Days Of Dragon Con 2022 - Day 5 - Manimal'S Chipmunk Form

2022, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Hey
No featuring Levit.
This is the unique heat.

[0:36] Hey,
I don't remember being that loud. Hey.
Let's start this all over again.
It says scheduled. Yeah, I know. What time did you have it scheduled? It's it's ready to go. But here we go again.

[1:11] Music.

[1:33] Cucumber.
No featuring Levin.
You're funny.
To another edition of 50 days of Dragon Con the podcast if you don't press the go live button you don't go live,
That's what happens.

[2:28] I could do better than that. Yeah. And then there's,
Yes. Hi, Don.
Something hasn't happened. But John, John,
What? I muted you.
We had a dry ride. Excuse me. Yeah.
Thank you. I like my hair too. I like it.

[3:24] Okay aunt Steve is is lying as all Canadians do,
Honey, you don't recognize regular spelling. So, I don't know what you're talking about.
So, what are we doing here? What is this thing that we do? We have to actually, yeah, I know how does this thing work. I have to actually send our guest because he can't find his email from what I do.
There are pros on the app Steve is pointing out that the rest of the world knows how to spell favorites apparently we do not,
Oh I don't know if I'll see that text.

[4:33] Oh, yeah, David boop. Mom, look.
Yes. We are listed as as professionals which clearly we are. I don't know. I don't know what other.
Impression anyone could get from this other than we're professionals.
Only a drink,
For every person who asked me if the app is out.

[5:11] For four it comes out which you can ask me when it's 2 weeks out.
Here's the deal. If you do it too many times, Imma start charging you.
Every time,
You're gonna force people today. Oh.
The kind that's gonna make you wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning and go potty.

[5:57] But she said there was professionals on the app. That's what you said. So those are your words. Did I say that?
They're they're professionals on the website.
With an open hand. No, it's always really close.
So we're doing a little bit of time travelling here,
Which in room I'm using in the sense that we've come to know it since 2020.

[6:57] We're recording this before we record it several other episode,
Oh, Joe disappeared. He was just here. I was about to put him in. Okay. So. Oh, there. Nope, he's back again.
So, I guess my point is, is that, yeah, we're doing this backwards. And so,
And we're recording them now so that we have lots of them ready to go.
That's fine.

[7:36] For this one episode sure,
Having something recorded and then seeing it much later,
It actually looks like he's sitting in his he actually looks like he's sitting in his driveway and he is going to,
Probably have heat stroke if he's in Atlanta today,
I am on in a rest area upon the interstate,
Because I I gotta I got a weird excuse and here it is. I say weird. What I mean is awesome. My excuse is I'm going to announce pro wrestling.
Right now.

[8:36] Yes.
Like an hour or two maybe 2 hours out of Atlanta and,
Introducing the people,
Oh, really?

[9:11] Hi
Stuff that I'm not,
Right and it's on Thursday night and on Thursday night you are doing things for your chat,
In what track is that again.

[9:39] John what's the,
He got a body slammed by five G.
I hope he didn't get hit over to head. Yeah. Well, so.
That's what that was. He'll,
It's gonna be fun. You know why?

[10:30] Yo.

[10:37] And also libraries with everything we say. All the same time. Hello.
Distance in the first one.

[10:54] Yeah. Always.
So you're going to innocent but yes you don't do it because what do you usually first of all,
What track are you Joe? Just for those people that haven't listened to us before or ever come to Drang Gom before because there are people who will be coming for the first time this year.
And we welcome those people they are gonna have a blast,
And the one thing that I'm in charge of and with my buddy Gary Mitchell on my co-director,
10 roughly years ago. Mm hmm. To.

[12:09] Oh, yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, British people,
Correct whole different section of the dragon,
And by the way,
Shows are from Bert in Vancouver. Now, Atlanta. Canada's the best.
Vancouver where we went from a honeymoon Vancouver has the prettiest people on the planet,
Everyone there leather jackets beautiful,
I mean yes. It's also got amazing food.
And again it seems like Joe's been eaten by tripods but if you're ever in Vancouver there's a great place called Delilah's or they're used to be a place called Delilah's hopefully it's still there and it was some of the best one of the best meals I've ever had.

[13:24] So, Joe, Joe, Joe. I have found,
Three four new things this year that are so between you,
And Pluto.
Am free,
Yeah I think Joe what she's asking is do you do for your track do you just have several TVs just turn them on to to one of those streaming platforms and then walk out of the room.
Yeah I just leave.

[14:16] It's like, good night everybody. I just go and hang out at the.
The I just go hang out eat $seven hamburgers there in the atrium,
Yep they're delicious.
Are you coli? But what are we also gonna ask you is what new show do you have this year? New for you.
Because now it's old.

[14:49] I believe that we are still in charge of Smallville.
Where well we'll still be doing some a smaller thing or two. I don't,
What of course these celebrity guests have not all been announced yet I'm guessing since we've got,
We'll still talk about it small bills like,
It's forever. It was forever, wouldn't it?
Areas that you have under the classic sci-fi there's not enough panels to do that but you've come up with an ingenious to to you know handle everything but you come up with an ingenious way,
Over the years too. Have a couple of panels. I can cover many topics.
But you know, not in the way you would normally think. How do you do that, Joe?

[15:56] Are you still having a roller panel this year? Here is how we do it.

[16:07] Go on,
Size 20 sided die.
Roll the dye thus determining,
What we talk about for like,
As much as we can do for whatever movie, whatever topic that is,
The audience gets to play a long,
And how do you decide which shows go on the roller panel die.

[17:01] We usually kind of do it's it's pretty somewhat specific I guess we've.
So we picked 20 things from 82,
And then we're just gonna throw them on the dye and we'll have a panel,
The audience of course can chime in and we'll just get after it that way.

[17:31] That's cool so that's so 82 would be 440 years ago late.
No it isn't,
If if your show's in American sci-fi, you may be,
What we like to say what we like to say,
We don't like to use the word old we use the word awesome.

[18:14] For example the way we do it is it hurts my,
Back when I climb stairs and that is because I'm so awesome.

[18:24] Just like that.
Because you're also gonna hear me be awesome when I lean down to try to
Had a question about the roller panel dice each year. So, you build new roll panel dice every year, right? And then what happens to the old ones? Did you do that?
And now we we kind of got some sad news this year.
Sorry sorry to laugh at the sad news but at that very moment Joe disappears,
And actually that dinner,
Let's be clear I literally broke I literally strain my back the other day bending over to pick up a piece of paper,

[19:42] We have AAA very weird we had AA very cool dude who made our guys custom for us every single year,
His name was Mike Dixon.
Is one of our favorite people and if you knew him, just the funniest, coolest dude.
Hey I'm doing the dash for us we just found a big old inflatable,
D 20 on Amazon and we're doing it where we're just gonna everybody's gonna roll it, roll it around like a beach ball.
No I said very cool keep going.

[20:35] Oh what we did with the D twenty's the custom D twenty's every year was,
Got the charity a ton of books that way and it's just a very cool keepsake cuz you get to come you get to try to squeeze it into your overhead band when you're,
Well if it's inflatable now,
Well, now visit inflatable will be a Louisia, right John? Yeah. I mean, I think so. Yeah.
You know,
Alright. So, I just looked up. And by the way, sorry, sorry to hear about the loss of loss of my kids. Yes. That is very very unfortunate.
Many of those amazing dye and they were kinda awesome. They really were and they were cute.
So I looked up what movies were done in 1982.

[21:56] Blade runner,
Which original of the original director,
And redone multiple times.

[22:27] I think what we did what we're probably gonna do is just do 1 hour on,
3 minutes ago.
And the other name the first movie I ever stood in line for in my little tiny town in Newbury South.

[23:05] That's not true. That knows. That's inaccurate.
That can't be accurate. Nope, sorry. You know, it's lying to you. You know, there's lots of lies on the internet. Yeah, but that was the first movie I ever had to stand in line for in my hometown in New Berry, South Carolina. The first time ever.
To stand in line for a movie. Yep. Yep. Hey.

[23:27] And show the show that was been during those periods. Okay, I'm telling you man, it sounds like tripods are eating them.

[23:42] He's frozen,
Hey Facebook nice little face but I don't think you can talk. But the TV show I saw from 82 when I quickly looked this up was voyagers.
Which I loved. I thought Voyagers was the coolest show and then,
Wonders what was Voyagers about?
Right now.
Okay voyagers was.

[24:29] So voyagers was the show that kinda pretended to teach about history. It was Quantum League for the middle school. I recall that now. Was it like only one or was it two seasons? One or two seasons,
Wasn't a lot I wanna say it was only one cuz the gentleman died.

[24:51] Yeah, yeah, yeah. He,
John Eric Hexum.
Oh, he did. Okay.
But but yeah Voyagers I believe I wanna say two seasons,
Per this it says one but I have I don't know if that's true or not. So, but yeah, he played Phineas Bog.
Minos Mino Palucci.
Are there there was another question Uber Haven or Umberhaven,
Is there a different role panel for movies for sixteenties,
Again, first episode back. I mean, third episode back. Yeah.

[26:15] Okay that's cool.
And there was also something called the Phoenix that was on ABC but I don't even remember this. Lee is just now, Lee is just now going to the Wikipedia arrival.
Dungeons and dragons that was the year the current cartoon came out
Yeah. It was called Vancer engine dragons, right? I don't know. Yeah.
Dragons cartoon panel but now we're gonna,
It was,
I guess I guess it was just dragons and dragons. Okay, never mind. I was, whatever reason my head, I thought it thought it was, it was actually called dance. I'm just dragons but whatever. I know that there is that the game.
Baby unicorn. Yes, it did.
Hey, dad.
And then we'll do a things to drag his panels.

[27:35] That's the point. I think that's a good plan. Oh, I kind of like them all the time. I mean. What? And.

[27:51] It is,
It's a nice,
On while we're while everybody's packing up their stuff and while we're.

[28:12] You know kind of sadly or exhaustedly getting ready for dragon time to be over,
It's also,
Really easy to roll a big dye when you're hung over as well which many people make,
It keeps what I understand.
He's gone again.
And Sarah here's how you should do that,
I'm sorry,
Cuz he has his own. So Joe,
What's going on? You're going in and out. But let's let's get some good. Let's get some good information from you first before before you,
Had completely out. Plus you've also gotta go, you know, limber up your your vocal chords.
No, no, do you ever get involved in the actual fight?

[29:30] Believe it or not yes,
Oh, really? Oh, nice.
No no offense Joe but I'm not surprised.
Until you realize that it's just a rope there.
What have I done?

[30:22] We're inside,
That in Demigordens.
Oh, no.
I do wanna if he does pop back in let's just really quick get his where his room is located and the information on his,
Is a where they can get more information. That kind of thing. I think you might be coming back
I think I think Sam was on to something Thanos just snapping a minute out of existence. Yeah, that'll hey, you know what? He's in. He is the poor man. It isn't Alab
And where people can get more information on your track.
Can you hear us Joe?
Flash groups slash American sci-fi classics.

[31:52] Do they at the place they used to have absolutely oh,
And you're you're a race may be coming from last year when there was less people there too so.
If everyone wants to join in,
It's gonna be Jackbox once again.
Meeting a previous episode that has not been recorded yet,
There's lots of people didn't. Things happened.

[33:02] More folks seeing the folks that I have not seen in in a while,
In it. Again, an episode that has not been recorded yet.
I don't mind telling everyone. No. This is the first episode being played in the third. Whatever.

[33:31] You know, you're watching a Marvel films in in also time traveler's wife and you,
No this year's new for you because it's the first time in,
This would be 20 since I haven't been a direct.

[34:10] So I will be in other rooms other than dragging other than the extract room although Jenny says,
I don't know if Sarah's sad that that you're not a director but,
We are but it's also happy that you know you're getting to go out and see the world again.
And Zan thank you for,
Yeah I know.
I still I mean,
Truth be told at this point like 90% sure I'm attending in person but there's always a possibility that something else comes up.

[35:20] Aunt Joe just sent us an email or thanks I'm sorry for the rotten connection. You guys the best. Find us a dragon con American sci-fi classic track. We certainly will joe. We'll try and get back on for a few minutes sometime in the future to to go,
Things that we miss. We always love having going. We appreciate it. It's sort of a last minute.
Record here so we do appreciate him taking time out on his way to,
Cuz he's driving. That's important. Oh, well, the driving part, I thought just, you know,
Alabama. Oh my Alabama.
There's a lot of people on fan panels Zianne I get to see lots of people in an audience I get to come back Joe and Gary let me Sarah's just said Joe to come back with Gary.

[36:15] And just wanna let you all know,
Track has been great this year in doing ongoing,
They don't let up panels all the time. It has not let us. It's the track that what a dragon kind eventually will be is just 365 days a year.
No. We're gonna expand to seventh this year.
I can't wait and then Regina's gonna kick you for 7 days. I can't wait. But no, right. So, but they have done a great job. So, if you wanna see more of Joe and Gary and many of their mayonnaise.
The that's the best place to go is to go to their Facebook page or go to their YouTube page they're the same name,
Whoo hoo. Alright. Alright, John. Do you wanna play the game? Let's play the game.
Alright it's Tuesday to Tuesday according to Sarah,
Officially Tuesday to Tuesday officially. No, it's not. Yes. Sarah, you are not the official person on that. Nor is John no matter what he thinks.
He is. So, if he, if you wanna play, let's make sure that we can still hear the audio,
That would be the that would be the other thing that has been playing. There's a lot of fun yesterday.

[37:45] You can't,
Room code that's listed there on the screen. Steve has made it in. It's a PRTK for those of you that are watching live.
If you're listening to this recorded that means nothing to you but hey sometimes we give you enough notice to to that we're gonna be live on Facebook and or Twitch and or and why did they end,
Our YouTube channel.
I didn't know we did. Yeah, there there well there's one that feeds to us.
If you follow us on Facebook or whatever we like to play games with our guests and obviously,
And I am so glad you said that because I would have,
Left out a couple of words with that and then it's just a double or triple on Pandra and we don't need that yet. Two or like.

[38:58] Tuesday check out is a new Monday checkout.
I will tell you right now if you can afford to stay to Monday night Tuesday check out is a good Jillian times easier than Monday check up.

[39:16] Alright, so we're gonna we're gonna play dictionarium tonight. We usually play something from Jack. Well, actually, okay, so there's a long history of this and those,
I used to do this myself with all the random trivia cards I have here and then the pandemic hit and I couldn't go get more trivia cards cuz I didn't wanna go outside.

[39:43] Somewhere on Twitch because we're we're post it where where first the first time going live on Twitch at the,
Same time because someone asked last year to do it. What is dragon?
Dragon Con is the largest multimedia popular cultural convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy gaming comics literature art, music, and film in the universe.
Call us one of the most well attended pop culture conventions in the country call us the most fan fun you can have in 5 days dragging con is where you wanna be,
On Labor Day weekend,
Hey Andy well it says handy band.

[40:44] No I said handy dandy that was you did okay and also someone else that's a loaded question or it's Steve point out asking what you're trying to call me that question yeah so this is the first time on Twitch so that's,
I think that the people rant will randomly see you over there so that's probably why this is a little piece of but we would also we also do this as a podcast it's because John likes to
Film us.
There are people that might just be listening and not watching us. And so that means John is going to read out questions and answer. Yes. So we're yeah that's what we're gonna do. So we'll go ahead and get started because we got enough people to at least play.
I know this is the last minute posting but I guess my point was earlier before this all happened was if you follow us on Facebook you'll get notices of when we're recording and live and we'd love to have you come on and comment and everything blah blah blah.
And and text messages in voicemail.
They said the lovely lady,
No, that's true. My my brain don't work no more. Alright, so let's go ahead. Let's go and start dictionarium.

[42:05] If anybody can't hear it, let me know. Hello,
Check you people out. In the dictionary, you will get the word. A word you haven't heard before. You're going to define it, create the synonym, and use it in a sentence. You vote your last,
If you want to play along join the audience by entering the room code let's get started,
First things first I am assigning you a word.
So those of you playing along the definition that you.

[42:47] Oh, sorry. New word.
What do you got? You'll find something on your device there.
I'm stuck in the swap of gluke someone calls okay miss that every year I have to buy new shoes after driving con because I lose one in the glue,
You know you're on the right path if you encounter some glute to this consume,
I put my eyeglasses on.
So I could take a glucoram.

[43:35] I love I love puns. Thank you.
Every year i have to buy new shoes after dragon con,
Help I'm stuck in the swamp of gluke someone call sir,
No it's a.
Reference. I'm not sure.
And the most part in a minute.

[44:32] On the way to consume. I am truly in awe of your genius. Thank you. This word will change the world.
And now, let's see the weather. Oh, here's the winner.
Sarah Rose wins with 1800 versus 1100 the next one and then what's Dan is into?

[44:58] I don't want. Oh,
Congratulations Sarah.
I'm checking it. Okay. Yeah. I'm checking in my or turning in my geek card now. I apologize. So, somebody needs to take over the site and everything cuz I've gotta check out. See you later.

[45:31] Where are you going,
Get your first okay you wanna know something horrifying as I was trying that that little bit there I pulled my cuz I I got these inner ear,
That's a little frightening.

[46:06] Ah got it
Kept it in there and then plugged your hearing aid into it.
Helps me here.
I don't know what's going on with that. I like that.
What am I supposed to put congratulations to yep that one no,
50 days that's five,
At the unique. Com 50 days five oh DAYS at the unique geek. Com,
Somebody told me that that's true. Text that? Yeah.

[47:29] Thank you all for playing and thanks for everybody for being here. We cannot wait to keep doing this.
Yes. It's another year. We're starting. And technically, by the way, anybody that's live, just be aware.
4 days.

[47:58] Yeah please start your cosplay.
Yeah but but you know it's i can't wait,
Renaissance costumes. Oh, that's true. I didn't watch you. I haven't watched that yet but,
I'm not spoiling anything saying those are on there. It that was a great episode.
And wow can't wait. And yet still 50 days is close. We can't believe it's 50 days.
Or as my husband and John's wife call it
Start Stragon Con so there's only 52 days and as we record this.

[49:02] Anyway. Alright. Time is elastic. Have a good time.
Ah so until next time,
If I have an outgoing one do I,
Yeah, here it is. I'll let you have to say you're in part before you go there. So, until next time.
Possibly snapped in half by by a wrestler wrestler,

[49:49] Music.

[49:55] This was a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
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[50:23] Music.