Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 45 - Parade Power

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Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:15] No featuring your muffin, You're funny.

[0:37] Welcome to another edition of, Days of dragon con the podcast that just keeps on marching down the street until it hits at 10 point which is at Dranka, That makes sense right and joining me as always, Marshals.
You're a bad, bad person. Hi, I'm good. I'm good.
I will let everybody know you're very likely going to hear my dog at some point today.
There we go.
It's updated. It's got like real stuff now. I gotta go find out if that thermo nuclear bomb thing is on there but yeah, it's now it is up.
It is up, up, up, Really?

[2:07] Thanks for sending this. But if you open your app and you click on my events, then, you can go and look through events and add them to your calendar. You can also go through events, And search and then hit a little heart button and they'll pop over So, it's really easy. They've got the info on there. Actually, if it's your first time or since the app's been opened, whatever, they will also, It also will it has a little tutorial it'll take you through so there's that, I also got a picture sent to us today, Oh, no. Oh, no.

[3:01] Yes. That's what happened Heimer said to. That was just make a little, Oh wait a minute, Hey upset about that I'm going to be I'm going to cry but yes so it's that but I also got send a picture there there every year some of the hotels many of the hotels do, Different, And they do 'em for driving con. The Hilton is serving one that is super Mario Brothers theme. Somebody else has just putting their and guess what folks?
It's awesome. Hey Mom of chocolate. Hey Facebook, I think it was YouTube hold on, The Hilton Atlanta Facebook, Okay. We'll be looking at that. Yeah. You keep talking. Yeah, right.

[4:12] That's their kind of that one. So, go there. It's where the really loud music DJs are.
Right in the lobby of the Hilton. It's very good. It's awesome. I'm going to go try that dessert. Probably share it with my niece and nephew and then I'm going to have to like fight them with my spoon in order to make sure I get my part, Which is going to be great. Now, do also remember on the app, the great thing about the app is you can make friends, You to be there friend.

[4:53] So that I have to say hey John be my friend and then he we can both see each other schedule, Okay, whatever. It doesn't matter. You have to make friends on both sides.
I'm going to ask to breathe.
There we go.
The other stuff is you can actually put in your own schedule like if you're a volunteering or if like you like, Your parents and you gotta swap a kid.
You can do that john.

[5:41] And, You know, it's always great to do that with your party especially so people can be like, oh, okay, great. I'm glad you're over at the Marriott because you're going to meet me over here at the Hilton in a few minutes and I need a Starbucks drink, So yes John is showing for those people unfortunately that are listening to this not watching, Here showing what the chocolate bomb thing is. It has a sparkler.
And it's full oh chocolate and it looks really and it looks like it has macaroons on the bottom or Jamie. Oh no macaroon And it looks like a nice berry puree that it all sits on. So, I'm going. That might be something I do before we get my niece and nephew down.
So that'll be good, What's up?

[6:48] You might just want to go sit somewhere and eat and yeah we've got the parade director here to tell us what time the parade will be and what time we can go and get our big chocolate dessert hi Annie check, Free director how are you, Thank you.

[7:23] So wow, But you could do it like this Saturday of course. I'm sure. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Nobody will be there but but yeah, she can certainly she can stand out there and, Hey portal hey let me ask you do you ever do that do you ever just go down there and just start practice directing people, I don't but i do drive by it throughout the year to like see what construction is going on maybe 10 minutes from there it's very smart, Very smart. You ever worry about the construction's been clean, There he is. He's such a sweetie. We love him a lot, Construction that was around Crawford Long Emery whatever they call it now. Yeah. It's a lot better and then directly at the staging area last year. We had all that construction next to Bank of, So it's like.

[8:31] The parade when is the parade for those who may not know, Open to the public. You do not have to have a drawing con batch to come at all. You can come bring the family. We are, Filling up Everywhere.

[9:04] Spider, No.
Yeah, He got hurt last year that's why he wasn't there at Con but he does make those himself, They're crazy.

[10:02] Date Mongo is done let him out I mean it's just they're going to keep on they're going to keep him, Exactly. There you go. Alright. So, sorry. Yes. Yes. You're going to have all of Anders Junior. Yeah. Wondering ones. That's awesome.
But yeah so it's 10 AM Saturday morning which is next Saturday this coming up next Saturday dear goodness.
And lucky for people, if you can't make it down to Atlanta, it's still going to be broadcast locally on the CW, channel 69. So, if you're in the Atlanta area, Atlanta, You can watch it live and then the rear about an hour later.
Oh, really? Of course, we also have it.
Yo we're like the Thanksgiving parade now we're awesome we're we're legit man, Okay sorry and you were saying it's also Saturday at 10 Yeah and also in DC TV.

[11:18] Yes no I don't think so. I think the parade goes everywhere because we all love a parade. Who doesn't? Yes. With 78 trombones and every everything. Yes. Giant balloons like Macy's.
Yeah that was from Jenny who said read the giant book If you have anything I will let you know, Could you.

[11:54] I don't think but if I want to be, No, come on. Jenny points out the extract has balloons. I don't know that they're, That big. Oh.

[12:18] The powers that be, Put a giant and of course that's what that's what John's going to go look at.
Hey Facebook, Hey, Sounds very very cool. Awesome. Now, how many people, March in the parade.

[13:10] I I didn't realize that you had that many to begin with. Sure.
I thought it was like somewhere around 400 or something that's, Maybe I was mixing up you know maybe I was mixing up the the soft cap for for guests, With parade maybe but it's 3300 people marching the parade.
Now so does that mean okay I hate to ask this and I'm not trying to I'm not trying to put you on the spot but does that mean that if somebody, Can they see you at Dragon Con and do that.

[14:12] I don't want to say absolutely no if you got a killer costume and you're a like a boy, Yeah. When you picture the killer costume.
Commenting on here. See you once again.
Who in my opinion is kind of the hero of the whole thing.
Hey Facebook, Or did you go to.

[15:11] Probably. And probably from 123.
From the prequels to a new hope and all of them are teams like, Probably, ITunes got it all he's yeah, Absolutely wonderful, Grogo in the little carrier as a giant balloon, I am still thinking you need a giant dragon not only just for dragon con you had a dragon in Harry Potter Dragons and pearl. I mean, you can get through a lot of things. I mean, there's a whole section of dragons at the front of the parade every year. Hey, dude.
That would be I've always wondered I would always put that together I need dragon to get that goes down the street.

[16:34] Figure out a Chinese dragon puff at 1 year Okay boo in puppetry track and he's coming for you.
Vehicle. Very cool. Okay. So now.
What up three now?
Always great.
And then we have the carpet band returning at Marriott Carpet Band. Oh, that's great.
I really hope they have like the two the tubas and everything wrapped in like, Marriott Carpet.

[17:34] Awesome and as we talk about cars, you guys vehicles in this parade too.
So many vehicles, man. So many, but they're just also cool. It's so hard to say no. I know, So we have 60 signed up but when already dropped out things no their cars engines.
Don't always, I think we'll sit around 55 this year and it'll look really good.

[18:20] Yes.

[18:28] Okay, They haven't, Oh wow. Yeah.
I'm getting back the reason they did it is why not? Because it's cool. No, I mean that's just it.
Sure. I bet we could do that. I'm sure we could do that. Why not? Let's go. Yeah. Yeah. We got the carpet truck coming back. Huh. Carpet truck. Carpet truck. We have a.
The foot clan teenage mutant ninja turtles they're coming back I just talked to them earlier. Oh awesome. We have all of our, Of course like an army of umbrella court to protect us from zombies.
I just started watching that show on Netflix. I kind of like it.
Where is an evil?

[19:53] Of course he's a new television show about it.
Hey Facebook a little bit more, Polite.
Yeah. That would be kind of hilarious. So you got men in black come in and agents are shield coming back. Those wonderful people. Also, also, how about the pirates? Oh, yeah.

[20:40] Oh, sorry.
On the edge of there, I don't think so. I mean, it seems like that seems like someone that everyone would love to, To see everyone loves it.
Knife writer. I mean, you know, look, you have wrestlers.
Square pants movie. So, I mean you can just, Hey, there you go.

[21:46] Yeah I am I do hope Joe Crove is hearing us though he really needs to get the the dramatic sexy Davel hat David Hasselhoff post on it Get copies made of that picture and then if people donate next year they get a picture.
Actually no he should he should give everyone one they have to pay to take it back, That's his brand. Yeah, that's his brand.
It works hey it works.
Your childhood cancer, Joe. Go for it. Blackmail. Yeah. Make him pay to get out of that movie. We'll have, we'll have cure for childhood cancer in the parade. We have the charity coming back, Big Brothers Big Sisters last year. They were the first charity group that they had a little while. So, to have care for childhood cancer.
We're going to have them right behind the everything dragon con group so they can The people that are marching for the charity all of the families and those kids can see kind of like a little bit of the parade in front of them Oh, that's cool. That's awesome.

[23:06] Candy or whatever you might get at Mardi Gras is Atlanta doesn't allow that. This is not. This is not a dragon con rule. This is a city of Atlanta rule. And we like the city of Atlanta because they bring the police officers and let us have a parade.
And they close down the roads for us the city of Atlanta is, Last year and was not able to attend, Riley's birthday.
Yes yes.
It is always a busy week.
So, it's always good. Okay. Now, I got a question though. Uh-oh.
You just said it about at the front of the parade. Well, usually at the front of the parade, you have Grand Marshall.
Do you got a gram marshal this year? I do have a grand marshal and, Celebrity that we like to put at the very very front literally right behind the banner but I'm not going to be there this year so sorry, No.

[24:34] His grandkids warmed down so he'll be back at the front. He'll be back at the parade there again. Yeah. There you go. And so now.
Hey, Oh, I don't know. Yeah, we're not supposed to say where he's from but but you know, whatever. Hey, he's from one of those shows that's in the stars but he was also. Yes. On Broadway in Rent.
And show when in the 90s, At the same time that's all we can say. Yes.
Yes I'll know, Hey Facebook.

[25:43] Would I what? Yeah. If you was here this year, yes, I would be. I mean, I plan on coming back. I'm not not coming back to Dragon.
It's worse than the rough side.
That's why I did it, So you you have your grammar marshal, I have a couple more deaths. I have more guesses.
Okay. So, like last year and for many years prior, we are going to have our literary guest of honor be in the parade again. So, that is the Chelsea Quinyar bro.
Oh, that's cool.

[26:38] So who wouldn't like that?
Goodness, if it's not about vampires, it better be about werewolves.
Last year too. Anyways, so yeah, so she's going to be with the, You don't have a wife, Oh, okay. She would have been perfect there but yeah, we're going to sneak around with that ancient worlds group. So, she'll get to at least sit behind this barns and who doesn't like that view, Absolutely no one does not like that view. Exactly.

[27:38] Hey Facebook, Y'all shouted, We're going to have Mardi Croft who is the founder and creator co-creator of H and R Pub and stuff who will be writing with him, Oh. So, Marty will be.
I'm not going to lie when they finally told me who it was I had to look up episodes like I've heard of HR pup and stuff but I've never watched it okay, Sean.

[28:35] And yeah, Was that a tent, Anyway there are muscles that you know that I don't know exist that I never knew existed on muscles Hey Facebook.

[29:15] But John, yes, seriously, she could.
VR oldest, oldest child. Oh, wow. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Sorry, everyone. Oh, Oh, that is going to be so awesome. Now, where you don't always put the the.
Grandma show right at the front so where will mister Cruz be, He's going to be pretty close to the front. Okay. He's actually going to be what we call group eight. So we oh okay I know that. Yeah.
So he'll be, Yep.
There you go.
Hey portal.

[30:29] Yeah I'm great so yeah so why not you know, Everything. Everything's all interconnected in tiny winey. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Now, There's a lot of places you walk by on that route if you've ever done that route. They're great restaurants.
There are great just meeting up places, bars, whatever.
Wait, there's a special one for this year, isn't that? That was my wave and love.
To have this year, I don't know how much you guys in your followers know about the parade and how, Of any businesses that are not, Sponsors or official partners or Dragon Con. So, we allow companies like Netherworld who have been with Dragon Confer forever, You know, they pump a lot into us. We pump a lot into them. We are official partners with Netherworld. That's why they're the sponsors. The CW broadcasts.
We love working with.

[31:57] However, I have seen many a child go up and try to like Give him a hug. So, yeah. You know, your child will vary.
And they are answers maybe not, That's why it's called Netherworld folks.
So yeah so we're going to expand upon that a little this year. We're going to do a little test run and see how it goes. Awesome. The amazing Shakespeare tavern which was you said Leah's right on our parade route every year. We get to walk right by them. We get to, You know highlight this amazing company that works.
So well at bringing the Atlanta community out and sharing in like the theater love that a lot more contentees have I mean they love costume just as much as we do, There you go. Just because there's.

[33:08] Find the time. So, you gotta make time. You gotta make time done. It's really good.
They might shorten some of them up a little bit but not much.
They do the whole play, And very very reasonable.
Hey Facebook.

[33:43] Forming art center any place and see like madam butterfly and your sitting way back on the upper balcony you know you've got a great sea and it's a great show but, With Shakespeare Tavern it's like one floor with a little half balcony, And they just they hire some of the best actor, So the fun thing is with Sam with the partnership we're doing, They're partnering with us to donate some swag. I'm not sure what. I'm hoping for a couple show tickets but they're going to donate some swag to our volunteer raffle.
So at the end of every dragon kind, You know every volunteer that's in good standing that does their minimum number of hours for the department does it with you know a good attitude and, Meets all the qualifications for their department head every name gets entered into a raffle at the end of every convention we used to do it at the dog party but it's just it's so much role literally so tired of the dead dog party, But yeah they'll do the raffle and they will email you or call you if you win.
Mm hmm.

[35:10] To

[35:21] Hey Facebook and there is a Shakespeare tavern.

[35:32] And it's so funny because it really is. It's like Regular, The nicer building. I mean, yeah. They're the nicer brick and stuff like that. They're not like just an office building and then all of a sudden, there's this kind of two-door tavern.
I didn't listen doctor Guthrie I did, Almost looks like a little hobbit house. What, There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Brandon says he and his wife walked the parade a long time ago with our cards against humanity costume and got a big laugh from Lee in the staging grounds with our black card, Hat saying I walked the dragon parade and all I got was blank and the white card said, Answer saying hot and sweaty which, Not the dragon jumper. Yeah. Maybe it would be. Yeah. You could bring that back at any point, Brandon. That's hilarious.
Still very very true. No. Speak up. Speaking of which. We have this conversation all the time. Regardless of the weather, short of, Unsafe.

[37:01] The parade goes on, Jan.

[37:21] Yes, but she's been smiling on us these last several years. It looks like she's still well. The weather looks, Absolutely beautiful for that morning but yes if it's that changes, Water and pass it out make sure we're all hydrated we've got porter potties and staging for the marchers so yes but beware they they are porter parties and there's 3000 of you trying to share two so, And and you've got costumes and all sorts of things that you don't necessarily want to go into their, Yeah. So, John brought that up. I'm going to bring another one up, You need to be there by nine folks. Yeah. And I know everybody's like, oh, but I'm going to, I miss this or that.

[38:36] I understand sometimes we're like I never saw the bus.
There is a motor station at Peachtree Center which is right where we are Peachtree Center is the food court you can get on Marta Go north to north avenue.
A block and a half two blocks and you're right where the parade will start.
I hate it every year somebody comes in and they're like oh where where's this group and I'm like they they were down the street last night, I'm sorry and they're like looking at me. I'm like, I kind of sometimes want to go I can't stop the parade so you can catch up.
And the line also knows stop when they tell you to stop because they're might be, There might be a big vehicle in front or behind you.
They're probably is a big.

[39:58] The 35, That has 6500. So, That is ridiculous. I didn't know that. That's crazy. Yeah, I just looked at John. How many, Year by year. Okay. Well, then, if we're half their size, we should have.

[40:42] Even when Rya and the last dragon came out they didn't have a drag, I don't have all of the answers to this. Probably, Would have this but i do know that they have a dedicated seating section as usually outside I want to say, It's usually outside the high, And they have it there and they have that blocked off and so, That's where you should look, you can ask at Disability Services. Yes, they are again in the, The courtyard.

[41:44] But they're they're going to be right there so you can ask if they've moved it but that's usually where they are because it's very easy to block that whole area and not let anybody be there but dragon calm people because of how the, Are y'all still right beside disability?

[42:17] If you have to pick up wristbands or you have any other questions from us or right there.
At the bottom of the courtland grand hotel, There you go. You floating around in that free space. So, stop by at all the questions you got. I have an amazing, amazing team that works. The table that helps out obviously parade morning, They can answer all your questions. I promise. Probably better than I can because my brain is jello, At that point. Yeah. It will be so that'll be good.
I understand that that's a great place because they can just block it and say nope nope nope dragon Tom people's only, Disability services and, I'd love that about them.

[43:27] If you see it's a peppy of mine. If you see that there's a child trying to see you can obviously see over the top of it.
Please give them some room to get up in front so that they can, I mean, it's great that that, you know, adults get to see this and everything else and but you know, really, it's it's the the paragors, the pre marchers, I'm sure I'd love to see the the smiling kids faces Of all down pastry. So. And I promise the groups that hand out stuff.
They will absolutely hand it to a doctor as well.
But yeah, let's share the love because the kids leave. I'm not even, I'm not even a big kid person but like, I love seeing kids watch the parade.
They're just their whole little favorite, Yeah, Baby grogos so I know.
Well and I also want to say.

[44:50] And kept saying he wanted to march in it next year but then he still hasn't done he hasn't done an outfit so he goes what?
Aunt Lee does not sew.
Hey Facebook, No it's not i mean it can be, Right we down and and any age can march in the parade when we open up parade registration in February 15 every year February 15, Dan, we are friendly. Come see us at the table. The Amazon's in charge of vehicles this year by the way. Good, Be nice. But yeah, anybody can sign up to be in the parade. Just anybody under 16 has that have an adult march with them and both of you have to have you dragging con, Everybody needs to have their badge.

[46:03] Earlier than that like maybe Friday, I will say this caveatly if you have already bought your tickets and have not picked up like if you get a Saturday only pass it is very tricky to get your pass and get to parade stag, Bring it to me or to my presath. They have purple vests. They will have a list of people that are like, yes, you are signed up.
You cannot just show up for the QR code.

[46:43] And you have to have your ID so I can make sure it's your QR code and not your creepy cousin Dave's QR code so, Hey, Oh, Dan's already volunteering. Never mind.
Always good.
Just in general maybe we got some dates, Can I am Saturday morning?
And that will be on August, No it's not, 30 in the morning. Yes. Fully shut off by 9:30: in the morning. If you try to come late.
For marching, you will probably be turned away unless you find somebody more friendly than me. Sorry.
We try to be nice. I really promise we try to be nice but we're just very tired. It's very early.

[48:13] And then if you're coming to watch, don't come by the staging area. I know you're excited and that you want to see everything, What I promise the patients will be worth it when you have a much better view closer to the Shakespeare Tavern.
Let's be frank is a hot mess when it's when it's up there. Oh my goodness. It's it's, By the time you see it, Back backstage they're running around like crazy making sure everyone's getting to where they need to get to so, Hey Facebook.

[49:19] To to get ready to go. So, you don't want the magic broken, Stay away from and if you're, if you're a photographer, if you are a press photographer and you have your credentials from the convention, you are allowed in the staging area to take some photos, Prephoto stuff but if you do not have your credentials from dragon Do not come to my staging area I will gladly turn you away and you're going to get better pictures along the parade wow you really are and by the way everybody who will be there in the staging area that is a volunteer person, We'll be asking to see if you're pressed.
You gotta like three people before you get anywhere near being able to take and by the way nobody take this as a challenge nobody take it as, I'm just saying.

[50:14] We don't want to miss out. We do not want to make that red hair glaze on Saturday. We just really don't want it.
Cuz it can happen. Trust me.
That's it. Hey, I started volunteering at the parade. I had brown hair.
Not drip, by the way, but okay. Yes. Alright. So, Saturday, it's going to be on the CW. Gonna be shown at 10. Gonna be shown again at 1 hour. When it finishes, it shows again. Yeah.
DC TV so you can be in your hotel room and, Trying to streaming pass so if you aren't able to attend Dragon Con at all like some people in this video, Beautifully done.

[51:12] It's okay. It happens like it's in a way sometimes. It's only $10 and you get all of drying convert virtual. There are some great panels that have already been recorded in the can of heat in a couple sneak, You can watch anything well let me let me let me say until the next dragon come because I don't think it goes for a full year because if it depending upon when Labor Day falls, Oh my goodness.

[51:47] You can watch the parade every single day until next year's parade, What?
Is in the, Near badge pick up and disability services and there's also a table for your childhood cancer are charity this year that will be there as well. Awesome. Yeah.
Well, any this is the time when we like to play a game with our our guests. I think over. If you look over in the private chat, you should, oh, Annie's already in there. Annie's on top of it.
No I'm good I'm just out of focus and I don't know why. I thought you put on this I thought you put on the, Yeah.

[52:55] Yeah. The room code is SIHD. I'll make sure that I get the volume going here for you guys.
And Annie it was probably all the cats called blame the cat, Looks like we got a full guess I'm sorry invite that did not do not make it in it, If I could put 300 people in here I would but I can't I'm, 3300 feet.
This game is a capacity there will be no further boarding at this time And if you're watching you can join the audience at any time.

[54:04] This is round one you'll get 500 points for everyone you fool with your lie and you'll let it cool 1000 for finding the truth, Here's your first question.

[54:30] If you just can't, I think there's filters on there to prevent some, There is no challenge to be accepted.
Oh, we got looks like we got everyone in. Great.
Okay, the ancient Greeks consider the island of Delos. Dallas is up rounds properly. Who knows? Tip somebody knows but not me. To be such a holy place that it was illegal for people to blank there.
Fish, Sneeze, eat, sleep, or lie.

[55:39] That's it. By the way, that's it. Oh, hack. Asleep. It was Chris, Answer.
I appreciate Jack's box. Eat.

[56:09] Leandra. That's hilarious. That's fine. Wow.
Babe was the audience's well sorry was Brandon's like who got the audience?

[56:33] No explanation cookie none at all okay, Oh the audience is in the last place. Well, it's tied for lunch please.
After wandering into a secured area in February 2022 the Pentagon had to call a special service in Arlington Virginia to take blank into custody, So I I think Michelle might have, You can't vote for it but heck if you want to put it post a, Answer inside the inside through Facebook or or YouTube or whatever. Feel free to do that. If you wanted these questions. Alright.
I can post that what do I care, Okay after wandering into a secure area in February 2022 not too long ago Pentagon had to call a special service in our Arlineton, Virginia to take into custody, Hey, Michelle.

[57:47] Is it a puppy, Ducks a girl scout troop.

[58:04] Origin girls, Okay a goose, Was there anybody else to play? A girl scout troop?

[58:35] What's the truth?
All of us can tell problems with the pinnacle. Anyway, moving on.
Hey Facebook, Shut the weed. Yeah.
Heads up it's video time.
I'm Jack from Valparaiso, Indiana. 1 day, my family received a mysterious package with a return dress for a school that doesn't exist. And note that said, help us find a home.
Okay, that again is that was Jack from Valt Braza. So, did you know?
Indie Indiana. Anyway, from Indiana, that's where they're from. 1 day, my family received a mysterious package with a return address for school that doesn't exist and a note, And a note that said.

[1:00:01] That is I think I'd be freaked out if I die. I'm not sure if this is the answer to this one. But Michelle says ducks. It might have been answered for the previous one.
That was my answer to the previous one. Okay.
I should have said chicken. I knew it was some kind of animal, Chicken and, Let's put that back in there. There we go. Was it where they find inside the package?
A happy waffle lice. Oh my god. Doll heads. $5000 in cash. Acorns, ratted wolverines, or The heads of fake children.
Who was in kittens let's see what you.

[1:01:07] Dollheads.
Hey corns, Brandon, quick get me a service. Leave it or not.
Okay. Well, I wasn't interesting as I thought it would be. Anyway, But they weren't really pets though. Creepy heads.

[1:01:52] This is you just need to not bring those in the house and then open it outside, Alright, here it is. Annabelle, behind, Alright take in your eyes keep it asshole off there you go, I do.
Write a dragon conselli all these things are up to replace simply with a stock photo of blank, Barack Obama.
We'll find out, Covered it. There we go. What are the possible answers? What is the stock photo of? Sardines, slinkies, barber stripes, and lawn chainy.

[1:03:10] Slink does a slinky sardines slinkys. Barbra stride sandbar.
Launch any coral a treasure chest sharks spaghetti bolt on us let's take a look, Screen just list I've ever read my life sponge was Lee's lie, They have done stock photos of this one. They have. Barbara strikes in.
Good one.
Launch Janie.

[1:04:05] Don Knotts, Was Brandon's like oh Pat Lee, I don't know what the connection is but this spaghetti meatballs.
Hey, Whoo.
Duke of Austria of the House Hosberg, Hey, With the no never mind I can't again I can't even say it.

[1:05:22] Music.

[1:05:31] We gotta run in?
Peg leg false pinky, Nose mole pigtail, What was it? Was it, Piercing.

[1:06:22] Grasp.
Chipmunk was Michelle's lying. Pigtail, was it true?
But why do we have details that, Brandon.

[1:07:08] He was protesting lack of good seating.
Protesting not getting a sea at the ballroom for driving, H David Werder set a record by spending 439 days sitting on a flagpole why was he sitting there oh wow why I'm glad you asked he was protesting, Ducks no ducks, Angry chickens angry big night chickens yeast, In the inner poop.

[1:07:54] She chipmunks and ducks and then leaves. He was protesting blank. Slavery, Gas prices, Just someone.
Orleo was Leo. Am I missing something there? I don't know what that one is. I have to look it up now.
The Los Angeles Youth Orchestra. Anyway, a boneless wings was Leandra's lie.
Very good one. Good luck. School hours, That one on my.

[1:08:56] Telephone calls, I mean what?

[1:09:17] I don't know what that does for black for gas prices. What's the anyway?
Chris has taken the lead, With car meters I'm exactly.

[1:09:43] In June 2021 the entire staff of a Pakistani restaurant were arrested after they refused to Blank, Blank. Now, you're going to write one lie, That's double the chance to fool your fellow players. Yeah, if your lie gets picked for both blanks, tell you what, I'll throw in a bonus.
Okay are contestants are, Looking to fill out a blank one answer that will fill in two blanks the first one being Emily Gail's grassroot slogan for the city of Detroit Michigan gave citizens a simple instruction, In June of 2021, the entire or the other, the other question is the in June of 2021, the entire staff of buck about Pakistani restaurant, One answer to rule them all.
I like ducks. I like Michelle's answer again.

[1:11:10] Guess the truth for just this question now.
If you remember what it was I don't but it's in front of me so I can read it. So the simple instruction was it work harder, wade, and say hello. Be polite. Wear shoes, Say nice things about Detroit, Take a COVID test, Was that simple instruction? One of those things. Okay, no, it's this blank's time to shine.
Now we want to know, Was it because they refused to work harder wave and say hello be polite wear shoes say nice things about Detroit give police free burgers take a COVID test, Moment of truth. Say thank you, go home, or Annie.
Work harder was Brandon's like cut both sides to this one.
Take a COVID test.

[1:12:40] Music.

[1:12:50] Go double deception.
Hey, Double the session four double cheeseburger of lies, If you've been to Detroit, you understand why I saw a clean up wasn't actually.

[1:13:24] Hey burgers oh, What, Was the truth for the Detroit slogan.

[1:13:48] Alright we'll see who won.
Had to be in Florida. Brandon, Brandon is the winner.
Nice job Brandon.
I'm just very happy I didn't get and Annie, you did great too. Yay.
Any also attended.

[1:14:30] Anyway, I want to try. If I have any gold stars, I'll get one to see it dragging on. Alright. So, where can people find more information, Lee had me nervous. It says Brandon. So where can people find more information about, Google the best place to get information about the parade is the Dragon Con Facebook Parade group driving conparade Facebook group that order words.
You just.
Drying gun parade.

[1:15:26] Ok Missy Youngster.
It's called, So we're trying to get our Twitter back up and running our ex account back up and running that just sounds like worse.

[1:15:53] Yeah that's the three best ways to get a hold of us. Check out the drawing con app that the nicely mentioned is live. The bridge should be in there. I haven't taken myself yet but the parade should be on there Saturday morning so you can add it to your schedule. Make sure you don't miss it.
You gotta be there man. Gotta be there. Don't miss it.
It is. Yes. And if you do miss it, be sure to catch it on DCTV or on replays, Alright well Annie, thank you again for joining us. I really appreciate you guys put on a great show every year. And somehow managed to get again shocked at the number.
You are for AA convention in Atlanta, Think about that. I'm just going to think about that for a little bit. Alright.
That's how that's ridiculous.

[1:17:09] Yeah.
You know, there's going to be over there like you hot.

[1:17:28] Oh I'm starting to get water all over your shirt oh my you should probably take that off, Hey disagreement during a podcast can we check, I do I do think we may have crossed the degree, Right we we are on creepy day creepy cousin Dave, No, he does not at all. No. No. Anyway. So, until next time. Before we get ourselves in the more trouble. This is John.

[1:18:20] Music.

[1:18:27] Was a production of the unique geek.
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[1:18:54] Music.

[1:19:10] 10 AM sharp.
Oh my trouble.