Days of Dragon Con 2023 - Day 47 - Do The (Con) Hustle

2023, The Unique Geek
Days Of Dragon Con

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[0:00] Music.

[0:13] Hey, You're funny come back in on your face and give me 25.
Welcome to another edition of, Days of dragon con the podcast that gives until it hurts your ears and joining me as always is, The queen of the dew, Lee, Lee, those of you that are already and I'm just holding this up for John because we're doing these pretty early. We're doing this one pretty early on a Sunday for some people. Just realize I left my coffee downstairs, Alright well I'll check for a.

[1:13] Hey, everybody. So, I'm holding up a can of my elixir of the gods which is Diet Mt. Dew. I also do coffee. I also do tea.
When I am very, very, very like, oh my god, I feel like I need something and it's just not going to make it.
I will totally get me venti or a trenta size.
With an extra shot babies. Oh, it's always good. Also, if you had a little caramel in that, take a, Okay so hi it is Sunday morning we're doing this for those of you listening we're going to be talking about charity which is again give till it hurts, We love talking about charity. We love really chatting about charity and all of that and it's really really important to dragon con. I'm going to go on before John gets here.
I'm going to go on and bring in Jody, Jody. Oh, it's so good to see you. I miss seeing you so much. I love seeing your face.
It's so good to see you again as I just said but what is the charity this year and then we'll just check ourselves.
Sure. So, this year's charity is Cure Childhood Cancer.

[2:36] The people that they helped sent them and it just had me in tears because the things that this charity does to me Help alleviate people, You know, make sure that they have food. That they, if they're needing help with transportation, you know, if they're struggling with their bills because of the fact that, you know, they have so much going on and unable to, you know, Do their traditional Job. They're there to assist in any way possible from being bringing an activities for the the patient or the siblings or even just you know making sure that parents have, The things that they need because their focus so heavily on the children so that's wonderful and another aspect that they do is they help fundraise and, Fund research that is focusing on, Getting.

[3:44] Just such a broad range but they make sure that they're looking at treatments and new cancers and dosage for children and all of that sort of thing and they also do a little bit of, Aspect of what the cancer is that the children are going through so that they can, Cancer.

[4:18] Yeah that's awesome. You know and again I know we've said this out a bunch but but just the fact that Dragon can't even, It is and and of course one of the things too about you know about this I know we talked about, Minute or two that I was gone. Not yet. Not yet.
We always all start they try tide into local area too so that's always nice. Yes, everything is very much local.
I saw on the website that essentially this kind of blossomed a little bit out of Emery so they've been around it is Atlanta based, It's wonderful. What?
I think that's wonderful and I don't know if we've gotten to this part. Sorry folks. As always, somehow, as soon as John makes a little boxes move around, I think my internet doesn't want to, But also the one thing is that driving time it's not just, The dollar from Lee as an individual, right? Right. It's not just my dollar or my $10 or whatever.
Right so if you donate.

[5:46] I know it's so exciting. Now, I'm supposed to go give blood because I promise that if we did that, I would go give blood and that's one of the things that I most terrified about.
I have to go to your hand if you need me to be there with you.

[6:10] Huh. So, 225 1000 they match. So, like if you were to buy your donated dollar, you know, it turns into two.
So that's very exciting and I like to squeeze dragon for every single penny that I can get out of them Yeah. Exactly. And i say it. I said it the other day. Talking to somebody else, which is, let's stick it to the man. Let's stick it to the, let's stick it to the bosses.
Even though I, you know, the bosses are really actually nice.

[6:47] Hey Facebook, Yeah both probably giggling in our little heads we didn't mean to say it that way, One of the things is great is that yeah it's it's wonderful. Go on and do it this way. Give him this way and do remember some folks. We're 60 1000 For every dollar if we can get everybody to give, With that. Right. And there are lots of ways to give which is now we always talk about just in the director's rooms. They're going to be doing things on their own. They'll usually bucket, Which loves change folks. We don't have a problem with that. So, but what are some of the other things that just easily to give some give this financial support? Sure, well, the best thing that I like to say that we focus on the fund of the fundraising I want to make sure that it is always.

[7:56] All the tracks do that as well. This year, the app actually has a little tag that the directors could tag all their events that are you know, charity based. As Charity based. So, you should be able to find that in the app. I will admit that I am not an app user. So, therefore, I can't give you the the needy gritty on that.
But you can find various different things and it'll have a little tag and, Let me give an example of this. I did not see like if you're in the events, thank folks, you know, the little buttony pick. Can you hit events?
I try to filter it by charity. I didn't see that like as a track and I know that probably a V people are sending this. I will actually in this to Regina as a question so she can answer us.
It's one more of these before dragon con, But when I typed in search for, Escape room event for charity. That's amazing. Classic, Oh boy y'all. Pay money early. Do not try to wait until the end of call thinking it's going to get better. Even I.
Who loves crappy movies you know me I love me some crappy movies.

[9:22] The the, But there's that and so you've got those and this might not be album.
But I did want to say it's really easy to give that and yeah.
Keep going I'm sorry hey no it's great I'm so excited I just really love the creative ways that different tracks come up with the ways to to fundraise, It'll be simple like you know asking for donations during a costume contest or something like the walk in I think I saw maybe Mac and me which may and I remember seeing that in the theater, We have lots of events like I know that this year we're doing an event at Park Tavern on Wednesday before Dragon Con. You know how we always make that joke about, The the Wednesday is the new Thursday well now we have an event that's going on at Park Tavern it's called Wednesday as a drag and it's a trivia and drank show, Tons of fun.

[10:41] On Thursday and then, you know, we have some of our own stuff that's going on. So, we have things like every night, we have coloring for charity.
Located in the Hyatt from like seven to midnight which is really great. It's in the learning center. So, it's nice, dark, and really comfortable. Sure, Chairs. There you go. There's the dragon con party.
I found it over at the park tavern. Com website yeah that's what I thought yeah, Oh, I know a couple. Oh, we have the most beautiful drag queens.
Who I don't think that is but ladies Celeste.

[11:34] All of them are absolutely beautiful and so that's great but Park Tavern, If you're not from Atlanta is very easy to get to go to their site it you can take Marta to get there and walk probably it's good half a mile Or take it tomorrow and then Uber the rest of the way. Yeah.
Yeah. We have so many ways for people to, you know, have fun while fundraising. But there's the coloring as I said. And it will be play like low five music. So, it'll be a place where you can chill, Out of the you know, Happiness of dragon con and be able to just like chill and color and the new coloring book will be available there. We have volume three which I'm so excited about.
So we'll have volume three there we have a handful And I mean a handful of volume two still left. But we'll have some of those to the earlier you visit me. The more likely you can get to. And there you go.
Isn't it cute?
Yes. Oh, it's absolutely deep. Oh, look at his little.

[12:55] Yeah he's he's adorable doing one of the things that we love to do so much, Yeah.

[13:13] 20 different pages to color.
But I think there's a few like the covers inside full, But yeah you can come in and just call her or get the number we have single pages as well, Exactly.

[13:43] Hey portal I believe it's one right, Yeah. So, it's great. Time and also you can do coloring in the morning. If you're a morning person instead of a night person, So you can get them up, Natural it's called coffee and coloring anymore but it is but it's hosted by the video game track, It's great to go over there and also if you're a morning person, that's a good place to look. If you're evening place, you know, you get the high, You can probably I'm not going to say for sure but you know y'all can all get you back to And then whoever needs whatever dose of whatever to get started in the morning, You know, your coffee, your tea, your diet Mt. Dew, and it really, really big bottle.

[14:54] Oh, yeah. Seems like a froze. Well, she's very emphatic about the, you have to stay with your kids under 16. You have to. Stay with, stay with them. Yes.
But yeah I I love the fact that we we can offer this kind of thing and you should be able to also ask possibly your favorite track in their track room and say hey Do you have any coloring books? Because there are few tracks that have asked for different coloring books. You can also find them in the comics and pop art alley. I think it's at the the tabled right as you walk in Also the art show will have them and the charity booth and that's where my team is and we're in the Marriott on the Marquee level which is one below the lobby Right?
It's at the base of the at the base of the escalator. The escalators. Yeah.

[15:55] Turn around to go to your left yeah Yeah. I mean, you also have the Walk of Fame. That's a fantastic big big thing to do for us. And we're we're just to the left of that. We're stuck in the wall. Kinda like we're a little concession stand. Yeah.
Yeah. Registration. Yeah. But not ours. No. No. And there is no. By the way, no registration at this. That's right.
Yup. And also our charity is going to have a table that's right next to the badge pickup. So if you want to talk to them and possibly have had an experience where you've actually had them impact your life. You can talk to them and let them know How they've affected you. And stuff of that nature, but they'll be right there at the badge pick up so you can chat with them and I think they're going to have T shirts It's a bad ribbons.

[17:00] Of course there's also, Yeah.

[17:17] Yes. And it's so exciting. The dragon hustle.
And this is it and I actually have them this year.
So, when you sign up, you get to, there's a question as to like, you know, what's your favorite track? Or what's your favorite thing to do at Dragon Con? And last year, Customing one. That question. So, what we did is it is a little dragon and he's making his cosplay so he can Cosplay as a dragon can't human, You know and then his his his to do board is over here so he machine a hot glue gun and all the thread he needs to make his human cosplay Wow. It is so cute and then, of course, on the back is, you know, that.
Isn't that awesome?
The reality is I'm going to be honest with you, That that, For that quality. Just just tell me. Okay Joe you can listen again.

[18:46] My IT person's going to be a little upset but you know This thing is is hefty. It's gorgeous. And so much fun and this year you can pick them up at the convention. If you've signed up. Oh. And come visit me at oh she's back.

[19:14] So.

[19:25] And you can pick em up at the convention and then you can wear them.
So, you know, you're on race number and your name and you can print that out and wear it too. If you want to like, You know, be a little goofy and also spread the word about it. So, yeah.
Oh, wait. Someone will print it out. Is there like a little digital QR code on there so that other people can be like, where did you get that cool bib? And you can. I don't think so but I think if you remember that it's, Bitly DC, DC and DCH in that case are all capitalized. On capital letters. Yep.

[20:19] Stupid. So it's fantastic and you can wear it around and show other people because we all know that we watch So much a dragon con. And that's kind of where this, Yep just got my 10 1000 you're like it's 10 AM. Yeah.
Now some of those may have been steps from the night before.

[20:55] We got night out. We got early morning people. Those night out.
Made. There can be, you know, on a pogo stack. Walking, running, wheeling, and a video game, you know, No it's it's an honor system. Every bit of it. It's always good. Yup. But I'd love to see if you come up with the creative way to do your steps. You should, you know, put it on social media and tell me about it.

[21:39] Well I also want to say something about these medals if you pick them up there which is Oh my god, so cool. I cannot wait to have it because I'm going on that site right after we finish all this to go get it because it's so pretty and look out and it's so big to y'all. It's huge. I almost kind of want to make it, After you go for the the DC so that year. Yeah. You know, after after a few years, you probably make a band like a like a Chewbacca.
Bandelier with each other. All the way down to you.
They are very, they're high quality. I used to run.
I used to run a lot and end and.

[22:33] Maybe the Disney metal is a little better but but the other but for all the other races that I've done this is a hi hi quality, Little, Would I really find really cool, Yeah do you know I haven't noticed that in the last two I've been on there.

[23:09] So If you're going to do your steps, that's great during the day. You're not probably running but it don't wear this and run.
Yes. Maybe also. Oh, I can't wait to go.
I'm so excited. You should get yourself print up your bib and put it on and go go pretend like you're walking outside.
I will.
Off on Saturday. Okay. I'm going to be kind of dressing up on Saturday for the first time in a long time. Really? And if I have my bib, my bibs going to be on my back. Telling you who I dressed up. So, some people might be like, what?
It was actually a reason, I'm so excited.

[24:09] I'm thrilled in over the moon and oh everybody has embraced this dragon town household. And I'm curious to see who's going to win next year's theme.
And how how is it how is the outside, It's costing me one last year's. Right. So, that's why it's the the dragon is cosplaying. Right. A human.
But how how is it how is it determined again I forget I forgot how we determined it's just a question at the end of the sign up that says you know what's your favorite, So There's a write-in thing. Huh. And if if we really truthfully missed something, I'm more than happy. We'll make sure that we add it for the next year, We'll meet that you know list, Now, Well I definitely it's nothing that I take care of I champion them I will talk about it All that I can because our blood drive is So fantastic.

[25:34] And I believe that you scheduled, And some juice maybe at the end but as I said I am terrified of needles, So

[26:01] So sometimes I can't give. Yeah. So he, Tell me when your your schedule and yourself will be there. I'll be there. Hold your hand and you can hold mine too because you know, I was just going to lose it. Yeah. Yeah, The price is $29.
Is there?

[26:42] Okay and and how do I forgive me if I'm pressing buttons over here. So, how do I know how do you know if, Is there some way to designate that I want to pick up my medal at the at the con or yes, Oh, okay. And then so then you can, you can say, well, if you, if I say that I am going, does that, Does that, No but what's going to end up happening is because we we built in the cost of shipping automatically because this started out as completely you know virtual We've mailed them out after the convention but this year we wanted to make sure it's people could get them at the convention so we had a The ship to me and i will have them at the convention and that built-in cost We'll go to the charity and then as we know it will also get doubled So by picking it up not only do you get the fun of having it but that money that would have been used to ship it to you is going to go to the charity instead, That is brilliant.

[28:06] You really like it.
Goes directly to the church. Sorry.
And up for that I am, John is probably also trying to find that link. We will put it up.
That's a overlook for me that we didn't have blood drive on this year and kicking myself in the head so I'm making my 2000 before list now, And we will figure that out.

[28:55] Save a life.
Yes, there you go. So, here there is a website. If you just go to Lifestyle has found the link. If you go to, yeah, if you go to life, Dot org slash dragon con you will find their, When they're going to be there you can even and make your appointment to donate here right there on their site, And they can help, We have all these different things. And I think it that last page had AA picture of their their T shirt. If you scroll down.
There you go.
Is that the 10 1000 carpet?
I'll talk about carpet lovers.

[30:04] We'll do that after this after the podcast we'll figure out a time we'll get it off. Alright. Hell yeah. Yeah. I'm so thrilled.
I think I think you get an apple pen either way but just, The Saturday donors have it looks like if I'm reading this right. The Saturday donors get the special.
Ah, there you go. Oh, yeah. Oh, there you go. You have to schedule an appointment and you have to, if you schedule on Saturday, got it.
There we go. Done. Now, I bet it's because. Hey folks.
Yes yes.
Oh oh.

[30:59] You get to do it whenever you want. There's no need to like, Blood drive every year it's, Believe it or not I do have them. We give lots and lots of blood.
Yeah baby this this is the Roberto Highline this blood drive goes kind of around the country these were set up this was a big deal for him, Every year.

[31:55] The, you know, over there. Every year.
That is so cool. Yeah. I love how much our dragon family really takes care of, Helping out because we we also we have the superheroes dragging superheroes where we go out into the community and we actually do you know help different charities with you know, Various different things like open hands. We've done that. And spreading mulch at the park, and different, just.
Different call activities we always are getting out there and trying to make the world better and that's really nice, Jerry also mentions the SMA right now.
I think I can.

[32:52] I heard I don't know.

[33:02] For 22 years and the family put them together and had a professional quilter turn them into a quilt. Nice. They are donating that to you.
So they've sent us some pictures and we're going to put them up on social media but we're going to also have instead of having two Days of auctions we're going to have a Saturday's auction time slot is now a preview so we're going to put out all the various different things that are in the auction so you can come by and look at them and know what's going to be coming on Sunday, But we're going to have this quote and it is stunning and it has, So, it's really exciting. I can't wait to see it in person.
That is really, Where others so soft usually if and they got it professionally quilted it's going to be so soft it's going to be durable folks, Yeah, we did. We have the Hey Facebook.

[34:28] She's done this I think for 3 years now and I think she started because she has so many different bits and pieces she starts making pillows and stuff like that so she's been making us a lot really cool stuff and that's in the option as well, So that's another thing that people can do if you have something that's Really cool but maybe.

[34:58] So, it's another way that like if you don't have money to be able to do the fundraising you can help us by helping us fundraise. But donating something.
That is very cool and by the way also with that, You know.

[35:21] I we have a box of that and I'm not doing it this year because we've been doing other things since here but next year I'm going to go through it and decide what can you really want to keep?
We had somebody donated they went to the Star Trek experience thing and ended up buying all the robes and hand towels and towels so they have we had, I think borg ones.
Cling on. The academy, and the enterprise, Wash, bathrobes, and hand towels and we put them as sets so you can get a set of a bathrobe and like a hand towel or you know, A full towel and some hand towels and washcloths and stuff like that. It is so exciting. Well, and, I actually got one of those that come over years ago. I got it set that was at the Vegas Star Trek experience. And I got a hand out of, You know like a hair towel body towel whatever they are. We use them because they're so pretty.

[36:45] The the fancy towels. Well, no, we actually just put them out for special, Those are the four special towels. Yeah. So, during the show, we have family over there for specials. Yeah.
And I just saw the the drag I'm actually I told my husband that there were some things I wanted to do on Wednesday we're dragging Connie kind of looked at me he's like then start till Thursday Mike, But there are events that will support the con which is not meaning the concerts on Wednesday. Things that we can do that would be helpful. So, guess what folks? That's what we're going to do.
That's also in the action is you know how we had those little stuffed dragons yeah, We have a big gigantic stuff dragon, Huge one.
I don't know maybe late.

[38:10] So he goes to the walk of Ame and he meets all the guests, What I have deemed cuddles the dragon and he meets all the the different guests and we have pictures and then whoever wins this dragon in the auction, Also gets digital versions of the pictures. So, therefore, they can kind of have providence of, you know, this is what I got and he met all these people, That's pretty cool. So, that's really cool. Yeah, that's an option. I have that is awesome.
Okay see now and that's that's my price range for the auction which will make me kind of sad but it's okay.

[39:05] I love the baby dragons. I have them. Yeah. So, yes. Yeah. Thank you. I don't even know if it's a baby dragon that you're whatever but yeah. Yeah, it's it's got it's got wings.
Nice, And it's an honor as we heard for a white person Jan Price.
And then the charity parties for charity your childhood cancer but the dragon this year is, In memory of Jan.

[39:49] This is the time of the podcast it would like to we like to share play a game with our our guests And so, I am going to add. We've already got the two people in there. We got, because it's a set, it's sent, by the way, if you, if you're here and you've never gotten to play, today would be a good day because it's early Sunday. Nobody is up yet.
And there's only a few people in the audience. So, If you wish to join, head over Jackbox. TV, KCEO. If you're listing this on the audio, which 99% of you do.
It is too late.
So don't even bother. I suppose you could try but you know whatever. I'll give it a couple of minutes. Joe for anybody that wants to jump in to play.
Jody again where can people find you at the, Well, I'm always running around. So, you probably find me rushing some place but my team is located in the Marriott. Marquee on the Marquee level, Which is one below the lobby. Mm hmm. And just kind of have to look at the hole in the wall and that's our little.

[41:02] And then looked a little further you'll find us.
Okay cool looks like Lee has rejoined the game itself as well too or there is adopting.

[41:29] Now it's your chance.
Oh, there you go. Jerry got changed back, Alright I'll give it apologize for that if you can kick one off I doubt it, Ah don't worry about that bracket fill up today because again it's super like too early for everybody except for people that are probably still up for the night before, Alright. So, getting getting their dragon. So, I'm going to go ahead and, Giving, There you go guys. We got music, right?

[42:31] Music.

[42:42] I'm cookie and i love hosting fibage.
What some of these are sincere, Oh, and if you're not playing, don't forget you can still join the audience.

[43:13] This is round one which means you get 500 points for everyone you fool with your made up answer and you'll get a 1000 for finding the truth, Yes.
Try this one on for size, Submit your eyes now, Okay, well, there submitting their lives, making up a lie for a 19992, Very unthemed for this. It's just down the street. Yeah. From dragon con. Made one by combining electrical components with blank.
And again Jerry Skull remember it's PG 13.

[44:18] Isn't this? Yeah. What?
Alright. So, did they combine electrical components with eight rats, a brain, So was it mice red eyes plant cells jellyfish leeches a brain for eight rats, By the way, if you need to reach us, you can Email us at 50 days, GEK. Com.

[45:09] Good one. Good one.
Good one.
Good lie you got me to see plant cells, Hi, juice box. You might even know. Should've picked this.
And again, nothing bad could come to that. You know, vampires. Let's just think about vampires. Electronic vampires. Now, cyborg vampires. Think about that.
That's that's these are what you're making up scientists. Anyway, what?

[46:10] So what secret is Jim Bentolph hiding, For decades his family has been a sole proprietor of a mysterious, And the lies are rolling in, I could not be the bad person in anything, Jones hide in something because this is very, So

[47:14] Ointment you put on cattle, What secret is jim hiding?
Let's see how it took out.
Why would you keep that.

[47:47] Why make you put on cattle, Where are we meant to do put on cattle though, Was Lee's life. Okay. The one that was play me. PG 13.
What? I don't know. Did you put mud on please? I don't know.

[48:19] Carrie is believed next question made possible by viewers like you.
Little louder John. Eyes up here people. The show starting.
I'm Anne from Baltimore Maryland I attended a mock government camp it was a very serious replication at the political process, Accept when I was nominated and one the title of state blank.
Because jackpots broke.
They attended a mock government camp it was very serious replication of political process, What did she win a.

[49:22] Yeah it wasn't very serious either I'm just sitting here like this is kind of, Alexa it being serious but are actual government is not serious.
Well it it's supposed to be. I know. Since the ladies who went is such a geek. She went singing like that.
State Whip Ninja Pimp, Ninja pimp. Fire chief controller or still it's possible.
You there's no way to correct it there's no auto spell check or anything like that in the tool for some reason anyway pimp, Glad it's not true. Jester.
That was pretty good. Ninja.

[50:49] That's cool. I did not know that wasn't true. I just thought it was great answer.
Alright, let's see where we're at and, Hey I want to take a reverse, Now listen up.

[51:25] Alright, tape in your lights.
Elwood Hotel and Suites offers visitors something special and experience tailored to guests who travel with, Oh, lord. No. Show me. You know, that's all of our five host hotels.
Good luck.
No I'm sorry. Is it in the costuming? We've had to tell her that because we gotta go pick her up midway between here in South Carolina. She can only have like three bags of costume and stuff, Well, Where are you touching?

[52:28] Or horses.
Put them together. Anyway, so horses on there twice. Business rivals, house plants, nurses, herd cattle, or electric cars.
Hmm, let's see what you picked.
Good lie good luck, And it got me house plants, The experience in huge rooms with plenty of natural light complimentary succulents and a bed covered in nutrient rich potting soil, Hey Facebook, Well, it bunch of people said horses.

[53:43] A 2019 Allen interview revealed the strangest thing Kylie Jenner is afraid of. Blank in a cup, Kylie Jenner is afraid of blank in a cup.
Blank. Did you think, As much as I, as much as I don't keep up with any of those, people even know, apparently, I'm supposed to.
No. They seem to always be working. So, there is that.
Ellen interview, Coffee in a cup.
Okay, milk, cake, dust, jello, I'm actually always grossed out by cigarettes in a cup.
That is actually the braid of it not groceries.

[55:12] Come on show me what you picked on, I'm afraid to go in a cup that looks really weird. It feels so nice. Cigarettes.
Hey Grace and good morning Pete, Hey, I thought about that too because if a cup sits long enough and gathers dust it is sort of weird. It is going to blow.
I'm doing so and by the way, Carrie Davis double of anybody else now.
To give kids a new experience robin hughes, Oh

[56:38] Hey charter school come on.
Kids. There's more interesting part of this. Anyway, A teacher of the Florida, See if it comes anything to answer.
Yeah. Hey, find the truth. It did. Okay. Is it a snowman? A squirrel, gum, snow, a snake, tarantulas, a pound of mussels.
What did, The Florida South Shore Charter Academy have sent have her sister send to her in the mail a snowman a squirrel gum, Snow, a snake, tarantulas, or a pound of mussels.

[57:39] Hey, It's also Carrie Dane's life. Guess what? It was also.
Juice box is like, A snowman.

[58:11] That's why I knew about it because it was it was a local story.
Carrie Dane and Juicebox.

[58:40] Michael Bergeron set a world record in a bizarre sport that mixes running with blank And.

[59:01] That's double the chance to fool your fellow players Make it good and it might get pic for both planks and earn you a bonus, Sound good don't worry I'll put a little extra time on the clock.
Thank goodness.
I will point out that Kevin has shown up in the room, Thanks to a 2022 program Bolivian inmates can now cut their jail time by blanking, Michael Bergeron.

[59:49] And of course, Lee two is always the last person to answer for some reason.
Totally close that window and everything. It doesn't kick me out.
Well, Jack marked his, yeah, it didn't like to try him. I'll tell you that.
Okay, these are the choices. Okay, the possible choice.
For now just pay attention to this one.
Our contestants are looking for the truth or the Bolivian inmate, Knitting.

[1:00:45] How can Bolivian inmates cut their jail time, Could be by knitting. Who knows? Good by dancing. Who knows? Good to be by reading. Who knows? Could it buy do we be doing all three of those at the same time?
So now they're going to ask they're being asked the question to get the answer for, This question which was Michael Bergeron or Bergeron? Whatever.
Blank, Running with, Running with reading books.
House, rather, or horse, either one. Dancing, or juggling.
Moments. Can we build a horse? I don't know. I did some. I believe some folks, Okay knitting was Jerry C's lie.
Can you pay attention to school for party? Picking up litter, And I honest to god thought that might be with the running I did. Yeah. Reading.

[1:02:10] Dancing, I was trying to do a little bit of a dance while I'm sitting here in it just very much like I was playing around worldly, Was the correct answer for the, With juggling.
Now, So if you enjoy those fun facts you might also enjoy helping me get all these bats out of my house please, Final score. Hey portal, Carrie Dane wins again. Woo hoo.
Alright, one more, one more time if if people want more info, where can they find information before or reach you or whatever, Okay well Latie are we have Instagram we also have Facebook and it's, Gosh I really know my social media stuff shouldn't.

[1:03:38] Two social medias I I, Underscore charity, Yeah, that's probably the best way. Otherwise, during convention, we are located in the Marriott, Marqui level.
Which is one down from the lobby in the in the wall hall.
That's really that's wahoo house, Your little sign. Hey, Yellow and although John the way you're saying. Yeah.

[1:04:28] Yes. Thank you again Jody for thank you for having me. We was our pleasure, absolute pleasure. Thank you for doing thank you for doing all of the, All the wonderful charity stuff that you do thank you to Dragon Con for for Allow me to say that the whole dragon team does so much.
It's not just me so, I just get to be the one that talks about it a lot.
Members of Dragon Con and Friends of Dragon who donate things like quilts and t-shirts and, Sometimes it is for the charity auction. And don't forget to register.
Did you do did you, I'd like to tell you what I want to do. I wonder if I can hustle dance around the mariotic, Oh There you go.
Oh 4 days before Dragon Con.

[1:05:55] Yeah. So John be very careful.
Alright, Jody. Again, thanks for your time. I appreciate you taking, taking it out and again, thanks The volunteers at Drankon which makes Dragon Congo and please support the charity we want to make Dragoncon Pay it back as much, Can we do a hustle for world record with zombies I mean that is very specific so I can't imagine that is, You know, Hey.

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[1:07:44] Jerry Points up. Jerry Pointo.
Jerry points out that he is horror track. Yeah. And I'm going to point out that that's probably why Jody said we should talk to her.
Yeah. All I can think about is it's 4 days till con and there are, That's all I want to see.