Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 28 - Why So Cryptid?

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] Now featuring your muppet.
You're funny.

[0:37] Welcome to another edition of, Lee.
It depends if I'm if I'm getting away on the captain but, Oh okay that's, I am good I just want to let people know that this summer in Atlanta has been So say the term is hellish. It's not exactly right.
Amazingly hot right now. Now, we are in the first part of August but it is amazingly hot. There is, Rain and what happens in Atlanta is that it rains when it's already hot.
And then it hits the ground which is hot and then it evaporates.

[1:55] So

[2:04] Other than that, yes.
Maybe bring an umbrella or what sorry go. No, yeah, yes, well, absolutely do that because we are only, What less than 30 days out right? Is that right? Less than 30 days out. Oh dear heavens.
It's likely that that weather pattern isn't really going to break off anywhere. Anytime. Yeah. No.
I could've. And I do want to say, Muscles lightning. If there's lightning, You're only going to get wet going to the western and you're only going to get wet going to the courtyard gram.
The Courtland.
Portland it's cortland because it's on courtland street so it's.

[3:15] Sarah sent that and guess what Sarah stop it he's the reason we already got 5 days Give him any help.

[3:34] And I the ghost of my Facebook haunt there after that.
I will join the ghost of everybody else who's very tired, No I don't think she said.

[4:05] Dictate that she's really talking about that, Dragon concerts on Wednesday now. It is in the progress report. I'm not going to bother looking at it. And I'm sorry. Sarah just said nope.
I don't want to hear it. These are the rules. Speaking of Portland.
Yes. Speaking of Courtley Grant. What? About Courtland, Blend gran.
Track like in my opinion. The best track.
So well it's only been around for about 29 years but it's pretty damn awesome so let's, Have Jenny, Oh, did you say that?
It is.

[5:30] Okay we'll get more information on that when we talk to charity and I am just going to be like oh dear heaven really seriously folks we couldn't just do that like AA, Instead of a park timer, we could you know, you know, drag brunch as a thing but drag bunch is a thing and it's really, really good and if you want to do it in Atlanta, go Sunday morning.
Okay. So, how many? How are you doing?
What is going on with you? Wait, Yes and but by the way we do keep it peach.
Did I turn it what did I say did I have a, Gonna need a, Okay. Alright. More proof about Wednesday by the way, Brian Humphrey is doing photo ops Wednesday night to raise money for the official dragon, Wednesday drunk concert so you know there is that too, More Wednesday proof for you.
Yeah, that's exactly right. That's exactly it. You gotta speak up now.

[6:59] So Extracts about all the weird stuff.
And all of those things plus a little bit of government's conspiracy when there's some out there. Mm hmm.
Did you.

[7:43] They just want some proof, I mean and that's kind of what Argus are trying to bring. They're trying to to bring some evidence, bring some proof, and say, hey, this is what we've seen. We think there's something there. What do you think, Damien what is the second due?
Hey, in all your years of experience as a second, what is a second year? Yes, we do. I don't know because I've never been a second.
Hey Facebook, Being a active member of multiple programming tracks. Yes.
So Jack, Volunteer I'm not sure that he has officially volunteered at this point he may have just been volunteered Hey.

[9:05] It's something's going wrong if something's going right if you need anything definitely I'm on the people you can contact, You know, Anne Being in the room, helping moderate things, helping make sure, you know, people get to where they need to be, or that we start on time, and end on time, and that we cover all of the things That are necessary for us to say or cover the things that we're not supposed to say.
Oh no, Absolutely somebody's gotta put the hand over the mic and go ah we can't talk about that.
Especially this year, Let's let's say.

[10:06] Yo By name only.
Probably about 10 years ago 12 years ago now I think the last time they were here, Do everyone of course knows as the current May tag man?
Hey Facebook, So commercials from what we understand are not struck what? Okay, so you can ask anybody you want to about commercials?
Also with Colin we have Sally Richardson Whitfield, Jordan Danger look like I go with that one.

[11:27] In a show that might have been on the sci-fi network when it was SYFY. FY yes. Got it. The took place. Some place in Oregon.
They all played very smart people. Well, and hopefully, well, sort of.

[11:48] But we won't be talking to them about that unless something happens right in, Go through the media contacts because I've heard like 12 different things. So, go through that and then we're going to talk about what we can ask.
So what we have been told in director's meetings is is the same thing that you guys heard through the progress report. Right. Last week. It's that They can be here. They can discuss their life. They can discuss, Jobs. That they worked on. So, You know it's they can talk about why they became an actor what they like about being an actor, What's the people they work with but they can't talk about the shows that they're that they've done in the past that they've done now that they may be doing in the future, They can sign autographs on the Walk of Fame and they'll have you know headshots with them. They'll be sort of generic head shots. They won't, Depict any characters that they played.
They can sign say pictures that someone brings to them to sign.
A character in a struck work.
But they may decline to do so.

[13:17] So a lot of people may just say you know what we're not, We're not going to do that.
The photo ops that normally occur are branded around the the actual television shows or movies, Those have all had to be changed.

[13:50] Those have also been changed, right?
Generic titleing that is going on with all of this.
To keep things kind of in line because again we don't want to put them in a situation where they're out of work, And you know, they're unable to get work after all of this because of something that has happened or something they've responded to during this time.
Let's see if there were photographs any of the shows, There was one thing that was kind of critical to all of this that I can't, Finger on, Weird thing that came up with it. Well, I've I know I made note the other day that Dragoncon has stopped for the most part.
Although I do see it on there, Few on there now like Tom Kavanaugh is on there right now. That they've stopped putting descriptions of, They've been working on our our working on.

[15:16] What the actual woman is Sarah Rose does point out though that they can talk about their theater work because that's not struck and somebody has another question which is what does struck work mean and I think it's in a general sense it's just, There any work that was done with someone that they're currently in to speak with. They're having it to speak with.

[15:48] Kinda encompasses remember you have the writer skilled strike that is going on right now, And what was the other group they were expecting yeah, Accept everyone who's behind the seats and okay, so yeah, sorry. Jenny, yes.
I'm going to ask. So, I could, I'm asking. First of all, I have no idea how y'all are going to be doing this. I wish you the best of luck, Hey Facebook answer that.
Yeah. It's a spray cam. Look at that. No, no, no.
No. Roll that newspaper.

[16:56] What's the definition of stress, Okay so I could get up, How was it being in Oregon during filming and and how did everyone around you deal?
Work itself, Those questions can get asked but the other part is you'll need to submit that on an actual card to us prior to even remotely having your question asked openly And you will not be asking, We should do different.

[17:58] Are, At this point I think all have pro moderators attached to those panels, But there has been talk of doing like game show style panels or. Oh, okay. Or, You know, talk show style panels. Yeah.
Any audience members will, you know, have the opportunity to have a microphone in their hand.
You know you know as well as any of us that they'll tell you that this is the question they're going to ask and then people get at the top of the you know at the top of the line that's not the question that they ask and yes And this you know this isn't the time for that to happen.

[19:09] I'm sorry. Yes. And people, I mean, you know, did people don't understand what's going on either. I mean, you know, We're all we're all trying to figure it out you know we're we're you know being given information on a regular basis, You know, it's still changes every day. Right. So.

[19:35] Who's just following it in the in the media probably has even less idea what's going on right you know so, It's just easier to not put them in a position I think to ask a question that shouldn't be asked, You want to ask a question write it down on this card if you want them to know who it is asking put your name and where you're from and we'll tell them you know hey this question is from, This is the question, Hey and somebody brought it up and I did not know this but Urban Fantasy I think they said yeah Urban Fantasy typically does that for their guest, Dad has been done before for guests who it made him a little uncommon. It's been done for a lot.
I know it's been done for some people because we all talk about this disability. You don't have to see a disability. You know what? But some people are a little hard at hearing.
And that might can be very very odd. So, just FYI folks, this isn't, you know, let's.

[20:47] Since the beginning but more particularly since 2020 it seems like this is all fluid. It's all way more fluid than normal. It could things could change.
If if hey, everything can work out and they could go come off strike next week for all we know. It doesn't seem like it's locked in Monday morning. Huh.
Is very likely and you could be there Saturday in all of the sudden everything changes so you know Sunday and Monday maybe different folks we're just Watch dragon con the Facebook group watch dragon hunt TV, So so.

[21:41] What would your favorite part of pretending to be on that show be, Is that a valley question, John I think you don't mind, On her journey on her journey.
The styling of a person's hairstyle, Mister Anson Mount, Yeah.
Is that?
Right? I think that one works very well as well. I think all of these could be very possible. How do you act when you can't nobody can hear you?
So back to the extract again.
So you have more than just there are more than just media guest.

[23:08] We have the ghost brothers who will be here this year they, What 2000, From mountain monsters, It would be fun. So, reality shows don't count into this, right?
I got you. Okay. All good. Those at least these particular ways.

[23:52] That are all under a shopping agreement currently where we can't appear on, Other television or other reality TV series what have you said there there are some rules with that but I think for for some of the members If they're not screen actors guild members or the writing staff are not members of the writing. Writings, the guilt, right? Huh. Right.
Me I'm guilty it doesn't matter.
Guild of clanet. Yeah, I'm I'm the guild of neutral for the most part. All good. All good. And, And I just want to say something about the ghost brothers. We had them, I'll get that out in a second, John. We had them as guests. I think it was 17 or 18. Y'all, they are awesome. Please go to their panels. Also, they're off course awesome if you see them on the Walk of Fame or Everbook. Please go to their panels. They are so, Freaking funny and how they talk about how they work together as a group and everything it's, I mean, it is. So, please, please, please go. They.

[25:16] Are these guys coming back? I was like, hey, guys.
You know, shout out to Lisa for helping us out with that.
Sarah does have a question I'll get to it in just a second but after I mentioned that Brandon did point out that Bigfoot was attending with the rock that's what they've heard and I confirm that that is true, So, on the diviners episode, you guys we're talking about the tarot readings and sign ups being on the app.
So is there not a Google sign up this time.

[26:03] So, it'll be listed actually in the the schedule. So, there's going to be two, Is it too? Damian? Friday and Sunday. Two sessions. They're both in the evening. Oh nice. I'm not I Naga say the times because again it's very fluid and it can change between now and then again, Like I said, the the link to the form will be in the app. It'll go live on the 28th and again, it's going to be super limited. Numbers wise. Just because we we don't have, Yeah we we have AA small number of of readers, So

[26:57] To the best that we can we're going to take walk ins once everybody who was signed up is finished our readers are pretty good they they give everybody about the same amount of time but they do get people in and out kind of quickly, So just keep that in mind that it's a limited number, Cool. Well. We'll also we'll also put it on our Facebook page.
You know, people can see it. They Sarah asked will be a clickable link. Okay.
Guess what guess which assistant track director ain't going to be nowhere near that and it will be bathed and sage for the rest of the day, I will be bringing the sage, Are you legitimately doing AA demon so many exception?

[28:27] In every time it goes badly and this is why I'm not going anywhere near them I'm not the one doing it.

[28:42] They were working.
So we do we are doing a demystifying the wage of board panel.
Nobody's going to summon anything. I don't think. Now, I'm going to have to talk to the Pamelas who's who's doing it. But it's, it's, she's going to be talking about, She's going to be talking about the different types of boards that there are the histories behind them where they come from, You know and and just tag a, Ask Damian so kindly pointed out, Nope. Would someone ask actually Brandon asked something some of the spirit of the old Marriott Carpet we want thing? No, we're going to summon the spirit of JW Marriott.
I think that's what they're going to do on they're going to be doing that on Sunday night When we have the voices from beyond panel.

[30:03] Totally, It's also possibility. I don't know if you have if we have seminars that that strong though. You'd besides but besides just that kind of thing. You also have something going on Thursday, Thursday night which involves the shuffling papers, You're muted.

[30:44] And this year we're we'd last year we tried out something new we did a prom and prom king and queen, Last year we basically looked for the people who gave us the most money for the charity and made them any queen. So we we totally sold, Well, you know, those crowds, you know, We're selling the crowns again this year but not the same way, Donate to the the charity this year which is Cure Childhood Cancer.
Well, their their names will go into a bucket.
They get the little sash. They get a hat.

[31:46] No, that's that takes place during the summoning demons. Session.
Cool. Yeah. So, in in your theme, of course, has been 80s and, We're still going with on a stranger thing tip is it I'm sorry because I was trying to get these drug work I can't understand what you're saying oh that's alright I mean oh, So but that that is interesting.

[32:23] The Stranger Things theme with it this year it's just kind of a, Somebody's lazy and didn't come up with we're going to bring back tour air quality inflation crack and hookers, No this is a, Discussion.
Hey alright is there are there any other are there any other well, So let me ask you this. It'll be going back going back to the Starkwork stuff. Again, sorry to go back to that to that level.
Are you.

[33:25] Yes we do still have, But across the board y'all everybody still doing fan panels as long as there's not, An actor in the room or writer. Yeah, and, A handful we've got a, Hey all we do have a stranger things panel it is called, Oh, that's an interesting name. Oh, but I don't know what it's called.

[34:20] Absolutely it's called the Battle of Star Court representation of dungeons and dragons and stranger things. Oh wow. That's pretty cool. Yeah. So that's kind of specific.
But we also have an envoys fan panel, La Brea. So, we have we have quite a few, 100 for percent forgetting oh we're doing a 30 years of X files oh wow, I'm here but I'm worried that, Because I'm using the camera it's screwing up here so I'm just going to say, Hey Saturday night two of those panels Damien, No oh you know I don't need their one of those you're on the 30 years of exfiles panel.
We're going back and forth between that and the demons I'm going to.

[35:38] I'm good for that. I I really am. I wish I could show just those guys the face I just made but I'm very very worried. I am not a ghost and here's the reason I know, I feel like crap and if I was a ghost I'm not supposed to hurt by the way, So is Sarah Rosa point something out that that I think we we mention this, Theater work is instructed so they can talk about theater work but there is actually, Just point out there is a X not an X files. Excuse me. Well, I'm sure they're probably is. Hey, Musical I suppose it's it's on YouTube so who knows for sure but you know it's legit, Not awful. It's right. So, if we, if though, if you're actors or whatever, media guests happen to have theater work in their background. That's something I certainly could talk about.
And I think there are a fair number of those. Was it a it thinks someone mentioned, 0000000, Cisco from the flash, that actor, came over his name. Call us about, it's probably shouldn't put together. Oh, okay. We put together. Say it again, Damon.

[37:05] So, there's, you know, certainly things you can ask and by the way to me, For me, those kind of things seem a lot more interesting. To be honest with you, then, you know, hearing that, you know, The show that we've heard a 1000 times from.

[37:31] Multiple places. They're contractually obligated in certain places what have you. They're various rules around that.
But this is one of the first few times where, Fair shows right, You know a better experience for both the guests, And for the actual audience because you're not hearing something that you've heard on the internet, a 1000 times, and another convention or another interview. Or just the panel of, you know, yesterday's panel. I mean, We all hear the same question, 15 times in in one driving con and, And, Because we never we don't see that all we see.

[38:47] Ask people. Right.
Sorry. Yeah. Yeah and, Behind the scenes folks are allowed to talk about those shows too like say for example, Hey if we happen to have any costume designers things like that are they, I think that's off limits as well, Girl I, I think it's the way they look at it is their it's it's like they're crossing the picket line, right? Right. Whether they're in the union, you know, So I right like John I can't have my next my new next door neighbor, Oh really, Well it's cool that's cool that the.

[40:05] Or the outline areas but yes. Sure. Yeah. Everything is filled in Atlanta, Right.
It's a lot and it's people you see me in pictures with of course it's our mutual friends that we know of right my new next door neighbor the guy up the street, You know that that's one of those things where you know.

[40:46] Right? Who've been able to work in this industry and I've said this before online, For me personally, being almost 50 years old, Right. And it's amazing, right?
Right, right? Right.
This giant ecosystem that you know.

[41:35] Brandon actually says maybe we should ask them, We'll be sure to ask that when we do the EBP session Sunday night.

[42:01] Yeah, you are solicitors being on mute. And now she's dope.
He did and you know what? I almost said a very very bad word right as he unmuted me. And I'm wondering if I can get fiber services to this house by Tuesday.
So I'm about this is so if you if our guest can look in the private chat there you'll see that there is a, Room code we like to play a game with our our guest at the end of the our interview portion, If you know where Jackbox. TV and anybody that's listening or watching right now can head over to Jackbox. TV and if you want to play once our guests of entered the room we will open up to play fittage again yet again, This, But while they while that's going on we we kind of briefly mentioned it but where is the actual.

[43:11] The extract room is still the Athens room at the Courtland Grand.
Dragon Con Xtract I think.
That sounds right or decon.

[43:34] And so that's, Is it saying you can't play or is it what's it saying? There it goes. We got it.
If you go to Jackbox. TV.

[43:58] Room not found, Oh, oh, okay. Mistake it.
You can head over to Facebook or Facebook, Family show.
Zan has sent us a voicemail. I have not played it yet. But we will get to that probably on our next episode. Verify that you all can hear that music.
It's only it's on the chat there.
That's true.

[45:07] Got it because as he pointed out he's almost 50 and he can't figure out this new fangled computer stuff. Alright, so I think we've got our guests in and so we'll fill up the rest of the room here.
DBAE is the, If you've made it bold like that before I could already, We'll give whoever the eighth person is a couple of seconds here. Oh, got it.
Alright. So, you can join the audience but in the meantime, we're going to start.

[45:47] Music.

[45:56] This is vibage four the world's only sequel to vivid three unless you count vibage goes Hawaiian but that was directive video and I only did it for the money, Players eat that chess.

[46:26] This is round one which means you get 500 points for everyone you fool with your made up answer and you'll get a 1000 for finding the truth, Alright, here it is.
Russia tried something in 1989 what a game 17 submarines do a certain, Write your eyes now, Alright so those are the audience in our guests are, Russia tried something in 1989 when it gave 17 submarines to a certain organization to encourage them to conduct business in the USSR that organization, Dragon card. No.

[47:27] Music.

[47:37] Oh, no. Okay, whoo. Oh, yeah. That was great. So, I was going to get in. Yeah, is it really a lie or is it alternative?
Alright so possible answer to what that organization was given 17 submarines by the USSR, Was, I guess, is Japan, or sorry, Japan TV, Disney Pepsi Tracker Joe's Alabama Boy Scouts or Coca Cola what organization was given 17 submarines by Russia.
So, if they were good, do business with the USSR.
Show me what you picked.
Both the extract, Disney, Or deceiving to my boy's face.

[49:04] Wow, What that they gave, I remember they had a they had that carrier jumped out that they're giving away too.
Blank okay and today's lies, Alright, Florida man, Brian Raymond.

[49:42] Music.

[49:48] Culture entering in their lives now, Here you go, Seashells, garbage, a statue of Ronald Reagan, 100 copies of twilight a banana tree or mustard.
People out.
Jenny fell for that Jenny.

[51:05] Fruit cake was Brandon's lie.
Stale gummy candy.
Pulling one person with a banana tree, You should be honest.
Sarah says, Hey, Heads up it's video time, Hey.

[52:16] This is what I spend all those weeks trying to get it, A corrupt businessman and a German spy join forces to steal and experimental ragon surprisingly their full proof plan is foiled by blank Submit your lives now.
Aluminum foil it's fooled by a foolproof plan with foil by aluminum foil get it anyway a corrupt businessman in a German spy join forces to steal an experimental ray gun, To slam, Whoo. Anyway, a crop businessman in German spy joined forces to steal an experimental regun surprisingly their full proof plan is foiled by blank.

[53:08] Music.

[53:19] Alright, one person there we go.
Is spoiled by a choir boy, Turtle doves a smudge on the lens or a step ladder, This corrupt businessman in German spy joined forces to steal an experimental gun ray oregon rather or gun ray whatever.
Or even you know, that sugar ray. Surprisingly, therefore, That was.

[54:11] A step ladder, A box of rocks, You stupid embassy.
A box of rocks.

[54:50] PS fives returning PS five's with just, Boxes that were filled with, In 2021 Wisconsin resident Donald Gorski nabbed the Guinness World Record for consuming 32340 blank, Hours of CSI Las Vegas, In 2021 Wisconsin resident Donald Gorski nabbed a Guinness Book World of Records by consuming 32340, And, Dealing with technical issues on our side.
Let's see what else we got going on here, The truth.

[56:08] Grains of rice. Wow.
Slices of cheese, Yes.
Sugar free on that. Gummy bears was Damian's like.
Clams, Slices of cheese.

[57:11] And Big Mac's.

[57:25] Big market day for 50 years. Wow.
Nothing nothing happens to it. It stays the same.
Humorous headline from news week man hilariously fails to evade cops by hiding under blank, The humorous headline from news week is man hilariously fails.

[58:12] By the way if you want to reach us again 8133210 T U G also or she's by the way 813321 0884 for those of you that didn't know that the numbers used to have letters associated with them. I don't know if they do anymore.
Also 50 days at the unique. Com that's five oh D A Y S at the Unique. Com is a way to reach us, Do people actually call you, That's so weird.

[58:55] I think I supposed to be a jacket, Picnic blanket, Okay, how do we do?

[59:23] A squad band will bleed, You're still pulling her. A laundry basket.
Inflatable shark, Believe it or not.

[59:57] Picnic blanket should have talented then I would argue but, Brandon is still leading by, Keep your eyes peeled during take off from the hilton head airport in Savannah Georgia if you look closely you can see two blank permanently placed in the runway, But keep your eyes peeled during take off from the Hilton Head Airport in Savannah Georgia if you look closely you can see two blank Permanently placed on the runway.
So do you actually know the answer?
Spanish Georgiano convenient place to fly into if you're trying to get to drink on that right?
And it's a very, Think about the old TV show Wings. Yeah. It's like a like a executive airport type size.
Or private judge from my airport would you?

[1:01:18] What do you call him?

[1:01:33] Hey, Right siren statues were was Bernie's lie. Sorry to get through all of that.
Or Benny? Oh, did I say Bernie? I keep saying Bernie, didn't I? Benny, yeah, you're right. Competitor flags was Damian's like one person thought that was possible. It is Georgia.
Is the truth?
Displaced by the airport removed elsewhere four bodies still remain bury beneath the runway at the Hilton Head airport, So you could summon those demons.

[1:02:25] Music.

[1:02:36] Welcome to the final fibage it's a two part question and it's worth triple the points.
In 2014 a couple in holio massachusetts had their middle names legally changed to blank, The number one wackiest cat name of 2017 in the nationwide pet insurance database blank No you're going to write one lie, The example was given.

[1:03:25] Alright well the folks are entering in their guests, There's two of them. They're trying to guess one.
Thing that we could possibly fill in for both. The number on wackiest cat name of 2017 in the National A Nationwide Pet Insurance database was blank, In 2014 a couple in holioke massachusetts add their middle names legally changed to, They're trying to guess fill in, Lee's telling us about the problem she's having. Hi.

[1:04:14] Music.

[1:04:26] Okay, here are your choices. These questions have two different truths but we'll focus on this one first. Guess the truth for just this question now, Wow. The number one wackiest cat name of 2017 in the nationwide pet insurance database is blank. Is it, Colorless rainbow.
Tokyo Mima or Mimi sorry. Tokyo Mumi, right?
The truth, A couple in holy oak massachusetts had their middle names legally changed to, Was it grumpy cat calling this rainbow loki the royal Batman, Or the royal Batman for that matter. Little booty ham sandwich, danger, tokyo, meow me.

[1:05:50] And that was Jenny's lie, Batman.
Danger, Chris may have pulled it out at the end there with that desk there.
Little booty. Tokyo, mute me.
Shoot a pic this.

[1:06:49] Music.

[1:06:54] Booty ham sandwich is the cat name.
Cookie master sand and this is me saying little booty ham sandwich little booty ham sandwich oh and little booty ham sandwich, Do you guys have cats?
What do you what are your casting? Oh, great.
Very well. So, I'm team little bitty hand sandwich all the way. I don't care. This is, Alrighty. Cool. Thank you guys for taking time out to, And Leah apologizing, I will take a salad so I want to thank for John and myself want to thank Jenny and Damian for being here and, See you. John, your turn. Oh, that's my, that's my, that's why I push this button here that ends the show.

[1:08:14] Music.

[1:08:22] Production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:08:49] Music.

[1:09:05] Peace.