Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 43 - Con-wolves Within

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:24] You're funny.
Hey, 50 days of dragon the podcast for John disappears and then lead to spears, How you doing?
Yes. I had to be out for a few because let me tell y'all.
Hey Brandon sometimes, Call your local doctor because they have this wonderful thing that is kind of a gel that you put right on the canker store in your mouth or on your cheek or under your tongue or wherever or if you're somebody like me who had them everywhere in my mouth, It fixes it in like 2 days. So.

[1:44] And for me as for me I I spent the last week driving back and forth across the state of Florida repeatedly, Sometimes left to right sometimes up and down, And my apologies to those folks I missed especially on Sarah. Who was here yesterday but but hey, but Lee, together. You probably, you may remain out of that podcast yet but But It will be coming out soon.

[2:25] No. How do you think work? Let's talk about Drankon. Let's stop talking about our podcast. People know where it is. They found out, Although if I ever make fun of you again for keeping all the producing buttons going I am so sorry, Hey Facebook never do it again. There are too many buttons. There's just so many. There's a few.
So many buttons because I couldn't figure out which one was which.
And like when oh it was not good. But it was okay. I got through. And we had fun and then I also did.
Oops, With theater who's like no, I am really glad. I mean, I know, I know, I know that the podcast is recorded but I didn't have the Pre-show recorded. Anyway, go on. But John. Let's talk about your gun.

[3:36] I know what I miss you but it I did say yesterday and I'm sure there are people doing it was that somebody just felt the brand new wonderful fandom And they're now like 10 hours a day doing that and the other 10 hours a day doing their new costumes for it because they can't they can', And that there's it's crazy people. It's crazy.

[4:06] Only watch stuff you already know right now. Well, I mean the reality is there's not much new coming out right now. So, right now, we are in, we are in a little bit. Well, a soca.
Then she just start.
She starts tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. We already loved it. So, these actually, I mean, sorry, Sarah's saying it's less time that because drying concerts are, Dragon Con starts on Thursday, Wednesday is the new Thursday and you want to put monday to being the new Thursday, But that's not up to me and I'm just going to say, In the dragon con app that you want another day or two or whatever. So, because remember, we're going to start talking about this. Rate and review, rate, and review, rate, and review. Please, please, please, When you get there, don't do it now. There's nothing on the app at least as far as I set up. But yeah, as some set up volunteers do arrive before Thursday, but that's the volunteers. The actual, Oh going forward there are panels to see start on Thursday so stop it I'm not sure.

[5:27] Article.

[5:39] That's not correct.
They they they've had problems with that. But John. Yes. Yes. The other thing is. We are having Regina.
We are going to be talking to Regina this is not going to be a lively but we're going to be talking to Jean, Okay. Well, I heard he put it on.
I'll go fix that. Anyway, I said it for a private broadcast.

[6:26] So please call us on our comment line, At the uni gee. Com and tell us these are questions you would like to ask programming excuse me hiccup Regina whoever because it's really important we want to know these things and i know the biggest question everybody has is what can I ask to the media guest, Right now all I know you can ask this about theater, Keep watching your dragon app or I'm sorry keep watching the Dragon Cob website I just found out yesterday that Sean Aston and Eli, Well, that came out like on Facebook.
We're going to be great and it's going to be wonderful and i can't wait because you know what John?

[7:30] So many tracks but have so many new shows and one of the tracks that we're going to talk to right now which is Urban Fantasy with Carol. Hi, Carol. You're coming on. Bye.
Hi, Carol. With Urban Fantasy. Is there a show winning shows or show me shows and books?
About vampires and werewolves and demons and, So tell everybody what is Urban Fantasy?
Urban fantasy typically is set in at least for the majority of the narrative whether it's a book or a show, Recognizable, You know the majority of the action is set in a recognizable, You know the one that we all live in and it's but it's got that little tweak of the supernatural and Some, you know, which can involve magic, it can involve magical creatures, which you have mentioned some of and that certainly just the tip of the iceberg.

[8:59] And shows and movies or movie series as it were. For that, is that correct?
Yes we are considered a hybrid track so we do cover both of those things and I typically make a grease, Both get, you know, both sides get covered.

[9:36] I mean we were sitting here before before the show we count what four three or four that that are current things that have either wolf or wolf werewolf in the title, They would fall under urban fantasy.
I mean I guess technically hey just, You know a good There's a good chance. It would be either us or horror.

[10:14] Sci-fi classics to do it because it was, Nora Classic but hey that's me.

[10:31] You're really kind of trying to focus on the big shows or new shows this year. Is that correct?
From 2021 maybe. Right.

[10:49] Is kind of sad is that later this week I think it's Thursday is when Regnock finally comes back well that's one of her shows But for everybody to have seen the whole thing before Con is kind of unlikely so I hadn't scheduled, For that on the schedule initially and took it off, Then we're typically not going to cover it on a given day. Or I I'm going to give in a given year and less. It's something like Buffy, Supernatural because those are you know those are kind of the, The basic you know that those are the kind of the basic urban fantasy media that those are the ones that, Anyway, so that is, you know, that is kind of how I decide as if there's new content. There's a show called surrealist.
State that was on sci-fi about.

[12:02] I saw that yes, But it won't be coming back on until in October. So, we're not going to be covering it because the the first season, So long ago that next year will cover you know we'll be able to cover it in person. I may do something with it online. I do a lot of virtual programming for things that we do.
We're actually going to do that for Ragnarok. We will have So time in September we will have an online panel for that so anybody who happens to see this stay tuned to our Facebook page because it'll get announced there where we and we'll it'll be live so that people can You know.

[13:01] That's all you gotta talk right there.
Follow it. She does do a lot of during the year programming which is always fun too. Yeah, I was just talking with Carol before we got live about Wolfpack which is just The cheesiest of the cheese but boy or boy do I love it? I love it. I love it. I love that show. So, I love some good cheesy if it's good cheesy TV I'm great I also really like bad cheesy TV but not, Back to the point where I'm like waiting for to get the next week, right? I can watch all.

[13:45] So what are some of the shows you're going to be really talking about this year, Or what are some of the panels would you get me talking about with shows or things like that, Some of our shows goes. We we will of course do supernatural. We always have we'll have AA supernatural panel on Saturday evening but the the other thing we're doing with that is it on Thursday, We have been doing this over the past couple years. I started it in 2021 and so it's a kind of nice when you can divide it up. Okay, we'll do the first five seasons and then the anyway, what we have is a competition.
Of the.

[14:35] To this to defend.

[14:46] The end the audience votes on Who actually made the best defense, The supernatural stuff good almonds is back and oh yes one of our shows, So we'll be doing fan panel for that, We all are doing this as not a fan panel but plus Buffy Horror Picture Show again, About it called Buffy's Descendants and it's about how the the men protagonists of Los Girl and Winona Urb, Have kind of, you know, how they carry on that tradition and how it's, how they, Yeah, very cool. I'm so.

[16:02] You know we we always make the effort so we have a lot of that going on yes it's always hard I love how you're doing that like they have to they have to defend which of those It's so funny when you talk about super gradual i just remember reading all the early articles when supernatural came out and it became such a big hit, And Eric Kripke keeps saying oh we're only going to do five seasons I've got five seasons of stories we're done after five seasons I'm going to you know Well, well, I'll go to my next new thing and I'm like, and you said there's seasons 11 through 15.
And I think is that it or were there more, Now, I'm just waiting on, you know, supernatural, the next generation.
Wasn't there wasn't there any.

[17:03] Friday night. Friday, okay, I think somebody miss her this Wednesday. It's an art week. It's not Wednesday.

[17:25] So if you're not if you're officially confused, Right now.
Well not unfortun.

[17:51] Look at us, By the way. Hey, did it. That's right.
I'm hoping that that people don't throw things at each other I'm hoping we can keep it Hey, Hey Facebook, You know how they're alike, how they're different, and kind of their, So and you're not putting Riley in there. I mean, you know, somebody's going to bring up Riley. I just know it.
What this will probably, Characters themselves, Just you know, not.

[19:07] Can you sing, Hey, Alright, you're going to keep that, you're going to be the moderator, and you're going to keep it on track. I know you will. I know, no, no, no, you will.
I do think it's yeah I'm sorry I'm just sitting here now do you remember I just have the, Supernatural baby.
Okay, you also, we, Hey you gotta call me because I did give you really bad idea that you're probably going to make a lot of, You also have this.

[20:14] You also have a lot of books and you have a lot of authors coming to Dragon Pond. So, how are you and you told me something about how many had set up? So, how are you kind of like setting up some of your book panels or things of that nature?
Just some ideas you don't have to give us the exact, Right. Well, anybody who follows our Facebook page, hint. It has an idea of what I I did post the you know the tentative schedule there, A few weeks ago so people have an idea of who is on or what the panels were and then more recently.

[20:56] Hey agreed to, We have we are featuring on our program this year over 70 authors, And some of those authors appear on, Book related panels only.
Because I have some people who enjoy doing, As far as topics goes oh go one of the things I'm really excited about.

[21:46] And yeah and so I'm I'm very excited about that one that's our very first panel On Friday morning I was I almost sled of the con and there was like nope nope nope yes they're actually are there are going to be panels on Thursday we know there are restaurants, What is dark factory?
That's nice. What are you doing? What what is dark academia? Now, I'm a little, Dark academia if you if you're familiar with the book that came out many many years ago called the secret history, This mystery and you know, there was lots of backstabbing, you know, whatever and death and all of these things What's going on? In and in at a university, And that was kind of got people interested in it but the kind I'm interested in is the speculative stuff where where you've got people who are magic users.

[22:55] You know this kind of Academic institution. There are summer in library, some are, and some of it is even, you know, schools for adolescents and stuff like that.
And where there's always something going on behind the scenes where you don't really know what is the whole purpose and it's, They're like one of the the taglines for one of the really great books in the genre called, The outlet there's the atlas paradox which is nominated for a dragon award but in Yeah and in the first book in the series one of the taglines is knowledge is carnage so you know it's like what do you, Yeah, you know, what what do you do or to to gain this? And anyway, so I I just find the subject, Really interesting and I've got some folks on the panel who also do and I think we're going to have a good time, And you know, basically, what I do is I look at Now, that one i said, okay, I'm going to do it anyway. Even if it was just me up there talking with the with all the people in the audience, I still would have done it.

[24:16] Around it.
But typically what I do is I look and see okay this is our pool of authors that we have what do they actually write about, And then I start building ideas from there and there there are few people that when they come, Like Jim Butcher like Patricia Briggs and like Cheryl and Kenyan, You need to give them their own solo panel because otherwise people are going to, You know want to ask them questions and not pay as much attention to the rest of the rest of the people on a panel When they are on panels with other people. Yup. So, I always have done that and I will always continue to to have those, But what one thing that we're doing that was actually based on some feedback from the app last year And this this person who said and I quote this is how it began. She said, well, Carol is good at hurting cats i'm not kidding that's what it said, She suggested this idea which I.

[25:43] That are we're going to have the audience submit questions that they would like to of the panel and then we'll see how that all goes and we'll we'll see if it does become you know a you know a Kind of, A task of hurting cats or you know, if it's that kind of exercise that it might not happen again but if it, you know, if it turns out to be fun, I was envisioning from it we will do that but we have you know lots of, Interesting topics that people can look at if they look on, Hey Facebook page so people can see.

[26:42] No you know we have one on vampire variety, Vampire variety shows or vampire variety.
It could be both but these are this is a panel of authors so it's primarily for them discussing that but they they will probably get into some of the media representations as well but just you know To talk about how many different Types there are. So, right. I thought, well, it is virtually an urban fantasy. That's the case. I think there's a wider, you know, I think there's there's a, A wider breath of the type of, Vampires you see as opposed to most of the ones in horror they might look nice but really what they all they want to do is rip your throat out and you know in now that's a simplifying that's that's right simple Superification but there's a little bit, Whereas an urban fantasy they may want to just live next door to you because they just want to be living next to you, Well, and I think John, I don't, you bring, oh, you're bringing up Carol's schedule, but I also want to say Carol, you talked about the dragon awards, which is great.

[28:06] To go look at what shows people books whatever were nominated, And you can vote up to the Friday of Con.

[28:22] Dragon pond. Org backslash award, And so that would be a good thing, Everything is subject.
Hey prepare the app will be the most updated, Until you see it. So, right. Right.

[28:57] So awesome. That is very cool. Now, And yes that will be I know right now you guys have had all your I don't know if you got all your meetings but I know that, We can't wait until this person or this will be a first timer maybe or, Whenever we get people just because it's a it's a great opportunity for you know the fans to go out and, You know, connect with, you know, the different folks, Yep.

[30:01] You know one one particular, Matt Davis and Ben Levin, And Stephen Kroeger from another you know couple of related shows that were related show, But I I do believe that there is going to be more information given to people, Hey Facebook but what there will be you know.

[30:53] You know, I think everybody's going to enjoy it that even though these individuals are not permitted to talk Directly about their characters or the the shows that you might know them from. Right.
So, I think that it will be, you know, The best case scenario for what you know if if the alternative is not having them at all this is pretty darn good Well you know and and I keep making and again folks Email us, comment line, you'll get that information later but the Email was easy 50 days at the unique geek. Com, We're going to have Regina the queen of programming on. And John and I will ask her questions. So if you have a specific question, send it.
I'm, you know, I was just reading another article.

[32:00] Season. Second season. Yeah. Third season. Second. I don't know. Whatever. And then you know it has some pointy eared people on it. And, You know, I wanted to talk about, you know, how does a character show how does a character use food to show how they're feeling about other characters, right? Cuz you know, Who do love and or food is.

[32:32] Something happens.
I think that's a great question, That is pretty great. Okay. So, Carol one more time what's the best place to find information, For right now.
Hey Facebook, You know, right now, I mean, when it's the, the few months heading up to con.
Yeah. Yeah. Probably.

[33:28] Yeah yeah.

[33:35] You know, that's the best place we do have the YouTube channel which has a lot of content. We had our Supernatural rewind series where we once a month did one at One season of the show last year was Buffy watch we did the same thing and you know I've had, Oh, very cool.
Yeah and the the YouTube channel again if you just go plug in Dragon Count Urban Fantasy it'll pop right up and you have access to watch any of those I do have those I do have all of the ones, That I have done other than the Buffy watch. I didn't link all of those. But the others are linked in the app, Okay. So, will it snow when people get them? They can watch them and they will be on the Facebook page. That's where the link will go. But there are all of them accept one. There will be premiere of one on, Yeah on the Facebook page during Con, Very happy to have so and that one of the author interviews so that will go up, You know the most.

[35:03] You had talked about charity earlier or did you want to not talk about that?
What we do, And so what I do what what I've got, On each one.
And so people, The the properties that are being, You know, represented at Con this year. It won't, it won't have the name of it on the in the in the ballroom but it will in our track room, Then what people do is if they would like to contribute to dragon cons, Charity this year which is Cure Childhood Cancer.

[36:16] Now if they have a hard time deciding because we have somewhat you know somebody yes fantastic news to pick from or if they don't watch a lot of television and they're more there for the book related content then we also have what we call book bucket And they can put it in that but it's it's just going to go yeah it's just kind of a fun way to get people, You know, you know, to making a donation to a good cause, Very good. That's very good. Pure childhood cancer. That's it. We are going to be talking to charity later this week. So, All those people that are just so much fun and we want to get them very close to con so your head is thinking of them all the time while you're at lunch And do remember something folks remember, You can't if you're flying, you don't want to have all that change.

[37:21] You know that that weight throws off the bounce of the plane to one side or the other, It's raining yeah you don't want that so I mean really, Exactly and you, you know, you don't just do it. Just drop those.
Am I inside again? Another thing to write down to talk about therapy.

[38:06] A link to.

[38:28] Mulligan demons versus lawyers so you kind of don't know who you're supposed to root for unless you're rooting for all to go down which, Rubbly typically what you want to do.
Hey Facebook.

[38:52] But if it's a bad bad demon, Right?
Oh so, I think it's even bad since the before time so I'm looking forward, That's right, Where is my as my my nephew loves to call it the the vid the the wait, Hey.

[39:52] I, yeah, I, well, I have to. There you go. Play, but now. There you go. She clicked, she clicked up a little person. So, let me go ahead and add to the stream. If anybody on the, in the audience which is to play?
Tonight's room code is BCLG, You should be whoa, that was quick. Alright, it's so we're all.

[40:27] But I didn't click on anything so I don't know, I'm the person waiting okay, Hey, Oh and if you're not playing don't forget you can still join the audience, No.

[41:06] Music.

[41:13] This is round one i'm heading out 500 points for each player you fool with your life and you'll let it cool 1000 for finding the truth, Give this one a shot.
Oh la la the first photo transmitted by trans oceanic radio facts similarly a precursor to the modern facts machine was a glamour shot of none other than Blank, And remember PG 13, Theme going on for a bit there Rob started off with Ragnarok versus Fraggle Rock, No, that would be something just, And then Bill of course want to know so is the rock coming in yes someone Dwayne Johnson will be there, Somebody positively.

[42:26] Okay, which one's true? I have not, I wasn't aware to write anything.
Okay the first photo transmit by trans oceanic radio effects similarly a precursor, Correct answer.
Mona Lisa Alexander Grambel Calvin Coolage what Woodrow Wilson Elizabeth the second in orca or Marilyn Monroe, First possible answer was Alexander Graham Bell which was a lie. You know, it was the audience's lie.
Was Jerry C's like?
John Butel pulled somebody. I'm not sure. Was Lee's life.

[43:31] Hey Facebook well I mean, Yeah it's going to be a good answer. It was Queen Elizabeth the second.
Calvin Coolage was the truth.

[43:57] Hey, guys.
Looks like Simon's.

[44:23] Okay and to those lies, It just says enter a lie. Yeah. Enter into your life to fill in the box. That's it.
In 1983 a Mexican plane did not have enough fuel to make it to their destination they instead made it emergency landing on blank, That's where you went into your life. What do you think they did? Jerry does point out that The Rock did buy a house in the Atlanta area. So, Hmm.
And fragile rock was a show.
More about rocks later.

[45:21] They instead made emergency landing on blank the Disneyland parking lot Tahiti, Rikers Island in Irish race track a taco stand, Or a Connecticut field. I think that is Quantica. Quantica field.
That's the FBI. Yes. You know, Conica, right? Yes, I know what Quanico is. A carnival cruise ship was Simon's. Why? I guess, Main street New Orleans was Jerry's live.
Was the audiences like cunt.
Why don't people?

[46:46] I mean I guess they never did say where they were, Hey Facebook, Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.
Well so as I Yeah it's 1930's romantic comedy has a lot of old timey antics but it ends with a quote that we can all relate to think heaven all my blank are blank submit your lies now All my exes are in Texas.
This 1930 romantic 1930's romantic comedy has a lots of old timey antiques, So I need two.

[48:11] Music.

[48:25] Oh, there we go.
Oop gotta go back the other way again okay let's see, Lies are the truth, Hey Kevin oh my husband's are dead.
Thank god all my exes are dead, Gay neighbors are rich.
Was the audience's lie?

[49:24] Husbands are dead. Oh, I'm sure I'm sure glad I'm not married.
That was the truth, I need a.
Okay, let's see. I wanted to see if the audience scores because yeah, the audience is actually winning right now with 30, with 3000, or 30 1000, whatever. Who cares? Points don't matter.
It's round two and that means the steaks are doubled.
Hey Facebook.

[50:18] Hey portal or he was around he was around, He's probably playing the Beatles somewhere. Yeah. Exactly.
1900, That's fine.

[50:59] I said hey, Dear mister Kennedy, But that was very submarine and other things.
Excuse me.
Is that a thing that, Was jackboxes lie, Scrambled eggs.

[52:11] All my pancakes are coming in soon.
Oh my aunt will probably remember what I answered.

[52:33] Oh, good heavens. France's car count us of Somerset. Once killed a man by giving him a poison laced blank.
Keltis of Somerset. Once killed a man by giving him a poison laced, Was it least? Was it poison lace lease?
Do you remember PG 13? I already see we have way too many answers. Too quickly.
Kiss donut fig two pay.

[53:28] That's still piggy. I'll allow animals a pigeon. Hey, it's fine. It is. It's it is. It's a clinical thing that happens. It's just, It does.
Wine glass, Fig, Kiss.

[54:12] Was the audience's lie or the audiences making it come back as well, Was Martinez lie?
Oh my god.
First of all how do they find that out I don't know, Very odd.
2018 Trevor York in artist and author from the UK pendant illustrated easy reference guide entitled how to date blank write your lies now, In 2018, Trevor York and artist and author from the UK.

[55:13] So, yeah. So, the the walls we thought about earlier today that are in Urban Fantasy are, Wolf Like Me, right? But you're not doing anything on that year this year because only.

[55:43] I'll be doing anything for that moment.
Furniture, a duke, Americans, a second cousin, know that was written by Rudy Giuliani. A serial killer, your enemy, my mother, A bird or millennials. So, is it furniture? How to date a furniture? A duke, American second cousin serial killer. You're an enemy.
Or some other people. Your enemy was Carol's lie.
Oh, finally. That's it. Millennials.
Was Carrie Dean's like?
Was Lee's lie, Americans, Hey Facebook.

[56:57] Oh, I dated.
Alright Simon's a 10 1000 audience of 5000 closest close second actually is oh Carrie I think 6000.
Welcome to the final fibage it's a two part question and it's worth triple the points.
Robert Fiddler got in trouble with the Surry County Council when he blank without permission and Get a love letter cop could describe to dream of his partner that ended finally somehow you blank No you're going to write one lie.

[57:43] That's double the chance to fool your fellow players make it good and it might get picked for both blanks and earn you a bonus, Okay so our contestants now are trying to fill out the blank one answer that Phil's in both blanks, The example given was fell asleep. So, in a love letter, Kafka described a dream of his partner that ended finally somehow you, Fell asleep.
Robert Fiddler got in trouble with surry county with the surry county council, Reminder party.

[58:36] Or possibly in the gym, I heard grocery shopping hey, You could be doing after drinking. It seems weird. Okay, but. No, because driving. Oh, driving to. Okay.
For now just pay attention to this one.
And the true the truth are two different answers, Hey, need a house? Danced on air, built a castle, took a bath, decorated a bush.

[59:33] Let's move on to this question.
Okay and the other one was Robert Fiddler got in trouble with a surrey, Without permission. Pay you the house. Danced on air. Built a castle. Took a bath.
Kill the bug dance caught fire or stole a space rock, Danced on air, Died, And Margie.

[1:00:48] Four, Got three people in that web, Was it true? For the surrounding side.
And the other one was caught fire. So, the Coffco Love letter was caught fire and the other one of the council one was they built a castle without permission.
Alright let's see who's, I can't imagine this. I was very happy though. Yeah.
Thank you as always for being here. You're always so wonderful to chat with.

[1:01:52] About our our event if you want to call that aside from the horror picture show on Sunday evening we will be having our, We don't have a party but it's as close as we're going to get and it seems to be popular every year and that is our spooky tales and haunted music event With we have four people reading kind of they're not always ghost stories but something that's kind of spooky and scary nothing gross not nothing gruesome but with some underplaying, By Valentine Wolf and then followed by a concert by them and that's late night Friday night so we hope that people will Enjoy coming to that as they have over the past few years, Is it yes yes and again where is your room at the at the con, It is chesting one and two, Yes Jerry you will, Sorry.

[1:03:16] There we go.
And that's great. Guys, do remember, y'all, remember this. That's great.
We only gotta go up those few steps right there at the western and then just straight back. Yeah. Straight back to me. Turn behind the escalator. So, you can't see how you're on the 30th.
Somehow like that. Yeah but even John didn't get lost with that.
Yeah even I don't get lost.
Carol, thank you again for joining us. Thank you for to you and your volunteers. That put the con together and put the track together every year. We really, really appreciate that. Thank you for taking time, At this busiest part of your day, To look at your app at on your lap.
Listen, that's true.

[1:04:39] Music.

[1:04:46] This was a production of the unique geek.
That say 133210884.
Follow the uniquely on Facebook and Twitter.

[1:05:13] Music.