Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 13 - We're Old!

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Levit.
You're funny.
Welcome to another edition of, Aunt joining me as always is the lovely, There you go.
I don't ever think of you as being very loud, Ehm.

[1:29] Playing original covers of video game music.
Four piece horn line dude I'm there I don't know about anyway else I can't wait, Back out. Yesterday, Sarah says, hi, John Lee. Love you.
Hey Facebook call Sharon says hi everybody so, We are, Yeah. No, you go from Walmart. No, you go.

[2:27] Hey Facebook, Hey, Take in the area that I live is never gone over 100 ever As an actual temperature. Really? Right. Okay.
Feels like 117 outside.
Yeah. That sounds like Phoenix. I wanted, I wanted to complain about the the the lawn folks that finishing mowing today but then I was also like Yeah, they probably also passed out. Yeah. So, I'm not going to, I'm not going to complain. They should, they don't, they shouldn't be outside right now. So, anyway, what were we talking? We're talking about dragon. Why? Why am I talking, Then Tampa is. We are however it only got up to 91 today. Last I checked.
And it did not say we felt like 107 or, If I'm to believe I will.

[3:55] The last couple of years for dragon con.
It has been, We have not been oh my god we're going to die we're going to die, I literally walked out the house today at 9 AM and I felt like I was already swimming in the air. The humidity is ridiculous. The heat is ridiculous.
Just be ready y'all because this probably ain't going back.
Labor Day. So, dress appropriately, drink a lot of water, all of those things. There's water in every hotel and it's free.
We sound like some old crotchy people don't we We are old crunchy people because that's why I said it's been an interesting 24 hours. Last night I had to go to the ER with my husband. And he's fine folks Yeah, he's fine. He's fine. But he did, he has his first kidney stone, John. I hear that's just like having a baby.
Hey absolutely 100% comparable.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. Yeah.

[5:14] But it really does make us, We got two old farts waiting to come on because they're at the old farts track which is not really the name but that's what I'm calling her right now.
Lee's name the old fart, Hi No. Yeah.
No. Well, wait a minute though. You guys only go back. I mean, show only has to be off TV 10 years. To be in your track. It might be. Tell me what American sci-fi, Is actually.

[6:22] A new Pamela this year.
To the American soccer five classics track panel clubhouse, Hey Facebook, Held at gunpoint. Who knows?

[7:08] Thank you.
Movies that are older than 10 years and, But a lot of.

[7:37] No way.
A lot of Saturday morning cartoons because there is no such thing anymore as Saturday morning car change which arts my heart. Oh, it hurts my heart. Well, it's just because you're old. Again, you have that nostalgia that that, Yes you remember you remember when Saturday was not just another day, Hey Jim I remember when happy, 5 days a week you can get your butt out of bed but on Saturday morning your little fuzzy boat was up at 730 figure it out which, I remember be getting up at 334 in the morning so I could run out to the TV with the volume as low as possible, Oh, there we go, Jerry. I'll like it. I like it. Brandon says it's the track that makes you feel older every year comes back.

[8:57] Some of us have been, If we added up all the edges on this I think we would really be close to, Wait, you see, that's why we strictly work in a geologic scale. So, that's. Oh, okay. Good.
Period of modern history. Exactly. Exactly. Awesome.
When you're just like, okay, whatever.
I really would really rather know about that. But okay, awesome. So, what are some of the shows? I mean, I know, we've already talked about, Hey Facebook.

[10:09] Download it.
You're welcome. Yes.
Also Roku by the way we are not a sponsor but boy we would love you to be one.
Hey Facebook, So, yeah. Pretty much. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. Pretty much if you think about it, we'll do a show on it. We'll do a Bigfoot and Wild Boy, Yes. We've done manable. We've done.

[11:10] We haven't been officially signed any new shows this year. Okay.
Who are closer to the 21st century in a, Hmm.
The big properties of that year is Joe mentioned the roller panel of 98 we're also doing a little bit of a look back at 2003 Hmm. Oh yeah. Goodness. What was in here? I, I know, I know. I'm 20 years ago. Did you know that? You know, I know that. Because 24.

[12:18] Yeah what was happening 28 30 yes.
You're in the year of the arts. Yeah. Mm hmm. The Naughty Audis, I think I've heard people call them. Yeah. Because you have to call it something.
There you go. There you go. So, what? Yeah. Oh, wow. So, what are the movies that'll be in roller panel from 98? Do you know or can you tell?
We can tease, Okay leave leave one for the imagination.

[13:03] Armageddon and, Hey Facebook.

[13:19] What did you could have been against on the extract? Come on.
We would love her to be actually on X files he was just married, That would be great. So, yeah. So, somebody is saying Sarah is Saint Patrick, came out in 98, that one. It's on the It's on the day what's okay so now we got three on the dye what else, Blade all the way from night blade around oh the MCU.
No really the first one was how are the duck a few years earlier it was, Hey Facebook, No that one made it and they put it in a vault.
I've never seen it.
Who I think's a great actor but David Ogden Stires as a little bit. Well, Fed.
Martian Manhunter i would have.

[14:47] During a thing that we'll talk about shortly. Shortly. Okay.
Is that is that the moment David Ogden starts? Yes. Oh, okay. I did. I would love to see that at some. 00, well.
Hey Facebook I mean, Yeah, Oh my god, In the unaired pilot and, Batman movie it was in the early the early mid 90s when they filmed it and, So, they all look like, well, they all look terrifying. Even like the flash is scary.
Hey current flash is scary too but anyway, Okay.

[16:16] Well, I do. Oh, I'll do. Okay.
Hey what are you playing with the two, The entirety of Safar recorded history, Hey every year for the last several years we've picked 1 year, That's having an anniversary 30/ 2025/, Hey with 20 movies from that year and then we'll just have a big lightning round panel with as many panelists as we can gather up on stage I think I'm on that one too, aren't I?

[17:16] That thing but the, Hey, At the end of the drive and all the money goes to the dragon concert, Will that is a great way to, Oh until.

[18:02] Monday monday oh that's a good time for a panel like that that's an awesome awesome, End of the con. Yeah, that's a good way to send everybody off. I like that. That's a great idea.
Hey Facebook yes.
There's nothing like that Monday feeling on Dragon Con of I don't want it to be over, Gotcha.
Apparently the 1998 original movie version of the classical music musical classic musical cats, I do not know there was another version of said, Film.

[19:13] Okay.
Yes. Yes. Can I can I give I want to give Sarah Rose points for every asterisk. She put in that word. Yeah. Right.
Yeah there you go. Hey, Sarah Rose have you seen those little things that like go over your cat's tail and so they cover your their your cats tushy so people don't see it and all I could think of wasn't an adult, When I saw those because I didn't need that for my cat, Not me. Not it.

[20:25] One would think, one would think, alright, so now, so this is the. This, is the role Roll a panel which I love and you guys have a very you like a set time limit what did you say was 2 minutes 3 minutes whatever we, Two and a half minutes two and a half to 3 minutes and a timer but some movies don't need as much discussion so we buy time from, I'll look up 98 movies.

[21:04] Oh, that is a, There had to be 90, Hey portal, Clearwater which was where my the movie theater was I was working on is, Central Hub shall we say for scientologists, When they're opening weekend opening and we were just shocked as we because as a projections I actually had to watch because back then you said spice film together kids ask your parents about that, I'm sorry. Yeah. So, it was not the greatest. So, I just kind of waited. I I knew how long it was between, you know, reels. So, I just sort of just wait.
And I would not pay attention to what's going on. Just.

[22:17] Well I would think in some areas of Florida it would have done very well but not in hilarious of Florida, Hmm.

[22:39] Of that thing. Now, Hey Facebook, Cuz it's 50 years this year of the original Rocky Horror. Oh my 50.
No. Not the movie. The state.
70s something, 80s. I can look that up all you guys chat. Hey, Paul. I am DB. We'll go look it up.
Then the picture show was 3 years later so yes okay 75 huh yeah for some reason that was like I thought it was like 80 but I get you alright 75, Oh my goodness, goodness, goodness. That's kind of amazing. So, okay. So, that's the role of panel and boy or boy cannot wait to.

[23:58] You auction that fragile. Yeah. But do you do anything else for charity?
Fill up that bucket, folks. We like, they like change. I'll take, they'll take a change out of your pocket store. So, take change, we'll take, checks, we'll take your grandma's teeth, they got gold in them, Gary and I have come up with an insidious plot, Short of kidnapping.
It'll be we we call it the where we do a lock in movie for charity, We So

[25:05] Oh really?
Okay, but then they still have to pay again if they want to get out on the second movie, Hey Oreo.
But we we take the first movie we did was the Star Wars holiday special yes.

[25:46] Worth it not to see papa, And the Diane Carol scene. Yeah. We're 20 bucks right the hell this year.
Four times.
I'm going to use the word infamous again but that's, As recently as last year but, Version which adds more scenes, It's longer. What? I thought it was only like 91 minutes.
To begin with but now it's like like 101 minute. Oh no.

[26:53] I don't know. That's Michael Badenberg. I mean, nothing.
Hell does exist so sure why why why not why not have a 240 minute version of Mac and me. Yes. No and and even if you donate to the charity, no one will be allowed to leave during the McDonald's dance sequence, Oh no.
Come on and dance with him baby. Come on, That is on the dye. It's already on. Very cool.
No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
I know Mac and me all is just one of those.

[28:13] Freaking McDonald's.
Joe, How the?
Hey, There were toys.

[28:56] Yeah. But no. Oh.
Everybody would be waiting on Elvis. Oh, thank you, Phil. You're the boy. So, you are to blame. Phil says, personally mentioned the Japanese version of the track room, And hey Facebook and it was during a roller panel.

[29:28] Honestly but choosing between Mac and Me and the kidney stone that's a tough call.
I asked my husband that he would say the same thing, Or a nice prescription for more payments. If you watch Mac and Me, which is very, very bad.
Okay so you're saying you're doing this Fortnite, I think yeah. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That would be four, right?
So, what are the different four different movies? Yeah, we're doing, Just one of my favorite movies. It is one of my favorites too. Really?

[30:31] Hey, Anyway, go on. We're doing the super Mario Brothers movie, The Bob. Yes. John, I remember everybody was so excited about that because that was like a video game movie this is going to be awesome, And then people went to see it, Hey Facebook after, Who ended with a big name forever in England but, Yeah.

[31:34] The the only video game people were playing back then. It was. It was a big deal. It was a big deal.
Do we mention Dennis Hoppers in it? Do we mention that? Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. You do? Hey, Oh he is eating him.
Yes, Hey Facebook.

[32:17] Anything on it.
Yeah. Very weird haircut.
I told people don't you dare complain about any moment of this movie, You ain't seen nothing.

[32:49] Infamous, Hey Facebook did you did you forget the plan Joe?
At long last we are showing plan nine from outer space.
And I'm sorry, Because your childhood cancer is a great charity.
Also stand on, Your commute to work is longer. Hey, as a, Hey.

[33:54] I would say if you say you're a movie buff you've got to have at least seen it.
Hey, But we most we're talking battlefield earth, Highest way to put that. Definitely low. Sarah Rose has a proposal for you here which is to do the 2000's.
Dungeons and dragons movie and you can advertise it. Just don't say, you know what? Dragons movie. Don't tell them. It's 2001. When they get in. No, that's when they learn. Oh, wait.
Actually, that is on one of the Tom Hanks one, the monster is amazing.
I just want to say hold on as I get but.

[35:05] It wasn't the one that's under the whatever it's called under the, Yeah. Okay.
Which is on some streaming channels, Hey dad I didn't want to ask you a question you all are the perfect ones to ask On Paramount Plus right now. Again, Paramount, we don't have a, I was going to say hit us up but then I did the old phone symbol and that's not what a phone is anymore.
Dungeon the dragons the movie the new one that is just out Chris Pine and a lot of other people in it Chris Pines having fun, Heroes among thieves, right?

[36:13] Okay so there's a scene where we've got this new group against another group and I swear the other group that's going through the maze with them is those using the same Costumes as the cartoon. Am I for a while when I lost money?
I thought I was losing my mind and my husband went what cartoon are you talking about? I'm like, we got it downstairs.
Many Easter eggs in that movie. Still a lot of Easter eggs in that movie but that one was I thought it was an Easter egg but I wasn't sure and I wasn't going to look at it. I've watched it three times and seen something different every single time. Yeah. Really?
It's fine.

[37:04] You you can imagine they are having their own movie somewhere. What?
Right, Actually spend the writing budget on it when all of this is over.
They were not having a good day. Everything that is terrible for them.
Hey Facebook.

[37:49] But then I went downstairs to find it and we've been doing stuff and that was actually when I kept it's actually on a VHS.
I don't even have it on, Ask your sister, They're back in the back in the 19th, Aunt Emerald.
Was it my hometown in South Carolina and it closed a year and a half ago and people are still like why they have to close, I don't like really, Thank you so much.
I couldn't find, Yeah. Just look around. Just look.

[39:17] And Super Mario and, And I hope to see everybody there with plan nine because unless it's in the middle of the night I will do my best to be there because I love it. We are trying to do, Because.

[39:43] These are the ones you're going for, There's something called, You don't do a dragon.
Two showers. Two showers that's probably going to be 1 hour of sleep per day. I think that, When and Brad Brandon asked on the things when is the minimal marathon? Is that even possible to do? Do you know? Sure.
Minimal is constantly playing, In Joe's brain.
Very light. Come up to Joe and just put your eyeball right up to his left ear. And you will hear and see, In the commercial room.

[40:59] Yeah. Yeah. There you go. And and oh, what was, oh, there were so many bad things at that point. But let's help.
Cancelled sci fi TV shows.
Too quickly, Hey.

[41:42] That's really like so you can finish the actual story.
Hey did you all know that's what David because he said about the X files, Danny well I think he got that after but, We're also doing a panel on sci-fi channel in the 2000's when they actually showed sci fi, Photo.

[42:30] First two seasons we're getting, Some other shows. The secret adventures of Jules Vern.
Oh, there's a.

[42:50] The adventures of Briscoe County Jr.
Heavy metal the movie maybe, Yeah thank you Reggie but yeah, A lot of people are talking about school of rock on the little chat thing here but I understand you're doing something about like a battle of the bands.
And hey, Since the pandemic Gary and I are once we went virtual that year we, And you can still go watch them on the YouTube. Yes. They're on the YouTube that's like my mother calls him. On the YouTube, But just yeah Google American South High Classics we're out there we're going to do more but, We And we pit them against each other and we just vote.

[44:16] And, Dozens.
We we get deep deep, And it was like. Oh, a mighty wind. Oh, mighty wind. That, Been to see if you liked best in show which is about dog shows. Oh. A mighty wind is right there and it's kind of you gotta have that kind of sense of humor but it it works.
Ok so yeah so what are those supposed to be a one yeah we were going to do it once, There were so many bands we said well we'll do this again next week and keep going and we ended up doing 4 weeks.

[45:18] And we we do what we do one virtual one every year and then it dragged on we do one in person because people are committed To there. I know it's hard to imagine at a side I can mention you'd be committed to something. Yes, I know. Right.
People are committed to their fictional band favorites. Yeah. Yes. And share this from Jim the, John is a huge fan of gem y'all. I send him that ornament many many years ago and he, Host almost two at a point that it becomes too creepy.
You probably have. But you know what John? You could dress up as Jim at some point.
Gemma's adventure. Huh.
And we've had to exercise the electric mayhem from the competition. Cuz they always win.

[46:36] Hey we have they're getting their own, Here's the thing, We don't want to, Say for sure.
You're welcome. I mean, because how else would Disney have known people love the muppets?
There's a.

[47:24] But also the important thing is we set up the brackets and then the audience votes.
I'm sorry that oh, Sunkissed orange water and answer up through the nose.
So now wait, But I am curious we talk about muppets but you got an as, Puppetry has its whole thing but y'all love them up at two.
We are going to determine the best muppet, The best muppet. Well, it's it's been nice knowing both of you. So, when. Well, when those rabbit fans come out and murder you, Yeah. We're going to draw the brackets and fate, Here's the thing.

[48:46] Y'all are all in deep trouble. Yeah.

[48:58] I would not.

[49:10] How about all the Nikki Mouse Club bands, Hey Facebook, Now like the monkeys for example the monkeys are a fictional band, Was about a band that wasn't real and following their adventures, Appears in, About himself, Really old book. Yes.
Hey Facebook, That's a very odd movie too if anybody ever wants to.

[50:37] He's got the little tiny pieces of paper here.
Folks of our age that seems almost impossible to read.

[50:55] Okay, That's exactly right because I can't read many many directions on bottles and other things about this time and Rob Levy is also saying what about jet streamer which I don't know what that's from.
I mean I think bad wolf should also be a name of a band but okay so we are getting to time let's go through the important part You guys have a Facebook group I know, It's Facebook. Com slash groups slash American sci-fi classics.
Hey Facebook, Hey Liz, right above there. But for those who are actually listening to this instead of watching. Oh, yeah. Technically, as a podcast Alright and where do an, At least today. We are in the, Thank you. The Marion.

[52:19] We're on the same floor but if you're going to the sky bridge is if you're going to go see another track in the Hilton correct your mistake by turning right just before you get To the sky bridge and you're down a little alleyway there. Yes, you are.
And John where is the Marriott in the again the way I remember because someone told me right here on this podcast, 578 years, ago. Well, actually was, it had to be only 5 years ago because I was sitting there going, I've been struggling for 20 and no one bothered. It's in the middle because it begins with an M, it's in the middle Of the three main hotels. The highest.
I don't know if he'll still use Twitter or.

[53:15] Spotify classic, There you go. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

[53:30] A link in the private chat there I'll let you guys get in and then we'll open it up for our get for our audience, If they wish to, in the meantime, I'll let people know that you can reach us by calling (813) 321-0884. That's 8133210 Tug.
Isn't the unique not as anything else or you can Email us at 50 days at the Unique Geek. Com that's five oh D A Y S, At which is like a little symbol with A that's kind of curling around upon self. The, It's Lee that's taken her time, And I think we're ready to go. So, we're going to go ahead and, Alright. So, those of you playing, you were getting some prompts on your on your device of choice, Nope. Here we go. 500 points for everyone you fool. Let the guy talk. Bye.
Cuz you are waiting.

[54:53] Life goals.

[55:04] Now use your device to put in a lie that the other players might think is the truth.
If you can't think of something, press the live for me button for half the points.
A man named Toko, On advanced technology, Right over there.
So the possible choices are carpet the musical, Colonel Sanders a colleague, A man named Toko paid nearly $15 thousand on advanced technology to fulfill his dream of turning into one of those nine things I just ate, Few seconds ago.

[56:18] Alright, let's see what you picked.
A walrus carry, Oh Joe Cursley you got one person?
Oh. Both Gary. Oh. Well, that was weird, That was my life.
33% of the audience fell for this. That was pal family lie.
Errands lie, Perfect the musical 33% of the audience thought it was comfort the musical.

[57:32] Got one.
And the truth is a calling, Hey, Minimal with it. Joe and I are tired.
I just want to point out so is Carrie points us out so what you may have missed audio listeners are kind of, Both Joe and Gary, Who directed I don't know who is.
Submit your eyes now.

[58:45] That's not that long ago. A North Dakota pastor's front lawn was vandalized in air quotes.
I gotta deal.
And there we go. We got everybody.
Eight point B. Oh.
Who's that Beth?
I'm I'm stupid for not knowing what that is. Whale I'm going to look up in a second. Whale? A finger or a penis?
Was vandalized with a giant one of those nine things I just listed now knowing that the audience gets to submit an answer as well Means that somebody else, It's somebody else.

[59:54] Set your bathroom eh, Text one. Good live.
Hey emoji humor. Hey dad. Finger.
That was Brandon's Lego.
No that wasn't very, No explanation on that I guess.

[1:01:00] Somebody stolen Posirus' body and I'm going to find out who before it's too late.
And reverse the will, Trash. Things like that don't happen, Okay and to those lies, Hey Facebook, And is it, Yes.
And this expensive forest takes a wild term when the corpse is discovered in blank the beat pies a Tupperware container a bathtub, That's so important.

[1:02:21] Another, you know, very well, it could be but that anyway, another corpse is found in another corpse. A giant telescope or found in the bed of his lover.
So, audience, sellers, so sticky staircase night in the Supreme Court or my two favorite.
Yeah yeah.
Let's take a spare case.

[1:03:10] I just realized that Joe's icon is a bird, The Supreme Court, Even the stars are against me. The professor said so.
Did somebody know that movie actually.

[1:03:53] It was in in the video the associate video was frightening as well, What can he, Yeah Mister Chips.

[1:04:31] Right your eyes now.
Maybe share. I don't know. Someone's trying to keep it family friendly but you know, We are from we are drink confans, Yeah, I should keep note of who answers first and then know not to trust.
Alright, the most notable day at the mr. Chips french fry factory in New Zealand.
A grenade, From holes in here.
Tater tots and the taters, I don't know which one of those I would want to be true.

[1:06:00] Was Gary's live?
That was Carrie's who carries run away with us I think.
Tell family as well. Australia Joe. Australia.
They found a grenade.
A lot. By a lot. Yeah.

[1:06:54] Realize now.
Sarah says, Are the pal family should join Dragon Con Theater and performing arts lovers unofficial group if you like.
And she also who stole my answer.
The theater fans is are doing we're doing a lot of panels with a lot of different tracks join our Facebook group to see where you can, Find us. Awesome.
And here we are just you know that group.

[1:07:43] We're actually we're marching in the parade where We're doing a lot of cool theater related stuff. So, if you're a fan of live theater and performance, Okay headline from the AP.
Holiday gifts taken from luggage replaced with link fake snow, Tiny mouthwash.
And or call. So, lumps a call and call.

[1:08:51] Very good.
That's bad. A cat.
Good life Harry good luck, Give me the version of that's one, Dog food, Wow, I would not have thought that. Okay.
And, Don't be like a slow man Joe.
Oh stop shooting, Ever found.

[1:10:14] Music.

[1:10:21] Well, Gary and I are real quick to lie. I'm just going to say.
We do the old stuff. The residue of, I always think of good omen.

[1:10:52] Alright, everyone's in.
Hey 330 sorry 3300 year old Egyptian tomb was rediscovered, In 2010 which means it was discovered one time before and then someone found it again anyway, Tobacco. Toilet paper, lipstick, cheese, wine, your mom, and milk.
Hey Facebook it's a dragon thing so you gotta drag and con, But we will also say if you're a newbie, you need to try the rum buckets at least 1 year. One. It's the only way you can hydrate because it has more water than you expect.
Toilet paper 33%, Tobacco six six% of the audience believe that and it was carrot, Shall we say, Very.

[1:12:21] Here, Cheese, And believe it or not Luke.
I'm not going to say Carrie's good at lying but Carrie seems to be very good growing. Really good at lying. Yes. All the audiences technically winning.
You gotta stop that.
This is the final fibage it's too hard question and I'm giving out triple points.

[1:13:11] One jump one whistle and one blank And, Now you're going to write one lie, And if it's believable enough to get picked for both blanks I'll send a bonus your way, And again, well, they are giving their answers. The best way to find American sci-fi classics is well, basically just using Google or Bing if you're one of those folks, And type in American Sci-Fi Classics, And then the the AI will respond with, Someone hey Facebook.

[1:14:28] Bing for in Google is blocked at your office.
Bing for when you're being forced to.
My answer sucked on this one i was not happy, Hey Facebook, Okay, here are your choices. Our two questions have two different truths. First, let's take care of this one.
Okay so the possible answers are saltine cracker, Reef emotion, Brain sneeze scalpel, Nothing. Hey, okay. In 2021.
Revealed a medical bill where she was charged $11 for one blank. So, Team Cracker needles on prayer.

[1:15:52] Music.

[1:15:59] Okay Ronald let's start, Saltine cracker needle song prayer gag bart reef emotion Brain.

[1:16:24] So believable it's worth a bonus.
No Church one sneeze sneeze was, Brain, Scalpel, Was Lee's lie got Gary got one, It's actually the truth for the second answer. No.
I think Sharon point up that they actually did know that.

[1:17:40] Wow let's see that was a big old change there.

[1:18:00] Don't know.
Well, 499. Way to go. Carry one at 15 tablet. Yep, carry one and you know, the audience technically came in second, I guess.
Alright. So, let me remove that on the screen.
Alright. Oh, good. They're putting.

[1:18:33] Or track.
Or both. Why not both? Go to American South High Classics Track in your Google or your bang, On any of the socials media at the, Hey Facebook just Facebook. Com slash group slash American Safai Classics to keep track of, Not only the things that we are going to be doing at Dragon Comp but the stuff we do in between, And as you can tell from This game, if you're just listening for the first time or watching us live for the first time, John, thank god, now pulls it from Jackbox TV and that means that anybody can win.
Other than Lee will always, Hi, Carrie.

[1:19:49] That he's working foot patrol tonight. So, in the heat, thank you for that. Sorry. Sorry that you had to do that.
But missed it and glad we're back and loves Gary and Joe. So, Excuse me.
But I know that the schedule's all all done and locked in now so who you know you've got plenty of time right there's nothing else coming up but no yeah, Yeah, everything's fine. It's alright. It's fine. Hey, I would like this one.

[1:20:42] Until next time.
Why am I blinking? Help me. Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, The time that my brain decided nope my name rhymes and everything I try to make it easy, Take two four, Hey yo right? I almost I would like to cheat. I would like to cheat. Just put things. Well, anyway, for Joe, Gary, Anley, this is John saying until next time.
And I'm supposed to play something here, aren't I? These two are funny. Stop it. I'll roll through this podcast right around.

[1:21:33] Music.

[1:21:40] Is a production of the unique geek?
That's (813) 321-0884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:22:07] Music.

[1:22:24] I'm old.