Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 18 - What'cha Reading?

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:25] You're flying.

[0:33] Music.

[0:38] To another edition of, 20 years past the time it should've changed his theme song and joining me as always.
Is I would like probably and I'm like wait a minute, Same song he's been with us since.

[1:31] Circa 2005 six something like that so it's probably time that we changed it because you know even I hear it and I go, That's not even, Lee, you're here for something weird. I'm here. Yeah, and we're going to talk about dragon time but one of the things I want to tell you and I want to thank Zan, Eternal Zan, who's kind of, I don't want to say our intern, but maybe, I don't know. Reporter.
I just broke John yo, Okay. So, not COVID.

[2:27] Never mind going. It doesn't know now. Go.
Do you want to talk about some van wanted to make sure is under workshop section of dragon it'll be under the things to do and that we workshops there you can buy a photo op to raise money for the Dragon Con charity which is Cure Childhood Cancer this year, And it's 20 bucks and you can get a picture with the, You could also maybe with the trash can trashy, There is also hold on I'm going to let you know there's a there yeah so it's a free funnel app memorial for Marriott Coffee carpet trashy and the postcard because you don't get a, So they will have that if you want to give 20 bucks and get a picture on something that looks like the dragging hon rugs carpet come on and do it so That would be fun. So, there's one thing there and then, This i found interesting. Okay, so first of all, right now, on the dragon store.

[3:43] So we got that.
There's going to be two exclusive shirts this year and boy oh boy am I going to be like on it one of them is going to be, There's going to be one from the sheritan, The Grand the Atlanta Courtyard. Oh, thank you. Now, I know what you're talking about. I had no idea what you're saying.
Not right. Whatever.

[4:27] So, yeah. Hey, aunt.
Yeah, we're glad Steve is here. Hi, And they open on Thursday and there's going to be a limited, Then on Friday when the Marriott open, And one's going to be from the group. I got it written here. Courtyard grand and where you register. And then the other one is going to be at the Marriott. So, Pop figures now or is has gone the gone the path of of creating special okay, Hey Facebook I'll eventually be stuffed dragons I'll leave it.

[5:37] Very possible but we don't want to do that but it's just really cool and it's fun.
And if you like different t-shirts. Hey, you know, I don't know about you but I of course need more shirts that say that I can cut on them. As I'm wearing one, right? Yeah. I surprisingly. Oh, we have a couple.
I I don't have that. Really? Yeah yeah. I've not really you know.
Well, I guess it was, you know, I guess it was your friend's serve. He used to come down and he would bring a, He would have a bag with underwear and shorts and socks.
But then he would come here go through the dealer's room and buy all his shirts for the weekend correct, And he was buying him there. So, that's really good. One thing but John, you know, your friends are, we miss him. I miss her. You know why?
Other than the reason is serving I could talk about books and I can't talk about books with him. No, not very, not much. Cuz you don't agree books. No, we book.
You know, mostly manual. I mean, you're very, I thought that was fun reads.

[7:05] Our guest.

[7:15] Number.

[7:31] Science fiction lyrics or track.
Dragon Con and we're so glad Sarah is hi everybody who's in the audience but we're so glad Susie here hi, I miss you too. So now, okay.
What there are different literature.
Yeah you're the science teacher literature track so what are the other tracks and why did you guys kind of like, And what is that? Yeah.

[8:15] And literature that is based on science that's totally science fiction we do cover other things too, Only that that's like extracted from current science, Written based on, Okay. Well, there we go. What happened, Yeah hopefully in the future when our AI overloads have us we will all still be able to read books John you'll have all this open time when the AI overloads, What what else do you think.

[9:05] What is it that you want from me now?

[9:15] Is that correct? And then there is one on.

[9:29] Have we got, And a lot of the other tracks that like Star Trek and Star Wars and even extract. They'll talk about the books that they may have.
They're not totally focused on books. Right. So, there are those and then there's the alt history. So, there's like, This is just awesome and it's always so great. I always learned so much. So, I really want some racks at the end of this on what we want.

[10:27] And we are like some men number a days John any idea I, In four in 43 minutes and 6 seconds as of this recording, Not to do that but so all of this is subject to change even days even the little bit that we're talking about maybe something we'll get at it, Are we talking on my track or? Yes, we're talking about, yeah, oh, I'm sorry.
What I like a lot right now is they're doing a showcase signing each of the tracks can pick a panel and after that panel Those Pamelas were going directly to the autograph, Yup because you where are you located? Where is the highest?
International tower that's a block away so all good.

[11:46] Signing that awesome yeah and I think I think it was I think Regina and and Dave mentioned that that they were now a, A dedicated author signing area.
Great. Yep. There we go. So very cool. Very cool. That is awesome. So who is do you know who's going to be on your panel yet? Right now. The, I like that and I'm fine, I've got Joel Presby which I'll do to talk about later, Which I happen to have dummy for a dragon. Oh.
It's about building kind of a, Okay, She knows the area and she knows the culture.

[13:10] Les Johnson who's going to be on it, Yep.

[13:39] Okay also known as speaker to lab animals, Is on the beans bar he was, Neuroscientist, Helping people with alzheimer's and so forth with their memory, Hey.

[14:26] It wasn't the Kevin person was it, Can you you also told me about a panel you're going to be doing? Yes folks. We do a little tiny bit in the green room.
Because I think we hear that term a lot now. So, what's this panel going to be about? I can't. Honestly, this is awesome, My original idea was, you know, a lot of books turn into series or turn into trilogies.
What makes I consider them epics when they do that. How do you just.

[15:16] I love that because i think there is that I do like it when something ends there are you know and I I'll give it not on yours but it's, Stephen King I love it when Steven King just his books end right and you might see some characters later but that story is done, And I like that but I also like stories that continue because, Someone has now gotten me into the honor. I am so sorry. That's my yuppy little log y'all. Also, in my player, I'll give him a picture to John.
But So whatever. But he's also very very very protective. So if he hears like a leap outside all of a sudden he's thinking like that.
But I like the honor Harrington series and I like the expand series. I like how those go now.
You know I think all of us can talk about well at what point do you end in that day, But yeah. So, I like that part of it. So, and there's another part of this panel too. So, I'm not, I'm going to be quiet.

[16:29] I hope they do anyway. If not, I'll just have to do another panel next year.

[16:42] It's an ongoing panel that never finds an actual ending, This is the song that never, I'm already getting everything well.
But I've given everybody that earworm so we will stop. Yes, you did.

[17:16] Think it'll be lately. I hate you.
All of the literature panels is there a lot of authors that comes there are there are and it's wonderful now that they're all you can find them in the app But who are some people that are new authors that I want to heard of because I, Well, I've already mentioned her Joelle Presby. Huh.
She writes heart science fiction, Area, Hey so I said she lived in West Africa for a while.

[18:20] One of them is the latest on her heritage, No.
Hey, Yes, yes. Awesome. Awesome, Spell D A B A R E D B, Okay, that just sounds interesting, No, I like the name of it no matter what. You know, it's kind of those.

[19:17] He didn't learn any new words in it y'all. I know there's a lot of cursing in that book. He learned nothing new and totally, Hey Facebook, A couple we've got a whole ton of lit RPG writers coming oh and I'm not totally familiar with Let RPG but I am doing a panel called the mini world RPG because there are apparently a whole bunch of Some genres I guess inside lit RPG, Okay.

[20:08] Oh Are both going to be on panel that panel for me and some others that I'm not totally familiar with but I've met both of them before so, That is awesome. I love it. And no, I did not know at all. You were really thinking when I brought up on her hearing too. I used to be married to David's brother. So, Well, you still like each other. So, that's wonderful. Yay. We kept wake up there. We both kept being lost. This is what we said.
I like that. I like that. My mother said that if we ever broke up, she was keeping my husband. So, hey, you know. Hey, yeah.
I'd I'd keep him too. Oh.
I know. You're alright. We wouldn't break up. So, now, also, you just kind of, we talked, Yes.

[21:16] Hey, Don't matter. You can't have your own father driving. They're all they're all kinds of dragons out there. They're all kinds of dragons and that is true. And okay. So, but the dragon awards.
You can find about the dragon awards there are on the dragon website but so can you just kind of an overview of what are the dragon con awards, The Dragon Awards, Are for works that the fans nominate and vote on.

[22:02] Awarded app Dragon Con. Right.
And so anybody can vote?
Hey Facebook I urge everyone.

[22:25] Register and vote.
That is very very cool. Also just to let people know that if you go to the Dragon Consight Dragon Con. Org slash award, You will be able to see where the start of it is and then it'll go through. Now, right now, the nominations process ended but you can still sign up As you just said you don't even have to be a dragon con member but you can still sign up to vote and I think that's really important because as we talk about all the time.
Dragon Con is by the fans for the fans, It's something that you just love not not from your track director perspective but just from. No. Hey, this is I like it.
And I did that before, Hey Facebook.

[23:34] My niece actually when people say what should I read next and I'm like you know what?
Here's the dragon award, A great, you know, a great resource for things you should read or things you would like to read, you know.
What nails are think it's really great with the awards too is there is a mix there's there's a, Nominations. Nope, there's a categories. Sorry, that word. Yeah.
And so you can find something that's hard science. You can find something that's high fantasy. There's, Nominated Presby. Did you nominate anybody else or did you? I did.
By Kevin Eichenberry.

[24:57] Like, Oh my.
Right before, Yeah.

[25:40] The big thing I think was Kevin's talked about we he had talked to Eric Flant before he passed about you know what he wants to do with the book and so forth, You know the old story about Washington throwing a quaint across the Delaware.
Oh that's crazy.

[26:17] That's going to be so much fun. I love it. I love that idea. Okay and that and that's in all history. So, that's really good too. That's great. That's a great group to be with as well, Now are there anything that you on the very little bit of tiny, That happens for you to have some maybe oh I want to go see this panel or see this person or whatever see this concert who you're looking for to, Well if I could stay up late and I think I'm going to finally get to see a crookshire, Yeah, I've heard their music. Yeah, I've listened to their music. I just, I mean, if you walk through Dragon Con, On the that level you've heard crook shadows music. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. And I understand the concert is an actual, And it's very late at night. Yeah. No.

[27:21] Early in the morning. Early morning.
2 AM. Something like that. Yeah. I I don't check your check your Dragon guide folks but I'm pretty sure that's around the time that they start.
I'm sure somebody in our audience will know as well. What time they typically speak? Yeah. And all which remember the schedule is not set in stone till after it's happened.
Yeah. Okay. So, that's really good.
Hey fantasy.

[28:10] Okay.
Of the series you know that they were kind of, Things up and maybe used to be dragons. Anyway, go on.
It was my dad. It was it was it was one of the series of dad jokes I I provide here for the podcast.
Oh, okay. I would like to do more but since I feel it has to cover so much.
There aren't there you mean you tell me there's whole sections of of bookstores so just dedicated to just that one subject, No get out of here.

[29:17] You never read those either? Oh, no. Of course, I've read the whole Hitchhiker, Sure.
Depends on the day. Okay, so see that's great. You know, try to go to a show in the middle of the night. My son loves the raves. Every year he'll stay up all night and then crash very very late because he'll, He'll then volunteer some and then he crashes.

[30:04] Hey my calendar, When you think of where, you know, me and I've known each other for 20 plus years. So, yeah. So, And her kid is.
23, 23. So, I mean that's it's amazing.
I'll go with her.
Yeah. True. I got way too much spray in my hair anymore to try for 30. I'll try for 40.
Alright, that's great. Is there any, are there any, I mean, a lot of people have been said they'll be there. I don't usually get really excited about the authors until about 2 weeks before or just in case.
And now the authors I'm sorry the actors but is there anything else you're really looking forward to that you know, I just heard that Tom Kavanaugh is coming back. He is on the list Tom Kevin.

[31:21] That would be very cool. Yeah.
Yes a lot of people did because he he was a good guy who turned out to be a bad guy, Okay.
Yeah. Yeah. And all sorts of different hairs and wells is throughout the multiverse. I really like that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, there you go. It's a it's all a multiverse.
I I like to my dad I actually watch dead when it that's when I, I don't even know if Ed's anywhere now on like streaming. There are lots of many streaming things. Good question.

[32:13] Okay so Sue we're going to move over to the game in a minute because I think we did everything oh Wanted to say charity, I don't want to talk about it unless until I figure out whether it's actually going to work or not.
Yeah I'll be, I bet it will. I'm sure there's a way to get it to work.
Donations as most tracks do or all tracks probably will will have our little donation bucket and you are welcome to drop as much or as little money as you'd like in there. Yes. Every little bit helps.
And again let's remember what these charities because I know you're going to get really tired after 50 days of this or how many podcasts we do but, The great thing about it is that all of this money goes to them Hey Facebook direct from you to them.

[33:31] It just helps. You know and I saw some I I saw some the day that said do a little kindness every day. If you're kindness is that you're going to drop some coins.
Cuz that's really cool too. Do it. Have fun with that. Yup. Do you like it? And just take the, you know, I always say at the end of time, last panel you're in, if they're still, no, Using about noon. But about the 11 30 panel, if you're flying out, you know you can't carry that change. You're going to have to put it in the box and oh it's a mess.
And who's really except who's really accepting cash anymore besides you know a track on bucket, Yeah. Yeah.
I'm I'm good with that John. Hey it makes it nice. It makes a nice sound.

[34:24] I don't know. That's not.
We'll be dropping money in buckets now.
That was the background, Okay. Hey, she gets ready. We're playing. We're going to be playing Fibbage four as we have been for the last several, Times we play the game here. Those that are watching live can go over to Jackbox. TV if you wish to play, We probably will we have up to eight players I can play well of course I have two here and let me share with you.

[35:13] And I'll just check with our folks you guys can hear the music now right?

[35:21] I can increase and just say it just louder too in a minute. Yeah. Oh yeah. FR.
If you're listening to this, it's too late. We've already played the game.
It's possible that you know. Only now. Yeah. Yeah.
Well I wouldn't I said I love time travel so I love the idea of a time turner that like each one is an hour has been it would be like okay all I'm trying to do now is get my current cell, Ready to go. So, I should've started an hour ago so I need to go back an hour and do. Yeah.
Fell asleep and was probably napping. Alright, we're about to start game. Here we go.
Hi I'm Cookie and you're about to play vivid four brought to you by snorkel puss mysterious helored of the oceans, Oh a gang of trivia game street tops I don't want any trouble let's just get through this game and nobody has to get hurt, And if you're watching you can join the audience at anytime.

[36:47] This this is this is missus round one you'll get hello 100 points for everyone.
I need to find the truth. I did not do well last night.
Now use your device to enter a lie that might deceive your fellow players if you're stuck that lie for me button will help you out but you'll only earn half the points, What are you waiting for? Go.

[37:33] Oh there it is.
Promptly named Doug.
I don't know.
Hey these are your choices pick the one that looks true on your device, Okay, a New Zealand man made history by discovering what he believed was the world's largest blank.
Would you probably named Doug was a chicken kiwi fish bush, Potato rabbit fossilized poop platypus or dingo, What was a world like my baby? Yeah. Well, I guess. Let's see how it chuck out. A little bit.
That was a good lie.
Ruka Grace at the guys. Was fell for Steve's life.

[39:00] Oh and Sarah Rose I'll send the same thing oh.
Potato, Good to know, Cookie. Thank you. Appreciate that. Thanks, thank you. Yeah. Everybody's got a, Yeah.
I've given up everybody knows that.

[39:50] Oh gosh, Hey remember cats the Boston Globe film critic sure does his skating review of the film of the film was titled with four simple words.
Four simple words not difficult words.
Not words that are, These are simple words. That's why I have four of them. I love reading three. That's what I love reading stuff.
Hey Facebook.

[40:35] Alright. So, those four simple words are possibly clean the litter box.
Should give you pause, Too many buttholes, It's four thumbs do I'm not sure them, Show me the bubble.
Should give you pause with Sue's like brilliant by the way. Brilliant. That is a good one.
Thinking about family.
I think it's a great line.
Oh god my eyes.

[41:53] Remember when Rebel Wilson unzipped her skin suit and ate a tiny dancing cockroach with a human face of course you do, Did that happen? Cuz I've never seen a movie. Did that really happen?
Sarah Rose and mighty Bill are in a head to head saddle right now, Could you VHS, Watch closely this will be on the test.
Anyone of them, Hey, Did you hear something just there.

[43:03] Help with the souls of many dead, The movie is The Sin of Harold Diddlebach The Sin Harold Commit is partying a little too hard and waking up in possession of, Blink, I think we're talking Lila let me know.
It'll back. That is hilarious. Great name.
Okay, Rec. Okay, these are the choices.

[43:58] Ahead, The devil, a circus, a wife, the book of the dead, or a demon, In the movie the movie is a sin of Harold Diddlebach that send Harold commits his party a little too hard and waking up in possession of one of the things he just listed.
Okay, a piece of lingerie, mighty bill fell for that, which is Sue's lie.
Good life. Oh, it says something a little bit about Mighty Bill, I think. The book of the dead.
Steve fell for the pals family lie.
Fill for Sarah Rose's lying, Oh, man. Just open, Okay.

[45:14] Oh sure, That is hilarious, I I wake up with a circus every day so I'm not sure why, That seems that funny or the simple, And I think Sue answer Sarah are still really close.
Due to pesky thieves the Vancouver Park Board keeps having to replace this sign marking the awesomely named blank park, Due to pesky thieves the Vancouver Park Board keeps having to replace the sign marking the awesomely named blank, Now I do know we have a Canadian, Oh Oh, you want to lie? That's at least close to it.

[46:35] Yeah. Well, you can, yeah, I don't know, So the possible answers are the awesomely named blank park, Hoser park maple syrup park dark vader park whoa, Dubby park duby doobie dooby park.
I love hoser whoever came up with that one that's a great one. No, I think it might have forgot to turn on the longer timer. Okay, how's it going? That's alright.
Squirrel nuts, Was jackboxes lie? I think that somebody. Oh, that was a good one.
What's the truth?
Oh my god. Wow. That's cool. I would be stealing that sign all the time as well.

[48:03] Hello Lord. Okay. Oh no.
A remarkable headline from NPR this musicians unlikely debut debut partner, Duet part.

[48:32] But it won't really sue my kid.
Remarkable headline for NBR this musician's unlikely duet partner, But the truth was it belly button chat GPT, The last harps record player, Justin Trudeau the Golden Gate Bridge, Who is the this musicians unlikely, Debut, The last harps recorder perhaps a group player alive was Allie's lie and, There's somebody. I fell for it, Woo hoo.

[49:44] Aunt your mom. No, mom. Steve, Mom dude, Was Sarah Rose's lie in Katley, Oh no. No. Was I worked at Grace's line. Oh wow.
Was the truth?

[50:23] Wow.
Moving, moving over.
Alright. Lee, do you know actually know the answer to this?
PSTC is a nonprofit organization in North America. Fiercely dedicated to improving the quality of, PG 13 appropriate answers.
Is a nonprofit organization in North America fiercely dedicated to improving the quality of blank.

[51:16] Music.

[51:26] There we are.
The Pete.
I already see one of the answers that makes me giggle. The PSTC is a nonprofit organization North America. Fiercely dedicated to improving the quality of blank. Styrofoam, carpet, Hey sitting tilted on counters highs sitting tilted on counters.
Yes. Okay.
Alright paranormal encounters Sarah Rose fell for Steve's lie.
Pacific salmon trapping.

[52:30] Cuz Hip mighty Bill and I hit and unfortunately have the same thought process.
Hey and gathered in two people, Tape.

[52:53] Really? I have no idea what that is. So, I I'm trying to come up with what that would be. Sorry.
We don't have any, It all comes down to this the final footage a two part question worth triple points, Texas man was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing a $one. 2 million worth of blank, In 2019 NOAA warrant that it is dangerous for humans to consume blank. Now, you're going to write one lie, That sounds like it might fit in either of these two blanks. Oh.
Got all that? I'll give you a little extra time on this one. So, don't freak out.
The example given was raisins.

[54:10] In the other one is a Texas man was sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing one. 2 million, One answer that could fit an eater.

[54:26] Music.

[54:33] We're keeping up with this timing though. It's not always, it's pushing us a little bit but it's not that bad.

[54:38] Music.

[54:46] Okay, here are your choices. These questions have two different truths. So, for now, just pay attention to this one.
Select the truth for just this question now.
I currently the contestants are seeking the correct answer for the 2019 NOAA, Ammunition, Purpose. Oh, sorry, purpose milk. Purpose milk. Again, don't read.
Fajitas and tuna technically both will have a different correct answer. Okay.
Now the truth.

[55:45] Again possible answers or seahorse bleach ammunition barbecue, Purpose purpose milk. I just pork this milk. Cabbages, Wildcott.
Double them.
Cabbages was a lie, Barbecue, Hey Facebook, Ooh cut both sides give me the bonus that's Sarah and Rose's life, I really don't.

[56:56] Babe, you only said that because it was Texas, In their wedding seat, Oh It's dangerous for humans to consume.

[57:37] So the Texas man was, And you're not allowed to drink porpus milk. Sarah Rose is the winner.
I was wondering like the NOA was like, Let me help you. Awesome. This was so much fun. Alright, now soon. We haven't really gone into this.
Our track isn't NBCA MB in the Hyatt Hotel International Tower. If you go from the lobby, you go down two levels and we're right there, Right and if you go down from the lobby what the international tower is the one that will be on this is what hand this is my right hand Go to the right there's a little hallway that you go down and then you go down two levels and it's right there so yay on that and so then where will any do you know where there are Others will be signing or there will be signing in the, It's called the overlook it's in the western.

[58:57] Yeah it's really now they're using us an audience as a yeah, Weird dragon cone.

[59:27] There you go. Awesome. And y'all sign up for those awards so you can vote. Yeah. And no.
Yeah and do that and then also read some of the books because you might have already read them but maybe you're going to look at something like oh I didn't know that was out by that also. Yeah.
Hey, All again Sue. Thank you for taking time out of your busy, busy, busy, busy time of the year with all Dragon Comp prep. And whatnot.
I'm sure your schedule is is 100% lockdown now so really it's it's good that you've done that.
Oh, sure. Whoop. So.
So, until next time for Sue and Lee. This is John.

[1:00:33] Music.

[1:00:41] A production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:01:08] Music.

[1:01:24] Bye.
Bye John when you said that locked locked the schedule for everybody.