Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 30 - Dancing The Con Away

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring Levin.
This is the unique heat.

[0:34] Music.

[0:39] Edition of, Unknown reason and joining me is always is a free train lee.
The freight train really?

[1:05] Yes. Shining on you. It's barreling down on you and that person. You know what? Easily. It is. It is on its way. And by the way people, the app is up.
But oh, good. So, everything's permanent. Everything's ready to go. Yeah. It should be done. No questions, no further edits. As I understand?
So don't listen to john But the app is up. They're only certain things up right now. Kinda bigger things. I'm not. Well, the fat lines are that you tell lies that are big.
And there are things on there on Wednesday night so woo hoo, Yeah, Wednesday night. So, there are things there and I really hope I get to go that drag show, John. My husband and I are talking about it. We really want to go. Oh, I love junk shows. They're, Remember what I said, When is it going to get up?

[2:16] Put on Yeah, big person panties and just calm down. It's coming. It's here. We are, how many days where are we doing? Oh god, help me. Oh, we're around 20, I think. Hold on. Bye. Thank you. Yeah, I think we'd like two and a half.
Yeah, right. As we record this and depending upon where you're at, 20 days and 21 hours. So, 21 days. Really?
I guess dragon official.
Sounds like they're in the actual program so I would assume. Yeah, they are and they are, they've been announced on the social medias as it were.
So that'll be good. But no, it'll be great. And you know, it's really fun too. When you see the app because you can look for people by name on that app. Did you know that? I did not know that.
You can. You can look up somebody and say, oh, look. This is where it is. And you know, one of the things that's great about Dragon Con is we all love it and some people love it a lot and they come and they work at it. Well, that's super cool. That's just insane, What we appreciate that.

[3:37] Read DJ's here tonight.
That's good.

[4:01] And so they thank you guys for being here and that actually is you three guys so thank you so much for being here, Alright so we're going to start with the easy question, Okay.

[4:43] Yo, you could transfer passes just by handing it to somebody else.
And we went down and there were, And ask the as we were walking back to our car. So, Hey.

[5:17] I used to work with the, They did the hero costumes. That was back in 2004. I still have videos of. Oh, wow. Walking around Dragon content and that was probably the the coolest thing. This was before everybody really started getting into the big bulky stuff. Hey, yeah.
That was that one on, I'm just going down the line guys. Yeah.
I used to go to Atlanta quite a bit, Coca-Cola company, right? So, I've heard about, Hey down at the high, What the hell is going on here?

[6:36] Oh people are having a party, And then I made an appointment the next year To coincidentally, It's all a good time. It's a good time to come. You know, it's, Get ready for the next day and then I saw the craziness in the morning I think it was like that, Right right.
I said, okay, I need to come back next year. I came back the following year. I brought my camera. I used to take a lot of photos, Hey, very cool. And I stumbled upon a group a bunch of cosplayers that I'm close with at a, You know Kentucky and then, It's just, yeah, now, it's fantastic. I've not been to any other con and I've been advised and you know, Yeah it's not probably not going to be the same experience and.

[8:05] Why would I go anywhere else, That silly pants west coast con that everybody likes to talk about or that big old one up in that big state of New York that everybody likes to talk about now. We're better. Thank you so much. Can we talk about how jealous I am right now that Star Wars, The console you have over there.

[8:50] Wow. Look, I didn't think it was that far away. Wow. Wow.
I met one of my really good friends, At the the lobby the fountain in yeah, Gold.
We're, In chrome, Chrome stormtrooper. I'm running it. She's ready.

[9:57] I'm I lived in Atlanta for a number of years and a lot of my friends went I never never really went to around probably early 2000's.
And it was a whole lot of fun, a lot of party, a lot of great costumes, and then, One of my friends found out she was spitting their DJ Spider and I was like oh wow. This is cool. They have DJ's at bands. This is great.
So, I went and saw her and I was like, oh my god. I I gotta be involved in this somehow.
Yeah. He was in charge of the late night events and, How did them until.

[10:50] Until then you've been back in three times since, No not every time but a number of years this will be my 10th year performing.
Yeah and, Nobody's business. Yeah. We met. She used to come see my band. I played drums in rock bands and industrial bands and, And also a drag band in Atlanta we had drag queen singers, Yellow cowboy hat and, We hit it off. We've been friends since I mean, we've, I've been going to Charlotte to do gigs. We hang out. If I'm travel to Charlotte, I'm like, yo, we gotta go get dinner.
And she's part of the The the cult of DC DJ.

[12:08] And I know that she was a legend. Everybody loved her. I have to say I only saw her once.
Because I go to bed like an adult, We stay up later than you do. Yes. We're very, And then we hit sierra and eat breakfast and then we go to bed like we hang upside down in our rooms I can get to your after party at 630. Yeah, you.
Hey Facebook, Yeah, I understand that. I get up at 630 so I can meet you at 630.

[13:07] No. All about the sun. Don't like the day off, Hey, Hey, That that not my work you need to talk to the parade about that I love it.

[13:44] It'll play a couple of times and if you get a digital membership, you have it for a, Sorry I just have to, DJ Well, so, you know, I I've been really tight with spider and JP for a number of years. And he always gone to each other's shows, show up on stage, you know, crash the event. Hey, what's up? Take over for a couple songs Sure each other's shows and that kind of thing.
Last year I usually have a video person with me to run video on all the big screens for my parties.

[14:41] He calls me 2 weeks later and says so I bought a I bought a laptop and figured out how to run video and I was like no way alright cool let's go and You know, he helped me out and he hung out with me the whole weekend and you know, met Spider and JP kind of saw like The way we interacted with each other the way we interacted with tech ops security, Rachel and Regina and and just the respect and the professionalism and just the networking that we do within the con community.
Like man this is so cool just to see this in action to watch you work a room and Talk to people and you see all these folks and yeah you haven't seen them in a year but you you remember everybody and it's just this is great and it's Do you know any the other DJs? I'm like, not really. I mean, it kind of sucks too because there's so much going on and, He and I just brainstormed a brainstorm. We built a website. We You know reached out to all the other DJs and now we're all we all have our own little discord group and we've just been growing and growing and and.

[16:02] Area. Okay.
It's got a button nettle, And it'll it'll remind you 2 hours before the event because a lot of people go oh shit it's oh there I swore, Yeah, right.
Said shit.
Hey Facebook this will help you help you get there and, You know it's it's, For the unforeseeable future I want to continue this on even if I'm not involved in the future I think it would still be cool to Get everybody together and everyone support each other in Wednesday night get together and let's have a party because it's the one night that all of us aren't working You know no, Hey Facebook I'll probably drop a few of those too. Well, 3 AM in the morning. So.

[17:32] You gotta be there. I'm not going to tell you. I'm not. I am sure and I'm going to go dark shift in just so I'm going to go to you. I'm sure my son has been at, Every party one of add a party for each one of you he loves going to the raves now my son is pointing Oops how old is he now John? 24. 24.
And yeah, he started doing that one of my favorite pictures. I ever have of him at Dragon Con is he was in his hotel room afterwards.
His head is on the ottoman part of the chair and his legs are up on the chair back Because it was like that was just comfy and I'm like I just don't want to know. I think that's hilarious but I just didn't want to know. So, Now dark shift you.

[18:29] We'll put it up on the post and say yeah John's got it we'll put that out so people can With a QR code which is, A lot of people, But it's actually Saturday morning at 3 AM, Add little calendar invites. So, if you go to the.

[19:13] We tried to, That is very very cool. I love it. I love it. Okay and I I'm sorry. You're sunrises. I'm reading dark shift shirts.
Oh, okay. I like that. Sometimes.

[19:39] Yeah. John, how is that? What is that techno noise you make?
Everyone's back to eat. Everyone's generic backbeat.
And somebody just very nicely put a link to the QR code if you're watching live or listening.

[20:05] Hey, So Fasm how did you like get with these guys into this group or did you just you all knew every you just kind of all know Mel, Like nemesis said I think this has been, It should have been done a lot sooner because I think they're just many DJs that were just floating through the system of like, And then I had I had tried to ping a few folks like, DJP and Spider, I didn't meet nemesis I think he was last year I didn't get to run into you so I didn't really, We didn't really have a discord server to connect the way we do right now, So, I think, you know, in the years previous, when I started, it was just like, I don't know anyone.
What is the process? No and explained anything to me. And it was just like, okay, I'm just going to show up. And then figure this out.

[21:33] Alright, what do we want to do? Wanna, Both here in Richmond where I am and just to collab with them and you know, so I think this is perfect. We got together. We, You know, And then, Ok are there, Hey, That's right.

[22:31] Yeah and it's great to connect. Now, I have like this like family of DJs that you know, for Dragon Con.
Meet up and even if I'm not playing at a party I think we'll just be part of this and anyone else that comes up and rolls through it's like, hey, make sure you got this covered, right? So, Really really something that was much needed for it Hey.

[23:03] Much needed. I mean, I had to figure a lot of stuff out over the last few years and it's like, oh, this is the better way to do this and it's like Now and it's no we're not you know we're not keeping a secret we're sharing all those All the hacks and all the cheap codes with our friends and said this is how you need to do it you need to go and meet your people who are running your room Put a face with a name and you know, talk about your inputs. So, you're not showing up at you know, 3 AM going. How do I plug in my make sure, you know, it's like, Security and tech ops in your show is going to be that much better because they're the ones that make you look good with the lights and the sound Take take care of those folks big time, Imma call up when these guys and say hey.

[24:00] Yeah and if you're on discouraging just put it out. Whoever is an inner joke.
Hey Facebook, Yeah and we're we're hoping to bring in more after this year and the other thing is I I think what the other thing we want to provide to try and kind of general is kind of a way to, Bring new blood on and give 'em a way to hey, Knowing us getting.

[24:55] We want to be able to provide, And I think that's what makes dragon con also a lot a very very unique because it's just, We help each other, And wait until we could pick up our membership stuff but that was you know an old days when John and I had to walk back and forth.
Or uphills both ways but will you actually literally can't do that a dragon gun walk up he'll both, But you know, just that is really helpful because you used to stand in there and go, oh, this is the DJ you gotta go. See, well, now, oh, we gotta say Daniel. Yeah. So, we have a question out there. Question for all DJs there. What is your secret guilty pleasure song? Like you've been bears to admit loving it but it just hits you like you can't resist.
There's is, And this is from Gold Desk woman. We want to.

[26:16] Okay. Alright. I don't know.
What the format is?
Oh my people they were there from 3 AM until freaking 6 AM, Yeah, and you know, dance Starbucks opens at six. That's always good. DJ Fasm, how about you?
I don't know. That's a hard one.

[26:59] I play at Deli's with some wide audience but I love it when I get the crowd interacting with the song And then that amps the song up even though i might not like the like that brings it level up right and, So, depending on the crowd, I'll I'll see what's going on the floor and then you should store the end of the night. You drop something that like they don't expect. It's usually a remix.
You're playing it and all of a sudden it's, Hey.

[27:47] People are on their knees proposing in the middle of the song.
Tech house type DJ, That it hits because the audience loves it and then it's like oh you start loving a song because the audience loves the, Hey Facebook, So, currently, I would have to say my guilty pleasure show. I've got a mashed up of, Ahas take on me, Okay. There's a mash up of that. It's a mash up.

[29:02] Right? You hear a song.

[29:23] Hey portal what happened?
Think I gotta go look for that from Captain Antonio these four people probably have no idea John so ask your ask your parents kids ask your parents look it up on the google On the google as my mother says how do I look things up on the google that is actually, Oh, From the CNMS fire It doesn't really fit into any sort of, Jump on crate connect dark shift let's see see what we can do, Yeah.
Are secret.

[30:33] The song forever. I've never heard that song. I've never heard it.
You are.
That's what it is. It's age, Beyond my first, So, first thing like to see all of our events. Make sure that you're hitting, That'll list out everything, Well, how many things for? We're doing four together. Three, three, Where will crash all the other parties that are going on at the normal times on Friday night because we're not open on until 3 AM Saturday.

[31:45] Football field in there, And it's full up people. It is so I meant 2 AM in the morning. I'm, I've gotten pictures. I haven't gone but yeah, so that'll be cool.
Started looking and you I have them all here. I just I am actually already making little things. Remind me of where these parties are.

[32:16] We got you covered, We're also doing older on Saturday and then, Oh, very cool. Very cool. And I'm kind of looking at the names, but I do have to give a shout out extract, still doing that 80s prom, that is the best thing in the whole world, world.
And also they're going to raise Trump money for charity.
And it's on here and I just looked at it. Ha ha ha. It is Thursday night.
At 8 PM till midnight.
Hey, You can hear both. Yeah. And a lot of people have done that. They've told you. Went from aid to me. Crazy.

[33:17] Yeah.
Bunny hutch party comes over to eight bit and you know last year we had like I don't know like 10 bunnies show up, All of a sudden it was like the stage was covered in in bunnies.
Hey Facebook, So it's, Jump into one party hop over to another and, Hey.

[34:05] We're going to also talk about what other parties are going on or what happened next. We're going to say hey, you know, go visit these other events. You know, support everyone that you can.
Yeah maybe don't it'll help cycle people through the room because It just stinks when you know someone comes in you get a text message or something or someone comes up and goes my friends been in line for an hour and it's 1 AM and the party ends at two and the line still you know 300 yards long and I was like oh man, You know, I don't think they're going to get in.
And each night and I do think I think Dragon Con overall in the track directors and even some of the DJs have been like you know what's, And I think that's great. A great example of that because I went to both last year, I popped into the 80s prom and then I went up to go see Kevin at eight bit and it was a lot of fun. However, it was, Both of them are packed. So, that was really good. Yeah.
Maybe we need another ballroom so that the lines.

[35:26] Just like another ballroom. Or or another party. Yeah. Just like we have like what? Three or four every night. Maybe we need to do five.
I need to search staggering them a little bit Yeah. Well, you know, run it like a festival. Everybody has a stage and it's like, Flow control if we can solve that problem the the lines will go faster right What John did you do this because you already trying to get Wednesday at it and Tuesday. Yeah.
We talked about this on our on our cult of DC DJ Discord Is you know what would be awesome is if we got a ballroom on Wednesday and all the DJs did back to back to back to back all of us, Of gear and we just freaking ripped it for like 4 hours on a Wednesday, Yeah.
Well I.

[36:51] All their fault I'm trying to be good, I love this. But John, you still have more questions. Yeah, so I have a idea of another question for you guys. What are, I know you guys are busy, you guys are working, and probably sleeping and sleeping during the day.
But is there anybody this year or anything this year that you or every year that you like to to hit a dragon and make sure that you you don't miss, Consuite, Yeah. That's John.
I know it's Saint Louis.
I have taken him up on those nasty sticky stairs.

[37:51] That I was actually, Hey Facebook, That's amazing. Even if what they're bringing out is maybe popcorn. Yeah. No, no, no, it's it's, Twice and it was because I'm a brought me there and I completely it can.

[38:34] Yeah.
I swear I'm not doing any heavy drugs. Yeah, if we got to mention, I'm doing zombie print.

[38:58] No and DJ Sunshine is doing the 80s huh?
Has so much fun with the 80s. We love him. That actually, that actually prompted me for, When you get an assignment I guess. Is there?
Who decides what the playlist is? I mean, obviously, you guys are going to play with the playlist. But when it with the the theme and the tone is going to be for for the night, Now, I mean, something like eight bit that's kind of an established thing. It's like, you know, seventeens and 80s. Music from that eight bit arcade era.
That includes a lot of video game remixes and fun, cool, stuff like that, some surprises. That's one that I'll be doing again. I I I've been attending that for years to to support JP. I remember the First year, he got it. I was in there helping him Loaded his gear and tape his wires down and make everything look good. I was like, no, man, we need to put a.

[39:56] Table cloth over your wires because they're bothering you.
You know, kind of gotta feel for that and then, you know, did it with him last year. Now, this will be my first year doing that solo but like something like all the run, you know, the first time I did that, it was like, well, What do you you know what what do we do here it's like well, The feedback was people countdown the countdown.

[40:30] I mean you go from like, Just average it's everything. Shut up and dance with me. That's one that that goes off. You know and I'd never really got into that song before but you dropped that and you have a room of you know a 1000 people singing that back to you. It's like man this shit's awesome.

[41:03] Hey Facebook, Little John and like Drake and ice spice is in my rotation. No rules, no rules. No rules. Courtney, All over the place. Yeah.
Hey, Kind of a, you know, house type of trans kind of thing. This is late night and that room is made for something like that. It's like the.
I think I describe it to someone. It's the closest thing to going to the ultra music festival at Braggencon as you can because the room is so awesome. They got hazers in there so the lights look incredible. The stage is big. The sound is big.
So, it's you know, if you're coming in there at 3 AM, We're we're coming in swinging 130 BPM right out of the gate you know it's like I I just want to just watch this room of 174 for the drum and bass folks.
Who's doing eight bit, Okay.

[42:25] Teenage, Now yes probably no yes okay that's y'all that's all my fault, With a lot of great tunes in to narrow down, And a lot of really and a lot of really really bad ones but, So we did have one more question People Jerry asked people there's two they're actually two questions here people with grey hair in the back of the Star Wars themed events asking when the mecco songs are going to beep are going to be played Oh, I remember that, Now we'll throw some of that on.

[43:31] We'll start with dark shit.
I had a screen name on Xbox by Xbox gamer, It was just, Didn't take back the, Dad is there we go DJ Falcon, This is my last name. Yeah, that's the Chinese symbol from my last name. Okay. And, Hey, We're we're PH. I can figure it out. Hey, you got it. Oh, the mirror.

[44:55] So And then when I get tired of the PH and then I have to look up something else that's PH stands for.
Please ask my name.
There's a character in their name bricktop and he does a monologue that was pretty wicked. Oh, yeah. And says, do you know what nemesis means? Well, I was like, are we lazy?
I love it I'll take it Hey Facebook, Album, Go ahead Link no you're in.

[46:08] Hope people go to these. We really want to see people there. I want you to take pictures and send them to Dragon to 50 days at the Unique Geek. Com. So, I can see what these parties are like. While I see.
If you actually I was going to say if you actually make it to a will the parties review the party in the app because that'll be, Good reminder.

[46:44] So it's, Wow that dragon dragon, Nemesis from last year. Oh, wait. No. Look really close.
Having such a blast. Yeah. Oh, that is really cool. That is a cool answer.
John your turn. Alright. Well, this is the the part of the podcast where we like to play a game with our guests. If you guys look over in the private chat, there's a little button there on the right hand side of your Screen, Audience join and by the way continue to ask questions if you want audience as as we play the game but once you guys are in I will, Go ahead and you can play it on your phone too if you don't want to tie up your laptop yeah. That works too. Bye. Yep. You don't have to respond to it.
Think once I think we're waiting for nemesis once nemesis in all show to yes there we go.

[48:13] Remember to send us any comments or questions or anything else you'd like to know us to know at 50 days at the unique geek. Com, And it all one word. Com. So, you got it.
Because we want to answer questions and your comments and whatever. I we really tried this year. We're going to continue to try to have a lot of different groups out.
I would love to talk to somebody from Kilt Blowing and the Bunny Hutch. And Sarah, we do know we have we do, no, we need to call you for the theater group.
And actually Sarah you're getting a email tomorrow morning, Cuz I'm going to set some of those up because, We've had this question before. How do I find the really cool like room parties and stuff like that?
And you meet people who just remain having fun and then you listen and then, Cuz there is a waffle house. Now, downtown. Alright, I think we're full Johnny. Alright, we're full. We're going to go ahead and start. Hey, hi, Johnny.

[49:30] Music.

[49:37] Welcome to Fibbage may your lies burst forth from your phones like a scared alligator in a public toilet, And if you're stuck on this sidelines, why not join the audience?

[50:02] Music.

[50:10] This is round one you'll pick up 500 points for everybody you fool and you'll get a 1000 for finding the truth, First question, In a 2021 ad promoting photo shop Adobe asserted that making an image of blank on blank is one of the great joys in life now write a lie on your device that the other players might think is true If you can't think of something, press the live for me button for half the points.
PG 13 please.
It's one of the greatest joys of in life.
Brandon says they were too slow.

[51:23] And now we get to try to guess which one's the truth.
Oh, somebody. Oh, there we go.
Alright. An image of a cat on vacation. A banana on fire. A penis on the forehead.
Hey white lines on a white background, Peanut butter on hamburger old people on roller coasters shrek on a date, Oh jeez.
A 2021.

[52:14] Way to go. Got me, Hope on Barbie, Wrong.
Cat on vacation, Alright, let's see. I prefer, after the first round or first question rather.
A Florida man became briefly famous in early 2022 for an unbelievable theft He shoved an entire blank down his pants.
Okay. So, a Florida man became briefly famous in early 2022. Just last year. For an unbelievable theft, he shoved an entire blank, Down his pants.

[53:42] I'm eating the truth may not be due, Alright.
Down his pants was it a turkey, Wedding dress, alligator, crossbow, frozen cheese pizza, pineapple, or LCT LCDTV. Wow.
Any of those is ridiculous.

[54:32] Good job audience.
Outside grill, Turkey, Way to go, It was also Chris Wido's like two people.

[55:12] Music.

[55:17] The truth. Oh my gosh.
It looks like DJ Fasin's taken over.

[55:43] Music.

[55:51] Look alive. I'm only playing this once.
A Stuartes must not only make a good first impression but a lasting one, Hello I'm Alice Raymond from, There's nothing to this call.

[56:23] Alright tape in your eyes, Oh, so many things we could say.

[56:54] Hey Facebook, Brandon wonder for Thanksgiving dinner could be put down your pants.
Alright, here's the choice. It's a quirky flight attendant. It's courted by three separate men.
The twist all three guys are blank brothers gay, Going to drink on, A quirky flight attendant is recorded by three separate men the twist all three guys are brothers gay serial killers identical cousins criminals cousins going to drying cotton here we go, Was dark shifts lie, Was the audiences like or sorry was just Jerry C's lie and it was got the, Audio.

[58:20] A living up to his name, It's still alive. It's still alive.
We know what the truth, Screening.
He's going to take.

[59:01] Woof.

[59:12] Okay, listen up.
Talk about a big win if James Parkinson struck gold in 1786 when he entered a very specific graphel and won his very own blank, Alright James, Brandon points out that I've seen that movie. It doesn't enable for Mike.
James Parkinson store gold in 1786 when he entered a very specific raffle and he won his very own blank.
Do you, What do you guys think of this music? You going to put this into your set?
Okay so the very specific raffle he won his very own blank was it?
A mule, catapult, museum, a donkey, a train, or a meat grinder, Cheese.

[1:00:41] Alright train, Mule, The audience world at least a 30 audience was full by gold mine which was Carrie Gaines live.
Steam engine automobile, Donkey, Oh, it was awesome.

[1:01:36] For a price is right remix here. Somebody, How in the world would you even understand?
No I'm not supposed to be late.

[1:02:13] Hey, I just I think there was just a question on Jeopardy the other night about, I don't know. It was a very weird question but yeah.
There's our museums over here in Saint Pete near my house here. Cool. Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, very, Anyway, Salvador Dolly once made $10 thousand after selling blank to Yoko Ono was it his mat his mustache is yo yo, Bird's nest, paintbrushes, a burning giraffe, a katana, Half a sandwich, Hey.

[1:03:40] His mustache, Half a sandwich.
Used paint, Is yo yo, Was Chris' like got half or yo yo if he said.
With cherry cheese lie.
Was the truth.

[1:04:40] Hey, Okay can you let's see, If you were travelling from Chicago to Iowa from 1941 to 1967 there's a good chance you would have taken the local train colorfully named the blank, Jerry says burning giraffe is from the unmade dune film.
It was set to be in it he demanded a set prop to be a burning giraffe wow was that accurate is that true, I don't know if I should trust Jerry ever really well, If you're travelling from Chicago to Iowa from 1941 to 1967 there's a good chance you would have taken the local train code colorfully if you can say the word properly.

[1:05:47] Music.

[1:05:53] Yep.
Okay was it the land of corn, Blue carrot, The express the coffin or the yellow TRA, Brandon says he wouldn't I wouldn't trust him either or he wouldn't trust me either whatever it's the way I like.
Okay so little red tally wacker was Lee's line cut two people, Hey Facebook the coffin was Chris' lie.

[1:06:58] Was the audience's eye about two people. Very good. Very good.
Land O'Corn.

[1:07:27] Alright as we head into the final, Leah's taken a pretty big lead here. Yep. Yup.
A colonel of truth is franding really soon.
In 2007 researcher Peter Chris discovered that vineyards could use blank as a fungicide and In 2019 a committee in Iceland made it officially illegal for parents to give their children blank, Body spray.
Don't worry I'll put a little extra time on the clock, Alright, well those folks are thinking of their answers. I'll remind everyone. 8133210 tug to UG or 8133218, 3210, 884 is the number two call and leave us a voicemail.

[1:08:54] 50 days at the uni geek. Com is the way to reach us that's, Care about that sort of thing. That's five oh D A Y S at the unique. Com Can you send us emails?

[1:09:18] Okay so possible answers for both questions as our, Decide which one's the truth for the 2019, Possible answers are wine, vinegar, milk, toothpaste, red wine vinegar, powdered chocolate, the name Lucifer, pot brownies, yellow snow, urine, or coca cola, Well done.
In 2007 researcher peter crisp, Was that wine, vinegar, milk, toothpaste, red wine vinegar, powdered chocolate, the name Lucifer, Pot brownies yellow snow urine or coca cola.

[1:10:18] Music.

[1:10:25] Come on, show me what you picked. Alright, here we go.
Was the audience's lie?
Was Carrie Dane's life?
Carry me may have, Toothpaste.
Red wine vinegar, Coca Cola, Oh the score is going to be interesting.

[1:11:43] The name Lucifer.
Was the truth?

[1:11:59] Milk was a truth for a fungicide. We need green farming solutions to prevent climate catastrophes like hell freezing over.
Yep spell way down.
Carrie, Alright.
Or if you are watching the video or just go back and watch the video at some point. If you're not listening on the podcast. You can scan the QR code. As well. So, either of those ways are going to get you there.
A gentleman, it's been a pleasure talking to you. I appreciate, I appreciate you taking time out of your dragon con experience to actually you know, entertain the people. That's it's a, Thank you once again. So, four, dark shift, DJ Fasm, Nemesis, Lee, this is John saying until next time.

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