Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 49 - All Hail Regina!

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No.
You're funny.

[0:36] Hey.
Days of dragon con the podcast that gets most things correct but,
And joining me as always is the crying way. Wait, what are you doing? No, I think I got an eyelash in my eye,
I'm good. I'm good. Oh my god.

[1:20] Steve says another thing about Lego.
We're not gonna talk hilarious. No more layers. I did wanna say this. This is this is our second recording so Steve is just hanging around. And another thing,
But I'll also say this it was really funny cuz I'm bringing my nephew this year and I called him yesterday and told him what he needed to do and better,
No, he did not. He said, no, it's in October antly and I went, no, he's like, are you sure? I'm pretty sure kid.
Okay. So, let us just remind you. Yes. Before we go. Before we go. Alright, see you later.

[2:17] Put up the thing,
Number one charity charity charity charity charity charity.
1001 if you are,
John has the cute little QR code there. You can click on it. It'll take you. Well, that'll take you to to register for the the Dragon Con,
Dragon. Yeah. Dragon hustle.
We'll have someone on here in a minute to correct us on all these things. Sure, correct us on.
Hustle and hustle in the feet. It was the platinum hustle or something. The book.
Oh that's this is the 75th. Yeah. That's right. So it's gonna be awesome. Do that. That will be the Jubilee so you can go and get your really really cold racing

[3:33] Yes.
Artworks and so yay that would be fun and then you know just always remember folks,
You got 4 days to just get ready because you know, things will happen. Well, as you're listening to this, as you're listening to this, you may have way less than 4 days.
Yeah one or two. This does not mean does not mean whenever you listen to this that you're ready to start another cosplay outfit cuz don't. I mean don't make yourself that,
Don't. Yeah, don't make yourself that crazy. But it's gonna be so much fun. And I am ready.
Who else is ready, Lee?
Are dear friend Regina who is the senior director of programming is ready.
Oh, it's so cute. Is that the thumb one?
It's called an itty bitty. An itty bitty. Yeah. Yeah. We can. Yeah. So, yeah. My husband got this for me today. Can hear, here's Amanda.

[5:01] The the sizing is still a little up but at least the at least the Yoda is smaller cuz if you were to make it to scale that thing would be really really itty bitty. Yeah. Yeah.
Oh wait what's that?
I have lots as you can see behind me I have a lot oh I have a lot of I have a little a little bit of a problem now baby Yoda or Grogo.
Hi very,
But you know, when you first saw him, it was like, it's a very good.
And I can't wait that's coming out soon.

[5:58] We get season what would that be season three for,
Yeah, it was. Actually, it was interesting at the time my my husband came in and said he'd seen an article saying that the,
The ratings on Bobot were a little bit down from,
And I said well of course they are they don't have a baby.

[6:36] Yeah, baby. You gotta show back up. Hey, Nana. Michelle took off again. The ratings are gone. There
Thing for him and all I could think of is like the the Shire and all of this myth role that you're supposed it was so
Hey, this shirt. You're wearing the shirt. They're in the middle of a battle. Yes. I,
So but the other reason I love,
She's pretty tough.
And we don't like you the bad,
Last year yes,
I have one very hefty. Yes. It you could hurt as a weapon on the streets,
Kind of took AA couple of hopping steps and went out,
Let's send it maybe you're an actually maybe if you're gonna drink kind by the way you've you'll.

[8:06] You'll feel that you'll fulfill that requirement. But let's say that you aren't going.

[8:19] Memory momentarily I was looking for a dragon gun just I mean it's it's great cuz it's it's it's hefty it's,
Frankly cheaper than than most,
But it is,
Yeah. Yeah.
But yeah it's it's a neat thing to and like I said there's John just said
We all do a lot of walking. You do a lot of good. So, I don't.
Think there will be any problem with doing a five K worth of walking you know like I said in first couple of days I you will do that yeah no you will do that three. Five mi especially if you're going back and forth to gaining and the dealers rooms and stuff like that,
Yeah well if you go from the from.

[9:16] To to the Hilton,
No, no, the hills.
Yes and that Hilton I mean that's a heck of a angle
Yes. So, I try to make rounds and I always make my rounds my offices in the myriot and I try to start at the Marriott, go through high,
To the western down the hill to share it and then over,
To the Hilton and then back to the,
Don't have slick shoes because I got that the,
No incline is a bit much. But yeah. Yes. I know. We didn't think that there were, you know, Atlanta, you know, Georgia is not known for being.

[10:24] Overly healthy until you start getting towards Tennessee with the mountains but but yeah we've got the hills downtown so,
And being, being, you know, a Floridian. I definitely am not used to it.

[10:52] Hey,
Hmm. So, yeah. So, I moved from there to a city that has a target drawn around it with its highways.
With the tires.
Aquax and the CDC are at,
That's right. Oh, wow. There you go. Yeah, thanks.
Because if if
Malaria outbreaks.

[12:15] And yeah that's what I did. That is I had my educational moment for today. Mary had your education,
The one who must be obeyed,
Track directors and everybody. Everybody, everybody except comics and gaming in the art show.
But what does your under other people but they all have to come to me for larger request,
That's right. So, what is your programming,
John, John, she will.
1000 people are so,
Yeah yeah,
Yeah, as our friend Rob just put in the chat. John, do not tempt.
Oh no.

[13:42] We're all friends here.

[13:51] In charge of.

[13:54] Pretty much every space that has an event in it.
All of the tractors like I said except for,
In the vendor halls,
Content creators and our tractors a track for those I know that most of the people that are watching this know what dragoncon is cuz they're coming you know but,
So, that's how we split things out. So we have.

[14:46] Kind of experts in their area of fandom,
And we call them fan tracks because.
So for people that are really into.

[15:10] If you're really into the space program. We have that.
Hide a mixed mix for me because,
Which is the solar sale which he's been working on for years he has the,
On artists it's one of the projects that's that's launching,
But if it watches he's gonna be busy doing data. So we miss somebody. I really excited for him because he's been working on this for many many years. And like I said he's got several,
But you know, we'd like to have him. He's one of her favorites. So, but we also have Star Wars, Star Trek.

[16:23] British,
So it's amazing.

[16:43] Lots of different things for a bit different taste,
Oh I'm not gonna come if you don't have this particular session it's so silly I'd like you are missing the point a little bit of dragon kind,
Dragon Con you can see.
Convention in one spot.
To go.

[17:32] Outside of your comfort zone.
There are authors that I know that for a while there, there was, you know, some.

[17:46] Wow they're just immediate con you know and I've had authors that came here who.

[17:52] Mike Resek who has since passed but he had won,
In Hugo history he'd won five. Really? Yeah. Oh wow.
And he.
And I did a panel and there were people that came up to me young people,
I've never heard of you. Are your books here? Can where can I buy them? And he's like, well, I'm doing a signing over the day. You know, come on over. At the dealer's room.
2 o'clock come on over and see me any he actually rode a whole article for the,
Don't count them out.
I went and saw for myself and I saw that there's a lot of new readers there.
And he runs the the trivia because he won it. Oh,
Add he used to go to the school that I worked at.

[19:15] To go to one panel that is not Star Wars related.
And he's like and that's it and can it be gaming? Yes, as long as it's not store wars over public.
Go to something and then I want you to come and tell me about it.

[19:42] I know you like science go to the science track see one panel in the science track,
But yeah so there's it's it's a great tasting menu,
I just thought that way you can try a lot of different things and try to find.
Realize that you'll like all of it,
Being being the head of programming for Dragon Con.
Yeah although I will tell you that I've seen,
To make sure that they're appropriate. They are they're appropriate for air.

[20:52] That's one thing that's available now you can.
Sign up for a streaming service only $10 if you can't make it to Dragon Con. You know, you don't feel comfortable yet or whatever. I had somebody actually, I came from a meeting.
An actual one of the last directors meetings and went into a grocery store.
And the person there was someone in there a small family,
The cutest stage ever.
Push around all the basket,
Dragon Con. That's where we met.
Oh wow. Well, it was so sweet. So, I was just like, and I told them about it. They said, but we can't come this year because,
He said I can't come to church cuz my sister's getting married. That weekend. And I was like.

[22:02] You can buy streaming membership, you know, and they were like, yeah. They were like, well, it's not only while it's, you know, while it's going on and it's playing and I was like,
No. No. They record them and you can watch them until June of next year.
Oh, man. We gotta do that.
And it kinda covers our storage fee. Right.
You could? Yeah, good. It's a it's a it it's your drag conflict,
For those that can't get here for whatever reason. You know, we miss you.
So, Brandon says, speaking of the parade. Yeah. Yeah.

[23:15] Yes yeah,
Oh, there you go.
Cuz Brandon is a smart allocky guy.
The trainers there is that there's the.

[24:11] There you go.
I'm sorry I just wanna ask anybody who is in Atlanta please please tell me if you've ever been on that trolley because,
You're the first person I've talked to.
Oh yeah. I actually parked over.

[24:40] Over by the hotels I had a meeting that day and I parked over there and but I had another meeting that was about MomoCon and our sister convention that was happening later that day,
And so I was like I just gonna get on this thing and see where it goes. Why not? Soon.
I think I've been there,
Well in what are the things cause you just said that you watch a lot of panels well you watch all the panels basically no on the streaming service afterwards now the question is though you sometimes seen the first 10 minutes
For the last 10 minutes of a panel has there ever been one of those that you were like,
I only got to see this 10 minutes of the panel I was still very very happy.
Patrick Stewart.

[25:58] William Shatner and Liner Demoy.

[26:08] No we had new ones yeah it'd be mine yeah.

[26:14] It was like a last like last minute he was literally,
Oh yeah. The president dragged her now was the chair then Pat Henry. Huh. And he called me and Pat has a tends to go to bed early. He's in very early riser,
It is a farmer. He likes to farm he is. Oh my. He's in all kinds of different stuff and he raises all kinds of stuff.

[26:38] Chickens and,
And when my cellphone rang up and it said it was Pat Henry I thought somebody died I mean it was 2 weeks before the convention yeah and our progress are are programmed that was supposed to go to print that night.

[27:00] And he called me and he said, you have to change the schedule. And I said, hey, why? And he said.

[27:09] Okay. Okay. Comment.
Back when we did not start programming until 1 PM on Friday.

[27:32] That's right. That was the year that we started programming at 10 AM.
No other space,
That's a big hit so there you go.
Yes. Yeah. Any showed up on that panel that with the more he wouldn't. Yeah.
Which was a lot of fun. Yeah. Yeah.
And the funniest thing about that whole thing is people were like did anybody know Sharon was gonna crash on like I I bet a couple of people that it's also the year that we
It's awesome.
Does Kirby,
I love the soup. I think that's so cute.

[28:54] All of that stuff, yeah. So, Jerry but it makes it easy for my husband to get,
Mentions, he says, I have to meet as a fan. I'm gonna leave this up,
It it always storm me when things were in the wrong place quote unquote when I went to look for them but ever since becoming more involved I've got a better understanding of the massive headache inducing task it must be to figure out tracks,
What tracks get what properties and everything else. Just figuring out.
Everyone and trying to make everyone as happy as and I don't envy your job at all.
I listen to,
I like let people make their case,
Sometimes I'm like okay well the trailer looks like it's this right and we'll put it there until it comes out and then I'll watch an episode or two,
And see where it's going.

[30:13] No problem.
For the first five episodes,
It's a combo. Yeah. You can switch. It's a little bit. Yeah. So, it was just like hmm.
And sometimes tracks have to share a property. Right. Occasionally, you know,
Stranger Things is kinda like that. Yup. Stranger Things is.
Ask government conspiracy but it's also got real heavy horror elements. I mean, heavy. Oh, yeah,
If you have the guy who plays the monster.

[31:02] Yep. Hey it also depends on which season you've got a good day on that.
And it's a trend that seems to be.
Going or that's gonna continue like for like what I was just second ago with Stranger Things. It could depend upon what season you're talking about. Yes. Right. That you feel like it all for this.

[31:28] Four. Yes. Four. Seasons each one of them seems to have a slightly different
You know, sort of genre focus. I mean, what's like a lot of Marvel movies, a lot of your Marvel movies have earled different genres of movies just happened to have superheroes and same with it. They're television shows.
You know,
And it has a lot of comedy in it. I love the first episode. Yeah. That's all I've seen so far cuz you know, at this little show to do. Oh, yeah.
But but that first episode,
That whole little speech there for like, you know, like every woman I had.
You know have some men's laid my my field of expertise to me I am always,
Trying to control my anger.

[32:33] When he said,
The deal was him trying to not be angry. Yeah, being angry. So, long goes.
Mangoes we whatever it was blueberries I also like the line where she was like you know,
Captain America. That was really America. Yeah. I was like, yeah. Yes, it was and that was just her playing that. Oh, yeah. Played Bruce. She played it. Yeah. She played great. Perfect, perfect. Well, I also think,
I like how Brandon is saying it's just an amazing amount that you do. I don't know how you do it. It was Jerry. But the other thing is,
The thing I think is. If that's what you think and that means it looks effortless. You're doing your job. And I'm doing my job. So,
But I like it too because I think that's the thing people are like,
What do you mean you have a move this fan panel that's in a track room well,
And then because of that this got moved and two of those panelist,
Yes it's just in their tracker room.

[34:01] A professionals,
You know what they're there to promote. Right. The people who are more generalists and authors in particular, you know, like they write, they might write in several different genres.
They all seem to want them Saturday at 230. Every year, there's somebody.
Saturday at 230,
Right so I have to make the decision of no you get them Friday and you get them Saturday and you get a Sunday,
In different hours of the day. So, it's staggered. So, they can make it to your panel, right?
Make it from this hotel to that hotel. And and maybe they get to eat something or go,
If people, we have some panelists, some, some,
I would just say they love the fans. Mm hmm,
And I was like.
Okay, you're on 18 panels.

[35:27] You know you need to give something up.
Okay so you've got four back to back and that means that's that you haven't eaten lunch,
And that means you're gonna be towards the end you're gonna start getting hungry.
Your your angry because you're hungry, you don't, your irritated, you don't know why, and then that fan that asked say.

[36:00] And you think everybody should know this but right now because you've got new fans all the time hopefully.
Make you answer in a way that is not as kind as you normally would be.
Yeah. You know, guys, we have a rule about jerks. You know, don't be jerk. Don't be, don't be, don't be in it. Don't be an a hoe. Don't be an ajo. So, but so, we want.
Both the guest.
From the Sheraton to the Hilton in 30 minutes.

[37:03] That's gonna be hard in 30 minutes. Huh. So, usually we'll try to space that out. If there, if they're in the hood, same hotel, then, yeah.
They usually can. That's not as not as big a deal. But if they have to travel more than two hotels, that's,
One of the things I watch for. Yeah. So, yeah.
But everybody reports to me so I am the the final say on that,
Additionally, they also, when we have big guests, they are, they request the big rooms for me. I judge them, based on, and I have, I have a lot of people. I have programming meetings where I have.
The head of safety and the head of tech and all the.

[37:47] Do they have the tech for this particular event in the room that I'm looking at? Maybe not. Maybe that means that we need to maybe where else?

[38:09] And i also had to evaluate what the polls gonna be. You know how big do I think the crowd is gonna be? Who wants to see this particular panel?
Something will catch you off guard and it'll just be more popular than even. Do you wanna talk about catching me off guard? Stranger things the first season. Stranger gets,
Lee with they ran a fan panel and there was people,
And it was just that the thing that had caught the imagination of of everyone and I just remember standing there going y'all know we don't have any like,
No couldn't even imagine that big at that,
No. You know, it's just one of those things. You just never know. I will say.
I dream of Jeannie,
Mary Hagner was alive.
Here Bill Daley was still here and Barbara, I think it's the only one left, but but the three of them came. And I put them,
Anna 10 AM panel in Regis 6 foot seven thinking that was probably too big of a room.

[39:34] No. No. No. It was not. It feel because that was people childhood. Yep. Huh. Yeah. You know. And it was like it was kind of a combo because he was an astronaut.
And that was during.
The 60s and 70s when space program was everybody was so fascinated with the space program. Oh yeah. So that plus the fantasy element,
Kind of first four A for a lot of people into kind of science fictiony things.

[40:08] And in fact usually that panel is kinda light the you know and,
It gives the ballroom lead a little bit a time to kind of adjust things and get you know get into the groove but everything and he was like what is going on here?
What is this line that's out here in front of my door?
And I always that's what I wanna say to people too is because of things like this.
That these little bits of tweaks and things like that. That's why the app doesn't come out until 2 weeks. Correct.
Correct. And that's the,
Yeah you actually got it in about 12 days out this one,
We're still waiting on an update we we pulled an update for it and they didn't get it loaded,
So I'm I'm expecting when anytime probably Monday and then there'll be one more,
Big update where we overwrite everything. And,
Before the convention starts. Yeah. And and then we'll be, you know, doing updates nightly kind of thing.
We try to we we do it generally overnight when there's a little less traffic.

[41:36] Because we did learn in the first year that we had the app when it was constantly updating that was the biggest comment we had was,
Oh my god every time I totally open the app it tries to update. So we kind of,
Space it out. Yeah, I was gonna say try to try to pull that.
That final update before you get it right for you and drink it cuz by the way the
The WiFi and and or if you can find WiFi and or signals with all those phones all the same area they all
There are some of the services some of the bigger services AT and T and different type of,
I guess I can see because of the other network yeah,
An AT and T tower in in the Hyatt.

[42:28] You know, that. Oh, really? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That would make sense though. Feed a lot of the area. So, yeah. So, yeah, there's.
It's interesting. It's all logistics. So, that's logistics. I see, I like logistics. I'm the weird person. Yeah. So, no, I guess. My job pretty much.
Fair warning Regina
Jenny the new extract director I need to make changes to our schedule
You need to send her four more grogo.
Actually I need to have her expertise on the dyeing your hair. She does a fantastic job. Oh, she does. Doesn't she? Different colors.
Sharon does different share points out that swag and sequence I'm actually popular panel it's first year,
Was AA fan outreach thing started. Huh. It was not an official event of Dragon Con but was.

[43:37] And I'm a big softy at heart. I'd I'd scare a lot of people. Like I do that. I roll through fear. I.

[43:48] That touch me.
It's the kindness.
Okay, well,
No. Probably they. Yes and no. They are not ready for those random.
I have a story about so I can see so.

[44:33] And if I've told the story before I apologize. I do not think Jeff.

[44:40] The year that they started swag and seek.

[44:52] And they were just hiding stuff everywhere and it was just,
In my business concern Wednesday night hide things and.
Sometimes people get a little.
But at the dead dog,
Usually the volunteer party at the end of a convention for all the people who've worked it to kind of get to have dinner together and talk about what happened and just enjoy each other's company before we all part to go home.

[45:42] Well I.
Last year to go to the restroom.
This lady came down the escalators and she said are you a volunteer,
And I said yes,
Somehow managed to track people like a magnet for.
I have one,

[46:41] In what she didn't know this is why I get right now,
I had a really hard convention because my mother was in the hospital.

[46:56] My brother had been put in the hospital over over the convention.

[47:05] So I've had a really hard time.

[47:14] Not a good,
When they came to me and said, you know, we don't wanna break any convention rules by being in spaces that we, you know, we're getting too big,
Lot of people that were just truly embrace this. They were like, this is a way to give back to every other people. It's and it's all about kindness.
And I,
I would like yep we're gonna put it in a rim,
And all those things.

[48:06] Marriot A 601602 which is normally where we hold and we still do our,
Dragon newbies meetings on Thursday. We were just gonna do this one in the evening,
And if you're getting there on Thursday,
Go to one of the tours they'll show you where the food courts are,
Where the habit trails are, how the best ways to get to places. They hit highlights. I can't show everything but they'll go to a hotel and say, huh. The tracks that are here are these?
So people can make notes. I think those are fantastic. That was another group that started us a fan group. Mm hmm. And got big enough to where they came to us and we could see that we're doing good work.
And we made them official and gave them space,
Great constructive way,
Well and that's always why we like to say that this is.

[49:20] Buy the fans for the fans. Absolutely. Is because it really is.
I know. There's always something going on. And that's the thing that I find so amazing as people are like oh I don't know if I wanna go. I don't know if I'll find anything. Thank you. I'll take that tissue
Yeah. So, you're gonna have lots of fun. Oh, and Brandon also adds. Okay, so Brandon did ask his very important question.
That's true. That's not.
I will I will I can't wait.

[50:31] And yeah you have the cosplayer,
For a long time,
Where they can actually.

[50:51] So, hey, how you doing,
Wait do you wanna call you before Thursday next year okay next week no just chill,
Yeah. That a Fridays are,
But also remember in John has brought it up before and we've said it so many times on this that probably we don't is think of volunteer when you see him,
Yes. Everybody, they're giving their time and their energy and their blood, sweat, and tears. As you just saw with Regina.
In sharing your joy with other people.
There's nothing it it cost nothing. Don't be a jerk. Kindness is never wasted. It really is it.
Hey I have found that out over the years there's been lots of people that have seen me do something.

[52:07] Where I could have got another way.
Who's watching in where that little kindness might be,
The sunlight.
It's kinda like what we said is you don't always see somebody who might
Be disabled.
Keeps them on the right track. Yep.
And this is the I don't know why. I've gotten so emotional. Particularly since 2020.
Took hold.
Hmm so,
That's and I think that's I think that's why dragon contest kind of growing over the years is that we find that joy together.

[53:34] You know you don't you don't get cold out for being a misfit or why do you like that or whatever? It's,
Great. You like that? That's cool. Hey, have you seen this?
I think it's it's nice to not be judged in a negative way maybe it's that it's that you're that people are accepting it was one of the things that really drew me to science fiction band,
I was always a reader. But,
I think that's what dreaming was anything else is if you can dream of other worlds.
You can get along for.

[54:12] You know and because you can come up with something common to talk about,
You go to a panel about a book and you go, I love this series of books. Have you have you read this one?
I think it's great. I have gotten so many fandoms from Dragon Con. I have got so many books. I have gotten. I got that new guide. It looks because a dragon con.
I mean I,
There's too many. There's too dang many. Oh my god. You know, when I was growing up, like I said, there were Star Trek and there was, you know, there was there was very, very little and we have this wealth. It's it's wonderful.
It's also like
Hey poppers I have to help helpers that tell me oh yeah this is this is really good you need to watch it and I'm like.

[55:20] Okay,
Where can we? Kids these days don't know how good they have it. If they, if we could
Gina one thing I wanna do and we've been talking about it but I wanna hear it from you cuz as I said
The one who must be a bit.
What is the mass policy at Dragon Con this year? Okay, so if you are,
In Dragon Con space.

[55:58] Then you ordered,
I know that a lot of people are like but the mass requirements have, you know, in Atlanta, a lot of them have have kind of dropped away a little bit. Something that,
40 to 60 1000 people
May not be as easy to do that within the hallways particularly in my habit trails,
So you know,
Dubbing they've shown the CDC shown that it can help,
Our results last year. Yes. We were not a super spreader in it and that was because bye and large.
We have a community that is very caring about each other.

[57:20] Don't particularly like rules.

[57:24] And we won't we will we will discuss that with them if and when that is necessary we will offer masks,
We will have them available readily available for anybody who forgets theirs and I will tell you flat out there are times when I have forgotten I have to.
Yeah walked out of my hotel room at another convention.

[57:50] Got to the elevator saw the elevator open somebody was bath and had to turn around and go back to my room and went.
Now I have about six probably in my purse right now.
I have one in each purse that I might use and at least another one or two in the car just in case,
But we do have.

[58:29] I personally am basically means I'm a diabetic.
Make it. Yes. Share it.
Does that as well and I I think that's a fantastic idea
Clip it on to your mat.

[59:09] That is a good one. So, in your badge.
I will never forget I will never forget one time my son and i both forgot and we got all the way downstairs from the Marriott and my husband just looked at us and went,
Are you joking both of you two and I'm like where are you from? Yeah.
Yeah cuz we are usually we we do have to restrict,
That we are gonna be looking for those are safety volunteers are very diligent about about looking for that,
You know if the crowds get a little too tight sometimes they have to restrict how much access is coming into a particular hotel the Marriott is perfect in samples in the center,
It's between the habit trails,
It's for Maria interestingly i'm staying there this year so.

[1:00:11] So yeah.
So, let's just become kind and considerate to each other. You know, that's I think that's that's a bit more of it. It's just let's.
Last year was,
You know Tyler and I just continue that that's fantastic I I,
Hey, dude. And I'm so happy. I get to hug people.
Okay hugging people I will take keep a mask
The littery guest water John's Galsy came and I have a talking to him so much on the phone and stuff trying to figure out what he what he wanted to do and everything and when he finally hit the door,
He came to my office because I had some stuff for him. I got him from a chair and raced around and then I stopped and went.

[1:01:13] And.
Yeah, bring it in. So, but I, I did stop.
And say oh I shouldn't it cost somebody that I've never actually met in person.
Exactly and cosplay is not consent. We haven't beaten this up a lot because we've beaten it up in so many other years that but do remember that as well.
Correct. Don't be a jerk. Ask,
Get littery guest of honor this year is netty core for,
She has written in,
She's one. Hugo, she's one nebulous. She but she is also writes comics.
An ice reward for Lagoardia and she's written a surey comment.
And several little Honda and you and you she's.

[1:02:19] Extraordinarily fascinating and you should really check her out. She'll be all over the convention because,
That was one of the things I had to weed out. There were so many requests for her that because she hit so many different areas. And our artist guest of honor is Stephanie Law.
And her artwork is fantastic. She does primary kind of like watercolory things. So, it looks very ethereal.
Elfie kinda you know kinda gets that bat feel to it and there'll be a opening ceremonies which is Thursday at 6 PM in the Marriott Imperial Ballroom.

[1:02:58] Twisted tunes is returning.
It will be Thursday night and Saturday night so so interesting things there,
The McIlroy's for those of you who listen to podcasts,
Oh doctor Sydney,
Campaign things she has to do so she had to she had to step away but we have almost everybody else,
So there'll be lot of events going on with them in that side of the the world,
And you know, it's gonna be.

[1:03:48] Y'all seen the guest announcements coming late. That's what I do. That's when I I just shift things around. But,
We're we're happy for them but unfortunately, a lot of things did kind of because of COVID, a lot of things are, you know, they they keep potted up.

[1:04:05] While they're while they're family. So, they don't like them to leave. Gotcha. Very much. Right. Because I don't want them in a big crowd and then bringing something back. Right. So,
Unless they're kind of on a break they usually so it takes a it takes a little bit to get all that arranged,
Add a lot of you know couldn't let us know until later. Right. No.
And things come up too. Remember, most of these people were talking to her job and actors and as Regina, I got it from Regina Jobin. Yeah. Dominic, yeah. Working actors, you know, we love them for what they do,
Well you love them for what they produce for us.
But that means they have to have time to do that.
What do you do? Well, hey, you hate it cuz we wanna see him.
But we also want the product there there. Yeah, we also wanna see em on TVs or wherever else or,
Alright, so yeah, we like to play a game. As you know, Regina.

[1:05:23] Yeah I'm.

[1:05:38] And while she does that Sharon did have another question which is,
Look for your safety volunteers. Look for your safety volunteers. There you go. Yeah, they usually are.

[1:06:00] Well, fines for that this year. We discuss that. Where they say the flying actually starts here. So, there you go.
The panel is to begin,
With a panel is in session then the line forms for the next panel.
We don't have multiple lines for multiple things. We also.
Do clear rooms,
So I'm getting in that panel and we do have.
Most of the bigger panels have multiple days so that hopefully you get into one of the days. Right.
I can't guarantee that but that's that we figure that's kind of the fairway to do it.

[1:07:09] You know most strange con attendees have multiple interests so if they get into one on Friday then they'll say well I saw that one so I'm gonna go see something else.
So hey you can watch a panel seven different times,
I just wanna make sure I'm doing it right. You're doing right. I know I always screw this up somehow.
Wait, what? We're live.
Judgement day,
Cash tips are appreciated,
Round one is on deck.
Alright those of you playing along should have a two prompts being sent to your device,
Answer both those and we'll get back to you and just a minute.
The line cut. So, yeah, they'll they'll.

[1:08:36] That happens a lot too apparently that people have started using that that streaming to also while they're standing in line to see catch other things that they were either.
With the panel that's currently lined up inside there or or.

[1:08:55] As always you can reach us by calling 81332102 that's 813321,
Or you can Email us at 50 days it's five oh D A Y S,
Fourth dimension, fifth dimension. Where dimensional multidimensional?
I don't know what I'm talking about.
There's 70.

[1:09:35] Alright, Jenny, come on.
There she is.

[1:09:51] Okay I just said.
You have to battle the costuming track in combat what weapons do you use?
You have to battle the costuming track in combat.

[1:10:15] Can you?
And it looks like the foam infinity gauntlet winds that was Chris.

[1:10:28] Name of a new clarex spell that is never useful.
Pre-owned socks folks. He said stocks but sucks. So, did I say stocks? No, it sucks. Again,
Auditioning in theater or whatever.
Failed because I cannot.

[1:10:55] And pre-owned socks wins and it was a safety. Which is a safety equip and yet it does.
Did work.
I danced with Peggy for you or,
It's supposed to depend upon how you can say that second one.

[1:11:32] Yeah. Well, you did that one with four. Yeah, that's right. Sharon points up unless your dobby. So then, you know, pre-owned socks. Yeah.
The unspoken rule of cosplay sewing clubs you don't talk about the cosplay selling clubs or you don't argue stitches with Lee.

[1:11:59] We is the the cost of me director. Costume track director. Yes.

[1:12:10] The answer to all the cows we want. It was a split. Yep. Split.
It's bigger on the inside.
Best thing to find out about your dragon con room when you check in you get you get a private elevator or it's a larger room.

[1:12:36] I need both those.

[1:12:45] Hello Peter swept it sorry Regina sorry Regina it's okay no buy the thought of it I I would have voted for it I would tell you private elevator would be just,
But that's loud. If that's also,
Concrete or,

[1:13:18] Cultiva is rather funny,
Let's see what we got. Looks like.

[1:13:38] What to get the dragon attendee who has everything.

[1:13:47] What to get the dragon attendee who has everything. The internal, eternal membership, or bad parkour.

[1:13:56] What is a membership eternal membership price right now doing now?

[1:14:06] And eternal membership wins.
A blood type only found in Dragon Con attendees.
From lunch bucket or B for beer.

[1:14:34] If you give blood before you take part of that run bucket does it take you as many.

[1:14:40] It's the only way that you never mind.
Cuz Thursday night is the my Thai night at Trade oh yes,
That's why they they get a lot of blood donations that day.

[1:15:04] That won't last long.

[1:15:11] Alright, folks. You'll be getting a sec two more prompts into their device.

[1:15:26] Arthur Darville is in sandman's last episode and is that dragon con this year.

[1:15:32] There you go. There's your there's your sand and panel for you, Regina. Start report our programming again.
And so yes that Sam and.

[1:15:55] That sandman will come up in his.

[1:16:06] I'm sure it will.
Who is Arthur Darville?
And he's in legends of tomorrow. Right. Mainly here for legends tomorrow but he was Rory. He was Amy Pond's husband. Okay, now I know.
Yeah strangely enough I know that watched over her for a 1000 years while she was,
There you go.

[1:16:42] But I didn't have my glasses on. Yeah, the Rob didn't have his glasses on. That's why he, that's why. Yeah. There was certain messed up design either because I didn't want the reflection to be. Yeah, and here's. Well, here's me. I can't see anything. Oh, hey, we're back.

[1:16:57] Sorry during cons dragon layer,
So many t-shirts and pins from years past or dragging trucks.

[1:17:09] So many T shirts in pink shirts.
Let's call it Legacy items that are gonna be for auction and charity option. Yes, sir. On Sunday.

[1:17:26] And it looks so books and art on Saturday.

[1:17:37] Rejected but probably accurate title of George R Martin's final book for a song of Fire and Ice.
Steamy tears of frost. Frost. Yeah.
It's the steamy. It's making a witch,
Well you should probably wait a couple of days so that they're server doesn't crash in.
Why you should never turn watch it.
Guessing one of those the safety way.

[1:18:45] Oh
Best thing to find in your dragon con room when you wake up a time turner or shatter waking you up to say hi.

[1:19:04] He says double fund was also William Shakespeare in the really popular sandman audio.

[1:19:12] That recently has been released through audible.
That waking me up to be frightening but it does win.
Name of a perfume that encapsulates a dry con experience sleepless bow and dehydration.
And dehydration wins. There was no other second one.
Jackbox dot dragon or can actually walk around the Marriott game.

[1:19:56] Real say that that was kinda nice.
Fun group game create a drink on 2021 was like Rachel said that we could say I'll be there in 5 minutes and you really weren't here tomorrow.
Let's see,
Was created in 2021.
What alarm clock at Dragon Con could say that would wake you right up.

[1:20:37] Oh Jenny keeps losing connection that's why.
Having problems. Weirdly, I think she might also be doing pretty well.
No surprise to our audience the line starts in 10 minutes would wake you right up next.
The blue verified check mark on Twitter really means.
What the blue verified check mark on Twitter really means too much time and money or a person who never ever sleeps.

[1:21:27] It's like too much time and money.

[1:21:37] That does probably that actually is a very good answer.
Close answers earlier.
Each of you will be sent a prom that requires.
The horse over and think it,
Again this is probably a good time to remind people we talked about it earlier is that.

[1:22:24] Pretty much if you see a.
So when you're handy dandy.
For you to have a little more fun,
They they've been they're trying to keep you safe. They're trying to fill the room efficiently. They're trying to,
Please pay the respect of you know don't take it out on them the track directors are all volunteers and they've,
Regina was a volunteer. All these, all these people are volunteers that that that,
The people they love the family that is created so please please please show them respect and say thank you.

[1:23:33] Thank him. Yes. Thank you. I mean, that's, you know, it's nice thing. You know, it's,
They do get they do various,
You know, they might get a badge. They make it whatever for doing so many hours of of,
Be nice to them. Three new house names for dragon attendees, the glitter police, swag and sea,
Things. I like,
I I took too long thinking about things,
30 minutes early to your panel.
Three steps to a perfect drink on morning. Getting back to the room.
Coffee at Jersey why the first panel of the today is called the late show.
Let's see and it looks like,
Gabe wins that one with 30.

[1:25:01] The three most surprising things Bob and Carl find when cleaning up after dragon slimmer.
And open Snickers clean sheets and a full wallet,
The three most surprising things Bob and Carl find when cleaning up after dragon is in an open stickers clean sheets in a full wallet or slimmer a certain guests to pay or aunt the Hope Diamond.

[1:25:32] Thank you.
Think Chris says thank you for volunteering all your time for this podcast every year you are certainly welcome,
Whatever the other thing was. Three things inflatable tea Rex's have to watch out for. Pin head cosplay nail guns and needles.
John and Lee you're the best. Thanks for all your hard work. Oh.
You make your own con 2000% better. No, don',
Pinhead cosplay, nail guns and needles, and apparently, a nice thing from Chris.

[1:26:23] And see it's funny that Jenny and Lee vote for the other one.
The dragon won't be thanking us. Oh. Well, I was, I was getting,
1000 behind him,
One of my author friends says that the dragon is the place where you go to see your friends.
As the street buy on the way you see as you wave by,
Is there so before you go is there one piece of advice you'd give.

[1:27:31] Can I give to? Sure. Yes,
Not shoes that you have to your braking in right there because you will be walking a good bit and I want your dragon experience to be fun and not be getting home with blisters,
Barbara I want you to be looking forward to next year,
So but do not underestimate the the heat of Atlanta in September.
But understand that Gatorade is actually supposed to be mixed with water. Yes, supposed to be way more water down than when you get it.
And and kind of.
That'll make you that I'll that I'll keep you a little healthier and keep that kind right away. Yes. And two meals a day people. Yup. Real smooth. Real food is good. Real food. Keep your meds.

[1:28:48] Yeah take your med take your head,
But only you're a man.

[1:29:06] Oh well guess that's what's going anyway because,
I don't wanna say that I usually try to eat a bigger breakfast because sometimes I don't,
Don't get full meals throughout the day although I do have people that come in and say when did you eat last,
And throw something at me and say, here. Yeah, Jenny earlier asked, it did ask who eats a can.
Everybody should eat. Jerry's response was according to the knowing size of lines for sushi whenever I want some.
Tons of people. So, there you go. Yeah. Alright. Well, Regina, we got let you go read
Jenny's email to you about changing your schedule.
Jenny Jenny's doing a great job,
So, okay.

[1:30:21] That only last for so long
I also know where all the bathrooms are.
Until next time for Regina and Lee this is John.

[1:30:49] That's why I should be playing this thing, right?

[1:30:52] Music.

[1:31:01] A production of the unique.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:31:28] Music.

[1:31:46] And,
So, if you don't like the weather, wait five, wait 5 minutes.