Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 47 - 76 Deadpools

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Comfort.
On your face,
Welcome to another edition of,
Joining me as always,
Hey. Sorry. Thanks for reminding me.

[1:10] Thursday,
Ok okay cool,
It is as we record this it is,
As we record this was the clock say on on the doomsday clock over at Dragon Con. Org.
There we go.
That's when we are recording this.
And if they've had to cancel the place you find them as you go and you look at guests and you go all the way down to the bottom of that,
Quincy J. Allen. Tom Kavanaugh.
Doctor Sydney.

[2:25] Jeanie,
So you can start looking at the app and yes my niece is so excited she,
Wanting to go to and she texted me today and said you already had 27,
And I said well that sucks to be you cuz that's not gonna happen. Well.
Yeah. Cuz it seems like a low number to me to be honest with you.
At 14, I think 27 sounds like a lot. Well, I mean.

[3:20] You figure there's 24 hours of dragon con times.

[3:32] These 14 year olds though these days,
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna be up with her doing anything. They're they're doing the ticket in the talking and the in the in the Gramming of Instance.
Stuff. They're not like Ashley.
All people. We're we have to get some sleep.
And so wow I just can't believe it and I know there are all of these people who are saying it's 2 days till dragon con I see you Sarah's and I see you Jerry and guess what no,

[4:24] 4 days but what I mean there's but there's really
I was gonna say but there's nothing to do like on the weekend like on Saturday mornings around either. It's sort of. No. I mean, that's not really active. Nothing happened at that time so.
Is very early Saturday morning. We just watch a parade.
Everybody looks ah I love a,
That is really cool and this is Annie the parade director. Hi, Annie.
Your hair matches my shirt. That's kinda cool. I did that on purpose.
Oh my god. Look at that face.

[5:45] No
Well, I like to say now that we have the previous director Jan who passed away. She she has no our patron saint of the parade.
And at this point she's looking out for us she's gonna make sure we have a bright every year
And I will say it is rain or shine, folks. So, just know that if you're in one of the dragon con hotels, you can watch the parade live and last year, it was really only supposed to be people that were,
Members watching the parade but what about this year down peach tree.

[6:31] It's good and bad. It's got a bad obviously. There are the the,
It is right,
You know the families that come down just for the parade combined with the people that come down to protest the parade and driving cars a whole like all of that so that's all the time too
No. Yeah, they they hold up their signs and they say they're mean things but in 2019,
We had a group of just random strangers just kinda barricade them off. Yeah.
There you go.

[7:38] So but okay now what how did the parade get started and how many years has it been going on at Drankton cuz this is one of the few,
Cons like this. It has one. Some other kinds have tried.
We're the bestest because Pat,
Yeah. So, here we are.
That actually goes over a part of the origin story of the parade and.

[8:22] Wow. 22nd yes.
Some that are mentioned in the article are you know we have our usuals our giant Star Wars group we have another world a long time sponsor of the parade and Dragon Con,
Going out in full force like they always do.
Also Colt of John,

[9:21] Hey Tom.
One of my favorites that's new for this year is the Nicholas Cage Crew which all have giant,
Oh, hey,
I think it's timing with this movie that just came out where he's super self aware of.

[9:57] How kind of crazy is acting can be throughout the years and,
Yeah I mean it should be fun but it also might just be a,
But you also have as we talked about the Star Wars which five oh first all these stormtroopers and Darth Vader,
Always great is because you also have the superheroes and if y'all wanna see something adorable is watching the little kids who are seeing all their favorites cuz there's everything from superheroes to
Disney princesses to.

[10:45] You know,
Yeah the T rexes but they're poofies. Yeah. Like the ones that they have the poofy ones that you walk around in. So yeah.
Okay. Inflatable. Inflatables.
I haven't heard but,
That that should be something you send to our dear friend over there,
Cage death messages. I do know another new group for the parade is the muscle nerd showdown.
Yeah. The muscle nerd showdown. So, you gotta think of like your buff nerdy figures like curcuise and colonin. They are having a,
Basically mister universe.

[12:06] Didn't they I think they started that a few years ago. I mean, I mean, they might be new in the parade but I mean, the actual parade but yeah, they, I think we've had it online.
There's something for every age group you know what I'm saying,
3500 people,
Just wanted to.
Well, speaking of which, when is sign up? Let's say, let's say, this year, I'm like watching the prank but oh man, I could go into that group.
Or oh, you know what? I got the costume that's, you know, good enough to be in here. What is what is the process for that? What is the process we're getting into the parade?
It's pretty straightforward. We open it on February 15 every year. We tend to announce it on most dragon console media platforms.

[13:04] Best place to keep up to date is the drawing con parade Facebook group.

[13:09] On there you can see right now there's a few people that will have extra wristbands somebody will drop out in their group and they'll post on there that they haven't opening and so you might be able to get in last minute that way but that is a complete gamble,
That's the rule of the day so if you can get in or not,
And folks, let's just talk about this really seriously. So, yeah, don't just show up and think you can sneak in to the parade. You gotta have a wristband. Now, a,
Annie where did they get the wristbands,
Parade registration and we call it registration but it's more of just brisk band pickup is at the bottom floor this year tin right where you pick up your drawing con bad you come out the side door and we're right there next to disabilities services,
You're right there. Cross away from the restroom. Do you walk right past us? I promise on your way out every time. And you'll probably be very close to the charity table that will be done in the Sheraton as well. So this is all very good,
Yep, Thursday to Friday. The exact times are posted in the book, but it's basically.

[14:26] I think eight to nine both days or or 99,
Yeah, I know, I know it's pretty much all day on Thursday and most of the day on Friday. So, yeah.
One of the things too is okay but so people are always cuz John and I try to help out at parade. We first of all like doing it. We have a lot of fun.
But so every time people are like can I just slip in? No.

[14:51] No
Okay then you need to take a group recording here,
That's a lot of cats that were hurting,
There's a few cases that they can always do that and if that's the case they have to meet on the corner outside of staging they will not there is literally gates to get into our staging area,
Like physical like iron gates and you cannot get into the staging area without your wristband and your driving badge.
I will say there are some people that have Saturday only badges and with that we will honor your grow ticks QR code as your badge,
So you can you can get in the parade as long as you pick up your wristband you can pick up your wristband without your badge just show us the girl text we'll give it to you.

[16:01] And then you can you can march but as soon as the parade's over you cannot get into the Marietta at the end you gotta go straight to the share 10 to pick up your badge no,
Emory Hospital for those in Atlanta just follow all the people they got costumes on,
But if we start up there and that weekend you may you don't know where you're gonna wind up if you're just,
They're probably going to the parade. If it doesn't look like they're going towards the western, they're going the other way. That's towards,
Hey Facebook step off is the intersection of Peachtree in London,
If you're coming into the city and you're taking Marta you can get off at that North Ave station either to get to staging or if you're just coming to watch and then you can,
Walk the whole route down to find a good spot.
And and the North Ave station is a good one to be at. The other thing is also because this always kinda comes up is like,
Folks you can't bring a friend,
Okay, folks. Think about this. 3500 people.

[17:27] In 55 vehicles,
So they're all right where they're supposed to be. So be careful. I mean that's roughly only about a.
Block, right?
If you don't need to be in that area,
Don't try to sneak in to take your behind the scenes pictures,
If you're just trying to get a cellphone picture please please don't just wait until the parade comes past you I promise it'll one it'll be a better picture when they're in the asphalt parade,
But then you're not gonna get yelled at by a volunteer.
Drinking a coffee or whatever.
10 AM. Huh. Right? All of a sudden it's like wee and they and we go. No.

[18:41] The one thing is to a lot of people don't think this,
Because why any there's a whole parade in the middle of the street.
You gotta think there are like we said 3500 people but there's also those 55 vehicles,
That are moving down the street and they're trying to already watch all of the marchers moving around them,
Right yeah and even the marchers if they're not so if they're not looking one way or whatever and you you're trying to cross the street and they run into you cause a whole lot you know lots of lots of problems,
Lie to my problems.
Because if you're gonna watch it and do that,
It's at 8 o'clock because people are already gonna be sitting in their little chairs and being ready to go and all of this. It will be crowded. Which is great cuz we love a parade which is always fun.

[19:51] Just FYI. Don't don't yeah. Now, how many trombones do you have in this parade?
How many ways trombones,
Yes. Which three are those? Three. We have the seed and feed.

[20:18] And then we have the call to the Marriott Carpet has their own marching band now. Oh my.
Yeah. That is a wow. I I can't imagine any music as loud,
Yes, of course we wanna,

[20:56] Hey,
They've been in at least a good three or four I know the cold has been been going I just didn't know when they got marching band,
I like I like the idea of a kazoo band that's kind of awesome,
Okay. No, I don't know if it's a person or the the store or don't know what's going on. Right.
You're welcome. We're not gonna have grandmas this year cuz y'all is mixing it up.

[21:53] Needy oh God bless me for saying this wrong I'm so sorry a chore for.

[21:59] Yes.
Grand Marshall like Michelle Nichols was or Stanley has been in the past. This year, we are going to have the mayor of Atlanta Andre Dickens. Yay.
I'm excited to see like Atlanta be a part of the parade,
Yeah. And that's always what's great when you see all the people that are watching and all of that. So there's that. Now, one of the other things is,
All the way down Peachtree,
And then,
I think it's Andrew Young. Yeah, Andrew Young.
I see people saying hi. Hi. Hi.

[23:26] Sorry. I was about to say something. But okay, so folks, you don't have to wear your mask this year.
But when do you need you need to bring one,
Yeah as soon as you any indoor area for dragon con any indoor area at all you must wear a mask so inside any of the hotels,
Inside. I believe inside any of the transit. So, if you're taking the shuttle to get to the parade staging area, you've gotta wear a mask then.

[23:58] We're not requiring it during marching cuz that's outdoors.
However, like personally, if you're gonna like try to watch right there, where everybody is super crammed together, where's the end, I probably wear one but,
It is technically not required outdoors,
Yes. But it's so much fun and y'all are gonna love it because it's also if you want to now the parade will be on the streaming service but also if you are in Atlanta,
We're on our local channel which is just
Awesome. Actually, I think that's the coolest thing ever. And we're actually on TV. So, we're on the CW channel which is channel 46 in Atlanta.
I could've sworn maybe it was again.
Maybe it was last year of the year or even prior to that not obviously not 2020 but,
Their site.

[25:02] I believe
As well on like YouTube. Okay, alright. That's right. Thanks, so. I think that is that the sound kinda right. It's to be that.
Oh, right. CBS is 46. Oops, sorry.
69 in Atlanta. Sorry, I don't know. It's a CW channel in Atlanta. Yeah. But I know people who actually come down to the parade.
And then also tape it so they can rewatch it,
It's like you walked your mouth go out. No.
I can't imagine 55 vehicles. So, last year, I remember there was an agent of Shield vehicle
There is the terrifying thing from Netherworld. The pirate is the pirate ship gonna,
And some people will be like, why in the world don't they throw us candy? Well, they can't throw us candy. No, we do that.
That why why can't they throw candy?

[26:28] Wanna confess something.

[26:39] Well, I would throw Steve but but Steve got hurt by the things in the other things.

[26:51] Hitting someone on the face or anywhere that might hurt,
I was filming with a documentary crew when I got hit in the face of the giant pixie stick.
It wasn't good. Yeah. That would be fun. Yeah.
There I've already gotten my i heard it dragging home 1 year later
Yeah it's it sucks. The other hand is though we don't wanna leave any waste. So if you throw something and nobody picks it up it just stays there on the ground. Just let's trash.
So there are a few groups that hand things out like the swag and seat group,
It's the only you're allowed to hand out items, right,
Somebody may just put something politely into your hand. Well, that would be very nice,
Swag and seek it,
And there's a Facebook group about it. But it's really kinda cool. It's a neat little dragon kind thing. So, you can do that. Now, okay. So, we step off at 10.

[28:19] I think our official cut off time is.

[28:23] I think they start reopening the road at noon. Okay.
And it's always so much fun because you might see people who are helping with the parade who are going okay zombies you gotta shuffle faster.
We need a little bit faster cuz we gotta go down there.
So, but. Yeah, cuz,
Video boss are gonna get the people that have come down to see it off the road as well. So, even though it may reopen at noon, you can't really.

[29:01] You still need like an hour at least a half hour probably an hour to clear all the people out of the,
And I always like that when people will say things like, why can't we just have it like 12 1000 people in the parade? Well, because we have a there's a limited time Atlanta will allow us to close street,
Yeah. So, but.
It's kinda cool that Atlanta let's us do this and I think it's neat so it's always fun. What else are we forgetting about the parade John?
Hey we talked or the day before we talked
About whether but the weather looks to be promising for parade time looks to be at least below 80s like 70s made to low 70s with overcast so,
It should be a great day for for doing that now. The one thing I do want I do want to say is that we we talked about getting there early if you especially since now that the,
General public is a lot back in.

[30:14] I need to buy annual plea to please let the kids,
Of so they can see so that if you see you know parents with their you know struggling to keep their kids on top their because by the way
Putting them on top of the shoulder putting kids on top of the shoulders doesn't help the person behind them either. So it just becomes a cascading problem. But if you see that there's a there's a parent or whatever that that their kid is struggling to,
Especially the people to listen to this podcast in particular. Yes. You're gonna see a lot of these people also walking around inside the buildings. So, it's, you know, it's fun. It's it's a great experience.
In some people only do their have parades specific cosplay I get that to but,
It really is for kids. I mean, at the end of the day, it's yeah. Yeah. They wanna be able to see. You want them to see it and create more geeks for the future for, you know, to
Come join next January,
Please at least try to let the the children in in front of you so as you can see obviously don't be stealing children off of people's shoulders and putting them in front of you that's a felony.

[31:27] That's wrong.
And by the way as a parent that makes us a little
Especially if you're dressed as a goblin king. People get really yes. Yeah. And yes, there will be goblin kings in. You're better. They do a lovely lovely job.
We make they make us very very happy.

[32:02] Huh. I will be.
Yeah, you will, if you are looking for me, one, look for the bright red hair. But two, you will find me during the parade and leading up to the parade.
At the step-off point which again is the intersection of Lyndon and Peachtree.

[32:25] And then following the last vehicle which is a support vehicle for the parade staff that carries all of our like signage and excess stuff I'll be following in leaving and,
Then going to sleep.
Yes. They will take a nap. Then I'll take a nap. You'll take a nap. So that's always good. And it's just a lot of fun folks. It's always great. You can watch it. If you don't wanna come out cuz you're just like,
I don't wanna go out there. That's fine. You can sit.
In one of the hotels there'll be playing it like you're around the bar areas and things like that that they'll be playing it you can watch it on Dragonton TV
You can have lots of fun with it and it's always,
Shiny faces and.

[33:18] Yeah we the next generation folks we gotta we gotta keep the geekies going. Yeah. Cuz otherwise if you're not able to attend dragon con in person and you do driving congos virtual which is the $10,
Streaming service can you get access to a whole litany of videos,
Say you live in I don't know North Dakota and you can't make it to Dragon Con this year so you live in another country,
You can still work on bringing in that next generation of young lings into the nerd and culture by watching that way.
And I don't like the nibblets thing. But I did see, I don't like calling my niece and nephew, nibblets
I like that. Kevin of nine, Miami Wildman sub unit.
Jerry did have a question out of the chat. Out of curiosity because I've never asked anyone while there.
How do you workout your groupings and waves or groupings in the parade and what groups look to be the big ones this year.

[34:28] Okay so,
Some of them are always gonna be big groups most likely like Star Wars because it's not just a five oh first there's tons of people in there that aren't a part of the five of us that still have Star Wars costumes,
Which for the record is still gonna be a huge group this year.
If there's enough there to make a small grouping out of then we make a group or some of them will sign up as a group like the Nicholas Cage crew they kind of there was enough of their enough of them there to have their own section in the parade.

[35:13] As far as like,
Staging them out. It's literally just me going, okay, stop, wait, give it a little space, and then waving them on,
And we just tried to we tried to put a little bit of space in between each trip not too much but a little bit of space just so you can kinda help distinguish it helps,
Not only the people on the street to see but it really helps the broadcasters and the commentators.
Be able to tell when a new section is coming up by leaving that little gap. Of course, once it leaves the step off area, if you walk into the next group, I can't really help you there but
But we ask you to try those. What we saw? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, the flash group, the flash group, that's why you cancelled doing that grouping together, right?
Because they just kept running into the next. Yeah, they just kept running and then you couldn't even see them. They were running so fast. Yeah, they just broke through everybody, pushed them out of the way.
There was something else I was gonna say but I don't remember what it was, John. So, it must not have been important.

[36:09] Well Brandon says that I should drive the unique geek mobile in the parade which I'm all for that. Which yeah the most boring Hyundai Sonata.
Just go,
There we go. Somebody wants to get bread.
I actually think that sounds terrifying John,
Oh also I did wanna say this cuz we did say you don't have to wear a mask in the parade but even if you are at con,
Actual kind of mess,
It is hot but it is. Ladies. Very,
It has something very important to show you.
It is been a.

[37:34] Oh also,
Deadpool mask. It's just a generic one. Anyway. Okay. Where are you saying?
Marching in the parade and there are people trying to get you set up in in little lines listen to those people,
You need to listen,
Yeah Jerry Jerry says we should you should leave a 50 foot gap in the center of the parade and call it the John Cena cosplayers,
For the record there is a john scene on the parade this year.

[38:43] I mean, they're there every year. So, one more.
Annie, they talk to you, right? They are.
My friends. Alright audience.
It's a little much to expect them to be fans.
Yup. Game today. Quit flash.
Doesn't take us all.

[39:38] Yeah.

[39:42] So
From the audience it's ZQ,
People to play and then anyone else can jump in the audience and still get to vote.

[40:09] Brandon. Oh, okay. So, also,
Some shade in some areas on the Play Doh. Some places there is not. So, if you are somebody watching, bring your sunscreen folks. You're probably gonna want it cuz it gets hot. It does get hot even if it is overcast. Even if it's overcast.

[40:40] So, alright. On that, we'll start. Bathrooms.

[40:46] It's an important question.
Rotten to the core.
If you're listening to this, it's too late. This is round one. John, you're reading? Yes, ma'am. Well, tell him to.
You get points based on the percentage of people who choose your answer. Off we go.

[41:33] Alright. So, will everyone gets their,
Their game on over there. We'll remind everyone you can reach us at the unique geek at.

[41:46] Where am I?
Geek. Com if you wanna Email us if you wanna call us you can call us at 81332102 that's 8133210,
884 we have had a couple of calls but they were that stuff we played on the other just,
And let's see what else can we talk about. We're not on Instagram.
Oh, look, we're playing a video game. I guess.
And let's see where else are we? You can find us on Facebook. Lee's responsible. Reading all that.
Don't know if she really is and I don't know if I am. She does. Okay. Yes, she did.
We could do all of this. I'm just here. I'm window dressing. Lee cannot do. You are. You are the you are the trophy podcaster.

[43:12] I think you're holding a replaceable,
Eat giant mushrooms like Mario or go to Dragon Cod,
Oh no.
Eat giant mushrooms like Mario or go to Dragon Con. Pick your favorite now.
And looks like eat giant mushrooms like mario wings.
Hello from Doom is called oh sorry but hello.
DC control,
If your life was a video game.

[44:23] The quickest way to tell that a video game was made in the Asians.

[44:35] The quickest way to tell that a video game was made in the 80s the spandex cartridge of hairspray or,
There are there is only one Mario brother both those are great answers.
What the.

[45:00] The least impressive relics lower crop could find.
What's the best? Careful, John.
It's really ugly y'all. Sorry. Sorry, Marriott.

[45:28] Instead of typing Gigi.
Is it did I win or fear my worth and mighty sword losers.
What's a better way of.

[46:02] What's the worst prime you can,
A banana heist or throwing a blue shell at the police car.

[46:16] What is the worst crime you can commit in print theft Mario Kart banana heist or throwing blue shells at a police car?
Luchell's wins a crandon.

[46:29] A video game you'd like to see Lego blank.

[46:37] Fort lift injury,
Forklift injury or barscape.
The weirdest thing for the NBA jam guy to yell as your character.

[47:05] Buzzing or touchdown,
Touchdown wins.
Petrico. That's pro.

[47:55] Alright. Well, they do that. I'm gonna reach over here and try and find something to drink because my throat is drying up.
Sure it isn't that COVID.
Ah okay there we go.
You can burp me to my phone.

[48:21] None of this is professional.
Just like just like you're a drink con. We're volunteers.
Look I haven't even started packing yet.

[48:53] Many other things that we haven't done. No, so is that? That's Patrico.

[49:02] Not sure. Wish I could tell.

[49:05] Anyway.
A little bit please.
Just remember you can go and pick up your stuff at the bottom of the Sheraton near registration.
Yes yes we will notice Jerry that's not funny I'll notice,
What are the henchmen doing? Well, well, waiting for the hero to reach their level.

[49:49] What are the henchmen doing well waiting for the hero to reach their level,
Playing flux or finishing up their cosplay. I love me some flux by the way. I don't know who put that out there. I like this. I love me some plugs.

[50:02] What is it? It's the car game.
What one? It's a it's a card game that.
What do you call it? The the rules change as you go along. And you play rules to it.
You found floating on the street,
What would really happen to you if you a turkey leg you found floating on the street?
They looks like they split the room Annie and yeah Gabe I should check this.
Sequel you're dying to see untitled goose game two blank.

[51:05] Untitled goose game two blank.
Very well done. These poops these poops a lot.

[51:22] What business would you set up an animal crossing?

[51:34] We have some very very creative people.
That was pretty good.
What phrase does a gamer grandma excuse me?

[52:10] What phrase,
What phrase does a grandma gamer.

[52:28] A good sign you're playing a counterfeit Nintendo game.

[52:39] A good sign you're playing a counter pit Nintendo game it plays a windows logo or.

[52:54] And it looks like you're playing as Luigi wins.

[53:03] You're running. You're running to be the ruler of Skyrim.

[53:13] Leaving the people better than.
It's leading the people better or. Better.
Very well done people. Very well done.
To properly balance your team you need a tank a healer and a blank,
Hey Facebook,

[54:18] That person.
Now huh.
Something clever, something witty, something clever, and witty. Alright, so here we go.
Chris says that we're looking forward to seeing you guys in a few days. So are we? I'm looking forward to seeing me as well.
Wait no looking forward to seeing you guys as well.

[55:01] I got myself a.
Steve's like, yeah, it's,
I think it's 2 days.
He may be calling from Ramadan right now. He may be watching. He might be. Why don't he be.

[55:33] I think so,
11 Atlanta Toronto.
Hey it's 11 hours and they do stop overnight so they're you're Canadian questions are answered was gonna say.
Do you think Tombo Dead has changed out the the light to an LED yet or they just still rocking you know,
I'm thinking it has to be a new LED now mostly because you can't find the old schools anymore.
Three moves in your signature power combo.
Shock all in death or.
Three signatures.
3 seconds removed in your oh sorry three moves and your signature power combo shock oh death.
Mister Tequins.

[56:52] Three things you've learned from playing video games.
Nintendo hard.
Or never trust a soul pistol finger always ready always do it a toxic dance on kill.

[57:26] That was,
Free word pitch for a survival or,
The three steps to becoming an E Lee champion.

[58:06] Cheetos. Mt. Dew. Pick your favorite,
The three steps to becoming an E League champion nimble finger nimble nimble finger,
Alright, here we go. Final scores.

[58:41] Brandon Wins. Steve RPI and then I forgot who.
Hey Facebook.

[58:54] See, I don't know anything about video games. So, it's always hard when somebody said, what?
Around the applause,
So, let's remember Annie, where will you be on Thursday and Friday?
Check in table at the bottom of the Sheraton right next to registration literally right next to Disability Services. So, if you see a whole bunch of chairs lined up, we're right there next to them.
Is there anything out oh where can people,
So check out all of Dragon Con social media platforms.
But your best chances to follow the join the dragon con parade Facebook group.

[59:52] You know what will pencil you in for next year, Brenda? Pencil in with the,
The pink end of the pencil ring. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea.
Text the phrase Dragon Con to 470. Do not make the mistake I didn't do 407470.
4911001 that's text the phrase dragon con to 470491,
1001 and what they'll do is basically they'll send you back a link to a site that then credits it for Drankon. As a reminder that our charity this year is open hand Atlanta
There you go. And they will be in the parade.
Yes. We have a blood. They have a blood mobile and or a blood bus. I don't know
Have got to figure out how in the world we're gonna know who gets one. That's a good question.

[1:01:04] Yes,
Both very distinct entities.
Even further.

[1:01:31] Music.

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