Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 42 - All The Con's A Stage

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:09] Cucumber.

[0:24] You're funny.

[0:36] Welcome to another edition of 50 days of dragon con, The podcast that will hit that button to make sure we start broadcasting England will go on no matter what else, I'm Lee. Unfortunately, John can't be here tonight but I'm Lee. I'm the one that has no idea how to produce this kind of stuff. I've already had a problem twice trying to start this thing.
Well, you know what? We're here now and we're happy.
And this is all good and John unfortunately can't be here. He's still helping one of his children. Hi, John, I just gotta let you people know that, 10. Now that's officially con. That's Thursday. I want to talk about Wednesday. I want to talk about the people who are talking about Wednesday being the new Thursday which is then actually going to be the new Tuesday which we're not going to do that.
It is 10 days till Khan, Actually many somebody's out there for those of us who have been going to Dragon Con a long time, And.

[2:00] In the next 10 days, That they love, Sometimes three, But so there are already on that where they're going to like eat while they like trace out stuff and stuff like that, They're going to there's their schedule right now is 10 hours a day.
Of catching up with their brand new phantom the seven or eight seasons that I've already happened, Been an hour sketching and editing and updating all of their stuff and then after that Then they're going to start like sewing and cutting and and, But you know what that's okay.

[3:09] 5 minutes before you're walking out the door, That's fine as long as you're enjoying it, you have fun, alright? But there are certain times.
Everything's gotta be ahead of the game. Everything must not happen at the very last minute.
Because that's just not, And orchestra rehearsal, And we're going to talk to people who know about that. So, we are going to bring on. First of all, a very, very special guest who has been also wonderful to the unique geek in 50 days. This is our friend Sarah Rose.
And we are also going to bring on Gary Mitchell who we've already talked to. Hi, Gary. We've already talked to Gary wants to because Gary also helps with sci-fi classics and as I said, I'm going to be on two panels with him, two panels on that.

[4:18] It's okay. Yes, Gary, yes. If you come by the panel room and you're not on a panel, it may throw you one there anyway.
Especially in classics and by the way the only thing I know about animal is he could only really turn into like three animals the biggest one being the black Jaguar because that was the one they already had all the footage for, And that Joe thinks this show was great.
Wild boy and Bigfoot if you want me to talk about that I will talk about some Sydney Mardi Gras I have no problem with that hey, Segment in this I never ever could get HR puff and stuff the whole way through I'm still I really kind of wanted to watch from A all the way to Z of the episodes Zoom in and the sea monsters I saw the whole thing, What was the bees ones the the bugaloose the buggeroos, Here's the question did you take your acid before you started watching Puffins, When I was 10. Okay.

[5:42] So yeah I did it all prehasted and still it didn't make a whole lot of sense but it was funny as anything, And then he had a flute that he would hold in his pocket and the flute would talk to I mean, Honestly that in Scooby Doo I understand why now my my parents used to giggle like crazy watching those with me Because they were like this would be a lot funnier if, Especially bugs money you watch bugs money now, Yeah. But those are good. Those are good. Sarah, sorry. We're talking about old, By the way she's a very cute baby.

[6:35] Oh, that did not sound right. Get her hair. Beard and gray hair. That did not sound right this. We're going to be a good show, But tell me about what it has to do with theater and arts and musicals and what is it called again because I get very confused Sure. So, our the group is Dragon Con Theater and Performing Arts lovers unofficial. We started it back in June of 2022, Very shortly before Con.

[7:25] And, Now, nerds are theater people, Hey, especially if you did anything in your high school theater or college theater that had to do with sound boarding or lighting or anything like that. I had to do stage direction one time.
And boy oh boy you better be a nerd for that because you got like grids or at least you get when I was in high school yeah that grid and then it had like little wines and and you had to have the grid, So you could follow the, Yeah it's actually one of the things in the group is, At least 6 years.

[8:30] Hey Facebook Part of theater and live performance it could be and it like you were just saying this also means stage managing this means right tech this means running props this means costuming Working on wigs doing all the electrical and the lighting. You know, you can. I didn't know how much work wigs took.
Until now I have a niece who is a costumer and like they had to have the little head and they were like do you have this and I'm like I don't even know what that, Yeah, I'm sorry. I just, Any like anybody who works in theater.

[9:19] Hey Facebook, No not sure now. Nope Gary.
Okay and so you're saying the biggest hurdle is so many people you say theater all they think is musical and it's it's always been our biggest Thing to get over is it's more than it's dance. It's no, it's Bob Fossy. It's ballet. It's street performers. It's busking.
Hey Facebook there's going to be drag this year too I love dragons, Yeah so any type of live performance done in front of a crowd is what we are trying to promote because there is, Yeah, opera. There is a huge amount of people, You know, knock on wood. Well, I'm in the heat. Well, you know, we are trying to be there but you never know. So, there's only so much room.
That's the biggest right that's the biggest.

[10:36] We started this a year and, 2 months ago, That's okay. Alright. Yeah.
Someone directed Sarah towards me when she said that this is something she would love to see into and it was like somebody put their chocolate in my peanut butter putting us together.
Put connect people, Lined up under diagram, Google's.

[11:40] Y'all y'all y'all are, A part of your group going to be on talking about theater and performing arts and dance and all of that kind of, Haven't actually sat down and counted but we also have.

[12:09] But it's going to be an event we've got, A parade group. I mean, where we've got all sorts of stuff going on. We also have sing alongs that we're collaborating with this, So, there you go. Now, still alongs. People love them are singing along because there are so many things that we love to sing along and you're talking about musicals, of course, You know, there's Hamilton. There's, Everything. So, what are two of them and I actually know I just named one of your sorry. What are two, what are the two things you guys y'all?
Are doing with guys.
Don't worry about it. Yep. I just I just counted. There are 12 live panels. We also at least two digital Hey Facebook that includes the the, But that doesn't include the sing-alongs or the gatherings. So.

[13:29] We are doing in the heights.

[13:43] It's going to be on, Hey, That Tuesday after college after, Phantom of the opera we're doing 35 years of anthem in the opera I might have been working to make, Please, Hey Facebook, Well, they're in the heights on something. It was out.
Hey Facebook.

[14:51] Wow, that's a lot of slides. I can't imagine that many slides.
That's a modified, Hey Facebook, Overwhelmingly our group said they've wanted in that and that was a nightmare for me but that's okay because I love that song too.
We're doing an amazing job and we're lucky enough we get to collaborate with historical and alternate fiction on these they are kind up, She is a.

[15:47] And it worked out really well and luckily we've had we're working with A lot of tracks this year to put on content we even have one on the trick track, From a recent, Hey.

[16:25] We've got things with American sci-fi, We've got classics track obviously we may be doing a Rocky Harr.
Yeah and I was pointing out we are talking about the rocky horror show not the walking, Of the the debut of the play now and about 2 years we hit the anniversary of picture show. That is kind of, I always wanted to play Frankenfer Hmm hey.

[17:14] There there's they didn't really work for me but I would love to make it work for me You know, it's just like getting Hamilton, I would play the king any day. Please, I can also say those words, not seeing them.
Not at all. Not at all. Okay. So, you guys are all, And they are doing a lie. You know, they are doing the shadow cast like they do every year. We're not affiliated with that but I just want to promote it because I love the OG Ian if you would not seen a shadow cast, Tell them when you get there you'll get special treatment, Parade group as well. Oh, yes. Oh, really? You gotta parade group. Yeah.
What are you how are people going to be dressing up for the pregnant, Being a character from one of their favorite operas. We got a couple of shakes here. We obviously have a lot of musicals because that's the overwhelming thing you're going to find, Included.

[18:33] We just want to show the love of people we do have a drag performer marching in the parade with us, There's going to be it's going to be.

[18:53] Ball gown which goes all the way to the ground and covers your feet And you can also then have the fan that's under it that they now make so that you can have air blowing and it you don't like die of heat exhausted.
Because, So, we are we're all about that and we had some people being like, hey, well, can I be the the tech crew? And I, Very good. I there is one comment that the classics track should have a book Rogers TV theme song sing along with lyrics from the pilot, You also look at that for next year and actually Joe this is for you not for Gary because he's got other stuff to do with, But Joe seriously a sing along of all of those old old shows or even just a hum along because someone didn't have words.
Right now.

[20:09] Hey Facebook, Oh wow but yeah we go for a about 2 hours with all kinds of geeky music and theme songs and stuff so, Come see that too, Probably 6 months ago I don't remember why it was on I think I had a fever and it was like I this is a close up I'm ever going to get to watch in this hi, And honestly, the best part of that whole movie.
Is two things go flash go which is a cheer that melody does and it's just hilarious but the other thing is the whole soundtracks by by plane.
The whole soundtrack if you yeah.

[21:10] The soundtrack not not the movie probably you know. Really popular.
Really yeah with Brian Blessed though you got Brian Blessed with Brian Blessed Timothy Dalton, Oh Timothy Dalton much want that to die as much as Tom Hanks wants was mazes a monsters to die oh my my my although you can find these as a monsters paramount plus votes Can I actually answer? Yes please.
Brandon's question does bug, Does count.

[22:14] With milk about all those like, Plays in musicals, It's cold when fandom it's meets foot, Okay yeah and if there's a the end almost everything can be adapted to a musical again this is the word my whole all theater kids are nerds theory comes from, Hey fan of horror.

[23:03] Mm hmm.
A lions allegiance lions theater, Hmm.
I can see the shining but I'm sorry. Carry the musical and we're keeping this PG 13. All I can see is like, Lizzy the musical Lizzy Borgan, Yeah. Hey Facebook, Yeah yeah.

[24:02] Yeah. And John Lee just pointed out that they start rehearsals for the shining just a few days ago, Oh, wow.

[24:16] There's a whole lot of opera in that and remember some of us became fans of opera.
Because of bugs bunny. Dad, you know, I didn't understand what the barber of civil really meant until my father explained it and then there was a record record an actual record that you went and bought before there were things called Cassettes, and eight tracks and all that. So, yeah, I think I have that still somewhere that he went and bought that for me at the barber in Seville.
Thanks for reminding me, Oh Harry Potter the the play, Yo, everything has been adopted this stage. Every now they're Dracula, if you watch the original Bella Lagosi, that's pretty much a straight up adaption of the Dracula stage play.
Yeah, there's the replay. There's always a chance. Yeah.
No, I was looking around for him. But yeah, he's like, yeah, there is, if you're into it, someone has written a play for it. You know, and I'm not talking just musical. I'm talking about, you know, just straight up dramatic.
Please and.

[25:41] Yeah I'm not going to lie but we also want to make sure we never lose sight of the fact that there's also you know you got your standard comedies you've got your one act place you've got your one person place, To everybody. So, if you like Because I know there are people out there. I've met them that love the theater but they don't like musicals. We have room for you please. Hey Siri, You know, I'm trying to think I've seen boats. You know, I love a lot of musicals.
One of my favorites which desperately needs an update and I have an update in my head is guys and dolls. Always loved it. But you know, I also love, Torque song trilogy as the actual play.

[26:36] An hour of crying and an hour laughing and you kind of go up and down and up and down but those are that's great and.
I have to say I don't I know this is maybe people don't like this but I love that we're seeing more and more plays Actually being taped on stage whether it's musicals or plays instruments, Making theater accessible.

[27:14] Embraces theater a little bit more weather officially or unofficially. What? We can talk about accessibility in theater because, That is one of the thing wonderful things about the filming and I mean we originally first saw it just like with, Fathom events like they used to, Broadway. Com or Broadway streaming. Com or something like that. I can't remember the name. Right. But.

[27:54] On DVD I mean allegiance George Patty who is going to hand me a, Released on DVD. I mean you can go out there and watch it. I mean a phantom of the opera. Again it was released on DVD for the 25th anniversary. I mean it's done it.
Things are accessed more accessible right now, A real hot button in the theater community right now that I'm very passionate about as well because, There's, you know, there's the two different types of things you can do. The first is the you just set up a camera at the back of the theater and you record the play and there's a Set term that I'm going to lose my theater license on there. Forget what they're called. And the other one is where It's more like with Hamilton on Disney where they actually they shut you know there was no actual audience they did the play but they, One set, Play i don't know.

[29:10] Yeah. So, I don't care how you do it. A lot of these performances, There is an argument that part of the magic is theater is that is ephemeral that you go see it it's that one time every show is different you know there's that live experience that but I think that's kind of excluded exclusionary, Hey Facebook Kids growing at theater kids growing up in the middle of Nebraska who will never get to go to Manhattan until they hit like 19, Yeah, one of the things that locked in my love for and realizing I needed theater in my life was being like 9 years old.
And HBO used to back a long time ago. They would do this. It would have the plays and there was the Charlotte Holmes with Franklingela is homes, Oh, wow. Very cool.
I saw that if I it has a like 8 year old christian slater in it by the way is one of the the kids one of the, I will never forget one of the high of Most formative moments of my life was watching it was.

[30:36] Was showing the broad touring Broadway production of Sweeney Todd Mm hmm. And I was just flipping channels because I was aboard 9 year old. You know, 12 year old and went from David Copperfield to I stumbled in like halfway in act one.

[30:59] And it or an adult deserves that opportunity to see a play, The issue I have and I was very lucky, pretty middle class. And I saw plays, but I saw them like, Hey in Columbia South Carolina whatever was going on in Columbia and in Atlanta we are very lucky there are a lot of them and There are theater tickets that can be very very reasonable and things like that.
You know and now we have things like Broadway on America but again there is a price point on those and even the cheapest ones you could get for cats which was at Wicked I think was just Down at the box was like 40 bucks a ticket and that's just for some people that's too much But we're wicked on Disney put wicked on Netflix or whatever and people can see it and I think it's important for us to see that because, I saw Shakespeare I can I will tell you right now and I'm going to say the play Well no wait am I going to say the yeah I am.

[32:12] I cannot, I've seen it live.
Three or four different and I've seen it live like two or three times because my college edit with the Alabama shaker company when they were going around, I can't do it I will take my little fuzzy button app.

[32:47] Which is still going on but you know, slings and arrows which is a great miniseries. There are three seasons of it. It was only like four to six episodes each.
Season but it's great because it talks about all the stuff that goes crazy in the background which is, Just like driving home we're going to be talking to tech ops oh that stuff, You don't do show up on Thursday and it's done and that's why I was making a joke about you know you have dress rehearsals in summers and did everybody make their mark and are we dancing and doing this and that and the other even if you're doing, Nine musical sometimes even in a play there will be dancing and you gotta make sure you can do the right types of dancing which could be very different, We are in a renaissance not just a sci fi.

[33:49] We're in a renaissance of seeing that yeah we want more and more people to see this as I said some of us found opera With bugs money I had no idea what the barber is available was and and I already said that but you know I just thought it was funny, I mean I thought it was, So I think it's really great that we're seeing that more and more and I think it's great to talk about it more and and you know yeah there's only a limited amount of space and so many tracks.
But even that you're doing these panels and you're doing these sing songs. I think it's amazing. Amazing. And by the way, I will also let people know there is a version of Richard the third.
With, Ian Miguel and Annette Benning and a lot of other people and it's set in Nazi Germany and it is absolute, Brilliant. Yes.

[34:47] Beg people to see that one. Also, I would see much to do about nothing which the guy who I don't like to name anymore did it but it was in black and white and it Great as well. Great version of my to do because again, you've brought it into today.
Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and that's one of the things that's great about and one of the things we would do a panel on is if we can. Alright, we do have a digital panel about Shakespeare's comedies but, The fact that Shakespeare is so universal and so malleable that you can do A modern day setting. You can do it. It's like there's a it was a joke. I think on the onion of Directors scandalizes local theater community by setting Shakespeare in Victorian Shakespearean times. Hey, Yeah I think that's great yeah and.

[35:45] I do want to say like for us and for I know Gary feels the same way theater is is more the musicals and it's more than plays I mean we've done, Dance. I know we talked about dance. We we've done one of my favorite panels we've done. Digital panel with talking with dance. That was great.
Talking what would dance I'm sorry.

[36:20] And that that was an amazing, Or theater and why in also why they feel theater is important, In their contacts and then we did another one where we did one about magic and stand up comedy, That we have so many ideas and so much that we want to embrace in some things that are already part of Dragoncon, You know, they almost get like pushed to the wayside, There is so much more to Nerdham than just those things and like I said, A discussion about is theater park culture.
Sorry after yes long.

[37:42] Yes. Which means that it was a great panel, It's just wonderful but I think that is it's really important that we are making, Accessible now. I I want and I, as I said, I'm from Newberry, South Carolina. I don't, I did this there we did a Shakespeare week and I was, I think and one of the things that everybody was doing was doing these little bits of this and that and the other and, Friend and I, People are dying and things like that and the person goes off stage and the mom's there and then we play queens another one bites the dust Too which we were both dancing and doing all of this and we had people howling. It was like 5 minutes. We did our own little field camlet. And it was Hilarious and we had people coming up to us like That was the best part of the whole week. I'm like, we were not the best.

[39:03] Nobody's going to deny that.
Oh yeah because Shakespeare was designed to be said not red. Right.

[39:20] So, that was that. There was something else I was going to ask really, really quick. Oh, How do people find out what you're going to be doing? We're not up in the app. The app is still not updated folks. It'll be soon. It'll be true.
No it's not I just checked out nope no no no, Hey so how can people find out what you're going to be talking about when your digital ones are going to be on if you're going to be doing digital as you go through the next year where can people, Hey get that before I forget yes, The best place to find a song can is we have a LinkedIn, Hey Facebook community our YouTube channel our, Announcements like versus like this group is much more of a community like everybody participates on there so, Exactly.

[40:48] As I like to call us, Basically, if you, you only want to follow us one place, that would be our theater group. It's Dragon Con theater and performing arts. Lovers, unofficial, If you if you search dragon con theater and performing you'll find it where The first thing that pops on theater it'll pop it'll probably, Yeah. And if you would like to see more of this programming, if you would like to see us have more panels, if you like us would like us to see at become an actual track Two biggest things you can do. Well, three biggest things you can do, Mm hmm.

[41:49] There is call for it, Be polite and comment and rate and say I would love to see more theater content, And that also is a great place folks is to you know rate and review Also just a couple of things while we're selling this. Number one is it's always great to say I absolutely love this. This was great. I would love to see next year.
Something about whatever you want to talk about. Maybe it's I who knows what it is. But something theater performing arts related, It's also, Because give some real reasons I thought this was.
From the description I thought this would be a and it was B. It didn't mean that I didn't like B but I was really hoping it was going to be A. Those are the kind of things that people are like, oh good, I can then, we know how to rewrite that, if we want to do it again, and we also do like suggestions Everybody likes suggestions.

[43:07] At that point pretty much little tiny short one most probably me but the other thing is is that's not going to help us, Tries her best not to be irritating but sometimes is and yeah we we want to work on that but yeah so do not forget to help yeah right and not everybody is everybody's cup of tea but sometimes you're someone shot a tequila so you know Yeah. You've been exactly 100% as someone with the classics track who reads the the feedback. Yep. And did it. Yep. All the feed, I can't work with that.

[43:54] I don't care what you think anymore and I and completely discount what you have to say. So, yeah, be be Constructive be polite, But make a comment. I mean, literally, that's the biggest thing is, I loved it is it is a saint it's when you and but it's where like we were saying if you felt like it should be a little more or if you wish it covered this or I loved it Oh, I loved it especially because of X. You know, whatever because that also helps when you're thinking about maybe, alright, we're not going to do this one again but what they liked about This one maybe we can add into this when we start talking about this new panel they loved how we were talking about bringing musicals into the modern age or bringing in Shakespeare into the modern age in, The comics. Well, they liked that and why they liked it is because they were good examples of things they could go see later. Great.
They can take that comment and then when they start talking about the tragedies. Bring that there and and do that. Those are the kind of things please, please, please, rate, review, Constructive criticism.

[45:17] Don't be an asshole. Just don't. There's no reason. Let's pay it forward. Let's make everybody happy. Let's, you know, bring, you know, Kindness, Hey Facebook bring up that call.
Because last year at Con everybody responded on the app and we asked everybody issue hey send an email to the dragon kind of let them know you want this so and at the dead dog party they went We hear you please, We've gotten your emails.

[46:12] Exactly. Yeah.
Either way we're going to continue doing this.
Yeah, I love this idea of being in so many different tracks too. I think there's so much that you go, It can be talking about just the government conspiracies and overall weirdness of the world. It can also be hard because some of that's a little freaky.
It's kind of like ex files. You know, you you got through everything. You had something like Clyde Brockman and then you also had home.

[47:00] Dragon Con goes across and I think the track directors and all of the groups that work with all the track directors are very helpful. Yeah. Yeah.
How great all the other track directors that we worked with have been with a stave all been very helpful they've all been very willing to listen they've been very willing to tell us yeah we don't have space for that but we do have space for this, And so, you know, don't really. This falls under the don't be a jerk rule. Don't go. Why didn't you have more programming? No, don't do it that way. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they have been fantastic and I am very eternally grateful Always remember folks in the different groups and everywhere else I'm going to give you a little tidbit, I said like two or three things to a couple of groups, I only have one of them right now that I sent the extract on extract but I said I got these in my back pocket. Somebody cancelled something happens. Let me know. This is something I can come and talk about I have it already planned. I already have my outline. I already have everything I need. So, a lot of groups will do that as well. Mm hmm. And so, if you don't see it this year, it might be because it was a back pocket thing.
Any might see it next year instead. You know, swap them in now and see how it's important I have 10 ideas that didn't get accepted this year that we might easily do next.

[48:27] What always evolving sorry yes.

[48:36] Weird we did it last year we're expanding it this year we are doing, Yeah and it's going to it's all going towards cure childhood cancer. Dry con charity.
And I don't think it's called a raffle. It's a charity event. I don't think they are word Can always be used for some reason but keep going you're doing a charity event, We're taking tickets in polling them what are you doing, We are we're auctioning off several, Broadway adjacent items we've got some a couple of signed play bills.

[49:43] Broadway addressing goodies. Oh very cool. It's going to be it's going to be great.
Quite fun and, And where is this? Where did they find this? The classics track room.
All of our panels. So, I don't know how much time We will have to do them in between our panels, As we can we'll do it we'll we'll do the charity tickets there charity drawing tickets but we will be, We will have them at the classics track.

[50:45] And it was come to the group meet up on Thursday at 530 if you can we will be oh that's right yes you're doing that win Thursday at 530 For an hour. Awesome. And where will that be?
The same room. The classics track room. Classics.
Yeah but yes. We'll have some prizes. I'm I'm planning on playing some games. And all the charity, Drawing raffle, whatever you want to call it. Items will be there, Yeah. But after that they're going to the vault until the drying happens which will be, Splash Dragon con themed. If you, if you haven't seen, Six wives and it's scary popular. So, yeah, no, it's going to be, it's going to be really good. It's a very, it's a very cool bad driven.

[52:12] Yeah.
We had a rent one. The shirt's six. We plan on continuing to do them every year and they're going to be different. So, if, You guys have ideas for next year's ribbon.
It's going to be awesome.
Theater is not a track yet.

[52:46] And after dark you talk to us but yes we hey whatever people yeah whatever and and of the butthole cat, Cut of cats, No, nobody, yeah, don't do the butthole, That's good.
The butthole version of cats. I love it. Alright, so folks, let's remember the best place to find out where they're going to be, what they're going to be doing, and everything else is to look for their DC theater.
And performing art, arts, lovers, unofficial, It's on Facebook. It's the group. They're going to have like announcements there but they're also going to have links to your what was the other thing you said Link it's not linked in it's link so link tree which will link, To our our schedule. I have a schedule all typed out that I can update hopefully on the fly at Dragon Con of Things Move when things move.
Hey, Regina is going to be coming on. Regina, the goddess of programming.
Everybody else.

[54:15] But we're going to be there talking about what we can and can't, Theater can always be asked about so far.
So a lot of these people have done theater you can't find their theater stuff on IMDB folks It's not going to be on there.

[54:50] Plays and they're you know in their movies and their TV shows and all that in a much different way or a fandom page, They're amazing people that have huge phantom made it. So, look for that. But let's talk about theater, George Takay is going to be there.
Wilson Cruz is going to be there he's watching group Twitter.

[55:19] Celia Rose Gooding she she's like brought she comes from Broadway Royalty and backed but she was part of the online Atlantis Morset, So, there you go. So, what these people up? Yes. If you want to talk about some theater with them, ask my theater question, I am still going to ask how much does, you know, how much does, Reacts. It's certain points but there are better questions in that folks. I'm just saying that there are better questions.
Also the coolest wig ever because it had a big beehive on it, Keep chatting forever but on behalf of John who couldn't be here this is Lee, End bye.

[56:24] Music.

[56:31] This was a production of the unique geek.
That's it. 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[56:58] Music.

[57:17] And thank goodness my dog now is barking not during all the panel. Yes.