Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 10 - What's New?

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:10] Hey.

[0:24] You're funny.
Welcome to another edition of, And joining me not tonight. It's not Lee. She is still out sick if you listen to her last one. You'll know that. Hopefully she's getting better. We'll at least out last I heard she's getting better. She said she was 70% human.
Like I said before, we agreed that she was at least 50% human nor under normal conditions. So, That's good but I do have a special guest joining us as we like to always do. Taking time out of podcasting, moderating panels starting in documentaries, rescuing kittens, stuck in trees, It's Kevin Batchelder from Dragangan Newbies. How you doing?
Excellent John what an intro thank you very much hey no you are a busy busy busy person, You've you've got how many how many podcast do you do, Either regularly or set my regular like regular.

[1:44] A small handful 3 or 4 years ago going at the same time and rotating through different topics and right, Any other stuff in here and there. Others, you appear on and what? Yeah, it's you, you, you keep yourself busy. And for those of you that haven't heard of Kevin before.
He's been on our podcast pretty much at least the last at least the last 5 years but probably Tanner closer. I'm not sure exactly how long but it's been it comes in every year and we talk.
Mostly dragon connubis.

[2:24] Oh, it went great. Had a great time. As always, I, you know, myself, I've been going to concert since 2005.
Just after year number one, I knew I loved it, knew I wanted to come back, and you know, each year back to have more fun and get involved being on panels, moderating panels, and just seeing folks, You know, I only get to see you once a year but the joy of being a part of having fun at Con and helping to bring, You know, fun in entertainment to folks is just such a rush. And however, you, Yeah, yeah. Did you did you get that moderate any pant? Well, you did. I know that for a fact, but what panels did you get to moderate last year?
Oh For the last couple of years I've been official volunteer I'm actually the assistant track director on the Urban Fantasy track awesome and I get to You know, I have a lot of fun modering fan panels, different discussion topics, you know, buffy the vampire slayer while you're done, All kinds of shows there and also it's been great the last few years being involved just one of the moderators for some of the, Guest panels as well. Got to do a fun one. I know last year with the.

[3:43] And David Ramsey. They were a lot of fun. Doing panels there and and doing them for other cast members and other shows. It's just always a blast to get to meet some of these folks and You know, such a rush. Get up in front of a room with hundreds or thousands of fans and get to talk about the shows we love, And you you also moderate other conventions as well but of course dragoncon is number one on your list so, Regardless. I'm speaking for you. You don't have to speak out loud.

[4:23] Guests it's grown so naturally because it's just so much fun to to be involved in that and get to do it so yeah it's led to opportunities to do modering and other conventions too, Man, there's nothing like being able to talk about Dragon Con in the rush of having all the people there and just going from almost dust till dawn, It's so good and every year.

[4:58] Yeah well let's let's get into it first of all how did the newbie group get started, And what back one more step what is the newbie group that would probably be the first thing to ask what does that mean, Sure well and and that's where you know a quick history lesson for those who might not have heard makes a lot of senses, As we talked about I do a lot of podcasts and have for many many years going back to right around the time I started Dragon Con Podcasting since 2005 as well and I'm always been talking up pecan on the podcast tonight I'd get listeners or friends asking me hey you know I'm thinking of going what's it like I got some questions, And you know, after a couple of years of doing that, one on one, I'm like, you know, it's folks are asking similar questions and there's a lot of them asking. I gotta make this easier. So, I'm like, I'm going to create a Facebook group, And then I can throw my friends in there and then that way they can all, Only a future once.

[6:00] As his natural dragon connis folks if you don't know the community is so awesome that it just started growing and folks started recommending it it also happened that in 2012, Kim McGamony a volunteer for a long time started doing walking tours just on her own just made up in the lobby to do it and for the first couple of years did the Meyerself and we were getting, Newbie group in facebook growing and then the con reached out and said hey you folks are doing some good stuff.

[6:36] Our walking tours and our Q&A panels started showing up on the official schedule. So, we went from, you know, a handful 30, 40 people to a hundreds of people, Sue kiss on weather and Michael Fochner. You know, the four of us kind of lead what we're doing there and it's just been a blast year after year. Yeah, so next year that would make it the 10 year anniversary for dragon official, for being dragon conficial.
If you will.
Official yeah official not official I mean we're not an official part of the con but I think we're a great example of where the con is awesome because the con embraces folks who are doing things to help them but yet it'll be 10 years on, On the page.

[7:17] The newbie group just keeps growing. I think we're up close to 7000 members. Now, how many of those do you think are actually categorized as newbie, the newbies these days though, We'll see and that's the fun part I mean The activity in the group certainly want to get into summertime because the group is used year round he is the folks who are coming for that first time or maybe the second time but it's the folks who come that first or second time that have fun and remember how much they wanted to learn, How much you can be a bit overwhelming that they stay in the group. I mean the group is is self.
Almost self run. I mean, we got some very helpful moderators and you know, Kim Sue and Michael, myself, but it's folks Answering questions for each other. You know, hey, I'm thinking about staying at this hotel or.

[8:07] What's it like at your convention center? You know, can I bring in food? You know, how is that handle? You know, So it's great because it's the community that do the most of the work answering the stuff and and those of us that have been many years just are there to kind of help maybe offer an insider too but, It's just wonderful watching the the folks who were, Since we're not an official part of the con. You know, they'll probably be in the neighborhood of 30, 40 folks are going to volunteer to help us be either tour guides or Will be called Wranglers. You know, the person who goes out with the tour group the help kind of in the back. Make sure that he stays on track. But they don't get any credit. It's not like they're a volunteer getting credit hours. They do it just to help out the community And there have been a we couldn't do what we do without all of them.

[9:04] What the actual tour is like and keep in focus on track to do it Michael and I tend to hang back in the room, On tour day, we got like a 4 hour time block there on Thursday afternoon. So, we're there in the room, answering questions, offering advice as folks come in, get lined up to go on a tour, and So it's constantly changing the folks who are in that room during the tour time you know we might have hundreds of folks there.

[9:30] Three or four there and then all of a sudden a whole bunch more show up and you know folks are going out on tours you know probably every 5 to 10 minutes throughout that whole afternoon, That's that's cool and so yeah you mentioned the the time briefly and of course time is relative when it comes to dragon card.
They don't happen until it's actually happened and even then you could go back in time and not happen then but it's it's Thursday, Thursday when when about is it typically start, Yeah, if you, you know, check your your official app there folks. Hopefully, you've got the Dragon app and and go look and do any search on newbie. You should bring up our stuff but our newbie walking tours, Are done Thursday afternoon between, Noon and four. Noon four. Okay. You know, we get request to do them later on Thursday naturally. We get request for doing the Friday but as many folks know if you've been to Con. Things gets so crowded, so fast, It's really hard to try to do 'em after that time. So.

[10:36] We don't cover everything we can but I'm able give you a try to give you a good perspective on you know get your bearings with all the hotels until like that and then we also do, Two Q&A sessions. Kinda like panels if you will. Usually Thursday evening at 530 long after the tourist end, And then first thing Friday morning the 10 AM time slot we usually do will be on, Schedule Aaron folks just come by it's not like we have a presentation I mean we all have topics we might bring up with there to answer the questions some books come and stay for the whole, Hour. Some come in just to answer or excuse me, ask a question or two. Hey, we don't care. We're all part of the community. We want to see you get what you want to get out of the con.
Yeah and so if you're if you're new to Drancon obviously I'll I'll pitch there's this podcast called 50 days dragon on it Tell you about we highly recommend in the group by the way.

[11:33] Hey bing There in person in in being then realizing all the questions that you have and and be getting all the experience from yeah because frankly you know here we'll talk we'll obviously talk about newbies I'm going to ask you you know like so you can prep, What is the most common question you get asked but in those things to be answered here but the reality is that you don't know until you're there, What you've gotten yourself into.

[12:09] Do a walking tour on Friday at at you know even, So even 1 o'clock on a Friday they'll be just forgetless. You're at 10 AM on a Friday would be sort of ridiculous, right? So, you you'll lose most of the people into the, they'll just be consumed by the horde.
Cuz that's when everyone is. It's gone. But of course at that point, what's the point?
Probably too tired and many of you are not going to want to walk that far anyway. You know. Exactly.

[12:56] What there there are a handful attender always come around you know I don't know if we have or if I would say there is the number one request I mean certainly one of the most popular ones will get especially from folks who haven't come to Dragon Con before And maybe you're used to AA smaller local con or something of that nature is, Yeah, come to the con for the first time this year. Can you tell me the like three or four can't miss events? Have to go to, And we all get a big smile because for those who don't know, there are thousands of events in my choices from my top five, might be radically different than John's. Oh, there's certainly. Yeah.
Are different than you know even the four of us who tend to run the group or the tour guides because they'll hear it too out on the thing too so.

[13:42] Yeah, I mean, when you've got 35 or so programming tracks and you look down at your schedule and you got a choice between 2025, different things happening at the same time.
It just comes down to what you love. I mean, stuff that I say can't miss for me. Other folks be like, yeah, I don't even want to do that or whatever. So, That's why we keep telling folks this is you know they talk about all the fun Choose your own adventure, whatever it might be books or content but that's what the con is. I mean, you get to program and do it your own way, man. You you love Star Wars and just want to stay doing Star Wars all weekend. Go for it.
You want a sample different tracks all day long you can do that as you know you want to do the parties at night go for it I mean it's, Pick and shoes find what works for you see how much energy you've got, You know, coming into the weekend, you know, it's well often talk about twos.

[14:35] When it's you know 90° 110% humidity, By Sunday afternoon. There's a lot of folks. I don't want to leave this hotel with the air conditioning. So, you know, hey, what's happening here? Here where I am today, you know, and that's one of the great things you can do that, you know, look up location based events and do it that way too.
Now I would say by the way my top three things not to miss when you're a con are, Sleeping, eating, and bathing.
So so now we're going to bring in the either four, six, or 821, rule. Yeah, I'm not going to bother with what the what any of those numbers should be but at least exactly. At least one of those things should happen.
At least across the 4 days that you're there for 5 days that you're there, We say you should get can based on your age maybe eight 6 or 4 hours of sleep, Eat two real meals. We're not talking snacks or pop darts. We're talking real meals and have at least one shower. A true, Stand in the shower shower not a wipe down with a face cloth or axe body spray or in that stuff.

[16:00] Stop. If anything the last several years have taught us, you know, hygiene is sometimes important. So, Yeah and you'll make it you know you'll get more out the contour I mean yeah you know the food side of it too is critical I mean and and it's only because folks sometimes forget that the events you know you look at the program they're starting you know kind of officially off into 10 AM, And man, they're running till midnight and you only have 30 minute blocks in between. There is not a lunch break. There is not a dinner break.
You're going to be so excited like you if you're like most of us you want to hit every event but if you don't plan some time to eat, You know, you can, we can see it in the new BIS. We can see the gloss overlooks.
To to make sure you're taking good care of yourself.

[16:51] Food court and whatnot to point out where all those things are.
Yeah we tried to point out what the weather with the food cart excuse me food courts are and and as we know they've been a lot of the hotels now I've got small little food cart things along with Local area restaurants. So, yeah, we do try to give folks an idea, That's all they're looking for is the quicker food that you might get, you know, in the food court areas or you know, know where they can go for a sit down meal which, You certainly want to try to do at some point and it's downtown Atlanta so obviously restaurants are in the hotels but if you want to step out and go to something a little closer, You got some good options there to be able to do that so folks will make recommendations on what they recommend based on the kind of food you like too because there's lots of options too, Right and and a lot of the restaurants not all of them but a lot of the restaurants in the area, So we'll be paired down so if you.

[17:59] Flooding and they gotta they pair down their menus a lot. Not all but but many of the restaurants do that. So, The prices aren't modified for the number of people that are coming in there so they're typically if you, Oh god at least, Yeah no I take a tends to work good and they like you said you're on a, And and it's fun sometimes too when you go to some of those places and the food cars you could tell they employees who've worked to dragon con before and the ones who haven't because I mean again, Oh the dairy volume of people I I think the dairy queen folks are are definitely vets because they've, I think I've seen the same people every year because I'll inevitably get myself a.

[19:08] Well I can't pre COVID so yeah I mean they they they know what they're doing but then yeah you have new maybe a new restaurant that's opened up or new, I think we we in fact we were just talking about this was it the the new hotel that opened across from, It's it's been there now for like 3 years I think but but the first year they did not adjust their prices for a dragon time you know of course everyone got there then they're like wow we just sort of left Money on the table here and yeah and sorted that out the next year. Very nice year. So.
You know, it is, it is cost doing it but by the way, you know, we we I, Talked mention this with a Regina's folks and I think I just talked.

[20:07] Full weekend pass right, You think about that being about 30 some odd dollars and change per day maybe $40 per day depending on when you start counting the days.
That's that's not expensive from from a convention standpoint. That's not expensive. It's it's a good bargain. And, Especially for what you get and all the options you get to be able to do it too this you know.

[20:38] It's a great way to do it. I mean, we also talked certainly to his group about the importance, Of that membership AKA the badge in how important it is to to take good care of it you know could you lose it you gotta buy yourself another one, So we'll talk a lot about the importance of having a good day, Plan you're a good clamp on it take good care of that it's not something you're going to want to take a chance on losing Portland that is Yeah. You can you can by the way buy lanyards also at the dragon store but it's it's usually, Probably not because I'm leave streamline that, All the way. Yeah, I can't, yeah, I can't speak to that. I haven't had the need to go to bed, pick up myself, being a volunteer the last few years. So, I'm not sure but but it just, it's important to take care of it and you know, all the codes there too and one of the other important things too, we'll also, Wanna stress for folks who are new to the con is, An army.

[21:48] At the con. These folks are volunteers. They're all doing it. Just because of the love, what the con is, you know, so keep that in mind, you know, thank you. Smile to someone who's doing what they can so you get the most out of the con, realize that, you know, You can also, Be a part of that to try to help make it run as it does that's why we all are i should say.

[22:17] Any topic you can reach out to the track directors with suggestions for ideas, Panels and events to do. I mean, some of the best stuff. I've seen over the years because come from suggestions. You know, it's not written in stone or not only promoting the newest, greatest thing. It's, Geeks and so forth. Yeah, I mean you you're the newbies is a good, The other day and that's another thing that just grew up organically out of out of, Just fan interest or fan.

[23:04] Bringing random acts of joy or whatever to to, Folks without any, you know, regard for what what they get in return type thing. So, it's a it's it's really really cool. So, how so you mentioned it takes about 30, 30 minutes? What is your normal path that you guys follow for On the walking tour or is there one.

[23:32] Can change and it'll change. That's true. Yeah. So, we each year, it necessary, you know, when they were changed, we have to adjust that. So, the idea is to to go from wherever we're starting and and give folks that directional idea of, You know, the the high at the Hilton, the Marion, Canada of where they are, you know, point out The western now the new the courtland grand instead of the sheriff and things like that, You know, go outside a bit and point and then walk through some of the levels to let folks know the idea that it's not just a one floor convention, you know, they're a multiple floors where Events are going so you need to realize it's going to be a good amount of walking that's also one of the big shockers, That do similar con like I do will go to multiple tracks and, Over the course of days I mean you're you're going to be logging 2030 mi a walk and if you do something like that so you gotta be in a little bit prepared for that you know comfortable shoes, You know.

[24:43] You know have a chance coming in to be aware of that so they don't again burn themselves out too quickly.

[24:56] We kind of point that is down that direction again the time it's going to take to head out that way and then hold head all the way back, Again, you know, that that's where the the walking tours are helpful in the sense too, To make folks realize right off the bat oh I am really going to be doing a good monologue and then when you're pointing out some things and directions, To be ready to do it.

[25:29] Or you receive you've given either either going to receive that that you went well you know what at the end of the day that turned out not to be the best piece of advice that I've I've given arrive I've ever gotten, No, not interesting. I have, you know, it, I haven't thought about bad advice ever, right?

[25:53] Realizing knowing your own limitations because again some of the folks get so excited to say I'm going to do it all or I'm going to do the party at night toll one or two in the morning and then pop it up at 8 AM to go meet my friends for breakfast whatever Know yourself. Some folks can do that. Some folks cannot and then you've put this money and time into this convention, And you can't do all the stuff you want to do because you're burning yourself out. So, just when you're getting advice, what to do or how much to do, You know do a little bit of a reality check with the person who's giving that advice to see if if they share some common interests or have the same type personality to want to do a lot of that, Cuz there's some great advice, shared, you know, in the group all year long or even at the con. And that's a great thing. The community, I mean, I remember my first year I can still remember exactly where it was on the high at when I had a very nice couple come up and say you look like you need some help and I was like I'm totally lost I have no idea where I'm going and they pointed out some directions which hotel and I just remember that That family feel like community aspect to it.

[27:00] Not that the advice is bad but is it for you you know maybe get an idea of, A morning person, evening person, a party person. Do you want to see a lot of celebs? So, you more for the fan discussions, you know, things like that. My gear towards what's going to be best for you, Yeah in in your right because, Different reasons. Now, if you're going to see a specific guest.

[27:36] You might want to check your expectations a little bit.
But yeah, every everyone's convention experience is different. Like, I've, I've said over the over and over and over the years, I have never attended because of the guest list.
It was always just to go hang out with my friends and see new stuff and you know, people watch and and you know, things like that. It it's not really for me.
For my my convention experience is way different than than others and you know any like yours are going to be different because you've got you've got you know assistant track director duties or you've got, Other things that you have to do, You know, that advice. Where you know, the last time that I I went as, As just attending.

[28:39] But prior to that, Hey I can't even remember what that experience was like and if I was even if I could I could give you advice from that. It is completely different this year right? It's it is completely even if I want you know, Giving advice from baseball last year is going to be different than what it is you know this year, Every year is is unique at Edren Con. So, that's that's a good point. So, I imagine the newbies deal a lot in generalities, right? So, you you have to be, Interesting. Do you ever get any questions about dragon after dark?
And what that is? What that means? Are they thrown this way? Well, you will. You will get. I mean, we'll get some folks, parents. We'll we'll bring children to the con and might ask because some things and and you know, the reality is that, It it's, What's the word maybe as crazy as some folks might try to tell you I mean it's it's a case of realizing your business It's just more a fun story there that you know the the kind does a great job of keeping things.

[30:01] Before it expanded out to even two more hotels. That, That was it was more obvious that it had hit the witching hour it hasn't been my experience the last, 10 years or so that's really gotten that bad. I'm sure there's there's, From a parenting standpoint of, you know, things happening in in the public eye that maybe you don't want, you know, a kid of a certain age to to see.
It hasn't been, you know, I haven't seen any of any of that. Any really truly risky.

[30:43] In the early 2000's as opposed to you know now now Yeah anyway I think I think everyone's being respectful everyone's in in there are certainly topics that are being covered late at night but that again they're purposely put there late at night and I believe, Dragon kind, make sure that they, they comment those things with the appropriate warnings, Themed or whatever it's marked clearly in the guide and it doesn't happen too much later at night. So, yeah, the condo's a great job but, And making sure the folks, you know, are safe and and happy and having a good time and being respectful of others. That's another thing that, You know, once you've got a situation where they're going to be some folks partaking of the alcohol and so forth but you know, the community itself, It is keeping an eye on each other too and that's a great thing comes into play as well.

[31:44] Suggest they what do you suggest they do, Normally readily available for folks there. Also, as we talked earlier knowing that there's you know, couple 1000 volunteers, the volunteers have a specific color, Lanyard.

[32:11] Badge or lanyard They can be a great turn point to say I I need a little help on something and and they hopefully those folks are knowledgeable enough to point you in the direction of where you might find some some helpful folks, The the steps at the hotels let's face it those folks are very experienced too on then they have a presence, Again you'll also find many of just the average congoers who can detect the looks on the face of folks who are a little lost or whatever and can offer some advice, As well. So, that's why I say it's that community nature that family nature that has always, You know, stuck out. Big time for me at Con.
You know, you feel right at home and being able to trust the folks around you. I mean, it's still, you're still in a downtown major city. You're still need to be smart.
You know, have a travel with a buddy or whatever, you know, things like that to be well aware of what's going on just like you would anywhere else in the world. But, For the most part the conspaces, I wasn't going to freeze this. Okay, out of the.

[33:37] Convention ever or do you see that most of the people are you know have gone to other conventions You know maybe a smaller hotel convention or or maybe even just a A conference center sort of based convention. How many what percentage would you say that dragon is their first, first, first convention ever, Well if I got we've forgotten kind of our experience in the newbie, Tours and newbie Q and A's because we do purposely kind of ask that folks hey is this you know how many of you this is your first time in a con gets me and how many of you are, This is your first con and, Of those first time folks choose to dive all in a dragon. Jeez, really?

[34:36] Dragon Con attendizo because they talk it up so much they talk about how good it is, How much fun? So, when folks are willing to take the jump, you know, as you said a little earlier in terms of what you can get, For your your dollar. Right. You're spending whether it's, you know, flying, driving, whatever to come to this space.
You got such a broad stroke of topics like we said whether it be guests or just parties or panels and discussion going on that, It's your way to like because I build your own con. Whatever it might be.

[35:12] You know, your choices are are certainly not narrower, not that they're not great events by any means. I mean, great times in many but that's what makes it so special.
Excellent. Yeah, it's, Dragon Con was my first, However, remember when I went it was only, Or one. I can't remember. I know that the hype, I know high was the main hotel and that was it. Now, let's sort of shifted into I mean, if you're looking at, So, you know, how the Marriott has all the basically all the the, On the floor there. Probably because it's the biggest area that's open. Well, it used to be that was the high, the high it used to be where everyone was hanging out. So, there was no skybridge and whatnot. But so, I was actually eased into it. Even then, it was, it was a lot, right?
But I was eased into it because I just kind of, As as a congreu I was going so it just sort of morphed into into something else but yeah I can't imagine if I was if If I was going back to my 20 to 20 is probably when I went I mean that's 20 years old, In my 20s.

[36:40] That this being my first convention that would be ridiculous. I would be like there's there's no way I would just I would need the newbie group to just follow me around and point everything out to me because I would be completely I get lost even today, After having gone all these years, The Marriott is where it is because some point out, M means middle middle mariot it's the only am that we have.

[37:22] So that's the Hilton and because I always remember where the height. I know where the height is all the time because it's when I went to first.
And then after that it's good luck finding me because I'm going to be somewhere I'm not sure where I'm going to be.
Well I think technically the high it is up the hill in the Hilton as little more down but hey if you like you point out the sky bridges. Yeah. Or is there a factionally known to have a trails?
The hotels makes it a lot easier. You don't notice the hill as much unless you're outside walking up the city street. So, that is a good way to avoid some of the, Yeah, you're true. That's that's true. I I just know because I feel like, you know, inside from inside the hotel that going, In progression it's up the hill even though it's not really up technically up the hill is actually, Going to what used to be the charity. I can never remember what it's called down courtland something. Courtland? Yes. Coitland Grand I believe. Grant. Okay. It's going.
The hill but it's not the same on the other side, Over. Anyway.

[38:39] Where you and I having been doing up the cons we're talking about how big or maybe overwhelming it can be it's not once you get going It is a case of part of what brings people back after the first year too aside from the family and the community is Man, I only got to see three tracks programming tracks this year. Next year, I'm going to do Start track instead or I'm doing space or whatever it might be. So, it's that feeling that there's always more that you'll be able to do once you start to get a handle on the directions you're going and figuring out your bearing is a little better.

[39:22] And see what's kind of happening. So, you know, just give yourself a chance. Realize that, You know I'm also still learning stuff I'm not an expert on everything you know and when I what is it 18 years in or something it's still stuff I'm going to be learning and doing and offense I didn't even know I've been regulars for 20 years because it's something I haven't seen and You know.
We also were in the time before the app.

[39:55] Highlighters, the highlight things you wanted to do, and you know, now you can find it all nowadays.
By guest. We're in a location. There's lots of ways to make it a little bit. And if you want to find where that room was, good luck to you. Cuz that that map on the back of the map.
Again it was on newsprint, As blurry is. Yeah. The next one. But it's like trying to tell my kids there was this thing called map quest and we used to print out our maps before we got in our car. You know, all those things. Yeah. So, Show in our age. So, yeah, that's funny because my my wife sent me a me the other day from that showing about I used to be Domino's Pizza Driver and Tallahassee years and years, When somehow you would magically call a dominoes and they would get a pizza to you in 30 minutes without, Yeah.

[41:06] No no there's a big map on the wall And you had to remember, How? How?

[41:31] I mean we also say it's very important to remember that patience, There are tens of thousands of people at this convention. It's going to be crowded. It's going to take time to move between locations. Some of the events are going to be very full when you're going to ballrooms and so forth. Just be patient, realize everything's going to, You will get your opportunity, Certain big name celebrities that they won't be able to get into the ballroom to see the event because they're afraid the lines are too long because they'll see the lengths maybe a line but realizing that these folks who set up the lines they know what they're doing They know how to move people into the room quickly. There's also large screens in the big ballroom. So, you can see well even if you're more towards the back of the room, Most of these guests do multiple panels unlike some conventions that there's not only one fill in your celebrity name here panel. They're probably doing if that they are multiple days at the con doing multiple panels. You get another chance to, Streaming membership. Dragon TV, if you're in one of the official host hotels, you can watch a big event from the, right? Comfort of your room while you're having a snack, you know, you got a lot of options, right?
Absolutely, absolutely. Let me ask you one more question. Newbie related. What would you say beside your badge?

[42:54] Hey.

[43:04] Well, again, hydration. So, I'm going to say a water bottle. Hmm. Of some type, absolutely going to be essential. I mean, most folks will ask to relate to that, John.
Thinking maybe it's convention center is it okay to have like a backpack or a fanny pack whatever an absolutely these are hotels you know we're allowed to recommend you have something lightweight, That you can carry with you for that so you can have your your water bottle, Snacks are great. Whatever type snacks you love, if you do want to keep a fast paced convention without having a lot of stops for food Sometimes you just need to snack between things. So, find what's good for you to have with you there. Obviously, we're going to say it's important if you got a smartphone for that reason to be able to use the app, see what time it is, do some other things there.

[43:53] You know, 500 a 1002000 people in there. The AC's cranked up pretty high. When you first walk into it, if you're just going around in a T-shirt and shorts, you might be very chilly, so we'll tell folks, you know, have a shirt, sweatshirt, or or something you can throw over yourself while you're there That is fantastic. That's something that is fantastic advice right there. I never I never think about it because I just I'm usually sweating anyway. Regardless of what what temperature I'm in. But it is it you know that I think that's one of the things that my wife and kids when they went.
Scott so you want something easily take on put on take off with a yeah and the water bottle thing is interesting because it's it's important to know too that that.

[44:50] Cups floating around but but yeah even like like I have this, Multiple thermo flask that I just use all the time. It's called thermo flask. It's just gotta that whatever.
Costco but it's you know it's it's a lightweight you know bottle keeps it cold and everything else and you carry that with you you don't have to buy bottled water all the time but even if you do by bottled water you could fill up, Fill up the water at the water station. So, refill itself.

[45:21] Let's see yes there's yeah the CBS there too by the way again their price is a they don't jack up any of their prices far as I know I think they just gotta Follow whatever regular CBS pricing is but a good place to get water and things like that that you may have forgotten to use if you have a you buy like AA six pack of water then you can always refill those bottles throughout the day and then if you don't want to carry it around with you toss it, Recycling. No, recycle it. Hang up. Keep that in mind if you can, and you know, another thing a lot of folks don't know too about the cons, especially if you're new is, Not only do the fans love to come back so do our guests in the celebrities they enjoy a lot of them certainly they come to be you know as a part of the cons their profession, But they enjoy the con themselves. You'll find a lot of them just walking around enjoying the cosplay. Going to the bars and restaurants, And and the reason a lot of them will do that and this is important to know if my community point of view is because they know for for dragon con.

[46:24] Panel and they're just out around the con that's not the time to be asking for a free photo or or or doing something or asking for an autograph but they'll appreciate it And they'll mingle with us and hang out. I mean, I I have so many great stories. I'll be there. I've been a part of.
Christopher Lloyd a few years ago at the Hilton bar I'd sat next to him with a few other friends for a couple of hours just talking you know I mean we just get Item beers and I think a hamburger or something and he ain't interacted with folks and then calmly left and Owen was ubeling or anything and a lot of the guests do the same way. Right, and you you could find yourself in a in a elevator with a guest, As well and whatever. To your point, just saying hi.
That's not, you know, you can, you can tell by the way, if they want to engage or not. But but yeah, please do be respectful, not just of of the the guests, but also of of, The guests, the people that are also like you and me that are just, I mean, By you and me I mean general folks not famous people that that can.

[47:36] In the longest possible way and continuing to make it longer by pointing out that I'm making it longer and making it longer by pointing out the making longer than making it longer, That's what I'm trying to say.

[47:55] Yes if you want to be a part of this we are in on Facebook you can you know go directly if you go to Facebook. Com slash groups Slash dragon conducing you'll find our group a couple of quick questions we ask you to confirm here, If you got a dragon con newbies. Org I've got a simple blog post that links to that group to other excellent official con resources also some podcast wink wink 50 days and some other things lot of great resources in the community to help you, But yeah, if you go there and join, you know, we got lots of information and folks helping your, you know, write up to the day and starts. Now, the iron.
Promoting your own podcast on your podcast. It's like.

[48:55] Dot org.
No I just thought we'd stay in line with the background. Org.
So, do not go to count, do not go to dragon newbies. Com, go to dragon newbies. Org, Portal, Yeah, exactly. And you can, of course, find it in the links, Hey don't know what the it's a circle that is it is really, The same things over and over again.

[49:56] Lee we miss you I do want to point out a couple of housekeeping things that have nothing to do with Kevin but I Forgot to do. I'm so excited to get Kevin on the beginning after I got to mention it. There been a couple of questions. That had been raised to me, A particularly about this podcast whether we're going to do live event or we're going to do Facebook Live or in salsa on YouTube as well.
Events or recordings, and yes, we will, we will do that again this year, and we will play games at that time too. We're just sort of, Waiting back into, I don't want to do some of the stuff without her. And as I mentioned before to, there's going to actually probably be a couple of times where Lee will be, I, I have some things going on in my life that you take care of.
Case you know alright Kevin.

[51:01] Again, no, that's not all for the love. Nope. Again, That's where we're doing this.

[51:27] Streaming. We do those things. So, keep an eye out over at, I don't know, Facebook. I guess, Facebook and the YouTube channel would be the two place that gets It gets posted. When we're doing those. So, yes, keep trying. We can get notifications when they go live.
Yeah and there's something about ringing bells and whatnot. I don't know about any of that. I know it's weird because I should. I mean, I'm in, I've been on IT forever.
But I just.
I don't know. I don't I'm terrible self advertising. Unless it's on the podcast. In which case, I'm advertising something that you already found.
Kevin, Well, sure. If you got the website tuning into sci fi TV.
Then my friends talking about TV and movies social media Kevin Bachelor Kay Bachelor on Twitter certainly and Facebook Instagram, those kind of spots. About three, one, what about.

[52:44] I got plenty going on there before I start going other spots, Yeah, just you know, get involved, become a part of it. That's what makes it special. I mean, like I said, my first early years, All I did was go and be be wide eyed and amazed in this time went on the more and more I wanted to get involved so Take a turn on pace folks make it make it yours and enjoy the hell out of it yeah and again Thursday, You've got and again, check your program. It's in very important check your program.

[53:21] Q&A Q&A that that will certainly help any newbies as well. And I think you said there was a Thursday night.
Q&A as well. Yep. Usually run around 5:30. Same idea. Check the program for Groom location and all. Yes, we know everything is subject to change. Yeah, by the way, even though walking tours on Thursday, the places start in a pack. It's starting to fill up these days as well too. So, it's, You know, that's yeah, and and that during the walking tour time, I'm usually staying myself and Michael normally stay in the room. Long as some other great folks who are there to help to answer questions. So, if you want some questions answered and even don't want to go, Come in during that time walk. We're all there. You know, passing the time by talking about Con and answering questions too.
Mostly an urban fantasy? Yes, absolutely on panels and and volunteering there along with other spots around. So, yeah, I am in attending professionals. So, it's my name in the program. You'll be able to find as well. Yeah, you can you can follow, Say, you know, I want to know where this particular person is.
No, please, please use that squarely. The way that it sounded now. The way you put that up, yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Hey respectable distance, Yes, yes, yes, yes.

[54:45] Kevin again thank you for the the work that you and the rest of the the admins over there team it is a big team that only happens I'm just a small part of it That at Drank Hanubi's that's a thank you for doing that and it's it feel to get and by the way it would have been great to have this even when it was only one Hotel at the time because even then it was that but glad it came along and glad that you guys are are and Folks I should say are helping all the new folks are coming in oh there was one of the question how many people how many newbies do you see that return every year to the to the walking tour and whatnot There are several 30 to come back just to be a part of that energy because we all love when the new folks so they are like you know many of us could you sense it so yeah they come to answer the questions or be there and all of a sudden they get involved in a walking tour or they wanted the folks Answering the questions or they find them accidentally leading it walking tour Yeah, yeah, sometimes I get recruited. You know, you get to be involved in any way, shape, or form. That's and like I said, it's that's the beauty of the Facebook group. It's just knowing that many folks Just enjoy answering questions offering advice. They get to be a part of it that way, you know? It's it's a fan, Well, somebody else probably will.

[56:14] Saying peace.

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