Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 3 - The David and Regina Show

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Levin.
You're funny.
Hey, Days of dragon con the podcast that I don't know. Lives in the past. But cease to the future. I don't know what that means, Too many me as always, But lovely bear say that?
That's what I'm calling. Yeah. So, for those of you that don't know, well, it's a little behind the scenes. It's actually our first podcast.

[1:32] As most of our, All aspire to do. I guess. And we do it here on a podcast in a very very small form creating and shifting timelines around all the time.
Lee how you doing, I think it's 21.
Of kind of been a little weird, Yeah but every year we've made a little more progress towards that.

[2:38] Yeah I think I will have mentioned even though I haven't we haven't recorded that episode yet I will mention that that my, Well I guess there's no point go listen to the previous podcast and think figure out what I'm talking about which you don't know because I've really given you absolutely no clue, And he has no idea either because he will, It is my job. Hi.
Who is the programming director and or she who must be evade I think that should actually go on your bad virgin what do you think, Hey Facebook.

[3:47] I want to jot it, Who are these people? So, I'm Dave and the other end the same other three people that always listen. Anyway, go on. Yeah.
I help start the con. Read many moons ago.
Wow. You started it many moons ago. Yes, 19 oh one.

[4:20] Yeah, I'm the senior director programming.
As such I am responsible for everything going in every room, Which is due today, right? They does gaming.
He's over gaming.
And so I assigned them space and then of course all the main rooms go through me as far as request for those and stuff like that, That's me.

[5:03] New first time vocal warm ups blah blah blah okay, Besides share a chair apparently.
It's a big chair. So, Heard heard the kitten so to speak and keep everybody on task, Of the convention, you know, for the upcoming year and and how we're going to run things down the road.
So I know we talk about this all the time but.

[5:51] Hey sorry oh oh let's start, You're never through.
And then October as we review the previous year, For the following year so we get going I'm I'm busy and late September I know Regina's as well so we're year round, Tiny little changes. Hey, man. Need some tweaking? Yes. Sure. Hey, Facebook.
Remember, Hey, To make this year.

[7:04] There's a, So, Virginia, you mentioned that you're also you're in charge of basically everything that's, Not the the not gaming not gaming vendors it so so you do the so you basically your your in charge of tracks and main programming for in I mean there's probably some other stuff there but it's from a big thing that people see all the time.
Those are the two things and so, You know, we'll be talking with directors as we do every year.

[7:48] But when when does something happen?
They turn in their outline schedules that that's already happened June 30 and then the last, Their schedules are due on, Hey attention people if you're watching, You know, requested the same. Yes, at the same time and I do the big shuffle.
Around August 1.

[8:40] Arrive at the airport until one. So, I'm not going to be happening.
And then I make those adjustments also, Things like if they request it if they're an author and they requested a reading or signing or you know, And then then we get ready to publish the app, No.

[9:16] Hosted today. Right. If you look at the Facebook group you will see that there were some posts that happened, Yesterday and today and yeah yeah.
And a lot of the things yeah I know it's a because part of the problem is it shows a recording right now and so, We have to make sure that we're we're with their schedules as well. So, yeah, it's a, Have you have you seen some more interest given the writer strike right now and that some productions are starting to shut down a little bit, And possibly an actor strike soon too.
I don't want anybody to be out of work. Yeah. Right.

[10:14] You know, it could be a little something out of there, Union Union Union. Yeah.
If they go out too it might you know, Film something that isn't written yet. Right. No. Alright. Yeah. It is tough to do that.
No John.
Where is Brock? Is he buying another sports team somewhere? First of all, I just want to say John, stop it.
I love him.

[11:22] I send you now.
So I gotta rock out of my yard but name tag on it that said hello my name is Dwayne John Yes. Yeah. In fact, I think we, I think we phrases Dwayne Jones.
I think I think we can guarantee the rock will come, Putting it in my backpack and my backpack, That are members however that does not mean the person John is talking about who was the voice, However, however, after shooting mister Johnson, Mike, or his representatives like the contact us, we would be more than happy. We love the team this week.
Don't bother.

[12:30] There was a dragon con which is always awesome.
What I I know that you know I love Dragon Khan and I had a great time so what was some of the things that y'all just want to say woo hoo, Let's see the guest lineup I thought was particularly strong last year. Lovely. Yeah. For for what we can call COVID blip year. So I I think we I think Regina and her team can really be congratulated for that. I thought that went great.
I thought, We've gone to an online only model no longer will you come up to the Sheridan to Purchase your membership you'll have to do it online to our provider grow tix however the sheriff is no more It's not all that's true. That's true. Well, last year was just.

[13:34] We'll all be trying to wrap our heads around that one for a couple of years. However, it will be in the same place.
The same place.
We're we're also mentally trying to do away with calling it registration. It's going to be badge pickup now. Add six. It's not going to be already purchased and you're just there to Take your badge and be on your way. Well, and I want to say one thing, the great thing about registration is that badge pick up. Bad pick up.
But yes, badge pickup last year, what was great was, you still had the little habit, you had the little, you know, kind of maze to get through.
Honestly from the time you walk at the top to the time you were there you didn't stop.
I did not see it stop except maybe a little tiny bit on.

[14:31] Hey Facebook it was great. It was great. So now what about what was going on with charity last year? John and I love get money for. Wow. Charity. Charity was awesome. Charity.
Is the one thing that's not under me anymore if it's gone under the amazing Mandy call your but, But i still love charity very much and work with Jody and which I hope you will have her on later but We were able to give, Over 206.

[15:09] So wow, Providing dietary assistance for people that are compromised in some way and start off as an aids organization And then became.

[15:33] Or There's a need for a specific diet. In a needed community. So, they've been around for a long time. We've partnered with them doing some of our superheroes events.
Before but last year what does the first year was the year that they were our official charity, That is $200 thousand, They have raised that mat.
$225 thousand.

[16:37] In this case, this charity was brought to our attention by one of the former, Hey Facebook little boy benefited from them he was he, Unfortunately had that journey when he was like two. Oh my god. And but they were, Super fantastic as far as support.

[17:10] Still growing, 95% of cancer treatments are aimed towards adults and cannot be used for children, So, they helped fund research. They also are in the hospitals making sure that those parents are taking care of, you know, because suddenly, you go to the hospital, And you had your child and then, For a week or two because I gotta figure things out.
You know, you better I've even snacks and they help provide all that. Yeah.
Now this isn't, So

[18:25] And it's right across from where most of the babies are born in metro Atlanta.
It's because this is the first year Dragon Con when started the charity and did charity match started it at 54 Dragon raised 50 they would match a dollar for dollar to 50 Ben it's been now been 100 K match dollar for dollar for a couple of years.

[19:05] Open hand open hand so yay, Not, Charities are not they're not things that you would think like let's say the Ronald McDonald House or or Susan Coleman or something like that where there where they're Bigger, bigger charities that have, But it's always the Atlanta chapter. Right, that's right. We always do. We always keep that. We always look for local charities and a lot of the time.
The influence of our members, You know, place a party in what charities we select. So, we we really do try to keep it local, Is a huge.

[20:06] The great thing about these Atlanta charities and I always find an amazing with any charity especially small charity is how low they keep their administrative cost.
And so. And we do look at that. Let's go get that. That's great.
Hey for a big building or anything like they're going too help The people for the charity and I think that's just.

[20:42] Well now and then last year also was the second year we did the medal, Yes. Okay. Yeah, that's the dragon kind hustle. Yes. I'm going to show that this is, this is one of the metals.
The sister 2000 the 2022 medal.
I know it's hard to see but this metal is basically based on the design is from British things.
People voted as to what was your favorite track at Dragon Con?
One so they design this metal.

[21:31] Little what do you call that? Tartis? No, that's, Doctor on here.
Holy grail polygrail.
Temperature in yeah.
And of course it was the Jubilee, It was it was appropriate but yeah and these things are heavy. Yes. They are quality.
You're not thinking you didn't like a little plastic thing that you see. These are serious quality and they actually can hurt your chest. If you pick 'em up and drop them too fast, okay?
This is a five K but it is not a it is a virtual five K and that we are we're doing it all the honor system, But if you've been to Dragon Con.
You're going to do five K.

[22:51] You know, stopping one but then there's still gotta go to the party and go get food and then hotel room, whatever, yeah. So, you're going to end up doing that, But yeah but it's a nice little thing and you get it afterwards.
But, Just the amount they need. Right.

[23:20] Just say whatever they want. People wear them. Anthony Lap, that one. When he was here, the purple. That's really cool, Yeah.
Yeah, Goodly.
Are you will have to ask Jody that.
For some reason I'm thinking when you sign up then you can do it then but I'm not positive that so that's the question for Jody Awesome. John and write down and have ready for whenever you do your interview with.

[24:24] You don't have to go to dragon con to do this, You do not. Preferred that you do but you do not have to. We would love for you to come and join your family but if you need to join it, join us from home.
We have a streaming membership. Yeah.
Was it a success? Was was the. Yes.
We are we're doing just one panel per track but we have a lot of live content that gets recorded and put up on the streaming service. So, so yeah. So, we'll have that again. We'll have our little track channel going on.
Mm hmm.
Last year it was there's a lot of people last year. How did how did the numbers go? What what was the point?
Well we we wanted to gradually get back into the swing of things we didn't want to Just open the flood gates to where we were in the before times.
They enjoyed having less people around. So.

[25:46] In 2019. So, it went very well. It, Single day memberships for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and while we'll have limited single day memberships this year, we anticipate Due to the number of memberships already grab by folks for this year 5 days we'll probably have some sort of cap again however you'll have your chance on August 1 To buy any single days that you need to get, Obviously. Yes. I mean, To our, Lots of years.

[27:02] The day you. Maybe that's part of your costume. That's the bird you've chosen. That's correct.
Prita what was Dave you're calling it pre town four times.
Now last year.
I know that there was a there was a change last year. So, what happened last year and what's going to happen with single day, 2 day, 3 day this year?
If you're if you're planning on coming for a single day Saturday or Sunday or Saturday and Sunday I I really strongly advise you you grab that membership quickly, Because in 2021 we didn't have any Saturday at all, And then they think, well, that was awesome.
Let's go see some stuff. Well, you know, we were strictly by the city of Atlanta to just be in our attendees.

[28:25] Tried to do a little bit limited you know.

[28:37] The people who are don't understand. Football, not.
Soccer in the US but football. American football.
So I want to so we're talking about you can do all of this on August 1 you can buy the singles or doubles or triple, John and I think everybody will say that if you're doing more than 2 days, I knew really just want to go on and look at that five because something's going to happen unless you're like flying on Friday and you know flying out Saturday middle of the night, You really, it's just, first of all, it's just as cost division and the second of all, you're going to want to stay another day or two or.
What am I doing? And you don't want to have to come back every day.

[29:43] You come in and then you have to buy the next one. What were the line? The lion is short and fast. If you buy a Saturday, single day, and a Sunday, single day.
You do have to go and pick your badge up on both Saturday and Sunday If you just buy a 5 day you pick it up whenever you want it and you're good to go for the whole.

[30:11] Ate up very late, What is this courtland you keep talking about? I have no idea what this thing is.
And it's not any it's no longer a part of like the Von Void group sorry people not going to be able to use your points but that's true under a different one so, But yeah. But the other thing is that I think one of the great things about that too is that, Everything's on grotex. So, there's no more cash option folks at the as they say. It's true. Rock in there with your little handheld device, whatever that is and, So Whatever they whatever former payments. Samsung Pay Google pay all the credit cards.
We we tested it last year and we had spars i know no one who who showed up with cash only and wanted to purchase a membership so I work very well.

[31:40] Maybe buy some visa gift cards maybe good to go but I think everyone I mean that's the way society's going you know you go to Mercedes Benz you go to restaurants you go to a lot of places now In cash is no longer not. So, when do you start taking bitcoin, We actually we actually had that discussion quite a few years ago and the answer then was, Unlikely and the answer now is Barry unlikely.
Updates last year in gaming hall update, Let's share those with people because I think they went really well. Yeah. Vendor hall, we added some dealer exclusives for dealers in the hall.
We had workshops, In the dealer hall and various other special events.

[32:43] It was usually just a 10 minute wait or so is you as you entered the building, We moved gaming from building one which was kind of category from building to over to building three which is directly north the building too so the right next to each other.

[33:04] Billy one is is effectively no longer going to be an option so we're going to be in building three with gaming For the foreseeable future. Yeah, last year, I was, I, I didn't get to stay as long as I want to. I got, But I did make it over two, I actually made it over to gaming, and it was, yeah, it was a nice, it was, it was a much easier entrance. It was a much easier, You know. Yes. Everything was it. Right. Yeah, one of the one could be a challenge to figure out how to get into.
By going into Peachtree or the Western now you just go across the street from the exhibitor hall and you're good to go, One of the really cool things that we did add, In addition to having vendor hall workshops we had some specific ones where no answer sponsors come in they had that like a bunch of, Of sewing machines in there and they were teaching some classes on how to use these these, Nifty fancy dancy sewing machines and broadering machines and different things like that.
Was we added all of this information to the app, So there is now a track.

[34:22] Book signings that would go on at different different vendors within there and you would be like trying to figure out okay.

[34:37] So so if you're following that person you could go oh they're going to be at the vendor hall signing their new book, And then a lot of times there's like little demos and things like that that did, Schedule a time so that everybody knew to show up there. You know, it's kind of like, you know, when you're in Costco and they say, in 10 minutes, they'll be a special presentation by aisle 320, That's really great because then you can act when it's on the app folks you can add it to your personal schedule with right can you share it with people Because then you're not wondering who is where and what you just go oh look right there and you can also kind of like, Plan your day because you can say oh there's going to be a couple of things in the fender halls that I want to see I think I'll go during this time period.
That we were able to add last year so, And I also just want to say with gaming we are bringing the next next generation now with my family bringing my niece and nephew, Instead of my son he was in the next generation but.

[36:05] All at one time, We're now getting hooked on, You know you gotta pass the geekery on. You gotta raise that, We have a lot of great D and D events and for the past few years we've had a 2 hour kind of introductory You know, walk up to the table and get to play. There's a lot of people love because it's not AA big 4 hour commitment. So, that's been a very big growth area for us. A lot of fun.
And we're going to talk about this more when we talk to the gaming people but, $10 for the week.
Yeah, for for $10 for the weekend, you can check out any board game in our our vast gaming library. It also allows the folks that want to play the social deception games like werewolf.
They play those over in the western.

[37:15] Very much in dragon does like where will there's an inner joke we'll talk about lateral gaming so no they have they have their I'm not going to make any sort of, Canine Joke here. They have their own lovely area to to play in.
Or can we get to what you really want to talk about for 2023? Well, actually, I do, I have a question for both of them. Which is do you have a specific highlight from 2022?
From last year, while you're at the con, Assuming you got to see 3 seconds of a guest, We'll start with David.

[38:09] There are a lot of guests I would I would love to go and see. I did generally have that opportunity.
Probably the same for Regina. Well, did you have, did you have anything? Any of anything that happened last year that you were like wow, Man I'm sure there's little moments like that all throughout the week yeah the the the we have AA miniatures area and the paint and take area where, Anybody.

[38:41] And can go to town and then we had AA nice contest for those folks we had classes for folks to learn how to paint miniatures that they want And it's it's grown every year. The kids love it. I think older folks love it. So, it's fun to see that kind of adoption year after year.
And I love it too because you know what? We're as you say passing on the, More miniatures in Philippa. More managers. Right. Switch to just kind of fun too. And then step on them in the middle of the night. Oh wait what?
Hey Facebook that's not fun.
Well what a thing that we did I I just thought of is we started a new costuming contest last year that is, The the dragon concults.

[39:46] Harry, Even down to like, Did a gender shift, Hey, Hey, Hey Facebook, Read that ran out of they they made Specific awards for each cult, you know?
Well and I will say right now if anybody has a FedEx shirt that they've, End the gig like Google.

[41:08] That's pretty awesome.
That is pretty awesome. Interesting.
Hey Facebook, Yes.
Oops great. Well, I mean, pretty much, pretty much everyone going to drink on right now is just starting their their Their third got their third cosplay right now.
Can I get this one in? Do I have enough size? Of course I do.

[42:02] They do. Knock it out of the park.
Promote cosplay perspective.

[42:20] No Wouldn't have just the that came to me. It was great. Yes. But I was like, yes, you're combining, you know. That is beautiful. That is really kind of good. Comics and your and and and still the Colts part of it and everything and they did a gender shift and it was Fantastic.
Really beautiful girl had the beauty of the blonde hair and the gorgeous thing on one side and like a burn face. So so I'm going to guess.
The, Think so. Yeah.
Not so great. That not a great color palette. Well, I'm having that color with a burnt would make a little more shots. Yeah. Yeah. That would work.
So, now, again, we're coming up on 2023 which oh my god. 55 days as we record this. 50 days. Oh my goodness, What are some things that you can kind of tease people with that and we will be talking to a lot of people but some teasers to let people know and things you're even looking forward to.
That you probably will watch on your streaming membership after.

[43:39] The silk road track is still in the hilton but it's all going to be up on the third floor, They need a little more space particularly since they also cover like martial arts and things like that. Give me a little higher feeling.
So I've moved them, Emerge news the diversity track up to head over AB it's still in the Hyatt but, But the probably one of the biggest things that's being talked about is our author autograph area. Okay. It had previously been down right beside Epic photos, In the bottom of the 10 1000, So we have moved it over to the western to the western overlook, We're previously there was concourse there but it's a place that's like right beside the bridge that used to go to building one. Oh, okay. So, it's got a lots of windows. It's beautiful. Bright, shiny, it's bigger, Was everything we're doing concerts.

[44:54] Amplify acoustic, Real low amplification not like big rock bands. Right. Right.
End And I've decided to to do some, you know, more smaller sets over there to give people a little bit more taste but yeah, so during the day, Mm hmm. It will be author autographs.

[45:29] No. Oh, no. Is that, is that a version? Is that a version of Dragon Gana for dark?
No. It becomes open gaming. Oh, okay. So, And that will go on to the morning. That's because we're going to close building three. The gaming hall at 2 AM.
Good morning late at night to reopen at seven, So that folks can spread out a little bit and and have a little more fun. We know that it the extra track down there later at night wasn't really appealing to folks. So we decided to you know as an experiment we're always like I said.
Let's get a little better every year. We're going to try that this year.
The authors I love the Western Bar.

[46:36] So you could go over and get your little, You know.

[46:52] But I will let you know that though but you could you could go and get yourself a little you know.
Because that's a 20, that was a 24 five. Hey, look, I did it right therely.
Hey, man.
Job. It it's been so giving the even giving them a little bit of breaks they can sort of clean up.
And the one thing that's great about the western bar we'll talk about all these little things later too is the western bar if you're trying to get somebody to like meet you who's maybe in Atlanta, And you're just needing up to go somewhere else for dinner the western bar is a great place because it usually quiet, As I say this now will be not but it's usually quite and it's usually a place you can easily see someone other than like the Poltz Bar at the Marriott so right which which, But the western bars on the sixth floor so it is literally off if you come in on the peach tree entrance from peach the peach tree you're on the sixth floor, Weirdly.

[48:22] That's right there, Spacious place. Yeah, no. For whatever reason, I was, I couldn't place it in my head until you just, until you just describe it. I've never actually been In the bar but I've seen it because it's right there. You can see it right off the off the John.
And the shuffle in the Marriott and the Hyatt especially the Western Bars are very nice place to just hang out and meet your friends and, They've they've good food there so yeah I got to spend a little time down there last year. Yeah and it's also nice and cool.
Which, Peach tree ballroom is that they might swirl or a jacket. Hey Facebook go there.

[49:22] So, Dave, what about you?
Continue to try to to move people through batch pickup is is officially as possible. We made some little tweaks there.
We're going to have, Various module authors will come in and run some special sessions, For a card expansion that won't be out until the week after the, News items popping up lately about the Lord of the Rings licensing and the one ring being found in Canada, This will be the card release set after that called Wilds of El Drain so I think we're really excited about Having an exclusive at the convention, To the free to play, Pinball.

[50:46] Imma call stuff that we roll out there. And you don't have to bring quarters.
That's exactly right. So, that's really cool too. And even for those of us that are really, really crappy at that kind of like, I hand coordination.
They're fun to play. I still love a pinball game even though I really am not very good at them.
They're just they make noises and they blink and they go, So, that is really cool. I just, I'm really excited that I get to see people again too. I'm so excited about that. So, yay, peoples. Yes, Regina. Did you have some Regina?
No I was trying not to call, I was wondering. I was like, it's okay.

[52:00] Guests that have already been announced. Is there any one or two that you want to highlight right now? I mean, we're going to we have plenty of time to talk about all the restroom but is there one or two that you'd like to to highlight, There was if, Three of the mainstream cuphead, And so, that was today. We've had work, Nice, You know, Which hair, which style of hair is showing up?
I don't care which.

[53:12] I also love his hair. I mean, I love it. It's great. Yeah. Like somebody else.
Is very very great and yay for great people because that's really kind of cool. But yes, he, yeah, stranger world. And I'm sorry, Adam Savage, we announced. Oh, yeah, yeah.
That's awesome.

[53:39] I think it was 2018. 2018, Son who is now 24 was a small we lad of like 10 or 11 was the first time he got there and we have a picture with him Yeah. Yeah, I've I've gotten into Savage's tested, Youtube channel and whatnot and it's it's, Yep yes I can't wait to look up those just the things you said about cups and and all of that so that you can bring, That's great.
So those were announced today so that's they were in again, Hey portal and there's a little drop down and you can do that and you can also look at the guest or the performers or the professionals.
And say wisdom by date added instead of.

[54:53] Yep.
So Carrie Payton Ryan Hurst and Dan Fogler who is also in fantastic beasts.
Is Jacob, It's kind of cool, Yeah. I have it now back on my phone so it'll be a permanent tab for a while. Oh, and here's Eureka.
They determined gas.

[55:52] That is great. Yeah. Awesome. So, yeah.
But I remember them from when they when the show was on and they they're all fantastic. They're super sweet.
Yeah. Super fan friendly. So, I'm looking forward to them coming back. And I know that they're they're probably going to be, I said Colin Ferguson is very tall but everybody is very tall because I'm five one but super nice as well. Amazingly nice. Amazing.
They you kind of start giggling and then you have to like cross your legs because you're diggling someone.
So that that would I know that it's most of the programming will probably be under main programming but that would fall under the American sci-fi classics right?
No no next track.

[57:10] That loud, short woman. Which is like, Yeah. I think yes, I would think the extra staff now are and of course, I haven't seen it. I was about to look it up. Is it Eddie coming back? Any McContock?
Maybe, So, there's that. Oh, this is like, oh, yeah. I'm getting excited. Of course, I cursed you know, the one, one of the ones that was announced early was Jodi Whittaker. We'll be here Saturday only.
From Doctor Who, Hey it's been in everything he's been in everything he has, With Golum in Lord of the Rings he became kind of the imminent, Person on motion capture.

[58:23] The oh he's he's great, Hey Facebook thank you. I could not use it. Please follow me the place.
Andra and or so good, Secret invasion so far. I don't want the search.
Just a bit obsessed. Tiny bit.
Tony Burt, And we have.

[59:19] The spy of you know mop giddie and spy.
The whole the warrior in the Phantom realm. Yeah, she was the one that turned it all the way up to 11 in Andor if you remember that scene where Somebody was hooked up to a machine. All the way up to 11 first final tap. Yeah.
Hey Facebook.

[1:00:01] Alright. Very very cool. I can't wait.
I can't wait I love all the doctors, Official Facebook and you will see them announced there first, Yeah I was about to say worst.

[1:00:39] Yep.
Any last little questions or any statements you want to do because we have the news right at an hour and everybody has more stuff to do. I just want to mention that we've changed some of the awards for the Dragon Awards. Oh, great. Nominations are now open.
And as we've talked about Andor and brave new world, Simo on Apple TV. Oh my god, it's so good.
Hey Facebook award, And then starting in early August you'll be able to vote, Fan focus for what folks are interested in so this is a chance for you to, Comic book list or gaming list for all of your fellow.

[1:01:51] Take a look at the awards we we the the more folks participate we feel like it It makes a greater a greater pool of a wonderful stuff for everybody to experience.

[1:02:09] You do not. All you need is AA valid email address that we will confirm. We ask one human provoke please and you can it's a great chance to to offer feedback into what you really enjoy.
Can I put my pitch? Okay. One thing. What? One.
I want a pitcher category called best slow burn and you could just have silo indoor just go neck and nephew and see each other back and forth.
That's it. That's a tough one. Yeah. Yeah. And it's just you all of a sudden said silo and foundation and now it's like I don't have an app.
I'm an Android person but I'm look at where are you looking at Apple Plus hey you already got Britbox, The show that very few people watch but is awesome is for all mankind. It's on Apple TV Plus. It's about the Russians winning the race to the moon. It's Ronald Moore, it's high pressure values.
Great acting, For a month and binge all the stuff. Oh man.

[1:03:22] Whatever you think of Apple, Date. They curate pretty much everything. You know, and. Yeah. And they've done excellent job with their their there's not a lot on there.
But the stuff that's on there and there's actually more than what you think there is but but, It's done so they're supporting science fiction for sure and they're doing a great job at it. Right.
Way more than when I was growing up. Yeah. As the person who actually has to decide.
Which track? What? There's a lot to watch. So, which is the fantastic thing? But, Dominate your favorites. You know, maybe somebody will go, oh, okay. I never heard of that before. Let me know.
That's how the results started was as a possible reading list. You know?
Because we know our fans are the best fans and they're checking out stuff. All over the place.

[1:04:27] The other thing I did want to say is Dave as you said sign up for a month. My mother told me I cannot come back and visit her because I go about wanting 3 or 4 months and just stay up there a week but she likes it.
And she said I cannot come and visit her again until all of strange new world was done so I can sign her I can we can watch the Paramount together because I'll sign her into my hair amount there Hey Facebook I think the last episode for this season will be just before the convention so.

[1:04:59] A soca on Disney Plus will come out that week.
The week after.

[1:05:17] Because it's too close. There won't be any, Stranger please, I came out 2 weeks before the show. We have, Cosplay is going to be to on the Wednesday before Dragon Con.
The Wednesday before starts on Thursday. Yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah.
Well, as we wrap this up, the first one say, thanks as always to David and Regina for being on here. Regina, we will talk to you again.

[1:06:18] She's the one that tell you all about him. She is Anna. The other thing I want to say before we end this. We've been talking about the app.
And we've been talking about update and we've been talking about tracks.
I already have one person rich I'm remembering you that I'm going to have to take in the shins because there was like in the app up this already up don't do that, Oh no let them do that all they want it makes everybody happy, That on a good year 10 to 11 days Regina and I work closely together to get the best day that we can Because if we put up, you know, data and some guest cancel.
Or get sad. It can it can throw people off. So, we try to give you the best deal. However, we, we, even after we, we post that first one.

[1:07:25] You know. Yeah. All through the show. Yeah. Because we do have, Things like that. But however, what are the things that happened last year for instance was we, We originally had the boys coming in on Friday and they had a filming issue.
So, that that got that. So, So, you never know. You never know. When you get there, check the app because you never know what new thing has happened. So, Right and be very nice if you see Regina at Con just go thank you Thank you, thank you, to everybody.

[1:08:22] Cuz I've got some place to be.
Normally those those long time listeners will know that this is normally when I put a game. Not this episode. There will be some. And and Virginia overwhelms that runs on time crunch. You got things to do.
But not this episode. Yeah. Yeah. Right.

[1:08:57] 2023 right now between 24 and 25 so you know Again I appreciate all the work in in in in Dave you know I I'm sure you hear this a lot but Thank you and in the the original founders for putting together Dragon Con initially that it's it's made meant so much to so many people and I'm sure that you You hear it all the time but it's it's worth repeating that it's always worth hearing and no thank you thank all our members You know, with without our fans, we wouldn't be anything. So, it's the fans that drive things. It's the fans that show us The way to go and and I'm just very appreciative of everybody that gives the speedback and our family that comes back every year.
It it it's such a joy to to, Thank you all so much and thank you again as John just said thanks for everything. I mean, this is a lot of work. People don't, I think always, Feel that background work and you guys do an amazing amount. Y'all, I'm trying not to use you guys anymore. Y'all do an amazing amount of background. A Things that we don't see in the background. You know, don't look behind the curtain. Do not look behind the curtain. It's a team effort. Yes. You guys are wonderful.
Alright. Alright. So.

[1:10:25] Peace.
There we go. This was a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
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[1:11:06] Music.