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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring your muppet, You're funny come back in on your face and give me 25.

[0:48] Yeah. Oops.
I really hope it doesn't hurt.
I mean at normal.
I'm doing pretty good and I did like how we went on and then had to go back and do the Do the dancing part.
But they were out in the day ball in Georgia and it sounds like didn't hydrate well.
Always I drink something else, Update. You know, I think we have a shorty but then John would be like making chore jokes and we're not going to make. Yeah, we already got a shorty. So.

[2:13] Go to the Georgia Aquarium for a better you know.
Oh, oh, I'm back. Alright, last thing I heard was Leslie. Last thing we heard was Aquarium.
And then I went underwater and that would be a.

[2:50] That that was not even in any way, shape, or form, and double on an entrandra, double on oh, or anything. Was it, was it alternative? I don't know.
I need help.
So but there are there are these things that people are there extra, And you go to things to do, And it says do there is no try and there contest events and workshops So when you hit the events button which is the great button it's right in the middle there's the author signings with information about that, There's a dragon combo.

[3:50] It's as the clock changes this Sunday. Which is always really hard for me. But one of the biggest ones I wanted to talk about in John's pulling that up. Awesome. And then for those who aren't listening, you know how to get this. Dragon Con. Org.
They got those big buttons at the top and it says things to do you hit that then you hit the top one that says what to do to dragon con and then we events contest everything else we'll talk about the contest later especially when we have some costuming people on, So we'll talk about those things like that, But there's dragon night at the aquarium and this is really really cool because dragon night at the aquarium on your way too low. Right there. There you go. There is also wrestling usually. I don't, Yeah, you're back up there fine, right?
Lee, There's dragon.

[5:03] So you can purchase tickets to go right now my understanding is there's aren't any VIP tickets, You the dragon hon bad lanyards will not be accepted.
For admission. This is a separate purchase. So, this is an in addition to your driving con membership.
They'll have cash bars there. You get to go and see all the animals. A lot of people will be in costume because it's really cool to get pictures.
Thing with all the fishes and the sharks and the blue whales while you're standing in costume I think that's pretty cool.

[5:50] Hey have exhibits where now they don't do it during this night but they have exhibits where you can if you go on a regular time you can like purchase a penguin, Experience and I think you can do a dolphin experience and you can be in the water and you take pictures now again, Cost more than just getting in the aquarium but this is not on the dragon con night, Dragon Ton Night is only so dragon con people can go, Ehm we lost her again.

[6:40] Custom and Sharon, points out that they bought their tickets for the first time.
Well Lee is figuring out her technical issues, Think it was Sarah Rose point out yesterday that I didn't get to we didn't get to talk about although yesterday is relative to Benik bomb when you're listening to this.
And I'm looking for the official thing that, Host hotels are going to have custom artwork on their, Keys. So, you know, typically, it's been just the the three, Or call Main Hotels and they'll look out, You know also sort of missing work because there's only one original. Anyway, the, They used to have keys. Actually, you think, I don't think that the, I haven't gotten a room key in a while or even one of those.

[8:01] Well Lee makes her way back in here somehow someway, Oh, we do, I think Lee mentioned this in a previous podcast, but we are looking for folks that want to be on the podcast that are that feature in a group, like, For example, the diviners is one of them that we just did.
Oh, and we did, you know, the the swag and seek folks and we're just looking for groups like that.
In Lee's back. So, good. Whoo. Let me take over, I have no idea what he just said because my internet is deciding to be wonky. I'll dare we have like four devices working in our house all at one time. But this is why I'm looking for fiber folks in my neighborhood. It's here.
Hey Fiber, Fiber optic not fiber. I thought you're just looking for some more fiber in your diet. I didn't know what's going on. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[9:17] But yeah so there's Oregon I know we finished the aquarium and John was saying we do we want to talk to people that are fan group want to talk to people we got a theater group that I didn't know there was and we're going to be talking to some of them We've got a lot of groups and I'm going to be reaching out to him but please please please let us know. Also, when you're while you're at AA talks about the thing that that Zam and Sarah Rose, Brought up to us with tour attention which was that the host hotels are now going to are going to have, The custom artwork keys. All five of them. Yeah. Not just not just the three or two. They used to do it.
Yeah oh and by the way somebody sent me something and I am still going to contact this person because you're in the dragon ponds a garden group and we're in chat about that but, Yes John and I know the hotels will be going too long but John will still, We will totally still get lost and so we came up with that little pneumonic thank god it was named the courtyard Atlanta, Because otherwise, if it had been named something else, oh, I'm sorry. It was named the courtyard grand.

[10:28] But yeah. So, but that's what we say M. So, it's three that are connected by the habitrails, the high, the mariot, And John would all of a sudden go like work with hotel am I in? Yeah. And then people would have to tell him and so now he came the day and I don't day drink so, No it's right.

[10:56] I know. Hello, you never find your way home. So, but there's that. So, this is going to be great. There's also trying to get somebody if anybody talks about drum circles, would love to talk to you along with people, Wanna also say that what was the other thing we were going to bring up John oh charity, It's your childhood cancer this year again they will have a lot of places where you can donate the charity, There'll be you're going to be able to donate online like they did last year's my understanding. They're going to have the art option. They're still going to be all the track rooms and other groups, Collecting and again all of that money 100% goes to your childhood cancer, Is going to the kids who need it and I think that Really important. So there's that. I did want to say something is that there is something called the palmetto knight tournaments.
Which I just found under the events but we know how to get there now and it's on Saturday, September 2 and don't have a time yet but it's at the courtyard grand. IE, Sheraton, Court court oh courtland fortland.

[12:23] And it's a medieval fight team with men and women and I know some people who went to this last year and they lived it, The, We're also starting to get more and more guests Sharon thanks for dropping that out we have some more on there and again where you can find that and I'm not going to click on anything, Is you can go to people to see you get a guest and then I like to do it by date, I'm looking like for one guess, Who we remember from Ted and many people know now from the flash Ed did I say Ted you said Ted, Sorry, don't want the teddy bear. Ed.
And then we got Lee majors and Lindsay Wagner the six 1 million dollars man and then the bionic woman and Carlos Valdez who I'm sure I should know but I not hit me and they don't have, Right up to, Also if you're looking for a specific DJ.

[13:41] My understanding is, he's going to be there again this year. Hopefully, doing that. It's fun thing, something wrong. Oh, boy. Gonna hear a lot about that. But, He's great DJ and you got a lot of other DJs. The look for your DJ's on there and the great thing about looking by guest is that sometimes you'll get things like, you don't have to look at gas and then performers and then others So, you know, look at that.

[14:13] We're really hoping all these guests can come because as we all know right now actor, Aren't working I am sure a writer is writing somewhere but, But they're not writing, That would be great because then maybe a lot of those guests and those writers and others would comment the driving pot we hope they will, Yes list changes. There are always cancellations both from gas, from authors, from pros, even maybe from your DJs, So just and especially bands sometimes maybe something happens so if you're coming to Dragon Pond just to see one actor John, Or actress? What are they doing? They're doing dragon con wrong.

[15:21] The straight ends right before, And then it comes to your drawing consume of these actors who really really really want to come are going to be pulled back because they gotta get this stuff out on time.
The writers maybe the same way. So, it's always weird. And I really want to thank Sarah Rose. No, was it? Oh, no. It was Sharon Carlos is disco on TV's The Flash C. I don't watch the flash. If I said this to my nephew, who adores the flash?
He loves that TV show. I thought I thought that who it was but because I was 100% sure I started googling it as well because I was just like. Yeah, well, there we go.
Cuz I don't want.

[16:15] Because then he's going back and watching his favorite show but I'm like okay enjoy that, But I do it too. I watch, we're talking, we were talking about good almonds earlier. So, season two without watching if you can.
But there's that. And so, just be ready and enjoy it, but remember something, these are job and actors, many of these actors, they're listed here, are looking for their next job, are Already on their current job and they just need to go back into production. So.

[16:54] Yeah. Right.
The rise and the the actors being on strike that means that there's nothing to, To record no one to record it to record doing this stuff and that also means that the people that are around them are also out of a job as well. Yeah. So, that means the, No, the costumers, the makeup, all those people that are behind the scenes that makes it so that we can actually enjoy all of this stuff, Yeah they're not getting paid and that's the time, Plug here. This, I am now drinking Doctor Pepper oh. I promise we are not sponsored.
And we're not sponsored but I want to tell you all this.

[17:50] And I just I've found it and I love it. Unfortunately, it is asparaging, You know, you only live once. No gallery. It's no gallery. So, if you're diabetic.

[18:10] Sometimes, yeah, they would give 'em like two chews amount, Which is that, What else? Is there anything else John that we were really really we really need to do this just really quick. We don't want to leave people out there. Yeah. We don't like that.
If you know somebody, one of the tracks or anything else and it's like, oh, boy, I want to talk. I want to talk, I want to talk.
Let them know. We'd love to talk to em. I have sent out stuff to track directors. I've sent out stuff to others of the back, the back world.
Ops, And so we'll be talking to tech ops but we like to talk to them right unlike the day or two before they get really into con because, They're just their heads are everywhere and their stream of conscious, Wait.

[19:32] Normally play with us. Know each other. Including you. I'm I'm not going to play. Oh, really?
And Sharon I have not talked to that person but I will be so thank you, Sharon just gave me a name of somebody to come to. And so, yay. Did you see the photo shoot? Did you see your, Yes, I got the room code. I'm in.
KMKQC if you want to join. We got. And if you're seven positions open.
And if you're listening in the after this has been broadcast live. So sorry.
Listen to it because you're probably laugh a little bit.
Probably not live mostly because then we can have them and we can pop them in when we think they're going to have the most fancy device, Or both of us get sick that we need something. Alright then, before we get unsick.

[20:42] Music.

[20:49] I'm cookie and fun fact I once say three lb of Halloween candy in one sitting, And if you're watching you can join the audience at any time, No worrying about myself.
During the game you'll make up lies about the other players you get 500 points for fooling people with your made up answers, 1000 for finding the truth I don't want the questions about you you get reputation points for players who get the right answer, Well I am, And this is a truthful answer. Yeah, you want to answer truthfully because otherwise, As much as AI is. Working against this. Right? They don't know necessarily everything about you.
Yeah and I don't know how many people have my question but do remember we're trying to keep this PG 13 because I could've made this not TG 13.

[22:13] Music.

[22:24] Or answer a truth that's sort of.

[22:32] Music.

[22:50] Oh, really? One person's there you go. Was it late? We're waiting on Lee. Of course, we're watching.
A sure fire phrase that would cheer up this player is blank now use your device to put in a lie that'll fool your opponents in a believing it's what this player actually wrote and if the questions yours just relax a minute, Alright, a sure buyer phrase that would cheer up pal family.
Put my pitch in for, There's one. It's done. No.

[23:34] Yes, sir. We did see your Email for the theater group and I believe Lee will be beginning, Yes, I will. Thank you, thank you, Oh, any one person?
Okay, a surefire phrase that would cheer up the palp family is blank.
Drinks are on the house the dragon con app is out.

[24:21] Free rum buckets in the Hyatt, I I want to date you. You won again.
Dragon time, Rerun buckets to the height.
You won again, Thanks Jane Cookie, The dragon app is out, Hey portal Star Trek Legacy is becoming a show was the truth now we know a little bit now I gotta now I gotta now I gotta look up Star Trek Legacy, I don't know.
Give this one a shot.

[25:45] I was still a thing after the pandemic.
Only it was very different.
I remember those times.
Oh yes, Sarah Rose usually brings this to the potluck. Is it sweet potato pie?
Meatballs and sauce.

[26:36] If you know you know if you know you probably going to dragon.
Come on show me what you picked, Hey paul family fell forward.

[27:01] Hey Facebook yes a big happy smile plus pie, Hey.

[27:19] Meatballs inside. I got it.
No me meatballs and sauce.
Hey using the lead now, The scariest wild animal this player could totally take in a fight is blank, The scariest wild animal aruka grace could take totally taken a fight is blank, The cracking it's the crack and i tell you, It's an animal, What's up what is a squid qualifying or is it, A squid is a marine animal. Yeah, but I don't know what what's classification is. Is it a fish? Well, it's going to fall.

[28:33] The scariest wild animal I work at Grace could totally take in a fight is blank. A house cat, a snail, and inflatable dinosaur, Crocodile shark, The scariest wild animal.

[29:06] Stingray.
How's Kat, I hope you feel some amount of shame.
Oh snail.
How long do you say that?
Ho ho ho.
Hey pull it out the water then you know, Really it's fair game.

[30:21] I don't know where I see myself in 10 minutes.
Who are your thunder?
Waiting on one person, It isn't. Well, here is actually kind of lovely. Although it's very, very sunny and warm.
Stuck on the stairs at the high.
Dragon Con.

[31:09] Working on dragon cosplays.
Okay what everybody pick don't, Hey Facebook so that was Gabe's fly pulled in three people that was dragging caught in 2028.
Dragon Con, Was the truth that's hurricane.

[32:16] Blank submit your eyes now. A simple task Gabby always nails perfectly is.
Link a simple task Gabby always nails perfectly is blank, This is where it'll be helpful if we knew, A little something, And John Pete.
Oh also stuck on the.

[33:09] A simple task Gabby always nails perfectly is blank.
Tying their shoes folding laundry, A simple task Gabby always nails perfectly is opening the app making omelettes which is not, Folding laundry was the audience's lie in field.
We'll do somebody. One person. What? What is the news?

[34:01] Cuz I work with Grace's lie.
Making toast, Opening the app, Getting the best seat to Con.

[34:41] Because it's not easy. That's not easy. You gotta break so many eggs to make so many omelettes.
Not only that but you gotta at least a couple of, We know where. Yeah. So, so for Gabby, that's easy.
Love you guys.
That made Lee scream or at least gas out loud was Blake.
PT 13 please.
Hey portal, Neil remember how that came up with Hamilton? What's up?

[35:47] Is there three times they say that word? Oh really?
Okay the last thing that made Lee's scream or at least gasp out loud was Blank, The blessed, sorry, the blessed WiFi, Hey Demi Gordon, The blessed WiFi, Yeah. Seeing the new baby dragon.
But that is very true. It's not the last thing.
Something John said 5 minutes ago.

[37:09] Hey Facebook, Here's the but Jesus out of me. Alright and again, here Dame is kind of kicking her tissues here.
Birthday parties. Lord. Oh, no.
I mean, Maybe Bill does have a reputation.
Love you.
I'm going to guess Thomas the tank engine.
Oh you're thinking about the i don't know. Oh stop it.
That's not my fault. Oh, you're fucked. That's not my fault.

[38:24] Watching a lot of Harry Potter pot tub pot, A cartoon pinata, Wanna bite those favorite birthday parties featured, Alright, who picked watch?
Was Sarah Rose's lie?
The audience is like, Watching all a pair oh all of Harry Potter said a lot of Harry Potter all Perry Potter was Gagely, Got one.

[39:26] What's the truth in the audience do it yeah, I ain't doing anything about that so that's it, Hey Facebook almost at the end, If Gabe got to bring one comfort item with them to a sleep away camp.

[40:00] Music.

[40:10] Comfy item. A comfy item. I'd recommend it.
Hey Facebook can you help?
A lightsaber comfort item. Lightsaber. If Gabe got to bring one comfort item with them to a sleep away camp they choose a lightsaber toilet paper. Yeah, very bright.
A new baby dragon or the new baby dragon rather. Bug spray, utility knife, a party sub iPhone, A baby dragon huh or apple pie two people said baby dragon interesting apple pie lightsaber toilet paper two baby dragons, This is actually my pack of US.
Tell family after my own heart.

[41:25] The new baby dragon rather this is the new baby dragon versus baby, There's no there's no.
Put the cell works. Okay, here we go. Final scores.

[41:54] This is number two for you the winning. I'm going to have to start keeping up with this, You like me? Everybody like me. Alright. Well, Lee, thank you for joining us again. Sorry. I hope our guest feels better. We'll try to reschedule them. For a future podcast.
For you guys just being here for y'all being here y'all being here, And that's true. Here we go, Carrie Dane, mighty bill Sarah Rose, Gabby, the pal family. I Ruka Grace and of course, the lovely Lee. Until next time.

[43:00] Music.

[43:08] Is a production of the unique geek?
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[43:35] Music.

[43:50] This podcast brought to you by the Alaskan travel bureau.
Oh, John, you're weird.