facebook I would I would argue you could only that's only true on Sunday Sunday.
Actually it would be Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, for the wrestling. Big foot.

[25:00] The monster truck.
Go on. Well, yeah. So, it's always gonna be great. Now, like that idea. There was also somebody else who said, why is there no world? Hey, Brandon. It was important. Of,
Why is there no world,
Is called American sci-fi.
And horror because of course horror is gonna have it cuz these dumb people are sitting here in a cornfield and all of a sudden decide to run to the really creepy looking barn.
So, there you go. Although I I still say Carol, there should just be a.

[25:42] Canada track too. So, all of the shows that are filmed in Canada. Now, you don't have them for 5 years cuz their name
They lose that tax break.

[26:00] That's right. At one point, they did it. Oh, okay. They may have changed it now. Oh, that's why.
Well I I would also argue that even though the the title is Urban Fantasy
That actually,
I do i do think that,
Urban fantasy it's a little bit of a misnomer in a way
In the countryside or you know, that has this, it has all of those same elements but they're just, they're not in the middle of the city
True. I always do a panel if I can.
Most years on historical or urban fantasy. You know, things that take place in other time periods besides, you know, the contemporary which a lot of people associate with.
With Urban Fantasy,
Well, that's really cool. That's really cool. And why were giggling folks? All three of us was Brandon when I talked about having just a Canada track said we can call it the maple syrup road. We have silk road so
It does right. Hey Facebook.

[27:28] And Tim Hortons but we're getting to Tim Hortons in Atlanta soon
Strotion. Folks, there are, I just looked it up on the app and Carol, I know they'll change. Don't breathe. Take a dig, deep breath, and in out. But there are 55 animals currently scheduled in urban fantasy
Was that all? Yeah, that's all. That's all she's doing.

[27:58] Yes I would hope that that people would we do also have,
Fan panels.
That are currently airing.
We do of course have buffy fan panels every year because
They're what the rest of these wouldn't exist if it weren't for buffy
That the monsters is what kicked all of us off.
But I mean Buffy and Supernatural those will always be,
Included but typically our fan panels are on shows that are currently on the air,
Possibly. Yeah.

[29:15] Yes. No, you do and your track, let's talk about that real quick but we'll,
Would you it's almost it's on the sixth floor or street level as you know
It's so weird.
You're gonna pass our old room, our forever room, on the right, which is military sci fi, and then if you on your left, there's apocalypse, rising, all of our good friends,
Hey keep going towards the back through the,
Through where the elevators are or you can walk around the elevators
The worst sunset the western western in western western entrance,
You wind up some place you don't think you're gonna wind up,
And you're at street level I don't yeah and all of a sudden too you're walking a room that actually looks like one of those small little tiny rooms and then all of a sudden you're like holy cow what in the absolute.

[30:36] Yeah. No. Deadpool would say something but I mean just it's so those are dreams are like oh this is gonna be too tiny and then
Yes, we are. We are very excited to once again be able to offer,
The live action buffy horror picture show on Sunday.

[31:04] And we're very excited to be able to do this. You know, we it's it's been, it's been,
Longer than we would have wanted for to yes but we know that the past 2 years
One was impossible in one was extremely and then last year would have been unwise but this year we felt as though things were a little better in order to,
You know, in order to do that. So,
Be doing that and I and I do want to give a big shout out
Yeah. If they did, well, Brandon, you got to come and see if you can help us that out. But I I do want to
Mention my volunteer Anna Puerta who will be the director for the show this year and and to be honest I'm always happy to host it but
She's the one who is doing all of the really hard work and
Yeah, man. I'm happy for the track for our track to be hosted because we cover the show but if it work for her, I'm not so sure that we would have been able to pull it off. So, I want to just say how much.

[32:24] You know that I appreciate that and I know that everyone who comes is going to do so as well and this year that will be in the peach tree ballroom in the West okay so that gets a really big group so that's kinda really cool and,
All the parts are already done, folks. Can't go and volunteer when you get there.
You also reminded me something that makes me feel whole wow.

[32:56] Oh yes it's the 25th anniversary of the show so she said she said two. 5 year anniversary that's what I heard
That would feel ever so much better if it works.
I don't know if I've I probably have but I gotta tell you the story. So,
If it was 25 years ago it started 2 years before my.
We would let him watch Buffy and my mother's like I can't believe you're watching that. And I was like, mom, who shit?
He knows this is all makeup. This is all make believe. There's no monsters. There's nothing like this that's coming. This is all make believe.

[33:53] And I said and then we hedged our bet
And I'm like, there you go, mom. See? This is not bad parenting. And then it's sick. Hi, parenting, baby. At 6 years old, he was watching The Hill Razor series.
No, he was not. Actually, thank you very much. Yeah, he got mad at me cuz he also took forever to play first person shooter games and finally, I had to give up.
A couple of years in the middle school but we digress.
So, but yeah, so Buffy, I'm sorry, folks. You do you as a parent but Buffy gave my child had no night tears cuz it wasn't real or buffy would yell.

[34:34] Perfectly fine.
For example but I was actually talking about guest stars cuz you got some convergence and that's always the bestest panels ever folks,
Carol, come on. Help me out here cuz when you have somebody who's first come.
Or a member,
So it's always so funny.
Pieces of death.
Even though I think.
A staged but but some of it is just it's tort.
And so, alright. So, Buffy you said was on Sunday night.

[36:00] Sunday night.
Are gonna watch the masquerade later on dragon con TV in their hotel room cuz they're gonna go eat while everybody else is at masquerade. So, there you go. You got
Panel right before you go eat somewhere,
Yes we have this will be our third year doing this,
They're proceeding this is our panel on ghost in urban fantasy,
Or someone else's
Of the music. You want me to.

[37:28] He's an expert at this and it's wonderful.

[37:37] Very cool and.

[37:52] Maybe hey Facebook,
Programs I believe it's more than one I think I I believe in the schedule I saw they had two and then
They'll, you know, they'll be doing some other things throughout the weekend as well and they're
They're awesome. They play great music and,
Victorian chamber medal.
Kind of what that that is a fairly app description and they have kind of embraced it themselves but I do,
Encourage people to check them out. And you know, last year, we had a full house for this. So, we're hoping that people will come out again and enjoy some some spooky stories and some great music,
Yes and that'll be awesome. I also do wanna tell y'all because I am now like looking for,
Off beat artist and spotify you never know who you're gonna find I found misbehave and mavens which has been abandoned dragon cat,
So I'm gonna look in just a second and see if these people are there too and John's making notes with his little pen and I don't know why but.

[39:17] Okay so Carol is there any we always ask you this because we know you're gonna be running around just like oh my god there's so much.

[39:30] Well, I would really, I would really like to be able to go and see a panel from the expanse. Oh, yeah.
But I don't think it's gonna work out that I will be able to do that. Sorry, Melinda. That's one of my volunteers. She's wonderful and she really, really wants me to be able to go and I'm I'm still gonna see if it works out but tonight,
I had my you never know and I you know there are some of the other things that,
That I would also enjoy seeing now and then but you know,
Be able to do but,
If not, hey, maybe next year, maybe they'll be back in June. I mean, it's a big time show now and books. I always find it funny. I love the expansion show much more than the books after about the third or fourth book.
Because and I'm so sorry this all offends somebody and it's my opinion only your mileage may vary but in the.

[40:33] White guy breaks,
Cuz white guy wasn't paying attention and doing what he should have done and then white guys still gets the credit. So. So, I kinda got mad at the books. Yeah, absolutely. So, like really, okay, just wanna make sure.
Hey one of the nice things about the experience is grounded a lot of reality,
A lot of real science. So, so that just makes sense to me.

[41:05] And a lot of really,
I love the experience too. Yes, you should go if you can. Go. Hi, I'm going to make a.

[41:35] What in the sea,
Been dragging contact
Kinda but we got a little tired of it but yeah, we could because you know, we're always like, well, maybe there will be a panel. Who knows?
Oops. There's not. Well, let's go. Hey, what's your why? You get a surprise, yeah.
You know, they didn't get in last night. So, oh, wow. It's not at five. It's not at 530. It's gonna be tomorrow.
10 AM or whatever. So, that happens today. So, be prepared. Yeah, and and my prediction here is that with the number of.

[42:37] Flight to Keep It and cancelled or moved around we may see a lot more about this year as well so yeah yeah so many seminary being cancelled and moved and
Just yeah okay so now Carol let's remind everybody where you are you are in the western the wild wild western as you and Derek Tatum a couple of years ago called it,
So yeah.

[42:59] And where what's your room.
How did they get there.
Is actually not too bad. You go out that front out of a come out the front, you turn left, and you walk down a block or two and it's it's gonna be across the street but it's across the street. And if you're in the spirit in
You have to walk up the hill but it's you just walk up and you know the Andrew Young Blvd and it's right there,
So remember if you take those steps John and I agree it counts as three cuz that is a serious incline on that hill from the sheriff to the west,
It is it is quite big yes,
Avoid the hill and you can very easily avoid the hill even from the sheriff and find somebody and we will tell you or I will give you the hint the first time you see me at Dragon Con.
Car go by no that's not how you do it alright well especially because I find correct that hill isn't one way up it's one way down.

[44:14] Okay. For cars and Carol, what about Facebook? I think it's yeah, it's up.
It's up going oh is it up for cars well then that might be good
If you go to Facebook and just plug in Dragon Con Urban Fantasy it will take you directly to us that's the page that stays most active and I mean it's active all year round
That's where I post all the time. We do have a Twitter account.
Which does have a little more activity typically this time of year but not necessarily as much you know throughout the rest of the year and we also have a YouTube channel
Something else that kind of developed as a result of you know
Hey dragon time goes virtual in 2020 and we have a lot of we have a lot of material on there and one of the things that I did some some panels for,
Virtual dragon con.
You know, around that time, prior to, so that they could be shown during during dragon con and then,
When we talked about supernatural a little bit ago and.

[45:28] When the show ended in November of 2020,
This show but the the show they they did a good job throughout but also in that last season I think of doing kind of.

[45:49] You know, call backs if you will. Okay. References to the other parts, other things that happened over the course of the series. And I said, you know.

[45:58] It's been a really long time since I've seen some of those. I watched it when it began. I watched you from the very first episode.
You know, if for some of those episodes, I had not seen them in a really long time. So, I decided we're doing monthly,
Panels which I called supernatural rewind and we would do,
Oh very cool. That's awesome. So those are all on there. All 15 of those are on there.
Very very cool. That's awesome. And one thing that that led to was something that we did last year and that when it will also do this year at Con on Thursday.

[46:41] We will have a little competition excuse me.

[46:46] A little competition we call supernatural showdown.
And what that means is that we have each,
The season six through 10,
You know,
Discussion with the audience and then at the at the very end the audience is going to is going to decide
Who made the best argument.

[47:36] Honest and reasonable debate,
Hey Facebook based on opinions and people not being throwing pies at people
Debate not which one is the best episode by because extract for a couple of years did what's your favorite extract
Episode and for those who are extra X files fan what's your favorite X files episodes
Whatever. Yeah. But for the X files, people kept choosing home
Other box sets and everything else. So,
Yeah, good idea. Very, very good idea. Awesome,
Well eight address go Jackbox TV and then oh yes I do see that yeah there we go so if you open up another tab or you use your phone or whatever,
You can go there and type in that broom code and then once you're in there we'll open it up for.

[48:55] Or audience members to join. We're gonna play Quiplash again because that's what we've been playing pretty much all year. It's been a.
I'm sorry. I didn't, I don't see a link.

[49:08] Oh, it's just you gotta type. Just go to Jackbox. TV. Oh, okay. Just take that. Yeah. Jack Fox. TV unfortunately, I.
Carol that that that was great because today I had to help my mother join my mobile family and that was 30 minutes of misery. Did.
Did did a Ryan combine visit you to help you? No, Ryan has not come by and visited me and I am very upset with Ryan
So, I really do expect, you know, Ryan to come and visit. But I have to also really say hit mobile is saving us a whole lot of money. Yeah, it is a
Sorry. So now we we've talked now we've got it. Now we chilled for Mitt mobile who needs no shilling.
But there we are. Alright, if you're in the audience, in are you G?

[50:08] Thingy Steve.

[50:15] That was quick. It's.
I am at the screen where it's just select your character. Yes, select your character.

[50:26] Okay, the ones that are still free, okay? Yeah, it has to be the one.
I was like the three eyed purple one I don't know why. Alright.
Hear the music background there. Okay, cool. Yup. Alright.
Yes, I do.
Rise of the poop joke.
Santa she's driving can't play jackpot today.
Points are scored based on the percentage of people who choose your response let's quit.

[51:33] Carol we might Carol we might have a little bit of advance you've got grandchildren that like.
Oh I think that's that it has nothing to do with what's on your prompt it's just a,
Well, well there while everyone's putting stuff into their devices there.
I will mention something that Zan pointed out earlier which is that she inquired and the official word is that there will be no,
Dragon merch store at in the America's Mark this year.
The sharing store with two locations right across from each other. Opens on Thursday in the Marriott store opens on Friday. That's according to Sam.

[52:15] Let's see. Was there any other comments here that I need to address? Nope, nothing, nothing right now. So, I'll just a reminder when you can reach us by calling,
81332102, I should probably check the voicemail, make sure there's nothing in there. That's (813) 321-0884,
And also you can Email us at 50 days at the Unique Geek. Com it's five oh D A Y S at the Unique Geek,
Dot com. Sarah did did say something earlier about the charm guests apparently. Yeah. When they were announced.
She screamed in the middle of a work call. So, I assume that was,
Oh yeah I know I know she was excited,
Oh well I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. Oh. Oh.

[53:17] I did not see any questions. I didn't see anything. Oh, Trey.
What does a purple wedding dress symbolize?
She's gonna marry Thanos. What does a purple wedding dress symbolize? The Hogwarts Giants squid. Helped.
With a dying or she's going to marry Thanos. Hey, you can vote mom.
Yeah. What's going on over there? Something's going on over there.
Go out and go back in.

[54:05] In the fifth century you couldn't get married in less blank.
You presented the family with five baby dragons.

[54:19] Apparently, this one's all about weddings that in case two people grab the banquets of banquet, bouquet, simultaneously,
Here's a tie breaker to see who gets married first.
I would guess that it's probably rock, paper, scissors, but I would think that it would be more fun if it were the other answer.
That's always a question. You gotta ask it.

[54:53] Looks like a Canadians rocks Canada. Canadians rocks. I guess oh. Hey, Canadians rocks is here.
What was the answer? I don't remember. It was the enterprise. Enterprise one. No.
Stuck in line at four Chatton's panel or a river.
No don't marry them.
In my my choice would be the Shantner's Pamel one.
Stuck with a river.
They just show up out of nowhere.
Love your fandoms as much as my own or.
Love all your fandoms as much as my own or I promise to clean all the toilets.
Mary Point that she misread that question and ask her which one it was.

[56:17] Let's see. Love your fantasy. As much my only wins.
Was it was it in your writing your wedding vast.
Chuckling the baby or doing the robot,
It's gotta be doing the robot because juggling the baby is just wrong. When you're on the road.
A Brandon points out that he he now remembers what he forgot to add to his valve.

[56:57] Juggling the baby wins that's Gabe Gabe with that answer.

[57:03] Dragon King Dragon Tin cans from the getaway car is cute dragging blank is a statement,
Hot Wheels is the winner,
Or dragon.

[57:42] You have to.

[57:50] Just fun things to know.

[57:54] And the one that one is,
Let's see
Chris isn't the lead with Brandon Gabe in Canadians Canada's rocks or Canadians rocks. Can,
You know, let you know, he's 2 seconds. There should be some stuff coming to your device. If it's not there.

[58:30] Please let us know Carol do a refresh as we come back on.

[58:37] If I refresh what the the page.
I see something that says the name of the wedding band that yeah you're supposed to type in and answer there in that little box. But anything? Yeah, whatever, whatever you would.
Fulfill that that requirement there.

[59:05] He got married doing an entire fandom.

[59:10] So, now what should mine be showing now? That will probably hit enter and then you should give you another prompt. You should have two prompts. Oh, okay. Yeah, I see it. Okay, I thought it was the same question again. No, it's.

[59:21] Music.

[59:33] Okay it tells me what my things are but I don't see anything else okay I don't it'll it'll come back all it does now it'll come up.
Murray Chris.
Okay let's see what you've rot.

[1:00:03] And we start with.

[1:00:12] A video.
A box of pardon troubles.
I'm going with i still can't click on anything but I'll stick to troubles. Yeah, there we go.
Box of triples wins. With a quick laugh. What do you like to my video? Somebody did. One person. One person in the audience. I'll take my 220.
The name of the wedding band that never gets booked.
A goth squad. These are pretty darn good folks. I.

[1:01:08] I was kinda wanna put them together. The robot got squad. The goth robot squad.
It won't this time.

[1:01:27] Before they got before they get married.
Before they get married couples should always discuss children finances and blank.

[1:01:50] Why am I saying that? Of course, everybody here would know what our opinions or fandoms.
Well, I did cook randoms but it didn't show up this time. Oh, stop.

[1:02:09] There's a there's a debate going on. Sorry.
Trick or treaters keep interrupting the ceremony or too busy getting freak candy.
I would guess the candy.
It looks like.

[1:02:50] I do is bland.
Yes or.
You damn well.
Or the Shatner video. Still going on.

[1:03:32] Brandon had a better answer which is just I know. I know.
According to superstition if the groom sees the bride before the wedding this terrible thing will happen,
Fingers get chopped off or kuthulu will swallow the entire I assume wedding party will be the conclusion of that,
According to Superstition if the groom sees the bride before wedding before the wedding this terrible thing will happen fingers will be chopped off or kahula will swallow the entire wedding party.

[1:04:07] Join me again.

[1:04:26] Or bobbing for wedding rings a great activity for for.
Is somebody that thinks somebody got.

[1:04:38] Mister bun taping.
No I think the other one cuz that's just weird.

[1:05:00] What is the most important quality.
It just threw the Legos in the dance on the dance floor and oh no.
Makes me look prettier or.
That she is willing to be robbing to my back. And we all know how that ends to my Batman. There you go.
But she is willing to be Robin to my Bat.

[1:05:34] There's nobody.
Alright, here we go.
Falling behind.

[1:06:10] So, we have to go back to the other screen again. Well, it should, it should prop up for you automatically. If it doesn't, let me know.

[1:06:17] Or just refresh but you should get three prompt you should have a place.

[1:06:32] And Brandon points out that they're always a robin never a Batman.

[1:06:37] That's funny.

[1:06:46] I'm slow the older i get.

[1:06:54] What were we talking about? We're talking about something. I don't know. Yeah. So, things to do. To do while we're passing time, waiting for people to fill out answers.

[1:07:04] We can talk about the weather. We've covered traffic.

[1:07:15] With a.

[1:07:25] Forecast right now.
On Thursday,
Yeah they wanna know what the chance of rain is.
Last too far away to be able to tell. 60% apparently.
We're all fantasy Atlanta traffic in Bridgeton three thanks for a wedding cake couples never choose dirt death and beats which by the way,
I follow them the 80s I want a toured with them,
In that or rural fantasy Atlantic Atlanta traffic in Bridgeton.

[1:08:24] I like dirt gas and beach girl or.

[1:08:30] Hey.

[1:08:40] I don't watch TV.

[1:08:45] Three.

[1:08:54] That was a really quick one. Three things that might.

[1:08:57] It might be red flags when they sit in the wedding vows. Science fiction is band. Only my fandoms are right. No more dragon con for you or I don't watch TV.
Let's see. Paul voted for the one that was.
Very good Brandon. Three pieces of advice for a happy marriage. The wife is right. Don't burn money on Legos.

[1:09:33] Or
Three pieces of advice for a happy marriage. The wife is right don't burn money on Legos and movie night every night or be best be friends first travel together and accept that kathulu eats you.

[1:09:55] It depends on which one saying I'm right.
Quit last again for Lee.
Woo hoo.
You go.
The groom is bringing these three buddies with him on the honeymoon. Dad,
Oh gum sorry.
Those are good.

[1:10:54] Sorry.
Steve, that's a big, fat lie.

[1:11:11] Yes.
I don't know why I'm so happy I'm supposed to I'm supposed to be sad when lately winds,
Alright. So, one more time, Carol, before we let you go, where can folks find you at?

[1:11:48] Okay. Well,
On it's actually technically the sixth floors but it's the street level when you walk in the front door we are all the way at the back,
Pass the elevator bay, pass the, on the other side of the escalators,
You know a number of panels in,
Some of the ballrooms whether it's in the peach tree. I think we're only in the high at this year which is good in terms of, you know, for us going back and forth,
Panels that are that are going on in some of this,
The bigger than our room but smaller than the big ballrooms.
You know, our main hub is our track room. Is that chest I wanted to? Prior to Con. You can find out most of the news about the track and everything,
Is going to be on our Facebook page. Just plug in Dragon Con Urban Fantasy and we come up.

[1:13:14] We will have some virtual content that's on our YouTube channel which again if you go to YouTube and just plug in Dragon Con Urban Fantasy it'll come up,
Past content. Their author interviews in addition to
Panels on supernatural rewind that I was talking about earlier. So, and we have, you know, a few other things mixed in as well and we do have a Twitter account which again
I'm just gonna drag encounter and fantasy and you can find us. That it would, it's not quite as active as as the
That's where we are. We certainly hope that people will come by and see us,
It's nice to,
Oh it's only a week away and then it's like oh my god it's a lot of delays,
Hey Facebook so we're really excited and looking forward to seeing people. It's always fun when your heart goes.

[1:14:34] Be happyness,
Which is remember just as Carol said and I said and I think John has even said you can't get to everything all the time especially in the big rooms, the big ballrooms.
That's why it's wonderful if you remember to buy a video membership and if you're not a member to buy a video membership so you can see what you can come to see in person,
So, yay. Let's do that. Just FYI.

[1:15:35] And I still have some of those. I mean, I like the pirate ship and all the stuff and yeah.
We got no we got like Harry Potter's something I think Harry Potter the first dog works Harry Potter is a thing or other,
But i will say Carol it's always great being an aunt now,
Oh man, oh man, there are nothing greater than watching out for that sale at Christmas for us. You know, 5000 bucket of Legos that you can give your 9 year old nephew and your sister looks at you like you.
Carol, thank you for taking time out. I really do appreciate it because I know that especially this close to Con, you've got a lot of things you should be doing. You've got a lot of podcast,
To choose from and thank you for choosing this podcast today.
Alright. So, until next time. For Carol and Lee.
And our audience I guess this is John and Legos and and the death of Legos and Death My Legos this is John saying until next time.
Peace. Don't get your. Hi, everyone. Triples pregnant.

[1:17:01] We are open for you know any merchandising ideas and.

[1:17:10] Music.

[1:17:18] Is a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.

[1:17:36] Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:17:45] Music.

[1:17:57] Extreme close up.

[1:18:06] Music.

[1:18:12] I got hair in my mouth.