Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 33 - We're All Just Pages In A Fantasy

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:21] Yes.
You're flying, Welcome to another edition of, Has intermittent hosts and joining me as always is me and Grogo back there behind me somewhere.
Lee it might may or may not show up she's having technical difficulties right now as well as, A few other issues. So, we're hoping to get her on here in a minute. In the meantime, you've got just me, Which is exciting for everyone. Or exciting for no one. Therefore, we'll rush right into our guests.
Very much at least not the at least not in the traditional.

[1:32] It's so I'm like the worst person that actually have.
Moderate this particular discussion but fortunately we have two people that are more than willing to talk about literature and of the fantasy burp variety, With me joining me is, Great. You know, we'll make a reader out of you yet. Good good luck Many many person is right. You know, I went to school for for theater. I love reading plays. I just do not read any other sort of fiction. Well, that's not true. I have write books over the years but but in general, I'm not a big reader Obviously a lot of people that come to your track are, Fantasy litter track. Fantasy literature track that is the end of the title that's all I had to remember and guess what?

[2:37] The $one. It was a short read. It was more like a pamphlet.
Isn't it quarters? I thought it was quarters.
To be fair though.

[3:05] A bit summer nights to dream in two different locations so I mean if you're talking fantasy that's, So, Sarah says hi.
Hello. Hi, Sarah.

[3:26] A new kind of.

[3:34] Exactly. Yes. Yes. She has. We will be we will be talking.
Oh yeah, they actually had it if they, well, I mean, right now, they're they're doing, Sort of you know group thing and hopes of getting a track I think, To talk about her group the theater group, her in several other people. I actually kept all the people we've interviewed her active in that group. So, That's good but let's get back to what we're talking about here.

[4:11] What is a fantasy literature track cover?
And then we'll get into you guys got a whole whole spill that you do it's pretty actually cool about what you actually are doing but let's let's start talking about what it is first and then we'll talk then we'll get into that that awesome, Hey Facebook the best part about doing fantasy literature is, Literature that focuses on, Fantasy things involved magic. I always tell people when in doubt, look at how the world mechanics are. So, if the world mechanics are based in science, you got something at fiction.
There's a lot of hand wavium and they just kind of either don't explain it or they're like, magic ones, yay. It's obviously magic. Hmm. So, And the nice thing is we just focus.

[5:12] Hey we don't have to really we don't worry about the actors or anything we focus on.
The wonder that is the book that we cover in specifically we do stuff on audio novels we do stuff on, Short fiction, long fiction, it's really all of the fiction and any, So and we'll definitely you know we've we've even done panels on.

[5:48] As well as how to cosplay, Oh, yes. Well, in that case, that sort of gets us into, I think Mayor Rose can take this one what what are some of the big events that you guys have planned on your track, Well good evening all of you, Because once again we will be on Thursday night, Dressing you up for the page the stage costume contest then on Friday we'll throw you a party at the fantasy gather on Saturday Where can I take you on a date with the fantasy dating game and then on Sunday well ladies and gentlemen we're going to take you to blank that's right blinking BC's back for another wonderful fantastic year, Alright. So, we write, so you ran down all highlights for all 4 days, all for official days of Dranka, soon to be five.
Weather is week. So, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Oh yeah, there's five. Sorry, soon to be six. You know, I've I've for so long. For so long.
For so long I've been trying to get it to five.

[7:14] So so then we have to cover we have to cover Monday though so Monday.

[7:31] Hey Facebook, Well, that sounds like I'm complaining and I could do, I could do that.
Sarah Rose does have a question would wizard of Oz be under your track for example.
The mass media, the the movie, the play, last media, the video games.

[8:25] Wizard of Oz the media property could be under A couple different options and so one of the might actually be under American media classics. Yeah. Well, the the thing is Regina in a couple other people get to referee those fights. Right.
So but but in.

[8:57] But to, Alright, April. Yes. Your your dad joke is your dad joke certificate in the mail. So, so but in general, the Wizard of Oz, the the actual book would would be under your track.
Yes. Yeah, okay. Alright. So, that whole series or whatever would sort of fall under them because it is.
There are few series that fall under fantasy that could also fall under other tracks. I mean, you know, we have some really great fantasy classics and some of these people Represented this year a page to stitch, Which I honestly tend to leave will of time, And she also knows, That is a great question.

[10:07] Hey Facebook so the question yeah the question was, And answer that I've told it is not how high it makes you feel or how high the author was when they wrote it, Which has been my classic answer.

[10:35] Whether it's high fantasy versus low fantasy like Game of Thrones. Sorry, song of fire and ice at the beginning is a very low fancy novel. There's not a lot of magic. Right. What are the rings?
Is up more of a high fantasy to middle fantasy because of the amount of magic in it. So, at dragging time, the dragging con definition is a lot fuzzier.
In squishier than those and it really comes down to if there's a media property it is going to most likely be found over there, Hey.

[11:19] I am likely to more likely to be covering it.
Because like with Game of Thrones, for example, people really, really want to talk about Game of Thrones versus Song of Fire and Ice.
More than just kind of different. The further you go on that series, the more separated they become. Hmm.
So So it really does the pens, So that you can see because sometimes we might cover a similar thing that we do try to make sure we don't double, Put like, So, if you wanted to, you could hit up both panels and her panel was specifically like food presentation in, Lord of the rings whereas my alert.

[12:24] So That's the.

[12:58] Famously projects, She really well. I really will, Hey so, Hey my first surgeon's watching which he might be healing great.
Strangely I do. I don't because I don't want to be implicated but strangely I want to know what anyway going on. Never done anything criminal.
Good cover, good cover.
It's it's done right.

[14:10] You know what? We have a disturbingly high number.
So I hear I hear there's a story that Mary wants to say.
But even Saska last year I was either trying to commit suicide or allow dragon con to murder me through the number of hours of hours.
Content but I did.

[15:01] What is what is Thursday's, Hey, Contest and there are only a few places left of Peak spots left for contestants to register in the open division Hey. So, if you are watching this and you're going, hey, I really wanted to enter.
You might want to do it sooner rather than later because once we hit the cap we're done they don't give us any more people they don't give us any more spots we gotta fit everybody into 2 hours time We really want them to give us more spots, So the page to stage is the literary based costume contest in order to enter your costume you must be costumed as a character That comes from a literary background meaning, You can cosplay as, Or if they have a media property.

[16:30] We had a phenomenal Mrs. Wonka last year. I've forgotten the name of the actual costume. But, While there are media properties associated with that because it has its basis in, Literature. It is loud. Same with anime characters. If they appear in a manga that was either the base for the anime or came after the anime. We do not play the which game first the chicken or the egg game here.
You can you can put a costume in that spaced on the manga or based on the anime.
Same with video games. There are lots of video games that now have books out including Pokemon and Salar Moon and you know, properties that cross all spectrums. So, if it has ever appeared on a Page you can bring it to our stage, To the visits. The page just take costume contest is an international costume contest.
It is.

[17:44] Okay. And then we have an invitational division. Now, the invitational division is by invitation only.
And what that means is we have a selection committee.
That meets we start meeting in September immediately after dragon gone every year and we come up with a slate of 45, Now, these characters are from literary works.
Some are submitted by authors themselves. Some are chosen by the selection committee.

[18:22] And then the collective selection committee meets. We pick 40 of the best.
That we think people will be able to reasonably make a costume up in 9 months time.

[18:42] Or people who have been found through other costume contests like the world cosplay champion for cosplay contest or cosplay. Yeah.
Yeah cause like, And the ICLs, And we invite them to come and pick a character from that list make it costume and put it on our page, Now, in the open division, people can compete as either novices intermediate or advanced. Those categories used to be known as Journeyman and Master but we do use non binary terms.
And then in the invitational division it doesn't matter what your skill division is you are judged only on the construction and on the work that you put in front of our judges, So what you're going to see on stage when you come, Is between 40 and 60, Presenting skits.

[20:10] Vain show was pirates this year our theme is a little bit more fantastical, And we'll be at phone running plot throughout the show. So, we expect that things will be much more fast paced and much, Very entertaining I'll put it that way, And Jessica put up their if you go to what is it DC page to stage. Com, You you can you can register there, Yeah correct yes.

[20:53] Five in each division but it might actually be less than three and one of the divisions. So, yeah, we're busy. So, somebody registered today, those numbers could be a little lower.
So but it is a wonderful experience and, We are not gatekeeping what literature is. I think we even had somebody come as a character out of D and D one time.
Well we even had a Pikachu Deadpool mash up last year in the invitational division so yeah we definitely don't gay keep these are some of our competitors from last year, There's a lot of originality in all of these designs. You can even if they're from mass media properties, you can really see how people took the character and made it their own.
In fact, I think in a minute here, you're going to get to a couple of our favorites from last year.
At the the fantastic doom plug that was the, Inflatable costume and the wife of Bath who was our best in show as well as the sailor moon sailor sister, Which was a Rococo sailor sister. There's doomslog.

[22:12] Originality goes a long way.
In fact one of our dragon award finalists for this year has a character in the same universe, Character, Sorry I I got I got distracted by the comments and also I gotta run the show because normally Lee would fill in this area where while I'm doing all the, So you get so that's that's Thursday that's and that's in the evening I would assume obviously not yes so the the stage show actually starts at 30. Okay.

[23:04] And then so then you're you're a big event on Friday is, So that is think social hour cocktail hour meets school book bar.

[23:27] These are the number of authors who asked, Wow that's a fairly large list, So, we literally cannot fit everybody in there. Inflicted in the app.
It's open to everybody. Authors get to mingle, they get to mingle with each other, they get to meet their fans, they get to talk with their fans, and if you're an attending professional guest of dragon con as an author, We allow you some table space to sell a few books during the 4 hours that we get we go from eight to midnight, And we're going to have for example Cheryl and Kenyan is going to be in the room this year, Jenny Cook Cotch. We're going to have Robert Ross. We're going to have Jay Boys. We're going to have. So, it really, Very much all over the place we have so many wonderful people John Hartness, It really does run through.

[24:42] We host it, We have litter PG authors. We have science fiction authors who you've even had some horror authors. We have a comic book guy who comes every year as part of it. So, it really is a, Of our literature community.
Speaking of books, this throws back to the previous category. Brandon asks he says that I'm going to dress up as that novel that I'm definitely going to write. Does that count as fantasy cosplay?
Hey, That said we have had people enter, Fair enough maybe twilight.

[26:02] But it was also a prop.
And enter it in order to be able to wear it on stage it is not a costume, That does not include inflatables because in theory you could be inflated the entire time backstage, What would you say Suska, That said there are talk about Pink Floyd's wall so if you do decide to come as a character from the wall that is acceptable There. There you go, Well, I mean, what if you, if you could, well, I mean, I can't imagine if you can actually walk through.

[27:14] You could and I'm pretty sure there's some people that can make that. Yeah, yeah. Oh, I know actually people who can make it.
Hey Facebook fantasy dating, Let's go. Oh my goodness. Fantasy dating game is my favorite panel of the weekend. I'm not even kidding.
And I went okay and she said it's called Fantasy Dating Game it requires a little bit of role playing now I should also say about 3 years ago Saska said do you know anybody that could run a costume contest for me, Which made me question whether my best friend of the last 7 years knew me, Oh wow.
Cost, It's not right.
Hey Facebook.

[28:38] The the fantasy dating game is actually probably the most fun panel of the weekend Though just like the traditional vaping game you've got a suitor, Are a group of suitors I should say and a person who wants to go on a date except They are all characters from their books. So, in the fantasy dating game, we invite two different panels of authors. So, you have one Who is the person looking to go on a date.

[29:16] And emcee that understands how to role play as weird characters, Last year I did it as general, Wait who's it who I'm sorry you cut out there what was the last one you did I'm sorry, Anna because who doesn't want space mom to help them pick a date, Yeah, I mean, if mom was around, you know, well, if their mom was wearing this if grandma was around them, maybe mom and brother wouldn't have had that weird awkward mom but anyway, go on. Sorry, go ahead.
So, I don't know that she's the best, best mom around but anyway, go on. No worries. No, but she's well aware of the trip falls of dating. Hey, oh, that's, that is true and you know, her, her kid did, Keeping it in the family.

[30:22] A good Google search for Dragon Con Fantasy Lit YouTube will bring it up pretty quickly, Same with the year before with the Janet. I believe that one did make it up on the YouTube.
Even more fun Cesca has set us up with some really.

[30:50] Well after all this dating occurs then on Sunday.

[31:03] We have the blinking beasties panel on Sunday night.
Literally this is very short on the description not all things that go bump in the night or monsters going about the furious eves.
So this should be we have tams and silver who has been doing the panel for the last several years coming back. She is in amazing moderator for it. And I ironically she doesn't.
It's, Yeah.
So it is a really fun panel, We've covered tons of wonderful issues about all the different stuff. So it goes almost serious. It goes a little funny.
This year, I am super excited. I guess our rep for this panel has Started to proceed ourselves last year we had somebody beg to be on it who is not an author but any guest of dragon con and then they chickened out Right.

[32:32] In the group with the other people who are on the panel So that they he could see what they were discussing about what topics they were going to bring up and he checked out, And now he can go watch what he missed out on because it's also on the fantasy literature track you do, Hey.

[33:05] Mister Jim Butcher requested to be part of the, I mean he could consent is important, I think you mentioned this but this is a late night panel right hey.

[33:41] 11 30 this time, right?
I have the app plan to finish it yet. No, they're they're still working on it and nobody schedules final until it's actually you've actually sat through the panel. Nobody's, I've actually been on that panel where the the panel changed literally as the panel was beginning, The pottery panel is a blast. Last year, we had Chris Jackson and Timothy Zon and Dakota crowd, The art carry and they they just had a blast. They had everybody in the audience cracking up for a solid hour. The room was packed. If you want to be in that panel, get there early, We have that on Sunday we have magic and politics and we also have the delphic oracle panel, So, every day during the day, we have some amazing panel, And Brandon says the panel sounds either fantastic or punishing either way a pun time will be had, We like to pontificate on the puns before.

[35:05] Now, so you mentioned, you mentioned those, are there other, Let's just call them nine highlighted panels or none. Bigger, you know, everyone has their sort of like signature one every day. But do you have other ones besides just the, the, the pottery and and the other ones we discussed about?
We have, A future of fantasy panel where we're talking about where like the current trends and fantasy literature where they're going, Kind of fascinating in a way.

[35:52] On the ball both as an author and as well as me and one of the founders of Continual And so he's very aware of the different issues and he's doing a lot of work also on how a eye chat GPT are going to be effort should be ethically used, So we have a panel, Writing outside one's own, Hey should pull up my panel listing but, But which is about writing beyond your own perspective, right? I am a female but if I wanted to write a story about a male, That's not the perspective I grew up with so how do you that kind of responsibly, In how do you do it respectfully as well as just good examples of it done right.

[36:59] This year.
For some crazy reason, Hey Facebook.

[37:22] Fantasy, A poly glot yeah still a poly glide and so she came to me and she said would you moderate this and I was like oh yeah this sounds like a lot of fun I'm really looking forward to that one she's also got a baby author panel on Friday morning That book you haven't published yet that you want to publish so you can cosplay a character from it you should go to that panel, Baby baby authors is that what it's called yes.
That's what it's called, Baby author is learning how to author it's. Right. Writing because there's there are a lot of factors that go into being an author these days.
The difference between an indie author.

[38:31] Just being lazy and saying somebody else should do it.
Because to be honest if this is kind of a hobby horse of mine but if you're a traditionally published author going through a traditionally published publishing house, All the marketing work.
To the publishing houses which is great but honestly why are you doing that, And when you do, you see a tremendous sales and that honestly, I think that's why some of the traditional publishers Are picking up more of the indie authors because they are authors who have figured out to work how to do their own marketing plans and they're not going to hesitate about doing it, Now the job hack is they're also going to look at the company and go I did my part what you need to do your part.

[39:36] It's been an interesting trend that I've seen among some of my authors and my friends Larry Korea, Julie V, Ken, About the bell these are all are our bearded these are all authors who started, Add indie author either small press or self publishing who have been picked up to huge success by traditional publishers, That's a that's a, There you go. And and that that the baby one's on Monday mornings which is that right? The baby was on Friday morning.
Well, don't show up on Monday morning because it'll be something else.

[40:29] Complete with asking whichever one should go to, I can tell. I can tell she'd lack self confidence.
No at all. I was hoping. Alright, just because it. Alright, so this is the time of the the the podcast where we like to play a game with our Our guests. I'm going to go ahead and add the to the stream. Those of you watching a slide can join in if you wish. Head on over to, Jackbox. TV and enter in the room code today's room code is HZCY, You guys can hear the music, right? Now?

[41:17] Music.

[41:27] I don't know.
You can hear the, It'll be important in a minute.
Yeah, you're on there.
I just don't want to be in the gator.
Are we going up? Room for one more per up. Yep. Now we're done.
I'd love if you guys think I can, A full game good thing i put on a clean shirt wait, And if you're watching, you can join the audience at any time.

[42:47] This is round one and that means you were in 500 points for every player you fool. And you'll get a 1000 for finding the truth.
First up.
The slogan don't mess with Texas originated as part of a state campaign to discourage blank, If you just can't come up with anything use the lie for me button to get a suggestion for half the point, Alright so everyone should, Oh, there it goes. Yeah. Yeah, we wait til after the question comes up, then you, then you, it'll pop up. Yeah, so as they do that, let me remind everyone you can reach us at, kind of supposed to play the, Voicemails again, 8133210 T U G that's 8133210 tag, Or you can Email us at 50 days at the Unique Geek. Com. That's five oh D A Y S.

[43:58] Okay, now all the, But I will reread this again the slogan don't mess with texas originate as part of a state campaign to discourage blank, Graffiti, Gambling.

[44:25] What is the the slogan don't mess with texas originally supposed to discourage.
Couch potatoes, Mexicans.

[44:49] Bootlegging.
Weddle as in pedal. We just went over this last podcast. Lettering was the truth. Lot of people got us. People don't get the mess.
May have been talking about your panel earlier.
It's actually the audience right now. The audience is in the league.
1993 Darcourse Comic Book Crossover finally answered the age old question what if godzilla fox, Now, this may be unfair because I imagine somebody in our audience knows this answer.
But anyway, Well, 2°, that's true. A 1993 dark horse comic book crossover. Finally answered the age old question. What if godzilla fought blank?
Alright where is the truth?
Was it King Kong.

[46:15] Predator, The 1993 dark horse comic book crossover finally answered the age old question what if Godzilla fought one of those animals of truth alright here we go, Live very good catching, Martha.

[46:53] Hi, somebody.
Eight old age is mighty Bill's life.
Charles Barkley.

[47:25] Charles Barkley we've always wondered, Looks like Brandon's in lead audience still 1500 Harold. Just in just a second, Shocking headlines from NPR why America is losing the blank race Add to your lives now.
Example I may have misspoke with with her what she was asking earlier which is, Is Lee the new Richard Simmons where is she? I think that she's in that way but anyway, but yeah, it's so and my answer stands.
Which is that she is Richard Simons.
She's not the new one. She's the existing one.
Invite buy that she's she is, By that logic.

[48:51] Bathroom, Reece, Ok what everybody pick, Space.

[49:38] Which is weather like pedal, Toilet, Huh. Dad joke number three for, I missed it.
On to round two where all point values are doubled.
How about this, Blank submit your lies now.
Very interesting minister but due to his beliefs as a semi-active pagan Jewish minister.

[50:55] Music.

[51:12] Oh my goodness. I'm in a monster. Yeah, I was going to say, are you okay? Are you safe?
I'm good.
Alright, dude is police is a semi-active peg in Jewish minister of the city of Madison, Wisconsin confronted Jeff Goldstein because he refused to blank. Mow his lawn, wash his hands, not be cool, Eat non kosher hot dogs in public, Eat sticky cheese.
Hey it's us for kids, Alright, what do we got? We got remove his goats. Was the audiences lie? Jasmine was trapped in that lie. Let deceit.
Happy audience believe Chris is like, Get a circumcision.

[52:27] Brandon Gather haven't out, I bought it.
Mow his lawn.

[52:55] Well done Cookie, Brandon looks like. Brandon.
Focus up, Where he looks like he's mad and I look like I've been crying. Which makes sense because right before we took the photo I blank, Okay I, Let's make sure it's alright, Punched him in the face.

[54:08] Music.

[54:21] Okay, here we go.

[54:37] Drink his soda, That's interesting.
Let's take a look. I mean, alright, let's see it.
Was proposed to, Drink is soda.
Said i hate Gandalf, Dropped his phone, I then asked him for a photo.

[55:59] In a huge huge need, I think this is the last one before the final fibage so, Try to get his most points you can't hear so known as Scotland's disgrace an incomplete national project was begun in Edinburgh that was a supposed to look like blank and remember this is, So Camilla's face.

[56:45] Okay, DJ Rogario, I think that's, Alright. So, here's the, Queen of Mary of Scott's eating cake.
I mean at least nobody sent William Wallace.
Hey, A kilt, A giant kilt.

[58:11] Hey Facebook, A horse charging.

[58:26] It's a truth. What? Why don't you build the national monitoring? It's look like something from another country.
This is the one time they don't give us the explanation.
Yeah you know.
It's worse than the fridge at least they lost their roar.
No pressure. That's it. Triple the points.
Blank and, Blake.

[59:21] That's double the chance to fool your fellow players and if your lie gets picked for both blanks tell you what I'll throw in a bonus, Got all that I'll give you a little extra time on this one so So our contestants are trying to fill in the blank with one answer that could be good for either blank, In 2017 two LA cops were recorded ignoring a robbery and instead discussing blank, Or the second prompt is.

[1:00:02] Gather was, It works. It works for both.
Well, that's good because you want to convince up people that it's the truth, right? So.

[1:00:24] Music.

[1:00:34] There we go. Go.
Okay, these are the choices. These questions have two different truths but we'll focus on this one first.
The queen of England Paris Hilton Chanel, Eminem and Doctor Dre, Pokemon Go Ryan Reynolds so, And instead discussing blank when those answers I gave you poor.
Alright, in odd side hustle, that's not side hustle. Help, happy Hounds dog cologne was released in 2022 just like last year, by Blank.
Was it the queen of England.

[1:01:48] Beyonce Snoop Dogg PetSmart Eminem Doctor Dre Pokemon Go or Rhymer, Will both sides that was Jasmine's lie.
Eminem and Dr. Dre, Anna Barbera.

[1:02:32] That's smart, Pulled by them.
And Snoop Dogg, Think the other one was spelled with one less G, Was Gabe's lie, Was the truth for the two LA cops were ignoring a robbery and discussing Pokemon Go.
The queen of England was a the cologne.

[1:03:44] Thank you. Oh my god. Alright, let's see who wins this one. Suscan, fortunately, some dead last.
I don't normally call that out but Brandon, Brandon won. Congratulations, Brandon.
Very well done.
There you go. That's exactly it. That's what we, The one two things we've not covered where can they find information about your track before the track and then where can they actually find your track when they're at Dragon Con, Okay so.

[1:04:30] Go towards the gift shop. Keep walking around. Go down to floors to embassy hall walk straight down the hall past sci-fi lit on the, Left and writers track on the right I am, Miss the the gift shop go down the center all the way to the center and go all the way down, Walk to the far end of the rat maze and then up one level and you're an embassy hawk.
So where to find us we have fantasy literature at Dragon Con, We do have a Twitter not no not on Twitter.

[1:05:18] Costume contest or fantasy literature at Dragon Con you can find us at DC page to stage. Com for the actual costume contest You can find us at Fantasy Literature YouTube by googling, I have a tip talk.

[1:05:50] Hey Facebook could you post randomly? Oh so you just send them to me. Okay, I got. Oh no, I send you the funny things that you find on them.
Yeah, it's I'm not on TikTok. So, it's always interesting.
Oh 5 days of con. Five ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, again, I appreciate they had six. I think they're going to have, Give you five more volunteers and then assistant track director and addition to a second, Hey.

[1:06:40] Hey awesomeness of being involved. It is. It is.
The folks at Drankon the the all are volunteers they're all volunteers the people that are helping you in the line are volunteers the people that are you know that are, Setting up the lights, doing the sound, running things left and right, doing the parade, everything, all that is is run by volunteers.
And it's, you know, one.

[1:07:26] Before con planning for the next con. That said the only payment we ask in return is kindness and happiness and smiles. There you go. Thank you.
Really and truthfully we could not do it without volunteers. It would be absolutely expensive. Exactly.
We should take the can't go 24/7/ it's because it would be just become way way way too expensive so, But yes, So, anyway, alright. So, so.

[1:08:24] Music.

[1:08:30] This was a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:08:58] Music.