Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 16 - Attention On Deck

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:21] Yes.
You're funny.

[0:38] Welcome to another edition of, A dragon con the podcast, Lee. How you doing?
I'm so tired of Atlanta weather already John and today it was 91° and it felt like 97, Yes, weather on the nines from John. So, yeah, it was 10010 feel like here in Tampa. So, it's now down from 117 that it was yesterday.
Well, that's good. I guess that it's down. It's good. I think so. But you know, John, I've been trying to figure out some other things and you know, I can't wait for dragon con for one big reason, Just one.

[1:53] And you can just walk from hotel to hotel to hotel to hotel and say hi and see all the different things and I always love, Seeing people that are like bouncing somewhere saying they're going to the onesie party, Here they are military sci fi.
No. No, we're just going to plateless. This is what we're doing.
Hey, how you doing? Sorry.

[2:43] I'm doing great but you know what I can't believe, You choose the, Better feel yeah I'll see you later.

[3:17] So little time to make it all happen so that the magic goes down when we get to Dragon, Yeah and and nobody knows what everything is going on behind the curtain before during and after dragon as well so yeah well you can kind of hurt, Floating on the surface, paddling furiously underneath. Rally through.
Yes, John. Well, I was just going to say, It's just. No. Probably. For 4 days.
5 days, Always on that Labor Day weekend now. So, there we go. Yes, I'm trying to get us back there again, Yes there we go.

[4:32] If you had to actually look at it through the lens of the actual military, Lots of paperwork being filed lots of people waiting to get permission to do permission to get another permission but you know, Well, I'll give you a bit of advice.
We are a traffic deals with all different sorts of things have a military sort of application to it especially military and civilians working together in teams and usually in space, So we have a whole, Serenity and drum the, Troopers personal space space above and beyond space for space 99 nine.
Pandora the orville halo the TV series and now also the arc, The arc on which what is what is the arc on?
Say 510 like the actual channel.

[5:54] Not at this time but you know every once in a while we also do, There you go. There you go. Hey, you know, it has sort of also that ultra history sort of vibe to it too. So, it's, you know, it falls not. In my microphone's falling now. Hey, sorry. Lee, you're asking a question. I was interrupting as per usual.
Okay and, Folks that are listening got this is a tentative question, So We actually do. We have some food. Yes. And I will tell you all about them.
Alright. So, first of all, perennial favorite, gilard will be there from Buck Rogers in the 20th century.
Excellent excellent man, So we've got Nathan Fillian I don't care if he's on selfies or firefly guests for today at least.

[7:14] Simon and Mel, Good times.

[7:27] And Scott Grimes Peter Makin's returning and also Jessica Zore and also just recently added Mark Jackson plays Isaac.

[7:47] Chat with each other on whatever they want to talk about. So, yeah, I think you know, it was you guys that convinced me during the pandemic.
Which volunteers is still going on. Believe it or not, And I've become obsessed with it as well. It's just thank you very much for, Prompting me to do because at first I ignored it I thought it was you know oh it's just another goofy thing and I watched the first episode which in fairness the first episode's a little little difficult, But after you get past that those first couple of episodes are everyone starts to find their Their characters, I guess. It it it evens out in this, actually really well done. So, Yeah after episode three I'd say it really gels and then you can into the latest season where really takes, So if you haven't checked out, Hey.

[9:08] Hmm, Oh, that's cool. The linka, I always like the linka. He was a great character, What, Is there something else you're going to be talking about? Do you have some actually just kind of fan panels to in the room that you're really trying to highlight this year or anything like that?
And again, this is all tentatives subject to change. There we just FYI.
Remember, nothing is final dragon con until well Tuesday really.
So a couple of the panels that we're going to be looking at some fun stuff yeah we're talking about the The ones who party a little bit that's our Thursday night opening mixer where we can pick up You don't have to wear onesie but it's fine.

[10:26] We've got a little bit of everything. Card games, all sorts of stuff. Just old school, having a good time, hanging out, getting no people because you're probably going to see a lot of various, Hey Facebook, Sets Thursday at, We have several other things too we're going to have some military sci-fi creators and writers in.
We've got Orville villains panels that's going to be kind of fun we have it premiere of the Stranded Warrior, Which at least a trailer for let me clarify which is a Bell Star 1978 fan film but it's an original film in that kind of universe.
There's going to be a variety of people there to talk about it and talk about filmmaking for you know inside the fan space so that's kind of cool, In a Bellstar trivia game, We're going to have stuff on Halo. There's like a master chief in Cortana panel. We're going to talk about Babylon five. The road home. There's an actual animated movie. He'll be out by then.
When does that come out?

[11:54] Pretty soon and that's I will talk about it, Spoiler alert, Always fun and always a midyear audience panel after 10 o'clock on Sunday.
Where we take a script we take out keywords and then the audience gets to, Suggest some verbs and nouns and then we read the whole thing out. And I'm sure all of them are, You know, they're they're benign. Everything's benign, right?
And that's.

[12:51] We also have the couple different ethics panels. We have new panel on the arc as well.
One of our ethics panels is actually on, Leadership heroism and pragmatism about what really are you looking for in the leader, Do you necessarily want that hero or do you want somebody to make things happen?
What happens if you get that person and then they turn out to be not what you expected, In military site by BBS. No.
So much stuff and so much cool stuff that I cannot wait to talk about but I have to wait because I have things to do.

[13:40] Yes that that might actually be a thing.

[13:48] We have our dance and most of these events are also opportunities for charity. We have some charity merchandise that will be making available at that point to help raise money.
For this year's Dragon Con 2023 charity which is Cure Childhood Cancer, And we're going to have a lot of firefly items for everybody To come and purchase, We'll also have a games and crafts night where we'll have some more items there too as well, The dance is on Friday at 10 in the western and that isn't the peach tree ballroom, Is going to be on Saturday 830 and then we have a team trivia, Also on Saturday but 10 and that is considered mature because you never know how that's going to go but that's also a charity thing because different teams will get together put in a little contribution for charity for their team And then we'll do some trivia and see how it goes. We've got fun prizes, all sorts of stuff happening.
And I'll be in our track which is actually in the western and testing.

[15:06] Are you doing?

[15:20] We actually have windows that look out on to peach trees so it's pretty funny.
Yeah. That's going to be fun. Now, our biggest thing though which will help for charity but it's also a good time.
Is the annual Don S Davis Memorial Charity Auction.
And that is going to be on Sunday, And can you show up get yourself a paddle so you can bid because you may not think you're going to be a bit but if there's any chance you'll find something I guarantee you'll want a bit on Is we've got stuff from tons of different shows not just Stargate we also have Firefly stuff we have I think maybe some far speed stuff I know we have double on five stuff Balsar stuff, A little bit of everything. So, there's going to be something you want to bid on and you also never know what's going to happen or who's going to show up.
Celebrities do come to these things sometimes too which is sort of fun.
You just never know.

[16:29] I mean not laughing at the not laughing never mind you guys know why I was laughing, Hey portal.

[16:51] Do it for this, This time we really are raising money to help children, How how did you guys get involved as directors and and and why do you do it for the babies, James wants you to take this one, As we transitioned into military sci-fi media, Now we we co-direct Karen is the lead on that I do a lot of the apps and text stuff she does a lot of scheduling and content, And, And sharing it with the other fans, And for me I'm married him something.

[17:49] I already loved Babylon five. It's stargate and so many of these other shows before we even met just to clarify.
But, I was so volunteering in 2002 and I was in why I lived for a while in a couple of different tracks and then I ended up joining the stargate track when opening it in 2011, And stayed with it and then we worked on transitioning things as our stargate shows Coming out there. Into a broader base. That's for, Media track was born.
And my big thing is I want to help people have a good time.
I wanted facility discussion yes kind of a teacher at heart.

[18:30] So I want to get people Enjoying things and participating and and you can't really do that unless you have a proper organizational structure that allows you to also be flexible and have fun So, that's a tough toddler and it requires a lot of people being very dedicated to work behind the scenes and not just talking about myself. It's people like James and our other folks, People that work with us to make this happen and we're meeting at various point of the year to get it all done And for me, this is kind of my community service. A little bit away.
You know I I give back in that sense and I also really, Charity aspect of service too.

[19:19] Military sci-fi media before that star gate before that started operational.
I think we should do, Oh, that is exactly right. So, that is very very true.
So again we want to say you're in the western but if people wanted to see like Updates from now until 39 days from now, Where could they go hunting to find those kind of things for you guys, Well when Kylie hits you can go outside no actually, Our Twitter handle is at, TRACK.

[20:25] Military side five media at dragon con page but we also have our group which is like Hey facebook. Com slash group slash whatever it is military side by media, And you can join the group and talk we talk all around the year about cool stuff that's happening rumors at the Orville's getting renewed will it will it not who knows all that stuff is things that we cover and discuss that's where we talk Been had been talking about all the developments with Babylon five because also there's new Blu-ray coming out.

[21:03] Also recruit there to some extent too, Panel applications for those who are interested participating. So, lot of stuff happens in our group.
And it's a place where you can connect with other fans as well as us and just chat about things That you find interesting that relate to our shows, There you go. That's very very awesome. Of course, you'll be able to find. Anyway, that's looking for that information in you. Missed it or whatever. You'll be able to look at We'll probably repeat again before the end of the episode but you'll also be able to find it on the post and the show notes for this this episode, That is that is correct and always look for those because John does put information there.
We want to thank you again for being here. John is now, we're now playing the games again with Jackbox TV and John, are we ready for that? Yeah, we are. I just sent in the, In the private chat there you're the, If you head over to Jackbox. TV and enter in the room code.

[22:18] Friday night what do you call it Friday night podcasting, Others, We're working on it, Do you do I suppose to put the volume up, You guys hear the music, okay?
Can hear it it's it's a little low but you can turn it out after we get.

[23:07] Music.

[23:14] Bye.
Alright I think we have, It's time for vivid four i'm cookie masters in the first man to ever, And if you're stuck on the sidelines why not join the audience?
This is round one you'll get 500 points for everyone you fool with your lie Annual score 1000 for finding the truth.
You guys to pick a category over there to, Apparently, there's going to go ahead and do that. Unlikely due. First up.

[24:34] Alright so again that's in the 80s Frank Sinatra in Willie Nelson record and add where they admitted, On fashion.
Space technology, Frank Sinatra and Willie Nelson record an ad where they admitted they disagree on fashion.

[25:29] We may have lost Lee looks like she, We'll miss her.
Let's see what everybody picked.
Oh bro.
Feel okay man. Alright. Choose a category.
Let's see what we got.

[26:36] Now to to ask that question of dragon con folks.
You know, stacking the deck a bit.

[27:02] The word pudding go ahead.
Very positive.
Slimy substitutes. No. Yeah, I think it's Lee that's never missing out in here.
Oops, put something in though.
Spot the truth.
Small sausage, death, beetlejuice, container, This is not going to be our day today. Small sausage, Before putting became this week confection we all know and love it referred to old European puddings made of encased meats oh that's right, Oh

[28:28] Let's see what the famous are up to.

[28:38] Former threeLW member Naturi Noton has stated she left the RNB group after a fellow member attacked her with blank and to your lies now, Does it mean I'm really old when I have no idea what any of that question means, Unfortunately not because they're not super new anymore.
They are any further that, Hey.

[29:20] It's a group I'm assuming by contacts it's true, Open excellent subject.
These people that I have no idea who they are had a R&B group which apparently someone left, A fluffy French poodle, a fish, a sausage, or a KFC meal, All of which sound like a mighty pythons get, You're just missing a dead parrot. Let's see how it took out.

[30:09] A ukulele, A sausage, A KFC meal.

[30:42] Music.

[30:52] Big Rhonda around two now.
And her category is Daring rescue. Give this one a shot.

[31:26] In October 2020, So Our houses but we are all trapped in our houses in October of 2020.
By the way, if you need to reach us, you can reach us at 50 days at the unique geek. Com. It's five oh D A Y S, Okay which one's true, Three men trapped into Vegas a dryer.

[32:27] Three men who spent hours trapping one of these items helped me go.
A mall bathroom. That was Brandon's line. I have, Why?
A dryer, I presume it must have been one of those big laundromat.

[33:21] Watch closely this will be on the test, The best part is I don't think Lee can actually see the screen right now.
Message Charles, This army training video provides soldiers with advice you wouldn't think the military cared about in the oddly titled how to blank, You know serendipity is an interesting thing.
Do you show any army training videos during your.

[34:19] Hey, For the record I think it's never stood up is the problem, Okay so, This army training video provides soldiers with advice you wouldn't think the military carried about in the oddly titled how to blank properly sit Court ladies, Oh Shake hands, Properly sit, 6868 with brunettes.

[35:34] Yeah I think, Okay. So, how does it see?

[35:52] Music.

[36:02] Drink tech.
Get a load of this one.

[36:21] Introducing 2017 the tea terrace in London features weird futuristic technology, So, oh, so that you can, I miss the word so when I was reading. So, that you can now drink, By the way you can call us at 8133210 T U G that's 813321, Okay find the truth.
So that you can now drink blank your face.
Tea smoke.
Introduced in 2017 the tea terrace in London features weird futuristic technology, Your face, scones, teafumes, tea smoke, or upside down.
T Fumes.

[37:40] I don't think anybody got it right.

[37:52] Ah.

[38:03] Or yes what else is a selfie.
I mean, you could switch with someone else. You could drink your mom. I know, man. It's final fibage time. Pay attention.
Allegedly recorded by the US Army at Fort Keo the world's largest blank was 15 inches across Hey Facebook, Now you're going to write one lie, That's double the chance to fool your fellow players and if it's believable enough to get picked for both blanks I'll send a bonus your way, So, we got two possible scenarios here. Princess Alexandria, Amelia, Amelia, whatever. Barvaria moved carefully because she believed her stomach contained a blank.
The other one is allegedly recorded by the US Army at Fort Keag.
Allegedly recorded by the US Army.

[39:32] Music.

[39:40] Everybody. Hey, you're back.
I'm kind of here. Okay, Wow very profound. Didn't know it's okay. Here are your choices. Our two questions have two different truths. First, let's take care of this one.
Alright, so the possible answers for the princess about for both of them.
Pretty sure I did browns on any of that correctly.
Answers possibly answers are rat snake sunflower caterpillar tapeworm glass piano or snowflake.

[40:31] Music.

[40:37] Okay now it's this blank's time to shine a, Allegedly recorded by the US Army at port, Rat steak, sunflower, caterpillar, tapeworm, glass piano, or snowflake.
Let's take a look.

[41:21] Caterpillar.
Sunflower, Tapeworm, Glass piano, Is the truth.

[42:08] Measurements, Got it.
Brandon. Brandon is the winner. Congratulations, Brandon. You win a one of our famous, You know, extra light. Yeah, the extra light. There you go.
I'm sure your honor beyond all measure. Alright, again, Hey Garrett and James it's been a pleasure having you Lee thank you for joining us when you could.
Again let everyone know where where, Okay so Weston Chastain D and E go up the steps from the peach tree street And then you will be in our track room on the right.

[43:21] And we also have a page there as well. You can put it to the search firefighter probably easier than anything else.
Any of course you can also find more information about us another tracks in general on Dragon Con. Org and our Twitter, There we go. Awesome. So, again, thank you for taking time out. We'll look forward to, Especially that awesome be sure everyone if you if you don't, Head over to the auction the auction is awesome. And it's for a good cause and there's a lot of cool stuff that you'll see there. You're not going to probably find anywhere else. So, Until next time for Karen James and Lee it is John saying, And looking for the button.

[44:23] Music.

[44:31] Who's a production of the unique eek?
That's (813) 321-0884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[44:58] Music.