Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 39 - The Con Is Smokin'

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Days Of Dragon Con

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You're funny come back out on your face and give me 25.

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[0:40] Hey Ann welcome to another edition of 50 days dragon concert John usually does his part and I was about to do the entry and then I forgot because I was looking as I'm up, That's what happens when your partner can't be here. Hi, I'm Lee and this is 50 days of dragon con, the podcast that goes on even when, The other partner is a little under the weather.
Or having dinner with real life things and you know those are great.
Those unfortunately happened and we all have to do it. So, I'm Lee, I'm so excited. Everybody's here.

[1:18] Sometimes the app goes up but it's not like real yet.
So, it might be, you never know, but just keep watching. Oh, it's not all up yet. I promise you on that. It's that no, it's not.
So, keep looking. It'll all be updated. We're not, it'll get there. So, don't go crazy.
But some of them might be true. I don't know. I'm really curious if I can go to a panel called how to build your own thermo nuclear device, Build your own through my thermo nuclear warhead extra material fees apply, Seriously thinking about it if I can do that.
Mostly because you know I'm not on enough FBICI or whatever watch list they put weird people on.

[2:18] That's really a group or not. So, I really want to introduce.
Hi John.
There is a place of drying con. You, Hi Before we get into the cigar club which I'm sure a lot of people want to know about. I know, I'm actually already a member. So, I know how that works. Cuz I love cigars too. We'll chat.
I have a second.
How did you even find out about Dragon Con? How did you, I mean, how did you install coming to Dragon Cotton as we are almost at the 40th year if I'm correct? Oh my goodness.
I'm a nerd from way back, Hey 70s.

[3:20] At the schedule online on a Friday afternoon. That was when it started at 1 PM on Friday. Great. Wow. And it was still really only a three, Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon yeah Right?
Had a, Okay. And that's what family convinced me to go and at you know, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon at work. I went online to the Marriott. Got a room for the night Oh wow that's a long time ago oh.

[4:06] The feeling of what was going on. Right. It's like, okay, I'm staying the rest of the weekend. I'm staying forever. So, I'll just, yeah. So, I've been going every year since 2003.
That's awesome. So, those will be your 20th year. Congratulations. It will. Thank you. Oh my goodness. Gracious. I know it kind of hard when you start thinking about you. You're like, help me. Oh my. I've been going. How many? Okay.
Let's talk about this. You've been going since, 2003 and you forgot we're one of the members who started the Cigar Club and what year did you start the Cigar Club and what really is the cigar club, Alright the cigar group, Betty and I that went with me were cigar smokers and we would find different places to go.

[4:53] Someone I do not remember who and one of the other, Just made a post at half anybody wants to smoke cigars and get together listen meet up on the Hilton smoking patio you know outback of the Hilton, 2014 I don't even remember which nap of the client was Do you have any four guys showed up of which I was one, Joe Versage, you who is a long time, Registration volunteer was one of the original four guys. Oh, okay. There was a guy named Michael Siegman but he came to disappear after the second year.
And then the guy that who goes by the name ignorious deluna on Facebook, Huh. He is the guy that shortly after dragon time in 2014 created the Facebook group and he is the one that runs loud and doesn't amazing job Oh, awesome. Awesome. So, that's great. You want to finally members. I love it and so, what is the cigar group? I'm not calling out a club. It's not a club. It's a group. It's a group.
It's just folks that enjoy good cigars and good company just get together we, Winded up in 2015 we had the first Facebook group made up on Trader Rick's patio.

[6:18] I think I did because I remember finding y'all and I went oh my god.

[6:30] You and I were both going towards the bar to order more drinks. Probably yes.
Yeah, I didn't mean. Yeah, thank you. Thank you for letting me go first. Yes. I don't know if they still do that. I don't.

[6:56] Trainer makes used to have a deal and it was $five my ties, You know, if you do like things like that and they used to have a great band. I don't even know.
I am not going to trader Vix on Thursday now for many many years as you can tell but if you like to go to Trader Vix and want to try my tide that's the place to do it, So we ended up going from the four guys in 2014 to the first meet up at Trader Vicks I think we had 80 people, Hey Facebook, We can't do that anymore that was the only year we were able to do that, Yeah yeah. That that's a rule. Yep.
Then in 2016, Is a prohibition style speak easy, On the door.

[8:13] But you cannot get it from their website or anything. You have to get it from somebody that see the member or you can usually get it from hotel concierges.
Hey Facebook, The place.
On that little tiny patio that's about the only place to let you smoke cigars at the highest.
They don't like you to do cigars down on the pool. The clothes pool area. So, the oh yeah, I'm going to Let me know about that code afterwards. We'll chat because I'm going to be around a lot more this year and I would love to come by and say hi to people.
And where it's it's easy to find if you know where the hooters is.
Yeah I know where that is the corners corner of Patreon if you start down the hill from the hooter it's about halfway through the block, There used to be an.

[9:17] Yeah and Daily was great and many many many many many many years ago my husband and I used to go there that used to be kind of our special place together they also had great food when just cigars and martinis it, Above the red phone booth is a moffy pizza. It's the same group, That do the red phone booth that own that, They even they went to Naples to train and had two 6000 lb brick ovens imported from Italy they had to take the top of the building off to get those ovens in there, I bet that's pretty dang good pizza here. Yeah, that's a good. It's a good place.

[10:00] Than anything that you might be able to get walking around. Although, sometimes you just gotta put something in your mouth and I understand. That did not come out right.
Sometimes you need a little protein very quickly and you're walking around the hotels and that kind of pizza might be all you can get really quick So, I understand that but really good pizza. If you can go and sit down and have a good pizza, it's a nice decomp At drawing con I agree. So yeah okay so that's around where it is.
That's it.
I yes and for people I'll try to write something up for this for John so that I can give a little bit of a direction maybe even like take a picture of a map and update it, So you know where you're going to go. But this is great. So, you gotta be a member. Now, the, You either know somebody that's a member to get the number from them or you can usually get it from a hotel concierge the downtown hotels will have it, Or email them or any and get it from there. I don't get it. So, yeah. So, this is it.
Now so.

[11:22] Very cool now at the red phone booth you're going to be able to smoke your scars which is great which means in Atlanta folks let me just let you know, Atlanta has a rule there is no smoking, Everyone in the party must be 21 to enter, The cigar groups, rule, or anybody else's rule. This isn't Atlanta rule. So, don't think you can take the 20 watt, 20 year old in there because you, you know, it's your 20 year old. You can bring your twenty-year-old somewhere. Says the one that he tried to get her 20 year old into the vortex.
They don't like that and they don't like to do it. So, just FYI, 21.
And that's the same thing my son was so disappointed for his 18th birthday he wanted to go to the wartex and it was like the year before he turned 18 so when the rule changed, We must have sons about the same age because I remember that too because, We kept going to the vortex and I was like, oh, these are the greatest ever and I would go when he was in school or something.
Like for dragon con or whatever else and I've gone to the vortex for years before I had a kid, I've lived in Atlanta since.

[12:36] I'm kind of the same but I live out in the wilds of Northeast Georgia about 60 mi from downtown. Oh, okay. And I'd like your, I've lived pyramid entire life. So, Phone booth at the red phone booth sorry and What? I mean, what goes on in there? It's that can they smoke? I mean, I know they can smoke cigars. Can they get a drink? Is there food? But.
The the cocktails are the other big thing at the red photo booth, And that's one thing don't expect five service they are very exquisitely crafted cocktails, Old fashioned.
Were the and for that for the ice they take a blog Of ice and put it in the sun kind of device that turns it into a spear, Huh. And they put that in the glass and they put the liquor in the bottom of the glass. They have a little metal Plate on top was lights they put, Oh

[13:49] Ben they have a little branding iron that they heat up with the torch and brand the ice and it's like the shape of a martini glass, And then they put a little it's something red I think it's Grenadine in two that little outline and it runs the outline, Okay, y'all. That's really cool. I'm just going to see if they can do one of those. Maybe, like, make me a Shirley Temple kind.
Cuz that sounds like the coolest thing.
Oh that is so neat.
Oh, okay. Yeah. If you, if you like night cool, that's.

[14:38] Get that totally, You they have a small bats menu that you can order food but I mean you can get pizzas and like shrimp cocktail and I mean that's nice it's it's not just a little bar bite it's, You can get a substantial It's good bar bites. Yeah. It's good bar bites and I think that's great. I love, sometimes, I think it dragon con. I just, You know I need to go somewhere and be like quiet, First of all Trader Rick's after Thursday night usually a nice place to go and you can get food and decompress. Now it is a little more pricey. You can also find other places around that you can decompress and it's not as pricey.
But that's just always so nice and so it's one of those great things to do that and just be like, oh, this is nice. It's quiet. And yeah, sometimes you gotta pale a little more for that quiet, sorry.
But you know, it's nice and so that's great. I love it. That sounds so awesome. That's great. Now, are you doing that?
Every night a drink on or are there certain nights we we have the official Facebook group meet up is on Thursday night it'll be August 31, Huh. Starting at 630 in basically at least some some of the folks will be there until, 1 AM or later.
Whenever they close. Gotcha. Yeah. Gotcha. And then people wonder in and out some people stay the whole.

[16:08] Well and I think that's a great thing because a lot of Thursday night now is parties and meetups and things like that and this is great because I know I already have my little Thursday menu in my menu sorry Mate schedule in my head so 80s dance party, At the Sheraton with the extract because eighty's prom is always the best, They go to thee.

[16:41] But this is great so I can go at 630, How about you know a third of a cigar because I can't do all I want at once y'all they're pretty they're strong and then, Go on to the party and you know, wander in and out of places. I think that's wonderful and that's great.
That's not the right thing about driving Kong, right?

[17:04] And you find out about this is why I wonderly wanted to talk to a lot of the groups is because you find things in, You know there are around but you're not sure how to ask or how to find out that information and Facebook honestly is great and it's.

[17:25] Unofficial you can kind of do that but This is a way to find other people, people that you have something in common with. I eat cigars or you know, there's, we've already talked about the DJ. They're doing a meet up on Wednesday at the Poltz Bar. Immediately, go talk to some DJs and just tell them, you know, what you've enjoyed. If If they've done before or you know, you're looking for this kind of music which DJ did they think you should try to find or which party you know those are the things that go on at Drankon and I think they're really great so I'm really excited to talk about this, And so you said that's the official one but will there possibly be other people at the red phone booth during the rest of dragon having some cigars at different times, Oh yes it's when I was still staying there for the weekend I would usually be in there three to four nights, Excellent, excellent. And just a little information about the red phone booth is. Please, outside of dragon kind is laid out a very, they have a strict dress code Okay.

[18:34] Yeah well and I yeah during during Dragon Con they relax the dress code because you have the people in costume and they're all weekend, And, Yes.

[18:59] Only cigars and pipes. Okay, because those are the ones that these I love this smell of a pipe. I can't smoke them but I love the smell of them. But those are the ones that have a A stronger smell.

[19:17] Are very a different scent to me. Right, Yes. Just regular cigarettes. No, that does it. They have an amazing air filtering system too. So, Hey Facebook, You can be there where it's quiet. Usually, when I was saying the whole weekend, I would go on Wednesday night before the crowds arrive so I had a peaceful night You got a peaceful light where everything else, Hey Facebook, You do have the football folks there in I think we'll have football folks both Friday and Saturday or Thursday and Saturday night but I, Make sure, Go South Carolina are not playing.

[20:33] They have a walk in humidor with a huge selection, Cigars so you can go you had you have to get a white dress or a manager somebody because it's kept locked and they take they take you in and You just peruse and pick out what you want and they just add it to your check along with your drinks or whatever. Oh, lovely. Oh, that's wonderful.
Yeah. Keep going please. That's one.
Hey set up course they have a bar with the bartenders there at it they have some bar top tables around there but most of the rest of the front area is you have like leather sofas Oh nice. They're set and like conversation groups to facing each other.
And then they have there's a backroom. I think that I can't remember if they call it the mafia room or what? But it's got like a huge round, That would never be okay.

[21:43] And then one of the things about what the cigar group does is like say ignorious is our fearless leader and he's a great guy. So he.
So he runs the show and when you come in, You go find him and you get a dragon concert our group rib and he does a different ribbon each year.
Because there are people that donate prizes and so they'll have one once or twice during the night they will start pulling numbers and I mean we've had last year What the grand prize leading the biggest one ever somebody brought in a $300 cigar, Oh my.
It'll be you know it'll be anything from like ash trees to lighters, Ball caps to T shirts to posters to signs just whatever different people have donated for the rifle.
Donation for the raffle. So, this is a free rival. You don't gotta go give him a dollar or whatever. Nope.
There we go.
Up on the the elevated platform.

[23:08] I can't wait. This sounds so great. Awesome.

[23:23] I'm not one of the like super tasters with cigars I just kind of it's like I either like this. I mean, I can say this is my old, this is strong.

[23:41] But that suck I don't go, Well I just I don't have the taste into the depths that other folks do I tend to prefer a milder cigar my, My main go-to cigars is there several that are predominos, Both with the Connecticut rapper and with the Habano rapper or Habania rapper is a little darker than a little bit stronger.
Habano as in that not spicy, right? It's just. No, it's just a little bit stronger to that flavor.
Okay I was wondering if I were trying to play off that so yeah okay in Connecticut is a lot of rapper the full name is Connecticut Shade Groom because it is grown under shade false so it doesn't get as much sun so it stays lighter and milder right well and, Yeah I like that.
Do they help you though? If you go to the humidor and you say, look, I I smoke whatever somebody gave me or whatever. Here's what I like. Can they, can the manager help you find a cigar that'll go with that? Yeah, they are, yes, they are all well versed but also your generally In a room full of.

[24:53] Mm hmm. Yeah, I just got. What are you doing? Yeah. And the and the waitresses also will they will have cutters and lighters and so they will cut your cigar for you and let it for you.
And I will say something when you light a cigar this is the one thing I learned and I actually kind of agree is you do need.

[25:14] I don't care if there wouldn't or not I think wouldn't easier to hold from my experience but to to delight it appropriately I've never been able to use a lighter to do it so I am the ladders that I use is you can't use, You can't really use a soft foiling ladder like a zip over a bit. It has to be a butane torch ladder. Does it take serious firepower and the butane does not have the off Taste that latter fluid cannon part. Yes. Now, that would make sense. There you go. So, that's where we go.
And so that's what the waitresses will be using as butane porch sliders. Hey, tortures. Oh, that's cool too.
Oh, that's awesome. I, you know, I'm a lot like you. I don't, it's not a brand. It's not this. What I have found is I like a mile to a medium and I like different countries cigars. I really like Honduran cigars. I have found them to not have that, Kind of harsh taste a lot of times that you can find in a cigar that kind of stays with you in the next morning.

[26:15] I also was very lucky I got to go to Amsterdam and I have some Cuban cigars And while you can't buy Cuban cigars in the US they are not illegal to have in the US that's you don't have to like sneak a man anymore you just kind of say hey this is what I got and Customs looks at you in wage at three. So, if you ever get to go somewhere where they have duty free and it's not in the US, you can usually get it.
I wonder what it's like yeah.

[26:48] People have been doing cigars that left Cuba for so long that I for me that All but one of the Cuban cigars I've had were no better than, Cuban Hoyo today Monaray X Gala.

[27:16] Hey primarily stick with Prodomo, Oh the Romeo's and Julietta's are lovely. I also love the Romeo and Juliette's because you can get smaller ones.
Yeah, I know CAO puts it out money crystal puts out most of the major, About six different flavors Hey Facebook.

[28:18] Yeah I think that the, They they have a few of those smaller flavored cigars too. Now, the acid line, a fuller size cigars, there's a lot of those that are flavored.
Cigar cigar not flavored but a lot of people like with flavored ones, I do not smoke I do have the occasional cigars so I guess I can't say I totally don't smoke but I am very occasional scar but my sister smokes and she smokes mentals and I'm like Oh 27 years. I found about right?
I think I had my husband is allergic to cigarette smoke and I was slightly on and off smoking in college and when I started dating him it was like alright But on that smoker that a lot of people hate i put them down I never wanted them again I was all fine with it And it was like we hate you.

[29:28] There you go. Now, one of the things you also just talked about which I love is that Dragon kind is always this great place because people are willing to help. People want to help people. They want to talk. They want to do all those great stuff. You are also in two other groups.
One of which I'm also in a member of, What are those is the dragon con over 40 group. So, give me a little bit of what you think. I know you're not a one of the, Owners not owners.

[30:07] Kimber's awesome by the way. We love Kimber. I I know Kimber. Yes.
And so that when generally with over 40 it it was just you know all the most people that are older than all those young kids and it was just kind of fun thing that just kind of hang out with people that were a little bit Of an older demographic man so usually it's just there's like a meet up I think every night during Con. I haven't been able to make it lately especially because last year this year being a commuter. So, I'm not, But I love the drawing what but this is the good thing about something like this is that you can go on and off and see what's going on and meet people The dragon gone over 40 group I like because we also do it very tongue and cheap right we're the group that has tried those big Buckets of buckets of ram, You know what? Just getting a straight old shot of.

[31:15] Right. You know, we're those people but I do think there are certain things. It's like dragon climb bingo. You had to at least once try.
If you drink the bucket around so yeah Yeah so the other thing about the dragon over 40 if you watch the parade whether live or afterwards or, On your web subscription you can get, All the time. There is a get off our lawn over 40 group and it's very tongue and cheap. We don't want anybody on our off our lawn. We want everybody on all the lawns but you know, there are different things like, As you said, in 2003, Afternoon.
Hey at that time, Right, The weekend pass was like 45 if you voted in advance and it's right I don't know that I'm going to be coming 10 years.

[32:41] You were and that was what my thing was. Well, I volunteered. I, you know, I was always going to be a dragon. I didn't.
And my husband was like eh I'd buy one but there's going to be years especially early on when he was working and couldn't be at all of Con and, Think about it after you've come to one or two or three lb going hmm, I want to probably come at least X number of times the next number, You can buy it for your child but they don't transfer. Your child can't transfer it. You can't buy one for yourself and transfer it to your child later.
So, just FYI, I know that. I know that rule. That's a weird one.
Another thing that was over 40 no like i just had to have our house recited And they were like it's a lifetime warranty. I went, my lifetime and they went, no, the house of lifetime. I'm like.

[33:49] And you're also a member of the Dragon Conubies and you're not a newbie haven't been for a while so what what got you into that, It's just the idea of it about Helping people out the kind virgins that come that are just totally overwhelmed.

[34:15] Question about something if it's something that I'm familiar with then I'll you know jump in and. Right. And try to give them the benefit of my experience.
And now all of these groups that we're just chatting Tim and I are chatting about they're on Facebook there is a dragon concert guard group, The search engine in Facebook's pretty good y'all.
You know, should be. Knows everything. There is a dragon pond over 40 group and there is a drunken newbies group. We've actually already talked to the newbies people. So, you can.
You know, just go on there and find things. If you're interested in, You are interested in something and you don't see it go to the dragon official or unofficial and put the, I don't know is there a strawberry shortcake meetup.

[35:05] Last year the year before because strawberries kind of make an comeback like everything in the 90s. My sister loves strawberry shortcake.
And I would sniff those things and I would just be like because we're 10 years apart so what she was born in, 79. So like, yeah, late 80s, early 90s. My sister's like, well, stories are getting like.
Oh no. Just yeah. I'm good. You gotta play with blueberry and strawberry and you know, apple pie or whatever. I'm just like, oh, those do not smell. Really like, Put it on there folks. Look it up. That's how you find friends.
And, And Tim you'll remember this when you start to stand in line before registration was as wonderful and efficient as it is now even occasionally with the little hiccups, I have a friend who misses that line and so then she goes.

[36:14] She said that's how I know a lot of people.

[36:25] In the afternoon and then there's no lying.
If you've ever been in there, when people are, there's no line but you still have to go through the, you have to be careful and go through the, It sounds like they're you're at life you know it sounds like you're at the pool and the lifeguards no running, Hey Facebook, I would start it in 96 and it was somewhere around there.
I was a volunteer but I was able to go and my husband was working but I could go pick up his bag on Thursday And I think I stood in line on Thursday and it was like 3 or 4 hours, And it was a party. We were chatting and it was yeah. Oh yeah. And that was part of my longest one was my best friend that was my dragon kind buddy for a number of years until he unfortunately passed away at the young age of 47 10 years ago.
He was a surgeon so I would always pick up his badge along with mine.

[37:54] I think the longest one I had was I had to go through the regular and to get man and hear about history ticket master so after I got mine I had to go to the ticket master, As long but this year it was I think I was in land for a man for about two and a half to 3 hours and the rest that it was at the ticket master There you go. Put the great thing about that and that's what's different now too is we've got the app.

[38:24] You made friends. Hey, that's one of the that's one of the dragon cunt things I can't do because the little paper book that you could fold up and put your puppet. Yeah.
Program guide because that's what I carried around with me before we had the app.
I actually because we have my niece and nephew this is my second, Time bringing another generation to try and call my son and my nephew, His first one he was 6 weeks old.

[39:03] And then now I've got my niece and nephew and so we actually still print out like where Andrew and I will be and then we start like adding the kids to it because then we'll know oh okay and we still put it on the app too but You know, if you sometimes you're still in the bowels of the Hyatt or wherever and it's you just can't get to the app, it's nice to have that little piece of paper which is still just that doesn't last About me.
She was originally living in California when we met her in 2004 she's now in Colorado but she's she designs all her own costume she's big into the order of the rings and so then she she did a couple of costumes for me and my friend.

[39:56] Cuz that one I like that one because remember that's where they came back in time to San Francisco to get the oils, So spot cut the cover his pointy ears up so he tad the band around his head, It's a long, She made it out of like raw silk and it was extremely hot, They do make a lot of thermal things that is.

[40:41] I couldn't get pointy ears that matched the skin tone plus trying to glue them on and get them unglued. So, it's like, yeah, I'll tie the band around my head and I have to try glue near Arizona.
She's very into my hero academia and something else that I can never remember. It's only on the web. It started as this both. I don't know what it is. No. But she loves to do it and she's She's dressing up and my nephew keeps saying he wants to dress up but he's like yeah I don't want to do that. Yeah I don't want to do that. I'm like, Would the stars track costumes there's been a two different world record attempts.

[41:28] And, Before Harry Kim uniform.

[41:46] Oh yes, it was blast. My son had started going by the time of the second one. I let my son come for the first time when he was 13.
Yeah. There is a time limit folks. There is we've talked about it. We'll talk about it tomorrow and I know the rod gals but yeah.
8 o'clock is anything, Far small one it was only our small one until the boys were like six or seven, Ego you're not doing any panels right now good or I'm not on I'm on out on schedule I'll take him and you know stop like that so it's always it was always good but yes my husband and the boys we had to buy them we had to find them To buy Star Trek uniform shirts and they went to one of them. I don't want to go which one. I think it might have been the one with Garrett.
And and for his he just had you know just the standard like a pair of black pants and the red shirt you know. There you go. Yeah. We had a blue, a yellow, and a red.
My husband, Who's the best right.

[43:15] Every year but there's some of the best friends I have.
That's the thing too. We talked about dragon. People want want to help they want you to have fun. This is this is what we're trying to do. We're passing the kindness. That's with swag and seek. I have to be very careful when I say that.
But that's what's always so great about this is that you can do it that way And that's kind of wonderful. And as you said, this is the family reunion for family that you actually wanted. Family and friend reunion for the family and friends you want to see You know, this is the reunion where you're like, oh god, I get to see you and hug you and yay.
You know it's fun sometimes you you made other congores in the wild and and luckily places in Coming George is about 30 mi west of me and about 30 mi north of Atlanta, And I was in there 1 day having a cigarette has a lounge, We both went to Dragon Con.

[44:29] Oh, very cool. There we go. You can see.
And so that was in late 2014 or early 2015 that I met him and that's how they did it know about the dragon cancer guard group until I ran into him, It's perfect. This is what we do folks. Just check. They have a they have a really good podcast. I've been listening to it. They started it, They started their podcast around 2013 or 14. I think they're open like 120 something episodes. They do, You know about once a month sometimes twice a month that just it's it's not an absolute set schedule.
Do and your nerds and you talk about cigars. I love it. That's.

[45:18] Oh I love it. That's all I want. That is so cool. A guy a bear shirt for those who don't know, Not as cheesy I guess I don't want a better term it's usually much more neutral and things like that but it's also very comfortable to wear Yes and I can have buttons it can be a zip for full front zipper yeah It can be all kinds of patterns designs.

[45:56] They're breathable and you don't die in them.
Tim, we are done. We're at our time because we could, I think you and I could just chat for like another 2 hours but you know, so, I think we got to know today. I will see you sometime. I hope at the red phone booth, So doing this, and again, a reminder, there is a dragon concigard group, that's just what Tim talked about Tim, do you know the official name of that?
That that is it. It's the Dragon Concert Group.
But you can still find it easily Yes. You can find it easily. Oh, we just one thing we've gone from the original foreign members.

[46:51] That's so cool.
I think there were I was so surprised when I joined I think a while back when it was like it was 150 and I was like whoa that's like wow they're that many people that smoke cigars are dragged on and I didn't know about it.
So, yeah, that's wonderful and y'all have fun. A drink on Tim. I hope you have a great time. Be careful driving back and forth.
Cuz 75 can be a pain in the butt. I happen to know that very well, very well where you're going. So, for John, who couldn't be here today?
And as a thank you Tim for being here this is Lee, Bye.
This was a production of the unique geek.
That's it 133210884.
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